Pending home sales flatten YOY

From the WSJ:

U.S. Pending Home Sales Tumbled 2.5% in January

The number of existing homes tentatively sold across the U.S. fell in January, as swiftly rising prices and lower inventory muted buyer demand after the strongest year in nearly a decade.

An index measuring pending home sales—a gauge of purchases before they become final—fell 2.5% to a seasonally adjusted reading of 106.0 in January, the National Association of Realtors said Monday. An index of 100 is equal to the average level of contract activity during 2001, which the NAR considers a “normal,” or balanced, market for the current U.S. population. In 2015, the index averaged 108.9, a rise of 8.0% over 2014 and its highest level since 2006.

The drop surprised analysts. Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal had predicted a 0.5% increase in January’s sales. December’s reading was revised up to 108.7 from an initial reading of 106.8.

“While pending home sales have been weak lately, some other housing indicators—including the mortgage purchase application data reported through most of February—have looked strong, giving us hope that the housing market is continuing to recover,” Daniel Silver, an economist at J.P. Morgan Chase, wrote in an analyst note.

Pending home sales rose 1.4% in January from a year earlier, the 17th straight month the index has increased year over year, but that was its second-smallest annual gain over that period.

Several economists noted January’s blizzard may have dampened activity in the Northeast, but the index fell most in the Midwest and Northwest, declining by 4.9% and 4.5% respectively.

“It’s possible that the drop in the stock market beginning at the start of the year persuaded would-be home buyers to wait a while, but we have no way of knowing for sure,” said Ian Shepherdson, an economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, in a note to clients. “Alternatively, the severe blizzard in late January might have depressed activity in the northeast, but sales reportedly fell even further in the West, so it’s hard to find a consistent story.”

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  1. Funnelcloud says:

    Good morning NJ

  2. grim says:

    Looks like we finally got a race, perhaps the Trump dominance not so set in stone.

  3. The Great Pumpkin says:

    AB InBev to sell SABMiller stake in China’s Snow beer

  4. Funnelcloud says:

    Something to talk about Super Tuesday Trump machine rolls on but I will be surprised if he gets the nomination. probably won’t make the 1237 and GOP will Ram Rubio down our throats. Its not that I’m a devoted Trump fan, but he’s got my vote, I’m really just sick of the establishment and here is a guy that finally has the notoriety and the resources to shake up the GOP insiders. Hell he might even be able to change a few minor things as president but for the most part I think he’ll be neutered of power IF elected. Notice Rubio’s percentages have dropped since the good old boys fell in behind him (even Cruz is ahead of him now). and he’s still sending out the same old message, It should be a bumper sticker ” IF YOU LIKE THE STATUS QUO” “THEN VOTE FOR MARCO RUBIO” if this guys elected he’ll owe so many favors that he’ll still be kissing ass when the next election cycle rolls around. As a registered republican I would fall in behind Cruz if he wins legitimately, but Rubio nah The GOP just doesn’t see themselves as the polished but unethical, silver spooned, champions of the special interest that they have become, and the fact that Bitch McConnell has taken this thing so personally only adds greater Joy to the whole situation. Should Mitch and da boyz decide that they know whats good for us & ignore the will of the people again I for one will probably cast my vote for that felonious witch on the other side of the septic tank cause either way we’ll be in the Sh*t. Might as well add some gridlock.

  5. Essex says:

    6. is there anything the establishment can do? Trump is so energetic.

  6. Comrade Nom Deplume, Newspeak Editor says:

    [3] pumps

    In my gut, I feel that there is a form of conspiracy involving Trump, but I don’t think he is a participant. I do feel that there is an effort to pump up his vote however it cannot account for his lead.

  7. Comrade Nom Deplume, Newspeak Editor says:

    Comrade Sanders took four states. That will force Cankles to have to defend her left flank.

  8. Ragnar says:

    To me the big question is whether Cruz is more willing to cooperate with Rubio than Trump. And whether Cruz voters are willing. Together they could stop Trump.
    Meanwhile, Sean Hannity is totally preparing to be the future Baghdad Bob for Trump.

  9. Funnelcloud says:

    Absolutely The GOP and Super Pacs will keep Rubio in the race regardless of how bad he loses The main goal now is that they prevent Trump from getting to 1237 delegates, If that happens they go to a brokered convention and the GOP picks who “THEY” think should be the nominee. Rubio of Course, Thats the GOP’s present course of action and the main reason I’m so against the Golden boy.

  10. D-FENS says:

    It was amazing to watch life long Republicans lose their minds on twitter last night. They really hate Trump’s guts. So many people renouncing their party status over it.

    Seems like more people who aren’t totally immersed in politics all the time are participating in primaries/caucuses. Establishment types aren’t liking it…

  11. D-FENS says:

    I had a great time trolling lifelong Republicans last night. I’m sure quite a few of them smashed their phones.

  12. GOP'sbroken(the good one) says:

    easier win


    For the record, most Democrats would much rather face Cruz than Trump

  13. D-FENS says:

    14 – I’d agree with that. Trump has broader appeal. It’s telling that he wins in states with open primaries and early voting.

  14. grim says:

    The only way Rubio or Cruz overtake Trump is if one of them drop out … Mexican Standoff. Who shoots first?

  15. grim says:

    Bernie is to Democrats as Trump is to Republicans.

    Bernie and Trump are the same candidate.

    Who does not see this?

  16. GOP'sbroken(the good one) says:


    Trump voter on Fox News says he likes that Trump doesn’t give specific policy ideas because otherwise other candidates might steal them.

  17. D-FENS says:

    Grim, my guess is if Cruz drops out, a lot of them will go over to Trump. Rubio is now the establishment guy.

  18. GOP'sbroken(the good one) says:

    the establishment ain’t happy

    George Will just unloaded on “coward” Donald Trump

  19. grim says:

    Grim, my guess is if Cruz drops out, a lot of them will go over to Trump

    No way, I can’t see this.

  20. Funnelcloud says:

    12 D-Fens
    Every candidate is going to have his or her haters, but its nonsense when they say Trump doesn’t have the majority, Or The Majority of voters hate Trump, Its just not true, He’s pulling down the highest scores Rubio isn’t getting a majority, Cruz, Kasich(?) no majority but The loathed trump is definitely more popular than the other guys, in a run off do you really believe that 100% of all the voters for Cruz will run to Rubio or will fall in as anti trump for one or the other candidates, I highly doubt it ? also 20000 dem voters in Mass changed party affiliations to back Trump. Trump is a anti-establishment protest candidate that finally carries enough clout to disrupt the GOP machine, That’s really all he is and The GOP’s only recourse is to fear monger and hope the electorate is stupid enough to buy into there message that Donald Trump is the anti-christ and going to be the end of the world, and that Rubio is our only hope. At best Trump will disrupt the Money machine of the special interest and maybe piss off a few of his billionaire competitors. Just look to the back room brain storming sessions going on right now all special interest and insiders nothing about. “WE THE PEOPLE”

  21. GOP'sbroken(the good one) says:

    yes they will

    Rafael Cruz and his followers are crazy to begin with. think about it

    grim says:
    March 2, 2016 at 7:53 am
    Grim, my guess is if Cruz drops out, a lot of them will go over to Trump

    No way, I can’t see this.

  22. grim says:

    Particularly enjoying Trump’s (continued) commentary on not defunding planned parenthood last night.

    His move towards the middle is happening sooner than I expected. Kicking every other GOP candidate in the balls. F*ck you, this is my party.

  23. GOP'sbroken(the good one) says:

    unlike most of you, funnelcloud is making sense.

    the establishment won’t like that

  24. D-FENS says:

    My wife and I remain registered, but unaffiliated with any party. In NJ, you can declare your party the day of a primary and vote. I think I’ll leave it that way, and vote in the primary if I need to….then change back to unaffiliated later.

    They way it’s looking, the primary in NJ might actually mean something.

    Too bad we don’t have open primary voting.

  25. D-FENS says:

    Let’s just start calling it the Trump party and plate it in Brass.

  26. D-FENS says:

    At least Bernie Sanders is credible. There’s video of him chaining himself to a Black woman during a civil rights demonstration in the 60’s. Later in the video he’s wailed on by night sticks and hauled away by the cops.

    Meanwhile, Hillary has to explain why she wanted Black “superpredators” to “heel” in the 90’s.

  27. grim says:

    Just wait until Trump brings Carson over to his side, as Secretary of HHS. Maybe to head the CDC? Which is the more powerful position? Clearly Trump would care less about who the establishment wants seated in those positions, instead, I’m sure he’ll broker them himself to win.

  28. D-FENS says:

    Killer Mike ‏@KillerMike 17h17 hours ago
    If u care about social justice in the White House RT
    Shaun King

    Killer Mike on one clear difference between Bernie and Hillary
    In 90 seconds, Bernie Sanders shows a clear difference between how Bernie Sanders has engaged protestors versus Hilary Clinton.

  29. Funnelcloud says:

    I should not have used the word Stupid, People are all entitled to their beliefs and views, that’s the wonderful thing about this country, to be able to have an opinion. I’m of the “OPINION” that Trump is the first candidate to come along that the establishment truly has worries about, To me and a great number of other people That’s what is appealing about Trump, In the simplest terms it puts our leaders on notice that maybe even a guy like Trump is better than going down the path that we have been going and that their cushy jobs may be in jeopardy in the next election cycle. Other people especially those who may directly be effected by a Trump presidency Absolutely will feel differently, its the self preservation don’t touch mine attitude ingrained in the American culture. Every bodies going to vote for whats in their best interest. to me none of them truly have anything to offer. I don’t even dislike Rubio, I dislike him being the insider choice Thats about it

  30. grim says:

    Why doesn’t Bernie have the black vote? NPR went on and on about this last night. Despite the overwhelming evidence that he should have it, he doesn’t.

    One of the NPR callers nailed it, I think – Bernie won’t get anything done, and Clinton will. Clinton, especially, will build on the Obama legacy, leaving a positive historical account of the Obama presidency, and Bernie will be entirely ineffectual, facing more roadblocks than Obama would.

  31. GOP'sbroken(the good one) says:

    a platform that only includes tax cuts for the billionaire class ain’t gonna cut it no more


    The right has sold the working class a bill of goods and massive lies for decades. They’re not buying it anymore

  32. chicagofinance says:


  33. D-FENS says:

    Over what? His Trump endorsement?

  34. Ottoman says:

    The correct answer is that the Clintons and their cronies, which is the Dem Party itself, are masters at pandering, deflection, and triangulation. Bill Clinton got lots done for blacks–his welfare reform doubled the number of black women and children living in extreme poverty, his crime efforts more than quadrupled the black prison population, his signing of Gramm Leach ripped more wealth out of black hands when the market eventually collapsed than Jim Crow, and Hill supported and helped campaign for all these things. She still won’t walk back welfare reform and she pretends Gramm had nothing to do with the collapse. Plus she just loves to bomb dark skinned people in foreign countries.

    Obama didn’t get much done for blacks either.

    “One of the NPR callers nailed it, I think – Bernie won’t get anything done, and Clinton will. Clinton, especially, will build on the Obama legacy, leaving a positive historical account of the Obama presidency, and Bernie will be entirely ineffectual, facing more roadblocks than Obama would.”

  35. Comrade Nom Deplume, Newspeak Editor says:

    [30] DFENS

    I said it before and I will say it again. Hillary will throw the left under the bus the moment her hand comes off the Bible. At least Bill pitched the ideas before he did a 180 on them. Hillary won’t even do that– she will go after a portion of the GOP wish list on day two in order to claim credit for them later.

    If I were advising the Donald, I would suggest that he starts trying to look up presidential now. One thing that he could do is make a list of suggested supreme court nominees that are both eminently qualified and moderate. That would burnish his credentials and would also box both Obama and Hillary because it would become a list of instantly toxic nominees in the short term.

  36. D-FENS says:

    Wierd. I might actually agree with Ottoman.

    Hillary Clinton will “Make America Whole again” the same way she did with Libya.

  37. Comrade Nom Deplume, Newspeak Editor says:

    [36] Otto

    What’s this? Truth and facts? I thought you were supposed to have selective amnesia when it came to Bill’s triangulation? Careful or someone else on the left is going to take you to the woodshed.

  38. Comrade Nom Deplume, Newspeak Editor says:

    Today I saw a Bernie sticker on an Audi A5. Talk about cognitive dissonance.

  39. D-FENS says:

    Chi, you should be recalling the State Senate Majority leader. He’s the guy calling the shots these days.

    Frankly I hope Christie remains in office and just stops back here long enough to veto anything and everything that comes out of the state legislature.

  40. Comrade Nom Deplume, Newspeak Editor says:

    Good discussion on CNBC today about how the middle class has been sliding over the past several years. One statistic from the Fed was that if you removed Texas from the equation, the middle class has actually retrenched pretty significantly during Obama.

    Even Andrew Ross Sorkin had to concede that the Republican narrative was essentially correct; that while there has been (anemic) job creation, we are essentially creating a nation of baristas.

  41. Juice Box says:

    re: # 32 – While the rest of the Cable news was busy yelling about Trump last night Aljazeera was boots on the ground interviewing Black voters in Alabama after they voted. It seems Hillary’s name recognition won the day with 77% Dems voted for her. One Woman doctor basically said “Bernie Who” and the Baptist minister they interviewed said they the church got the word out vote Hillary. It also did not help Bernie when he did not stop and eat at the fried chicken joint Yo Mama’s like Hillary to press the flesh. I don’t think Bernie has the right campaign advisers who can help him win over Black voters. The southern states will all go republican in the general election anyway but it is interesting that the people backing Bernie have missed the Black vote almost entirely.

  42. Comrade Nom Deplume, Newspeak Editor says:

    [36] Otto

    I’ll say this for you: you may be a tool but you’re not as nearly as obvious a hypocrite as most of your fellow travelers.

  43. Grim says:

    Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac?

  44. Comrade Nom Deplume, Newspeak Editor says:

    [43] juice

    The black churches are out there engaged in politics and violating the regulations governing their tax-exempt status?

  45. Comrade Nom Deplume, Newspeak Editor says:

    [46] redux

    I am shocked, shocked….

  46. Statler Waldorf says:

    It’s over for donor-puppets Cruz and Rubio, Trump is attracting voters across all ages, races, genders, and levels of education.

  47. Juice Box says:

    re # 41 – I agree unfortunately. Imagine if the Christie administration did not fight the Unions all the way to the Supreme Court? We would all now be on the hook to fully fund the pensions.

    “The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected a bid by unions representing public employees including teachers and state troopers to force the state of New Jersey to pay the full share of its annual public pension contribution.

    The court declined to hear the unions’ appeal, leaving in place a July 2015 ruling by the New Jersey Supreme Court that allowed Republican Governor Chris Christie’s administration to make only partial contributions into public pension funds.”

  48. Statler Waldorf says:

    Donor-puppet Ted Cruz:

    “Immediately increase the annual H-1B cap by 500% from 65,000 to 325,000.”

    Cruz donors:

  49. nwnj3 says:

    The Clintons have proven they will continue to deliver for the power brokers in the minority community as long as long as they keep the voting block intact and disenfranchised. Hill will continue to deliver handouts to the Sharptons, etc. at the expense of the community overall. The last thing any of the Democratic establishment wants is for the minority community to be self sufficient.

  50. walking bye says:

    My observations
    1. Trump needs to loose the fat man. Chris is not liked outside of NJ and NJ will go Clinton anyway.
    2. trump appealing to the center may help him once the convention is over. Last couple of elections, Repubs always seem to get hijacked by ultra conservatives which may have the loudest voice, but make up a small majority. Hence loosing battle ground staes.
    3. Now that Trump is legit candidate. He needs to soften polarizing comments and let the media machine do the work for him. Not sure if he can do that.

  51. Juice Box says:

    re: # 54 – Christie last night became the top trending topic in Twitter, I doubt we will see
    him front and center again.

    Here is some a few memes on it.

  52. joyce says:

    “she will go after a portion of the GOP wish list on day two in order to claim credit for them later”

    Claim credit for bad ideas? In addition to her own.

  53. Ragnar says:

    Donald Trump made Chris Christie sing “I’m a little piggy here’s my snout…” like this, before getting his meal ticket.

  54. yome says:

    I thought the Tea Party was the establishment? They run the show the whole time. Did we forget how they brought the Country on the brink? Where they not the ones that called the middle R “RINO”? Did they not make us the Party of NO? Everybody needs to be Far Right Conservative.
    All I hear today is they are not the establishment

  55. Bystander says:


    Hopefully he does not ask for the truffle shuffle.

  56. Raymond Reddington formerly Phoenix says: says:

    Don’t play with me…

  57. Raymond Reddington formerly Phoenix says: says:

    VW’s new diesel conversion…

  58. Raymond Reddington formerly Phoenix says: says:
  59. Essex says:

    54. Lose…..not loose

  60. D-FENS says:

    The Tea Party is most certainly not the Republican Establishment yome. They are a group born out of frustration with them…

    For more information please see Eric Cantor’s primary election….

  61. D-FENS says:

    Why is the Newspaper story about Christie such a surprise? It was public knowledge that they hated his guts anyway.

    If I were Christie, I would continuously nominate the most right wing nut job judges, do a little happy dance every time I vetoed a bill, then fart into the microphone.

  62. Essex says:

    Christie is a weirdo. And to a large extent so is Trump. But that won’t matter in the end. Tune in for this battle royal, this clash of titans. This shrill and very probably nasty cage match of one billionaire thrice married business magnate vs the wife of the former President. The societal overtones will be polarizing. And like a long slog through a shallow bog, we’ll come out the other end with a leader. *shudder*

  63. Nom [46];

    In what universe is the current I.R.S. going to go after a hardcore Democratic constituency?

  64. walking bye says:

    lose not loose

    damn you Essex. may one hundred bridgates curse your ride home

  65. Yome [58];

    “Us”? OK, presuming you’re a R, you need to stop believeing the D house-organ media way of talking politics. EVERY R is “extreme”, “wing nut” to them. Romney got elected governor in the Kennedy state of Mass-a-two-$hits and while in office implemented an sharp expansion of government involvement with health insurance. The MSM still put the horns on him come election time. So let’s stop using the NYT yardstick to measure who is how far right of center in the GOP.

    Speaking of which I continue to LOVE the advice to the GOP from out most wiry-haired resident Twitter-addled troll of the left. I’m so confident he has only our best interests at heart. Have you been named to the “Twitter Trust, Safety & Truth About the Glorious Revolution Council” yet?

  66. Fabius Maximus says:

    Well I will admit I was wrong. I said that Trump would be done by Super Tuesday, yet he keeps going. Can’t wait to see how this ends. I am pulling for the brokered convention and fighting in the aisles.

    It is fun watching the GOP realize the results of the Faustian bargain they made with the tea partiers.

  67. Fabius Maximus says:

    This is hilarious and sadly so true.

  68. walking bye says:

    @71 trump will be rebranded, white washed and with the image of a clergyman by September if he is the party ticket. Look at Hillary, for goodness sake her husband stuck a cigar tube up a …We all have such short memories.
    Why just a few days ago I read how sub-prime loans with 2% down are the new real estate craze.

  69. grim says:

    What was public opinion of Reagan during the ’68 primaries?

  70. “Donald Trump is, of course, the second coming of Barack Obama.”

  71. Comrade Nom Deplume, Newspeak Editor says:

    Condo, it seems that a lot of people wind up in the crosshairs of this and ministration also wind up dead. I wonder when Martin Shkreli will have an accident?

  72. 1987 Condo says:

    I’m unimpressed with anyone’s ability to coordinate any type of conspiracy….I’m thinking he off’ed himself?

  73. 1987 Condo says:

    …though that Vince Forster thing is suspicious….

  74. Comrade Nom Deplume, Newspeak Editor says:

    [80] condo

    As conspiracies go, this one is easy to pull off.

    I am far more impressed by getting 20,000 voters in Massachusetts to switch the registration from Democrat in order to vote for Trump. And being a Bay Stater, you can’t tell me that they were simply mad at the Democratic Party. Massachusetts recognizes independent registration, and anyone who remains a Democrat is clearly a committed one.

  75. yome says:

    Trump stance on Foreign Policy since 1988 have not changed
    1988 interview with Oprah

  76. grim says:

    Dude plowed into the bridge to kill himself, case closed.

  77. yome says:

    Trump talked about it then,He still talk about it today

  78. Statler Waldorf says:

    Compare and contrast Candy Crowley torpedoing Romney on live television, against Trump who threw the Univision hack out of a press conference (deported), and only allowed him to return if he followed the rules like all the other journalists in the room (legally return). The “anchor baby” exchange with another reporter is also a gem. Mr T has changed the game, not only facing PC morons head-on, but flipping over their lunch tables, and stomping on their chips.

    “Romney got elected governor in the Kennedy state of Mass-a-two-$hits and while in office implemented an sharp expansion of government involvement with health insurance. The MSM still put the horns on him come election time.”

  79. Essex says:

    82. maybe they too are over taxed.

    give Trump major points for sounding off in 1980’s – Ross Perot? anyone??

  80. Essex says:

    69. big big big ups! i’m already home.

  81. The Great Pumpkin says:


    “What if that is short-circuited by a fleet of self-driving cars that could conceivably operate at very high speeds in special lanes dedicated to them? That could lead to an entirely different idea of commuting. Historically, forty-five minutes is the upper limit of one-way commute time that people will put up with. Some people will put up with more—especially in poorer economic brackets—but most middle class people have forty-five minutes as their upper limit. What happens if that time can be productive? What happens if you can move much faster and farther during those forty-five minutes? We might see a very big shift in terms of what it means to live in the city versus living in the suburbs. It may be that calling Hudson, New York, “the New Brooklyn” will have an entirely other meaning soon.

    And auto companies aren’t likely to stick with the current model of ownership. You could get self-driving cars that might be based on a variation on the Uber model. Instead of owning a car, you might call one. Let’s say I come here in a self-driving Audi, it drops me off, drives away, and goes to pick up someone else. It’ll come and get me later according to the schedule I’ve given it. I might pay higher to use it at peak time, or less if I’m willing to share it with three other people. This alone could transform the relationship between the suburbs and the city.

    But I don’t see enclavization disappearing. On the contrary, even though the densification of certain suburbs with large apartment buildings and lofts is taking place, these largely replicate the dominant model of enclavization, with the poor pushed more and more to the peripheries, fragmented into smaller areas with no real voice or power. This new model of commuting that I am describing is little different. Right now, if you commute in from a place like West Orange to Manhattan on the train, you still have to go to the train station, and then you’re still passing through, and stopping in, places like East Orange and Newark, both of which have very high levels of poverty. But what if in the future people are picked up by self-driving cars in places like Vizcaya and then travel through entire regions where all they see are trees—behind which poverty has been walled off—before they get to their destinations in places like Manhattan? This is not a particularly utopian scenario.”

  82. libtard losing his shirt in the hospital. Thanks ADA. says:

    What Anon fails to realize since he is blinded by the D Machine, is that Hillary will lose to Trump. Grim is correct, as usual. Bernie and Trump are the protest voters. A ton of Bernie voters will pull the lever for change in November regardless of whether it’s Schlump or Bernie. The black vote will give Cankles the primary, but the protest vote is obviously much larger than the black vote.

  83. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “Academically, social!sm works. Without greed, jealousy, a competitive spirit, and other emotions that make up the complexities of the human spirit, it’s accepted by most experts that a system of a tyrannical form of social!st government functions.

    The idea, though, that all individuals will be satisfied with their own possessions regardless of how hard they work, and that others should determine what they earn based on a collective need, is rejected through so many living examples of failed government.

    The table offers all of this in the form of an easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to distribute graphic.”!sm/

  84. chi (from #88, yesterday):

    Bullshit. He’s just coming to NJ to move a few decks of smack.

    Annual Cornell Speaker Event – Mayor Svante L. Myrick ’09

    The Cornell Club of Northern New Jersey is thrilled to have Mayor Svante L. Myrick class of 2009 as our annual Cornell Speaker. Mayor Myrick was sworn into office in January 2012 and became, at 24, the City of Ithaca’s youngest Mayor and first Mayor of color. Svante was first elected to the Common Council at the age of 20 while still a junior at Cornell. Since his election and re-election in 2015 (receiving 87% of the vote), Mayor Myrick has pioneered many changes in the City of Ithaca. He will be speaking about his commitment to social entrepreneurism and its impact on Ithaca.

    Location: Fairchild’s Market 171 Eagle Rock Ave. Roseland, NJ

  85. nwnj (53)-

    All the race-baiters of the entitlement classes are 100% in the bag for Shrillary. Guys like Sharpton know they only way they hold power over their constituents depends upon convincing the dumbest among them to vote against their own self-interest.

    “The Clintons have proven they will continue to deliver for the power brokers in the minority community as long as long as they keep the voting block intact and disenfranchised. Hill will continue to deliver handouts to the Sharptons, etc. at the expense of the community overall. The last thing any of the Democratic establishment wants is for the minority community to be self sufficient.”

  86. If Trump can’t navigate toward the center after a contentious primary battle, he’s not a politician. Things are pretty bad, but we simply haven’t reached a critical mass of Victory at Nuremberg-type pinheads.


  87. Fear Shrillary. She IS a politician and is married to a slime-coated D party icon.

  88. Gooners barf it up again today.

    In your face, gluteus.

  89. Hughesrep says:


    I wouldn’t say all the race baiters are for Hillary. Just ‘bateing different races.

    I’m just hoping for a brokered convention. The R convention is open carry right?

    Trump v Hillary would truly be a race to the bottom. Both have favorability ratings of right around 40%.

  90. Hughesrep says:


    Don’t know how many Bernie candidates will go for trump.

    Quick google search didn’t show much data, besides info wars, in terms of potential crossover voting, just anecdotes.

    Are the white shoe republicans and the religious freaks going to show up for trump?

  91. Wait and see the landslide when Sanders is Trump’s VP.

    Don’t know how many Bernie candidates will go for trump.

  92. Hughesrep says:


    The Odd Couple Theorem. I joked about that on here, I thought it would be the losers, on Mondays on NBC.

    Thinking the moneyed republicans push Hillary through, get status quo, and kick the can down the road. Hope to hold the Senate.

    Sheldon will start a Hillary PAC if trump wins.

  93. If you google canklephate all of the matches are on this site.

  94. D-FENS says:

    Exclusive: Koch brothers will not use funds to try to block Trump nomination

    Looks like the whole establishment #nevertrump movement might be dwindling.

  95. D-FENS says:


    Spoke with a number of former Ben Carson staff today.
    They think Carson will go Trump or Rubio, BIG NO to Cruz

  96. Libturd says:

    The use of Canklephate without the expressed written consent of Libturd Enterprises is wholly prohibited. Cease and desist honky.

  97. Ragnar says:

    Maybe you could make big money selling Canklephate ™ bumper stickers and the shirts. Make hay while the sun is shining.

  98. Ragnar says:

    Here’s a photo of what’s under Cankles’ pantsuit.

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