Murder Shmurder

From the Philly Inquirer:

On the House: On disclosure, and homes that languish on market

Lately, I have been going back to two things our listing agent drummed into my head when we were selling our last house.

Disclose, disclose, disclose was one. The other: work with the agent, not against him or her, and that will help sell the house for a good price.

There is a real estate disclosure law in Pennsylvania that spells out exactly what a seller must do to comply. Real estate agents are obligated to assist sellers in completing the form, and prospective buyers and their agents get copies.

New Jersey has no required disclosures that sellers must make. However, the courts have approved exceptions to common law designed to protect buyers against sellers who fail to disclose material facts or who hide information about their properties.

I mention disclosure first because of the July 21 decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court upholding a lower-court ruling that failure to disclose a murder/suicide to the buyer of a house in Thornbury, Delaware County, did not violate the law.

Pennsylvania’s disclosure law covers only material defects, not psychological issues, the justices ruled.

The lawyer for listing agent Re/Max Town & Country in West Chester, Abraham Reich of Fox Rothschild, who successfully argued the case before the justices, said something worth repeating.

There is nothing in the ruling that prohibits buyers from asking questions, Reich said. “A home is a substantial purchase where you’re investing a lot of money, and every buyer has the right to ask if a crime took place at the property, as well as research through public record and media reports of major events that may have occurred.”

Noelle M. Barbone, office manager at Weichert Realtors in Media, said she urges her agents “to have the discussion with the seller to disclose once we have an offer on the table and the price and terms are negotiated.”

“I recommend at that point letting the buyer’s agent know the situation and giving the buyer the opportunity to back out,” Barbone said. And if the buyer does, indeed, back out, “then we avoided a potential legal battle.”

“It is just the right thing to do,” she added.

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  1. “It is just the right thing to do,” she added.

    When you hear a Realtor say the above, run for the exits.

  2. I actually marketed a townhouse where the owner had offed himself. Ate a bullet.

    First open house, all the neighbors came to see the spot where the slug he ate ended up. The estate had (thank God) made repairs.

  3. A colleague of mine sold this slimeball’s house. The guy was so despised that it took a long, long time to find a buyer, even though the house was priced decently.

    I felt bad; the guy’s wife and kids were nothing like him.

  4. Comrade Nom Deplume, a.k.a. Captain Justice says:

    I remember this issue in the news. The town in question is not that far from me.

  5. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    In Boston one of the big disclosure problems is presence of lead paint. Typically, you never, ever test for it in a pre-1978 building, have all construction and reno done assuming lead paint is present, and then transfer the deed on sale disclosing no knowledge of lead paint. Once a place is actually tested and found to have lead paint disclosure has to be made on every future sale of the property and you won’t be able to rent that property to any tenants with children under 6 years old until the place is COMPLETELY de-leaded, which will run you tens of thousands of dollars.

  6. Comrade Nom Deplume, a.k.a. Captain Justice says:

    Thornbury is also a very nice town that seems to command a premium (though why anyone would choose to live in DelCo when they could go another half mile and be in my neighborhood for much lower taxes?). Buyers probably fell over themselves to make an offer and then saw the chance to recoup a few bucks on the overprice they paid.

  7. Comrade Nom Deplume, a.k.a. Captain Justice says:

    [5] expat,

    If memory serves, you can scrape and paint over lead paint and still rent to families without young children. The problem comes when you get the family who you have to tell, sorry, place doesn’t comply, and then they turn around and sue you for refusing to rent to them.

    I just repped my sister when she sold a rental she owned. We went through all of that.

  8. Fast Eddie says:

    Opening week of football and I actually went to see an open house. Just one! More details later; can’t type on a cell phone.

  9. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [7] I went through all this in spades and in court recently, I helped my lawyer buddy draft all our filings, so I learned a lot more than I ever wanted to the point I would now call myself a de facto subject matter expert. We were/are having 41 Chimneys renovated, including the one for our fireplace, the project has been ongoing since March. The work involved breaking through the wall above everyone’s fireplace to install stainless steel chimney liners in the flues. The problem is that the contractor did a half-a$$edd $500K job of this in 2009 by misapplying a non-invasive solution called “Thermocrete” and now has to re-do the entire job as an invasive warranty project. The problem is that the Federal EPA RRP (reno, repair, paint) laws of 2010 now make this a $1 million job that the contractor would have to do, but not get paid for, and the trustees were complicit/complacent with their agent and the contractor to let him do the work in a manner assuming our 1926 buildings to be LEAD FREE! In other words, they were willing let him do the job like there was no Federal RRP Law. It all worked our for me and I got what I wanted (Lead Safe repair in our unit with no testing), but unfortunately other units, as a result of our court case, now have findings of dangerous levels of lead in their units.

  10. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [9] Here’s an anon/Michael level cartoon video showing what’s involved in just regular reno/repair where you open up more than 6 square feet of wall in a pre-1978 bulding. It’s a giant pain in the a$$. Keep in mind, this isn’t de-leading, just what you’re supposed to do for general repairs:

  11. Thundaar says:

    2- Bissell was a f***ing thug.

  12. Comrade Nom Deplume, a.k.a. Captain Justice says:

    More on AC although it is probably rehashed stuff

    I have never been to AC even though I had plenty of invites. Things just never broke that way. However, the wife and my oldest have been there for competitions and the wife has been there for business conferences long ago.

    Mrs. Deplume thinks very little of AC; not only did she find it seedy and vaguely dangerous, but she felt that the place was run about as badly as you could run a city. Overpriced and underserved. She stopped short of calling it Camden By The Sea but I am pretty sure she was thinking it.

    Her dislike of AC possibly results in dollars lost: If her company or any trade group she works with is considering AC for a venue, she will speak up against it. If our daughters’ teams considered signing up for tournaments there, she would raise a question about it, sometimes in preemptive fashion (asking the team directors at the start of the season “You aren’t thinking of going to [name] tournament, are you?” is usually enough to make the directors question it and her current team doesn’t go there (or anywhere in Jersey for that matter even though the competitions are closer)).

    This is just one person in a position of some minor influence bad-mouthing AC. Whether it has actually resulted in business diverted elsewhere, I cannot say, and it may not even be an actual loss since they may make it up elsewhere. But with all the bad press, and people like Mrs. Deplume bad-mouthing AC, at some point all of the drip-drip-drip of negativity has to take a toll.

    Might as well take the entire place by eminent domain and turn it into a traditional shore community. It’s too remote to make into a convention center or gambling hub.

  13. Comrade Nom Deplume, a.k.a. Captain Justice says:

    [9] expat,

    With that level of involvement, you may well know more than I do on that score. It isn’t in my area of expertise though I do know a little.

    So how badly do the neighbors hate you for raising the issue?

  14. Toxic Crayons says:

    Don’t bother. Nobody cares.

    Fast Eddie says:
    September 8, 2014 at 7:39 am
    Opening week of football and I actually went to see an open house. Just one! More details later; can’t type on a cell phone.

  15. I’m waiting for the Gary open house story that ends with him torching it.

  16. Comrade Nom Deplume, a.k.a. Captain Justice says:

    Okay, totally, waaaaaay, off topic, but I had to post for all of the other Bat-geeks out there.

    go to the 7:30 mark if you aren’t a total Bat-geek. And I was happy with the outcome: OGR!

  17. Libturd in the City says:

    On lead paint.

    My multi is approaching 100 years old. Of course there is lead paint. In my first decade of renting it out, there was only one family who asked me to test for it. In the lease, I always reveal that there is most likely lead paint, but it is remediated through a fresh coat of paint. Of course, the test came back with positives, but only in the areas where paint tends to get scratched off, such as door and window jambs, to which I repainted them. The family that asked me to test for it was also the family that fed their child Colostrum and believed in the family bed. The kid ended up being classified with sensory processing disorder, so it must have been the lead paint and not the parents inability to even mildy discipline their child. This couple got divorced before the lease was up. That was also the fault of the lead paint.

  18. Libturd in the City says:


    You do realize that there is no Batman. Though Passion Fruit might argue that I’m wrong.

  19. Grim says:

    Hope you repainted with milk based paint.

  20. Comrade Nom Deplume, a.k.a. Captain Justice says:

    [18] libturd,

    “You do realize that there is no Batman.”


    Next, you are gonna tell me there is no Santa Claus.

    (seriously, the video was funny but you HAVE to watch the end. Especially you, JJ).

  21. Comrade Nom Deplume, a.k.a. Captain Justice says:

    And on that funny note, back to the salt mines. Gonna be a busy week.

  22. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [13] Nom – Here’s the thing, I don’t think other than the Trustees (and there are only two right now), that anybody knows. I have 8 risk assessment reports that, by law, should have been provided to the owners but I don’t think they were. I didn’t do any public soap box stuff, I just refused access to my unit, in writing, until they provided me specific documents over the course of many months, just letters written on my own (but reviewed by my attorney). In the space of 3 days at the end of July, they sued me for access and with a TRO, with a hearing in Superior Court two business days later. We filed an answer, opposition, counterclaims (abuse of process, they were suing me instead of providing the documents), supporting affidavits, in less than 24 hours, serving the trustees attorney at 4:30PM on Friday and we were due in court on Monday. The contract for the present work being the only document provided, and it was attached to the suit only received the day before. After receiving our filings, the attorney forwarded 13 documents by 5:19PM via email. He never saw us coming. By the following Thursday I had the project shut down by the city with what I learned from the provided documents. They’re latest try has been to, you’ll love this, invoke anti-SLAPP on my original counterclaims. Well since I already had the documents my lawyer came across a great precedent. Since they never answered my counterclaims, I voluntarily dismissed them which takes SLAPP off the table. Check it out, this is a sweet find than only a lawyer (or engineer) can appreciate:

    So how badly do the neighbors hate you for raising the issue?

  23. Fast Eddie says:

    Here’s the house I went to see yesterday. It’s one of the few main roads that I would consider buying a house on because it is picturesque, especially in the Autumn. The house hasn’t been updated since the 60s. The kitchen was sort of redone in recent years but it’s the size of a two closets and stuffed in the middle of the house.

    They added two additions on in the 60’s on the first level; one off the family room which they made into a master bedroom (why?) and a “family” room that was a sun porch separated by a useless wall. That’s the picture where the table looks like it’s in a hallway.

    The house overall hasn’t been touched in over 40 years. Windows are peeling and stuck; rugs everywhere and matted with stains and the house had that wonderful aroma that really has no description. The layout of the house was choppy and all over the place. Upstairs was even worse. It had tunnels to other rooms and was like a maze. Did I mention the bathrooms? Use your imagination.

    The cellar (it’s not a lower level) was putrid and damp and what we’ve come to expect for a house in a time capsule. The furnace was recent and has four zone heating. The exterior was wood clap board, painted over a few hundred times to hide the decay, especially along the roof line. The yard was picturesque and private.

    Asking price? $650,000 with 14.6K in taxes. This, of course, is the price before an architect and builder needs to come in and “rearrange” the place.

  24. jj says:

    Fast Eddie that house looks great. Worst basement I ever saw on a house was in Oyster Bay, it was like five feet high with a dirt floor and had tree trunks holding it up. Had a few sheets of plywood by storm gate to exit from outside and that was laudry room. Yep Washer/dryer in a five food high room with a dirt floor and no heat

  25. 1987 Condo says:

    Ridgewood is very nice if you make $450k+ …MY BIL/SIL are CFO and Dentist, had to buy a range rover because otherwise they’d be embarrassed at school pick up

  26. Libturd in the City says:

    That tree in front of the house has to come down.

  27. Fast Eddie says:


    They all look great until you visit them. If you’re willing to live in a faded time capsule, that’s fine. Think “Vermont” in the late 50s/early 60s and this house would be a gem. The problem begins when you ask yourself the logic behind the $650,000 price tag.

  28. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    I saw a pretty cool Batmobile replica this Summer in NJ, at The Chatterbox up in Sussex. One of the interesting features was two battery studs inside the wheel arch mounted inside and behind the passenger front wheel. That way they can just stick jumper cables in the wheel arch as I imagine the custom fiberglass hood doesn’t just pop up like it did on the original Lincoln it was built from. The studs had plastic red and black caps on attached tongues to mark + and –

  29. Libturd in the City says:


    There was a house in Glen Ridge that had a full finished basement which was absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, to get to it, you had to actually get down on your knees to crawl under a set of soffetted pipes which were at a height of no greater than 4 feet. Would have been a wonderful house for a family of midgets. Best of all, the laundry room was in the basement. Must have been fun for the owners to drag their laundry under the pipes to get to the laundry room. Though, I’m grateful for that house. We delayed reinstating a bid on another house to see that one. We surely would have gotten the other one but during our requested delay, the selling agent shopped our original bid around and got a sucker to pay even more than our overpriced bid. This was on the last week of the dumb rebate our government offered to push house buying demand forward. Very glad we were outbid as we are still very happy with our current home. In other news, first set of clearance custom blinds arrived from JCP and they look great and are of excellent quality. Slowly but surely, Rome is being built.

  30. Fast Eddie says:

    And kids, just fyi, these other so-called affordable towns are no different than Upper Haughtyville. The 529K special are the ones where the yards smell like dog sh1t, have that funky green moss growing everywhere and have sheets covering the closet entrances. I don’t need to go into further detail, you know the deal. The bottom line is at any price point, they’re all chock filled with numerous issues. And not the ones that need paint and floor sanding. I’m talking “OMG” issues.

  31. Comrade Nom Deplume, a.k.a. Captain Justice says:

    Back to share this gem from the senior senator from Noo Yawk:

    It’s a good thing foreign investors are well advised not to take this this loon seriously. I know its posturing, but a clawback to 1994? The IRS would be in litigation for the rest of our natural lives. Should Schumer ever get his way on this, or even see his bills get any real traction, the damage to the economy would be incalculable.

  32. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    I think the notion of “Pay a lot now, pay a lot forever” is better than “throwing your money away on rent” is fading as canon law.

  33. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    A guy I used to know in Packanack Lake in Wayne NJ inherited his parents house in 2006. He had lived there his whole life, he’s a little older than me, never married, no kids. He took out a $275K mortgage to pay his only sibling $210K on what I guess was a $420K agreed upon value and I guess $65K for him to buy cars and stuff. I guess the mortgage payments and the rise in taxes from $6K to $11K in 8 years was too much for him, even with no dependents. He sold it for $415K last November and now he rents in Morris Plains.

  34. jj says:

    I also find it nuts that homesellers and realtors draw you into their own personal dramas.I saw a house I like in my town. I tried to put a bid on it. Which I did and no response. The seller refuses to do open houses, let contractors in, had a special needs kid schedule and two deaths in family and realtor one got fired and realtor two took a leave and realtor three had family issues. All relators same firm.

    A house I looked at July 4th weekend and put a bid in, which I was told too low to counter, then raised bid a week ago, which I heard is high enough but they dont have time to counter due to personal stuff.

    I think back to time I was in big four and my Mom was terminal and passed away during assignment, or when I had kids during assignments or when my wife was hospitalized during an assignment, etc. No time did my clients know or care. Realtors and homeowners dont realize to us buyers you are like the roto rooter man cleaning out my sewer pipe I dont care about your personal issues,

  35. Nomad says:


    As I understand it, Intel is coming out with a new line of processors called Broadwell. Word is they will allow for uber thin and highly powerful tablets capable of performing at the same level as a powerful business laptop. It is common for Apple owners to have some type of MacBook and an iPad and Apple would be very resistant to produce an uber powerful iPad with a Broadwell processor as it would eat into MacBook sales but that they may have to as competition may force their hand. Trying to figure out if Apple is going to see a big erosion in laptop volume in the next year or two.

    Your thoughts on this? Thanks,

  36. joyce says:

    ex post facto?

    Comrade Nom Deplume, a.k.a. Captain Justice says:
    September 8, 2014 at 9:44 am
    Back to share this gem from the senior senator from Noo Yawk:

    It’s a good thing foreign investors are well advised not to take this this loon seriously. I know its posturing, but a clawback to 1994? The IRS would be in litigation for the rest of our natural lives. Should Schumer ever get his way on this, or even see his bills get any real traction, the damage to the economy would be incalculable.

  37. Libturd in the City says:

    The problem with tablets is typing and drawing. Fix these two issues and bam!

  38. Toxic Crayons says:

    35 – Apple is a fantastic brand right now. There are certain people that are extremely loyal to the brand and would not buy anything else no matter how much better it is.

    Also, I’ve not seen anyone come up with a better UI on mobile devices than them. It’s very intuitive and easy to use even for non-technologically inclined people.

    That said, the clock is ticking and they’ve not had a game changing product in years.

  39. Libturd in the City says:

    Toxic is right. IOS is best mobile interface. No new products were released since death of Jobs. I know a lot of people who tried to switch to Android to only return to the slower, more expensive and less powerful IOS due to the ease of use and more intuitive nature of the OS. With that said, Apple is dead in the water as a growth stock if they do not release a game changer.

  40. Nomad says:

    Seems like if there are powerful tablets that do what a traditional laptop can do along with addressing the keyboard issue and making sure subsequent Windows OS perform better than 8, Apple may be forced to produce a high performance iPad and adversely impact their MacBook line.

    On the mobile computing front some think the Blackberry 10.3 to be released soon is actually the best mobile operating system available sans of course, Apple’s extensive app offerings. The recent security publicity has not helped Apple for the enterprise space.

    No longer own AAPL shares and am a laggard in terms of hardware I own but need to upgrade in the next bit and with all the changes in tech, it’s a pain to decide.

  41. Happy Renter says:

    Two Brooklyn women tired of ‘white people moving into the area’ force tenants out at gunpoint, then squat in apartment: police

    Ah, the thought of Brooklyn hipsters sitting around watching Rachel Maddow being interrupted at gunpoint and told whitey-need-to-leave warms my heart.

    Paging Al Sharpton and Eric Holder . . .

  42. joyce says:

    Olive Garden is offering a $100 all-you-can-eat pasta deal for that goes on sale on the restaurant chain’s website at 3 p.m. ET.

    get out the barf bag

  43. Libturd in the City says:

    Wow…sounds like a hate crime. What the heck is class resentment? Perhaps reparations are in order?

  44. Comrade Nom Deplume, a.k.a. Captain Justice says:

    [22] expat

    Long read, will have to look at it later. Sounds interesting

    [36] Joyce,

    Sadly, no. Though I think it should be.

    [41] renter

    Then there is this gem, guaranteed to make Holder’s head explode from cognitive dissonance:

  45. yome says:

    Christie authorizing sports betting in NJ

  46. Libturd in the City says:


    Here’s a nice one for you. It’s a prestigious town with low taxes, which is rare. Of course, the homes are marked up to make up for it.

  47. Libturd in the City says:


    If that’s true, it could be a boon for the state. It should help AC too. Now if only the hosts market if effectively. Sports betting (a suckers bet, but then again, so is the lottery) is extremely popular.

  48. Comrade Nom Deplume, a.k.a. Captain Justice says:

    [36] joyce,

    A little light reading on the subject. I like this piece as it is short, on point, and written for nonlawyers. It is also not overtly partisan.

    The takeaway is that even if Schumer’s latest rant (though the modern day Reichsfluchsteuer he proposed was classic), ever saw the light of day, experts would likely conclude that a 20 year lookback, and the manner in which it was enacted, would fail so many constitutional tests, it would be laughable.

    The real issue is whether there are Congresscritters who would vote for it, and judges who may possibly uphold it. If nothing stands in the way of muppetherders like Schumer, the Republic is well and truly fuct.

    Back to the salt mines.

  49. yome says:

    48 I posted the link under moderation. It is in ms

  50. Libturd in the City says:

    NJ had the option of legalizing sports betting ages ago. Our dumb over-regulated state always rejects it. Why? Follow the dollar.

    Baa, Baa.

  51. Juice Box says:

    I wonder if Hertz is staying in NJ now?

  52. prtraders says:

    So we just moved in over the labor day weekend and I swear I never smelled cat during any of our pre offer visits or the home inspection. I guess they always had the a/c cranked. I ended up ripping out all the rugs on the first floor while sneezing away with itchy eyes. I wish this had been disclosed as it would have certainly affected the price I was willing to pay. We had the hardwood refinished and I just applied Kilz paint to the subfloor in the addition where new flooring will go over the top. I don’t want to ever smell cat again. Sorry all you feline lovers.

  53. Zack says:


    House was built in 1939. When Martin Luther King was around. Back in the ages. You want to pay 600K for it?

  54. Libturd in the City says:

    The half bath in the kitchen is a nice touch.

  55. jj says:

    I though folks hired Realtors so they dont have to disclose anything.

    What point do you have to disclose stuff? For instance I have a 10×12 extension. Water was around six inch deep in extension meaning crawl space underneath was submerged. Do I have to disclose.

    Do I have to disclose and Oil spill if it is on DEC site with my home address?

    Do I have to disclose Sandy damaged if fixed?

    Honestly, if you use a realtor you actually dont meet buyer till closing. So you have no way of knowing what was told buyer. Even more so if they used buyers broker which is like a game of telephone tag.

    Also they use a home inspector and a bank home appraiser and may have a buyers broker. At what point is it the sellers agent to disclose stuff. Also how does sellers agent know what is relevant?

  56. Toxic Crayons says:

    Who doesn’t like the smell of pu$$y?

  57. jj says:

    Most black men I know don’t go south of the mouth, must be something to do with their past as they like to stay up North and are scared of the South.

    Toxic Crayons says:

    September 8, 2014 at 1:30 pm

    Who doesn’t like the smell of pu$$y?

  58. Libturd in the City says:

    Ray Ray was obviously innocent. He did try to give her back her shoes.

  59. yome (45)-

    I am now fatboy’s biggest fan.

    “Christie authorizing sports betting in NJ”

  60. Bitch had it coming.

    “Ray Ray was obviously innocent. He did try to give her back her shoes.”

  61. Juice Box says:

    Toxic she married him anyway so why should anyone else care but her?

  62. Libturd in the City says:

    Ravens just released him. That swing cost him 40 million.

  63. Juice Box says:

    re: # 63 – Well since this was a coverup of sorts then Goodell needs to go, and the prosecutor and judge who let him go into the pretrial intervention program should go too.

  64. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Maybe Rice can do some dog walking for Michael Vick.

  65. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    English common law before the reign of Charles II permitted a man to give his wife “moderate correction”.

  66. Toxic Crayons says:

    Baltimore Ravens @Ravens
    The #Ravens have terminated RB Ray Rice’s contract this afternoon.
    2:18 PM – 8 Sep 2014

  67. Libturd in the City says:

    NFL indefinitely suspended him as well, so the Jets can’t get him.

  68. Toxic Crayons says:

    Douchebag Atlantic County prosecutor is the same anti-gun jackass who refuses to let Shaneen Allen to enter PTI to make an example of her.

    Carrying a gun way worse than beating your wife: Column

  69. Ragnar says:

    I don’t think Apple OS is more intuitive than Android for someone starting from zero. I used a blackberry for years, then had a choice of Apple 5 or Samsung S4. I tried my wife’s Iphone as part of my decision making, and found it extremely unintuitive. She herself had to buy some sort of guidebook to figure it out. My daughter on the other hand finds her Iphone very intuitive, perhaps because she has a gaggle of friends giving her tips.
    Whatever you get used to using becomes “intuitive” after a while. The vast majority of new smartphone users globally are buying into and learning the Android system.

  70. Fast Eddie says:

    Samsung is the king. They’re innovating with every breath and taking over the appliance industry as well. Sell your Apple stock. Apple died along with Jobs.

  71. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [70] As Governor Kean used to say, “New Jersey and you…perfect together! …Not!

    Allen lives in Philadelphia, right across the river from New Jersey. She has a Pennsylvania permit to carry a handgun. She thought it was recognized in New Jersey, just as it is recognized in over 30 other states. She was wrong. When she told the officer that she had the gun, she was arrested.

    Now she faces a felony conviction and a mandatory 42 months in prison.

  72. 30 year realtor says:

    The economy is fcuked. The real estate market is fcuked. Currently have 3 listing with multiple offers and only one of them is an REO, Clifton, Fairfield and Fair Lawn. Had a 4th one potentially in Livingston but the seller didn’t want to risk losing the excellent cash offer already on the table so he accepted it and told the other people the house is no longer available.

  73. Happy Renter says:

    Joyce, this one is posted especially for you:

    I dislike the way the libtard media immediately turns every story like this into a racial grievance (because you’ve posted enough of these to show that it doesn’t matter what your skin color is, god help you if you question the police) but this is just another example of the gang mentality, with badges.

  74. Happy Renter says:

    Another day, another imaginary thug mob playing the imaginary knockout game. Why anyone would live in the South and not carry is beyond me.

    Video at 0:19 says it all (“oh they got a white dude, hee hee hee!”)

    Paging Al Sharpton and Eric Holder . . .

  75. chicagofinance says:

    tell me dear G-d that this post is clot coopting 30’s handle…..

    30 year realtor says:

    September 8, 2014 at 5:42 pm

    The economy is fcuked. The real estate market is fcuked. Currently have 3 listing with multiple offers and only one of them is an REO, Clifton, Fairfield and Fair Lawn. Had a 4th one potentially in Livingston but the seller didn’t want to risk losing the excellent cash offer already on the table so he accepted it and told the other people the house is no longer available.

  76. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [74] 30 Year – Did I understand you correctly the other day that you bought multiple investment properties? Was that for yourself as an investor on behalf of others? Also, did you move on the Bloomfield property you were considering?

    Thanks again for your much appreciated “boots on the ground” reports.

  77. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [78] I meant “for yourself as an investor OR on the behalf of others?”

  78. stu (69)-

    Vick and Rice together: a PR dream for the Jets.

    “NFL indefinitely suspended him as well, so the Jets can’t get him.”

  79. chi (77)-

    Obviously, 30 year has followed my example of only practicing real estate after swilling a pint of whiskey.

  80. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [81] I have an ideas for a new social media site and it involves sale of hardware. You can post anything you want but you have to blow into an IP addressable breathalyzer that also does a DNA test on you. You score points for making salient points at high alcohol levels That’s why you need the DNA auth. You can’t just get someone else to get drunk and blow while you make astute and cohesive points, even thought that was my strategy in college.

  81. Mama said knock you out.

    WTF did the NFL think Rice did in that elevator? Bitch was out cold in the original video; did it look better for Rice that the camera for the first video was in the lobby?

    Hard to believe the NFL’s claim that they didn’t know there was an in-elevator camera.

    Thank God for TMZ. Keeping us all safe and informed.

    It is the end of days.

  82. My brother recommended I could like this site. Your dog used to be absolutely suitable. This put up actually created this morning. You cannot picture just the way a lot occasion I had created used due to this information and facts! Thanks!

  83. Michael says:

    Let them know!!!

    They call me an idiot for saying wage inflation is around the corner. They are too blind to realize the economy is ok and that it’s only a matter of time before it starts taking off. I’m guessing by 2021 the latest.

    30 year realtor says:
    September 8, 2014 at 5:42 pm
    The economy is fcuked. The real estate market is fcuked. Currently have 3 listing with multiple offers and only one of them is an REO, Clifton, Fairfield and Fair Lawn. Had a 4th one potentially in Livingston but the seller didn’t want to risk losing the excellent cash offer already on the table so he accepted it and told the other people the house is no longer available.

  84. Yale Episcopal chaplain turns out to be foot-in-mouth anti-Semite.

    NFL player goes Buster Douglas on his woman.

    EU turns on money printer.

    Good times.

  85. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    This guy was the Paul Volker of the ’50s:

  86. joyce says:

    Isn’t embarrassing to see that it takes 77-8 cops for (1) them to not be terrified like they always claim to be when they assault people and (2) to get some non-resistence (yes, passive) person into custody?

    And I bet Ray Rice wishes he was a cop… he’d get a paid vacation and probably a welcome back party from his fellow criminals when he returned.

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