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Rent a shore house, pay a new tax, unless you use a realtor

One of the most disgusting pieces of protectionist legislation I’ve ever seen. From the APP: NJ Airbnb users now must pay tax, unless they use a real estate agent Visitors to the Shore who want to avoid paying a new … Continue reading

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Other peoples money

From the APP: Tax relief better be on the horizon if Phil Murphy wants to get re-elected For more than a decade, the Asbury Park Press has been a tireless advocate for property tax relief. We have written dozens of … Continue reading

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All your homes are belong to us

From Reuters: Spiders, sewage and a flurry of fees – the other side of renting a house from Wall Street The rental home seemed so beautiful when McKayla Ferreira first laid eyes on it. The roof had three gables, fruit … Continue reading

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Looks like we got a loophole

From Bloomberg: State Tax Workarounds Could Mean $154 Billion Lost to Treasury New York state lawmakers could punch a $50.6 billion hole in the federal government’s budget by revamping their state income tax. If California followed the same approach, its … Continue reading

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So what’s this all mean for fifteen?

From the Washington Post: Minimum wage, sick leave, ethics top Murphy’s agenda Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy spent his first full day on the job Wednesday rallying for a $15 minimum wage and statewide paid sick leave, holding a … Continue reading

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The death spiral continues

From the Star Ledger: Ex-N.J. attorney general.: How Murphy can make state more affordable It’s become a ritual of gubernatorial transition in New Jersey: the incoming governor expresses “shock” at the dismal state of New Jersey’s finances, thus setting up … Continue reading

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NJ Democrats face existential crisis

From the Star Ledger: Democrats take control … of empty treasury | Moran After Gov. Chris Christie hands off to Phil Murphy in two days, liberals in New Jersey will be unleashed to do as they please, with unchecked power … Continue reading

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Everyone hates affordable housing

From the Jersey Journal: Court win for developer of micro units opposed by neighbors The four-year fight over a micro-unit building slated for Downtown Jersey City is finally over, with the New Jersey Supreme Court this month declining to hear … Continue reading

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Bet the letters stop now…

From the Star Ledger: Judge throws out infamous Westfield ‘Watcher’ lawsuit A Superior Court judge on Wednesday dismissed the remaining counts of a civil lawsuit involving the infamous “Watcher” house, ending years of litigation about the Westfield home that gained … Continue reading

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F*ck You New York Times

From the NYT: Jared Kushner’s Entitlement Is New Jersey Born and Bred Lots of explanations have been put forward as to why Mr. Kushner seems to operate as though the rules don’t apply to him. Perhaps there’s one more factor … Continue reading

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50 years later

From the Star Ledger: Race, riots and reputation: Has N.J.’s largest city recovered? To this day, you look at so many of the abandoned buildings, the light manufacturing, the old jewelry business, you walk around downtown, you still see the … Continue reading

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Buy? Buy what?

From CNBC: Real estate CEO: Record-low housing inventory is ‘freaking us out’ The number of homes for sale in America has been falling steadily for the past year, but the situation is apparently getting much worse as spring demand heats … Continue reading

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So much for Bedminster

From Town and Country: Donald Trump Is Heading to His Bedminster Golf Club This Weekend It looks like the president will be spending the weekend in New Jersey. According to a Federal Aviation Administration notice posted online today, there will … Continue reading

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Shut Up Gen X

From the NY Times: Generation X More Addicted to Social Media Than Millennials, Report Finds We all know the stereotype: silly millennials, tethered to their phones, unable to accomplish the simplest tasks without scrolling their Instagram feeds, snapping their friends … Continue reading

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Should we even bother saving AC?

From the APP: Icahn: Union got Taj Mahal workers to kill own jobs Billionaire investor Carl Icahn wrote a letter Thursday to the soon-to-be unemployed workers of the Trump Taj Mahal casino, accusing their union of inciting them to destroy … Continue reading

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