NJ Unemployment Falls to 6.3%


New Jersey adds jobs for 12th straight month; unemployment rate falls to 6.3%

New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development figures for December show the state added 10,100 jobs, according to preliminary estimates by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.New Jersey has now recovered 561,200 jobs, or about 78% of the number lost in March and April 2020 due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The unemployment rate for the Garden State fell by 0.4 of a percentage point, to 6.3%, for the month.

In December, employment gains were recorded in eight out of nine major private industry sectors. Sectors that increased were leisure and hospitality (+3,800), manufacturing (+2,700), construction (+1,900), education and health services (+600), other services (+600), financial activities (+500), trade, transportation, and utilities (+100), and professional and business services (+100). The only sector to record a loss over the month was information (-900). The public sector recorded an increase of 700 jobs over the month.

Based on more complete reporting from employers, previously released employment estimates for November were revised higher to show an over-the-month increase of 28,400 jobs. The state’s November unemployment rate was revised up by 0.1 of a percentage point, to 6.7%.

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  1. Libturd says:


  2. Libturd says:

    My good news yesterday turned sour. Though there is still hope. Futures down 2%.

  3. BRT says:

    Neil Young gives Spotify an ultimatum: Him or Joe Rogan

    Keep on rockin in a free world!

  4. 3b says:

    WSJ article on life in Kyiv , the capital of Ukraine as the people wait to see if the Russians invade. The reporters interviewed various residents in the city. They also spoke to an American in a hotel who was wondering if he would have to pay for his room if the Russians invaded. Just have to shake your head.

  5. Ex says:

    I really wanted to sell the second block stock of a certain biotech we had just before this meltdown which many know was due. Tick Tick Tick. We get a corp. letter asking everyone not to sell due to privileged info. Ugh. Had to watch that POS drop from highs. Oh well. Forced savings.

  6. No One says:

    If Spotify cares about audience popularity more than SJW cred, they keep Rogan.
    Maybe the Neil Young fans can listen to him on their Pono players.

  7. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Go Neil Young! Stop letting Joe Rogan profit off of misinformation to gullible idiots. I doubt Rogan even believes the stuff he sells, he just knows what sells.

  8. Phoenix says:

    Get well Soon.

    Biden’s diplomacy skills in action:


  9. BidenIsTheGOAT says:

    Neil young is a wack job and ego maniac. The total of people who will cancel Spotify if he departs has got to be zero.

    My guess is that he’s trying to get ahead of the narrative. He is a big Biden guy. So it’s natural that hell blame Bidens failures on misinformation rather than poor decisions and conflicts of interest.

    Speaking of conflicts of interest. Ukraine is shaping up spectacularly for former special envoy Joe. Good idea increasing our reliance on Russian oil just as they are getting ready to make a move. Got some real competent people in charge.

  10. Phoenix says:


    My condolences.

    About what I have no idea.

  11. Libturd says:

    ha ha.

    Thanks. I’ll explain in time.

  12. 3b says:

    Phoenix: Thank you. Starting to feel better.

  13. Phoenix says:

    What are the advantages of Spotify vs YouTube Red? I use YTR as it also gives you videos without commercials.

    I use You Tube more than Netflx as well anyway.

  14. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Biden: this isn’t crazy?

    “And while Don Grungio didn’t specify the “Joe Rogan Experience” host’s specific infractions, his accusation comes several weeks after Rogan hosted “anti-vaxxer” epidemiologist Dr. Robert Malone, who was recently kicked off Twitter for allegedly disseminating vaccine misinformation.

    “With an estimated 11 million listeners per episode, JRE, which is hosted exclusively on Spotify, is the world’s largest podcast and has tremendous influence,” the “Harvest Moon” singer added. “Spotify has a responsibility to mitigate the spread of misinformation on its platform, though the company presently has no misinformation policy.””

    “Last week, 270 experts penned an open letter addressed to Spotify, in which they condemned the top-rated show for “broadcasting misinformation, particularly regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.”

    Epidemiologist Jessica Malaty Rivera, who helped launch the campaign, said she was inspired to act for tuning in to an episode featuring virologist Dr. Robert Malone.
    During the episode, which has since been pulled from YouTube, Malone had made dubious assertions, including the claim that President Biden is suppressing research on ivermectin, which has not been recommended by the Food and Drug Administration as a treatment for COVID-19. He had also compared the current US public health climate to Nazi Germany.”

  15. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Market swinging hard back and forth trying to find its way. Hope no one is leveraging at this time as you would have to be insane.

  16. Bystander says:

    Yes, what did Neil Young ever contribute except perhaps being among greatest and most influential musicians/songwriters in history. Clearly a roided MMA comedian is where its at.

  17. No One says:

    I wonder if Neil Young ever called up radio stations to tell them what music they weren’t allowed to play.

  18. Hold my beer says:


    Hope you and your wife recover soon.

  19. 3b says:

    Hold: Thank you coming along.

  20. NJCoast says:

    Glad to hear you’re all on the mend.

  21. crushednjmillenial says:

    SP500 at 4,320. This is 10%+ off the recent all-time high of 4,818 on Jan. 4, 2022.

    3,854 on the SP500 is approx. the line for a bear market in the SP500.

    My take: there are many, many risks that could have precipitated a correction in the SP500 or a bear market before this recent sell-off.

    However, and famous last words – I don’t buy that this is the big one. I don’t believe that these triggers – fed raising rates, inflation, ukraine conflict potential, and the turn toward disfavor of high-multiple/high-risk assets (ARKK-style companies, EV’s, SPAC’s, crypto, etc) – could melt this market down.

    I would have thought that it would need to be something bigger – China evergande contagion, inflation looking like it will run away from the Fed unless there are 8 1/2 percent rate raises, etc.

    Whatever, just my $0.02. I’m Bogle long in low-cost, broad market index funds except for a modest amount of active trading for fun.

  22. JCer says:

    I don’t know is it Joe Rogan who is spreading misinformation? Or mainstream medicine?


    That letter to spotify is a bad joke, Dr. Malone makes many valid points. The fact that any dissenting voice is immediately ostracized adds a lot of credence to the comparison to Nazi Germany.

  23. The Great Pumpkin says:


    Your post is a perfect example of why joe rogan is dangerous. Dr. Malone is f’ed up. Plain and simple. Of course you can’t see it. Just give anyone a platform to speak to the masses that are unable to think for themselves.

    You know how many friends of mine sent me that interview when it came out? Enough said.

  24. JCer says:

    Pumps, I didn’t hear the interview nor do I listen to Joe Rogan but the attempts at tightly controlling information are the most un-American thing I’ve seen in my life. Malone is the guy who original proposed synthetic mRNA injections could be used for vaccines int he 1980’s. You say he is f’d up but he likely has forgotten more about virology, epidemiology, and vaccine development than you or I have ever known.

  25. BRT says:


    Malone has more experience, knowledge on viruses and vaccines than the entire list of 270 people who signed that document. Scanning that document, I came among very few people with any credentials on the topic. Moreover, a lot of them were twenty somethings with no medical experience, including the woman who started the letter. She’s a masters degree holder whos a paper pusher. No real publications in the actual field.

    The fact that you label him an antivaxer shows you don’t even know his positions. You are only trained to repeat what you read on the internet. Malone has an extensive career in vaccine development and is even currently involved with developing vaccines for COVID.

  26. BRT says:

    Btw, it’s worth noting, they challenge the woman who penned the letter to a debate on the topic and her immediate reaction was to block them on twitter. Yeah, that screams confidence. Look, Rogan is just hosting a forum, and he’s willing to have on anyone. Most of the time, he just asks questions. Moreover, Rogan, who’s knowledge is not that of an expert, was still able to ask enough targeted questions to corner a doctor like Sanjay Gupta on his show to the point where the guy was trapped and couldn’t argue around the point. Why? He doesn’t know enough and he hasn’t research enough.

    Here’s the reality. No one is willing to address the statements of Malone and Peter McCollough. They only try to smear the people that have them on and deplatform them. The people you’ve entrusted to respond to this and make policy are mental midgets compared to these guys.

  27. Libturd says:

    I’m actually with JCer. I never call for the removal of the moronic fringe broadcasters since I believe in freedom of speech and recognize its importance. I only wish the listeners were not so herd-centric and thought for themselves once in a while.

  28. Juice Box says:

    I liked it better when they nutters said there was a microchip in the injections.

    Rogan is questioning the vaccine but we have already given out 535 million doses in the US and it continues today at the rate of 1/2 a million doses a day. It’s obvious the MRNA vaccines are not a mass killer, and Rogan put some old crazy coot on his show again, so big whoops.

    Rogan had coivd months ago most likely Delta and well he went and got the expensive monoclonal antibodies as a treament. It would have been much easier if he had let the vaccine develop natural antibodies instead of having to take expensive lab created ones.

    BTW get your Joe Rogan mask here, he is more than happy to make a few bucks….


  29. Juice Box says:

    re: ” listeners were not so herd-centric and thought for themselves”

    You ask too much. It is one of the most difficult things to do in life, and for those that do it is what separates you from the herd that blindly will follow almost any leader off a cliff.

    Even a believer in science like me it not 100% happy with the vaccine. That is only because it is still the Alpha/Wuhan formulation of the current MRNA vaccines. It’s been over a year since Delta was discovered, and about 60 days since they discovered the Omicron variant, if they moved faster with reformulation like many people believe we can we could have saved more lives.

  30. The Great Pumpkin says:


    It’s the fact that antivaxxers love the guy…why? What’s his problem? He acts like he is not an antivaxxer, but then sings beautiful songs to the antivax community that they can’t get out of their heads. It’s wrong to do. Listening to these clowns will make you scared of vaccines. They are clearly trying to discredit it.

  31. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Joe Rogan is chasing money. He’s just like trump. He knows what the audience wants to hear, and sells it to them to make a dollar, even if the message is harmful to the nation. F’k him.

  32. BRT says:

    It’s the fact that antivaxxers love the guy…why? What’s his problem? He acts like he is not an antivaxxer, but then sings beautiful songs to the antivax community that they can’t get out of their heads. It’s wrong to do. Listening to these clowns will make you scared of vaccines. They are clearly trying to discredit it

    There you go, guilty by association. Of course they do, they’ll cling onto anyone. That doesn’t disprove what Malone says. Like I said, you have no idea what Malone has even said, yet you’ve formed an opinion on him. Makes you the equivalent of the antivaxxers that also have no idea what he’s said but support him.

  33. BRT says:

    If the US wanted more people to take the vaccine, they would be upfront with the risks and side effects. If they wanted to maximize immunity while minimizing risks.

    They would be recommending 1 dose max of Pfizer for children who haven’t been infected.
    They would recommend no doses for any children that have already recovered
    They would be recommending 2 doses for any children categorized as at risk, spaced 6 months apart.
    They would recommend 1 dose of Pfizer for any adult that has recovered from an infection 3 months prior.
    They would be recommending 2 doses spaced at least 2 months apart for adults who were not infected
    They would not recommend anyone under 40 take moderna
    They would be recommending J&J for anyone who is concerned about myocarditis
    They would be recommending boosters only to those above age 55-60 or those with comorbidities.

    Instead, what do they say? Don’t shop, get whatever you can, it doesn’t matter, and get your next one 2 weeks later. And get your booster as soon as possible.

  34. Juice Box says:

    We live on manufactured outrage today, and well Robert Malone has an ax to grind. There is no doubt he is upset he is getting no credit. He feels that he was left out as the father of MRNA vaccines and has said so on many many podcasts over the last year. There’s talk that it may soon lead to a round of Nobel Prizes.

    Here is the 17 page essay his wife wrote in March and published in June of 2021.

    Next to last page..

    “With the mRNA and DNA transfection/vaccination discoveries so long ago, the kudos again are going to others for Robert’s (Malone) discoveries. Robert (Malone) has likened what has happened to him over the past thirty years as to getting repeatedly intellectually raped. Because in the end, what he suffered through resulted in significant PTSD. It harmed him emotionally. It took him years to recover from what happened while he was a graduate student at the Salk, UCSD and then what
    happened at Vical. He was abused. It is painful. ”

    Read the whole thing here.


  35. The Great Pumpkin says:


    If the guy is getting blocked on twitter and youtube, the writing is on the wall. Defend him if you want, but he has some f’ed up agenda to put himself into the position he has.

    The dude tried to take all credit for coming with MRNA. The science community didn’t agree, and said it was a joint effort, and then he snapped. He needs to let the ego go.

  36. Fast Eddie says:

    I only wish the listeners were not so herd-centric and thought for themselves once in a while.

    The very existence of the democrat party depends on complete, herd-centric mentality. Their control survives only if they have 100% muppet compliance. Look at the damage prevented by two dissidents in Manchin and Sinema. Individual thought is a toxin. Deviation is not acceptable.

  37. Juice Box says:

    Brt – They did adjust the vaccine for kids. Children’s dose is now 10 micrograms, down from 30 micrograms and a smaller needle. Are you saying those aged 12-16? Well it’s still one size fit’s all we don’t fat shame people with different doses, but they could have lowed the dose for them too.

    What would have been better is if upfront they said it was only 65% effective and until everyone is vaccinated this is not going away until it burns through everyone vaccinated or not. Oh and BTW keep everyone immunocompromised and comorbid home they could die….but everyone else go to work to keep society functioning.. Kind of like the Flu virus and vaccine programs we have had for decades…

  38. Libturd says:

    So untrue. Manchin and Sinema are simply doing what’s best for their state. I actually give them some credit where it’s due.

    And how about all of those rallies the Dems love to hold where their leader spouts lies like the drunk at the end of the bar that all of the locals would never possibly question. Oh wait, that was the Trumpee revolution, like coy in a pond waiting for their daily feeding of bread (lies).

    Find me some votes. Come on now.

  39. The Great Pumpkin says:


    You nail it. The problem with this whole vaccine and pandemic has been the presentation of the information. The second you change the information, the crazies go nuts. Should have stated from the start that there are no guarantees, that we are dealing with an unknown virus, and things can change quickly. The vaccine is not 100% effective due to rapid evolution of the virus, but it’s the best we have at this time. Too late now…

  40. Juice Box says:

    Lib – “And how about all of those rallies the Dems love to hold where their leader spouts lies like the drunk at the end of the bar that all of the locals would never possibly question. ”

    Don’t need a rally to tell lies when you have the full attention of the press.

    Allot of this trouble today masks, vaccines etc started right before memorial day…This political announcement below was questioned….by many scientists and was ignored by the media and many of the followers on the left, the right were never paying attention…

    Short 1 min watch..


  41. Juice Box says:

    Lib – Two Democratic senators did not want to eliminate the process (possibly forever) that is designed to protect the minority, they should be applauded.

    There were times when they left and right worked together this year. Example here many Republican senators voted for cloture and a Sinema amendment.

    Sinema Amdt. No. 2137 vote taken for cloture in August. They were 69 yes votes and 28 nay votes across party lines…

    The Bill (INVEST in America Act) later passed in November with approx 10 republican senators voting yes. It does happen where people from both parties agree when it’s narrow legislation, as in the INVEST in America Act.

    It does not happen often with these massive sweeping bills that congress uses to pass pork and other things that really should be separated and voted according to their own merits. Build Back Better is one of those bills, it should be broken down (and most likely will be) and voted on individually.


  42. BRT says:

    Juice, both, lower dose…but spacing is most important. 2nd shot is where myocarditis happens and the danger of it drops off the side of a cliff with shot spacing being on the order of months. So telling kids to do a 2 week spacing is just stupid, especially considering that 2 weeks was just designed to get the maximum immunity in the initial phase.

    Moreover, it’s been proven that just 1 shot reduces hospitalization risk in children to 0. 2nd shot is completely unnecessary, especially now that we know it doesn’t prevent transmission.

    The same goes, we shouldn’t have kids who have recovered get any shots. They don’t need it. Their risk of hospitalization is now zero and the 1st shot functions as someone elses 2nd and puts them at risk for myocarditis.

    All of these issues could be eliminated if J&J finishes their children’s trials.

    Moreover, it would be nice if we had more options like a deactivated virus vaccine. They have them in other countries. Insisting everyone gets mRNA is very stupid and ignorant.

  43. Juice Box says:

    BRT – re: “So telling kids to do a 2 week spacing”

    I agree with your points..that is why I am taking my kids for their second shot tomorrow. Their first shot was on 12/15 so it’s now almost 6 weeks. I knew the first shot would keep them from hospitalization with the massive wave we experienced over the holidays and the fact we were flying too on Dec 23rd and now hopefully this booster will do the same for the next few months anyway.

    re: “if we had more options”. Totally agree they rushed to MRNA out the door, and well frankly abandoned the work done before with other proven vaccine technologies with decades of documented success. Seems “Innovation” got in the way..

    The scientists from Baylor College of Medicine who created CORBEVAX said they were all forgotten about, and well they are giving away their vaccine for mostly free.

    Interesting quote from those scientists in NPR……

    “When a new strain of coronavirus triggered the COVID-19 pandemic, Hotez and Bottazzi figured they could dust off their old technology and modify it for use against COVID-19. After all, the virus causing COVID-19 and the virus causing SARS are quite similar.

    Hotez says they tried to interest government officials in the vaccine, but they weren’t impressed.

    “People were so fixated on innovation that nobody thought, ‘Hey, maybe we could use a low-cost, durable, easy-breezy vaccine that can vaccinate the whole world,’ ” Hotez says.

    “We really honestly couldn’t get any traction in the U.S., but our mission is always to enable technologies for low- and middle-income countries production and use,” Bottazzi recalls.”


  44. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Seems like they are still buying the dip. Brave souls. They love gambling.

  45. Libturd says:

    Brave souls? They could be right. At least in the short term. One more day like this and I will have to put some more powder back to work. Though I’m guessing everyone is playing wait and see until tomorrow at 2:30pm.

  46. The Great Pumpkin says:


    Just look at the charts over the last 10 years. When have we had a “real correction.” I just don’t think this keeps going, but like you said, might just have to suck it up and roll with it. IMHO, people really haven’t taken a major punch yet. They are still confident in buying the dip. Maybe we never see a major correction again.

  47. Libturd says:

    There is still a lot of dumb money at work. Just look at Crypto today.

  48. Libturd says:

    And the blizzard of 2022 is looking more likely than less at this point. Could be a real BIG one if models are correct. Tomorrow, the mania around this storm will begin, even though it’s mainly a Saturday in to Sunday event.

    Time to Peloton.

  49. 3b says:

    NJ Coast: Thank you.

  50. BRT says:

    If the guy is getting blocked on twitter and youtube, the writing is on the wall. Defend him if you want, but he has some f’ed up agenda to put himself into the position he has.

    Ahh yes, some nerd behind a computer in silicon valley obviously knows enough to fact check a career virologist and cardiologist. You must have missed all the other censorships that big tech got wrong the past 2 years.

  51. Libturd says:


    Goes without saying. Hopefully nothing long-term.

  52. Libturd says:

    And like that, the hazardous weather watch has just been posted.

  53. leftwing says:

    Chi, neat Letterman video. Seems a lifetime ago. That video would never make it out of the writers’ room these days, and there be three lawsuits filed from within just for its consideration.

  54. leftwing says:

    “If Spotify cares about audience popularity more than SJW cred, they keep Rogan.”

    How very sad.

    With liberal and populist roots from before his folk years, through ‘Ohio’, and his lifelong embrace of mass movement for common people he feels compelled to use his megaphone to silence and censor others’ views.

    Nice to have known you when you were you, Neil.

  55. leftwing says:

    “Attorney response”

    Phoenix, wish I retained them lol

  56. leftwing says:

    “The fact that any dissenting voice is immediately ostracized adds a lot of credence to the comparison to Nazi Germany.”

    Irony escapes those blinded by modern liberalism.

  57. 3b says:

    Lib: Thank you.

  58. grim says:

    NJ daily death counts during Omicron are now surpassing deaths we saw in the pre-vax winter. We may take the #1 spot back.

  59. grim says:

    Irony escapes those blinded by modern liberalism.

    You mean like Trump naming his social media network Pravda… err.. I mean Truth.

  60. The Great Pumpkin says:

    It’s funny how this Rogan situation has become a right and left issue. Comical. My righty friend called Neil Young a dirty hippie. Meanwhile, he used to worship him. Just shows you what team politics does.

    Everyone defending Rogan on issue of freedom of speech should think long and hard to what they are embracing. Don’t cry when a copy cat of Joe Rogan comes out and starts applying the same bs to your view of the world. Just like you guys embraced a President for saying whatever he wants, look what it did to our country. Freedom of speech is fine, but giving a huge platform to influence people’s thoughts with pure bs is straight up dangerous. Plain and simple. Trump almost made our country get destroyed from within due to his crazy rhetoric, yet you guys still see nothing wrong with it.

  61. The Great Pumpkin says:

    You had Americans killing each other in the streets because of trump rhetoric. You had them destroying our cities because of his rhetoric. You had the rest of the world laugh at us because of his rhetoric. You had his presidency end with accusations that the election is rigged and the storming of our capital. The guy is completely dangerous and if you can’t see why letting people with huge followings say whatever the f’k they want is dangerous…then wake the f up.

  62. BRT says:

    don’t come in here and lecture us. You’ve clearly demonstrated no ability to think independently and verified it with an asinine statement that confirms you allow likely a single employee at a big tech firm to decide how to think on any issue.

  63. BRT says:

    grim, we will get the #1 spot. Murph is the king of death. Biden just banned monoclonal antibodies. They want people to die at this point.

  64. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Based on my last two posts; why do you attack me and not the message. Admit it, it’s f’ed up to manipulate the masses with this conspiracy sh!t. You know how many of these people that listen to this bs are now brainwashing their kids? This hurts our country and if you cared about the future of the country you wouldn’t turn a blind eye to it.

  65. No One says:

    The way things are supposed to work is that you let people argue for their views, and then if they are wrong, you make counterarguments, present contrary evidence, etc, and then they can respond back. It’s called free speech and a search for the truth.

    What’s remarkable is how leftists over the past 10 or so years have decided that some topics are “settled” forever, or to speak of them is “violence” to their emotions, and thus anyone who even dares discuss, challenge, or argue against their rules should be silenced and cancelled. This started in the universities and has expended into much of the rest of the education system, media, tech companies, and politics. It’s wrong and its un-American.

    Only people who don’t really have confidence in their own logic and arguments try to silence others. Your own counterarguments against false beliefs are a great way to enlighten others about the truth. It’s the main reason people still engage with Pumpkin for example – as a way of exploding common false beliefs and stupidities and enlightening others. (Pumpkin himself will never learn, but others might benefit.)

  66. Hold my beer says:


    Instead of giving cheap steroids and supplements to Covid patients when they started to show symptoms or if they had comorbidities and had tested positive for some reason they were told to go home and only seek help if they got worse. And we think China is corrupt doesn’t care about its people.

  67. The Great Pumpkin says:

    No one,

    Silencing? Again, someone in trump’s or joe Rogan’s position has a responsibility. They have a huge audience that listens to their every word. This is not about freedom of speech, this is about doing the got damn right thing.

    They want to go say stupid sh!t behind closed doors, then go for it. Don’t do it in front of your audience and followers.

  68. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Rogan has now become the all knowing authority to his followers. It’s rather sad. Whatever he says, goes. Joe said it!! It has to be correct.

  69. The Great Pumpkin says:

    “Stocks haven’t been getting smoked for “no reason”!

    They have been selling off for three very valid reasons –

    (i) End of QE (tightening liquidity)
    (ii) Super high valuations (compressing now)
    (iii) Decelerating economy (H1 ’22)

    All these factor were obvious and knowable.”

  70. BRT says:

    I’m attacking you because you are the definition of irony. Joe Rogan promotes free thought and open discussion. You think he gives marching orders to his minions. The irony is, the only reason you think that is because you take your marching orders from people online, and you don’t even realize it. You have zero self awareness.

    As far as attacking you, you deserve it with the arrogance you bring here to lecture us on any topic. But as far as your ideas go, we know their dangerous. And it’s sad that a history teacher doesn’t realize the dangers in censorship and where that path leads. In the meantime, did you finally get your daughter vaccinated? You talked all kinds of BS on vaccine hesistancy for months leading up to last month when you said she was still unvaxxed.

  71. The Great Pumpkin says:

    At the end of the day, you are just a hypocrite. These businesses can censor whoever they want. It’s their business. Stop trying to step on their freedom.

  72. The Great Pumpkin says:

    See how that works. 😇

  73. BRT says:

    At the end of the day, you are just a hypocrite. These businesses can censor whoever they want. It’s their business. Stop trying to step on their freedom.

    Ahhh, didn’t realize you were a right wing libertarian!

  74. BRT says:

    But yes Pumpkin, stop trying to step on Spotify’s freedom to broadcast Rogan

  75. Juice Box says:

    Jimmy Kimmel had MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell on his show, he should be cancelled too.

    It’s hilarious how the MSM goes after streamers

  76. Juice Box says:

    All this just because one talk show host has a person on that people disagree with? There is always more to the story. Rogan is no different that any talk show other than the fact he cannot be censored by the non-internet media and does not play by their rules. People forget about what Howard Stern railed against for decades the FCC coming in and censoring..you know sexual innuendo, violence, or otherwise troublesome material which really could be anything, and well the MSM hates competition especially internet ones that don’t play by the same rules of having sponsors and watchdog government agencies like the FCC.

  77. The Great Pumpkin says:

    You see, BRT is insulated by teaching the best and brightest. He’s not like me, stuck with the homer simpson’s of the world. So our perspectives differ when it comes to the power of influence over the masses.

  78. BRT says:

    At the end of the day, it’s a game of lets not let you discuss what the truth might be. Let us and us only tell you what the truth is, despite being wrong about dozens of issues in which we deplatformed and ostracized people.

  79. Juice Box says:

    Lin 3;11 comment.

    “They could be right. At least in the short term”

    How about the long term?

    Fed’s jawboning about talking the punch bowl away has spooked lots of folks for different reasons.

    Last time Fed raised rates was 2015-2018.. It was very incremental .25 was done 9 times..I don’t expect the punch bowl that has created the trillions in leverage that has driven equites to new high “highs” will be taken away too abruptly. It could possibly take 20 years or even 30 years this time. It’s not like it has not been done before…..Again it’s always easier to pay down debt with devalued currency. The casino is not closing, the money will drop again somewhere. Key is figuring out where next…

  80. BRT says:

    Newsflash Pumpkin, nobody’s perspective aligns with yours in here.

  81. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Yea, Juice, I just don’t see the FED taking the total punch bowl away. They def have to tighten which is why i think a recession and bear market are here, but it will be of the mild manner. 30% max on major indexes. Prob 20%. These f’ers are in total control of the economy. They really are.

  82. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I wish I had a little more respect from the blog, but it’s cool that they sh!t on me after making some seriously epic calls. It is what it is. This place helps me. Thsnks to lib, he gave me enough confidence to back out the 401k. Just wish I listened to lib and others, and just saved the money and bought ark now. Lesson learned. Let’s move forward and make some money.

  83. leftwing says:

    “You mean like Trump….”

    Love you Grim but it would be really refreshing here if when one raises a point on the current Administration the debate back was something other than just “BUT TRUMP!!!!”

    Seriously, would that level of discussion pass muster anywhere else in your life? If not, then why here?

  84. leftwing says:

    To BRT, Juice, maybe Jcer, etc and anyone responding to Pumpkin…


    Seriously. Go back and read his posts. And read your responses. And read his…

    He is a fcuking fool. The definition of an idiot. However any few seconds you spent replying to him is a part of your life entirely wasted and never recovered.

    Why would you debate a person with a fourth grader’s level of reading comprehension and a second grader’s level of reasoning?

    Seriously, you admonish him for being illiterate and dense but who is the real dunce…especially when he has explicitly stated here he is ‘trolling’ you or ‘breaking your chops’?

    He’s a total fool. What does it say about you that you engage him?

    For the love of anything holy just stop. Please, lol.

  85. The Great Pumpkin says:


    What’s your problem? Seriously? I passed up your kids right now and I had immigrant parents? If I’m such an idiot, why did I purchase a rental at 19 years old? How did I call this housing market that far out? The economy that far out? How? What’s mainstream on article headlines about the supply/demand equation in housing has been talked about by me for almost a decade before it became mainstream, and you have the nerve to say it was inevitable. Suck a fat d!ck.

  86. The Great Pumpkin says:

    And if I didn’t call this current housing market on the year…years in advance…then I would shut the f up. But it was an epic call…i will always have that no matter how many times you try to belittle me. EPIC CALL MOFO!

  87. Juice Box says:

    Left total fool? A bit harsh don’t ya think? The man has capital and invests, that puts him well above 80% of adults that have never bought an individual stock.

    Let the man learn and slap him down if you feel the need too. He is not beyond reason and being a Polack by birth he can handle a beat down for sure. I bet he would kick a few asses in the ring..you know full head head gear and 16oz gloves…..All for charity of coure.

    Still looking for a promoter….

  88. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Grim’s blog is a golden source of information. He called the top, I called the next cycle. You had the blog call out cathie before it was in Vogue. You had people giving valuable information to short it(esp BRT). Nice job. You had Lib call the top (once again). Let’s keep it going.

    Lefty, you are good at trading. See how that works. Can show some love.

  89. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Chi has been on point over and over with his calls. Seriously, this is a good place to kick some dust and challenge ideas for investment. Hidden gem. Unbelievable, how special this place is.

    The grasp of politics in this forum is at an advanced level. You don’t come into this forum with that basic sh!t, or you get eaten alive like I did a couple of times.

  90. Westy says:

    I’ve been reading the posts here for a few months and enjoying it greatly
    Pumps you keep swingin
    I wouldn’t expect anything less. Cathy,Shmathy…rentals, disrupters …. I skip
    over 3/4 of your posts but I read one and I’m back up to speed!

  91. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Live Now – Join us for ARK’s Big Ideas Summit as the ARK Team & special guests present our latest conclusions! #BIS2022

    Download the report: ark-bigideas.com/2022/en/pages/…

  92. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Ark team predicts 1.3 million bitcoin price by 2030.

  93. PumpkinFace says:

    It’s gotta be tough to have your entire self-worth wrapped up in this epic call that is a figment of ones imagination. It should be so easy to find a single post from 2012, just one. can’t be done because it never happened. Must be terrible to live with the shame knowing everyone else knows it’s a lie.

  94. PumpkinFace says:

    total fool? yes

    He is not beyond reason years of evidence and daily reminders proving otherwise

  95. leftwing says:

    “Left total fool? A bit harsh don’t ya think?”

    Funny, I thought I was being generous and kind.

  96. leftwing says:

    Chi, if you want tickets for this weekend LMK may have some. Statler closed, I’m not heading up. Go Big Red.

  97. Libturd says:


    I am actually torn here as to what is gonna happen. In one ear I hear the little angel saying,”Don’t Fight the Fed!” In the other ear I hear the devil whispering, “Dude, look at the technicals, longest bull ever, it’s different this time, NFTs, SPACs, Crypto.

    So Powell raises by 1/8, does everyone say, “So what?” Then the face ripper rips. He raises by 1/4, does everyone panic cause the world is ending due to inflation? Really, what’s the difference?

    Market psychology is tough. Here’s my thought process and plan. The usual copperplate applies. As you all know, I’m just an intelligent janitor. This time, I’m really guessing.

    I expect the market to drop a ways further. Maybe another five or ten percent. After that, the FED announces some new strategy and we are likely back to the races for a while. Eventually the bottom falls out, just not yet. Probably will occur when Trump gets reelected as our treasuries will surely take a hit. And I’m not saying this to pick a fight. So my goal is to get back to 50/50 from my current 37.50/62.50 position over the next week or so. For now, it’s just technical analysis on the indexes and keeping a careful eye on earnings. The last two days look quite bearish.

  98. Libturd says:

    What do you guys think of auto parts as an obvious comeback play.

  99. BRT says:

    I’m about to add to my shorts by going after the QQQ. Possibly tomorrow.

  100. Ex says:

    10:00 tell that to Odell Beckham Jr

  101. Fabius Maximus says:

    Spotify is not radio so it is not subject to the copyright laws and payments that are defined for Radio. So Neil is quite within his rights to tell them to pull his content from the service. This is also why it took so long for acts like the Beatles, Pink Floyd to show up on iTunes. If the artist own their own rights they can stipulate who can or cant play their music. Just like all those artists telling Donnie not to play their music at their rallies. Now Spotify will go with Joe for the revenue, but that’s not really the point here.

    I had not heard of Joe Rogen until a poster in here posted “but I heard it on the Rogen podcast” AKA it must be true. I don’t watch MMA or terrestrial TV so never seen Fear Factor. What little I have seen of him has not been impressive. But I’ll give him points for his apology last week. https://twitter.com/joerogan/status/1481832468651122689

  102. Fabius Maximus says:

    It should be a good day tomorrow. Word is that there is a very good chance we get Rudy Colludy on a Perp Walk. I live in hope.

  103. No One says:

    Punkins “epic calls”

    Remember the definition of epic:
    “a long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures”

    In this case legendary being an imaginary heroic figure of himself in his head.

    Yet his only call with a clear and measurable start and end point was a historically terrible ETF pick imploding over a year.

  104. joyce says:

    Neil Young sells 50% of publishing rights to his entire song catalog to UK investment fund

  105. joyce says:

    Neil Young has sold 50 percent of the worldwide copyright and income interests in his 1,180 song catalogue to Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited, the U.K.
    (that was a year ago)

  106. joyce says:

    Not sure what is tripping the filter but I tried to post links announcing that Neil Young sold half of his song catalog to an investment fund (a year ago).

  107. leftwing says:

    “What do you guys think of auto parts as an obvious comeback play.”

    One of Morgan Stanley’s top retail picks. They just did an encyclopedic piece on the sector re: inflation, hard retail and service retail. Will download and send.

    No One, he most certainly is a legend in his own mind lol.

  108. BRT says:

    holding off on going after the QQQ. Microsoft’s afterhours activity off earnings initially gave false signals and reversed.

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