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Strong shore season in store for 2015

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From the Press of Atlantic City: Beach rentals enjoying stronger season than 2014 It may seem a bit too early to worry about your plans for July and August, but it may be too late already to rent some local … Continue reading

South Jersey Foreclosures

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From the Press of Atlantic City: Sheriff’s sales struggle to unload foreclosed properties The amount of distressed real estate is expected to increase as unemployed workers who lost jobs in 2014 fall behind on mortgage payments — and as the … Continue reading

Stop Sandy Foreclosures?

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From the APP: EDITORIAL: Stop rising tide of foreclosures in N.J. Superstorm Sandy is still wreaking havoc in New Jersey nearly 21/2years after it moved away from the Jersey Shore. And the bureaucracy in New Jersey has made things worse. … Continue reading

CRDA Wins Eminent Domain Case

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From the APP: Judge: New Jersey can take piano tuner’s home An Atlantic City piano tuner cannot stop the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority from taking his family home, a state judge ruled Monday. Superior Court Judge Julio Mendez, who heard … Continue reading

The meek may inherit the Earth, but the rich will buy the beach

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From Bloomberg: Springsteen Girls Priced Out as Rich Buy N.J. Shore Homes When Hurricane Sandy roared through New Jersey two years ago, it not only tore up the shoreline. It also pushed out much of the middle class. From Ocean … Continue reading

Roll the dice

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From the APP: What superstorm? New homes on fast track on LBI It’s looking like the good ol’ days on Long Beach Island, before there was a Great Recession and such a thing as a superstorm. Nearly two years ago … Continue reading

Safer to spend Labor Day in Detroit than at the Jersey Shore

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From the Daily Record: Ocean County: The most dangerous place in America? Time magazine declared this week that Ocean County is the most dangerous place to live in the United States because of the potential for natural disasters. … The … Continue reading

Brooklyn by the sea

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From the Star Ledger: Progress in Asbury Park, developers shift focus from oceanfront to downtown About 10 years ago, waves of ritzy, new multifamily buildings along Asbury Park’s oceanfront were expected to breathe life into a city in need of … Continue reading

The casinos formerly named Trump

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From the APP: Trump sues to get name off casinos Donald Trump has a message for the two Atlantic City casinos that still bear his name, five years after he gave up anything to do with running them: You’re fired. … Continue reading

Sandy changes the shore a second time

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From the Record: As shore properties are sold after Sandy, beach towns change Superstorm Sandy sent 18 inches of water rushing in to Bob Zirkel’s Ortley Beach home, causing thousands of dollars in damage. But bad as the storm was … Continue reading

Did Trump win it?

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From the Star Ledger: Atlantic City home owned by Trump holdout sold at auction An Atlantic City-area real estate figure has bought at auction a property that earned its owner near-folk hero status for resisting decades of overtures from developers … Continue reading

You’ve got the shore, and you’ve got everything else

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From the Press of Atlantic City: 2014 mixed bag so far for South Jersey real estate Some South Jersey real estate markets are dealing with plenty of distressed properties that affect sale prices. Others have been selling expensive vacation homes. … Continue reading

Flipping? What year is it?

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From the Press of Atlantic City: Home flipping gains momentum in South Jersey as foreclosures soar The business of buying and selling houses for quick profit is in decline nationally, but a second wave of foreclosures in New Jersey has … Continue reading

Jersey Shore – GTL? Nah. TBTF.

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From the NYT: Back to the Jersey Shore With beaches replenished, boardwalks rebuilt and stores reopened, the Jersey Shore is gearing up for a summer busy enough to make last year’s anemic one a distant memory. As renters rush to … Continue reading

Flood insurance just got cheaper … for now

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From the Star Ledger: President signs bill approving flood insurance rollbacks President Obama signed legislation today, fast tracked by Congress last week, that rolls back scheduled increases in federal flood insurance. The new law caps annual rate increases and repeals … Continue reading