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Fewer options for rent controlled areas

From HousingWire: Trump’s housing-finance plan aims to curb GSE lending in areas with rent control Buckle your seatbelts, California. You may be in for another showdown with the Trump administration. You too, New York and Oregon. When Treasury released its housing finance … Continue reading

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Leading Indicator?

From Forbes: The California Real Estate Boom Is Over. What Now? If you had invested in a property in San Francisco five years ago and cashed out in 2019, you would have made a 50% profit, never mind the rental … Continue reading

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Sorry JC, not good enough.

From JerseyDigs: Study Finds Jersey City Will Add as Many Apartments as Manhattan in 2019

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Why NJ is f*cked

From the Star Ledger: N.J. is facing a $1.2B public-worker pension time bomb In the waning days of his administration, Gov. Chris Christie left his successor Phil Murphy a parting gift, of sorts. For years, New Jersey had assumed its public pension fund would … Continue reading

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Millennials want homes?

From CNBC: Older millennials are driving home prices higher again They may have waited longer than previous generations, but millennials are now showing a strong desire to become homeowners, especially older millennials. That is strengthening overall demand for the limited … Continue reading

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Millennials – Still no home for you

From Curbed: Sorry, millennials: A recession won’t help you buy a house The 2008 financial crisis brought the global economy to its knees and sent American home prices into freefall. For anyone who managed to hang on to their job, savings, … Continue reading

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