Après-ski (or sled) open discussion

Some weekend gossip, from the Real Deal blog:

NBA veteran suffers big loss on NJ condo sale

Atlanta Hawks center Jason Collins sold his North Bergen condo — fully stocked with electronics and furniture — at a 58 percent loss this week, according to New Jersey Multiple Listing Service data.

Collins sold the 2,400-square-foot duplex penthouse he owns in the Mirabelle on the Hudson, at 8125 River Road, for $700,000 — exactly $1 million less than he paid for it in 2005, when it was a new development. He bought it when played for the New Jersey Nets, but has since signed with the Atlanta Hawks and settled on a home in that area.

“The real estate bubble hit everyone, [Collins] included,” said Joshua Baris, the Coldwell Banker agent who listed the property. “People made decisions based on the market at the time, and he obviously took a big loss, but he handled it gracefully.”

The Mirabelle is home to several other celebrities, and the rapper and reality TV star Ice-T lives two units down, according to a source with knowledge of the building.

Collins commissioned Baris through a mutual acquaintance, and Baris said it was “awkward” to tell the 7-footer what he realistically thought the apartment would sell for. Baris listed it in June for $788,000.

“It was priced like a short sale. But for him to hold on to a property that wasn’t going to increase anytime soon was a liability,” Baris said. “So he cut his losses.”

“My clients took advantage of the current market and received a great deal,” said Gershon Adjaye, the Keller Williams NYC agent who represented the buyer. “All the furnishings and electronics were included. A ‘pack-a-suitcase-and-move-in’ style purchase.” Adjaye, who has licenses in New York and New Jersey, would not disclose the buyer’s identity.

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  1. Confused in NJ says:

    It’s snowing!

  2. Mikeinwaiting says:

    No sh*t!

  3. Mikeinwaiting says:

    Well I guess the slopes will get a good couple of days out of this one. They were killed this year by warm weather & lack of snow.

  4. yo says:

    Talk about decimating the middle and lower class of population

    Vietnam Inflation Slows to 17.27%

  5. Mike says:

    Good Morning New Jersey

  6. gary says:

    Collins sold the 2,400-square-foot duplex penthouse he owns in the Mirabelle on the Hudson, at 8125 River Road, for $700,000 — exactly $1 million less than he paid for it in 2005, when it was a new development.

    “All the furnishings and electronics were included. A ‘pack-a-suitcase-and-move-in’ style purchase.”

    Ah, yes… the infamous Gold Coast. One of the greatest marketing scams in the history of real estate. The entire riverfront from Bayonne to the GW Bridge was nothing but broken glass, beer bottles and shag shacks. There’s a reason why Manhattan is Manhattan and the other side of the river is, well, just the other side of the river. Born in raised in Hudson County my whole life and believe me, I covered every square inch of that turf. The whole coast was marketed as an extension of New York City. As Robert De Niro claimed in the movie Casino, “all the glitz and all the comps were designed for one thing; to get your money!” And that’s exactly what the developers and swindlers did.

  7. Mikeinwaiting says:

    Gary 8 Ah yes, I remember it well.
    Link to the song, guaranteed to give you a smile http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sISWPzEqHLQ

  8. Mikeinwaiting says:

    Gary covered every inch also just can not remember half of it! Hence my prior post.

  9. gary says:


    The 80’s were slightly hazy but I’ve managed to retain some of my senses! :) At least enough to recognize that the “smash and grab” that occurred in real estate from 2000 through 2008 is still unwinding.

  10. gary says:


    That house is one big goat f*ck of a disaster. Actually, you can call it a cluster f*ck in Closter. If one is willing to drop that kind of dough on a house, at least look at something with a logical layout. For that kind of money, a traditonal CHC minus the dreaded open foyer is the best choice.

  11. Mikeinwaiting says:

    freedy 10 they gotta be fu*ken kidding me.

  12. Gooners going down hard again tomorrow.

  13. Mikeinwaiting says:

    Meat ever done a lease for FLA. snow bird rental? Mom goes 3 months every winter her terms are a bit odd 50 % 8 months in advance the rest 1 month before, sound kosher?

  14. freedy says:

    Hey , its Closter on the East Hill. Very High end , great location, great BC town

  15. speedkillsu says:

    Taxes are 20K ?…get real

  16. freedy says:

    You gotta pay for high end Closter East Hill , not for the lame, and low end

  17. freedy says:

    Besides Closter East Hill, is Alpine Heights

  18. freedy says:


    Horrors , Trenton ‘s only major hotel faces a Cash call.

  19. 3b says:

    #12 gary: Well there is always this beauty in River Edge;you can rent it out as a catering hall on the weekends.


  20. gary says:


    Where do we set up the venetian table in that place? I think they should put a sign by the driveway with a name that reads: Camera di Milano

    I’m thinking $75 per head with open bar and cocktail hour with 5 hot dishes.

  21. gary says:


    Where do we set up the venetian table in that place? I think they should put a sign by the driveway with a name that reads: Camera di Milano

    I’m thinking $75 per person with open bar and c0cktail hour with 5 hot dishes.

  22. gary says:


    Yes, $20,000 in f*cking property taxes. Please, can anyone tell me the absolute bloodless corpse that will be housing in Northern NJ circa 2014. The prices of houses, even in Ellery and Graydon’s town, will be an afterthought when considering taxes. Prices can plummet, property taxes will not.

  23. gary says:

    Actually, the taxes are over $21,500 and we all know that’s a f*cking lie until you’re hit with the actual extortion notice from the town. They should just send the tax bill with a red lipstick kiss stamp and a perfume scent. Catch my drift?

  24. freedy says:

    Which one Gary has the 21k taxes?

  25. gary says:


    The house in Closter is 21K+. But realtors tell me that high taxes keep out the riff-raff as well as being used for the children. :o

  26. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [14] meat,

    One hopes. That was ugly and giving up two kicks didn’t help. Also doesn’t help that Fulham and Liverpool traditionally own us.

    Still, Fulham beat the gooners, and if they go down to ManU, we retain some shred of dignity. Never like being around Fabius without a fig leaf.

  27. gary says:

    Nom & Meat,

    Of all the organized sports that span the globe, I think Rugby players might be the toughest sunza-b1tches. Do you agree?

  28. Barbara says:

    Sign o’ the times.
    Just got hit up for a MLM by a new friend. Slick too, male driven and has nothing to do with cosmetics/skincare. Well, that was fun while it lasted.

  29. joyce says:


    inflation comes from devaluing a currency, you are always advocating that to boost exports or other things… well you have your outcome

  30. yo says:

    You are assuming a rise in inflation is always due to the lost of value of a countries currency.Which is not true.Supply and demand has the main play.Just like what you have seen in the US,after a QE of $1.6 T the value of the dollar and inflation remained manageable due to demand of treasuries.
    In Vietnam their currency had a strong gain against the dollar.Inflation is due to rising demand.People are getting richer ,getting out of poverty like the rest of the third world.Demand for goods domestic and export are rising.The Government don’t have an effective way of increasing interest rates like the Fed to slow down inflation.


  31. Shore Guy says:

    Looking At that house in Riveredge, I am prompted to ask just who in the world designs a kitchen with the oven/stove stuck in the corner with the dishwasher so close that they cannot both be accessed at the same time?

  32. 3b says:

    #30 gary Go to a Rugby game, and you will see. There is simply nothing else like it. No real equipment, short, intense game.

  33. 3b says:

    #22 gary And next to the sign two unicorns on pedestals. $75 a person is a little cheap don’t you think considering where it is located? I think you should be looking at $100 a person at least.

  34. Fabius Maximus says:

    #14 Clot

    Your ego is writing checks your Barcodes can’t cash!

    I have to send a rare thank you note to Rupert at Fox. I have my Gooners in the morning and my Niners in the evening. Should be a good day all round.

  35. Marilyn says:

    Exactly what language do Those Children speak in Closter???

  36. Fabius Maximus says:

    #30 Gary

    Has to be Hurling. 15 a side with sticks and contact is legal.

    There is a great comment in this clip
    Hurling – Helmet= optional, Balls= mandatory

  37. joyce says:

    how do you devalue a currency? increase its supply, which sends prices of goods denominated in that currency to rise in nominal terms. if you’re using the CPI as your inflation gauge, then i have a bridge to sell you. what was the CPI during the housing boom? they exclude home prices and use hedonic adjustments like owner’s equivalent rent, but the biggest fraud is that the FED only looks at core CPI which excludes food and energy. The price of oil in 2003 was $30/barrel and no one needs to eat do they

  38. cobbler says:

    joyce [38]
    how do you devalue a currency? increase its supply, which sends prices of goods denominated in that currency to rise in nominal terms.
    Your statement assumes the closed financial system (money doesn’t get out of the country, or come in) and fixed velocity. Neither of the two is the case in today’s economy. Regarding CPI, yes, gas went up a lot since 2003 (in the hindsight, invading Iraq might have been less than a swell idea, no?) – so I spend $100 more a month to fuel up a Civic; however, my house heating costs me (last PSE&G bill) $150 less than in the early 2000s, thanks to fracking. Most of the commodities go up simply because as our money travels to the developing world to pay for the stuff you buy at Walmart, the workers building it are no longer content with getting $1 a day, they want $3 – and use this money to buy U.S. farm products, in particular.

  39. gary (28)-

    No argument here.

  40. Piers Morgan is a Gooner fan.

    ‘Nuf said.

  41. joyce says:

    yes invading iraq was terrible idea, just like every war the US has started in the past 60+ years at least
    i agree with most of what you said. prices fluctuating is not inflation/deflation. the expanding of the money supply in aggregate is inflation. the money going oversees… where did it come from? credit created out of nothing by either the Fed or commercial banks

  42. Fabius Maximus says:

    #43 Clot

    And you have to explain Tony Blair.

  43. WickedOrange says:


    yep, listing fails to mention the easement and 36 inch storm drain pipe running directly under the house.

  44. NJGator says:

    Newt takes SC!

  45. yo says:

    Currencies are valued by the Countries GDP.It is the amount they produce is what values their currency.Over supply of a currency is one way to slow down a hot economy.You are in the notion that if you print alot of money there will automatically high inflation.This was proven false by the US.Our inflation don’t run 18 or 20% annually.Our Fed has a 2% rule.Keep in mind the Fed is created to protect the banks.In a high inflation environment the banks losses money on their loans.

  46. Fabius Maximus says:

    #49 Gator

    By 14 points is the biggest headline.

    I think Mitt will still get the nod, but he will bleed out by the time he gets enough delegates to get over the line.

  47. yo says:

    read #28 of yesterdays thread

  48. NJGator says:

    Biggest winner = Democratic Party

  49. Gluteus, I don’t have to explain Tony Blair. At least he has the good sense not to show his face at St James. If he did, he’d get the same treatment as our fat, mewling former owner, Mike Ashley.

    For the record, I think the world could also use more virgin money. :)

  50. gator (53)-

    Biggest loser = us

  51. Just hand Bojangles the key to the WH for four more years of hell.

  52. yo says:


    The U.S. Treasury‟s ability to influence the value of the dollar in international currency markets might at first seem to be a trivial power that matters little to ordinary people, unless they travel abroad or happen to be employed in an import-export business. But it is a power that can and does have a major impact, not only on the unemployment rate but also on which workers become unemployed and how much employed workers earn. And it is a power exercised with little understanding or oversight by the public.
    The Treasury has the authority to intervene directly in currency markets by buying or selling dollars, though it rarely uses this authority. (The Treasury can in principle coordinate its interventions with the Fed, which also holds a large amount of foreign currency.) Usually its efforts to influence the value of the dollar have been more subtle, such as making pronouncements about a “strong dollar,” or indirect, through its control of the International Monetary Fund.
    Nonetheless, the Treasury could intervene more actively in currency markets if it opted to do so. Acting in coordination with the Fed, the Treasury could choose to bring the value of the dollar down against other currencies,and thereby produce a huge improvement in the country‟s trade balance. In turn, this would create millions of new manufacturing jobs. A boost to manufacturing would increase the demand for non-college-educated workers and push up their wages relative to those of more highly educated workers. There is remarkably little awareness, even in policy circles, that the value of the dollar is a policy tool under the control of the government. This is striking because there have been major debates over trade agreements like NAFTA and CAFTA (The Central American Free Trade Agreement), primarily over concern about their potential impact on jobs in the United States. By contrast, the value of the dollar is almost never mentioned in policy debates. Even small changes in the value of the dollar are likely to have far more impact on trade and employment than the most important of these trade agreements. Typically, trade pacts comprise relatively small reductions in tariff barriers, coupled with changes in investment rules designed to facilitate the movement of manufacturing jobs overseas. Even the largest of the recent trade pacts involved only a relatively small portion of U.S. trade – for example, the entry of Mexico into NAFTA.
    A rise in the value of the dollar against other currencies by, say, 10 percent is equivalent to giving a 10 percent subsidy on all the goods imported into the United States and imposing a 10 percent tariff on all the goods we export. This sort of increase in the value of the dollar could easily increase the trade deficit by more than 1 percent of GDP (about $150 billion), an amount that would imply the loss of far more than one million jobs. Yet, such an increase in the value of the dollar could occur over a couple of months and get almost no mention outside of the business pages, and even then would not likely garner major headlines.
    This works to the advantage of those who benefit from a high-dollar policy. At the top of this list would be the financial industry, which receives benefits of a high dollar through two channels. First, by making imports cheaper, a high dollar helps to keep inflation low, and stable prices are a financial industry obsession. Second, when the financial industry looks to move abroad, its dollar assets go much further when the dollar is overvalued.
    Other industries have a more ambiguous view toward a high dollar. Domestic manufacturers should oppose a high dollar since it places them at a disadvantage relative to their foreign competitors. However, insofar asmanufacturers are able to establish operations overseas, they are likely to be content with a high-dollar policy that disadvantages only some of their operations. Because they can shield themselves with their foreign operations, they can gain an advantage over purely domestic competitors.
    Major retail chains like Wal-Mart are advantaged in a similar way. By contracting with suppliers in China and other countries with low labor costs, these chains enjoy a supply of low-cost imports that allows them to undercut retailers that pay higher domestic prices for their products. For this reason, major retailers are likely to oppose any effort to lower the value of the dollar.
    There is also a peculiar class dynamic to the dollar debate. When American tourists travel to Europe or Asia, their money goes further when the dollar is high. While only a small portion of the population makes regular trips overseas, it is an important group for policy purposes. The people who staff congressional offices and the higher levels of the bureaucracies in Washington, the people who run and contribute to political campaigns, and the reporters who cover them all are likely to be among the group of frequent foreign travelers. For all these people, a decline in the dollar might be viewed as bad news because it means that their next trip to France or Italy will cost more.
    The importance of this aspect of the policy debate should not be underestimated. Even the staffers of progressive members of Congress and journalists from progressive opinion magazines are far more likely to take vacations in Europe than the typical person. It is easy for them to understand that a high dollar makes their overseas trips less expensive. This fact can make it much harder for them to understand that a high dollar can also cause millions of workers to be unemployed or force them to work at lower wages.
    While a substantial number of powerful special interest groups will benefit from an overvalued dollar, it is harmful to the economy as a whole in both the short run and the long run. In the short run, an overvalued dollar virtually guarantees a large trade deficit, and a trade deficit both reduces overall employment and changes the mix of jobs in a way that works against workers without college degrees. The jobs that are lost as a result of a trade deficit will be disproportionately in manufacturing, which continues to be a source of relatively high-paying jobs for less-educated workers. For this reason, the trade deficit is an important factor contributing to the increase in inequality that we have seen over the last three decades.It is also important to recognize how the dynamics of a trade deficit affect the overall economy. If the country has a trade deficit, then it is, on net, borrowing from abroad. In other words, someone must be lending us money in some form to allow us to buy more than we are selling. If the country as a whole is borrowing more than it is lending, then the culprit must be either the public sector or the private sector. (That‟s all we‟ve got.)
    Borrowing on the public-sector side corresponds to the large budget deficits that we hear so much about. A budget deficit means that the government is spending more than it pulls in as tax revenue and therefore must borrow the difference. A large budget deficit can be one result of a large trade deficit. The causation would be that the loss of jobs due to the trade deficit reduces tax revenues and increases payouts for unemployment insurance and other benefits. In this story, if we get the dollar down, then we can make substantial progress in reducing the budget deficit, since the jobs created by reducing the trade deficit will lead to more income tax revenue and lower benefit payments.68
    If the budget is near balance or in surplus, then the borrowing must be on the private side. This would be the story of extraordinarily low private savings that we saw during the years of both the stock and housing bubbles. In both cases, the inflow of foreign capital helped to inflate the bubbles. The wealth created by these bubbles led people in the United States to spend more and save less, yielding large negative private savings. This is not a sustainable course, since bubbles eventually burst.
    Recovering from a burst asset bubble can be a long and difficult process, as the country is now experiencing. If the dollar does not fall enoughto allow the trade deficit to get much closer to balance, then the government must run large budget deficits to sustain employment. The only alternative would be to create yet another bubble to drive the economy.
    A high trade deficit means that we have either a large budget deficit and/or low private savings. This is what in economics and finance is called an accounting identity: there is no way around this fact.

  53. Dissident HEHEHE says:

    Apparently that Chuck Norris endorsement carries a lot of weight with southern Republicans.

  54. I’d guess 65% of voters in SC believe Norris was actually a Texas Ranger.

  55. I heard almost 10% of voters polled think Romney’s full first name is Mitten.

  56. We aren’t doomed because of our candidates. We are doomed because we are too stupid to choose any better.

  57. NJGator says:

    Meat (59) – Exit polls showed that 51% of SC voters who were most concerned with beating Obama went for Gingrich.

  58. gary says:

    Put party preference and ideology aside; after 3 years of this current administration, I still don’t know Obama’s message, the direction of the country, his vision, his decisiveness nor his leadership. Based on that, I don’t know why anyone would grant four more years.

  59. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    If it wasn’t apparent before, I agree with Meat. We are all screwed. Of course, meat is bigger on the hyperbole but ATEOTD, I agree with Fabius that O gets reelected, but that he fails to do anything for the economy because his war on capital will result in persistent unemployment, bigger federal deficits because of spending and because lower revenues from certain taxes offset tax hikes on the wealthy, and higher costs for everyone (which hits the bottom 95% hardest).

    Invest and plan accordingly.

  60. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    Here’s another 2012 prediction: Obama signals he is open to approving the Keystone Xl pipes in order to get through the election. He keeps the enviros at bay by promising a rigorous review process. Obama can do this because he knows that the first bucketful of dirt isn’t going to be scooped anytime before the election.

    Once Obama gets elected, he is between a rock and a hard place: If he then rejects it because his base demands it, or dithers so long that US investors bail, Canada recruits investors then starts to recruit skilled labor from the U.S. to build it. Congress and unions go nuts. If Obama approves it, he pisses off his enviro and anti-fossil fuel base.

    ATEOTD, Obama will cave on the pipeline if it appears that the canadians will build theirs because the dems will force him to throw the enviros under the bus.

  61. 3b says:

    #62 gary: The Obama’s might as well start working on the guest list for the Ball. He is going to win re-election.

  62. 3b says:

    And I still blame Bush for this mess. After he won twice, than anyone figured well if he can be President so can I. And so we have Obama, and we will have him fr another 4 years. 8 years of Bush, 8 years of Obama, the country is destroyed.

    I despise both parties.

  63. NJGator says:

    Gary – Don’t disagree with a word you say. I don’t know of many, even in my most liberal circle of friends who are happy with O’s leadership. I know lots of people who would like an alternative to O, but not a single one of them will ever pull the lever for Newt or Santorum.

  64. SX says:

    Under the Karma is Bitch (if it is all true ) File: jo pa dies.

  65. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [63] redux,

    I should qualify that to say war on DOMESTIC capital. He has to keep the welcome mat rolled out for foreign direct investment (FDI). This exacerbates the assymetry between treatment of foreign and domestic investors and we see capital flight as more hedge funds, PI funds, and private investors go offshore.

    Congress and Obama fight back by designating expatriate capital as “domestic” for tax purposes, and this forces a showdown with the canadian, Irish, and UK governments, to name a few. Coupled with FATCA, you may start to see a situation where expatriate capital is exclusively invested abroad and only pure foreign capital invests here. This is especially true if foreign governments liberalize their own FDI rules, as India has recently done in a small way.

  66. gary says:

    Oblama’s lips move but I have no idea what he’s saying… I never did. Gingrich again challenged the Annointed One to a series of seven, three hour debates. He even said he can bring a teleprompter. I’m sure he would agree to let him bring cue cards, a power point presentation and a bunch of text books as well. Gingrich is offering gladiator style tactics that appeal to most American’s comprehension level. Meanwhile, he’ll trounce him with ideas and a clear message that will appeal to those with a higher level of insight. If Obama is the leader he claims to be, then why be afraid? I want someone who has the intellectual equivalent of punching somebody in the mouth.

  67. freedy says:


    Homes are on the rebound /call your realtor today /don’t wait/chance of a lifetime
    to buy in NNJ. Property taxes no problem /Help is on the way

  68. gary (70)-

    Separated from character and personality, Gingrich’s ideology and politics are incredibly appealing. However, when you marry that to a narcissistic, self-aggrandizing blowhard, it comes across as our own version of Putin.

    The only bonus in a Gingrich-Bojangles fight in the fall is the virtual guarantee that the Rethugs will botch the Ron Paul reconciliation so badly that his run as a 3rd party candidate is all but baked in the cake.

  69. freedy (71)-

    Hardy har. Extinction before recovery, bitchez!

  70. Juice Box says:

    Talking heads on Maria’s show WSJR say housing prices have not bottomed. Press of US Bank says bottom is still 3 years away………

  71. I think I would rather have my fingernails removed than be subjected to 21 hours of Gingrich and Bojangles.

  72. Juice Box says:

    Here is the tweet from Maria Bartiromo

    Richard Davis CEO of us bancorp told me on cb -expect usb to raise dividend march 15th. Said no bottom in housing. Doesn’t settle till 2015

  73. Juice Box says:

    Newt won SC because of his comments about turning the young poor into janitors. That kind of Dog Whistle code speak politics is big there, and they think Bishop Romneys magic underwear followers is a cult. Few there voted because they think either would solve any of our countries problems like jobs and capital cronyism.

  74. gary says:


    However, when you marry that to a narcissistic, self-aggrandizing blowhard…

    You mean unlike the guy who’s been influenced by Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright? You mean the same guy who sticks his nose up in the air and pauses after almost every sentence as though he’s made an unprecedented proclamation? You mean the same guy who claims to work endlessly for the American people and then rejects a “shovel ready” opportunity in constructing a pipeline that would’ve resulted in tens of thousands of jobs?

  75. gary says:

    Juice [78],

    Richard Davis CEO of us bancorp told me on cb -expect usb to raise dividend march 15th. Said no bottom in housing. Doesn’t settle till 2015.

    It’s a no-brainer. Common sense wins every time. My debt free status and 840 FICO tells me so.

  76. gary says:


    Giants – 27
    Niners – 16

  77. yo says:

    Does the number of jobs that can be created by the pipeline equal to the number of jobs that will be lost due to its construction and not to mention the environmental issues it will create?First,it will create temporary jobs while being built then once constructed,how many jobs do you need to maintain this?Does this equal to the number of trucker,the container makers etc that will have job lost?

    They right always promised job creation from NAFTA to all trade agreements that were created and the Americaan workers specially the no college degrees were always put up against low wage workers from other countries.Guess who wins?But the High paid Doctors and Lawyers were never put against low paid Doctors from other countries.Open the border to low paid Doctors from other countries and let them compete here.See if 2x of what we pay for health care don’t come down.

  78. Shore Guy says:

    The foreman said, “These jobs are gone, and they ain’t coming back, to your hometown.”


  79. NJGator says:

    Gary – outside of football or maybe a Dancing With the Stars marathon, the American public doesn’t have the attention spam of three hours of anything.

  80. gary says:


    Oblamma doesn’t have the attention span nor the endurance as well; thus, he and a majority of the proletariana (my word) are perfect together.

  81. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [80] Yo,

    Before I dissect the first paragraph of your rebuttal (the second being opinion, and I don’t dismantle opinion), I will give you the opportunity to review and reissue it. I think that is only fair.

  82. Confused in NJ says:

    I have to admit when I was watching 2012 on FX the other night Obama did stay in Washington until the very end, like the Italian Prime Minister, rather then get on the Chinese rescue Arks. I doubt if Newt would have, rather he would have been the first one on board, abandoning his third wife for a younger assistant, again. Ron Paul probably would have stayed in Washington. Newt is a City Cowboy, all hat & no horse. A viable ticket, within the current mix, would be a Romney/Paul ticket, given that neither party wants to offer anyone good. Romney/Cain would also work, except Cain was Newt-ered.

  83. gary says:


    OMG, the Patriots dodged one! Lee Evans was a half-away from the Superbowl. Wow!

  84. gary says:

    half-step away

  85. 3b says:

    #50 freedy: See #75.

  86. Comrade Nom Deplume says:


  87. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    Late this evening, my 8YO had to complete her journal assignment. Her teacher had asked her “Did you enjoy the Giants game on Sunday?” She replied:

    “I’m happy that you enjoyed the Giants game, but my family doesn’t cheer for them. We cheer for the Patriots and Eagles! . . . . My dad and I watched the Patriots win at our house. We can’t believe the other team didn’t get the last field goal. My dad went very, very, very, very crazy because he loves his home town team.”

  88. Mocha says:

    Our son made the news yesterday morning!


  89. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    Patriots win,
    Gooners lose,

    It’s been a good day.

  90. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [95] mocha,

    Cute. I was in Westwood a few weeks ago. Reminded me a bit of the ‘brig.

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