Case Shiller posts a strong print in August

From Bloomberg:

Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Rise by Most in Two Years: Economy

Residential real-estate prices increased in the year ended August by the most in two years, a sign housing will continue to boost U.S. economic growth.

The S&P/Case-Shiller index of property values in 20 cities rose 2 percent from August 2011, the biggest year-to-year gain since July 2010, after climbing 1.2 percent the prior month, the group said today in New York. The median forecast of 25 economists in a Bloomberg survey projected a 1.9 percent gain.

“The housing recovery has had modest momentum,” said Anika Khan, a senior economist at Wells Fargo Securities LLC in Charlotte, North Carolina, a subsidiary of the largest U.S. mortgage lender. “We still are looking for housing improvement and think that trend will continue.”

Estimates in the Bloomberg survey ranged from gains of 1.5 percent to 3.1 percent. The Case-Shiller index is based on a three-month average, which means the August data were influenced by transactions in June and July.

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320 Responses to Case Shiller posts a strong print in August

  1. grim says:

    Busy wiring up the generator this morning…

  2. Comrade Nom Deplume in the eye of the storm says:


  3. Mikewaited says:

    grim one- a little late to the party, you put in a another box or just back feed it in.

  4. Ernest Money says:

    Hurry to Hoboken. Bring your checkbook. Never a better time to buy.

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  6. Fast Eddie says:

    NJ ExPat,

    I was going to post something about Mantoloking. There are a number of houses that burned to the ground.

  7. Mikewaited says:

    Still running my generator………………….

  8. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [7] gary – Yeah, Mantoloking is a complete disaster. My wife noticed on that FB picture taken by the NG that the house next to the bridge in (with 3 south-facing dormers) is supposed to be BETWEEN the two closest houses that look like they’re a block back. So that house is not just flooded to the dormers it’s also 100 feet off it’s foundation and sitting in the middle of the tidal pond. If you do “Birds eye view” on the bing maps link, zoom in and rotate 90 degrees you’ll see the exact perspective of the post Sandy picture. I have them side by side on two big monitors and its astounding. There look to be at least a half dozen big houses completely missing where that new inlet has formed. Jeez.

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  10. NJGator says:

    Romney Has a Christie Problem and a FEMA Problem

    Appearing on the networks this morning, Christie, for the third day in a row, heaped praise on Obama’s handling of the storm. “The President has been outstanding in this,” he told the “Today” show. On “Morning Joe,” he said, “It’s been very good working with the President. He and his Administration have been coördinating with us. It’s been wonderful.” Speaking on CNN, Christie said that he had been mightily impressed by Obama’s accessibility throughout the crisis. “He gave me his number at the White House, told me to call him if I needed anything, and he absolutely means it.” Christie also pointed out that Obama didn’t once bring up politics in their conversations, and added, “If he’s not bringing it up, you can be sure that people in New Jersey are not worried about that, primarily if one of the guys running isn’t.”

  11. Comrade Nom Deplume in the eye of the storm says:

    Long Branch, Mantoloking, Sea Bright, JC, ‘boken…

    Suddenly the loss of our trampoline doesn’t seem that bad.

  12. Comrade Nom Deplume in the eye of the storm says:

    Mantoloking reminds me of Pegotty Beach (sp?) in Scituate, Ma after the perfect storm (or Bob, just ahead of it, can’t recall). It was completely flattened.

  13. Mikewaited says:

    Gator 11 Romney has no shot in NJ anyway , how it plays nationally is another matter.

  14. NJGator says:

    Bingo Mike. Me thinks the big man really does have 2016 ambitions. If so, it’s better for him for Romney to go down this time around.

  15. NJGator says:

    7 inmates escape from Newark halfway house during Hurricane, still at large

  16. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Gator when they see the outside they return. At work boy do we all stink. Took a baby wipe and bottle water shower this morning. Just found out someone I knew and their spouse were killed in the storm by falling debris, had young kids. so with a large dose of perspective, I’m not in the mood for complaining this morning.

  17. Fast Eddie says:

    CBS 2 helicopter hovering over what’s left of the amusement pier section in Seaside Park. Pieces of the rides and debris just slapping around in the surf. Truly devastating.

  18. Comrade Nom Deplume in the eye of the storm says:

    [11] gator,

    Things like this will be golden fleece, slop the hogs type of occurrences from now on. While if had been building for some time, and took a big step up with Andrew, disasters were fully politicized after Katrina. That meant incumbents would flood the street with money after every one of them and once you politicize something and turn it into an entitlement, you can’t walk it back.

    We have even seen it being done in the opposite direction; when Texas got hit with bad wildfires a year or two ago, Obama refused a disaster declaration and some took that to be political insofar as he had granted it for lesser disasters before and after.

    Christie understands all of this and isn’t about to piss off the guy poised to dump money all.over NJ. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Axelrod or the Plouffer didn’t whisper something in Christies ear about playing nice—this administration has already shown its willingness to do that sort of thing.

  19. Ragnar says:

    If Obama comes and personally turns on my power before election day, I’ll vote for him. If not, I’ll vote as previously planned.

  20. joyce says:

    Fast Eddie,

    Can you help me find any of the links to pictures you mentioned earlier regarding damage in Seaside? (Midway, JR’s, Marucca’s, Lucky Leo’s, etc etc). The only picture I can find is showing the pier in the ocean with the roller coaster.


  21. Comrade Nom Deplume in the eye of the storm says:

    Better tell the wife to book OC-MD vacation now as demand not met at shore may go south.

  22. Fast Eddie says:


    Christie said Midway was gone in his emotional speech last night and a reporter from Fox 5 was standing on the boardwalk and panning around this morning. I did not see the Midway stand when they were panning the camera. If we were standing at the Seaside Park end of the boardwalk where all the stands beging and looking south towards the Heights, everything to the right, including that 2nd boardwalk with the rides in the Park section is gone. Once you walk south towards the Heights end, to the part where it opens up, the boardwalk is basically gone but the stands and structures to the left still seem to be standing. Places like Lucky Leos and Marucca’s, etc. still appear to be standing structurally, but they’re no doubt seriously compromised and knee deep in sand and debris. They might as well be wiped out if they aren’t already. Technically, everything on that boardwalk is gone. Everyone will need to rebuild regardless of degree of damage. Who knows if some will even rebuild. What I’m saying is that whatever is rebuilt, it’ll never be the same. The memories a lot of us have is all that is left. I’d hate to think that the iconic Kohrs vanilla/orange ice cream swirl will be replaced by Asian fusion on a stick. That’s not the Jersey Shore and that’s why I say it’s all gone.

  23. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    When I started driving we used to drive down to Midway for sausage and peppers on cut days. Food sucked but it was a guilty pleasure and an excuse to go to the beach. I for one will not miss it. Seaside was a dilapidated white trash shore town that was a blight to all around it. Memories or not the place that comes back will be either more quaint or more garish. either way I’ll continue to avoid it. There are much nicer locales. I feel for the residents, but you buy near the ocean you get all that comes with it good and bad.

  24. Fast Eddie says:

    In my last post [23] I meant looking north towards the Heights, not south.

  25. grim says:

    Mike – We were over at my sisters the day after, she still had power so we hung out there and cooked all day long.

    I just used suicide cables, I don’t need to run anything other than a few lights and the power for the boiler.

    I’ll eventually have my cousin come over and wire me up a manual transfer switch.

    If I can find a killer deal on a nat gas unit, I’d love to go that route, but my luck, as soon as it is installed, we’d never lose power ever again.

  26. grim says:

    If I get power back soon, and someone out there can use a generator, you are welcome to borrow mine.

  27. Fast Eddie says:


    My brother has the natural gas generator at his house. He says it’s working like a charm.

  28. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [28] The nat gas generators are great, a guy at work had one installed this summer. He says they’re pretty expensive to run though. Still, it’s probably the best port in a storm, so to speak.

  29. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Expat when I saw how many cubic feet per hour they eat, first thought was woah that is going to be one hefty gas bill. Now weigh that against spoiled food general discomfort and stress and that bill seems really worth it. I echo grim would rather have it than not. I just may size it to run essentials, well pump, heat, fridge and freezer. I can deal with no light it is the other things that bug me.

  30. Grim says:

    Try getting gas, half hour wait to fill up out here, my unit will burn through 7 gallons in 8 or 9 hours.

  31. joyce says:

    I’ve heard that in the Livingston, Roseland, West Caldwell, East Hanover area that zero gas stations are open. Either no power, but mostly no gas left.

  32. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [31] grim – gas line. Did it look this bad? This is just outside of New Brunswick and supposedly these are Jersey Shore folk:

  33. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Grim got gas last night in Pine Brook on 46 it reminded me of my childhood as a passed 3 stations with no gas signs and waited in line for half an hour just to get generator gas and tank fill up. In good news wife saw 5 JCP&L trucks by me so they may have fixed the substation in Mt Fern. Could have municipal building up and running tonight since I’m on same grid I could have power. Means I’ll be passing my generator on to friends.

  34. Jill says:

    I want the Atlantic City boardwalk to be rebuilt to look just like the CGI in “Boardwalk Empire.” Why not? Make it quaint; it was always kind of theme parkish anyway.

  35. Ernest Money says:

    The Jersey Shore should be allowed to return to its natural state. Besides, we won’t have any resources to rebuild once the civil unrest starts.

  36. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    If I were still in the brig, I could gouge by selling some of my gasoline stock at ridiculously inflated prices.

    What do you want to bet that NJ will someday require every house sold to have CO detector, fire extinguisher, smoke detectors and a generator?

  37. Ernest Money says:

    In the future NJ, there will only be gated mansions and tar paper shacks. Nothing in between.

  38. NJGator says:

    Lib just helped a powerless friend set up a new generator…then they went out in search of gas. Hour + lines at the Montclair stations that still had it. I think they had to drive out to Bloomfield & Passaic Ave to get some.

    I am carpooling into Manhattan tomorrow. Hoping that the 3 person carpool requirement at the Lincoln makes it a little less of a zoo.

  39. NJGator says:

    #40 – that station is out in West Caldwell.

  40. NJCoast says:

    Gas is a problem at the shore. Waited a hour and a half for 2.5 gal container. Loch Arbour beachfront has 4 feet of sand to ocean ave. I found the windbreaker from our cabana a mile away.

  41. Mikewaited says:

    Grim 26 I run mine through dryer line backfeed board with main off of course.
    Waited 1/2 hour to fill car & gas cans only four stations with power in area two had gas.
    Clot 36 It will, sooner or later.

  42. Juice Box says:

    Kings Supermarket in Cresskill has power and is fully stocked except for bread. I hear Hoboken is now going to be without power for another 7-10 days!!

    Cablevision and Internet came back on for a few hours and now it’s off again. As long as I have my trust 4G Verizon Droid I have plenty of bandwidth to work, surf the net and keep the kids and the adults entertained.

    AT&T is going to lose alot of customers, their service is out all over from what I see and hear.

  43. NJGator says:

    AT&T is completely worthless here…unless you try to use your data at 4am while everyone else is sleeping.

    Verizon iPad has been working like a charm…and it’s been a faithful hotspot whenever we turn the generator off and lose our FIOS.

  44. grim says:

    My Sprint hotspot is worthless, impossible to grab a signal, and if I can, it just crawls.

    AT&T works well, but doing anything other than browsing just stinks from the iPhone.

  45. Fabius Maximus says:

    For those that want before and after photos.

    I’ve been told that our town power will be out for the next 10-14 days. Gas supplies are a problem. I was in Park Ridge as one station ran out. The station across the street was getting refueled by a tanker, but the owner was not there to open the pumps. The cops had to come and clear the cars from the queues. Everone has gas in their cars, they are trying to refill the cans for the generators.
    My sister in law didn’t get her Darwin award. She spent the night in the attic of her one story Breezy Point house with the water rising in her living room. The 100 house fire was about 10 blocks from her. She had parked my truck on a high sand bank, The water made it up to the floor, but it started right up and she drove out in the morning.

  46. Fabius Maximus says:

    On a brighter note, my Rasberry Pi arrived yesterday so I have a new toy to play with.

  47. grim says:

    42- ah that is a good idea. I was going to wire in a two phase plug at the panel, but Home Depot is sold out of any plug or socket that can be used to make an extension cord or any other jury rig generation cable.

  48. Libtard at home (without power) but with generator says:

    Just wow!  Went to fill my 5 gallon gas can for my generator.  Line at the one station open in town nearly a mile long.  I drove for an hour round trip (mainly due to traffic from people looking for gas) to a station in Caldwell that is only filling containers.  Cops are maintaining the peace at the two stations.  Things will get worse tomorrow.  Conserve your gas people.

  49. Mikewaited says:

    Grim 48 30 amp twist lock plug into generator main feed point then heaviest cable outdoor 50ft I could get (week ago) buy dryer plug for other end, done. Had it on shorter line for old house so just bought cable put on ends.

  50. hoodafa says:

    To add to Gary’s post, here are a few more before and after pictures:

  51. hoodafa says:

    Correction: Fab’s, not Gary’s.

  52. NJHighlander says:

    Jealous you have a Raspberyy Pi.

    Passed Grim’s neighborhood today, area took serious damage from updraft off the river floor,

    Does anyone know of gasoline still in stock anywhere near Ringwood.W.Milford.Oakland.Wayne, etc?

    Ringwood Muni employees were told 10 to 12 days without power.

    some photos from the JCPL crews:

  53. Libtard at home says:

    Power back. Whoopee!

  54. Ben says:

    My favorite blog during disasters is Krugman’s blog. I live right down the road from the rich putz. Last giant snow storm, he hired a plow to clear his driveway and then he snaps a photo of him holding a shovel for his blog. This time around, dude claims the power lines were down in his driveway. No Paul, that would be down the street. I guess he just bends the truth on every event, not just economics and politics.

  55. Mikewaited says:

    Good for you stu, now where to find gas for generator tomorrow.

  56. Libtard at home says:

    I could sell you 5 gallons. Or go old school and just siphon it from a neighbors car.

  57. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [57] Lib – I don’t know if you’re old enough but I did that and I bet Nom did too. I never did it for lack of funds, thought that was indeed a problem, but my friends and I did do it in the early 80’s when my Fiat Spider ran out of gas once. Unbelievably coincidental was that we ran out on a bend of road by a foreign car repair place and there was another Fiat Spider in the lot. We actually used some vacuum hoses off of that car to siphon the gas, siphoned it into the windshield washer tank which we also removed and I took the cast alloy oil cap and the threaded gas cap (it was like a mason jar lid) as reserve parts. A couple years later I was screwing my gas cap back on and the threads stripped out. I kind of chuckled as I opened the trunk and retrieved my souvenir/spare and threaded it back on in place of the failed cap. It was absolutely the easiest car I’ve ever seen to pour gas into. Like I said, a big, threaded, mason jar-like cap on top of the rear driver fender. You could pour a gallon of anything you wanted to into that tank with any container in about 30 seconds. Luckily, nobody pissed or sugared my tank during my ownership (that I know of).

    I could sell you 5 gallons. Or go old school and just siphon it from a neighbors car.

  58. Mikewaited says:

    stu 57 use 3 gallons just getting to you!

  59. grim says:

    Been online for gas for an hour and forty minutes this morning.

    No gas, no mas!

  60. grim says:

    Shit, rationing, $30 max and only super at 4.39 a gallon. Attendant says they’ll be out in an hour, they opened with full tanks at around 4.

  61. Mike says:

    Took the Schwinn into work, my thighs and butt are killing me!

  62. Comrade Nom Deplume in the eye of the storm says:

    [58] expat,

    Old enough to remember gas lines and siphoning. Led to locking caps. Also remember Gov King imposing alternate day rationing and a no-top-off rule. That did him in.

    That was precisely why I topped the tanks and filled the gas cans. Have 12 gallons in reserve which is nothing for the generator crowds so I will have to look at increasing my reserve in the future.

  63. Thundaar says:

    Just drove from bridgewater to pburg to fill up tank…no lines at 6:00 a.m.

  64. Fast Eddie says:

    Chris Christie telling a reporter last night that he could care less at this time how people are going to vote next week. He practically told the reporter to f*ck off… sort of in a subtle way. He said bringing people back to some semblance of normalcy is his priority. The dude doesn’t mince words and always have a solid game plan.

  65. Mikewaited says:

    Spoke to a few people last night about 10-15 north of me in NY state no power out no lines, heading there this morn for generator fuel.

  66. Mikewaited says:

    Gary you & I will always like to hear the big guy go off , sounds like he grew up with us.
    Saw him on tube last night looked beat but determined & epithetic, can’t help but like the guy. No one has really put it out but he ran and is running a Spartan planned response, & by Spartan I mean get her done rules regs he could care less. He put that down the chain of command & execution is the result. Some far A+ for CC under pressure in this once in a lifetime event.

  67. Fast Eddie says:


    Agree. He’s got a plan, he’s sticking to it and there’s no doubt it happens to be the best plan. He just seems to be really prepared. And he could care less what anyone else says about it. He’s the political version of Tom Coughlin! :)

  68. 1987 Condo Buyer says:

    Monroe, NY Rt 17 has no power, just spoke to my brother

  69. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [64] Nom – Yep, remember that too. In NJ the no top off rule circa 1980 was you had to take a minimum of $5 worth of gas if you had a 4 or 6 cylinder, $7 if you had a V8. Imagine if those were the nominal minimums now.

    Old enough to remember gas lines and siphoning. Led to locking caps. Also remember Gov King imposing alternate day rationing and a no-top-off rule. That did him in.

  70. 1987 Condo Buyer says:

    Village of Monroes does have power, just Town is out

  71. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Thundaar – Can you get a cheese steak at Toby’s that early?

    Just drove from bridgewater to pburg to fill up tank…no lines at 6:00 a.m.

  72. Outofstater says:

    Local news here in Atlanta said this morning that power has been restored to Newark and Elizabeth. Hope that’s right. If so, the gas stations there should still have gas from before the storm.

  73. Comrade Nom Deplume in the eye of the storm says:

    One thing for sure. My nompound and book projects got a huge boost from this storm. I had been drafting about it in the abstract. It isn’t abstract any more.

  74. Comrade Nom Deplume with power and fuel says:

    Had to change the masthead. Was a bit dated.

  75. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Interesting article on the Binghampton ferry in Edgewater from 11 months ago. It was apparently going to seed anyway.

  76. grim says:

    Nom, my dad came over with 5 gallons in a Vietnam era military surplus gas tank that looks like it was straight off the back of a jeep. Felt very patriotic pouring that into my tank yesterday afternoon. Wonder if anyone makes them anymore, much better option than the plastic containers for storing.

    I believe Sonoco will sell you fuel in drums, I know guys who used to buy their high octane race gas that way, they kept the drums in their garages , they just needed to buy the manual crank pump for the drum.

  77. Mikewaited says:

    Initial Jobless Claims: -9K to 363K vs. 369K consensus, 369K prior. Continuing claims +4K to 3.26M.

  78. Mikewaited says:

    Grim 78 want a few of those also.

  79. Mikewaited says:

    That is also a good price from what I have seen in my search.

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  81. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Some unedited helicopter video of Mantoloking:

  82. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Grim you can still get jerry cans but they are going the way of the dodo because they do not meet the new venting and safety requirements. They get more expensive everyear. going to pick up 4 when I have the extra cash. 20 gallons of extra fuel laying around is not a bad thing.

    False hope last night lines are all fixed still no power. Think they are still trying to get the substation up. As they can not determine which transformers are roasted without feedback into automated monitoring.

  83. Mikewaited says:

    Pain they have compliant ones very expensive tough to find in metal.

  84. Mikewaited says:

    expat 86 I will sleep better knowing that,not!

  85. Brian says:

    hope everybody is ok. haven’t been able to post as no power or internet for days now. Starting to wear on us. wish I could have bought that generator transfer switch….tired of tripping over extension cords and the kids messing with them.

    The biggest amount of damage to my homestead has been to my wallet so far….betweeen buying the generator and standing in line for gasoline.

  86. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Hey Brian how bad is the power situation in western sussex? Maybe able to get gas near the PA border.

    I have even contemplated going out to the middle of the poconos for gas. I hate waiting in lines

  87. Mikewaited says:

    Pain where you at in Sussex you head up 284 to NY side out of town of Sussex, maybe PA closer for you.

  88. Mikewaited says:

    Brain tell me about buying gas like a SOB , going broke doing it.

  89. Nomad says:

    Safe and properly vented gas cans:

  90. grim says:

    Line for gas at the Lukoil in Totowa looks like it is at least two miles long. Starting to see cars stranded on the side if the road, out of gas.

  91. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Mike I’m in morris but hunted all of sussex most of my life and know it as well as some locals. Figured it may be a good place to start go over the bridge at dingmans and head up 209 N might get lucky with a town like Hawley on the PA side but if I’ doing that I’m getting 30 gallons and selling it the black market for 5 bucks a gallon.

    It all depends on how things are going locally. Anybody in Little falls or Woodland Park? If you guys have power I want to send the wife and kids over to the in laws for warmth showers and baths. In laws are not at home at the moment

  92. Mikewaited says:

    Pain know where you are headed my 284 route to gas closer ,no.

  93. NJGator says:

    Eddie 65 – Echoes of Rudy Guiliani post-9/11. Even if you don’t agree with most of what he does, his kind of leadership works in a situation like this.

    And the Governor Chris Christie custom fleece makes him look so official.

  94. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Mike yeah but trying to think outside the box with lower population densities

  95. Mikewaited says:

    Nomad we have some cool ships that San Antonio is sharp.

  96. Mikewaited says:

    You going now I will head up fill up report. about 1 hour to do it.

  97. NJGator says:

    Posted to the Montclair Watercooler today…anyone think she is going to have much luck?

    “Hello does anyone have a tank or two of gas they are Willing to sell? We have a generator but barely Have any gas left and sitting in line for an hour With a baby and toddler in the car on my own is too much of a challenge Right now… So please let me know if you are willing to sell! Can pick up anytime today.”

  98. NJGator says:

    Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi to perform at benefit concert for Sandy victims

    NBC is doing a benefit concert for victims of Hurricane Sandy featuring some artists native to the areas hardest hit.

    Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi of New Jersey and Billy Joel of Long Island are scheduled to appear at the concert Friday.

    The telecast will benefit the American Red Cross and be shown on NBC and its cable stations including Bravo, CNBC, USA, MSNBC and E! Other networks are invited to join in.

    The concert will be hosted by Matt Lauer. It will air at 8 p.m. Eastern and will be taped-delayed in the West.

    Other performers include Christina Aguilera, Sting and Jimmy Fallon.

    The telethon will be broadcast from NBC facilities in Rockefeller Center in New York City.

    Meanwhile, at a concert in upstate New York, Springsteen offered up his thanks to the police officers, firefighters and government officials for their storm relief efforts.

    Springsteen made the comments Wednesday night in Rochester at the Rochester Blue Cross Arena as he dedicated “My City of Ruins” to Asbury Park.

    The Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band concert was originally scheduled for Tuesday night, but was postponed because of flight cancellations for the band and ticket holders.

  99. Comrade Nom Deplume in lower tax, lower cost PA says:

    Mom was visiting for a week. Here through the storm. She was also visiting me for Snowmageddon last year. Hmmmmm.

    She left for Mass. today. I told her to make sure she filled the car before she got to NJ. Usually, I would advocate the opposite. But I knew she would not find gas easily on her way back.

    My only concern is civil unrest. I don’t think the marauding bands have taken to the highways yet.

  100. Mikewaited says:

    Gator 103 everything is available at a price!

  101. Brian says:

    I’m in Newton, stations are out of gas or have no power. Hess opened for a while yesterday….cash only. Lines were so long they stretched all the way in to town snarling traffic.

    I made the trek to work for a few hours today. I actually stopped in Rockaway and waited an hour and a half at the Exxon at the corner of Mt. Pleasant and Mt. Hope ave. Quite a few people pushed their cars to the pumps.

    Work is on a generator. Facilities Lady says they had to beg several companies for fuel deliveries….

    100.Painhrtz – 42 says:
    November 1, 2012 at 10:18 am
    Mike yeah but trying to think outside the box with lower population densities

  102. Mikewaited says:

    I will run here down a 5 gallon can for 150 !

  103. Mikewaited says:

    Pain ?

  104. Fabius Maximus says:


    Where over the border in NY did you get gas. I have friends in Mt Arlington looking for gas for their generator. Its funny that he used to decommision oil tanks so he used to pull the dregs from the tanks he removed and put it into his own oil burning furnace. I never had the guts to ask him if he charged the people a disposal fee for getting rid of the oil.

    Most of Rt 17 over to the Hudson is out for Lower NY. Lots of trees down and I suspect that Orange and Rockland have pulled the crews into the city.

  105. Ernest Money says:

    gator (103)-

    I’d like to give her a knuckle sandwich.

    “Hello does anyone have a tank or two of gas they are Willing to sell? We have a generator but barely Have any gas left and sitting in line for an hour With a baby and toddler in the car on my own is too much of a challenge Right now… So please let me know if you are willing to sell! Can pick up anytime today.”

  106. Mikewaited says:

    Middletown area above town of Sussex Fab.

  107. Comrade Nom Deplume in lower tax, lower cost PA says:

    Gas stations in my area are unaffected. So if you are in central or SoJo, you should be able to get gas in PA. This is typically not optimal but if NJ stations are running out of gas or gouging, then the drive may be worth it if you can get enough to make it worthwhile. In SoJo, it may also be worthwhile to go to Del and buy gas cans tax free then fill them at slightly better prices but I don’t know how DE fared.

  108. Mikewaited says:

    Hey guy across street has power going to try mine! Be back……………………

  109. Comrade Nom Deplume in lower tax, lower cost PA says:

    [108] mike

    Ha! I will sell 5 gallons for 100 and throw in the gas can.

  110. 3b buying so what who cares says:

    Double homicide in river edge. Exz girlfriend kills ex boyfriend and new girlfriend. These people were in their 40 s 50 s and this kind of madness!!

  111. Mikewaited says:

    Power on!
    3b how did you do in the storm?
    Nom you going to deliver, my price includes filling & starting of generator!

  112. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Mike at work have gas until tomorrow. After that it is a choice between a siphon or a drive to PA. holding out hope that they restore power to Route 10 and that opens up about 20 gas stations alleaviating some of the pressure. PA is a plan of last resort

  113. Mikewaited says:

    Clot 111 I’m thinking 1oo & a quicky if she looks good.
    Men are such pigs, beat you to it ladies.

  114. Mikewaited says:

    Pain if I ride up will post now have power so no sense wasting gas to get there.

  115. Ernest Money says:

    3b (116)-

    Couldn’t live with him, couldn’t live without him. Same old story.

    Prolly a 3-4 day crack/liquor binge behind that action, too.

  116. Ernest Money says:

    mikey (119)-

    Nice to see someone here is channeling jj.

    Come to think of it, a channel may be channeling jj right about now.

  117. Mikewaited says:

    Clot just figured I fill everything while on site!

  118. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    mike I would not waste the gas either if I did not have to. May just go to autozone and pick up a siphon.

    You know what else channeled JJ? the long island sound!

    Hey is he a girly man now that he is not at work posting and the stock exchange is open?

  119. Ernest Money says:

    I knew jj was a fugazy lightweight all along.

  120. Ernest Money says:

    jj prolly already moved into a FEMA trailer and applying for gubmint cheese.

  121. Comrade Nom Deplume in lower tax, lower cost PA says:

    [121] money

    I looked at Strum Ruger a while back. Problem with that company is that only about half their business is guns. The rest is metal casting so it isn’t a pure play. Also, at this level, I think that the buying opp is gone. And if Obama gets 3 years in to T2 without going after guns, that stock will drop like a rock.

  122. Comrade Nom Deplume in lower tax, lower cost PA says:

    [119] Mike

    If the kid’s asleep, I will sell to her for $50 and a double. No quickies for me.

  123. Comrade Nom Deplume in lower tax, lower cost PA says:
  124. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Nom even better someone finally caught on to the Chairman O + Il duce theme

  125. Comrade Nom Deplume with power and fuel says:

    [132]. Looks more like the che guevara print.

  126. Mikewaited says:

    Nom 130 maybe would have to see the merchandise. But I look at it this way she will need more fuel tomorrow so …………………………

  127. Ernest Money says:

    mikey (134)-

    H@rdcore Sussex attitude.

  128. Ernest Money says:

    Got a hankering to hit Krogh’s for a cold one after all this is over.

  129. Anon E. Moose says:

    Pain [91];

    I have a friend in Blairstown having trouble finding gas for his generator near the PA border.

  130. Mikewaited says:

    Clot Krogh’s ? Where.

  131. Mikewaited says:

    Clot 135 just planning head, Oh sorry ahead.

  132. Comrade Nom Deplume with power and fuel says:

    My mom reported from the GSP that there are long lines but no apparent activity. As if everyone’s waiting for the tanker truck.

  133. Comrade Nom Deplume with power and fuel says:

    Based on the reporting, the gas situation isn’t going to improve anytime soon. I just may be delivering gas after all.

  134. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    thanks for the update Moose.

    nom we should get to see how civil folks really are after no gas, no power, forced marches to their corporate jobs. Maybe you timed your escape just right, NJ could be Greece by Saturday.

  135. 1987 Condo Buyer says:

    Passed by a line of cars westbound on Rt 3 waiting at a Sunoco…apparently waiting for the tanker delivery…. had to take alternate route from Ridgewood since Maple ave was essentially shut down as it turned into a gas line only….

  136. Mike says:

    140 Friend just told me the same thing is going on at a station in Hackensack

  137. Mikewaited says:

    Police at every gas station yesterday (with fuel) to handle lines & people in my area. Spoke to a guy said his friend a cop manning a station said you could not imagine all the fights he had to handle.

  138. Ernest Money says:

    mikey (138)-

    Sussex. Maybe it’s spelled Krohg’s, I don’t know. Went there a long time ago & there were about 8,000 beers.

  139. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    My in-laws in Blairstown got their power back on last night. Now they are worried about gas. They have two cars each with half a tank. Do you know what they need gas for? They eat lunch in Warren and Sussex county restaurants every. single. day. My MIL is a great cook and makes dinner every night, but my FIL always has his first two martinis of the day at a restaurant. every. single. day. They are very worried about this gas situation.

  140. Comrade Nom Deplume with power and fuel says:

    [142] pain,

    You can always shelter out here on the nompound. Then you can collect on that sixer.

    I seriously feel weird watching this. Thanks to insurance, my loss is limited to $500. No power loss, everything open. If I was back in NJ, life would be different.

    In other news, my daughter wants to apply for a FEMA grant for her trampoline. I may let her; what’s the worst they can say?

  141. Mikewaited says:

    Condo ” had to take alternate route from Ridgewood since Maple ave was essentially shut down as it turned into a gas line only….” Police will not let that happen here tell you keep going come back, meet a fellow at lunch said waited 1/2 hour then cop had enough of RTE 23 being blocked made all move on.

  142. Comrade Nom Deplume with power and fuel says:

    I wonder if blitz is publicly traded. Gas can sales likely to be great for awhile.

  143. Mikewaited says:

    Clot thought so that is the spot we have our Sussex county GTG met kettle & others there plenty of times. Let me know will join you if can. By the way that is by Brian no power in most of Sparta last I heard, Brian you out there they open?

  144. Useful information. Fortunate me I found your website by accident, and I’m surprised why this twist of fate didn’t took place earlier! I bookmarked it.

  145. Mikewaited says:

    Clot yes many beers Kettle could tell you more I just order Scotch.

  146. Mikewaited says:

    Food OK, as past Chefs you & I could pick it apart but not bad fair all in all.

  147. chi in westchester says:

    seriously, JJ is a complete nancy boy…..I made the call on Monday……the call I made to my wife to bug out of Colts Neck ASAP on Tuesday was the correct one. We are styling right now……I took a 20 minute hot shower yesterday (channeling my inner nom)……..

    Ernest Money says:
    November 1, 2012 at 11:27 am
    I knew jj was a fugazy lightweight all along.

  148. NJGator says:

    Nom 148 – My MIL wanted us to apply for a FEMA grant last year because we had water in our unfinished basement. Of course, due to Lib’s quick action, all we were out in damages was the $2 we spent on the bleach, but she kept insisting there was FEMA money to be had for us.

  149. chi in westchester says:

    How problems get started…….
    My daughter was eating some halloween candy yesterday. She was eating KIT KATs……my step-father asked what she was eating, she said “Cat Food”……glad I wasn’t in public or some busybody would have called child services on us.

  150. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    10:20 a.m. NJEA cancels annual teachers’ convention

    The New Jersey Education Asssociation announced this morning that it has canceled the annual teachers’ convention, which was supposed to be held next Thursday and Friday in Atlantic City.

  151. chi in westchester says:

    Why lower Manhattan is out of power….

  152. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Ex pat see good news comes from bad. It would have been better if Sandy hit while they were all standing on the boardwalk though.

    Nom thanks for the offer but I’m hunkered down with gas and ammo until tomorrow. After that I may take you up on it. Wife bugged out with kids to a friends with power. I’m hoping when I get home Chateau pain is up and running as got notice that sub stations are being hooked back into transmission lines. Gas not worried, yet. Believe it or not there is plenty of supply just no power to get it out of the ground.

  153. 1987 Condo Buyer says:

    #160, schools have now blown thru the alotted snow days for the year…

  154. grim says:

    Pain – I’m off of 23 in Wayne, close enough, drop me a line.

  155. Fast Eddie says:

    See, now if we all just listened to The Annointed One the last four years, we’d all have Bomma cars to go with our Bomma phones and wouldn’t have to fight over gasoline. I understand the Bomma cars are designed to run on hope and change.

  156. Essex says:

    Chilling at home. Listening to some nice classical music. Gas? No where. This will be the biggest challenge.

  157. Comrade Nom Deplume with power and fuel says:

    [158] gator,

    There was. I got over a grand from Irene and Snowmageddon. You just have to be creative.

  158. Comrade Nom Deplume with power and fuel says:


    Classical Gas?

  159. Essex says:

    165. I worry about you. Get a fawking hobby.

  160. Essex says:

    168. I took two stupid chances yesterday and this morning. Both times made it home. Quit trying. A hi- po v8 is not what you want to drive on fumes.

  161. chi in westchester says:

    Vigoda: 1
    Pascual Perez: 0

  162. NJGator says:

    Nom 167 – Our insurance company was exceptionally generous with their damage estimates. Unbelievably generous.

  163. Mikewaited says:

    Gator 172 should have let some water in!

  164. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Grim sent an inmail via linked in because yahoo sucks and I’m locked out of my account and don’t have the time to unlock. think kids were playing with my phone last night.

  165. 3b buying so what who cares says:

    Mike waited everybody fine. Major tress damage in river edge. Sliced through houses like slicing cake. No power since sunday night. Heading to family in nyc now who have power.

  166. All Hype - Mr. Oil, Mr. Gas, Mr. Coal says:

    Montklair was like Siagon last night with all the cars and people waiting in line for gas on Bloomfield Avenue. It was interesting to watch the multitude of police keeping the populace civil as they waited in line for gas. Spoke to the owner of the Lukoil in town this afternoon. He stated that the next shipment of gas will be Saturday or Sunday. He also stated that all gas is now coming in from PA as the NJ refineries are either offline or running at minimum capacity.

  167. Ghost of kettle says:


    Beat you to it. Made a PA run last night. A small convoy out there and picked up a few hundred gallons. Amongst a group of us who are working cooperatively. A virtual nom pound if you will.

  168. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Well at least I know who not to go after with a raiding party any luck on your side of the county with power?

  169. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Wow, estimated $50 Billion in damages. That’s 1/16th of TARP.

  170. Tiny Violin says:

    Got notice via town patch that station in the center of town was servicing, but township residents only. Have diesel car, reg gas cans. Went to attempt to join line, but futile. Station at limit and would run out soon. Police, however didn’t know if diesel was also gone. When I inquired by parkring off to the side, I was greeted by the attendent who told me that all gas was for cans only; with the exception of the car pulling forward.

    He’s a “doctor” who can get a fill up as well. What the hell?? Out comes this “much older gentleman”, whom I asked where he got the nerve to pull the MD card at this time? He proceeds to try to to tell me that he needs to get to the hospital. Of, course, I say, but if you are on your way to a hospital, it’s not to see patients! He then says “you’re just jealous that I can get gas and you can’t”. I said that I have zero tolerance for douchebag idiots that try to use some old blue MD plates as a way to get ahead of the game.

    I also said, which I am sure was lost on such an egomaniac, I’m here to try to get gas so I can switch off cars tomorrow with my husband who eats through a tank at a time commuting to work, as a Doctor! Jerkoff, this is why I don’t even want to leave my house.

  171. Juice Box says:

    Lord Humungus says “Just walk away and there will be an end to the Horror”

  172. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    One of my favorite movies

    I don’t think anyone would get the reference if you dressed like that outside a gas station though. They would probably think you were Jason Voorhees

  173. 1987 Condo Buyer says:

    Patterson mayor on News 12, says town vehicles running out of gas too, including police, noted that he feels that work is being prioritized in South Jersey, not in North.

  174. Mikewaited says:

    Condo , police cars with no gas in Paterson ,that should be interesting. Once word gets out it will be free for all.

  175. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    You don’t think they’ll revert to walking a beat? You know, twirling a nightstick while whistling and stopping to talk to the pleasant people of the neighborhood?

    Condo , police cars with no gas in Paterson ,that should be interesting. Once word gets out it will be free for all.

  176. Mikewaited says:

    Expat that would be a site to see, but I doubt it. You need to get a lot of officers to a place quickly to overwhelm the bad guys on foot they will get overrun by numbers.

  177. 1987 Condo Buyer says:

    Christie just stated Obama making C130’s available to fly in electrical workers from around the country…

  178. Ghost of kettle says:


    We have the women and children at the largest house in the group with 2 15kw generators running house at full power with fios up. Use stinky men folk show up for meals and gen maintenance. Otherwise doing group cleanup and maintaining other houses. It has worked out very well.

    The funny thing is we are probably more heavily armed than the average seat team and between the group have all the trade skills covered including a pediatrician and surgeon.

    Sandy can bring it!

  179. Ragnar says:

    I went back to work Wednesday. Only 1 big tree down and just missed my house. Probably 100 down trees in my community, possibly more. My 20KW nat-gas generator is in someone’s warehouse and was originally going to be installed this week or next. That’s irritating. At least my work has electricity and is feeding us lunch daily. The Brigewater Marriott is full of people next door, also with power, but the Mall is still dark across the street. Long lines at all the gas stations that are open on 22, but I have 2 full car gas tanks and it’s only an 8 mile round trip between work and home. Should be enough to last a couple more weeks at least. So I’m pretty happy, though a bit cold at night. But if I had my whole house generator it would be better – albeit expensive. I saw some PSE&G trucks today for the first time so that’s a good sign.

  180. Ghost of kettle says:


    For the bday of one of the guys in the group we rented out RSTP for a private party.

  181. Juice Box says:

    Cable-vision dropped their network again this afternoon to do repairs I gather, both internet and TV cut out same time at 4:30 PM. AT&T also dropped from 4 bars to one at 6 PM no MIFI or iPhone connectivity.

    Thankfully I have my trusty 4G Verizon Droid to keep my heroin like addiction to the internet flowing.

    Kids are playing board games, Operation, Connect 4, heck we even have Twister if anyone wants to come over.

  182. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    I’m back. Ket if you need a geneticist with hunting and butchering skills let me know. But for now I am going to enjoy my first hot shower since Monday night. Thank jcp&l

  183. Juice Box says:

    Tussle in Montclair over Gasoline.

    My BIL up by Monroe NY today saw a crazy woman let the air out of a guys tires that cut the line for gas, and he said there were at least 500 cars at the Montvale reststop on the Parkway waiting for the fuel truck to arrive.

  184. Fabius Maximus says:

    There seems to be a good chance we get some snow next week. The overnight temps are heading towards zero. There is a chance we might get power tomorrow. If not I think I am sending the family down to Florida or back to the old country. I don’t mind roughing it, but Mrs Fab won’t run the propane heater in the house and I don’t want the kids going through it. The generator up the street was siphoning cars today. I may be conspicuous as the last generator running on the block. I have to work on a muffler to deaden the noise. I getting about three hours a gallon and I’m going to stat cutting back to run freezers down to temp. I think I can run to Sunday before I have to declare the freezer done and move to cook freeze can and salt the meat and veg and dump the dairy and sugar.
    Gas in this part of BC is scarce as the NY crowd are coming over the border and emptying Northvale. I think Linden refinary is partially open and Port of NY is opening up to let fuel barges in. With more towns coming online, hopefully the generator demand will drop and supply can get back to a reasonable level.
    Here is a nice link to try and find gas. I’m in a big dead spot.

  185. Ghost of kettle says:


    Email me if you can please

  186. relo says:

    2 hrs 48 min to get gas on 17S in Paramus earlier. They finally removed the portion of the tree covering the road up the street, but left the great majority resting comfortably on the hammock made of power lines. Two gas stations on 17N which were out on the way in this morning had (of course) considerably shorter lines on the way back this evening than that which I filled up at.

  187. relo says:

    2 hrs and 48 min to get gas on 17S. Of course two station on 17N that had run out on my way in had much shorter lines this evening on the way home than that at which I had filled up.

    The portion of the tree lying across our street has finally been removed but the great majority which lies on the hammock of power lines remains.

  188. morpheus says:

    we seriously lucked out: only lost power for about 16 hours. Minimal damage to the home. Contractor will repair that since it is under warranty. As I understand it, one of the neighbors is trying to get a wood stove for me…for free. Good people.

    Getting gas is a bitch. Will not go to work on friday: bought enough files to keep me busy.

    Hope u r all surviving this shit. need another beer.

    perhaps instead of stockpiling ammo, i should have concentrated on alternative ways to heat my home.

  189. Anon E. Moose says:

    Pain [193];

    You must be on the same grid as the town cell tower. Your restore coincides with the first cell service I’ve had since Monday.

  190. Ernest Money says:

    Note to self: check on how Paterson is doing in a couple of days.

    Crooks armed to the teeth and cops without gas for their cars. Sounds like the setup for Escape From NY.

  191. A Home Buyer says:

    Route 15 stations open in Jefferson, no lines, 2 cars filled, 2 cans filed.

    Power back to jefferson diner, quick check gas opens at 6 am

    Good luck all

  192. A Home Buyer says:


    We filled up at BP. No word or eyes further down on 15 closer to route 80

  193. Comrade Nom Deplume in lower tax, lower cost PA says:

    [195] fabius

    I dont think Linden makes gas. I thought that it was jet fuel and other products.

  194. Comrade Nom Deplume in lower tax, lower cost PA says:

    Interesting email I got today from Parkmobile, a parking meter app used in DC. Last week, they sent out an email about changes that they were making because of
    Dodd-Frank. I have seen other communications from other financial institutions that suggested changes made because of Dodd-Frank.

    Today, Parkmobile sent an email disclaiming that the changes made (which were negative to consumers) had to do with Dodd-Frank.

    I have heard of other instances when an institution was going to, or had, blamed tighter terms or conditions on Dodd-Frank and were “enouraged” to abstain or walk the comments back.

  195. Comrade Nom Deplume in lower tax, lower cost PA says:

    Wow, seems Parkmobile was pressured to walk back their comments by none other than Dick Durbin himself.

  196. Hughesrep says:

    Ocean / Monmouth folks

    Shell on burnt tavern by the parkway has gas and is open.

  197. Hughesrep says:

    That is exit 90

  198. Hughesrep says:

    Exit 91 southbound parkway not 90.

  199. Mikewaited says:

    Doing business with Iran is not going to be tolerated.
    “Standard Chartered (SCBFF.PK) is nearing an agreement with U.S. authorities to pay a fine of around $300M to resolve probes into its Iranian dealings, Reuters reports. The bank is negotiating the deal with the the Manhattan DA, the Treasury, the NY Fed and the DOJ. Any penalty would add to the $340M StanChart agreed to pay in an agreement with the NY Department of Financial Services. “

  200. Fast Eddie says:

    Oblama campaigns in Nevada as the body count rises in Staten Island with FEMA nowhere to be found. Oblama’s Katrina? The media wouldn’t dare.

  201. Ernest Money says:

    It’s Staten Island. They’ll be lucky if it ever gets back to normal. NYC treats it like a hemorrhoid…like they have since the beginning of time.

    Maybe SI will secede.

  202. Ernest Money says:

    They search SI long enough, they’re gonna find some dead gangsters, too.

  203. Ernest Money says:

    Eventually, NYC will ferry (one-way, natch) the poor and crazy to SI and turn it into an indigent colony.

  204. NJCoast says:

    Gas station on sunset ave in ocean township is open and allowing cars.
    Still with no power here in Allenhurst. JCPL said to expect another week to 10 days. Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank has power and will have shows this weekend. State theatre in New Brunswick will have Chris Isaak as scheduled on November 5.

  205. Grim says:

    Never been to SI, need to mount an expedition one if these days and see what it’s all about.

  206. Mikewaited says:

    Grim 217- better off not & say you did, no one goes willingly.

  207. Fast Eddie says:

    BTW, the unemployment rate the day Oblammy took office was 7.8%.

    Today, it’s 7.9%.

  208. Mikewaited says:

    Bet that unemployment number today is cooked up longer than a pot roast. “O” must win!

  209. Juice Box says:

    Who cares if Granny freezes and the kids starve. If you ain’t Union you can’t help fix the power in New Jersey.

  210. Grim says:


  211. Fast Eddie says:


    Oh… My… God!

  212. 1987 Condo Buyer says:

    #217, Native Staten Islander here, brother still there (FDNY). Services always a problem …it is a large land area much like west NJ with a pretty heavy population, and a crappy infrastructure. Very sad as I know virtually all the south Shore areas hit hard. While others were at Jersey Shore, my youth was spent riding my bike along the shore line….

  213. Brian says:

    I think you mean Mohawk House in Sparta. They have a big selection of craft brews on tap. That street got power last night. Up until this morning, that road was totally impassible. I don’t know if Mohawk House is open though.

    Krogh’s is the place that brews their own beer. Some good stuff but not as big of a beer selection. Everything on tap is brewed onsite.

    146.Ernest Money says:
    November 1, 2012 at 1:35 pm
    mikey (138)-

    Sussex. Maybe it’s spelled Krohg’s, I don’t know. Went there a long time ago & there were about 8,000 beers.

  214. 1987 Condo Buyer says:

    #221…since my HQ and boss are in Birmingham, they would be less than impressed….

  215. nwnj says:

    Who would force them out? IBEW thugs?

    The union is really playing with fire if true, everyday there are people dying because of this and if it continues to drag out the anger is going to build…

  216. Grim says:

    Going to dip into the low 30s on Sunday and Monday nights.

  217. Mikewaited says:

    Brian 225 Mohawk was also GTG site for NJREPORT for Sussex we would do both!
    But” long ago” how long Mohawk been there Krogh’s forever.

  218. Mikewaited says:

    Ghost Of Kettle sighting soon at my house ,coming to get my generator as I have power.

  219. Mikewaited says:

    Juice that is really F**ked up, there is plenty of work for everybody. A**holes.

  220. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Mike I had to turn him down as mine was already spoken for. I don’t think I have ever said no to anybody that needed help before. It sucked

  221. Brian says:

    Don’t get too comfortable….

    I had power for about half a day then it went out again. Transformer in my neighborhood blew up right after JCP&L trucks left the neighborhood doing work…..

    230.Mikewaited says:
    November 2, 2012 at 9:36 am
    Ghost Of Kettle sighting soon at my house ,coming to get my generator as I have power.

  222. schabadoo says:

    The very article you linked to said the story isn’t true.

    Unless Durbin got to WAFF to revise its report also.

  223. Comrade Nom Deplume with power and fuel says:

    Ali Velshi at CNN went all in for Obama. A story on the jobs report read like an Obama op-ed.

  224. can i AX a question? says:


    fox went all in for any given republican.

    who makes decisions based on tv talking heads anyway?

    Comrade Nom Deplume with power and fuel says:
    November 2, 2012 at 10:38 am
    Ali Velshi at CNN went all in for Obama. A story on the jobs report read like an Obama op-ed.

  225. can i AX a question? says:

    what’s up with this debate about the marathon?
    let them run and move on! waste of time to debate it. btw, a few yrs back i ran it in under 4 hrs.

  226. Comrade Nom Deplume with power and fuel says:

    [234] schab,

    You worried me for a second so I went back and re-read it. I stand by my analysis. In your defense, you didn’t get the emails I did. But I’m not even sure you read the same piece and if you did, I am certain you don’t understand it.

    I’m content to let board participants read it and determine which of us is delusional.

  227. Comrade Nom Deplume with power and fuel says:

    [236] ax,

    Who listens to talking heads? Hell, in this election, people are listening to complete b.s. on blogs and Facebook. So why not tallking heads?

  228. schabadoo says:

    Sorry Comrade, meant Juice’s link at 221.

    My bad for not quoting.

  229. 1987 Condo Buyer says:

    Let’s pretend… terrorists take down the Northeast electrical grid..what was the post 9-11 Homeland Security gameplan again?

  230. Comrade Nom Deplume with power and fuel says:


    Now that I read the power crew story, I think that schab was going after that one and using my link as a prop of sorts. I wondered what he was referring to and thought he had finally gone off the deep end.

    So I retract my rebuttal, schab. I still think you’re delusional, just not on the power story.

  231. Comrade Nom Deplume with power and fuel says:

    [241] schabadoo,

    And my bad for not reading the day’s thread first.

  232. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    hand out bottled water, issue platitudes and photo ops.

    In all seriousness though it wasn’t like this storm hit out of nowhere. People had more than enough time to prepare. If I lived on the beach or tidal areas I would have gotten out of there. Even one of my own relatives was dumb enough to stay, my words to him can’t get to you maybe national guard can good luck keep me posted. Some folks died on bad luck, others lack of preparation and pig headedness. Being stranded in a disaster area blows and I fully feel for those folks. On the other hand though buy enough resources to get you through a week, coordinate with neighbors and friends. The government is not going to help you but someone close to you might.

    As far as the marathon goes so what. Let them put on their brave face. It still takes away vital resources like cops and rescue personnel that could be used toward the recovery. Especially in the sense of the cops since the populace of most of the tristate is so unarmed and dependent they couldn’t defend themselves from board with a nail in it.

  233. can i AX a question? says:

    Alex, is it Michael Chertoff?

    1987 Condo Buyer says:
    November 2, 2012 at 11:23 am
    Let’s pretend… terrorists take down the Northeast electrical grid..what was the post 9-11 Homeland Security gameplan again?

  234. 250k says:

    (242) condo buyer

    Excellent question. I am wondering why the media isn’t showing pictures of people in the middle east jumping for joy at the wrath that has been brought down upon Manhattan, NYC and the heathens in the tri-state area in general.

    Topic: I am seeing a lot of landscapers around Union County blowing the leaves off of their customers lawns like its just another day. They are not cutting trees, not doing any urgent sort of cleanup work, just tidying things up. One lawn was being cleaned right next door to another home that had a tree slicing through the front of the house and another tree that tore the entire back of the house off. Seriously.

    Is “landscaping” an essential service? If I had a landscaper (I don’t, I AM the landscaper) an the crew showed up to clear my lawn, I would be too embarrassed to let them clean up. People need gas for generators to power life-saving equipment at night, local fire department, police and EMTs are running out of gas to run their trucks and cars but gas stations are allowing landscapers to not only fill their huge trucks but multiple gas containers as well? Am I missing something?

  235. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [245] Pain – you probably have the technical abilities to understand that a 6 mph tidal surge is the equivalent force of 160mph wind speeds. I think most people who stayed understand nothing or just made their decision based on wind speed. Shortly before landfall, I was explaining to my wife that most hurricanes are like kicking your foot quickly through a shallow puddle of water, one big splash and it’s over. This one was like moving your foot slowly and deliberately soccer-style (sideways) through the same shallow puddle moving the maximum amount of water out of the puddle.

    In all seriousness though it wasn’t like this storm hit out of nowhere. People had more than enough time to prepare. If I lived on the beach or tidal areas I would have gotten out of there.

  236. Comrade Nom Deplume in lower tax, lower cost PA says:

    I see some well-done ads for NY State, touting its friendly environment for small business. Some have Cuomo discussing what is being done to make NY business-friendly.

    What I want to know is this: When did Cuomo become a Republican???

  237. can i AX a question? says:

    but the landscaper and the crew (and their families?) need to eat, no? how they can buy food just sitting idle? they live cash to mouth. will their rent bill wait as well?

  238. Comrade Nom Deplume in lower tax, lower cost PA says:

    Finally had my morning coffee. Been that kind of morning. Up most of the night trying to help an NYU Law bud try to figure out a partnership/1031 exchange issue involving seller financing. He was on the west coast so it hit me harder than him.

    Former Jersey guy. Says ex-wife and kids didn’t even lose power in SoJo. We were discussing Bernoulli’s Principle and why I no longer have a trampoline. We disagreed on the windspeed necessary to lift and then accelerate a 400 lb. object to high speed in only a few feet. Not your usual tax attorney discussion.

  239. Fast Eddie says:

    It’s disgraceful that f.ucking Bloomberg hasn’t cancelled the stup1d marathon. They’re still dragging bodies out of the muck in Staten Island. If for no other reason than out of respect. Disgraceful.

  240. 250k says:

    >>but the landscaper and the crew (and their families?) need to eat, no? how they can buy food just sitting idle? they live cash to mouth. will their rent bill wait as well?

    I get that. Believe me, I have tried to rationalize it and try to see the best in people. I know if they don’t do their job for the week they won’t get paid. But I am trying to compare that to life-saving services need for gas.

  241. Comrade Nom Deplume in lower tax, lower cost PA says:

    Gotta call it like I see it, even when I don’t like the call.

    A few days ago, MSNBC and CNN televised an Obama speech. Fox didn’t. The business channels didn’t but that is to be expected. Today, CNN, Fox and MSNBC televised a Romney speech.

    Putting op-ed aside and just looking at the newsworthiness and coverage of the event, Fox loses this round on the fairness factor.

  242. Comrade Nom Deplume in lower tax, lower cost PA says:

    [253] 250

    I am curious to know if the military has capability to set up fueling sites. You figure, they have to do that in war theaters, so they must have the equipment. Is it all in Afganistan?

    If they had the capacity and could contract for fuel stocks, the military could sell gas directly at market rates. They could use gas stations without power to avoid enviro impact. Heck, they may even make a profit that could be put to use elsewhere.

  243. can i AX a question? says:

    not running is a form of respect? what about working? should nobody work, including landscaping, as a form of respect?

  244. can i AX a question? says:

    is this true?
    Weather Underground:
    Dr. Masters says, “Moderate-strength Nor’easter may hit Sandy-devastated areas Wednesday

  245. Fast Eddie says:

    A woman standing in the rubble of what was once New Dorp, Staten Island talking to a reporter: She said let the marathon have the generators, the food, the supplies, the shelter, the sleeping arrangements, the security… we’ll clean up here and continue to use the bathroom behind piles of debris.

  246. joyce says:

    As if Republicans are business friendly… pathetic.

  247. Ragnar says:

    Fox sees everything from the Republican perspective, MSNBC everything from the hard left perspective. Similar for Wall St. Journal vs NY Times. I check CNN to see what the “pseudo-balanced” news media says for people who don’t know that CNN still slants a bit left, like most news organizations. Fox News and MSNBC are for people looking for reinforcement of the views they already have. I wonder how many independents watch either one.

  248. Fast Eddie says:


    Where are you? You’re right, absoulutely right. It’s the beginning of the end, I’m absolutely convinced now.

  249. joyce says:

    I take it back. That is what Republicans say (just not what they do).

  250. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Nom that is probably what will happen. The wailing inconvenience of soccer moms because Grayden and Ellory can not get to their now open day school so mom can get to hot yoga.

    Expat while I do have the technical abilites to understand the movement of water especiall a full moon high with a 14 ft surge into a bottle neck (New york Harbor) against a rushing river (Hudson) with Staten Island right in the middle of it all. These people have a failure of personal responsibility for not preparing. I am also going to heep a big lump of blame on the experts as well, While nobody likes Staten Island they did those folks a huge diservice not evacuating folks in low and midlying areas to higher ground. Could almost call them culpable in the whole mess, but there will be plenty of blame to go around when all is said and done.

  251. homeboken says:

    We got out of Hoboken yesterday, what a mess. People siphoning gas out of parked cars, though if they were undwerwater, not a bad idea. Looting at the supermarkets and a lot of ticked off folks on the south and west side of town = general chaos.

    Sitting happily in the burbs at family, with full power, food and even some gas supply. Feeling very lucky.

  252. Sima says:

    Did everyone see this article on wind speeds in NJ during the storm?
    Montclair and Clifton both had gusts over 80 mph!

  253. nwnj says:

    Looks like it was some IBEW thugs inspired by Obomunist card check methods who rebuffed the Decateur AL electric crews. My initial hunch was correct. Christie should be raising h*ll over this right now.

  254. Fast Eddie says:

    I hope Bloomberg f.ucking chokes to death on a f.ucking lobster shell. What a piece of sh1t.

  255. can i AX a question? says:

    clearly, one could prioritize the use of gas by giving it to life-saving services first. but it gets complicated very quickly. for example, you could have gas-wasting services like landscaping not allowed to get gas, but if the landscaper doesn’t work, doesn’t eat. what about middle managers who get paid either way and don’t really need to show up to the office, but still prefer jump into the cars instead of staying home? how to rank their access to gas? life-saving first, don’ work-don’t eat second, self-aggrandizing office guy third? how is that going to be implemented?

    250k says:
    November 2, 2012 at 12:08 pm
    >>but the landscaper and the crew (and their families?) need to eat, no? how they can buy food just sitting idle? they live cash to mouth. will their rent bill wait as well?

    I get that. Believe me, I have tried to rationalize it and try to see the best in people. I know if they don’t do their job for the week they won’t get paid. But I am trying to compare that to life-saving services need for gas.

  256. Comrade Nom Deplume with power and fuel says:

    News from the Brig. Still no power.

  257. Sima says:

    Agree #268
    Every single hourly worker (which includes contract workers at all levels) is not being paid this week if they are not working. This is a HUGE hit for them.
    Even large companies say to contract workers that if the company is shut, you cannot work from home (even if it would be easy to do so on their computers) – all work must be done under supervision at the company. So it’s a double whammy – damages from Hurricane Sandy and no money coming in.

  258. Comrade Nom Deplume with power and fuel says:

    [266] nw

    my take is that there is an element of truth to both yours and Shabadoos views. the Alabama crew probably was turned away, but is now working someplace else in New Jersey, away from Union crews. I cannot believe that the union would be so bone headed as to tell the crew to go home and insist that Management make them leave the state.

  259. nwnj says:


    IBEW probably didn’t want anyone around who would “work too fast.”

  260. can i AX a question? says:

    Who has bigger 401(k)s?

    Nov. 2, 2012, 8:00 a.m. EDT
    Red states vs. blue: Who has bigger 401(k)s?
    Retirement savings balances are up nationwide, but Democrat-leaning states have an edge. Here’s how the states rank

    By Anne Tergesen

    Who has fatter 401(k) balances–people living in red or blue states? According to investment advisory firm FutureAdvisor, employees who work for companies headquartered in blue states may be significantly better prepared for retirement than their red state-based counterparts. Moreover, average 401(k) balances in all 50 states are higher today than where they stood four years ago, says FutureAdvisor CEO Bo Lu.

    The firm released its findings in a recently published report, “A State-by-State Analysis of American Retirement Savings from 2008 to 2011.” Data on all fifty states can be found in the report.

    In the 17 states that voted “blue”—that is, for President Obama over then-Republican nominee John McCain—in the 2008 election, the average 401(k) balance stood at $38,616 in early 2011, based on the most recent data available on the forms 401(k) plans file with the Department of Labor. The median account balance of employees of companies headquartered in blue states was $28,546. (The average is above the median because of the impact of the balances of the highest earners.)

    In contrast, at companies based in red states, the average 401(k) balance was $31,904, while the median was $21,626. Of the 20 states with the highest 401(k) balances, 19 are “blue.” (The lone red state, West Virginia, ranked 12th with a median 401(k) balance of $31,608.)

  261. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Richard Nicotra, Staten Island Hotel Owner, Refuses To Evict Hurricane Refugees For NYC Marathon Runners

    After the city’s controversial decision to move forward with hosting the New York City Marathon in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, a Staten Island hotel owner is refusing to evict hurricane refugees for runners with reservations.

    Story & video:

  262. can i AX a question? says:

    running a marathon is one of the most self-indulgent accomplishments. that’s why i favor getting it done now, under current circumstances. there is a large contingent of “runners” who are out of shape types that need to be challenged instead of making it too easy for them in weeks from now. if the marathon is that important to them, then let them sleep on the street over the weekend and walk overnight to the starting line! (ran it in 2001 under 4 hrs – now only do 1/2 marathons). im sure that this marathon will be one with the lowest particiaption because those out of shape participants won’t find nearby hotels and won’t want to get up too early.

    The Original NJ ExPat says:
    November 2, 2012 at 1:48 pm
    Richard Nicotra, Staten Island Hotel Owner, Refuses To Evict Hurricane Refugees For NYC Marathon Runners

    After the city’s controversial decision to move forward with hosting the New York City Marathon in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, a Staten Island hotel owner is refusing to evict hurricane refugees for runners with reservations.

  263. McDullard says:

    We didn’t have power outage at all in our development. Internet was down for a day and a half. That wasn’t bad at all because of Verizon’s 4G data service was fine and tethering worked pretty well. Dish was working fine throughout. There are three downed trees in our backyard, so there is some cleanup work to do. Didn’t realize how bad things were around until I went out to get some stuff on Wed evening — more than five miles each way on Rt 22 was pitch dark [I presume it is much worse, the five miles down and five miles up was what I had to do some simply get back home — U-turns via overpasses on Rt 22]. I felt quite a shame about fretting about lack of internet access for a day.

    Some questions — more for educating myself to prepare for the next disaster.

    On my way to work, I’ve seen limbs on power lines that some one with basic training can fix with supervision from one utilities person to ensure that newbie mistakes are avoided. And, the GB township courthouse, police, etc., still have no power.

    How difficult is it to form a local engineering corps to take care of relatively simple stuff like clearing trees from roads? I think the landscaper guys are nor appropriate because the local home owners may not want to pay for what is a “township expense”. Also, I am sure there will be liability issues when dealing with power lines. Some organized training and effort (like what Kettle had, but on a larger, community wide scale) would be great. The only community level activity here seems to be a call from GB twp just now for volunteers to man a “warming station” near the court house. It should be better next time.

    A minor note, how difficult is it to set up mobile transformers and heavy-duty wiring for a few mile power distribution? I don’t know much about elec and power engg., so it may be a newbie question.

  264. Comrade Nom Deplume in lower tax, lower cost PA says:

    Shiny getting crushed. Must check this out. Buying opp?

  265. 1987 Condo Buyer says:

    #277..would we have to unionize?

  266. A Home Buyer says:

    McDullard ,

    You are asking about the liabity in clearing power lines and setting up micro grids in a state that requires permits for changing receptacles and tearing down sheet rock?

  267. yome says:

    President Barack Obama and the governors of New York and New Jersey took steps to ease the misery of motorists waiting in miles-long lines for gasoline after Hurricane Sandy.

    The Obama administration said today that it waived the Jones Act, which requires ships moving goods between U.S. ports to use U.S.-flag vessels. The action, which applies only to refined products, will increase the number of tankers available to transport fuel from Gulf Coast refineries to the East Coast.

    In New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie suspended requirements that restrict filling stations from buying gasoline from out-of-state suppliers, while New York Governor Andrew Cuomo waived taxes and regulations to accommodate more fuel tankers and process them more quickly.

    “People can’t get gas and it’s increased the stress level all throughout the region,” Cuomo, a 54-year-old Democrat, said at a press conference today. “There should be a real change in the condition and people should see it quickly.”

    Tempers in New Jersey and New York have flared over days of power outages and difficulties buying gasoline for vehicles and portable electric generators. Utilities are under pressure from state officials and residents to restore service faster.

    About 1.5 million customers in New Jersey, more than a third of homes and businesses, remained without electricity today. Sandy’s destruction has left 13 Jerseyans dead. At least three were related to the use of generators, said Mary Goepfert, spokeswoman for the Office of Emergency Management.

    Christie, a first-term Republican, said 12 other governors agreed this week to send workers to New Jersey to help restore power. He said he also told utility chief executive officers yesterday that they need to speed repairs.

    “I made it clear to them that whatever playbooks they had were to be thrown out because we’ve never faced anything like this before,” Christie, 50, said yesterday in Moonachie, which had to be evacuated after a tidal surge from the Hackensack River flooded the Bergen County town.

    Kevin Roberts and Maria Comella, spokespeople for Christie, didn’t immediately return e-mails today seeking comment on the fuel shortage.

    Terminals Flooded
    Sandy’s winds and floods blacked out about two-thirds of New Jersey and crippled the region’s transit system. It also flooded fuel terminals, curbed deliveries and left many filling stations in the dark and unable to run pumps.

    Cuomo said he expects most people in his state to have power back by the end of the weekend. Gasoline supplies that have dwindled should come back now that the U.S. Coast Guard has reopened the Port of New York, he said.

    Two million gallons (7.6 million liters) of gasoline arrived in Newburgh, New York, last night, Cuomo said.

    The fuel shortage resulted from ports being shuttered because officials feared shipping containers blown into the water by Sandy would damage ships moving through the water, Cuomo said. Some shipping lanes were reopened in New York’s harbor yesterday. Most of the terminals that were knocked out, including the Port Jefferson terminal on Long Island, were back online with generators.

    “We understand why there was a shortage, and the harbor is now open,” Cuomo said.

  268. McDullard says:

    #280… True, the permits stuff can get difficult — GB guys were very nice though.

    I was thinking of some volunteer force [of some that still maintain interest in repairing broken things] with some guidance from utilities companies. On second thoughts, the corps will need to have more lawyers than engineers.

  269. bjxnmsvai says:

    LSGC8B yknjoqpkbbxl, [url=]nqgomyvdclcz[/url], [link=]nlctrpgwaoef[/link],

  270. Comrade Nom Deplume in lower tax, lower cost PA says:

    Seems that Bramnick’s office and NJ is already on the gov. fuel issue. Seems that there are DOT and National Guard sites pumping fuel. But you have to be a doctor, nurse, utility crew, first responder or (naturally) government employee in order to fuel up there.

  271. Juice Box says:

    re: “limbs on power lines”

    Yeah we had a tree that blew over next doo0, it was leaning on the power lines pretty hard, and the the top of the transformer pole a few feet away spilt from the tension on the wires, the transformer was hanging on by two rusty bolts on a 40 year cracked pole.

    A crew of two bucket trucks arrived here today from Indiana. They made fast work of that tree by very delicately removing the tension off the wires so the transformer did not break off the pole and head for he deck. Hopefully PSE&G will replace that pole before the next storm does that Pole and the Transformer in.

  272. zieba says:

    Power in Edgewater is still out. River road closed off south of GWB. We got the hell out of town on Tuesday night and found heat, electricity and the resumption of normal life in the meadowlands (family rental prop).

    Was listening to NPR earlier today in my office in Englewood Cliffs (power here was on since Tuesday morning) and some woman called from the 21st floor of a blacked out building in northern Edgewater (5+ days now)…per PSEG, no power until Mon-Wed of next week.

    When we were leaving our co-op we saw the super packing his truck too, he’s since gone radio/cell silent. I’m filling my gas tank up 2 gallons per day (no line if you stroll up with can).

    Someone here nailed it earlier… what was that emergency plan for the resumption of the grid post terrorist attack? ..aha, sure.

  273. zieba says:

    BTW, me thinks that constrained supply and plenty of new demand as of last week is going to make for a tighter rental market.

    anecdote from elsewhere on the net:

    “One of the sobering things to see is the damage to the barrier beaches from Montauk at the east end of Long Island to about Cape May at the south end of New Jersey, a distance of over 250 miles. Major dune damage, some breaches, homes gone, beach washed over, etc…

    I really have had very little empathy for folks who build and live on a barrier beach but am saddened to see that so many took such a devastating hit. My worry now is that the beaches themselves got hammered and that means more trouble down the road for those in “low” area’s on shore.

    I went and measured where the tide came near my house. It was about a 1/4 mile and maybe 3 vertical feet. When I moved here, I was careful to not buy a house “near the water”. Well, I’m near the water now. My home owners insurance company – State Farm feel so too and sent me a letter last Saturday that they were cancelling as of 12/20. Met Life, when I called asked if I was “less then 50 miles from a tidal area ?”. That ended that call. “

  274. Juice Box says:

    Tweet from PSE&G says Hoboken – Facilities have extensive water damage, and allot of equipment there has to be replaced before service is restored.

    I gather the Hoboken substation below sea level fried when all that water hit it Monday night at 8:30?

  275. Comrade Nom Deplume in lower tax, lower cost PA says:

    Renunciant numbers for 3rd quarter released (on time) yesterday. If I counted correctly, another 238 Americans turned in their passports during the 3rd quarter. Lots of asians this time, if I can read into the names.

    Worth noting that the last two reports were issued on time. They were also well below the highs in the past few years.

    The flow has slowed, but one thing is clear: During Obama, more wealthy americans gave up being americans than all the previous years for which we kept records.

  276. Comrade Nom Deplume in lower tax, lower cost PA says:

    I have an idea that would prove to be a boon to the tri-state area’s employment and would take advantage of this crisis to make significant infrastructure and green upgrades across the region. I think I need to get with someone in the fat man’s administration.

  277. Comrade Nom Deplume in lower tax, lower cost PA says:

    Here’s another idea. I remember an old photo of a gas station where someone had rigged up a bicycle on a stand with a belt to manually operate a gas pump.

    So station owners without power can rig this up, and if anyone wants gas, they have to get their lardass on the bike and pedal until it pumps.

    I doubt modern pumps lend themselves to this jury-rigging, but it would be amusing to see overweight Newark and Paterson residents on stationary bikes, huffing and puffing away for gasoline.

  278. Punch My Ticket says:

    From a friend in NYC …

    “… many commercial properties which, after post 9-11 revisions to emergency preparedness plans, installed or added to generating equipment, almost always in sub-basements. Good reasons for that: ease of access, ease of installation, access to fuel, vibration reduction, noise reduction, … Protecting the equipment against this particular kind of calamity seems not to have been considered at all … wasn’t cheap to buy or simple to set up the first time. Nothing will be repairable. Everything needs replacing … $$$$$”

  279. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Bloomberg back-pedals and cancels the Marathon after all. I was picturing Staten Island uniting and obstructing the start, toppling police cars, etc. Anyway, it was the right move, but unfortunately preceded by the wrong move.

  280. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    “While holding the race would not require diverting resources from the recovery effort, it is clear that it has become the source of controversy and division.”

    Well that’s an unfortunate steaming load to include in the press release.

  281. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    One of my favorite metrics. Yep, it looks like we’re falling back into the abyss:

  282. Fabius Maximus says:

    Nice site, NOLA to New York.

  283. Comrade Nom Deplume in lower tax, lower cost PA says:

    [298] gator

    Whoa. That brings back memories.

  284. Comrade Nom Deplume in lower tax, lower cost PA says:

    Totally OT Alert.

    We threw a Halloween party for the girls last weekend. Reason was to help older girl acclimate in new school. At the party, egged on by her lifelong BFF, she kissed one of the boys.

    Tonight, he calls and leaves a message for her. He wants her to come to his house to play on Sunday.

    So it begins. Aaaauuuuuugggghhhhhh!!!!!!!

  285. NJGator says:

    Hurricane Sandy update: Local residents banned from barrier island up to 8 months

    Residents are being forcibly evacuated tonight from seven Ocean County communities because of extensive repairs needed after the devastation Hurricane Sandy left behind, Seaside Height Police Chief Thomas Boyd said.

    Authorities told residents they may not be able to return home for months.

    “It’s looking bad. It’s a catastrophe,” Boyd said.

    The towns affected are Seaside Heights, Seaside Park, island sections of Berkeley Township, South Seaside Park, Lavallette, Ortley Beach and Mantoloking.

  286. Grim says:

    Doesn’t the modern nj plate numbering convention always end in a letter?

  287. Comrade Nom Deplume in lower tax, lower cost PA says:

    I had said things were going to be bad for awhile. I wasn’t expecting this.

  288. Comrade Nom Deplume in lower tax, lower cost PA says:

    Morpheus, you may yet be glad you stocked up on ammo.

    I am sooooo glad I am not there right now.

  289. Grim says:

    It’s not so bad, you can go to the mall and buy a $45 dollar Abercrombie tshirt and eat up a Cinnabon.

  290. Comrade Nom Deplume in well-defended PA says:

    Things there get any worse and we may have to think about blowing up the bridges over the Delaware.

  291. Confused in NJ says:

    295. Boomberg doesn’t have a clue!

  292. Confused in NJ says:

    304. It does, but last number is used, regardless of position.

  293. Mikewaited says:

    Nom 301 Just like the old days, AH yes I remember it well………………….
    Classic listening while posting.

  294. Ernest Money says:

    Vote in this shitshow (either way) on Tuesday, and you are endorsing a crook and the sham dictatorship of the banksters.

    Best to take care of yourself and your own, quietly stockpile armaments and get ready to fight when the time comes.

  295. Ernest Money says:

    The wheels have come off. All downhill now.

  296. Mikewaited says:

    Clot the system is broken, change requires blood embrace it.

  297. Mikewaited says:

    Pain 232 by the way Kettle is all set up with power for the family ( called tonight to make sure working AOK), dropped by to pickup my generator, don’t sweat it. Of course we meet for breakfast first & then toured my new purchase.

  298. Mikewaited says:

    Nom 302 my youngest & only girl of three is 16 , better break out the strong stuff it gets worse.

  299. reinvestor101 says:

    Got my damn electricity back and the damn internet. Got a full damn tank of gas, but I’m still pissed off. The stinking liberals set this damn thing up to steal the damn election by having Lardass appear in pictures with Obama.

    The damn liberals manipulated the damn HAARP system to deliberately vuck with the weather so they can get Obama elected and try to promote stinking climate change. This is total bullspit. The ONLY good thing that came out of this is the damn reduction of housing supply. I’ve been calling for the bulldozing of damn houses for awhile to support damn prices and if looks like I’ll get my wish. Sometimes to stimulate, you’ve got to tear some shlt up.

  300. Susan in Livingston says:

    All the strong signs of housing recovery in NJ will be gone after Sandy. Without a generator, people will lose home values immediately. Invest in the generator. Steve Shapiro of BCS in Parsippany put ours in recently…just in time. Saved the day. Any contractor can do it.

  301. I cherished up to you’ll receive performed right here. The comic strip is attractive, your authored subject matter stylish. nonetheless, you command get got an edginess over that you would like be turning in the following. ill without a doubt come more before again since precisely the same nearly very incessantly within case you protect this hike.

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