Weekend Open Discussion


At 8:18am EST on June 1st, I’m claiming victory. The New Jersey Real Estate Report is, unequivocally, the best regional/state real estate blog in the country (not that we needed this contest to know that). Kudos to Keith at Housing Panic for putting up a great fight, it came down to the wire. The allegations of ballot stuffing are pure nonsense, in the past week alone, this site was been visited by more than 10,000 unique visitors. If anything, votes were probably on the low side due to visitors coming to the site via search engine, and not hitting the main page directly.


This is the time and place to post observations about your local areas, comments on news stories or the New Jersey housing market, open house reports, etc. If you have any questions you wanted to ask earlier in the week but never posted them up, let’s have them. Also a good place to post suggestions, requests for information, criticism, and praise.

For readers that have never commented, there is a link at the top of each message that is typically labelled “[#] Comments“. Go ahead and give that a click, you might be missing out on a world of information you didn’t know about. While you are there, introduce yourselves to everyone.

For new readers that have only read the messages displayed on the main page, take a look through the archives, a substantial amount of information has been put online in the past year. The archives can be accessed by using the links found in the menus on the right hand side of the page.

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114 Responses to Weekend Open Discussion

  1. Rich In NNJ says:


    I see you have one of those icon thingies now. Your really taking great strides with the site lately.

    I keed, I keed.

  2. rhymingrealtor says:

    I just tried the [suggestion] from the earlier thread. In a effort to do my part [get the word out], as I was unable to [rally more than a handful of supporters]. I downloaded [the flyers], but I was then unable to [distribute more than 100 of them], I then had to [go out to dinner], and change my [order] to the [steak tartare]. While I really do love grim, and the work he does here I am not [wasting my time promoting his blog again] )-:

    [mad libs by jb]

  3. rhymingrealtor says:

    Oh jeez I just read now that I did all that for naught as you’ve already won! Congrats!


  4. grim says:

    Sorry KL :)

  5. grim says:


    Please rip this one apart, since when is $585,000 considered an affordable home?

    And why the hell does the Asbury Park Press pass advertising off as journalism?

    This is pure bu!!sh!t and the APP should be ashamed.

    Low interest rates and affordable home price help couple buy house

  6. grim says:

    Although after laying off 55 positions this past week, Gannett and the APP probably don’t have the staff to actually write their own content anymore.

    I suppose it is a better business decision to let the real estate shills run the paper. At least that will stop the ad revenue hemorrhaging.

  7. Rich In NNJ says:

    Speaking of the paper press, I don’t know if you had the chance to scroll over to Branchblog and read the piece about the Greenwich reporter who was canned for being to candid about the status of Realogy?

  8. Rich In NNJ says:

    Gary, Maybe you can become a home loss counselor as a side gig?

    From The Record

    Seek help with the trauma if you’re forced out

    When misfortune forces families to downsize to apartment living, powerful emotions can block their efforts to move on.

    Being forced from the home where you grew up or raised a family is one of life’s greatest emotional traumas, said social worker Michelle Borden.

    “When you’re dealing with this kind of pressure, sometimes people feel frozen,” said Borden, associate executive director of NewBridge Services, a non-profit serving behavioral health-care needs in Passaic and Morris counties. “There are a lot of feelings that go along with this — like the rug is pulled out from under you and you’re wondering, ‘How did I get here?’ You can’t dwell on such things.”

    But how can one deal with crucial decisions — like where to find rental housing — while engulfed in anxiety, and even depression, over the loss of a home?

    The answer from many, including those nearly crushed by such a loss, is don’t go it alone. Seek out the support of families and friends, and if necessary, experts who can help with runaway emotions or legal or housing challenges.

    More at the link above, Rich

  9. Rich In NNJ says:

    …downsize to apartment living…

    Oh, the agony!

  10. House Hunter says:

    Interesting trends around us…a realtor told us of a home for sale with no sign and no advertising (she called it a a silent sale) Price way over a peak in my mind. Also, another one on line with a sign out front, definetly priced higher than I would have imagined. What is going on? Do they fear prices will drop by a higher percentage so the jack it up even more? Is a silent sale to manage inventory?

  11. cooper says:

    Congrats Grim, well deserved and long over due

  12. scribe says:

    grim, #5

    There’s no byline on that story. Tipoff that it’s not a real article, but an “advertorial.” In the print version, my guess is that you’d see the standard disclaimer somewhere on the page: “Special Advertising Section.”

    Another tipoff that it’s an advertorial: Realtor is spelled with a capital R throughout, and it’s very Realtor-centric.

    But the nugget:

    “The Holmdel property that attracted us last fall was still on the market in March and the price had dropped to $639,000,” she said…

    The couple purchased the Holmdel home in April for $585,000 with a 30-year conventional mortgage.

    The original listing price wasn’t included, so you don’t know the full extent of the lowball. But to include an intermediate markdown of $54,000 in an advertorial, the tide has definitely turned.

  13. Everything's Hobroken says:

    This just in.. Fire at Universal Studio backlot. MSNBC newsreader calls it a ‘magnificent fire’ twice.


  14. Clotpoll says:

    grim (6)-

    Gannett is circling the drain. Your local Penny Trader is probably better-capitalized.

    The Courier-News publisher (a longtime Gannett employee) up and quit a few weeks ago…because, I suspect, he knew these layoffs were coming (and what they would do to the journalistic quality of his paper). He was a great supporter of several community and charity initiatives I’m involved with; he never failed to send reporters and devote space when we needed a push. Now? Who knows?

    I have a feeling, though, that it’s going to be very hard to sandwich in civic and charity coverage between the advertisements that are presented as reporting.

  15. Clotpoll says:

    Congrats, Grim! The best part of your victory is that it will send retard Keith into at least a week of watching Ron Paul clips on YouTube.

  16. Cindy says:

    Congrats from CA, Grim – Also… regarding your “Victory” statement – the rules clearly stated that I would be able to vote “daily” which was not the case. I remember logging in at #16 days ago and never again being able to vote. I figure they owe me 1 vote for each day since the contest began.

  17. HEHEHE says:

    Congrats! We rule!!

    Housing Panic, to paraphrase Ric Flair, to be the Blog, you have to beat the Blog, and whether you like, or don’t like it, you better learn to live with it, because New Jersey Real Estate Report is the best thing going today! Wooooooooooooooo!!!!!

  18. x-underwriter says:

    Sore losers;
    And vote early and vote often for HP at this REIC blog contest (current hilarious leaderboard here).

    (UPDATE) We´re destined to lose to NJ. Not that it´s a real contest anyway with any deadline or rules, and sponsored by REIC lending whores, but still, NJ? Aren´t there 49 other states and 195 other countries chock full of HPers?

  19. rhymingrealtor says:


    You slay me (-:


  20. willwork4beer says:

    Congrats Grim! Also to Clot for 4th (actually 3rd behind Grim twice) place.

  21. spam spam bacon spam says:

    Congrats Grimmie.

    I actually got to vote like 7 times over the contest’s span…

    Regarding Gannett. Okayseeyabubyeeeee.

    I’m a small business and I’d LIKE to advertise in the paper for, oh, I don’t know, help wanted, maybe or say a special promotion…

    But the prices to advertise are RETARDED.

    $800.00 to run a small 1″ x 2″ ad for one week. WTF????????????????

    Last time I checked (6-8 months ago) I asked the sales rep (who was hacking up lung cookies on the phone at me, in between raspy-voiced condesceding answers to my questions — obviously I interrupted her 8 hour cigarette break) I was “90,000 readers” when I asked what the circulation was for the Courier News (Somerset County)… when I asked more pointedly, she hacked up more cookies and said that’s “Gannett’s circulation”… yeah like ALL papers east of the Mississippi…

    And help wanted? Don’t ask those rates…

    Newspaper advertising reps…the ORIGINAL Realtors.

  22. serenity now says:

    Nice work Grim.
    This site rocks!!!
    Tons of information!!

  23. Zack says:

    great job Grim.!

  24. njpatient says:

    grim, I’m basking in your reflected glory.

  25. njpatient says:

    15 clot
    at first glance I read that “Rue Paul”

  26. njpatient says:

    13 broken ho

    I heard that ‘magnificent fire’ quote and nearly burped up my breakfast.

  27. njpatient says:

    #2 funniest post ever.

  28. Frank says:

    $585,000 is a steal in Holmdel if you can afford the 20K taxes.

  29. willwork4beer says:

    25 patient

    Keith probably goes back and forth between RuPaul and Ron Paul clips… :)

    Ever try to post on his blog? You’re in moderation for hours.

    Grim, you have been so polite to Keith and it shows that you are a gentleman. But the fact is his blog is a very distant second to yours, IMHO.

  30. Frank says:

    Did Keith get a carpal tunnel voting for himself or his script finally failed?

  31. Frank says:

    jamil, can you offer a suggestion on how to report illegal immigrants? My neighbor picks them up every weekend at 7-Eleven to do his house work. What can I do to report them?

  32. D says:

    Congratulations, Grim! *clap*clap*clap*

  33. njpatient says:

    clot – probably my incompetence, but I couldn’t comment at your blog this morning.

    Fountain story frosts my ass, but the problem is that the weather is so lovely today.

  34. njpatient says:

    29 beer

    “Ever try to post on his blog?”

    I have – posted a number of times in the last few days under my other pseudonym (hint – I’m a goon).

    I’ve actually read that blog on a not infrequent basis during the past 18 months or so, but mostly for comic relief. It can be a genuinely funny blog at times, but there is virtually no substance, and there is no sense of community whatsoever.

  35. njpatient says:

    31 Frank

    If you really want to do something about illegal immigrants, you punish the people who employ them. It’s a very simple solution. But there is no political will to do so on either side of the aisle. Any politician who claims to want to end illegal immigration who doesn’t advocate going after the employers is blowing smoke up your a$$.

  36. willwork4beer says:

    34 patient

    That’s what really sets this blog apart – its sense of community. I have been looking at a number of other real estate blogs over the last few months. Most are garbage, some are entertaining, only a few have good information. This blog is the only one that is alive.

    I think I’ll go back and look for some of your stealth posts on the also-ran blog…

  37. willwork4beer says:

    35 patient

    amen. and well said.

  38. njpatient says:

    They’re still voting at Housing Panic

    NJRE 1452
    HP 1416

    If you do get bored today, feel free to



  39. Shore Guy says:

    # 35 There should be heavy (very heavy fines and prison) criminal penalties for any employer who is a repeat employer of illegal aliens, and heafty fines and maybe small prison terms for employers first offenses. If CEOs started going to jail for the actions of divisional and plant managers, the corportate culture woud change and management would demand compliance with federal law. A seven-figure salary does a CEO little good if he is sharing a stainless steel toilet with someone in a jail cell someplace.

  40. willwork4beer says:

    38 patient

    You’re right, they are still voting over at HP. Grim’s lead is down to only 34 votes. It was around 70 this morning. I guess it ain’t over til its over.

    Its still on. Don’t let Keith the Jersey bashing dirtbag win…


  41. jlx says:

    i read the thread over at hp and grim interjected with class and maturity…
    can’t say the same for keith, “donald” at al…

    i guess when a child puts up a blog it tends to attract children (myself included,lol)…

    my guess is that keith is in his 20s and still single and enjoys time at home in front of his computer naked…

  42. jlx says:

    41 in moderation?

  43. 3b says:

    Congratulations grim!!

  44. njrebear says:


    Congrats! I hope we don’t have to send emails to the FHA rules committee :)

  45. scribe says:

    I just voted again so it must still be on.

    But for how long? Is it that June 1 is a Sunday, and the mechanism for voting won’t be disabled until working hours on Monday?

    Grim has 3 slots; Keith at HP, 4.

    Will they add them up to determine the winner?

    Keith is an ex-pat living in London. Originally from AZ. He started HP during a trip home in response to the bubble madness in AZ.

    Not a kid at home at his computer at all.

    IMHO, good original commentary.

  46. njpatient says:


    NJRE 1456
    HP 1439

    wouldn’t hurt to keep voting


  47. RayC says:

    I have voted from work and home, but can’t vote any more than that, even after clearing cookies etc.

  48. Sapiens says:

    “The allegations of ballot stuffing are pure nonsense,”

    Classic, you have the makings of a great politico!!!


  49. njpatient says:

    NJRE 1460
    HP 1451

  50. schlivo says:

    Good thing Grim saved the screen shot at 8:00 a.m. Since then, someone has been clearly stuffing the ballots for Housing Panic which now has six slots.

  51. Jill says:

    Geez, this is like Hillary and the Clintonistas yesterday. What, they keep the voting open till someone other than Grim wins? I’m not sure how many races like this I can stand.

  52. Cindy says:

    I have an email into “Brandon” listed under
    “terms and conditions” – “contact us” on the FHA site inquiring about the cut off point for voting. Still no response.


  53. njpatient says:

    Jill – they’re waiting for the ABB (Anybody But Bednar) vote to come in.

    Keith they can paint as a clown.

    James, not so much.

  54. njpatient says:

    This on the FHA blog:

    We’re nearing the end of our First Annual “Best Real Estate Blog” Contest. Sunday, June 1 marks the end of the voting. We will be officially announcing the winners of the popular vote, editor’s choice, and random drawing awards next week.

    I have yet to receive any entries for the Real Estate Blog World addition to our contest. It’s disappointing but we understand you may be too busy to attend a conference or write your thoughts on FHA mortgages. Keep in mind we will be giving away 3 passes in June so you still have the opportunity to win those! All you have to do is write a post detailing your opinions on FHA mortgages and email it to me (brandon at fhamortgagecenter dot com) and you will automatically be entered for a free conference pass. At this point, if you write anything you’re one of the winners–so go for it!

    Thanks again for all of the support in our networking efforts and please contact us if you ever have any FHA mortgage questions/issues.

  55. njpatient says:

    grim – didn’t you need a Vegas vacation?
    “Sept. 19th – Las Vegas Convention Center

    RE BlogWorld brings the real estate and mortgage industry to the world’s largest blogging & new media event.

    On Friday, September 19, in the Las Vegas Convention Center real estate and mortgage professionals will kick off Blog World & New Media Expo with a dedicated day of their own. This three day event features more than 50 seminars, panel discussions and keynotes from iconic personalities on the leading-edge of online technology, and internet-savvy business.

    RE BlogWorld is a unique opportunity for real estate and mortgage professionals to learn from the top new media and blogging personalities, inside and outside of the real estate vertical.’

  56. njpatient says:

    grim, you’d be uniquely qualified for this panel:

    Event Schedule

    Day 1 – RE BlogWorld Conference

    A full day of seminars, panels & workshops focused on the nuts & bolts of leveraging social media tools like blogs to enhance the marketing efforts of real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and anyone working within the field of real estate.

  57. njpatient says:

    clot – you should go too.

  58. njpatient says:

    “All you have to do is write a post detailing your opinions on FHA mortgages and email it to me”

    Gary – please work on a first draft

  59. njpatient says:


  60. lostinny says:

    Seriously WTF over there? End the voting like you said you would. I feel like I’m watching the 2000 Presidential election again.

  61. njrebear says:

    Can we take this fight to the courts?

  62. njpatient says:

    “Can we take this fight to the courts?”

    Fat Tony won’t allow his equal protection decision to act as precedent, unfortunately.

  63. Shore Guy says:

    I am glad to see the economy is improving. Since retailers like this don’t deal in necessities, their success points to a strong economy.


    Doh! They are going down. Oops!

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – All remaining stores of bankrupt gadget retailer Sharper Image Corp SHRPQ.PK will be closed and liquidated, its new owners said on Sunday.

    More than $50 million of inventory is being sold at 86 Sharper Image store-closing sales throughout the United States, liquidators the Hilco Organization and Gordon Brothers said in a statement.

    A joint venture led by units of Hilco and Gordon Brothers purchased the company’s assets at a bankruptcy auction last week for $49 million, and plan to continue its wholesale, direct-to-retail, e-commerce and catalog businesses under a new licensing strategy.


  64. Shore Guy says:


    An innovative solution to the housing crisis?

  65. PGC says:

    Any one have any information on

    16 Tulip lane

    Don’t know if it is heading for forclosure.

  66. Frank says:

    This looks like a blog war to me.

    “”wow, donald – I thought maybe bednar was being unfair to you, but you’ve really confirmed yourself an A-1 bitter bagholding nutjob.”

    Oh really. Well, Bednar is an unfair person. He is the biggest cherry picker I have ever seen. He only posts the worst house sales he can find, leaving out the ones that do not involve losses.

    And the REAL bitter person on here is clotpoll… a desperate realtor with too much time on his hands.”


  67. chicagofinance says:

    Are you sure the voting doesn’t INCLUDE June 1st?

  68. Shore Guy says:


    Payrolls Probably Fell for Fifth Month: U.S. Economy Preview

    By Shobhana Chandra

    June 1 (Bloomberg) — The U.S. lost jobs for a fifth month in May and manufacturing contracted, signaling the economy is stagnating, economists said before reports this week.

    Payrolls probably dropped by 60,000 workers, according to the median estimate of economists surveyed by Bloomberg News before the Labor Department’s June 6 report. Figures tomorrow may show the Institute for Supply Management’s factory index fell to 48.5 in May.

    Credit restrictions triggered by foreclosures, along with soaring food and fuel prices, have caused spending to slow, prompting banks, construction companies and manufacturers to fire workers. Rising joblessness heightens the risk that consumers will keep retrenching, further hurting growth.

    “The job market is really emphasizing how bad things are in the economy,” said Lindsey Piegza, an economic analyst at FTN Financial in New York. “Payroll declines will further weaken consumer spending.”

    The projected decrease in May payrolls would follow a decline of 20,000 in April that brought the total number of jobs lost so far this year to 260,000. The jobless rate likely rose to 5.1 percent from 5 percent, according to the survey median.

    Factory payrolls probably shrank by 40,000 workers, reflecting automakers’ efforts to trim costs, according to the survey median.

    General Motors Corp., the biggest U.S. automaker, said last week that 26 percent of its union workforce accepted the latest offer to leave the company and help clear out its highest-paid factory workers. About 19,000 of GM’s United Auto Workers members signed up for the buyout packages, and most will stop working by July 1, the company said.

    ISM Index

    The Tempe, Arizona-based ISM group’s manufacturing index would follow an April reading of 48.6. Fifty is the dividing line between expansion and contraction. Growth in overseas markets is helping offset softening demand at home.

    The following day, the Commerce Department may report factory orders dropped 0.1 percent in April after rising 1.3 percent the prior month.

    Federal Reserve policy makers, at their April 29-30 meeting, noted that “labor market conditions had deteriorated further, and manufacturing activity was soft,” according to minutes released in May.

    “The restraint on spending emanating from weakness in labor markets was expected to increase over coming quarters, with participants projecting the unemployment rate to pick up further this year and to remain elevated in 2009,” the minutes said.

    Rising Claims

    The weakness is reflected in more Americans filing first- time claims for unemployment benefits. Weekly claims have averaged 357,500 so far this year, compared with 321,000 in 2007, when the economy generated an average of 91,000 new jobs a month.

    Service industries, which make up almost 90 percent of the economy, probably expanded at a slower pace last month as financial markets remained unsettled and the housing recession worsened, a report from the supplier managers’ group on June 4 is forecast to show. The ISM non-manufacturing index probably fell to 51 in May from 52 the prior month, the Bloomberg survey showed.

    Bloomberg Survey

    Release Period Prior Median
    Indicator Date Value Forecast
    ISM Manu Index 6/2 May 48.6 48.5
    ISM Prices Index 6/2 May 84.5 85.0
    Construct Spending MOM% 6/2 April -1.1% -0.6%
    Factory Orders MOM% 6/3 Jan. 1.3% -0.1%
    Productivity QOQ% 6/4 1Q 2.2% 2.5%
    Labor Costs QOQ% 6/4 1Q F 2.2% 2.0%
    ISM NonManu Index 6/4 May 52.0 51.0
    Initial Claims ,000’s 6/5 1-Jun 372 373
    Cont. Claims ,000’s 6/5 25-May 3104 3110
    Nonfarm Payrolls ,000’s 6/6 May -20 -60
    Unemploy Rate % 6/6 May 5.0% 5.1%
    Manu Payrolls ,000’s 6/6 May -46 -40
    Hourly Earnings MOM% 6/6 May 0.1% 0.2%
    Hourly Earnings YOY% 6/6 May 3.4% 3.4%
    Avg Weekly Hours 6/6 May 33.7 33.7
    Whlsale Inv. MOM% 6/6 April -0.1% 0.4%
    Cons. Credit $ Blns 6/6 April 15.3 7.0

  69. bairen says:

    Went to some open houses today. I looed at a cape in Madison.k The stairs were so steep felt like a ladder. The realtor was behind practically sticking his head up my a$$ as we’re heading to the attic, excuse me 2 bedrooms. I almost felt bad that I cut an SBD at that moment. Then when we were outside he was pointing at the houses in the neighborhood and saying how they went for 800 or 900k, I no longer felt guilty at all. I felt like saying this is a cape those are modern colonials with 2 car garages. That’s why they are 1.5 x the price of this cape. Plus the cape still had the original kitchen and bathrooms.

  70. bairen says:

    We might actually buy something this summer. It looks like with 20% down PITI on a renovated 3 or 4 bdr ranch or colonial in a train town is only a few hundred a month more then our rent for a 2 bdr townhouse.

    PS: Grim I sent you an email to see if you act as a buyer’s agent in the area we are looking at.

  71. Clotpoll says:

    patient (33)-

    You post came through at my blog. Everything there goes into a moderation queue, because I’m under 24-7 spambot attack.

  72. njpatient says:


    no response to my email inquiry to fHa!

  73. njpatient says:

    “I’m under 24-7 spambot attack.”

    That’s because you’re a very dangerous man.

  74. njpatient says:

    70 bairen

    “I looed at a cape in Madison”

    you want to be careful with that. The police’ll give you a fine if they catch you at it.

  75. njpatient says:

    69 pat

    “With what I make,” he asks, “how would I get approved for a mortgage?”

    you know what he shoulda asked himself when he was offered that mortgage?

    “With what I make,” he shoulda asked, “how would I get approved for a mortgage?”

  76. njpatient says:

    69 pat

    reading that article again. Holy smoke.

    sounds actually conceivable that this poor mentally challenged sap actually got taken by a two-bit con artist.

    Friend of my father’s in Gloucester, UK, just got taken for $15K in a cold-call stock sale scam (faux oil company). Guy’s 76 years old.

  77. Cindy says:

    (67) Chicago

    “Are you sure the voting doesn’t INCLUDE June 1st?”

    Well, one can only go by what THEY PRINTED up at their own voting site:

    “The contest is running throughout April and May and we will announce the winners on June 1st.”

    But wait…as Patient pointed out (54) they have posted on their blog “Sunday, June 1 marks the end of the voting. We will officially announce winners of the popular vote, editor’s choice, and random drawings next week.”

    Is that what they had posted on the contest rules area – no…..They said they would ANNOUNCE the winner on June 1st.

    Now,… I’m ANAL. I read the rules and follow the rules. I’m still trying to get over the fact that they said I could post a vote every day and I couldn’t.

    So I went to the “terms and conditions” area and hit “contact us” and I am still waiting for a response from “Brandon” regarding their cut-off point.

    This changing-the-rules-in-the-middle-of the-vote thing….well, I’m not down with that.

  78. willwork4beer says:

    NJ RE REPORT 1490

    I voted this morning and was able to vote again just now. Try it maybe it will work for you, too.


  79. willwork4beer says:

    34 patient

    I saw some of your stealth posts in enemy territory. You are a goon in the highest sense of the word. Vaya con Dios, mi hermano.

  80. jamil says:

    went to some open houses in Westchester. A lot of activity, people seemed to be very interested. Still overpriced and taxes often north of $15k. Anyway, supply is also increasing. For Sale signs were almost everywhere. Last year there were hardly half the amount of for sale signs..Hope the 100% increase is really happening.

    If there is a mini-recession or housing bubble has burst, somebody forgot to tell it to Westchester. Or maybe it is just immune.

  81. bairen says:

    #75 njpatient,

    My son did more then looed in a split level we saw.

  82. njpatient says:

    78 cindy

    It’s kinda like if they told us Michigan and Florida didn’t count

  83. njpatient says:


  84. kettle1 says:

    84 patient,

    as you said before the voting is over when they have the result that they want

  85. Cindy says:

    (83) Patient

    Yer darn tootin’ or…
    I agree the votes shouldn’t count – Months pass by… No, wait a minute..maybe they should count…okay, let’s count half.

  86. jamil says:

    njpatient: Now that you spent the night doing data mining, are you finally going to apologize ?

    You accused me of “spewing a passionate hatred of immigrants ”. This is a lie and you were called for it. Are you a man enough or are you trying to weasel out?

  87. Clotpoll says:

    This vote just reeks of the fix being in. F*&k ’em all. The only thing that’s gonna fix these people is when we’re armed to the teeth and marching on DC.

  88. Clotpoll says:

    jamil (87)-

    Can you give it a rest for a while?

  89. Shore Guy says:

    For those of you not from the Shore, enjoy:


  90. jamil says:

    89 clotpoll: When somebody accuses me of “spewing a passionate hatred of immigrants” I take it pretty seriously. The first time I saw similar comments from njpatient (about a week ago), I let it go. This was second time.

  91. Clotpoll says:

    Shore (90)-

    Thanks for reminding me why I never go to the Shore. :)

  92. Clotpoll says:

    jamil (91)-

    So, let me accuse you of something even worse: you are a crashing and tedious bore.

  93. Clotpoll says:

    No sh*t: the best thing on TV tonight is the MTV movie awards.

    Who knew the guy who made “Swingers” directed “Ironman”?

    These are the questions I want answered.

  94. Clotpoll says:

    Also, how the hell does Coldplay get onto this MTV show…then get about 12 minutes of free commercial time for the same damn song they just played, courtesy of Apple?

    This guy gets Gwynneth Paltrow, a couple of cute kids, a hot band AND Steve Jobs pimping his tunes?

    Life is not fair.

  95. Clotpoll says:

    Vote for Grim!!!!

    This j-off is one vote behind!

  96. JIM says:

    People and especially Clotpoll, I need some advice.

    I am contemplating purchasing another multi family building , it is eight units with a positive cash flow of $35,000.The building is in Penna. and I already own a six unit building 3 streets over. The owners want a little over $400,000 , and need cash because of their divorce. A perfect distress sale, always my favorite

    They have never updated building, I think the stoves are from the 40’s , and 1 fridge is even the round front version. Paneled walls,shag carpet etc. They paid $275,000 in 1993, counting inflation only using the tables you people have , what is it worth?

    I refuse to buy anything more in NJ, taxes are INSANE, I will probably put down 50% but will need $100,000 for updates.

    I would appreciate any input/thoughts especially Clott, my age is against me {56}, but will probably hire more help on this one…stretched a little thin{ time wise only not financially} with the other 4 buildings.

    I will probably repost this tommorow , because I am sure more people will read and hopefully comment.

    Thanks in advance, JIM

  97. lostinny says:

    95 Clot
    Sounds like a blues song in the making.

  98. willwork4beer says:


  99. Clotpoll says:

    lost (97)-

    Woke up this morning, Coldplay on my radio…

  100. bairen says:

    #90 those brooklyn bennies drove us nuts. They used to park their cars in front of the Long Branch pier and sit on the trunks of their cars flexing and trying to look cool. after it rained we’d go down ocean ave at 60, hit the puddles behind their cars so fast a wave would swamp them. Their hair would collapse faster then a real estate bubble in florida.

  101. bairen says:

    #95 clot,

    If he had wound up with Angelina Jolie it would be unbearable.

  102. 3b says:

    #81 jamil:If there is a mini-recession or housing bubble has burst, somebody forgot to tell it to Westchester. Or maybe it is just immune.

    If there wasn’t, then there would not be all those For Sale signs now would they?

    It is elementary my dear jamil

  103. willwork4beer says:


    NJ RE REPORT 1499

    DIRTBAG 1500



  104. jamil says:

    #103 3B: “If there wasn’t, then there would not be all those For Sale signs”

    but the prices haven’t really dropped there and there still seem to be plenty of interested people in open houses..and naturally, everybody had SUV.

  105. pricesstillskyhigh says:

    Can anyone with MLS access give me additional details for MLS ID# 2432172? I think its been on market for almost 1 year.

    P.S. I am not able to vote again..have been trying for sometime.

  106. rhymingrealtor says:

    I can not vote again! I have tried! I have tried!


  107. Rich In NNJ says:

    PSSH (107),

    Sorry, can’t help. Access to NJMLS only.


    SLD 672 SPRING AVE $405,000 8/23/2002

    SLD 672 SPRING AVE $502,000 6/21/2004

    New siding, rood, paver driveway & patio and heating-A/C
    2803172 Sold
    ACT 672 SPRING AVE $569,900 1/23/2008
    PCH 672 SPRING AVE $539,000 2/27/2008
    ACT* 672 SPRING AVE $539,000 4/3/2008
    U/C 672 SPRING AVE $539,000 4/18/2008
    SLD 672 SPRING AVE $510,000 5/30/2008

  108. firestormik says:

    RE: 104 willwork4bee
    DONE :)
    1 New Jersey Real Estate Report 1590
    2 HousingPANIC 1543

  109. njpatient says:

    87 jamil

    you must have missed my post last night.

    Stop whining – it’s unbecoming.

  110. pricesstillskyhigh says:

    Rich (112)

    Thanks for trying. The house is in Bridgewater.

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