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From the APP:

Tax relief better be on the horizon if Phil Murphy wants to get re-elected

For more than a decade, the Asbury Park Press has been a tireless advocate for property tax relief. We have written dozens of investigative stories documenting the problem and spelling out the reasons New Jersey’s tax burden is the highest in the nation. And we have offered countless, commonsense suggestions for relieving the burden.

There is no shortage of ways to reduce taxes. We, and a long list of oped contributors, have detailed many of them. Yet, for the most part, it has been like banging our heads against the wall. Bills have been drafted that would provide some relief, but few have survived legislative hearings and found their way to the governor’s desk for a signature.

The 2 percent property tax cap, signed into law eight years ago, has helped limit the rate of increases. But there has been no concerted effort to roll back taxes. The only thing standing in the way of doing so is political will, which has been in short supply in Trenton.

For those who have held out even a glimmer of hope that things might change, the election of liberal Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy, whose focus has been largely on how and where to spend more money rather than on how to spend less of it, was deflating.

But soon after Murphy was inaugurated, Senate President Steve Sweeney, D-Gloucester, announced the creation of a task force to broadly review issues affecting taxes and spending at all levels of government. Its members, drawn from academia and New Jersey’s public and private sectors, all have extensive experience in fiscal policy.

On Thursday, the task force will issue a report that provides a series of recommendations that could have a substantial positive impact on taxpayers. A Senate staffer says the report will be the most consequential review of ways to improve government efficiency since the SLERP Commission study years ago. The SLERP report included 111 different recommendations; not nearly enough of them were implemented. It’s likely that many of those same recommendations will end up in the latest report. Will they go unheeded, as has been the case with previous studies?

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  1. The Original NJ ExPat says:


  2. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Hopefully, this task force is actually taken seriously and there is a real effort to transform our state’s tax system so it’s not so dependent on property taxes as the source of funding.

    Quite frankly, get rid of property taxes altogether. Property taxes make some individuals feel like they don’t pay taxes because they rent. This causes them to not give a crap about voting. Implementing a system that puts taxes in everyone’s face will sure as hell get them motivated to start holding their politicians accountable.

  3. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Honestly, I have never heard renters complain about high taxes in nj. Not once in my life. They are paying it indirectly, but don’t realize it. So they simply don’t care when it comes to voting and fixing this state.

  4. grim says:

    Clearly you read that nobody from the Murphy administration cares enough to be part of the task force, and that the unions are generally not interested in hearing the results.

    Done deal.

    Murphy never met a tax dollar he didn’t like to spend.

  5. 1987 Condo says:

    As is being done in a few other states, the initial approach will be to shift healthcare expenditures to help fund the pensions.

    They need to re-allocate current school funding away from the former Abbott districts. There is a “ton” of money there. The recent Sweeney re-allocation helps, they doubled aid to my school district, we are up to $133 per student per year, lol! State now provides $200,000 towards our $30 Million budget, butter than nothing?

  6. 1987 Condo says:

    butter=better (or does it?)

  7. yome says:

    Are Abbott District gone?

  8. Yo! says:

    Serious fiscal reform at the state level won’t happen until bankruptcy is imminent.

  9. 1987 condo says:

    I don’t think states can go bankrupt in US law.
    I believe there are no more Abbott districts but the approach and funding remains and they are referred to as former Abbott districts.

  10. Njnw says:

    Public worker Unions elected Murphy the last time. Why would next time be any different? I don’t get it.

  11. Topper says:

    How College Sports Killed Summer Vacation

    Here is a good article that reflects the times of sports today that we touched upon the other day. I would argue that it’s tougher on the parents for children participating in HS sports than college – at least at the college level, the costs (equipment, training, camps, additional facility fees, tourney fees, hotels, etc.) are covered or subsidized through the tuition and fees that other students (we) pay, including scholarships. At the HS level, it’s all on you. It’s pretty much the same at club, AAU, and travel and I see it creeping more and more into the middle school level (whether some are done privately by the parents). And, then keep in mind, the parents become chauffeurs (becomes an intense planning exercise if you have 2 or more kids – perhaps multiple games for different teams on the same day; games/tournaments in different parts of the state or in other states, etc.). As I said, most of the summer is devoted to some form of commitment to the sport(s). Not only with football, but volleyball, track, etc. For lacrosse, my child had to commit to attending a camp during spring break – otherwise, don’t expect to get playing time. I think this is one of the reasons we don’t see as many HS kids working summer jobs as before. Plus, for those kids that are not in sports, they are doing some other type of summer activity to bolster their resumes for college apps – internships, overseas missions, college prep, cultural/language immersions abroad, etc.

    Just a taste for those who have young ones coming up. ;) BTW, and, as much as we tell ourselves we are not going to get caught up in all that nonsense, it’s gets tough not to do (or get caught up in) at times … at least with some of it. (And, it’s just not sports – music, academics, robotics/coding, etc.) You will have coaches, team parents, kid’s friends suggesting we sign up for this and that and when your child wants to sign up for a particular camp or sports team and you see that they are pretty good…. Just try to cut through the noise as much as you can. Been there … and still there (just not as much).

  12. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Serious fiscal reform at the state level won’t happen until bankruptcy is imminentfiled.

  13. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Chris Wallace strikes me as a bit of a dick. The only reason I kind of like him is because at least he is a dick to everybody. I guess by that logic, I should like Pumps? I guess intelligence must figure into the equation.

  14. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    That’s the big joke in college sports. I’ve seen what happens when kids are destined for the pros. A lot of times, the college takes them out of all their leagues entirely.

  15. homeboken says:

    BRT? What do you mean by this? I am interested but I am not following:

    Blue Ribbon Teacher says:
    August 5, 2018 at 2:54 pm
    That’s the big joke in college sports. I’ve seen what happens when kids are destined for the pros. A lot of times, the college takes them out of all their leagues entirely.

  16. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    Tobin Heath being the #1 pick in MLS. Her college forced her to quit all her leagues in high school at sophomore year. They didn’t want her getting injured.

    Same thing with a guy like Lebron. He was forced to quit football in high school. The best players often are tasked with quitting all the summer/travel leagues. The people sending their kids to travel leagues nonstop over the summer don’t realize their kids are never going pro, and worse, they are locking in a full scholarship to a mediocre school. Now, of course, there are exceptions and if it does end up getting your kid into an Ivy League School, great. But this is the exception, not the rule.

    Another one of my students 2 years ago was nationally ranked in soccer. He was so good that he wasn’t allowed to even play on his high school team. He’s now at Stanford.

    Putting your kids in too many leagues for the same sport is not a good thing. They get now off season and acrue overuse injuries. I see way too many ACL tears, hip injuries, stress fractures, and shoulder injuries for high school athletes. It’s all because there is no offseason, and a lot of them, if they ever had a chance of going pro, will likely fail because their bodies give out by age 20.

  17. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    “now off season” = no off season

  18. Topper says:

    BRT – yup…none are going pro. Sure, occasionally you hear of a kid going to an Ivy (best case scenario – because, again, they are not going pro) – and these are from the Catholic prep schools mostly. And yet, a lot of parents go all-inclusive chasing this pipe dream. In the end, more often than not, the ones who end up at the professional level didn’t go through much of the craziness – it just came to them naturally.

  19. Topper says:


  20. 3b says:

    College is 4 short years. The main focus should be on obtaining an education growing as an individual and making lasting friendships. Why waste that on devoting all that time to pLaying college sports.

  21. Juice Box says:

    FB – just sent me a message (ad) from someone I know who is in a coma and on a respirator with brian swelling.

  22. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Not for me. I went for four years, took a year off, then 1.5 more years full time. Microbio major, Biochem major, Bio major, History major, Electrical Engineering major, took a year off, transferred to a different school to complete my EE major. Best 7 years of my life. I went in knowing nothing, came out with zero debt and a great job in aerospace software engineering. LOL. I boned chicks from every culture. How could I possibly be more well rounded?

    College is 4 short years. The main focus should be on obtaining an education growing as an individual and making lasting friendships. Why waste that on devoting all that time to pLaying college sports.

  23. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    LOL. Didn’t get the sports context. I was HS Tennis, good, but nothing special. I definitely wasn’t playing at the collegiate level, especially starting college at age 17.

  24. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    I have a black briefcase I haven’t used for decades. I found some interesting things inside:

    1. circa 1986-7 Real Estate business cards of mine. Century 21 Jager Agency, 1341 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne, NJ.
    2. A zillion receipts for $160. At first I thought, WTF? I finally realized they were for my studio apartment in Huntingon, NY, before I rented a house there while I was consulting. $160 per week for a 1 room studio apartment that I used during the week.
    3. 1996 “Pet of the Year” Penthouse mag. I have no idea how that got in there. Interestingly, I remembered immediately that there was an extensive article in that issue about Joe Arpaio. I must have bought it for that article;-)

    I was showing it to my wife, but not being a history buff, she didn’t seem to have an interest in any of the articles.

  25. FrankPrich says:

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