C19 Open Discussion Week 34

From NJ Advance:

Businesses in Atlantic City boarding up ahead of election 

Businesses in Atlantic City are boarding up ahead of Tuesday’s election in preparation for potential unrest.

On Saturday, workers boarded up a number of national brand stores at the Tanger Outlets outdoor mall — including Forever 21, Coach, Famous Footwear and Guess.

“Some people are boarding up. We’re starting to see this nationwide, unfortunately. It’s not a good sight to see coming into town, but people want to protect their investments,” Mayor Marty Small told NJ Advance Media on Sunday. “They’re taking a precautionary measure.”

Tanger Outlets did not immediately return a request for comment on why some retailers were boarding up windows over the weekend.

Small said businesses in Atlantic City are likely preparing for possible mayhem after, in late May, a peaceful protest over the police killing of Minneapolis man George Floyd turned destructive, with people looting and breaking store windows at the Tanger Outlets.

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  1. RentL0rd says:

    Go Biden!

  2. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Think about that, facebook who claims to be the leader in work from
    Home is silently moving into nyc

    “Some big tech com­pa­nies have con­tin­ued to dou­ble down on New York City real es­tate dur­ing the pan­demic, in­clud­ing Face­book Inc., which in Au­gust signed a 730,000-square-feet lease at the Far­ley Build­ing on Man­hat­tan’s West Side.”


  3. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “I’m still very much bull­ish on New York in the long term,” Mr. Ko­bran said. “Ob­vi­ously, un­til the pan-demic comes to an end, there’s re­ally noth­ing there for us. But this thing will even­tu­ally go away, and we’re re­ally ea­ger to get back to the city.”


  4. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Contemplating selling my rental and leveraging it into nyc when no one wants it. Blood in the streets on class A real estate is my favorite type of investment.

  5. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Yea, this is what happens when a lot of people move to a location and now demand services.

    “If you had to sum up the economic development plan for Arizona over our 108-year history, you can boil it down to one word: growth. Prop. 208 will destroy one of Arizona’s great advantages. If this almost doubling of Arizona’s income-tax rate passes, which as the editorial points out wallops small businesses that constitute about half of the affected filers, our top tax rate would be about double that of neighboring Utah, New Mexico and Colorado and completely uncompetitive with no-income-tax Nevada.”

  6. Lockdowns Forever says:

    CDC COVID Infection Fatality Ratio

    Age 0-19 years: 0.00003

    Age 20-49 years: 0.0002

    Age 50-69 years: 0.005

    Age 70+ years: 0.054


    Locking the country down with a virus so dangerous, that you need a test to know if you have it, and if symptoms do ever develop, the survival rate is 99.9%.

    Every school in Florida is open for in-person learning. Governors Murphy and Cuomo are lunatics.

  7. homeboken says:

    Joe Biden held two car rally’s yesterday, both sites located within 30 miles of his home.

    Trump held 5 rally’s. Attendance greater than 100,000. Traveling over 3,000 miles during the day.

    If Trump loses, it will not be bc Biden outworked him.

    Private sector energy vs Career government sector energy.

  8. homeboken says:

    Hickory, NC


    The above represent only 60% of the rally’s Trump did, just yesterday.

  9. Fabius Maximus says:


    Were you out playing with traffic?

  10. D-FENS says:

    Murphy ordered NJSP to block the exits


    Fabius Maximus says:
    November 2, 2020 at 7:05 am

    Were you out playing with traffic?

  11. Fast Eddie says:

    I’ve been voting since the 1980 election, never have seen a wave of people in solidarity like this… crowds to see Trump. They closed the Tappan Zee Bridge yesterday, in the rain, out of their cars and didn’t give a shit. I saw a group of black guys waving Trump flags, red hats and then watched a video last night of a black Trump supporter schooling a liberal @sshole so bad that the O’Biden guy had nothing to say. Nothing.

  12. Crushednjmillenial says:

    France 7-day average of new confirmed COVID cases is 40k per day.

    In the US, the number is 80k per day.

    The US is 5x bigger than France in pop. We might see 200k new cases per day later this winter.

    If France could not contain the virus, then criticism of Trump is pure optics. The median Frenchman is far left of median American, and still they didn’t contain the spread.

    One more Europe data point. I have a friend who has a relative in Europe – the relative is over 80. The relative has a heavy cough but that Euro country won’t run a COVID test (Bc, there are procedures and approvals necessary, etc). That 80 year old ends up in ICU three days later. Obviously tests positive for COVID. Given just dexo, no remdesivir. Lives, praise God. Before hearing this, I though Trump was just Trumping when he said other countries don’t test. However, my experience with Euro medical system and overall Euro cheapness (about utilities, gas, food, etc) squares with them conserving tests in a way that is unpalatable and nonsensical to an American.

  13. BRT says:

    So I ended up still going to Philly yesterday. Rain, cold weather and riots don’t mix so I was good. Hit up Reading Terminal Market, not really anyone in there. My big issue was, I was trying to find out where the Biden rally was going to be to avoid it. You couldn’t even find out any info on where he was going to be.

    Driving through Bucks County PA, I hit up a lot of side roads as we were stopping for dinner there. I saw more Trump signs than Biden, maybe 5 to 3 ratio. That changes the second you cross the border into Mercer Co., NJ, Biden everywhere.

  14. Chicago says:

    Fab. My presidential vote was cast for no one.

  15. BRT says:

    Every school in Florida is open for in-person learning. Governors Murphy and Cuomo are lunatics.

    2 months of data from open schools indicate that the current settings we have in place for schools don’t lead to outbreaks inside schools. But yeah, my son’s slated to go back a week from today as cases have tripled. Our district purposely dragged their feet in the hopes that the governor shuts them down post thanksgiving because the superintendent just doesn’t want to put in the work to make it happen. He should be fired. Talked to 3 elementary teachers at my son’s school when I was at their playground last week with my kids. Their kids are in person in the neighboring town. They said we are t least five months behind them. Long story short, the teachers there are disappointed in the superintendent as well.

  16. Fast Eddie says:

    Very optimistic. 4 deaths as opposed to a few hundred with the same number of cases about six months ago which means we’ve found effective treatments and learned a shit-ton on how to handle this thing. And we have a vaccine in the wings.


  17. Bystander says:

    Yes, what solidarity..”patriots” running Biden buses off the road. Very fine people on all sides of the bus.

  18. Fast Eddie says:


    O’Biden’s ahead everywhere. No concerns, right? It’s in the bag! Right?

  19. 30 year realtor says:

    Fast Eddie and Lockdowns Forever,

    Lots of stories of serious long-term impacts from the virus. Still a lot to learn. To say your proclamations of success are premature would be a massive understatement.

  20. Bystander says:

    I don’t take anything for granted Ed particularly when dealing with TV cult icon who can trick the feeble minded bigots so easily.

  21. njtownhomer says:

    Told you about becoming a 3rd world country. The latest road blocking and bridge halting proves that. It didn’t go well with CC.

  22. chicagofinance says:

    Interesting insights…….


    The Pollster Who Thinks Trump Will Win

    Robert Cahaly foresaw the outcome in 2016. Will ‘social acceptability bias’ deliver another surprise?

    By Barton Swaim
    Oct. 29, 2020 6:51 pm ET

    Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by an average of 7 or 8 points in national surveys, more narrowly in battleground states. Everybody remembers the shock of 2016, but can the polls be wrong again?

    Ask the question in a different way: Are poll respondents telling the truth? Robert Cahaly, head of the Trafalgar Group, thinks a lot of people aren’t. Trafalgar polls accurately foresaw the outcome in 2016, calling Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan for Mr. Trump. In 2020 the Atlanta-based consulting firm has generally shown Mr. Trump to be in a stronger position than the conventional wisdom would suggest.

    In an interview over a catfish supper at the OK Cafe diner, Mr. Cahaly won’t reveal much about his methods, but he says his polls mitigate what social scientists call “social desirability bias.” The mainstream media and other authority figures have openly and aggressively contended that Mr. Trump is a white supremacist, a would-be dictator, a cretinous buffoon and an inveterate liar. In such an environment, poll respondents who sympathize with the president, or who believe his administration has on balance done more good than harm, may be forgiven for not saying so to a stranger over the phone.

    Do people lie to pollsters? “Yes,” Mr. Cahaly says, “but they’re not necessarily doing anything wrong. If a grandmother says, ‘This is my grandson, isn’t he a handsome boy?’ and you can see he’s anything but handsome—he’s sickly and weird-looking—you don’t say, ‘No, he’s sickly and weird-looking.’ You just say, ‘He sure is.’ ”

    Social desirability bias is more pronounced among some demographics, Mr. Cahaly thinks, and he claims only that Trafalgar polls minimize it. “You can’t get rid of it,” he admits. To oversimplify his approach: If a poll respondent tells you he’s voting for Candidate A but that same person answers every other question in a way that suggests he’s voting for Candidate B, the pollster may wish to account for that oddity in the overall tally. And in a year when Candidate A is said by the cultural elite across the globe to be the Source of All Bad Things, the need to reckon with disingenuous answers is perhaps more important than usual.

    “Take any retirement community in America,” he says. “Poll how many people watch ‘The Jerry Springer Show,’ and you’re gonna get one number. Contact the cable company and find out how many people at the same retirement community actually watch ‘The Jerry Springer Show,’ and you’re gonna get another number.”

    He also thinks most pollsters rely too heavily on cold phone calls. “A lot of people aren’t gonna tell a stranger on the phone who they’re going to vote for, especially if they’re afraid that information might wind up on a website or a Facebook page for everybody to see.” These days many screen their calls and don’t even pick up those from unknown numbers.

    Traditional polls fail in other ways, too, in Mr. Cahaly’s view. Some ask far too many questions. “Who’s going to answer 45 questions on a Tuesday night?” he asks. “People who know a lot about politics and like to express their opinions, that’s who. Most people aren’t like that.”

    I had never met Mr. Cahaly until Wednesday, but I’ve known about him for more than 15 years. I worked for the governor of South Carolina while Mr. Cahaly was earning a reputation as an imaginative and tireless consultant in the state’s tradition of hardball politics. State police arrested the pollster in 2010 for running supposedly illegal “robocalls.” The charges were dismissed; he challenged the law’s constitutionality in federal court and won.

    He doesn’t strike me as emotionally invested in a Trump victory. “For me it’s not a left-right thing,” he says. “I run a business. It’s not in my interest to pump up a Republican candidate just for the sake of it. I need to get it right.”

    Mr. Cahaly’s method isn’t flawless. In the 2018 Georgia governor’s race he had Republican Brian Kemp winning by 12 percentage points; the actual margin was 1.5. “If you get this wrong . . .,” I say, but he interrupts and answers: “I’ll take a hit.”

    And if he gets it right? He silently smiles.

    Mr. Swaim is an editorial page writer at the Journal.

  23. BRT says:

    We learned not to send positive patients into nursing homes. But we can’t admit that publicly as politicians.

  24. BRT says:

    All of those idiots who shut down the parkway should have been arrested. Blocking roads should be illegal in

  25. chicagofinance says:

    How about most people with cranial functions beyond the autonomous nervous system?

    “The mainstream media and other authority figures have openly and aggressively contended that Mr. Trump is a white supremacist, a would-be dictator, a cretinous buffoon and an inveterate liar.”

  26. D-FENS says:

    Mainstream networks may either project a Biden win on election night regardless of data and votes counted or completely not report a Trump projected win on election night. They completely disappeared the Hunter Biden laptop story and they might just do the same for a Trump win (if in fact he wins).

  27. D-FENS says:

    Murphy on MSNBC saying how dangerous Trump supporters were for blocking the Parkway. What a d1ck. That happened because the NJSP blocked all the exits and wouldn’t let them off.

  28. 1987 Condo says:

    I read an interesting book a few years ago…Everybody Lies…..


  29. Juice Box says:

    Lawful assembly is being stopped, cancelled and even tear gassed like the did down south those BLM voters due to the COVID restrictions, the caravans are a response to that.It’s safer than large groups, and legal unless well they block ambulances etc.

  30. LurksMcGee says:

    BRT 7:50

    I saw the exact same thing 4 years ago visiting some in-laws for a bday party. Everyone there was staunchly thought Hillary would win despite the overwhelming signs in the area. They thought I was dumb as I told them that they’re under-estimating the silent support in the spots where flags weren’t prominently displayed.

    I’d wager that the support only increased this time around.

  31. Fast Eddie says:

    If there’s 30,000 plus at rallies, how many more are behind the scenes quietly casting their votes for him? You think people forget 3.5 years of a Russia hoax? Of Pelosi ripping up speeches? Of a sham impeachment? Of looting and rioting?

  32. ExEssex says:

    Just hang tight and you’ll get your answer.

  33. Crushednjmillenial says:

    Paris has had an outdoor mask mandate since August. Despite the mask mandate, The virus is still running wild in France so much so that they just went back on lockdown last Friday.

  34. Chicago says:

    Ex. Yeah

    For all we know, the election could hinge on the Election Day weather in critical swing counties in swing states. Something as stupidly mundane as that

  35. Truth Over Facts says:

    Chicago, free your mind from the 24/7 Fake News narrative, you might learn something.


    Trump was loved by liberals before he decided to challenge their chosen one Hillary.

    Trump fought for equal access to golf courses long before he entered politics.

  36. Truth Over Facts says:


    Trump insisted on including Jews, blacks at Palm Beach golf course in 1990s

    In the 1990s, Trump was running into a problem getting his golf course approved by the local town council in Palm Beach, which was imposing restrictions on his bid.

    So Trump shot back with maximum effect. As reported by the Washington Post’s Mary Jordan and Rosalind Helderman on Nov. 14, 2015: “Trump undercut his adversaries with a searing attack, claiming that local officials seemed to accept the established private clubs in town that had excluded Jews and blacks while imposing tough rules on his inclusive one.”

    The Washington Post report continues, “Trump’s lawyer sent every member of the town council copies of two classic movies about discrimination: ’A Gentleman’s Agreement,’ about a journalist who pretends to be Jewish to expose anti-Semitism, and ’Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner’ about a white couple’s reaction to their daughter bringing home a black fiancé.”

    Sometimes, in judging the character of an individual, it pays to see what people actually do when nobody’s really paying attention. When it came to segregation in the South at private, all-white country clubs, it might have been in Trump’s business interests to simply look the other way. Instead, Trump did the right thing and insisted on desegregation at his golf resort.

  37. ExEssex says:

    Tough decisions during unprecedented times.

  38. BRT says:

    WTF is this?

    The same garbage that’s been peddled the past 5 years. The idea that you can somehow legislate with the goal of equal outcomes. It’s impossible.

  39. ExEssex says:

    10:40 more level the playing field chatter. It polls well.
    It’s what some folks want to hear. Face it messaging is developed
    by focus groups these days.

  40. Hold my beer says:

    Texas is definitely in play. Collin county is the county that borders Dallas to the north.
    Romney won it by 32% margin in 2012. Trump in the midteens in 2016. Cruz beat flyweight Beto by 6% in 2018.

    I never see lawn signs on a residential or commercial lawn for either candidate. Also even most of the local races the candidate does not list party affiliation on the signs on medians and street corners


  41. njtownhomer says:

    TX becoming more urban makes a lot of sense to turn blue.

    – huge migration from coastal US
    – proper legal immigration, a lot of heritage being blamed for anything gone bad
    – urban lifestyle needs more services state-side, more community feeling, more social justice
    – heterogeneous population from all backgrounds, not just from certain lineage. The Asian population is way underestimated in this state for instance, big Harris effect
    – federal funds flowing to state’s crony GOP handlers all the time, not much trickle down
    – 60% state population in 5 biggest cities, and that is increasing by 1000 people every day.
    – no adverse effect of the BLM protests, not much fear from suburban women

    it is just gonna be worse in 2 years.

  42. Juice Box says:

    So how many millions of voters do they expect to show up in person tomorrow?

    NYC Early Voting 2020 as of NOV 1 show about 25% of the voters have cast ballots so far.

    Manhattan 238,581
    Bronx 153,079
    Brooklyn 373,270
    Queens 250,083
    Staten Island 104,043
    Cumulative Check-Ins 1,119,056

    The lines tomorrow are going to be insane. If people follow the six foot rule just 880 voters make a line a mile long. Are they really expecting 3-4 million people to show up in NYC tomorrow and wait in incredibly long lines for hours on end?

  43. BRT says:

    All viruses mutate to become more infectious and less deadly. Evolution dictates this. Several scientists and doctors are on record saying most of the evidence points to both have already happened, but most aren’t willing to state the latter out in the open for fear of negative media attention.

  44. Bystander says:

    The final Jordan Klepper take on Orange clown rally in PA before election. Poorly educated, insane conspiracy theorists, and completely illogical bigots…the Trumpgallery.


    I love the woman drinking wine, looking for her “facts” and last woman who won’t live in social*st US but heading for universal health care of Costa Rica..

    Also, to all the great “Christian” Trump supporters, you can’t make this stuff up.


  45. crushednjmillenial says:

    Biden administration preview . . .

    Biden takes office. Kamala is given a signature issue to lead. Biden reads a few speeches from a teleprompter every so often. He takes 1-3 reporter questions per month, max, and only after conservative media hounds him about hiding in the basement of the White House. He gives the state of the union from the teleprompter. He doesn’t travel much overseas. His staff keep him the heck away from microphones at all costs.

    Trump tweets criticism of the Biden admin at every turn. Trump gets more TV attention than Biden. Media coverage of the Biden Administration is framed in terms of how “repulsive” Trump’s perspective on the issue of the day is and how it differs from Biden’s. OneAmerica News changes its name to TrumpTV.

    After the 2022 midterms, sometime in 2023 before the Dem primary for 2024 gets rolling, Biden steps down for health reasons and Kamala is now President. She steamrolls the Dem primary field and is the 2024 candidate. In 2024, she loses big to whoever the Republican candidate is, because voters fundamentally do not like Ms. California and do not appreciate how she chuckles nonsensically when asked straightforward softball questions from sympathetic journalists.

    On the bright side, the NJ State Government gets a $10 billion bailout from the federal government. NJ State Government then celebrates by spending $15 billion.

  46. chicagofinance says:

    I was just on hold with DMV for 50 minutes…… and then I get a message…. due to high call volume, we will be unable to answer your call today, go to website… etc…


  47. ExEssex says:

    4:01 You are forgetting the fact that “if” Trump loses, it will because the majority of Americans are sick of his sh*t. The repubs will distance themselves from him as quickly as they can and whatever is left of his following can trundle around in their raised trucks trying to figure out how to afford gasoline in the coming Depression.

  48. joyce says:

    the NJ State Government gets a $10 billion bailout from the federal government. NJ State Government then celebrates by spending $15 billion.

    That’s funny.

  49. Bystander says:

    Penn State 0-2
    Wolverines lost to lowly little brother MSU, who lost to Butgers
    Wisconsin cancels game amid COVID.

    ..Perhaps Dumpy should not have been boasting about his role in getting BT football back during debate. Not a good football weekend for battleground state

  50. Fabius Maximus says:

    If NJSP close an exi, you keep going to the next one. So much for the party of Law and Order.


    Intimidation and voter suppression is all they have left.

  51. Fabius Maximus says:

    I’m still at 30%

    Trump tries to undermine democratic process at the end of the campaign

  52. njtownhomer says:

    Re: TX discussion

    The GOP has been trying to throw out 100K+ votes casted on a drive-in ballot setting around Houston. FED courts, local TX SC judge already dismissed, now going to circuit court, soon to go to SCOTUS. If the 100K+ votes to be thrown out is such an issue, GOP feels that TX is not red anymore.


  53. Juice Box says:

    I must be losing my mind….Real Estate madness is back.

    My BIL bought a starter home in a Detroit suburb for $157k, 9 years ago, old 3br 1 bath Cape Cod not updated (Picture Rheingold and Pall Malls) on a traditional 50×100 lot with an old detached single car garage. House has now doubled in price according to estimates. He wants to pour $100k in improvement into it thinking he will get closer to $500k. It needs everything including central air. They are approved for the HELOC to renovate.

    My thought is by the time the renovations are complete they won’t find a buyer willing to spend $520K on an updated Cape Cod near Detroit. There are no comps that I can find either.

    I would tell them to take the profit an run now…

    Any advise from the peanut gallery?

  54. ExEssex says:

    You never get out all the money you spend on upgrading a home.

  55. Hold my beer says:

    Juice Box

    “I would tell them to take the profit an run now…

    Any advise from the peanut gallery?”

    He should take the money and flee to the sunbelt. For 300k you can get a new to newer 4 bed 2 bath 2,200+ sq ft in a blue ribbon area.

  56. 3b says:

    Juice : Insanity is back ! And when it blows up and it will. They will be crying they did not know, blah blah.

  57. Fabius Maximus says:

    Because yes, O was the most devisive president in history! Donnie is bunkering down.

    Extra fencing going up at the White House on the eve of Election Day.

  58. grim says:

    So how many weeks past Election Day will it take to know who the winner is?

  59. Libturd says:

    It seems to me that Trump is lining up all the excuses he can for his pending loss.

  60. Libturd says:

    We will now on Friday. Landslide. Love Trumps hate.

  61. Fabius Maximus says:

    One of those groups I always ask “Do you understand that they H8te you?”


  62. Juice Box says:

    6 more weeks At most. By law In this 2020 election all disputes are supposed to be settled by Dec 8th. History Rhymes in 2000 the Supreme court settled Florida recount on Dec 12Th. They might have to rush to judgement on several states this time or maybe not. There could be a clear winner tomorrow or a week from now, or worse case much longer.

    Either way it will be one for the books…Bookies are still taking bets..

  63. Hold my beer says:

    I restocked the pantry and my fridge and freezer. If people are blocking bridges and highways already and unions are threatening to strike if trump loses and doesn’t concede Could be shortages of all kinds of stuff or roaming groups from both sides being destructive.

  64. Libturd says:

    I don’t see any destruction. I would expect a march on DC like no other if Trump somehow wins this through the partisan courts.

    The blockading of roads and bridges is pretty rude too. Cops have all their plates through the tolls. They ought to fine all of them a huge amount.

  65. Fabius Maximus says:


    Fully stocked, Freezers, Gas, Powdered Milk and European Shelf Stable.

    Only one thing missing, who’s paying up?

  66. SomeOne says:


    They might have to rush to judgement on several states this time or maybe not.

    There could be a clear winner tomorrow or a week from now, or worse case much longer.

    Well played!

  67. Fabius Maximus says:

    People need to realize what they had in years past was AP had a person in every county location, calling the numbers in real time on election night, that’s how they could call it.
    That will not work for this election. So Hillary was right, no one is conceding on election night.
    Bush vs Gore took to mid Dec to work out.

  68. Fabius Maximus says:

    File this under “No Sh1t Sherlock Gary!”


  69. ExEssex says:

    Buckle Up! Tomorrow will be off the hook.
    Remember regardless of the outcome I hate you all.

  70. Juice Box says:


    Enshrined in article 1 is “ the right of the people peaceably to assemble”.

    I would think it would be difficult for any judge to convict people for what the caravans were doing to peaceably assemble due to corona virus restrictions.

  71. Juice Box says:

    Re: “ I don’t see any destruction”

    That is because your TDS has made you glib. It is monthly occurrence now give the poor folks any excuse and they loot. What did AOC say they need bread to feed their families.

    Retailers are spending many millions to board up their stores in what seems like every city. Ever single flagship store on 5th Avenue in NYC is boarded up, all have extra security already and now retailers are fearing for the worst because they have been looted several times in the last 6 months All across the USA the police are told to stand down. In California every day the looters walk into stores and clean them out because they don’t prosecute anymore.

    The common excuse I hear reported In the news is they have insurance or worse it’s reparations. We have high unemployment in many cities 25% or more and the politicians continue to play games anyway. Pelosi came out in an interview and said she would not approve the stimulus because they would have Trump’s name on the checks.

    This election would have gone much smoother if the democrats played their best cards and picked a younger progressive without 50 years of baggage.But NO the Boomers who still run the party picked a dinosaur that can’t even roar anymore.

    If Trump wins and he just might because this election is not 2008, you can bet Democrats are going to call for resistance in the streets, their dog whistle for loot and destroy.

  72. leftwing says:

    Random firings from the base of the brainstem….

    Happy Election Day Everyone!

    “CDC COVID Infection Fatality Ratio…Age 0-19 years: 0.00003”
    Death rate for passengers in automobiles for 0-15 year olds, 0.00002.
    It really didn’t have to be this way. Ban auto travel of anyone under 16.

    “The idea that you can somehow legislate with the goal of equal outcomes. It’s impossible.”
    And wildly undesirable.

    “Texas is definitely in play.”
    Amazing to me how people’s politics make their current jurisdictions become nearly uninhabitable sh1tholes so what do they do? Flee to an area whose politics make the new area desirable and then bring their sh1tty political beliefs to fcuk up the new hometown. Current residents of AZ, TX, etc ought to arm their borders and reject anyone from CA, WA, or the Northeast.

    “So how many millions of voters do they expect to show up in person tomorrow?”
    Could be a major negative for Trump. So many of his supporters expect to vote today. With COVID restrictions lines are going to be insane.

    “The blockading of roads and bridges is pretty rude too. Cops have all their plates through the tolls. They ought to fine all of them a huge amount.”
    Hey, just out of curiosity, what are the penalties for armed appropriation of several blocks of a major city for two months while shutting down federal functions in buildings in the affected area?

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