C19 Open Discussion Week 26b

From Politico:

How Covid-19 made New Jersey’s Phil Murphy the most powerful governor in America

New Jersey endows its governors with the most executive power in the nation. Chris Christie knew it and used that broad authority to become a hero of the Republican Party — a state-level strongman who forced Democrats to do his will or face his wrath.

Few thought Phil Murphy, his Democratic successor, would consolidate that power even further. Murphy struggled early on to move his progressive agenda through the solidly Democratic Legislature. Rival factions formed to oppose him. His signature proposal — a new tax on millionaires — was rejected twice.

Now, six months into a global pandemic that’s shattered the state’s economy and killed roughly 16,000 residents, Murphy has become one of the most popular governors in New Jersey history — and discovered just how much say he has over the state and its government.

The question is, how long can it last?

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  1. dentss@yahoo.cm says:

    Sweeney must stop him

  2. ExEssex says:

    tRuMp dIdn’t wAnT tO cAuSe a pAnIc.

  3. Fast Eddie says:

    The New Jersey Turnpike Authority moved forward with unpopular fare hikes at the height of the pandemic, a move Murphy approved. The state Treasury recently increased the gas tax by 9.3 cents per gallon at a time when unemployment is firmly entrenched in double-digits.

    Any questions?

  4. grim says:

    They should railroad through a tax on clothing while nobody is paying attention.

  5. grim says:

    By the way, in case you didn’t know. NJ mortgage delinquencies are now the highest in the nation. Just wait until property taxes spike next year.

  6. grim says:

    Driver stopped for speeding was running load of moonshine in gallon jugs, NC cops say

    Good ol NC. How does that old saying go? Don’t break the law when you’re breaking the law?

  7. homeboken says:

    Moonshine – that reminds me of my college days down south. Once at a tailgate, a very very rich alumni took his private jet from his alma mater over to ours, to catch back to back football games.

    He brought a load of moon shine with him. There were 3 flavors, plain, apple and peach.

    They were all exactly the same, one just had a whole apple floating in the middle, the other had a peach floating. It was gasoline, all of it.

    Interesting side-note, the rich guy was a COO of a huge (still huge) tech company I won’t name. He is back in the fringe news as he appeared on Epstein’s flight logs numerous times.

  8. grim says:

    Nailpolish remover probably more accurate, but agree, most of it is complete garbage. Dude got suckered with the fruit, the whole fruit is far cheaper than the alcohol it displaces.

  9. grim says:

    Wonder what the pending eviction count is for NJ right now… 20k? 25k? It will take years to resolve.

  10. grim says:

    $25m small landlord rent assistance, want to laugh, minimums 3 units, which was selected to explicitly eliminate two family owners from the program.

    $25 million? Don’t go too far.

  11. 30 year realtor says:

    The eviction situation for tenancy will be a total sh#tshow. Courts will be backlogged for ages. Constables will be booked months in advance. Demand for locksmiths should be strong!

    Foreclosures are proceeding to final judgment. The process stalls at the sheriff sales. Been 6 months since a NJ County has auctioned a property. There will be a huge backlog of properties. Writs of possession have not been executed since the start of the pandemic. If you buy an occupied property at a sheriff sale when sales resume, expect a 6 month or longer wait for a sheriff’s eviction to gain possession.

  12. 3b says:

    Century 21 department stores closing. Covid and insurers failure to pay claims. Still keeping the on line business. One less reason for tourists to visit lower Manhattan when they come back. Tourists from all over the world would swarm there.

  13. homeboken says:

    The woman in this article is easy to despise just by spending 5 minutes reading it.

    It really has it all, the ivy league snobbery, the NY bias, the Jersey bashing, it’s textbook boring city brat gets older story.

    The part that purchasing a headboard or a swing-set and that bringing her some happiness when it arrives. That might be the saddest thing I have read all week.

    Phoenix – give me a handicap on how long this marriage lasts.

  14. leftwing says:

    So some random electrical firings from the base of the brain stem on a beautiful morning….

    I am on record believing DJT to be a hot mess but from an electoral perspective simply believed TINA. Changed my mind…if you are so fcuking stupid to sit with Bob Woodward with a tape recorder, yeah, I can’t pull that lever. I don’t care what he said, that truly doesn’t matter. The simple fact that he thought that was a good idea – ever – is a deal breaker. I told a buddy of mine over beers last night, CEO of a small company and an Academy grad, that I will be writing in his name. And that he will forever have been in the running in the 2020 race for posterity.

    Phoenix will appreciate this….Bus stop is at the end of my street so I get to see the kids congregate. Some parents will drive their kids and they’ll sit in the car. Other kids walk. It’s raining today, not hard but light showers, so we get a couple more cars, but also a decent handful of walkers with umbrellas. Anyway, as various buses arrive kids leave and cars disperse. There’s one left, huge SUV. The middle school bus pulls up and out of the driver side hops a dad. Pops a monster golf umbrella, opens the rear door. His two girls hop out. He walks them right up to the bus door. Good luck to whatever man throws a ring on those fingers next decade. He’s gonna need it.

    So I pop open the NYT app and of course am hit in the face with the headline articles. I will never understand the liberal mind. It is truly dysfunctional, possibly even diseased. Climate change and systemic racism are absolutes and settled science but whether paying someone more than what they earn at work to stay home disincentives work is a debatable ‘concept’ in need of research. OK…

    Very next article, faces of power, states that non-whites make up 40% of the population but just 20% of the ‘power’ roles. Solving such disparity is key to the liberal view of equality. Big problem, in certain areas of ‘power’ they identify – specifically police chiefs and DAs – non-whites are already at or exceeding those percentages and outcomes these under non-whites do not conform to the liberal expectation of outcomes. Rather than questioning their own views and conclusions or their logic and going back to the drawing board to test their assumptions like any HS sophomore chemistry student with a passing familiarity of the scientific method would…wait here’s the punchline…liberals at the NYT view outcomes that do not comport with their preconceived conclusions as PROOF for their aforementioned not scientifically supported claims of systemic racism. Basically, since my observations do not support my preconceived conclusions the missing variable must be my other previously unsupported conclusion in different area, thus ‘proving’ both. WTF?

    Don’t even know why I still bother with NYT, it has moved so far away from the ‘paper of record’ right into tabloid territory. Guess the grey lady is like my first HS girlfriend…Was really great back in the day so I’ll always have a soft spot for her but over time she’s become fat, loud, and lazy and with hindsight I realize she was a real b1tch even back then.

    Anyway, looks like a busy one for me. G’day to all stay healthy, safe and dry.

  15. Fast Eddie says:

    The woman in this article is easy to despise just by spending 5 minutes reading it.

    It really has it all, the ivy league snobbery, the NY bias, the Jersey bashing, it’s textbook boring city brat gets older story.

    I just tacked another 10% on to the price of my house. That type of couple will fund this baby boomer’s retirement.

  16. TruthIsTheEnemy says:

    How much tax is there on a gallon of booze? My guess it is close to 50% for low end when it’s all added up.

    The home brew beer imo is now incredibly cheap. Beer tax is high and the raw ingredients, barley hops etc. are sold as food stuffs. Ie no tax.

    Same math probably applies to hooch. And the quality of a lot of moonshines are pretty good as well. So there is a market for it.

    In other NC news, the usga is moving from liberty corner to Pinehurst. Huh bye Phil.

  17. Juice Box says:

    Left – re:”Don’t even know why I still bother with NYT”

    To survive the Grey Lady had to become the queen of subscription news. A Reuters study out last year pointed out most people only have one subscription for news, and the demographics for those people put them all in the same class. It became a partisan and ideological echo chamber to survive. They now produce only content their customers desire, for if they don’t they will cease to survive the purge of subscription fatigue.

    Apple and Google are vying for the reminder of ” commercial news” that survives on on low-margin advertising, a market where big tech holds most of the cards for that revenue and nobody else can compete.

  18. Hold my beer says:


    We used to go to Century 21 pre 911. We would stop in on the way back to the path. My wife still has a winter coat and a fall jacket she got there

  19. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    I brew my own beer using leftover pineapple rinds and ginger every week. I get 6 bottles for essentially $1.50 and leftover food scraps.

  20. TruthIsTheEnemy says:


    It’s cultural Marxism and the only coherent goal is political power. They will not stop until their vision for society has been implemented. Even at that time they will turn on each other for failure to maintain the purity of the movement. We’ve seen that already.

    it is a sickness of the mind and it must be resisted.

  21. Hold my beer says:

    Just got my former employer letter verifying I was working in the exposure zone on 9/11 and for a few years afterwards. Got copies of my pathology reports this week too. One of those 911 law firms told me I have multiple certifiable claims but my weird medical conditions I have been dealing with for 15 years probably aren’t on the list. Also got 1 former coworker who said they will complete the witness affidavit for me. Will followup with the others middle of next week. I don’t feel comfortable contacting them today or tomorrow.

  22. Hold my beer says:

    Maybe I should change my handle to “The Air Is Safe To Breathe”

  23. 3b says:

    Hold: My wife and daughter used to go when we were in the city on a Saturday or Sunday. I waited outside, crowds were massive. They loved it! I had to run one morning to get a new shirt as I spilled coffee on mine right before a big meeting. It was right across the street from my building so very convenient. They just finished renovating and expanding it a couple of years ago. Too bad . Tourists would stop and ask all the time,not where is ground zero so much, but where is Century 21. They just opened a store a few years ago in Paramus. It’s the anchor store in the Bergen Mall.

  24. grim says:

    How much tax is there on a gallon of booze? My guess it is close to 50% for low end when it’s all added up.

    Varies dramatically by state, it’s the state tax that’s the big wildcard.

    Small distillers pay $2.70 a proof gallon federal excise (that’s a gallon at 100 proof).
    Large distillers can pay as much as $13.50 a proof gallon federal.

    NJ tax is $5.50 a wine gallon (that’s a liquid gallon at any proof).
    NC tax is about $14.50 a wine gallon.

    Washington state is as high as $32 a wine gallon.

  25. Juice Box says:

    Beer – I was walking through the dust remains of the dead for years, and the smell I will never forget. No illness I can trace to that dreadful day, here is the full list.

    requirement: Worked, lived, attended school, child care, or adult day care

    Time Period September 11, 2001 to January 10, 2002

    Interesting the cleanup went on allot longer that January 10,2002


  26. Hold my beer says:


    I had to go there one day on my lunch break. A master of the universe aka trader turned a corner walking on the wrong side of the hallway and dumped tomato soup all over me.

    Pre kids we would go into SOHO or Chinatown every month or two on the weekend and usually stop at Century 21

  27. 3b says:

    Hold: It was always a fun thing for the ladies! And my wife would have me run in for last minute Xmas things like gloves etc. Also handy spot if you needed an umbrella and you wanted something better than the little old Asian ladies were selling. It was an institution in lower Manhattan for years, sorry to see it go.

  28. Bystander says:

    Classic Ed. Time to GTFO of NJ. Where are you going to retire, btw? Need a cheap place with great music festivals.

  29. Juice Box says:

    re: The whole Woodward thing. He did 18 interviews and that is all they could come up with? The China flight ban was already in place, the new low yield nuke was in the news a long time ago. Woodward hasn’t turned up all that much since his early days, the new book might sell a few copies or not.

    It’s going to be a new “revelation” at least every weekday until the election. I am still waiting for the next version of pis*sing hoo*kers and perhaps even another story why Trump has coined a room off the Oval office as the “Monica room”.

  30. TruthIsTheEnemy says:


    It’s going to be nonstop fake nes until the election. Just like the fake military slur story.

    The propaganda industry will do everything it can to hide Biden and his track record as a career politician.

    They will have canned and coordinated propaganda attacks ready to launch any time Biden is in the news. “Bombshells” will be ready to distract from the debates.

  31. homeboken says:

    Both parties are trying to win every news cycle and the left is going to have a distinct advantage, as they always do, since they have a symbiotic relationship with all of the MSM news sources, news papers, magazines and twitter.

    The right will go on the offensive as well but I suspect there’s will be largely non-media.

    1. Vaccine progress will be touted more and more as we get closer to election day.
    2. Durham will have indictments as well, but I honestly believe that Durham doesn’t care one bit about the election cycle time-frame. Those indictments will come when they are ready either pre or post 11/3. I suspect that the next round will impact both sides of the aisle as well.

  32. BoomerRemover says:

    Someone close to me is 22+ months into the VCF process. Hold is a clown for thinking riches are an affidavit away. When you guys get done with the health fund certification then you can start to work on the b0ner.

    Pro tip: Though capped at 10% of amounts received, you don’t need a law firm to move forward with a claim. Since you guys are not disabled as a result, these will all be non-economic loss claims, a simple matter of filling out some forms and providing the requisite paperwork. Put the 10% in your kids and let it compound, even if you only get $10-30K out of it.

    The difference between disabling and non-disabling is quite stark

    Can you imagine riding the pension tyt, high on the hog of hte 90′ and then getting an additional $1-4MM. Two houses on Staten Island, two jet skis and two Tahoes in the driveway. Meanwhile, Stuyvesant kids get $50K because they weren’t employed at the time and could not demonstrably prove VCF related illness prevent them from working at that time. Womp womp!

  33. 30 year realtor says:


    If you were concerned about truth you would be talking about both sides and their campaign machines. No angels on either side. This bullsh#t about propaganda and attacks being one sided makes you sound foolish!

  34. BoomerRemover says:

    I believe the exposure timelines are tied to some parts per million measurement. I do know that there are hourly presence requirements on the forms. You need X hours before X date and X hours cumulative.

    The majority of VCF claims are victims of Whitman’s legacy

  35. Phoenix says:

    They ain’t making it past 15, that’s for sure. The longer he can ride that bronco the more money he can save since he made the mistake of knocking her up. The courts will have a field day with him. Hopefully a mask on her face will act like a muzzle to keep her from biting.

    He better never tell her “I told you so” about the living arrangements. Had she had listened to him they would have purchased while the prices were still around Jupiter, now they are past Uranus. Best thing he can do is not to anger the princess. There is full Karen potential there. It all starts with the mistake of getting down on your knee and putting a DeBeers marketing special on it- could you imagine going to a car dealership and doing that during a business deal-which is exactly what a legal part of a marriage is? And it goes both ways- I’d hate to be in Pumpy’s house if his teaching job goes poof-women go nuts if they come home and see you with a glass of wine watching Oprah. That’s a one way street, just ask Jordan Peterson.

    Funny thing with houses and women. They just have to dictate the whole thing. They could be told the house floods but if some house staging professional puts the right curtains over the window a sale is made.

    And lastly, watch some of those home buying shows, like the one where they show 3 houses and the couple picks one. I have seen a few where their were gay men as purchasers-and the man that was the effeminate one drove the house sale.

    Some things always stay the same I guess.

  36. Phoenix says:

    “Wonder what the pending eviction count is for NJ right now… 20k? 25k? It will take years to resolve.”

    Just call the police and claim “you think” the tenant pointed a gun at you.

    Of course you will need a cleanup crew plus some mud and tape for the drywall, plus something to remove the crayon from the hardwood.

  37. Fast Eddie says:

    Classic Ed. Time to GTFO of NJ. Where are you going to retire, btw? Need a cheap place with great music festivals.

    A commune upstate NY with the firewood stacked right in the living room, some concerts playing in the background and a personal house mouse of my own. ;)

  38. Phoenix says:

    My sympathies. Hope you never come down with anything.

    What did Whitman do or who did she know that everyone embraced her when (at least to me) appeared to be a total failure? (Put people in physical harm, bottomed out a bottomless pension fund, and required the creation of a fund for illness that can suck more dollars than a truck mounted leaf vacuum)

  39. Bystander says:

    Ed in a commune…hah…and a big wooden paddle to smack grubby freeloaders taking your stuff.

  40. Phoenix says:

    “I just tacked another 10% on to the price of my house. That type of couple will fund this baby boomer’s retirement.”

    Better make it 20. Greed is good and all American. That extra 10% will help pay for the moat around your next compound, not including the alligators.

  41. Hold my beer says:


    I have been diagnosed with 1 of those with the pathology reports to prove it.. Had or was developing 2 other non cancer ones but my current dermatologist believes in holistic health and has me taking a bunch of supplements and eating anti-inflammatory foods and they’ve improved tremendously.

    I’ve been to internists, allergists, orthopedists, gps, and at least 10 dermatologists or dermatologist physician assistants . Have had xrays, blood tests, allergy tests, multiple biopsies, cultures, tested for fungus and yeast. All agreed I had something but no one could figure out what it was and what was causing my conditions and none of the prescriptions they gave me did a thing. I suspect they are from 9/11 dust or triggered by it. But those have been improving with all the supplements I’m on.

    Also have been diagnosed with pre-melanoma multiple times usually in places the sun has never shone. No history of melanoma or pre-melanoma in the family.

  42. Juice Box says:

    Boomer – I see that now. Date range is 122 days and you had to be in the city working 4 days a week from 9/11 to Jan 10. Allot of people downtown began working remote right after 9/11 so that is a good way to eliminate allot of claims.

  43. Hold my beer says:


    In moderation for some reason.

  44. Phoenix says:

    Why I won’t do a vaccine trial. Well maybe if I did not have children.


  45. Phoenix says:

    “Don’t even know why I still bother with NYT, it has moved so far away from the ‘paper of record’ right into tabloid territory.”

    That’s why my go to paper is the Daily Mail. It’s already a tabloid, you can filter the massive amount of pop up ads that pay for the site, they don’t try to protect America so you see things that don’t show up in American papers, and they pay for videos so you see some good unedited raw footage. It’s like a horror show of a day in America.

  46. Juice Box says:

    Beer- sorry to hear that, but good to know you are doing better. They say more people have now died from their toxic exposure from 9/11 than were killed on that terrible Tuesday, and it’s only 19 years on. Seems like only yesterday to many.

  47. Phoenix says:

    “Also have been diagnosed with pre-melanoma multiple times usually in places the sun has never shone.”

    Not really that uncommon, especially if you are the type that glows in the dark and can be spotted at midnight without the need of an image intensifier.

  48. No One says:

    You’re right, I do hate that condescending, entitled, oblivious half-Japanese NYC bitch. Of course she had to mention she went to Harvard. It probably nearly killed her to wait for the second paragraph instead of the first.
    This is the most annoying sentence, speaking of her child: “How will you make sure she goes to museums or meets diverse people or understands inequality?”
    It’s as easy as f*ck – on the weekend take your brat to sh1tty museums like Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts or The Lower East Side Tenement Museum, which if your kid has any sense, will hate as much as you love. Then bring her with you for a drive through Camden. Or you could just move to North Plainfield, enroll your kid in public school, and the kids there can give your kid his fill of racial prejudice and diversity, maybe get a field trip to the local museum in town.
    She didn’t mention which NJ town she moved to. Montclair is probably her dream.

  49. Phoenix says:

    Also Beer,
    As far as dermatologists, keep going. Melanoma likes to go to the brain.
    Have seen it so many times. The beach is fun to visit but sunscreen is a must.


  50. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    Health department whistleblowers response tot he puff piece.

    NJ Pandemic Warriors@NjPandemic
    As @GovMurphy’s cronies and health commissioner bask in this puff piece, understand his real #COVID19 performance:

    Highest overall deaths per capita in USA
    Highest nursing home deaths per capita in USA
    Highest prison deaths per capita in USA

    Wake up to the truth, @NJGov

  51. Hold my beer says:


    I had to go every 3 months for a few years. Then got upgraded to every 6 months for 2 years and upgraded to once a year. Just got downgraded back to every 3 months.

    On the bright side learned I have two valid claims.
    Down side I have two valid claims and potentially 2 more.

    Added Nicotinamide to my stack this week. Supposedly reduces chance of squamous by 30%. Have had pre squamous a few times too. Also in places sun doesn’t shine unless you wear banana huggers.

  52. BoomerRemover says:

    You know who went back a few weeks later? Students. Stuyvesant, BMCC and whatever other technical college is in the area.

    Said person was at Stuyvesant at the time with a cancer diagnosis falling square in the middle of the expected incubation timeline. However, because the minor student and peers were not employed at the time the event occurred, no economic loss was suffered no paper trail of union backed disability claims exist and non-economic claim was filed.

  53. AP says:

    Hi No One,

    Your comments about “Montclair” and “Harvard” suggest envy.

    The challenge before us: to resolve the unbelievable social tensions hat are amply discussed on this blog, with use of scapegoats or bloodshed.

    How do we do that? Have to heal the hurt ego of the many men (and “Karen’s”) who are actually incredibly hurt (we all are).

  54. Juice Box says:

    Boomer – my wife was there the whole time working in the office. No issues that we know of so far 19 years on.

  55. BoomerRemover says:

    Luck of the draw I guess.
    So the way you play your situation is to open a claim and get a claim number now, to preserve her right to proceed with a claim through 2090. Opening a claim – or registering I should say – takes ten minutes.

    In addition to the compensation everybody focuses on, the VCF provides lifetime health coverage for certified conditions.

  56. Libturd says:


    Here entire popularity was due to one thing. She lowered the income tax by reducing funding to municipalities resulting in a inverse relationship in your property taxes. It’s laughable actually. She also was the first governor to not make full payments to the state pension due to the economy being so good. Sound familiar? Like borrowing one trillion during the greatest economy ever and giving the executive class a tax break? Have no fear though. TruthIsTheEnemy says it’s all fake. Living in oblivion must be nice.

  57. Juice Box says:

    Borrowing? That implies it is going to be paid back Lib.

  58. Bystander says:


    She is half Japanese? Is the baby photoshopped? Look like two Irish albinos had a kid

  59. Hold my beer says:


    My goals are to get into the health plan so I don’t have to pay all these deductibles and copayments I’ve had (this year already up to almost 1k from it) and get my medical expenses back from the last 15 years and and hopefully enough to cover all or most of the money I am dropping on supplements my dermatologist wants me to take for the rest of my life.

    Also getting in now if I get stage 4 melanoma or my cough and other symptoms morph into cancer my wife and future widow will be able to land the boy toy of her dreams. She has a BTS fetish for some reason

    Was back at my desk on 9/17. Got to watch the barges get filled from a window on my floor. The dust containment system was a guy holding a hose spraying water into the air as the dump trucks filled the barge. He smoked while standing in the dust cloud with his mask alternating between being on his helmet or across his throat. I bet he is long gone by now.

  60. homeboken says:

    By – I have no clue, I never referenced her racial makeup. Others did, but that’s not my bag.

    I think she is loathsome bc of her words in the article. Nothing to do with her race.

  61. Bystander says:

    Sorry, I could not continue to read it after “I went to school in Boston (ok, Harvard)” puke. Just say I went to Harvard…geez. What an annoying person. Nothing to do with her race, except that I thumbed down at pic and thought she looked Asian. My best friend married half Japanese girl. He is Scot Norwegian. Kids are absolutley beautiful mixture. Kid in photo almost placed..Post afterall.

  62. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    How are you going to make sure you still experience diversity? WTF? It’s New Jersey….

  63. Juice Box says:

    Nah story is spot on keeping up appearances even after the kid comes along. Covid only made the decision to leave sooner easier, because NYC sucks right now. Deblasio had them lock up the damm swings and slides, we cannot get a sitter anymore, nobody is having parties in their home and worse at the local watering hole every Thursday, the mom’s group cannot even meet anymore. Wait I can take my 212 area code with me? OK Let’s gtf out of this hell hole. I promise, I promise I will bring her back in a stroller every other weekend so we can have brunch! I swear!!!!!!

  64. Fast Eddie says:

    Sorry, I could not continue to read it after “I went to school in Boston (ok, Harvard)” puke.

    If she was hot, she’d get a pass. Not hot, no pass.

  65. 3b says:

    Fast : I would not be cheerleading for higher house prices, as when the correction comes and it will come, the higher they go the uglier the correction will be. Just saying.

  66. AP says:

    That article was awful. Satire?

  67. chicagofinance says:

    Yeah….. this woman went to my high school…. describes about 1/4 of the girls who were concurrent with me…..

    homeboken says:
    September 10, 2020 at 8:42 am
    The woman in this article is easy to despise just by spending 5 minutes reading it.

    It really has it all, the ivy league snobbery, the NY bias, the Jersey bashing, it’s textbook boring city brat gets older story.

    The part that purchasing a headboard or a swing-set and that bringing her some happiness when it arrives. That might be the saddest thing I have read all week.

    Phoenix – give me a handicap on how long this marriage lasts.

  68. Libturd says:

    How far north does the 9/11 soc1alist insurance coverage go? I was on the roof of my building on the corner of Varick and Houston, when the second plane hit. I am forever emotionally scarred. To some here, it appears to have changed me into a woman. Anyone have the phone number to Cellino & Barnes. I can hum their jingle, but I don’t remember the digits.

  69. chicagofinance says:

    Here is another wonderful example of my high school academic ilk….

  70. chicagofinance says:

    You mean you went before tomorrow?

    Hold my beer says:
    September 10, 2020 at 9:45 am

    We used to go to Century 21 pre 911. We would stop in on the way back to the path. My wife still has a winter coat and a fall jacket she got there

  71. homeboken says:

    Lib – everyone knows the Celino and Barnes #


  72. grim says:

    A real New Yorker wouldn’t be caught dead in Times Square.

    Lol, all of Manhattan is Times Square now.

  73. Hold my beer says:

    No One

    I agree Montclair or Westfield for her. I would feel sorry for her husband but he’s probably a pseudo woke progressive who tells every asian he talks to “my wife is asian” and uses her ethnicity to improve his woke score.

    And all the things she wants to do in the city with her kid. I grew up in NJ and did all those things with my parents. And so did a lot of other middle class kids. Not special. Typical middle class behavior I would think for central and north jersey families.

  74. Hold my beer says:


    I think south of Canal street is the line. You need to prove you were there for 16 hours in september after 9/11 or 80 hours between October 1st and I think end of May or June. I logged well over 1,000 hours so lucky me.

    No cash for mental health for survivors, I think only first responders and people who worked on the pile. But it does cover copays I think for office workers and residents of the area once you get into the health program.

  75. 3b says:

    Hold: I know lots of parents in north Jersey that also worked in north Jersey and they never or rarely went to NYC, or there kids. When ours got older we would let them take the bus into the city, with strict guidelines. We had no issues. These same parents were concerned about safety etc , and yet sent there kids off to college hundreds or thousands of miles away from home for the first time. Quite a few crashed and burned could not handle it, and the kids ended up back home.

  76. Bystander says:

    The only times I enjoyed living in the city were Fri/Sat nights as a single man (it is crazy easy to score) and Sunday mornings. Sunday mornings in NYC are second to none, so quiet, grab a bagel or find a nice brunch spot then stroll the Park. I would walk to Met then around reservoir. Not many people..heaven. The rest of the days, f*ck it..a stressful rat race. I think Patton Oswalt said it best

    “But if you live there full time, it turns your skull into a cage, and your brain into a rat and the city is just a stick poking the rat all day”

  77. chicagofinance says:

    This teacher was an absolute legend at my high school. Revered by all. Several times a year, successful alums would pop=up back at his room to say “hi”. We were on the Upper East Side. He used to refer to the UWS as “liberal land”. He never married and had no kids. When he passed away, he left $2M to various academic charities, and stunningly left our high school out of his Will. My initial reaction was “hey people…..did you get this memo?” Fat chance.

    E. Ira Marienhoff, High School Teacher, 72 Jan. 9, 1995
    E. Ira Marienhoff, who taught social studies in New York City schools for nearly five decades, died on Dec. 17 in the hospice of Beth Israel Hospital. He was 72 and lived in Teaneck, N.J. The cause was cancer, said Dr. Anthony Miserandino, the principal of Hunter College High School, where Mr. Marienhoff taught history, political science and economics for the last 28 years. Before joining Hunter, he taught at the High School for Music and Art, the Machine and Metal Trades High School and George Washington High School. He also wrote a textbook with Roy Sampson and William Mortenson, “The American Economy,” which was used by high school students in the early 1970’s. He received an undergraduate degree from City College in 1942 and a master’s degree in history from Columbia University Teacher’s College in 1948.

    He is a quote from a former student….
    Back in high school, I had the privilege and good fortune to have taken two classes from the legendary New York social studies teacher and department head, E. Ira Marienhoff. Mr. Marienhoff was loved (and feared) by generations of NY high school students for his high standards, his disdain for intellectual laziness, and his aphorisms, of which he seemed to have both an endless supply and an endless capacity for repetition.

    There was, of course, his beloved equine paradox, which noted that there are always more horse’s as$es than horses. And then there was his observation that even in the Soviet Union, everyone was guaranteed freedom of speech… once.

    I thought of Mr. Marienhoff when I saw this NY Times article about university students protesting a speech by Iranian President Ahmadinejad. This is the second time the guy’s been humiliated by students protesting his appointment of a cleric as head of the university, and for his repression of student dissidents.

  78. 3b says:

    Grim beat me to it with your Times Square comment. Yes the city prior to the pandemic was cleaned up and a lot of positives after Giuliani and Bloomberg. But all the cool, edgy and sometimes dangerous neighborhoods are all gone. Brookfield Place, formerly the world financial center is like an upscale suburban mall, complete with piped in music. Same with the World Trade Center which was built as another indoor mall; the fact that it was supposed to be a transportation hub was secondary.

  79. Hold my beer says:

    Fast Eddie

    No pass for her. LOL

    But Sana would get a pass. It’s why she’s on a throne.


  80. Cheap Money says:

    30 at 2.86%

  81. crushednjmillenial says:

    No one . . .

    The Lower East Tenement Musuem is lousy? I was always interested to go someday, but I never heard whether it was worthwhile or not.

  82. Fast Eddie says:


    Fast : I would not be cheerleading for higher house prices, as when the correction comes and it will come, the higher they go the uglier the correction will be. Just saying.

    I’m going to smoke a few packs of Chesterfields and boil cabbage and Rheingold beer before showing the place. I want that vintage, late 60s aroma. And I’m telling everyone that I want your highest and best offer by the end of day! And in the contract, they must feed the chipmunks.

  83. Fast Eddie says:


    Why is it that every recording of a female Asian singer (including India) sounds like a 33 RPM record was bumped up to 78 RPM?

  84. Hold my beer says:


    We went in at least 5 or 6 times a year when I was a kid. Mostly the Met or Museum of Natural History. We went to Ringling Brothers every year until i was 7 or 8. Also saw the Rockettes a few times and a few musicals. Sometimes went to Barnes & Noble, the one that was 5 or 6 stories tall (I saw Roy White in there once) and Gimbels and Macys (I did not like the Macys trips). Riding the train in every few months was fun for a kid. Doing it everyday for work is not enjoyable.

    Went for a few days with my wife in 2016 or 17 and thought new york was like a suburban mall.

  85. Hold my beer says:


    Just watch it with the sound off, like a Shania Twain video.

    All those kpop groups are so filtered. There are a few singers that sound very good, but they are singers not kpop with all the dances and flashing lights.

  86. Libturd, proudly bridge & tunnel says:

    I last liked the city when I was in college. Once I began working there, I developed a loathing for it. I miss the Limelight/Ritz/Bowery days. Boo Radley’s, Down the Hatch, and $2 falafel sandwiches to soak up the booze for the 2am PATH ride back to Hoboken/JC.

  87. Libturd says:

    Speaking of showing the place, my great tenant just got a job transfer so my better unit will be available October 1st. Anyone want to join the progressive bastion of Montclair? You’d have the world’s greatest slumlord.

  88. leftwing says:

    “I’d hate to be in Pumpy’s house if his teaching job goes poof…”

    Haven’t figured it out yet? Pumpy is NJ’s minor league version of Forrest Gump…he gets divorced his ex- is paying him….Gollllleeeee…life is just a box of chocolates….

    “Wonder what the pending eviction count is for NJ right now… 20k? 25k? It will take years to resolve…Just call the police and claim “you think” the tenant pointed a gun at you.”

    You’re on a roll today brother….I was going query what happens to an unwanted tenant should an important part of the house somehow become unfit for occupancy….

  89. leftwing says:

    Lol, Daily Mail too. Have it on my phone. Very interesting looking at their coverage of US events, ha.

    Pure trash tabloid. But, according to my value set, I respect them for owning what they are.

  90. 3b says:

    Lib: CBGB’ys! Studio 54, also saw some crazy stuff in there! Blarney Stone or Mc Ann’s for the best roast beef or corned beef sandwich’s!! Lots of good memories!

  91. No One says:

    On being half Japanese:
    Her first name is Japanese. Her dad worked in Japan. As a father of a half-asian child I became skilled at seeing the characteristics. She’s among the most unfortunate-looking half-asian ladies I’ve witnessed. In contrast, my kid does modeling work in her spare time, benefitting from her vaguely exotic looks, and hates being around weird and quirky girls as this woman styles herself.

    On museums – I’m sure if you want to want to wallow in historical misery and class envy, a tenement museum will be great. I’d rather see great art and beautiful, inspirational things in museums.

  92. leftwing says:

    “Your comments about “Montclair” and “Harvard” suggest envy.”

    You, sir, mistake envy for disdain.

  93. 3b says:

    Hold I grew up in the Bronx, and so we went downtown a lot as we called it. No one said the city or Manhattan. We all did it. Then I started working down there in high school and never left! Seen some crazy shite over the years but it was fun.

  94. grim says:

    To attract all the ex-nyc hipsters, instead of baking cookies before the showing, you are supposed to dump a can or two of PBW on the rug, smoke a Chesterfield, and hide some piss soaked rags in the closet.

  95. BoomerRemover says:

    Down the hatch is still a thing, not sure for how much longer but it’s still there

  96. Libturd says:

    You know what else used to kick ass about NYC? Going down to Canal street to buy all kinds of knockoffs and cheap Maxell XLIIs. The army/navy store down there was awesome too. Big Wongs for lunch or Little Italy for great pizza/cannoli. Walk over to the Bowery or 45th for cheap jewelry. South Street Seaport for great raw seafood. 42nd Street was pure sleeze, but had great cheap eating options. From Tad Steaks to $5 Chinese to a great cheap Thai place I remember. There were still a few coffee shops too. Great for a happy waitress or just a burger and fries. Disney killed 42nd Street. Been through the Oculus too. Amazing architecture, but I miss the labyrinth under the old WTC. The walk from the PATH to the ACE was always quite interesting. Anyone remember the people crazy enough to walk those steps instead of riding one of the ten or so escalators? Who remembers which one was the quickest? We really were all ants or cattle. Want to know how long I commuted for? In my times commuting, I was on three trains that hit suicides. I commuted through two PATH trains hitting the pylons in Hoboken and one NJTtransit engineer nearly driving into the Hudson. I was such a zombie.

  97. Libturd says:

    Wow, can’t believe it’s still open. I was there when it opened. Great foosball bar and cheap pitchers. An absolutely winning combo.

  98. Libturd says:

    I see the foos is still there, but the pool table has become a beer pong table.

  99. 3b says:

    Lib: I walked those steps for years in my younger days. Knees would not like it now! Architecture is interesting but too white as in the color and poorly designed in my opinion as a transit hub. Multiple stairs and twists and turns . Also cracks appearing on the marble floors and steps. And issues with the roof leaking. And almost no one in those high end stores.

  100. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    The best part about Canal street back in the day was going into the back of some Chinese dude’s store and buying quarter sticks of dynamite as a 12 year old kid.

  101. Libturd says:


    Was the only place to buy fireworks. Yes…some of that sh1t had those horrible fuses too that burned way to quickly.

  102. 3b says:

    Lib: I am amazed how many people have committed suicide on my train line over the years. One was particularly disturbing, just outside the Wood-Ridge station. It was a young woman suffering from postpartum depression. We could hear the thumping sounds under the car. Only later did we realize it was a body. Last few years it’s been more middle aged men or teenagers.

  103. Libturd, reminiscing says:

    Our Clifton train removed an arm from a kid playing chicken with his friends. That kid always had big balls. Now he has more balls than arms.

  104. Walking says:

    Regarding the ny post article, I believe in a few years we will read how much she enjoys disney world and is looking forward to going to orlando for jersey week. She will give up organic made lampshades and be cutting off chi-fi in her tahoe on her way to lbi. Brooklyn, once edgy and different will look dirty and rundown.

  105. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    As a half asian, I’d have to agree No One. When I was younger, I was hellbent on meeting girls with similar makeup White/Asian. No matter what the combo, usually the person develops fantastic looks.

  106. Libtrump says:

    But Asian women age rapidly. :P

    Hope that caucasian prolongs the inevitable.

  107. leftwing says:

    “On the subject of just call the police to evict…”

    Guy played too nice. I have a backdoor to three large brothers from Irvington that would have solved all his problems with Senor hyphen sanchez.

    Then let senor be the one to file in Court with his bogus lease after he picks up his meager belongings and chicklets from the street…..

    Developer should have been better prepared given the area, it’s not like he was renovating a ranch in Short Hills….assuming any ranches still exist there lol.

  108. Phoenix says:

    Cellino and Barnes are divorced.
    Cellino married Jacoby
    Barnes married Myers.

  109. leftwing says:

    Actually, I take that back. The ‘developer’ is a total p*ssy. Someone breaks into his place and squats and his idea of fixing it is to GIVE them $500. Deserved what he got. Untuck your balls, man.

  110. 3b says:

    I wonder if there are Asian Karen’s? No offense, just wondering.

  111. 3b says:

    Phoenix: Well There you go!!

  112. JCer says:

    Walking, I’m just going to say it much of brooklyn is a dump. Brooklyn Heights is nice, park slope and some of the areas around prospect park are nice but the rest is so overrated. Frankly many parts of Brooklyn, even trendy brooklyn are more run down than downtown newark. Also the transit links into Manhattan barely make it better than living in the suburbs, might as well move to LI or Westchester at least you get some space and good schools. I’d say Jersey but NJTransit disqualifies it from being a great place to nyc commuters.

    The woman in article seems quite irritating, NYC was great if you had the money otherwise GTFO, most folks with kids don’t have the money to live well in NYC. Now under the reign of DeBlasio this might not be true. My parents would take us all the time when we were kids but it used to be a little scary, my older sister is still afraid of cities to this day. The feeling of superiority New Yorkers have today is hilarious, speaking of the tenement museum, my grandmother was born and raised in lower manhattan, she’d be the first to tell you she loved NYC but on moving to NJ would say are you kidding I got a house with a yard, a car, a private bathroom, HOT running water. Living in the city was hard, in the 40’s and 50’s moving to the suburbs marketed a huge increase in quality of life it is not as pronounced today but still exists. The world does not begin and end around Manhattan there really cool places all over our country and the world, in fact the increase in prices in NYC has force a lot of the interesting people and businesses out.

  113. AP says:

    leftwing, “You, sir, mistake envy for disdain.”

    They are actually closely linked. We desire what the other has, because it complements us, and develop disdain and negative competition.

  114. AP says:

    Limelight and Paladium. Avenue B. Knitting Factory. All before or during college pretty much.

  115. 3b says:

    Jcer: You are going to get yourself in trouble with that post. Everyone knows that NYC attracts the best of the best, the most talented, creative and ambitious. And the energy! Don’t you know everywhere is boring? And filled with unimaginative losers.

  116. njtownhomer says:

    WNYC should fire this lady immediately. Such snobbery doesn’t fit well with the image.

  117. leftwing says:

    LOL, trust me, I have no envy or desire for a Harvard sheepskin or an 07042 zip code.

  118. leftwing says:

    AP all of the above on the clubs…..finally started feeling old…..an old girlfriend’s kid started freshman year of college at NYU….the dorm? The Palladium……

  119. Hold my beer says:


    And she isn’t aging well.

  120. Fast Eddie says:

    I went to an open house shortly before I bought my current house. The house was on Highland Avenue in Montclair. A young couple was in the house as well. The house guide said to the couple that the actual address of the house was Little Falls. The young wife immediately blurts out, “Oh no, this is not acceptable, I need a Montclair address.” The husband didn’t say a word. They left.

  121. 3b says:

    I worked with a lot of Harvard and Ivy League people back in the day. They were smart, but would have been smart wherever they went. They never got into the Ivy League BS, they didn’t care, it was just what they did. Many already came from wealthy families and were in this country for generations.

  122. 3b says:

    Fast That’s because he is p whipped as we used to say back in the day!

  123. AP says:

    I went to public school in the city. Good and bad. Great teachers actually, including famous translators, writers.

  124. AP says:

    The nature of desire is so strange that we desire even what we don’t necessarily like, just because it belongs to the other.

    Like you watch the Kardashians, say, you truly don’t like any of that lifestyle, it’s not your cup of tea. Doesn’t matter, the engine of desire still spins, exactly because it’s different than what you have/are.

    That desire is natural: for the other, for the new, for the different, it helps you experience new things. But it can get messy when it becomes a head-butting exercise instead of an exchange.

  125. leftwing says:

    3b, likewise, and the corollary as well…some of the smartest and most successful people I’ve had the pleasure to meet are the least credentialed…..

    I have no use for anyone that judges in that manner….

    AP, your posts on this topic are starting to sound like one of the too many marriage counselors I was forced to endure…that is full of sh1t and totally useless. Stick to postings on 90s clubs….

  126. Juice Box says:

    So VP Mike Pence will be in-town for the 9/11 memorial services and both Trump and Biden will visit the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Hopefully at the same time? I doubt it but it would be nice for them to set aside the election for a day.

  127. Juice Box says:

    Manhattan rental market plunges, leaving 15,000 empty apartments in August

    The number of empty rental apartments in Manhattan nearly tripled compared with last year, according to a report from Douglas Elliman and Miller Samuel.
    The inventory of empty units, which rose to 15,000 in August, is the largest ever recorded since data started being collected 14 years ago, the report said.
    Hopes for a rebound in the fall or the end of 2020 look increasingly unlikely.


  128. Hold my beer says:

    Post covid heart damage


    It’s like the 9/11 dust. Some people exposed to it will never get symptoms, meanwhile the person sitting next to them could get mild to moderate symptoms and the person across from them will get seriously sick or die from it. And right now there is no way to tell which group you will fall into.

  129. grim says:

    The best part about Canal street back in the day was going into the back of some Chinese dude’s store and buying quarter sticks of dynamite as a 12 year old kid.

    I remember buying a stick of dynamite from a little asian kid that looked like Short Round from Indiana jones.


  130. grim says:

    While we didn’t blow up a car, we summoned half of Clifton’s PD by lighting it off.

  131. Juice Box says:

    KeepWalking – There are a bunch of run down motels on 192, some were already closed up with homeless living in them. I dove past a few times over the last few years. Most of these older places were renting for next to nothing and would attract the budget travelers at best and the indigent as the regular.

    The gated developments with new homes to “rent” are all over down there, brand new very expensive places like Margaritaville the new development up the road on 192 that just opened. It now rents for $127 a night.

    No offence to Orlando and the Route 4 corridor to Tampa but their boom has to be over, no more turning cow pastures into SFH developments for a while. They need to Europeans and Brazilians to return. The last new house I rented was managed by a Brazillian guy who was sent there by the Brazilian investors to keep tabs. He prob is gone back home by now.

  132. No One says:

    Those people are in a really tough place. The girl Rose would normally get a half day escape at school, and military service would provide a path to permanent improvement out of those desperate conditions.
    Sounds like the failing motels are partly a creation of anti-eviction laws, turning them into rotting squatters camps.
    Looks like the lifestyles of the unskilled and uneducated are converging globally. These people are still a bit ahead of Indian and Brazilian slums. Their government incomes are definitely higher but maybe their vices more expensive here as well.

  133. AP says:

    “Looks like the lifestyles of the unskilled and uneducated are converging globally. These people are still a bit ahead of Indian and Brazilian slums. Their government incomes are definitely higher but maybe their vices more expensive here as well.”


    “too many marriage counselors I was forced to endure”

    Yeah. Some of it strike odd chords, I know. But trust me I’m on to something. My only point, said simpler: opposites attract.

  134. Juice Box says:

    Willem Dafoe starred in movie about those Orlando hotels on Rt 192 in 2017.

    The Florida Project


  135. Libturd says:

    Pretty decent flick. Whole family watched it.

  136. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    We blew up a Porter Potty. We stuck in in the middle of a toilet paper roll and used a cigarette as a timed wick. The kid who played lookout at the end of the block for us is now a cop in the same town.

  137. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:


    It’s like the 9/11 dust. Some people exposed to it will never get symptoms, meanwhile the person sitting next to them could get mild to moderate symptoms and the person across from them will get seriously sick or die from it. And right now there is no way to tell which group you will fall into.

    There’s a lot of evidence that EPO levels are an indicator. What they’ve found is people living at high elevations have larger EPO levels, which not only stimulates RBC production but tissue regeneration. South America has been using EPO (made famous by Lance Armstrong) to treat it. They found that not only was the increase in RBC count helpful, but their tissue healed more rapidly. In the US, we’llwait 5 years for a double blind placebo study if it ever comes.

  138. 3b says:

    Juice: no surprise in Manhattan rental units. Covid accelerated it, but the amount of overbuilding was insane. I have no idea what will happen to the old bank of New York building at one Wall Street. Supposed to be the largest office to residential conversion in the history the city’s history. The top floor was going to the most expensive apartment ever sold.

  139. Juice Box says:

    Bottle rockets and the more intense m-80 fights were as common as pickup basketball game growing up. There was a resurgence this summer as shown on social media and some idiot set a big swath of California on fire the other day at a gender reveal party using fireworks some kind of smoke bomb.

    It’s been quiet around here for a month now, I guess they ran out.

  140. homeboken says:

    I work with new grads all over my firm. The Ivy league kids are almost always the biggest problem. They believe that there brand of uniqueness should be immediately recognized by their bosses. Like any institution type job, the diploma may get you in the door but after that, you are all viewed the same way. You are a cost center until you prove you can provide some P&L benefit.

    As the Ivy kids get older, the ones that survive tend to tone back the elitism. There just isn’t any benefit to acting elitist because you went to School A vs School B.

    Bring in business and close deals and you can walk on water. After 20 years, the only time my Alma mater gets brought up is when I am gambling with a colleague during a football game.

  141. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Tech moving in whether you realize it or not. Or you could agree with some people on here and call for the death of nyc…bad move.

    “Still, Ama­zon.­com Inc. said last month that it would ex­pand its phys­i­cal of­fices in New York and other cities, sig­nal­ing its be­lief in the long-term vi­a­bil­ity of of­fice work.”


  142. The Great Pumpkin says:

    You are delusional. I’m just calling it like I see it. You were wrong years ago on suburbs dying, and you are wrong with the idea that nyc is dying….or cities in general.

    People are not going to shun the rest of humanity, lock themselves in a house, and only talk through a screen. No way. It’s fine if it’s once or twice a week, it’s not okay to have a business where the employees have never met each other in real life. You can think so, but you are wrong about that.

    3b says:
    September 9, 2020 at 4:37 pm
    Jcer The clown is a teacher, and from his discourse on the blog I wouldn’t say he is a good one. He pontificates on work in corporate America whether it be WFH or otherwise, with absolutely zero experience, and then proceeds to tell those that do we don’t know what we are talking about. He then wraps it up in how he is concerned about people’s mental health, and drug addiction from WFH. Then when that does not work and he gets no attention he lashes out at me. I am worse for responding to him, but it is fun!! He does not give a flying feck about people or their mental health, or that WFH is a quality of life improvement for many, more so when kids are back in school on a regular basis. All he cares about is how this can negatively impact his wife’s corporate real estate career as she is the primary breadwinner, and the value of his highway house. He might have to get a part time hustle on the side, maybe a greeter at Walmart.

  143. homeboken says:

    According to the DOJ – At least 27 government issued cell phones were wiped clean before being handed over to the DOJ and checked for their historical records.

    Andrew Weismann wiped 2 of his 3 special counsel’s phones. One he wiped by “accident”. The other he entered the wrong password 10 times in a row and caused the phone to erase.

    Oh well, whoopsie. Guess that’s the end of it right? Boy am I silly.

    Lot’s of debate on this board about cops acting shady and worse, illegally – How do you feel about these federal law officials and intelligence agencies destroying evidence?
    Anyone remember Hillary’s emails?
    If we had anything close to a legitimate media, this would be front page news.


  144. Juice Box says:

    Homeboken- smoking guns usually end up on the bottom of a river.

    Russia, Comey, Mueller and crew are long forgotten, as well they would be because they cause too much cognitive dissonance, and those feelings are now forgotten, wiped away and replaced by new beliefs grounded in the Pandemic.

  145. 3b says:

    The peace was nice while it lasted!!

  146. 3b says:

    Oh and the JP Morgan traders going back along with Goldman is old news. I knew that 2 weeks ago. I am in the industry after all. They will have plenty of room to social distance as there are many who are never going back! Lots of empty space.

  147. homeboken says:

    Juice – I fear you may be correct but it is a shame. If we, the people, don’t demand these people be accountable then we deserve exactly what we will get.

    I personally tire of hearing people, including on this board, complain about he technocratic ruling class or the ineffectiveness of our elected leaders while at the same time ignoring the ruling class acting however they please with no consequence.

  148. Juice box says:

    Homeboken – it’s an imperfect Union, a weakness exists in our system, one that they did not foresee back in 1787. Many of the Framers believed there would not be political parties in the new system, and the role of Congress would be like a monthly Meeting, and some believed the President would be subservient to Congress.

    What we have now needs to be changed starting with getting money out of politics, but alas that is now enshrined and would require acts of Congress that no one there is willing to take up. Billlions are now spent on elections, And that is not done anywhere else in the world, and it’s why we have some many inside the beltway that do not represent those that elect them.

  149. Juice Box says:

    Party on Portland, mayor bans the use of the least violent method of crowd control possible Tear gas. Banning Tear gas will not stop the crying that is for sure.


  150. Libturd says:

    Well said Juice. Bernie might be a crazed far left loonie. But he was right when he said nothing changes with anyone here until you get the corporate money out of DC. He’s right about that.

  151. Juice Box says:

    Lib – you know I like Bernie stop stroking me already.I checked out you retirement home down in Costa Rica, tell me you will be armed heavily yes?

  152. ExEssex says:

    tRumP tELLs iT lIkE iT is…

  153. Juice Box says:

    Biden tells it exactly as the teleprompter says ‘End of Quote’

    Please tell us SNL is going to do a skit? They will be back on in three weeks.

  154. 3b says:

    Juice: What a laugh seeing Biden in Michigan talking about bringing manufacturing jobs back to the USA. Where was here as VP, or all the other years in Washington while his masters sent the jobs overseas?

  155. Juice box says:

    3B – Sleeping Joe forgot He voted for NAFTA in 1993. Like I said he can promise all the vapor green energy jobs he wants but he cannot run on his record.

    Swing states will be interesting as layoffs popping up in auto manufacturing. Trump only won Michigan in 2016 by 11,000 votes, the ad spends in swing states will be massive.

  156. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    He also served as VP for a president who proclaimed those jobs were never coming back.

  157. chicagofinance says:

    I can think of two girls in my grade….. one ended up in suburban Maryland and the other somewhere in Florida. Before Facebook we had a Yahoo! chat group circa 2003-2004. So at the time they were roughly the same age as the woman in the article. The insulting ridiculousness of their posts was insufferable.

    I was not all dissimilar to two girls from my high school during college that ended up at Cornell and Tulane……. they were so happy to talk with me because I “understood”….. oh yeah….. I understood perfectly.

    Walking says:
    September 10, 2020 at 3:12 pm
    Regarding the ny post article, I believe in a few years we will read how much she enjoys disney world and is looking forward to going to orlando for jersey week. She will give up organic made lampshades and be cutting off chi-fi in her tahoe on her way to lbi. Brooklyn, once edgy and different will look dirty and rundown.

  158. chicagofinance says:

    Yes, except people refer to them as Kalen’s…….

    3b says:
    September 10, 2020 at 3:33 pm
    I wonder if there are Asian Karen’s? No offense, just wondering.

  159. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “And I think that, in general, the media likes to get—to sell papers, right, saying that everything is fine, doesn’t sell papers. When you actually look at the statistics of crime in the city, whatever it is, yes, it’s up, but it’s still at record low levels, right. Far below what it was under Bloomberg, which was obviously a good period for the city.”

  160. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “But I think that for the Facebook’s of the world, being in the key tech clusters, which New York is clearly one of now, it’s the second largest tech hub, is important. And if you saw the comments that the Facebook executive made with respect to the [indiscernible] specifically, I think it was important as you relate it to two things, right: one, he talked about how critical it was for them to be in New York in terms of recruiting talent, and how this was going to be one the key areas for them to focus on their complex challenges and the ability to provide career opportunities for employees in New York, for East–people who want to be on the East Coast is critical.”

  161. Libturd says:

    The trade deficit is now at a 12-year high. The government also said this week that the budget deficit hit $3 trillion in August. September is the final month in the Federal government’s fiscal year. When the fiscal year is up, the deficit will be about $3.3 trillion, give or take. This will be the first time since World War II that the deficit was larger than the economy.

    Yes Biden sucks.

    Juice…crime is not that bad down there. None the less, I probably will hire my own security. It’s so cheap!

  162. zapaza19 says:

    That means that the first chance someone pays off that security man with a little more $$$, you’re screwed (or dead). After all, security is cheap!

    Double-edged sword.

  163. Walking says:

    Uh ohh, don’t tell pumpkin but nyc business leaders write letter to mayor urging him to take back control of city before it’s too late. The letter written by top learned include Mastercard, NBa, Goldman, Jetblue.

    I don’t believe facebook signed it as their workers are remote

  164. PT says:

    Popular? Murphy? Maybe in shred sense.

  165. Shore Guy says:

    Hi. It has been awhile. The BBC is where I find the best news about the USA.

  166. ExEssex says:

    Get BBC from Sirius – they have great US coverage, in between cricket scores.

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