Widespread recovery in home prices?

From Bloomberg:

Home Prices Rise in 81% of U.S. Cities as Markets Recover

Prices for single-family homes rose in 81 percent of U.S. cities as the property market extends a recovery from the worst crash since the 1930s.

The median sales price increased in the third quarter from a year earlier in 120 of 149 metropolitan areas measured, the National Association of Realtors said in a report today. In the second quarter, 110 areas had gains.

“The housing recovery still faces a number of potential headwinds,” Paul Diggle, property economist for Capital Economics Ltd. in London, said in a note to clients after CoreLogic’s report was released. “But our central case is that tight supply conditions will mean that house prices will continue to rise steadily next year.”

At the end of the third quarter, 2.32 million existing homes were available for sale, 20 percent fewer than a year earlier, according to the Chicago-based Realtors group.

From the WSJ:

Home Prices Up 7.6% From Year Ago .

Home prices appreciated in a growing number of cities during the third quarter, the latest evidence that the real estate recovery is gaining momentum and breadth.

The median price for an existing single-family home was $186,000 in the third quarter, up 7.6% from a year earlier and the largest year-over-year growth since 2006, according to a report Wednesday from the National Association of Realtors. More cities saw gains. Single-family home prices rose in 120 of 149 metropolitan areas tracked by the NAR, up from 110 in the second quarter and 39 in the year-ago period.

Many of the sharpest home-price rebounds have been in markets hard hit by the real estate bust. In the Phoenix metropolitan area, for instance, median prices were up 34.9% from a year ago, according to the NAR. Three cities pummeled by the bust—Las Vegas, Miami, and Riverside, Calif.—all were in the top 20 for price gains with year-over-year increases between 12.0% and 12.7%.

All told, low home prices, rising rents and a slowly improving economy have given more Americans the motivation and confidence to become home owners. About 72% of respondents said it was a good time to buy a home, according to a monthly survey Fannie Mae issued Wednesday. While many consumers expect home prices to rise only modestly over the next year, they believe rental rates will continue to climb, further motivating them to buy.

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236 Responses to Widespread recovery in home prices?

  1. grim says:

    Q3 YOY Change
    New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, N.Y.-N.J.-Pa. – Up 1.3%
    New York-Wayne-White Plains, N.Y.-N.J. – Up 0.6%
    NY: Edison, N.J. – Up 7.2%
    NY: Nassau-Suffolk, N.Y. – Up 2.9%
    NY: Newark-Union, N.J.-Pa. – Down 3.4%

  2. Mike says:

    Good Morning New Jersey

  3. grim says:

    From Reuters:

    Big real estate investors say Sandy hurts lower Manhattan values

    Lower Manhattan office building values are likely to suffer as a result of damage inflicted by Superstorm Sandy that has left thousands of downtown Manhattan workers unable to return to their offices, major real estate executives said at a conference on Wednesday.

    “I think there’s been value erosion downtown,” Howard Lutnick, chairman and CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald LP and BGC Partners Inc, said during the New York University Schack Institute of Real Estate Capital Markets in Real Estate conference. “It had just started to come back. The concept now of fear of flooding is going to affect values.”

    About 500 of his employees are unable to return to the three floors they occupy at 199 Water Street. Lutnick expect that to continue for six weeks to two months. Meanwhile his staff has been doubling up at the company’s midtown offices and trading floors at 499 Park Avenue and its connected building at 110 East 59th Street.

    Nearly one-third of the 101 million square feet of office space in downtown Manhattan either was closed, powered by generators or had no heat due to the flooding Sandy inflicted last week, said Jones Lang LaSalle Inc. There was no correlation between the age of the building and the damage suffered, the real estate services company said.

  4. yome says:

    Edison up 7.2% Happy days are here again! Where is my pony?

  5. reinvestor101 says:

    I’m gonna be real mad and real bitter for a long damn time. My party ran a stinking RINO and the stinking liberals stole the election by making an end run around something that was supposed to make this fair–the damn voter ID law. What the hell good did it do to have this damn law if the damn liberals still overran the damn voting booths with people who shouldn’t have been voting? This thing should have been close enough to force the damn Supreme Court into it if we needed to, but running a stinking RINO prevented that and the damn RINO’s tried to hide our damn T-Party. Sarah Palin should have been far the hell more prominent, but the stinking RINO’s dissed her, Murdock and Akin. You don’t leave Allen West hanging out there to dry either. They should have all been embraced. That’s bullspit and you RINO’s are gonna pay for that. Tell you what, this is day one of the 2016 campaign and we will either complete our total purge of every stinking RINO or just tear the damn republican party apart and start the hell over. Leave now RINO’s to save us that damn trouble.

  6. charlie says:

    Do you think mortgage interest exclusion will be on the table?

  7. Essex says:

    5. Lack….relevance…..discuss.

  8. Essex says:

    5. Joke….stale….discuss….

  9. Grim says:

    What’s a rino?

  10. Phoenix says:

    Republican in name only.

  11. grim says:

    So the argument is that Republicans voted for Obama because Romney was not Republican enough? Got it.

  12. grim says:

    Wait … Or is the argument that Romney was not conservative enough to sway Democrats to defect?

  13. grim says:

    Don’t forget Poland, drink Chopin instead..

    From Bloomberg:

    Grey Goose Out of Reach as N.J. Liquor Warehouse Flooded

    New Jerseyans with homes swamped and blacked out by Hurricane Sandy face another hardship: a cutoff of Cristal champagne, Grey Goose vodka and an herbal brew called Kamasutra, “the natural spirit of seduction.”

    The exclusive New Jersey distributor of those and other liquors, Fedway Associates Inc., was still cleaning up yesterday after a 10-foot surge of Hackensack River floodwater inundated its Kearny warehouse last week, according to its Facebook page. Losses will be “in the tens of millions,” the posting said.

  14. seif says:

    Romney wasn’t giving away phones. That was the problem.

    BTW…is Ted Nugent in jail yet?

    Under Contract in Tenafly:

    Last LP: $895,000 ML#: 1233355
    Addr: 4 KNOLL RD RES
    Twn: TENAFLY
    Est Cls Dt: 11/24/2012 UCD: 10/2/2012 DOM: 15

  15. seif says:

    and another:

    Last LP: $879,000 ML#: 1215796
    Est Cls Dt: 3/1/2013 UCD: 11/1/2012 DOM: 185

  16. seif says:

    and another:

    and another:

    Last LP: $849,000 ML#: 1233316
    Addr: 15 OLD SMITH RD
    Twn: TENAFLY Zip: 07670

    Est Cls Dt: 4/30/2013 UCD: 10/20/2012 DOM: 34

  17. seif says:

    CLOSED in The Fly:
    This seems like a pretty good price for a private cul de sac street and a nice house. The owners needed to get out, I suppose.

    Last LP: $938,000 ML#: 1132559
    Addr: 25 KENWOOD RD
    Twn: TENAFLY

    Orig LP: $988,000
    Sold: $830,000

    SD: 10/25/2012 UCD: 7/5/2012 DOM: 319

  18. Brian says:

    Anybody heard from JJ? Hope he’s ok.

  19. seif says:

    There are quite a few more under contract in The Fly but you get the picture.

    Grim – perhaps you can shed some light here; is Tenafly one of the “hotter” Bergen County markets in 2012 or is it average? Anything decent…and many not decent…seem to get snatched up pretty quickly. Same old story: price right they don’t last.

  20. 3B Buying says:

    grim: Any thoughts on why Edison is up so much vs. northern Jersey?

  21. grim says:

    21 – Noise or Mix Shift, there is no reason for a 7% gain yoy

  22. 3B Buying says:

    #13 grim No Cristal!! What we people do for New Year’s Eve.

  23. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Influx of more Indian immigrants?

  24. 3B Buying says:

    #15 Knickerbocker is a tough main drag. Lots of noise for the new homeowners.

  25. seif says:

    agreed. terrible street to live on. i think they originally listed at $999,999.00. let’s see where the trade goes off. there are a few double-line homes in for sale in The Fly that make me shake my head; if you could or would pay what they originally ask, why would you buy on such a busy/noisy/bad location? i don’t get it…but, different strokes for different folks, i guess.

  26. seif says:

    Fidelity says 401(k) retirement balances have reached the highest level since 2000


    Goddamn Obama!!!!

  27. Grim says:

    Jobless claims fall to 355k, but Sandy impact may be playing a role.

  28. 3B Buying says:

    #26 If I had to guess, probabaly a NY’er who bought it figuring how busy could it be after living in the city. Trouble is they have no understanding of Bergen Co traffic until they live there and see for themselves. If you are coming from one of the boros besides Manhattan there are alot of relatively quiet streets there. Surburban traffic is a whole new game.

  29. seif says:

    just pulling out of that driveway on a week day morning can be a huge PITA.

  30. 3B Buying says:

    I cannot believe it, but I am actually considering bidding on the POS below with the oil tank in the basement!


  31. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    3B god that place is ugly but the price is OK

  32. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [27] seif,

    Bush gets the credit. By your own admission, he crashed the economy all by himself. That woke folks up and they saved and delevered. Hence, higher 401(k) and overall savings rate balances.

    Now, if you are looking at returns, consider that they said 2000, when we were in the second Clinton recession and balances were down. So you are saying that O (and not the employers and employees cuz they didn’t build that) have only managed to get us back to where Clinton was in a recession.

    Still, I will give you this: If The One can restore my 401(k) to its 2006 level, I’ll change my registration to D and my handle to seif 2.0.

  33. 3B Buying says:

    #33 Actually from what I understand, he is still alive retired and living in GA.

  34. 3B Buying says:

    #32 Pain: That is exactly what I was tginking.

  35. Ben says:

    I never understood the appeal in Tenafly.

  36. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [27] seif – There could be some other contributing factors:

    1. Average retirement age increasing, so more years of contribution.
    2. Youngest boomers now eligible fore extra $5000 catch-up contribution, so $22,500 put in each year instead of $17,000.
    3. Contract employees (no 401K contributions, so they don’t affect the average)
    4. New employees who opt out immediately on hire, so they don’t affect the average either.
    5. Employees who empty their 401Ks and never contribute again.
    6. Employees who leave with low balances get their accounts “kicked out” when they leave the company, they either have to convert to a rollover IRA or pay the tax and penalty to keep the funds.

    Our company has a dollar-for-dollar match on the first 7% of salary. I know a lot of young people who are putting zero in. I know of a guy in his early 50’s who never put any money in for the 5 years he worked there.

    Fidelity says 401(k) retirement balances have reached the highest level since 2000


    Goddamn Obama!!!!

  37. caljn says:

    5 reinvestor101

    I finally got it! You’re doing a Stephen Colbert type parody!

  38. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [39] caljn,

    Some time back, someone posted that re101 was really grim, posting an alter ego for grins. I thought that there may be something to that theory.

  39. Ragnar says:

    From that angle, the house looks just like the video game icon Qbert.

  40. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [30] seif,

    Agreed. having a quiet street is something that I will pay a premium for.

  41. seif says:

    guys…i was kidding. bush, obama…just happy 401K’s are up, market doing well and needle moving in the right direction.

  42. seif says:

    40 – i remember that post…but doesn’t grim lean right? would he be mocking himself?

  43. Ragnar says:

    Comrade, I thought that grim would create a more imaginative strawman sock puppet than re101.

  44. Anon E. Moose says:

    Nom [34];

    Still, I will give you this: If The One can restore my 401(k) to its 2006 level, I’ll change my registration to D and my handle to seif 2.0.

    Sit tight. The printing presses are still rolling. You didn’t specify real or nominal.

  45. Anon E. Moose says:

    caljn [39];

    Just like your ongoing self-parody. Thanks for the giggles.

  46. Comrade Nom Deplume says:


    I think grim is pretty centrist but I’ll let him address that. And I don’t think ultimately that 101 is grim but someone else here having some fun.

    I suppose it could be sleuthed out by analysis, Bu I haven’t read his posts. I tend to skip the straight-up rants (sorry Gary).

  47. reinvestor101 says:

    Cut the crap. You guys are always starting with the crap about me being a damn parody or someone’s damn alter ego. Why can’t you accept that I’m just a rock ribbed American patriot who loves this damn country and hates socialist effete liberals? Is that so damn hard to accept? WE REPRESENT DAMN NEAR 50% OF THE COUNTRY WHICH IS WHY THE DAMN ELECTION HAD TO BE STOLEN BY OBAMA.

    I AM ME AND NO ONE ELSE. Now deal with it dammit.

  48. Anon E. Moose says:

    Day after election: Olly olly oxen free!

    Boeing Telegraphs Layoffs in Defense, Space & Security Unit

    Next comes all the Libya stories that were hidden in the cellar to age until Nov 7th.

    Example, via Instapundit:

    >Paul Wells, [Nov. 5th] on Twitter, said, “I will just say that as a journalist, a Romney presidency would ensure more fun stories than an Obama re-election.”

    My reply, “I’ll just ask, as a media consumer, why is that?<

  49. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    I’m looking forward to hyper inflation so I can pay my mortgage off sooner. unfortunately the family and I will have to eat the drywall for sustinence. But hey we will have roofs over our heads.

  50. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Rock ribbed – Drink!

  51. Brian says:

    49 –
    You dopes should have nominated Huntsman. Palin is a knuclehead.

  52. 3B Buying says:

    #37 Ben: The schools consistently rank very high (if you go by rankings), and it has a nice downtown.

  53. 3B Buying says:

    #41 Yep. The house is not a looker, but with some work it would be fine, tight street for parking, but a dead end, and the taxes are 9k;low for Brigadoon.

  54. reinvestor101 says:

    >>>Brian says:
    November 8, 2012 at 9:49 am

    49 –
    You dopes should have nominated Huntsman. Palin is a knuclehead.<<<<

    Palin would have brought this damn country back from the brink of disaster, but the stinking RINO's ran from her and our T-Party for reasons I can't begin to fathom. Look, we won the damn house with the T-Party in 2010 and the damn press couldn't get enough of Sarah and the T-Party, but kicked all of us to the damn curb. You don't switch horses in the middle of a damn race. You don't get me all hot and bothered in 2010 and expect me to go limp in 2012. THERE'S GONNA BE HELL TO PAY FOR THAT.


  55. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [50] moose,

    Also, did you see the Matthews clip on how he was happy about the hurricane? He caught a lot of flak for that, then, astonishingly, blamed his slip of the tongue on the republicans.

    Yep, it’s still Bush’s fault. He made me misspeak.

  56. reinvestor101 says:

    l love Ted Nugent. This is what the face of the republican party should be. Not some wimpy RINO like Romney:


  57. Anon E. Moose says:

    Also-ran election news: NJ Question 1 Bond initiative passes 62-38. Borrow another $750 MM for college upgrades. “Its for the CHILDREN!” Just another log on the bonfire.

  58. zieba says:

    I have always thought that 101 was bored Stu/Lib. I now know this to be false, but I don’t entirely believe it.

  59. yome says:

    Does the real Republican Party have the same phylosophy as the Tea party? The real conservatives are being run over by the Tea party. Is it time for the Tea party to have their own party?

  60. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [50] moose,

    Finally, I didn’t hear about this on MSNBC. Must have missed it.


  61. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [63] yome,

    We won’t have a viable TEA party for the same reasons we no longer have a viable Democratic Socialist party.


  62. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    moose voted against it especially when i saw pictures of the new student lounge of my small liberal arts Alma mata. Place is nicer than some of the lobbies of 5 star hotels I have been in around the world. Yeah they need more money.

  63. Jill says:

    3b, how can you even consider buying that POS when for only $130K more you can get this beauty right on Ridgewood Road in WT:


    How can you pass up that Real! Knotty! Pine! Paneling! Think about it; you can pretend you’re Don Draper. You won’t be able to get out of your driveway between 7:20 and 8:00 AM, but you’ll have real knotty pine paneling.

  64. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Jill it is not that bad it has an inground pool and has a shack to conduct your torture and serial killing in.

    Man, our house is equal in size and look paid 70K less on 3/4 of an acre in morris county back in 2010. is the inventory that bad?

  65. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    Quote of the day:

    “When we got organized as a country and we wrote a fairly radical Constitution with a radical Bill of Rights, giving a radical amount of individual freedom to Americans … And so a lot of people say there’s too much personal freedom. When personal freedom’s being abused, you have to move to limit it.”

    William Jefferson Clinton, April 19, 1994

  66. 3B Buying says:

    #67 Jill: It looks much better than my POS, but I like the price. Cannot belive I am even considering staying in RE, considering how disgusted I am with the way it is run, and the high taxes, but I have to do something soon. I liked Midland Park (away from the Deliverance sections), no inventory, liked Ramsey, too far (IMO) to commute to lower Manhattan. Like WT well enough, but then there is the whole drive to the station thing. Really like Hillsdale, but at the price I want to pay, I would be in a flood zone. We are also considering Oradell, and went to bid on one and it was gone. We will continue to look there as well. But we have to get something done soon, and so yes I am considering that POS, in the land of the Unicorns.

  67. freedy says:


    Here’s another POS NJ pol who should be in a jail cell with Corzine

  68. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [69] redux.

    Suspicious of the 3-dot ellipse, I tracked down the source of the Clinton quote. Here is the full quotation:

    “My own view is that you can go to the extreme in either direction. And when we got organized as a country and we wrote a fairly radical Constitution with a radical Bill of Rights, giving a radical amount of individual freedom to Americans, it was assumed that the Americans who had that freedom would use it responsibly. That is, when we set up this country, abuse of people by Government was a big problem. So if you read the Constitution, it’s rooted in the desire to limit the ability of—Government’s ability to mess with you, because that was a huge problem. It can still be a huge problem. But it assumed that people would basically be raised in coherent families, in coherent communities, and they would work for the common good, as well as for the individual welfare.

    What’s happened in America today is too many people live in areas where there’s no family structure, no community structure, and no work structure. And so there’s a lot of irresponsibility. And so a lot of people say there’s too much personal freedom. When personal freedom’s being abused, you have to move to limit it. That’s what we did in the announcement I made last weekend on the public housing projects, about how we’re going to have weapon sweeps and more things like that to try to make people safer in their communities. So that’s my answer to you. We can have—the more personal freedom a society has, the more personal responsibility a society needs and the more strength you need out of your institutions, family, community, and work.”

  69. yome says:

    The Tea party calls Republicans RINO that dont hold their values. We RINOs are the misplaced Republican party?

  70. Doyle says:


    3B, I was just going to ask you that… you’ve been railing on RE for years, I thought you were done with it. Surprised you’re looking in Oradell too… good luck.

  71. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    Someone, here or elsewhere, raised Sweden with me. So I posit this:

    “Right now, I’d rather be in Sweden than in the U.S. because we have seen the problems and are moving away from the welfare state. On your side of the Atlantic you are moving right into it, and you risk destroying your country.”

    Ian Wachtmeister, Member of Swedish Parliament, 1993.

  72. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Nom the one thing Sweden has going for it though is a rather homogeneous population. Plus I think their two main manufacturing industries are herring and leggy blond models. Not that there is anything wrong with the latter.

  73. reinvestor101 says:

    Listen to this damn audio from David Frum. While Ted Nugent is the face of the real rock ribbed Americans, Frum is the ugly face of the damn RINO’s. This RINO dirtbag is saying that the damn population on medicare social insurance is 85% republican and called what we believe in a damn Ayn Rand fantasy. He called our T-Party a limited movement. He needs to be fired from any damn job he has so we don’t have to hear this nonsense. Don’t buy his damn book.


  74. 3B Buying says:

    #74 Doyle: No one is more surprised than me! But I am at the point where I have to do something, and options are limited, based on my self imposed parameters. Would defintiely prefer Oradell, and would have bought the one we lost out on.

  75. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [76] pain,

    Careful, “homogeneous” is soon to be on the banned word list. Using it will peg you for a racist and 2nd degree homophobe.

  76. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    Facebook Quote of the Day Guaranteed to Warm Ernest Money’s (Clot’s) Heart:

    “Good friends help you hide the bodies. Really good friends help you get rid of witnesses.”

  77. Doyle says:


    Love Oradell…

  78. seif says:

    Nate Silver
    What do Alaska, Louisiana, NEW JERSEY and Rhode Island have in common? They’re the 4 states where Obama did better than in 2008.

  79. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Rock ribbed – Drink!

    50.5 you keep this up i’m going to have to replenish the bottle of booze

  80. 3B Buying says:

    #81 Doyle: I belive Oradell overall is a better run town, and the tax situation is better than RE, and may get even better if the RD funding mechanism is changed in Oradell’s favor (as it should be). That being said the local government should have stood up to the bored housewives with too much time on their hands who defeated the Walgreen’s proposal.

  81. Anon E. Moose says:

    Nom [79];

    Careful, “homogeneous” is soon to be on the banned word list.

    Right up there with “niggardly“?

    I like the UD definition of that one: “word that will get u fired…even though it doesn’t mean anything offensive”.

  82. seif says:

    3B – Cool Beans in Oradell is a fantastic local spot.

  83. 3B Buying says:

    Saw an article last night that stated the Spanish navy turned back a fleet of fishing boats from the port of Gerona in Catalonia, as they would not fly the Spanish flag. In addition Catalonia’s First Minister is in Brussels, calling the EU’s bluff on whether Catalonia can join the EU if it leaves Spain. As an aside he did mention that Barca would become the national football team of an independent Catalonia. Current surveys show more than 80% of Catalans supporting an independence referendum although the Spanish constitution forbids it. 57% of the population supports out right independence from Spain. The elections in Catalonia on 11/25 should be very interesting. If they get an outright majority (the independence parties) than they plan to move ahead with the independence referendum. In addition the Spanish navy has been snooping around the waters of Gibraltar (British territory) more than usual lately. And finally the indpendence party for Flanders (north Belguim) won political control of Belguim’s largest city Antwerp. And then of course there is the Scottish independence referndum which will be held in 2014. Interesting times in Europe.

  84. Doyle says:


    Agreed on all counts.

  85. Libtard in Union says:


    I never put my multi up for sale, but it appears you are about to buy it. It’s exactly what my multi looked like actually. It’s a good deal and hopefully leaves you with lots of cash for updating. Lot’s of easy cheap renovations would make that place look nice. Rip down the chain link. Gut the kitchen (but maybe keep that awesome stove). Put new trim up around the windows, doors and crown. Take off the steel awnings and replace the garage door glass. Put in some $3 Arbor Vitae in the front where the weeds are and you got yourself a steal. I could make that house golden for about 10K. If you really want to beautify it, sell the aluminum siding and replace it with vinyl, but it’s really not necessary.

  86. Ernest Money says:

    moose (88)-

    That was one of the biggest ever Champions League upsets.

    And, you cornered the market on incoherent blubbering months ago.

  87. joyce says:



    If you had a clue regarding US History, you would know the political views of the Repulicans and Democrats and “conservatives” and “liberals” has switched more than once.

    Thomas Jefferson was a liberal, a classical liberal. Today he would be an anarchist/libertarian/anti-federalist.

  88. Brian says:

    3b, at least the oil tank is not in the ground. Come to think of it, make sure they just didn’t fill the old one with sand in the yard.

    Are those bars on the garage window?

    31.3B Buying says:
    November 8, 2012 at 8:59 am
    I cannot believe it, but I am actually considering bidding on the POS below with the oil tank in the basement!


  89. 3B Buying says:

    #93 I would have to check that out of course (oil tank scenario),but first I have to convince myself that I might actually do it. And yes they look like bars to me!!

  90. 3B Buying says:

    #90 Lib: It has a lot of ptential, and we (my wife mainly) is very handy. Plus I have family in the business, so It would not take a lot to do it.I would have to reconcile myself to staying in town. As for the stove, I had one like that in my old house, got rid of it, should have checked with my brother, said he would have gotten 5k for it!!

  91. Libtard in Union says:

    There are a lot of advantages to an old stove. They never break. They were designed to be easy to clean as everything to the doors and handles are removable. The ovens were much better insulated and cooked more evenly. It’s your choice, but my multi still has a 1950’s Caloric in one of the units and I wouldn’t sell it for the world. It also looks cool. This is our model, but with a clock where the cork looking stuff is. The clock and the timer still work.

  92. Libtard in Union says:

    Oh, and the oven will light during a power outage.

  93. homeboken says:

    Article from the Queens Chronicle – Not real news regarding the gas line but the comments from the traffic cops are classic.

    LiCausi, a Queens Chronicle employee, said the situation in Ozone Park was causing problems for firefighters and EMS personnel in her neighborhood in the vicinity of a Hess station on Cross Bay Boulevard Thursday afternoon.
    “You had three lanes with people trying to get gas, leaving one for traffic to go through,” LiCausi said. “And it was backed up for at least three blocks.”
    She said a fire engine trapped on a cross street could not get through, prompting an FDNY captain to approach three city traffic agents standing on the nearby median strip for help, which they were reluctant to give.
    “They were all on their cell phones,” LiCausi said. “He told them they had to ticket those cars or get them moving. They told him they were on their break.”

  94. 3B Buying says:

    #97 That is a cool looking stove!

  95. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [85] moose,

    Yes. And I was in DC when the “niggardly” controversy broke. The democratic staffer that used the word resigned, and stayed resigned even though the other two democrats who were initially offended walked it back and asked him to reconsider. But Tony Williams had optics to think about so he didn’t refuse the resignation.

  96. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [99] boken,

    Get used to it for the next four years at least. But this is the job I want:


    Hope and Change.

  97. Jill says:

    3b: Looks like some nice woodwork in that house, especially that newel post. The kitchen layout is pretty heinous though; look where the fridge is.

    The one thing that would concern me is being that close to the school. My street is only about 1/2 mile from the high school but I have to either go out by the strip mall on Pascack Road or else arrange to leave for work before 7:20 AM or after 8:00 AM. Bergen’s Little Darlings don’t walk to school anymore, they get driven in an Escalade. Traffic by that house in the mornings and around 3 PM is going to be horrific.

    Oil tank in basement is not too bad; I have one. It’s only an issue if you convert to gas; then you have to do lots of things to make sure the oil company doesn’t fill where there isn’t a tank. Don’t know if you have a company you deal with no, but I switched from Metro to Hilltop last year when Metro wanted to charge me $1/gallon over prevailing rate just to get a budget plan. Hilltop in Fairfield is still family owned and very nice…and reliable.

  98. seif says:

    I wonder if this trend will continue:

    “Conservative media lies to its audience because much of its audience wants to be lied to.”


  99. joyce says:


    All of the networks, major newspapers, radio programs, etc lie to the people. All of them.

  100. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Sief Guilliani was recently quoated as saying that it is time for the Republican party to stick to fiscal conservatism and become socially liberal. Basically adhere to the intent of the constitution.

    I’m sure it will get him castigated by the party idealogues, but the truth hurts. Reagan made a deal with the devil when he proposed his big tent. Unfortunately ,the christian right and neocons have been driving the bus and they drove it off the cliff with this election.

  101. joyce says:

    Basically, become more libertarian? (using today’s lexicon)

    [I like most of the libertarian philosophy, but not their party]

  102. Libtard in Union says:

    Joyce…it’s impossible to convert a sheep. They only know how to be fleeced.

    Watch 1 hour of Fox and then watch 1 hour of MSNBC. The adverts on each network alone should convince you of the absurdity of politics today. How anyone can act as a cheerleader for one side or the other mystifies me. Most of them (if not all of ’em) are criminals and should be hung by their external organs.

  103. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Joyce essentially yes. Rudy is a lot of things but he was always very good at reading trends. The thing I find funny about it as a mayor he was exceptional at stamping all over individual liberty so not necessarily sure how it would square with his beliefs.

    totally understand your thing on the libertarian party. I’m a libertarian who is an independent. Not a big fan of the whole ideological purity thing nor am I fan of them recycling Team Red libertarians to run for president. Though GJ was the closest thing they had come to being an actual libertarian.

    Lib have you been hanging around clot again?

  104. Libtard in Union says:

    “Lib have you been hanging around clot again?”

    Nope! I can’t even read the paper today. Politics has become such sport lately. The solutions are so simple, but they’ll never happen. Crumbs for all.

  105. 3B Buying says:

    #104 Jill: I had oil tank too in first house (in basement), I never found it an issue, and in fact always thought it heated better than gas. I leave early, wife leaves late so school thing not an issue on day to day basis. House has potential, just can’t believe I am even considering it.

  106. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [103] Nom – Hope and Change was last election. The majority has voted this time around for:

    Hope and Change More of the Same.

  107. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [113] I hate when I mess up my html. Should read:

    Hope and Change More of the Same.

  108. Usually I don’t read post on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very pressured me to take a look at and do so! Your writing taste has been amazed me. Thanks, quite great post.

  109. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [105] seif,

    Considering the source, I got a laugh out of that. Was that intentional? Good one!

  110. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    There was a decent article recently on either fox or cnn about the marketing and intentionally partisan positions. One thing the article didn’t cover was how the talking heads seem to change their views when they change outlets. Didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know.

    Article probably on cnn somewhere. Fox wouldn’t diss itself.

  111. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    St. Louis Fed calling recession????? Must investigate.

  112. joyce says:

    Pain & Libtard

    agree x3

  113. seif says:

    Nom – do you think your conservative media was right on the mark with their analysis the last few weeks?

  114. seif says:

    deny it all you want but the conservative media completely misled conservatives, constantly telling them what they want to hear…then they are shocked when they are hit with reality outside the bubble; talk of romney landslides, mitt’s benghazi debate gaffe, dick morris’ ridiculous predictions, climate change isn’t real (tell that to staten islanders)…the list goes on and on.

    i saw Giuliani say that on a “lefty” network BEFORE the election. did he say it on fox as well? i don’t know. plenty of conservatives second guessing now…but the reality of the country’s demographics were clear for everyone to see and they chose to stick their head in the sand.

    nate silver’s column is based on NOTHING BUT MATH AND NUMBERS…math and numbers that was accessible to all sides…one side chose to make up their own “unskewed numbers” that…whaddya know, were skewed themselves.

  115. joyce says:

    Without discussing climate change, you do realize serious storms have occurred through the history of recorded time?

  116. seif says:

    122 – Joyce you know that’s a F^$#*G! lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. seif says:

    You guys will LOVE this:

    questions for a libertarian…would you rescue a drowning democrat, etc. enjoy…


  118. joyce says:

    And yes the “conservative media” was very misleading to any putz who decided to tune in. Shall I point out the next (or past) times when the “liberal media” has been misleading?

    Do you not think that ALL media loved the fact that some people thought the race was closer than it really was? What grabs more ratings…a blowout or a nail-biting finish?

    Why can you not accept that it is ALL, or both sides as you’d say, of the mainstream media is pure propaganda? Why does it have to be “my side is correct! your side is lying!”

    My daddy is better than your daddy…

  119. joyce says:


    excuse me?

  120. joyce says:


    I’m sure that guy is as much of a libertain (in philosophy & practice) as Paul Ryan is. You know why he is a libertarian, because he says so. And nobody ever lies, except for “conservative media.”

  121. joyce says:

    libertain = libertarian

  122. joyce says:

    If he was close to a libertarain, he would be “boycotting” the republicans as well. That being said, his “boycott” is stupid.

    So do my responses make you think i LOVED it?

  123. seif says:

    the guy is a former ron paul aide. are you a libertarian? just because you say so?

  124. Anon E. Moose says:

    Nom [116];


  125. Anon E. Moose says:


    What happens to the data in the wake of a storm like this? Suppose people gather a FEMA and/or insurance check and decise to sell “AS IS” and get out of dodge? Does that look like more decline in the affected areas?

  126. seif says:

    131 – exactly my point. you want to be lied to. i recall a few months back you posted some excitement about the polls moving closer and romney coming on strong and the race was his…where did you get that impression? conservative media?

    IT WAS NEVER CLOSE. Say it with me: L-A-N-D-S-L-I-D-E.

    Nom and Mouse can keep laughing…laughing yourselves into the political desert wandering for 40 years. If you’re not part of the solution…

  127. Comrade Nom Deplume says:


    I don’t know. I don’t really tune in for analysis. I think I said before that I don’t watch any of those stations in the evening when all the talking heads are on.

    And I don’t consider liberal.media any better. In fact, liberal media is much more snark and syllogism. Apparently that comes across as erudite.

  128. Libtard in Union says:

    “Without discussing climate change, you do realize serious storms have occurred through the history of recorded time?”

    What caused the Ice Age Seif? Are you aware that most meteorologists don’t believe that humans are causing the climate change? Were you aware that last year the polar ice shelves came back like crazy. Climate change can’t be based on what you are experiencing in your neck of the woods. In lots of places around the globe, weather has been more stable than usual. And a couple of big storms clumped together is no surprise and is quite common. Weather tends to occur in patterns. It takes a global shift in highs and lows usually to break the pattern. Is the Northeast getting warmer? Absolutely. Are humans causing it? Can’t be so sure. The earth might simply be entering a Fire Age due to the earth tilting more on its axis. But you won’t hear that on MSNBC or FOX. It’s not interesting enough.

    During the 70’s butter was condemned and margarine was praised by the same scientists who claim we are responsible for climate change. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Oh yeah, tobacco was once considered a health aid too. Do you drive a Prius Seif?

  129. joyce says:


    If you’re having trouble with reading comprehension, I will remind you that I never said I was a libertarian, only that I like more of their philosophy and do not like the party. Why would I ever want to identify myself with any political party? I did not vote for Gary Johnson… I left the Presedential section, blank. No qualified write-in candidates in NJ (the whole concept of needing to qualify oneself to be written-in is a joke to begin with).

    So, the guy is a former Ron Paul aide. OK, was everyone of them a Libertarian? Are you aware that Ron Paul has been a registered Republican for multiple decades? Are you aware that in “open-primary” states Ron Paul received a notable percentage of independent and democratic votes to accompany his republican votes?

    Are you familiar with the bedrock foundation of what a libertarian (at least in today’s world) claims to be? [google is your friend]

  130. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [134] seif,

    You’re the only one so far that has used that term.

    Haven’t even heard it on MSNBC or the liberal blogs.

    You are it. The only one. I’ll leave the conclusion up to you.

  131. joyce says:


    Pull the other one, Comrade.
    Perhaps, you do not tune in “in the evenings” but you post more msnbc stuff on here than anyone. I guess you’re addicted to seeing what the “other side” has to say all day.

  132. seif says:

    138 – joyce you took the word write out of my Mac made-by-cheap-exploited-labor keyboard.

    that guy quotes MSNBC all the time.

  133. seif says:

    write = pun intended

  134. Libtard in Union says:

    The Center For Public Integrity listed “Scott Rasmussen Inc” as a paid consultant for the 2004 George W. Bush campaign.

    Baa Baa.

  135. Vehicle Wrap says:

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  136. seif says:

    bah, bah, bah…we ARE all sheep. we can chose to be happy sheep, bitter sheep or complete lack of self-awareness sheep.

    I drink the Rachel Maddow manna milkshake…I drink it up! I know that I am a lefty, bleeding heart, limousine liberal and any other insulting name in the book. For the most part it is true…and sometimes full of contradictions…but I am okay with it.

    I am not sure Nom knows who he is…but Joyce sure does.

  137. Juice Box says:

    seif – when is the last time you actually took a limo?

  138. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [143] seif,

    If it works for you, fine. And you can insult me to the heavens. Joyce too. I will continue to take the metaphorical other side of your trades and we’ll see who is right.

  139. seif says:

    135 – what a crock of shit all of that is. where do you get all that bunk? scientists? gosh…we shouldn’t have people studying that stuff. jesus hates fags…that’s why it all happens…but jesus also likes obama…that is why he brought Sandy here and made chris christie hug obama. (is that snarky or eruidite?)

  140. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    seif – Landslide, a margin of victory within statistical error points is not a landslide. If chairman O picked up 5 more percentage points and a couple of red states sure basically holding the line with typically blue and purple states not so much. Is there a shift in demographics, I guess. for all intents and purposes the republican party should change their symbol from a pachyderm to yosemite sam shooting himself in the foot. Losing an election to an inexperienced, cool neophyte was not based on the greatness of O’s ideas and their execution. rather it was do to the incorrect thinking, ideaology, and lack of adherence to the constitution that did them in.

    Lib climate change those morons were the same ones screaming for a global ice age was coming in the seventies. they do more harm that good and it is a boogeyman for grant money. (This is why I hate government grants)

    nom depending on what my preferred method of torture is I switch back and forth between Fox and MSNBC. Wish CNN would go centrist, but I only watch them for my Ashleigh Banfield fix.

  141. Ragnar says:

    I was telling some people a couple weeks ago that a Romney forecast was really unlikely, based on Nate Silver’s analysis. Somebody yelled back that Silver’s a big Obama supporter so none of his analysis can be trusted. Which is a ridiculous evasion. I just read Nate Silver’s “The Signal and the Noise” and it’s an excellent book for the most part. Even if he were a big Obama booster, I can see that he tries not to allow his preferences influence his analysis.

    I’m in the investment business, and one of the big psychological requirements that one must master is to separate “what you hope will happen” from “what you forecast will happen” and not let the former influence the latter.

  142. Sterling Grey Matters says:

    All politics is simply pimpin’ writ large. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game!

  143. seif says:

    August 17th, 2012, San Francisco. I hailed a limo on the street to take my friends and I to the Phish show at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

    Keywords: Phish, Liberal, Limousine, San Francisco, Peace, Love, Dope

  144. Mikewaited says:

    Stu 135 do not bore people with facts about how the climate works over long periods of time & further more the FACT that the polar ice shelves increased dramatically is irrelevant.
    Further more the recent addition of co2 (what less than 100 years in any quantity) is not even a blip on the over all trends of the earth & it’s weather patterns. It amazes me that educated people buy this load of crap.

    Anyway George Bush did it.

  145. seif says:

    145 – i don’t think anyone insulted you. someone (joyce) described exactly what was in front of her for all to see. metaphorical other side of trade? what kind of BS is that? you are team red, i am team blue. i know what i am…you think you are something else.

  146. Ragnar says:

    Libtard, 135

    Global warming has got to be the most overhyped, expensive hobgoblin of the past 50 years. Climate has and will continue to change. The only way to really overcome it is to have a society wealthy enough to build strong structures and have capital to rebuild. Capitalism and innovation is the only path, rather than going back to the stone age or wasting capital on granola power.

    Nate Silver’s recent book “The Signal and The Noise” had a chapter on global warming. I could tell that psychologically he wanted to support global warming, but he had to admit that 1) the models are unreliable and the scientific process is lacking and politicized and 2) that the data are not conforming with the big UN forecast of 1990, even though 21 years should be the time when such forecasts should be most accurate.

    The funniest thing that I heard about global warming came from actor Jim Carey. He was the narrator for a nice 3D IMAX blu-ray movie with undersea fish and coral reefs. Of course they had to make a plea for us to stop global warming so that oceans wouldn’t rise 2 meters. That was a few minutes after he noted that 100,000 years earlier (or some such), the sea level was 100 feet higher than now.

    Humans can no more stop climate change than they can stick the South African and South American continents back together. The “global warming” that lefties are so obsessed about is a tiny blip compared to the huge swings of climate history that humans have already survived. The Sahara was once lush and green. The earth is what people make of it.

  147. seif says:

    151 – site the study

  148. seif says:

    yet, my point is that studies should be done to gather data. ignoring the science is what i am against.

  149. joyce says:


    Sometimes there is more than two sides to something.

  150. seif says:

    FYI – Heartland Institute is “an ultra conservative think tank” so don’t use that one.

  151. joyce says:


    Sometimes these “studies” are not based on scientific method and have predetermined outcomes.

  152. seif says:

    exactly…like the Heartland Institute

  153. Libtard in Union says:

    Seif. Grants pay for all of these studies and you can trace every single one of them back to a conservative or liberal supporter. It’s all the results of our lobbyist model and it will kill this country long before CO2 does. So do you drive a polluting Prius? Answer my question. Cause if you do, you are sucker!

  154. seif says:

    no prius

  155. Juice Box says:

    The most troubling recent scientific evidence I have read in regards to Global Warming is the period that began around the year 1000 AD when the sea level rose over 4 centuries by about 6 cm per century and then the sea level was stable again until the 19th century.

    What would cause a 400-year rise in sea level during the middle ages, and then why did it all of a sudden stop for another 500 years?

    I don’t think the science is settled.

  156. seif says:

    I guess I made up for 6 weeks of no NJRERE posting in one day today.

  157. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Seif besides the bad taste in music (phish really? only a liberal would take a limo to a phish concert. By the way Tre hates all of you and they only got back together for the money) and terribly indoctrinated thinking I’m sure your not a bad guy.

    But a hundred years of climate data (40 of which is the only relevant piece) is a hamster fart on the ecological timescale of this planet. Applied over time and with scientific observation climate and atmospheric gases are more of a bouncing ball than anything linear. Guess what the climate changes it is what it does. the bias in a lot of the models is awful as they ignore externalties inherrent to any system.

    Wonder if the dinsaurs were complaining about climate change when it enabled them to take over large swaths of the earth because it was benficial to there biological processes.

  158. Anon E. Moose says:

    My office building just got power back late last night. Its been sitting cold-soaked for 10 days, and the heating plant lacks the capacity for rapid temperature changes. I could use a little global warming right now. I’m sure Grim and those still out of power (JJ – where are you?) wouldn’t mind a little, either.

    BTW, the Pious… uh, Prius, far outsells its more efficient competitor the Civic hybrid because the Civic hybrid LOOKS like any other Civic, while the Prius has a distinctive body style. What good is ‘saving the earth’ if everyone can’t SEE you’re saving the earth when you drive down the street?

  159. joyce says:

    And only the Heartland Institute! Yeah, man!
    I assume only that one because you took the time to single out just one at of, I don’t even know, thousands?

    seif says:
    November 8, 2012 at 4:01 pm
    exactly…like the Heartland Institute

  160. seif says:

    pain – awww, thx. i wanted a cab but the limo pulled up.

    if you have 23 minutes…enjoy. it really starts going places around the 11:00 mark (did i really just say that?) but from there….liftoff.

    (this is from this past Sept)

  161. seif says:

    joyce – don’t be so bitter. i haven’t been on here forever but i don’t recall a single nice, agreeable, fun, light-hearted moment from you…ever.

  162. joyce says:

    Oh, I’m sure there was at least 1 or 2… out a couple hundred comments.

    Just stop saying stupid things

  163. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    joyce when your philosophically retarded it is hard not to.

  164. Ernest Money says:

    Libertarians are fugazy. Either be an anarchist or a sheep. In the end, that is the only choice.

  165. Ernest Money says:

    You either vote in the popularity contest for criminals, or you vote with a bullet.

  166. reinvestor101 says:

    >> Painhrtz – 42 says:
    November 8, 2012 at 4:38 pm

    joyce when your philosophically retarded it is hard not to.<<<

    I hate you. Liberal wuss

  167. reinvestor101 says:

    >>>seif says:
    November 8, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    joyce – don’t be so bitter. i haven’t been on here forever but i don’t recall a single nice, agreeable, fun, light-hearted moment from you…ever.<<<

    I hate you too. Leave her alone.

  168. Ernest Money says:

    seif (163)-

    I, for one, would’ve preferred watching six weeks of Beavis & Butthead with my eyelids taped open.

    “I guess I made up for 6 weeks of no NJRERE posting in one day today.”

  169. McDullard says:

    Re media…

    I personally can’t take any of the “loud stream media” — even without getting to the bias part. PBS coverage was what I generally watch in the debates, and results. I do concede that the pace may be too slow for people — the “hot blonde” on the election coverage show is 65, and the “young girl” is 57, along with “Brooks & Sheilds” at 51 & 75.

    Any chance a consensus will emerge that PBS isn’t an agenda-driven plot? Especially, after the beating the pundits took from Bayesian Statistics…


  170. McDullard says:

    #165 Moose…

    Honda screwed up somewhere… It was the first on market with catchy hybrid ads, but didn’t take off. I won’t attribute to the style alone.

    Also, judging the notion of conservation based on prius drivers is a bit like judging spirituality based on the live audience at a televangelist show. The ideas are good, and the followers fall short.

  171. NJCoast says:

    Still. No. Power. Brrrrr.

  172. freedy says:


    Wait until the bill comes due for the damage by Sandy. Then what ?

    NJ is a Welfare state already

  173. NJGator says:

    Our neighbors across the street finally got their power restored today – thanks to the neighbor who clung to the utility truck and said, “you’ll have to kill me to get me off! We have too many babies here.” Apparently lights came on 5 minutes afterwards.

  174. Ernest Money says:

    Waah! I missed two episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras.

  175. Mikewaited says:

    seif -climate change- had to go but it seems others have carried the ball for me across the goal line.
    Pain “But a hundred years of climate data (40 of which is the only relevant piece) is a hamster fart on the ecological timescale of this planet.” LOLROF But BINGO! the hubris
    of these scientist amuses me at best.

  176. Ragnar says:

    Essex, 181
    In that photo I think I see some crushed valor.

  177. Ben says:

    Having worked in academia specifically with a focus on science and engineering, I can honestly say, you have to be nuts to believe anything you read in the press with regard to “science”. There are way too many scientists that love to draw conclusions that disconnect from their own data. I’ve seen cases where they choose to ignore data disproving their assumptions. I’ve seen groups try to publish papers with such assertions, and when they get turned down, the crawl from journal to journal until they find a reviewer who doesn’t actually read their article. Then it gets published. Then the press or politicians go “look, it’s in a scientific journal.

  178. Ragnar says:

    Honey Boo Boo child and her coupon queen mom has her cheetos, sgetty and butter, Red Bull, and future pig-heart transplant locked up from the government, at least for the next four years. Honey Boo Boo’s endorsement cost Romney a lot of trash votes.
    Toddlers & Tiaras is “Firing Line” for the next generation. You’re familiar with the movie, Idiocracy, right?

  179. Ragnar says:

    Correct. “Experts” are mostly good at spinning narratives, rather than forecasting. Lots of research is just data mining. If you need a finding with a 95% confidence level, look through 100 data sets and you’ll probably find a few matches. It’s even worse in finance than in hard sciences I bet.

  180. Sweet site, super style and design, real clean and utilise pleasant.

  181. Ernest Money says:

    ragnar (188)-

    I think I’ve pretty much memorized Idiocracy.

  182. Painhrtz - 42 says:

    Anytime Mike though the highlight of my day has to be getting called a liberal wuss for agreeing with Joyce by re 101. I do love when folks like seif lecture those who actually are scientists on the interpretation of data.

  183. chicagofinance says:


    Comrade Nom Deplume says:
    November 8, 2012 at 9:27 am
    [39] caljn,Some time back, someone posted that re101 was really grim, posting an alter ego for grins. I thought that there may be something to that theory.

  184. Juice Box says:

    Painhrtz – Take it easy on Seif, he is still coming down from all the bong hits from Tuesday night’s win. I laughed out loud when he proclaimed he was a limo liberal that went to a Phish concert in San Fran.

    He really has no idea what a limo liberal really is I gather.

  185. Mikewaited says:

    Pain I am no scientist but it does not take a brain surgeon to figure out these guys are full of it. As you & I both said in scale on the earth & weather patterns there conclusions are suspect at best.

  186. chicagofinance says:

    not stu

    zieba says:
    November 8, 2012 at 10:06 am
    I have always thought that 101 was bored Stu/Lib. I now know this to be false, but I don’t entirely believe it.

  187. Mikewaited says:

    chi you still think it’s you know who.

  188. chicagofinance says:

    hence the term “blowing smoke up your ass”

    Libtard in Union says:
    November 8, 2012 at 3:10 pm
    Oh yeah, tobacco was once considered a health aid too. Do you drive a Prius Seif?

  189. Juice Box says:

    Chi – back home with power I hope? They had Holmdel on the news last night residents said on 5% of the town had power.

  190. 1987 condo buyer says:

    #135…everything i googled on ice caps show that this year was the most melt ever?
    I do recall having a class room discussion in 1975 about the coming ice age and that we hoped something could stop it! Problem solved!!!!!

  191. NJGator says:

    Clot 184 -Forget about Toddlers and Tiaras or Honey Boo Boo. People are missing Homeland!

    “The skit then turned back to Armisen, who mocked Mayor Bloomberg’s broken Spanish.   

    “I’d like to close with a message to our Spanish speakers,” said Armisen.

    “In the upcoming days the white people of New York will be irritable and moody,” he added, as the audience exploded in laughter. “They have no Internet. They have no Facebook. No Seamless Web. Their cable is not working. No HBO. There is no Showtime. They cannot watch “Homeland.”

    “White people love ‘Homeland’,” Armisen continued. “So I ask all Hispanics to be patient with white people. Missing ‘Homeland’ is the worst thing that ever happened to them.”

  192. Mikewaited says:

    Condo “I do recall having a class room discussion in 1975 about the coming ice age and that we hoped something could stop it! Problem solved!!!!!”
    That is the point in a nutshell remember that also. In 20 years who knows which way the wind will be blowing both literally & figuratively. They surely don’t.

  193. Mikewaited says:

    But to expand on 202 we should not use our most efficient source of fuel & spend countless billions (we do not have) because these guys got it right, Oh yes dead on this time.
    My sisters a**!

  194. Mikewaited says:

    Oh! Oh! but what if there right? Maybe you get hit by a bus tomorrow or an asteroid hits the earth. What a bunch of sniveling pansies we have become. Thanks to the courage of young men & women (most from poor backgrounds) I have no fear of being conquered or subjugated from without. We will do it from within for them, why fire a shot.

  195. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    Wow, just got back and see that I missed seif and Joyce vs. Nearly everyone else.

    Too much to read. Head will hurt. Don’t really care anyway. Must drink firewater now.

    And who is honey boo-boo? Some little brat I guess, but since I have two of my own, I’ll pass.

  196. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    FWIW, the one area I more or less agree with O on is renewable or alt energy (except for ethanol).

    Even if you don’t believe in man made global warming, the remaining benefits make it worthwhile to pursue.

    So, fab, happy for your prius even if I agree with you on little else.

  197. t c m says:

    Re: Ice Age Scare.

    I remember being told when I was little that the glaciers were going to come down (from somewhere) and cover us all in ice! Kinda scared me.

    Does anyone remember the scare that the killer bees were coming up from Mexico?

  198. zieba says:

    You mean to tell me your days are not spent watching this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nl-mCuRlnIA&feature=related

    What’s up with JJ? I know some folks in client relations who have not been back in the office since Sandy – word is 111 Wall got hit hard – but a mission-critical BSD like JJ?

  199. joyce says:


    I was ‘with Seif vs everyone else’ … are we reading the same comments?

    And on the subject of “renewable energy” – some of the technologies might become viable when we start to run out of the cheap stuff we have now when their prices rise. Regardless of all that, we should be developing nuclear. I like what Karl Denninger has to say about that at the market-ticker.

  200. Ernest Money says:

    When can we drop a nuclear bomb on Pakistan?

  201. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    JJ says:
    January 31, 2012 at 12:25 pm
    Flood Insurance is a scam. It only covers parts of house above water table and does not cover contents of house. You have to get a separate flood insurance policy for contents. That is why I don’t have flood insurance.

  202. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    JJ – AKA Two Hands says:
    August 29, 2011 at 10:40 am
    I am back from vacation!!!

    First of all Flood Insurance is a scam for most people. I live in a flood zone. I have no flood insurance. It is expensive. 1% of the amount covered. So $400,000 coverage is 4k a year. Second it does not cover contents of house damaged by house, you need a second flood policy for that. Thirdly, it does not cover any part of the house below ground level. So it would not cover my den or crawlspace. Flood Insurance is only useful if you have a house at risk of being severely damaged, to get it for a little flooding in basement every ten years like I have is a wast of money. All homes in my areas with a mortgage require flood insurance. However, the check is payable to lender to fix damages to house and does not cover contents. I had one flood ten years ago that caused me an afternoon of ripping out a wet rug and spending $500 on a new rug. However, that would have not been covered anyhow.

    The bigger issue is Huricane insurance carries a 5% deductable, unlike the regular deductable. in my case a Huricanne I have a 25K deductable, but since it was a trop storm by time we hit us any damage would be under my regular deductable of $500. that was a huge deal for most

    Shore Guy says:
    August 29, 2011 at 8:10 am

    I wonder how many people who never view themselves as being in danger from flooding — who never bothered with National Flood Insurance, and whose homeowners’ policies do no cover flood damage — will be broken by flood losses. Any thoughts on this?

  203. Essex says:

    211. Holy Crap. He ‘did’ say that.

  204. Essex says:

    210. Just cut off their lifeforce. Seven Eleven stores.

  205. Mikewaited says:

    Speaking of missing “Shore”?

  206. Fabius Maximus says:

    #215 Mike

    Had been thinking that as well, but he went dark long before the storm. I assumed he was following Bruce on the North American tour.

  207. Fabius Maximus says:

    It is funny that I find the best news piece of the day on a car site. It is nice to see someone ask the deeper question at the end.


  208. Juice Box says:

    142k in Nassau county still with no power.

    JJ if you are out there I have a generator to loan. Free fo a Bronx boy.

  209. chicagofinance says:

    shore disappeared as we came down the back stretch of the election; I wasn’t sure whether it was being busy, or else he was working on proprietary stuff and needed to simply shut up…….I would expect him to resurface any day now…….

    Mikewaited says:
    November 8, 2012 at 10:36 pm
    Speaking of missing “Shore”?

  210. chicagofinance says:

    As of yesterday, Holmdel was dead. I came back Tuesday night and work Wednesday morning, but this storm took down most of Colts Neck again, Lincroft, Marlboro and Freehold. Lincroft came back. I was at work in Red Bank at 8PM, and it went down again.

    Juice Box says:
    November 8, 2012 at 8:15 pm
    Chi – back home with power I hope? They had Holmdel on the news last night residents said on 5% of the town had power.

  211. Fabius Maximus says:

    #135 Lib

    I drive a Prius and it is hands down the best car I have owned. Now that its out of Warranty, I can start exploiting its full use. In these few weeks it has been like a Swiss Army knife. I bought an $80 inverter that instead of running the 12V up to 110V, it comes off the main battery and drops 240V down to 11oV. More efficent and the whole point of the car is to manage the charge to that 240V battery. It is an inbuilt UPS that you can wire straight to the transfer switch. As long as the car does not run out of gas it keeps going.
    Sitting in a gas line it will switch itself off. You dont have to switch off and you can still run the heat. I saw a lot of cars idle out of gas waiting in line. While it is dumb on the drivers part, its nice not to have to think about it.
    Finally I loaded the car with generator gas, pumps clothes and a load of other supplies. With the roof box on, the shocks were overloaded with mm of play. It went 120miles to Breezy point and back on $8 (2.5 gallons) of gas. Next addition will be a class one tow bar and I’ll add a trailer to up the transport capacity.
    It has a nine gallon tank with a 500mile range. Toyota loaded it to Lexus spec options without the cost. They lost money on the first two generations, but now its a gravy train. I couldn’t care what people think of me in it, I know what I’m getting out of it.

    When people complain about the high cost of the Volt, there is a steep cost to develop the technology, if they can port the technology on to other models, it is worth the outlay. Where do you think the Camry and Lexus hybrids came from. They spooned the HSD onto the side of the smallest motor they could find and sold it for big bucks.

  212. Juice Box says:

    Chi- generator ? Queens is close enough to the Bronx.

  213. Westjester says:

    I find it amusing to read disdain for the Prius. Though I’ve not owned one, it has the best engineered hybrid solution in my opinion, certainly compared to the Civic. I know a little about hybrids; we built one as an engineering school project. Most of our team members went to Ford.
    The problem with hybrids is still all about the battery, though the replacement cost concern has been allayed to some degree for the moment, there is just not enough Lithium in the world for the long term.

  214. youlikehits says:

    I relish, result in I found exactly what I used to be taking a look for. You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  215. Anon E. Moose says:

    Westjester [223];

    Nothing against the Prius per se, its the insufferably smug self-righteousness of its owners, earning it the well-deserved and ironic nickname of the “Pious“.

  216. Ben says:

    Correct. “Experts” are mostly good at spinning narratives, rather than forecasting. Lots of research is just data mining. If you need a finding with a 95% confidence level, look through 100 data sets and you’ll probably find a few matches. It’s even worse in finance than in hard sciences I bet.

    Finance takes it to a whole new level. Science is at least based on solid well defined laws and only the dishonest deviate from that. In finance, they base their decisions on economics, which is easily the most intellectually dishonest subject in the world. In finance, people just outright lie.

  217. McDullard says:

    Moose… #225

    “Nothing against the Prius per se, its the insufferably smug self-righteousness of its owners, … “

    The smugness is in almost all walks of life — some times as a show-off, and some times over enthusiasm that comes off as self-righteousness. Honestly, I haven’t seen any Prius owner talking about how they are doing it for the environment. A couple of times people showed how cool it is with respect to idling, noise, etc.

    Ten years ago, I fancied a Civic Hybrid (was driving a Civic then). Four years ago, it was Fusion Hybrid… Now, as an old man, I fancy a hybrid minivan. But it’s been a 1996 Corolla still, and I can sometimes be mighty self-righteous about how I conserve resources :)

  218. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    I’m interested to see how Mazda fares with it’s i-ELOOP technology, currently available abroad on the new Mazda6. Same principle as a hybrid, but no battery. Instead, big capacitors are charged (quickly!) by regenerative braking. The capacitors are then used to power electrical components of the vehicle. You’re probably thinking, “Big deal. You’re no using the capacitors to propel the vehicle.”, which is true. But the capacitors do allow for one more important feature; the engine can be turned off when stopped while the features of the car (A/C, lights, etc.) are still available. Supposedly the car restarts in 1/3 of a second upon pressing the accelerator.


  219. Brian says:

    I bet 101 is really someone we wouldn’t expect….like Jill maybe.

  220. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [229] Brian – You should be more clear with your comments, I surmise now that you are referring to reinvestor101. Originally I looked at comment #101 in this thread:

    101. Comrade Nom Deplume says:
    November 8, 2012 at 12:53 pm
    [85] moose,

    Yes. And I was in DC when the “niggardly” controversy broke. The democratic staffer that used the word resigned, and stayed resigned even though the other two democrats who were initially offended walked it back and asked him to reconsider. But Tony Williams had optics to think about so he didn’t refuse the resignation.

  221. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [230] expat,

    Speaking of being more clear …

  222. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    Never mind. Just woke up. Need coffee.

  223. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [208] Zieba,

    Ugh. And before breakfast too. Thanks a lot.

  224. Brian says:

    Fab, I’m glad you like your car but I just don’t think the benefits you mention are worth the extra cost of the car. Besides, you could have hooked an inverter up to almost any small fuel efficient car and powered stuff in your home. Your achilles heel is that you still need gasoline. I guess it’s nice that it shut off while waiting in the gas lines but it’s the fact that you had to wait in the gas lines that sucked. Maybe when they come out with a 4 door 4wd version with a pickup bed and more clearance i’ll be more convinced. Tough to drive that prius off road when you need to get around downed trees or power lines.

    I bought a briggs and straton storm responder generator just before the storm hit. I’m already looking into installing a tri-fuel kit. It would enable it to run on propane, natural gas, or gasoline. Whatever’s plentiful. From what I’ve read online, the kit is relatively easy to install.


    221.Fabius Maximus says:
    November 8, 2012 at 11:34 pm
    #135 Lib

    I drive a Prius and it is hands down the best car I have owned. Now that its out of Warranty, I can start exploiting its full use. In these few weeks it has been like a Swiss Army knife. I bought an $80 inverter that instead of running the 12V up to 110V, it comes off the main battery and drops 240V down to 11oV. More efficent and the whole point of the car is to manage the charge to that 240V battery. It is an inbuilt UPS that you can wire straight to the transfer switch. As long as the car does not run out of gas it keeps going.

  225. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    3rd straight day of down market, down commodities, but gold up. This is not what I expected.

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