Remember 9-11

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  1. Essex says:

    If you are not angry, then you haven’t been paying attention.

  2. Outofstater says:

    And it continues. An example of the “culture” of some of those who wish us ill.,8599,2007238,00.html

  3. Mike says:

    Can’t believe it’ been nine years! Came across a site yesterday that had stories from the children who lost their parents from this tradgedy. Could not stop crying

  4. Essex says:

    It was a day just like today . So clear you could see for miles.

  5. Morpheus says:

    I am always tearful on this day. And extremely angry that we have not found OBL by this time. 3000 +of my people die on this day and what happens. . . .we still do not get the bastards!

    we may have our political differences, but first and foremost, we are all americans. We should never forget this! We do not leave our people behind and we do not forget what was done to us. Never!

    This day will continue to be a day of mourning for me until the day that I die.

    God bless this nation and her people.

    Please, no political rants on this day about who was responsible. remember those who died on this day.

  6. Essex says:

    They were killed in the Twin Towers, in a field in Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon itself. Police officers and fire fighters fell by the hundreds trying to save as many as they could. All were victims of the kind of terror Americans had grown used to hearing about elsewhere. But not here.

  7. Alap says:


    Can you link to that site by any chance?

  8. Mike says:

    Alap I’ve been searching for it to post and some people I want to send to.

  9. BC Bob says:

    Our thoughts and prayers for those that did not come home on 9/11 as a result of this cowardly act. To their families, friends and colleagues; We will never forget. God Bless.

  10. Orion says:

    No matter how many years into the future, it will forever be a day of sorrow. Pray for the souls.

  11. Poltroon says:

    Sad now because the past nine years have proved OBL correct. His whole idea was to pull off one giant attack, then leave us to destroy ourselves through stupidity and greed.

    So far, matters have proceeded according to his plan.

  12. Poltroon says:

    Today, an alleged “moderate” leader of the same death cult to which OBL belongs tells us we must allow a mosque to be built at the WTC, or else the “radical” elements of his cult may become violent. We finance fund-raising trips for this man of moderation and hold him up as a paragon of his religion. I suppose extortion- albeit indirect in nature- is now considered holy behavior in this country, as I have yet to hear anyone make as much as a peep to ask why we should bow to this alleged violent minority or tolerate even the insinuation that they would strike us should we not bend to their wishes.

    Nine years after the event, we are still fighting a war against a concept and have yet to put a name and a face to the enemy. I fear we will not do so until such time as the enemy has almost overrun us.

    The enemy is the Islamic world. They are breeding like rabbits, they all hate us, and they are becoming more financially and militarily potent every day. There is no effective moderate element to this group, as they are: a) too small in number, and b) mostly in silent sympathy with their combatant brothers.

    War hasn’t changed much since the beginning of time. We need to name the enemy, put a face on him, demonize him, then move to wipe him off the face of the Earth.

    Because I can guarantee you, that’s what they’re doing to deal with us.

  13. Nomad says:

    Poltroon / Doom – a former neighbor is a follower of Islam. Got together with him and his wife socially and they were / are great people. They came to this country with the shirts on their back and became successful. All their kids are quite driven to do well in school and one of their sons is a graduate from a well known military institution.

    So my question to you is how do you put all followers of Islam into one bucket? I worry about this because it would not surprise me if some day things boil over and good people like my former neighbor’s suffer the wrath of the anger many are feeling.

    I hear your comments and understand some of them – but if memory serves me correctly, do you not have some relatives who at one point in their lives were stereotyped and suffered because of it?

    Not trying to point fingers on this or stir controversy especially on this day but I have heard others express similar sentiments as yours and while some of the comments may have merit, others can be troubling.

    It almost seems like when there are conflicts such as these, the volatility of the situation and human emotion inevitably create collateral damage. Perhaps that is just the way it is, a result of the human condition if you will.

  14. Poltroon says:

    nomad (13)-

    I hear what you’re saying, and- on an individual, person-by-person basis- I agree.


    1. Humans are fighting pack animals.

    2. When humans engage in war, the enemy must be identified and demonized in order to create the mindset needed to win.

    3. Kill or be killed. I’d prefer being the killer.

    BTW, my family in the shtetl did nothing to the Germans but exist. Muslims attacked the three most important buildings in the US. Ain’t quite the same.

  15. Qwerty says:

    Only after their attacks have gone nuclear, will people finally wake up.

    Focusing on “Bin Laden” is misguided; this is a thousand-year-old problem between those who submit, and those who do not.

    Fact: in islam the world is divided into two camps: Dar al-Islam (House of Islam) and Dar al-Harb (House of War). Nations who do not submit to the will of allah (shariah law, as per Taliban, Saudi Arabia, etc) are in the House of War. This will not change, ever.

    Americans will delude themselves into ignoring the threat facing them until enough have woken up to drown out the head-in-sand crowd, which will unfortunately not happen until the attacks go nuclear, and a US city is lost.

  16. Essex says:

    15. Whew. That would suck.

  17. Juice Box says:

    Gotta love our Governor, so glad I voted for him.

    Christie takes Teachers to detention.

  18. Essex says:

    17. The guy is articulate. I like him.

  19. cobbler says:

    Unfortunately, even if the attacks do go nuclear, there still will be no solution. Western civilization can’t stay what it is and at the same time kill off 1.5 billion people almost all of whom had nothing to do with the attack. Bringing retribution only to those we think are guilty is not possible, and will only result in more attacks. I’d rather have us sacrifice lots of money for energy independence than a lot of blood for the right to hang out in the ME.

  20. Qwerty says:

    cobbler, QED.

  21. Poltroon says:

    cobbler (19)-

    Lots of innocent people get killed in wars. Helps thin out the population.

  22. Poltroon says:

    Lopping off 1.5 bn or so sounds like a good press on the reset button.

  23. Essex says:

    Wake Up America. Wake the **** Up!

  24. Essex says:

    I want to thank the people of this board. I think that over the last few years I have learned much from the thoughts and articles posted here. I’ve gone from debt slave to self-actualized shackle-free wide-awake in America….American. Now, let’s try to get the rest of the country back.

  25. Poltroon says:

    I’ll be ready to start winning back America…after a couple more sales at Cabela’s. :)

  26. Poltroon says:

    I could also use some body armor and some silencers.

  27. Essex says:

    I dunno man, there’s are bigger…..

  28. Essex says:

    Start with winning your “self” back.

    Truly kicking all of the unimportant crap to the curb.

    The desire for the bigger/better home? Gone.

    The need to upgrade a car every three years? Gone.

    Having to know and network with the affluent and successful? Well that one I never had.

  29. Essex says:

    My wife says I have “rage” issues.
    Well I cannot argue with that.
    Who in their right mind wouldn’t?

  30. Poltroon says:


    I listened to your stuff. Very nice. Thanks again for the link.

    The idea with rage issues is to make someone else pay the price for it.

  31. Poltroon says:

    Personally, I think the military can be worked to come over to our side when TSHTF.

    In the end, I don’t think they will draw down on us if it’s set up right.

  32. Poltroon says:

    sx (28)-

    You should buy “Freedom” by Jonathan Franzen.,8599,2010000,00.html

  33. Mr Hyde says:


    only 1.5 bn ? We need to to get down to 1 – 1.5 bn total global population to be stable.

    You don’t need to try to wipe out out anyone. Just use the old roman methodology. Simply respone to any agressor ten fold. The general population ofvthe agressor nations won’t accept that for ling before turning on it’s leaders. Of course we had best get off of foriegn oil before we play that game!!!

  34. Poltroon says:

    I can always bait Hyde inot the convo with mass extermination talk. :)

  35. Poltroon says:

    NJ Genocide Report

  36. Mr Hyde says:


    the only way to get from 7 bn to 1 bn is large scale dieoff. Even if you assume that the average birth rate drops to somewhere between 0 and 1 it would take a few hundred years to get there

  37. Mr Hyde says:


    congrats on your personal unshackling

  38. Comrade Nom Deplume aux maison says:

    [4] essex

    I remember biking to work in DC that day, and thinking exactly that. I recall remarking to my secretary that it was a beautiful day outside, and she turned to me and said “a plane just hit the World Trade Center.”

    So we ran to a conference room and turned on the t.v. and there was the early coverage. Then the announcer said, “there’s an unconfirmed report that another plane has hit the Pentagon.” We rushed into a partner’s office overlooking the Mall and could see the smoke plume.

    Then an announcement came that the office was closing on order of the Secret Service (our offices overlooked Treasury and the White House). I literally had to yell at some partners to get off the phones and get out. And it was in my practice leader’s office where I saw the North Tower fall. I told him that I thought the tower fell and he said “no way. That would take out half of lower Manhattan.”

    Such was the overall feelings of disbelief that morning.

  39. Comrade Nom Deplume aux maison says:

    [31] poltroon

    Certain liberal groups, like Southern Poverty Law Center, are very concerned that the military won’t draw down on us when called to do so. That is why the tagged the Oathkeepers as a domestic terrorist group.

  40. Libtard says:

    Doom morning everybody.

  41. Libtard says:

    Expecting 9% Decline in Housing Prices Nationwide in 2010

    Warning…chart pron.

  42. still_looking says:

    Back to the pit…


  43. sas3 says:

    Clot, how does one reconcile the anger against 1.5B Muslims [some of who haven’t even met a Christian or a Jew — e.g. in many parts of India and China]… and the acceptance of all things German and Polish [even when some lands and wealth currently there belonged to the victims of holocaust]?

    The Muslims were friends in 1980-90 (same Afghans and Saddam), and massacres in Kashmir by Afghan militants were overlooked in early ’90s [Kashmir kept going down the drain from the end of Afghan war to 9/11 — and US was supporting Pakistan and the militants].

    There is so much inconsistency in how the narrative is presented and accepted that stating simple facts look controversial. Grim had to scrub a post of mine too about how we did not remember in 2006-2009, but remembered in 2010, because a pastor in FL wants to burn something or some Imam wants to build a community center in NYC?

  44. grim says:


    You can’t imagine how upset I was to see that comment, even more upset when I saw it was you that posted it.

    I rarely select comments, and that one was one of the few I did.

    So fuck you for making the insinuation that somehow I have something to do with this narrative, I’ve never posted a single anti-Muslim comment. And fuck you for the cowardice of doing it under a pseudonym.

  45. Sas3 says:

    Grim, fair enough… It was meant to lament about how the narrative evolved at a larger scale, but did cross the line. Apologies.

  46. Mocha says:

    I’m sure this isn’t going to sound good but here it goes:

    I am so sick of these men and women sniveling and crying as they read off the names of their loved ones. They should be ENRAGED that the killer is still out there. I’m not an expert on history but I’m sure that we didn’t act like a bunch of Marys after Pearl Harbor. I’m all for memorializing the dead, but what the fu@* have we turned into?
    While eternally saddened by 9/11 I can’t help but feel angry when I look out my window and see those columns of light shining up into the clouds this am. Angry at our government for squandering the momentum we had after 9/11. Mother f’s should be pround of themselves.

    Light’m all up.

  47. Shore Guy says:


    For the same reason that relaatives went/go to the Arizona memorial in Pearl Harbor, families who never received remains will continue to return to Lower Manhattan for a generation.

    For families that suffer a war loss without some remins to burry, it takes an awful toll on them as individuals and as families. I suspect the same is true of those who lost loved ones on 9-11.

    As for lighting up the miscreants who are reesponsible for AQ, I am all for it. It is a shame that we mised our chnce at Tora Bora. THAT was the biggest failure of Bush/Rumsfeld.

    Total war is what won WWII, and lack of it is what cost us in South-East Asia. Pakistan complicatws things but, I am all for dragging every last AQ member’s lifeless body into a mass grave setting them ablaze.

  48. Mocha says:



  49. Shore Guy says:

    “The Muslims were friends in 1980-90 ”


    No, they were not. The folks we armed in Iraq and Afghanistan were tools — tools to hurt the Iranians and tools to hurt the Soviets. The enemy of my enemy is my “friend.”

    Always remember, nations do not have “friends,” they have interests. When interests diverge so do “friendships.”

  50. cobbler says:

    shore [47,49]
    There is simply no military way out of the situation short of resorting to the mass murder on a scale not ever seen in history. It is impossible to selectively kill off the militants that are dispersed within and supported by the locals; when we are killing some locals, we are breeding the militants and hatred, and so on. If we go beyond some threshold, we face a serious danger of radicalizing more than a few of the Muslims over here (who number anywhere between 3 and 7 mln, depending who is counting), and then it flows all the way down. We are still apologizing to the Japanese-Americans for their internment during the WW2 – I am sure there were quite a few of them sympathetic to Japan back then – but we are still apologizing… I will be more than happy to pay $3/gal more for my gas if I know there is a clear plan in place for us not to depend on ME in any way or form in say 10 years, and this money is needed to finance it…

  51. Poltroon says:

    sastry (43)-

    It is not up to me- or people of a like mind- to be consistent in thought. I’m not talking about right and wrong here…I’m talking about what it takes to win a war.

    Personally, my idea would be to completely disengage from the Muslim world, and give them exactly what their radicals demand. I’m all for demilitarizing our country and getting out of all these places where we’re unwelcome.

    However, we are a fascist nation very deeply in the thrall of a runaway military industrial complex. We are also brainwashed beyond belief, so disengagement/demilitarization are a no-go. Toby Keith can’t write a song about something like that, so there’s your tell it will never happen.

    Given the above, we must engage in total war, identify an enemy, demonize it, then wipe it out. Kill or be killed. Under those circumstances, the Muslims gotta go.

  52. Shore Guy says:

    I agree that freedom from non-domestic/non-Canadian energy sources is a condition pecedent to our being able to rid ourselves from meddling in the affairs of so many nations where Islam is the majority religion and who want to exist in a cluture vasrly different than ours.

    We wasted our best chance to achieve energy independence when we used the stimulus money on roads and bridges.

  53. Poltroon says:

    I point to #46 as a sentiment that is not very popular, but overwhelmingly correct.

    When we devolve into simpering puddles of wuss, it isn’t a confirmation of what’s human about us. It is a suppression of natural instinct.

    Until we get pissed off and kill a massive amount of people in retaliation, things won’t get any better.

  54. Essex says:

    Go Gints!

  55. sas3 says:

    Clot, when the oil runs out, so will the conflicts in ME. If there is no money to support the extremism, there won’t be much to worry about. But the powers that be (oil sheiks and multinational corps) benefit from a conflict — as long as there is money to be made.


  56. Mr Hyde says:

    Mocha 46

    If there was enough will left in the american population to get that angry then we would have also already seen an armed revolt against the current US government and a number of prominent politicians swinging from gallows on the capitol steps.

  57. Mr Hyde says:


    I agree with clot that the best solution for the American people is either total disengagement, or total war. However neither is in the interest of politicians and therefore is highly unlikely to occur.

    The idea of limited war is what got us into a lot of the mess we are in today. If something is important enough to go to war over, you should be willing to annihilate your opponent so thoroughly that the only evidence that their cities ever existed is the miles of charred earth. Both Genghis Khan and the Roman legions new this and practiced it. In the end I would posit that they both ran into the same problem we did, the industrial military complex, or their historical version thereof. Both of those empires new that in order to avoid future combat you must convince your potential opponents that it would be in their worst interests to engage you militarily.

    There is no way this mess of a culture conflict ends as the middle east runs dry. Islam is dominant more then continent and if anything would force then conflict to flare as the militant Muslims would be forced to act before they lost too much influence. Besides, even if your hypothesis were even slightly true, are you willing to wait that long? your talking about 100+ years before the ME literally runs dry even if the theoretical peak oil dynamics are correct.

  58. Mr Hyde says:

    Shore 52

    anything other then fossil fuels or nuclear providing the majority of our base power supply would necesitate an almost complete rebuild of the US power grid. You want to talk about full employment? Try ramping up an effort to both rebuild the US power grid and Bring a few hundred new 3rd gen/4th gen nuclear reactors online in 10 years, all while building out alternative energies where feasible (note that 3rd/4th gen nuclear reactor tech compared to the existing reactors is like an original Model T compared to a porsche 911, also note that some types of 4th gen reactors can burn what is currently consider “nuclear waste” as fuel).

    The F’ing hilarious thing about it is it would have cost about the same as we have already spent!!!!!

  59. Mr Hyde says:

    Whats even more F’d up is that if we truly dedicated ourselves to the above effort and started in late 2002, the effort would probably be 70%-80% complete, and far enough along for us to tell the middle east and any other fossil fuel oil barron to F’ off. And the joke gets even better!!!! If the US did the conversion off of fossil fuels in less then 2 decades, the fossil fuel market would see massive backlash due to the massive fall in demand and the subsequent price swing would probably destabilize a number of the middle east nations.

  60. Shore Guy says:


    Our elected representatives have blown it more than Monica Lewinski.

  61. Shore Guy says:

    ” massive fall in demand and the subsequent price swing would probably destabilize a number of the middle east nation”

    Sounds like a win-win as we would be free of them and they would be free of the intrusion of Western living standards. I am sure that pastoral living is what most of the people living in the Arabian Peninsula want.. cough…gag. A return to the ways of the days before WWI will be welcome, I am quite sure.

  62. Essex says:

    61. WWI…..are you serious? They want to return to the 5th century BC.

  63. Shore Guy says:

    “They want to return to the 5th century BC”

    Whilst there are some who say they want to restore the Arab World to the glory of Saladin’s times, the reality of living in such a period is not quite the same as the romantaic ideal. Just returning to the way of life that existed before oil money enriched the area, or at least some in the area, would, I suspect, cause fratracide on a massive scale.

  64. freedy says:

    Grim : never seen you so upset and i’ve been around for a few .

  65. cobbler says:

    Whilst there are some who say they want to restore the Arab World to the glory of Saladin’s times, the reality of living in such a period is not quite the same as the romantaic ideal.
    Not sure about the Arab world, but most of the Pushtun in Afghanistan are still living the lifestyle of pre-15th century (except for the cellphones) and seem to enjoy it… Actually, the whole issue with the Soviets invading them in 1979 emerged because their puppet government pi$$ed off the tribals by trying to educate women, etc., not to build Communism there.

  66. Essex says:

    Watch this some time:

    and tell me if you think the Arab world wants peace.

  67. Juice Box says:

    Hook line and sinker says the MSM. Stop watching the crap they spew, and rise above this nonsense. The enemy we all seek to defeat is ignorance! It can only be defeated with enlightenment. No amount of bloodshed will ever defeat ignorance because we are all born the same a bunch of blank slates which are shaped by our environment.

    For every person you enlighten ten more will learn what it means to be an individual and a critical thinker.

  68. Poltroon says:

    juice (67)-

    I don’t have the time or the patience to enlighten. Just airburst a few over the big population centers, or kick it old school by doing it the Dresden/Tokyo way.

    I just wanna watch my NFL in my basement…in the peace of knowing the enemy is vanquished, their women have been r@ped proper and their children have been sold as chattel.

  69. Mr Hyde says:

    Juice 67

    enlighten who exactly? The pope is still actively preaching against condom use in Africa where HIV is decimating the population and is currently busy actively defending pedophilia tendencies amongst the clergy. The muslim world appears to currently be lead by its more radical elements, and most people know little more then the headlines seen on the nightly news. I do not exclude my self from any of this when i ask “enlighten who”, and “define enlightenment”.

    If by enlightenment you mean to rise above petty religion ( spirituality is different from religion), then its you Vs about 6.5 billion other humans. If people give up base religion then they may actually have to acknowledge their personal misery is not some door charge to paradise.

  70. Mr Hyde says:

    In a similiar vein, the root issue at hand in the US at the moment is TRUST. once a society loses trust in everything from business to politics to personal relations, the outcome is a given. At this point truth is considered a quaint antiquated practice for those who dont know any better.

  71. Poltroon says:

    “Contrast the reaction of Americans after 9/11 with the recent issue of converting a Burlington Coat factory store into a Muslim community center two blocks from Ground Zero. The mainstream media has been full of vitriol and anger regarding an issue that would have gotten no press in 2002. There have been protests, counter-protests, accusations and lies spread across the airwaves. The anti-Muslim feeling in the country is palpable. A nut-job pastor with a flock of 50 people threatens to burn the Koran and sets off a firestorm across the globe. The reaction to this inconsequential knucklehead would have been non-existent in 2002. The mood of the country has clearly changed. The anger building against the ruling elite on Wall Street and in Washington DC is real. Average Americans feel betrayed by politicians, bankers and corporate America. The Tea party movement is a reflection of that anger. The country certainly hasn’t reached a consensus about which direction the country needs to move, but we are still in the early stages of the Fourth Turning. A threat to our very existence will reveal itself in the near future and generate the consensus necessary to meet the threat.

    What is beyond a doubt is that the country is facing extreme peril as it tries to maneuver its way through an economic Depression, a looming peak oil crisis, unresolved long-term fiscal obligations, and antagonism from countries throughout the world. The cycles of history do not reveal the exact nature of the Crisis ahead, but previous Crisis periods give us a flavor of what to expect. Based on our previous Crises periods and knowing which national issues have been ignored for decades, the likely threats to confront the nation over the next decade include:

    -Continued reduction in the national wealth of Americans as home prices drop another 20% and the stock market loses another 30% of its value.

    -A National Debt approaching $20 trillion within the next 5 years, potentially resulting in massive interest expense payments and/or a collapse of the USD.
    When the Central Bank experiment in fiat currency fails within the next 5 years, a hyperinflationary depression is likely.

    -The demographic headwinds of a rapidly aging population combined with the gutting of industrial America by corporate chieftains insures that the American economy will be stuck in low gear. The result will be a steady decline in the American standard of living.

    -The diminishing supply of cheap, easily accessible oil will fundamentally change American society. The entire suburban sprawl existence of America, with 260 million automobiles and food trucked from 1,500 miles to grocery stores will disappear practically overnight.

    -The wrenching changes which will be required to localize, combined with the loss of wealth, will likely lead to social chaos, possible revolt, and the use of U.S. military forces against citizens of the United States. Geographic fragmentation of the country is a distinct possibility.

    -The desperate need for oil will provoke wars for precious resources. The Middle East is likely to turn into a battlefield. The combatants are unknown at this point, but China and Russia are likely to be involved. With the proliferation of nuclear weapons, an escalation could lead to a catastrophic worldwide conflagration.”–-fourth-turning-perspective

  72. Poltroon says:

    In other news, constant use of LSD has now been recommended for airline pilots.

    “Greece’s Prime Minister George Papandreou pledged to press ahead with government attempts to ease the threat of default, saying no new austerity measures were needed if the country stayed the fiscal course.”

  73. Essex says:

    30. Thanks! For Listenin’

  74. Essex says:

    70. God aint that the truth. It’s open season on anyone with a paycheck. So sad really.

    The scammers and thieves are free to roam.

  75. Fabius Maximus says:

    #44 Grim
    A lot of us here appreciate what you do to make this site happen. The traffic numbers and post numbers and number of regulars back that up. We all understand that this is you site and you can do with as you wish. You are free to delete post and posters at will. Sas3 posted something to upset you and you exercised you right to delete his post and chastise. Your post does raise some questions. Is there a line in the sand that Sas3 stepped over? Are there topics that are off limits?

    While you try and take a first amendment approach here, unfortunately at the end of the day you are accountable for the narrative and if it continues. Even if you don’t post yourself, you have to contend with; “Yes your honor, it was my house and I was there at the time, but as I didn’t buy the keg and I didn’t drink from it, can I be held accountable for the underage drinking?”

    This is not meant as an attack, if it comes across as that I apologize. It is more a pause for thought and a request for clarification.

  76. Fabius Maximus says:

    #68 Clot

    “I just wanna watch my NFL in my basement…in the peace of knowing the enemy is vanquished, their women have been r@ped proper and their children have been sold as chattel.”

    You are hitting a new low here. Your way past your usual Mel Gibson “hold the tribe accountable for killingf Je$us” type crazy.

  77. Punch My Ticket says:

    Been gone for a long time, but clot’s more than over the top advocating genocide above. As my forebears were of the ethnic group responsible for the fate of clot’s shtetl relatives, I am (1) extremely careful of group stereotypes and (2) acutely aware that clot’s proposed remedy re Muslims, had it applied in 1945, would have resulted in both my parents dead as children.

    Yesterday was a bit of a raw day, I know. Notwithstanding my often chuckling over clot’s bon mots, and even assuming scotch is involved, there’s a bad taste in my mouth.

  78. Poltroon says:

    gluteus (77)-

    Too bad I was being sarcastic and didn’t mean it.

    You know everybody’s shorts are getting tight when they don’t pick up on irony and sarcasm.

    Like I watch the fcuking NFL or something.

  79. Confused In NJ says:

    Their was a time in this Country when it used the Melting Pot Model and the price for entrance was to leave your culture & biases at the front door before entering. Your alligiance to America and it’s laws & culture, superseded your previous experience, and was a requisite for citizenship. That was replaced with Multicultural Diversity, which effectively centralizes all the worlds problems and biases, intact, in America. This is the Model of Insanity (Chaos Theory) which does not work, unless the end goal is Destruction of America. I think Congress needs to be personally accountable for background checks on all immigrants and subsequent infractions they may cause.

  80. Poltroon says:

    punch (78)-

    Happy to leave a bad taste in your mouth. Why don’t you douche it out?

  81. Fabius Maximus says:


    For true energy independance, how do you break the tie of US oil prics to OPEC. Even if we get consumption below production, with the likes of NAFTA, if we produce oil cheaper than OPEC, someone here is going to start exporting.

  82. Fabius Maximus says:

    #79 Clot
    “Like I watch the fcuking NFL or something.”

    You watch the Toon so who knows what depths you’ll sink to…. :*)

    Seriously, no one has a chance of identifying irony or sarcasm in your posts these days, youve blurred the line to much.

  83. Fabius Maximus says:

    On a brighter note and to possibly cheer Grim up. How about a Newark GTG for some culture, followed by a trip to Port 44 for some microbrews.

    Exhibit of Gustav Stickley’s works highlights his innovative talents

  84. Poltroon says:

    gluteus (83)-

    We just lost to friggin’ Blackpool at home. Blackpool!

    Yet, Joey Barton thinks he should be center mid for England.

    If that doesn’t blur the lines between sarcasm and sincerity, I don’t know what will.

  85. Poltroon says:

    I did, however, make the call that Blackpool will stay up this year.

  86. Punch My Ticket says:

    Nice way to treat your friends, clot.

    I’ll *wash* it out with some Lagavulin and hope that you feel better in the morning.

  87. Essex says:

    We had the bomb and Germany’s lucky we didn’t use it on them too. Stereotypes? Who needs them. The secret is to hate everyone. And I mean everyone.

  88. Fabius Maximus says:

    #85 Clot

    “If that doesn’t blur the lines between sarcasm and sincerity, I don’t know what will.”

    How about “I can’t believe Hughton didn’t bring back Bellamy and let him go back to Cardiff?”

    My call of West Brom, West Ham and Wigan is not looking too shaby.

  89. Essex says:

    The only band worth a crap today:

  90. Mr Hyde says:

    Essex 66

    Interesting film. So if we were to take the ideas in that piece to heart we would throw open the doors of civil liberties, from speech to firearms, accept that freedom comes with a price of blood and exterminate those who would use our freedoms against us.

    There is not a current sitting politician sitting who has the elephantine brass cojones to actually do this! Such actions would also necessitate a return to melting pot ideology and personal responsibility. Well see another ice-age first.

    Our greatest victory over those who perpetrated or supported the act of 9/11 would be not bombs or body counts, but to engulf their cultures in the ideals our constitution was founded upon.

  91. Essex says:

    91. I can’t say. I operate on such a visceral level that I cannot really give a rational argument as to how we show approach these individuals. Other than to say I doubt they’d let me live a minute if they had a chance to harvest my head.

  92. Essex says:

    That being said, I don’t waste a lot of cycles hating entire groups of people. I tend to simply lament the overall state of things. I also consider all of the swirling chaos of modern life and thank the good lord I have creative outlets and work that I love.

  93. Shore Guy says:

    When B.O. seems to be losing Maureen Dowd, he is all but toast as a politician.

  94. Shore Guy says:

    Everyone on the east coast must be asleep already.

  95. Poltroon says:

    gluteus (89)-

    Bellamy’s wage is probably way too rich for Ashley. He’s still trying to dump the team, and an older guy with knees of balsa- who makes that kind of money- is not going to help close a deal.

    That being said, I can’t imagine there’s a back in the Championship that can mark the guy.

  96. Essex says:

    96. Interesting article. The MSNBC show “morning joe” has picked up Newt Gingrich’s comments on this matter and it seems like Newt has picked up the story you referenced here. Seems like the whole story was missed by the crew there. Newt read it though.

  97. Poltroon says:

    Don’t really care about Bojangles channeling his dead, drunk-driver dad. Whatever he’s channeling (along with his senseless, assclown advisors), it’s fcuking killing us. Gotta hope for gridlock, further societal collapse and a complete electoral turnover during the next two years.

    It would actually be a lot easier to move toward a Second Amendment-type solution, but nobody’s got the cojones or the taste for a real fight, so we will pass through the ether TS Eliot-style.

    It will be fun to go to the polls in November (yes, I will vote in something other than a school budget election this year) and write in the names of Lindsay Lohan and other notable Americans. I would rather send my dog to Congress than the corrupted idiot who now “represents” me.

  98. Simply Ravishing HEHEHE says:

    Looks like all the doom and gloom is over. To the moon stock market. To the moon!

  99. Poltroon says:

    Straight to the moon. Until the next flash crash sends it to 450 in .00014/second.

  100. Simply Ravishing HEHEHE says:

    While I am sorry for the loss of those on 9/11, and for their families and friends, I just want to ask at what point do we let it go?

    There are tragedies that occur in thousands of peoples lives throughout this country that are as bad or worse than 9/11 and those people get by without any annual ceremony or some big check from the government. Some kids parents gets killed in a drunk driving accident; a woman is raped and murdered by a criminal; a child dies from terminal cancer. The government and media could give a sh*t about those people because their tragedy can’t be used for political means and tv ratings on an annual basis. Undoubtedly thats part of the reason for the continued glorification of that day.

    I was in the city that day. I saw the smoke, the fire, the dust and the fear and panic in peoples faces. It was a tragic day but I am over it. At what point do people move on with their lives? And spare me the knee jerk “patriotic” responses. If there’s anger that needs to be directed someplace you might want to direct it at the collossal failure of our government to protect its citizens and its questionable foreign policy over the course of the past 30 years. To paraphrase Gerald Celente “they hate us because we shop at Wal-mart and go to Disney World” just doesn’t work on me anymore.

  101. Mr Hyde says:

    Shore 96,

    If D’Souza’s opinions are even half way accurate in that article , then its terrifying that that man is in office. Of course I take all such articles with a Kg of NaCl. It also raises some interesting questions about who his handlers are. Do his handlers consist primarily of the banks he seeks to dominate or others as well?

  102. Mr Hyde says:



    A few months ago nasa Chief Charles Bolden announced that from now on the primary mission of America’s space agency would be to improve relations with the Muslim world. Come again? Bolden said he got the word directly from the President. “He wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science and math and engineering.”

    is both disturbing and confsing in its absurdity

    the original quote from Al jazeera:

    When I became the NASA administrator — or before I became the NASA administrator — he charged me with three things. One was he wanted me to help re-inspire children to want to get into science and math, he wanted me to expand our international relationships, and third, and perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science … and math and engineering

    Exactly what role does the National Aeronautics and Space Administration have in building/supporting anything other then spacecraft and aircraft????

  103. Poltroon says:

    Fall Riot Season begins in Europe:

    “As Zero Hedge has long expected, now that the summer vacations are over, and the credit card invoices come in the mail, the Greek unions “are back on the street” since unlike the US, they don’t have the FHA doing all it can to reflate their bubble (although we probably should not give the Department of Bubble Creation any ideas). Bloomberg has an update on the festivities in the Greek streets, which are once again full with (soon to be) unemployed and disgruntled public workers, and tax avoiders. Since these clips are eerily reminiscent of what was seen on live TV around the days when some real price discovery was allowed in stocks on May 6, don’t expect to see them broadcast on such media discount outlets as CNBC. Amusingly enough, we learn that Greek PM Papandreou is now betting it all on… solars.”

  104. Shore Guy says:

    It was with the NASA paragraphs that I copied and posted the link. Simply amazing.

  105. Poltroon says:

    I think NASA should be tasked with developing gamma ray lasers that can be trained on Islamic population centers and shot from outer space.

  106. Simply Ravishing HEHEHE says:

    With the budget cuts that will be needed to keep the bond vigilantes at bay in the upcoming years NASA will be relegated to taking pictures of the moon with an I-phone.

  107. Poltroon says:

    HE (109)-

    The Federal Unicorn & Skittles Patrol does not believe bond vigilantes exist.

    And, if they do, they will dispatch them with a barrage of tasty ice cream and chocolate sauce.

  108. Juice Box says:

    re: #103 – The checks were to save the airlines from being sued out of business.

    Victims of Terrorism Relief Act of 2001 and Air Transportation Safety and System Stabilization Act

    What is notable about the first Bill was it was introduced only 2 days after 9/11 and the Airline bill was introduced on 9/21

    Here is all of the Legislation that was passed due to the criminal acts on 9/11

  109. Comrade Nom Deplume aux maison says:

    [29] essex

    “My wife says I have “rage” issues.
    Well I cannot argue with that.
    Who in their right mind wouldn’t?”

    My nominee for Post of This Thread!

  110. Juice Box says:

    re: #112
    Charlie: “I have to take a pill every six hours or I feel……. funny. No big deal.”

    Irene: “What’s it called?”

    Charlie: “Advanced delusionary schizophrenia with involuntary narcissistic rage.”

  111. Comrade Nom Deplume aux maison says:

    [113] juice

    Well, that explains the stuff I see my wife dumping into my coffee.

  112. Comrade Nom Deplume aux maison says:

    After seeing the meat outfits, I decided I like Lady Gaga more than I used to. I like any artist that is willing to p1ss off the liberal elites.

  113. Juice Box says:

    re #115 – Comrade they had to have a body guard follow her around to make sure none of those liberal elites tried anything funny.

  114. Al Gore says:

    Its all green.

    Im caught in a dilemma. Do I take my profits in miners knowing a catastrophe is ahead or do I ride it out and leave my profits in the hands of helicopter Ben.

    Check out my favorite junior miner MFN action today.

  115. Poltroon says:


    “According to Bloomberg, for the week ended September 10, corporate insiders bought $0.5MM in shares in 4 different companies. This was offset by sales of $332MM in 72 different companies, a ratio of 651 of sellers to buyers. At least companies are making their opinions known on the viability of the latest bear market rally. The suckers? All those who are still not involved in the rigged casino but actually buying.”

  116. Al Gore says:

    You cant eat silver. lol

  117. Al Gore says:

    Greeks are back! About time for some good riot footage.

    Im going to make an outside prediction. Coup in Greece. Timing unsure.

  118. Painhrtz says:

    Nom anything that pisses off PETA is OK with me. he other hand see the pictures of CHer with made me need eye bleach. So when does Il Duces handlers make him fall on his sword? Scandal? anybody want to take bets? He is quickly becoming a political albatross

  119. Al Gore says:

    66%-67% Of Phoenix Homes Underwater?

    “We’ve often seen Jay Butler, head of Realty Studies at ASU, give overly optimistic reports on the state of Phoenix real estate. That’s why when Butler says that 66%-67% of Phoenix homeowners are underwater, you know it’s bad out there:”

    Video here.

  120. Shore Guy says:

    ” Coup in Greece.”

    Unrest within Greece often seems to result in a need to create a conflict with the Turks. One has to wonder when Greece will find a reason to take issue with something going on over on Cyprus.

  121. Shore Guy says:

    From Athens, another installment of: My Big Fat Historical Enemy.

  122. Shore Guy says:

    I just saw this in the Times and was wondering when this news first broke?

    “New Jersey officials have halted new work on an ambitious $8.7 billion plan to build two new commuter rail tunnels beneath the Hudson River, raising concerns about the fate of a project that had been hailed as a potential savior for the region’s overcrowded mass transit system. [NYT”

  123. Mr Hyde says:

    Everyone got their tinfoil hats ready?

    Straw Man article of the day:

    Supreme Court Justice Marshall Harlan (Downes v. Bidwell, 182, U.S. 244 1901) by … dissenting opinion: “Two national governments exist; one to be maintained under the Constitution, with all its restrictions; the other to be maintained by Congress outside and Independently of that Instrument.”

  124. Double Down says:

    “It was a tragic day but I am over it.”

    Such is the complacency that led to the events of that day.

    Make no mistake, that day was not a “tragedy” but an attack, and that our enemies are working ceaselessly 24/7 planning the next event you will “be over.”

  125. J. says:

    #103: Amen, amen, amen. Those who lost family members are entitled to observe as they like, for as long as they like. For the rest of us, it’s time to start living again. More…

  126. Unexpected HEHEHE says:

    “”Make no mistake, that day was not a “tragedy” but an attack, and that our enemies are working ceaselessly 24/7 planning the next event you will “be over.””

    Thanks for the elucidating dialog opening my eyes to how the real world works.

  127. Unexpected HEHEHE says:

    Warren Buffett says no double dip!!!!! To the moon!!!!

  128. mbfmjzabhs says:

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