Mid-terms 2022!

From the Star Ledger:

Everything you need to know about N.J. midterm elections Tuesday, including all House races

Get ready, New Jersey. Tuesday is Election Day in the 2022 midterm elections, with all 12 of the state’s seats in the U.S. House of Representatives up for grabs.

Republicans are aiming to gain back control of Congress from Democrats two years into President Joe Biden’s first term. And New Jersey could play a key role, with at least one of its House races — the 7th District showdown between Democratic incumbent Tom Malinowski and Republican challenger Tom Kean Jr. — among the most closely watched in the nation. Democrats are also seeking to keep Republicans from retaking a few other New Jersey House seats that flipped blue over the last decade.

Plus, there are two special races for seats in the New Jersey Legislature, a series of increasingly bitter school board races, and a number of other local elections throughout the Garden State.

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  1. grim says:

    What a great morning to watch the lunar eclipse.

  2. dentss dunnigan says:

    “We calculate an expected midterm loss for the Democrats of 75 seats in the House of Representatives and 11 seats in the Senate. That would give the Republicans solid majorities in both the House and the Senate.”….Good god …the end of the dems.

  3. Fast Eddie says:

    75 House and 11 Senate? Who the he11 said that?

  4. Fast Eddie says:

    Brit Hume commented yesterday that you can’t walk the streets of Manhattan without the aroma of pot smoke everywhere. He also said much trash in the gutters and a lot of homeless on the streets… basically saying NYC is back to the 70s. Legalizing weed was a bad move and I said it as such. It should’ve been downgraded in criminal severity but not made so common and ‘acceptable’. It adds to the broken window theory, creates a perception of civil degradation which becomes reality. The more you mainstream sketchy social behavior, the more you’re opening the door to the next leg down.

  5. Very Stable Genius says:

    Election officials are preparing for disruptions as voters cast ballots in the first national election since 2020, when former President Donald Trump refused to accept the results and an angry mob later stormed the U.S. Capitol. #ElectionDay2022

  6. Very Stable Genius says:

    Howard Stern:

    Preserving democracy is “the only f—ing issue on the table” in midterms

  7. Old realtor says:

    Weed should have stayed illegal? You are really a much bigger as#hole than I ever imagined!

  8. BananaJoe says:

    Just goes to show how far out of touch the elitist democrats are. What happened to Liz and her Jan 6 road show? They must have told her to stay home.

  9. Fast Eddie says:

    In November 2020, Oregon voters passed Measure 110, which decriminalized the possession for personal use of small amounts of all drugs, including cocaine, heroin, LSD, methamphetamine, and oxycodone.

    This is what I mean. It pushes the envelope too far, makes it too available and acceptable. It opens the door to other schismatic type behavior which removes restraint, discipline and self-control. We’re becoming a society that represent the closing scenes in the Joaquin Phoenix version of the movie “The Joker.”

  10. Old realtor says:

    The party of hate and intolerance vs the party of business as usual (and all the negative implications that come with it). Not a great choice. Given that hate and intolerance can grow unchecked into very dangerous things as evidenced by history, I will vote for greed and cronyism. Clearly the lesser of two evils.

  11. BananaJoe says:

    I don’t know how effective that line is either. It’s a narrative.

    One party is organized on identity, one is not. The one that is will continue to have perpetual strife due to that.

  12. Libturd says:


    That’s kind of where I am coming from. And as a person who financed two abortions, thank god they were available to me. I was seduced when I was 12. WTF did I know? The 2nd one was a complete accident. So much so, I swear it couldn’t have been mine, but my steady at the time swore differently.

    I have a feeling, the center has had it with MAGA and women will keep the damage to the Dems mainly in check.

    I expect the MAGA crowd to not admit their loss again.

  13. Fast Eddie says:

    I switch through the cable channels and there was an MSNBC host interviewing Kathy Hochul. The host was talking about living in Manhattan, walking into her local pharmacy where almost every item is locked up due to theft.

    The host also said she’s constantly looking around her and is nervous just leaving her apartment. She asked Kathy Hochul what she is going to do about the crime problem in NYC and Hochul’s response was that it was the whole nation, not just NYC.

    No. 1, that’s not a proposal to a solution and no. 2, if it’s the whole nation then the democrats have failed miserably in addressing it.

  14. Libturd says:

    We’ll be flying into Nicole tonight to see my folks in Boca. They have Direct TV on the flight. I doubt I’ll be board watching the latest pundits go gaga over a touch screen Smart Board.

  15. Libturd says:

    There was an excellent article on the crime spree in Bloomberg on the 4th. I’ll link it. One of the most researched and unbiased articles that I’ve witnessed in a long while. If you want to see the difference between a worn out narrative and the truth, it’s all right there. Crime has increased in the suburbs and rural areas too and the cities are actually safer. But there’s a heck of a lot more to it than just those pesky homicides.


  16. grim says:

    May need to finally convert the distillery over to natural gas. We’d been oil since the get-go, because we didn’t have large enough diameter gas lines through the building. Owner put in larger gas lines for us two or three years back, but never bothered to switch over the boilers – it didn’t really make sense at the time.

  17. 3b says:

    I was in downtown Manhattan two weeks ago for 2 days, and yes pot is everywhere and it’s overwhelming at times. As for whether making it illegal again, that makes no sense. But, to Fasts point it does change the vibe in the city, and it’s surprising to see so many people getting high in the morning or middle of the day. As for homelessness yea, that has increased dramatically but it was increasing under De Blasio too, especially in the Penn Station area. It’s moved downtown now too, which I don’t ever recall seeing before even in the 80s. It is also filthy now too. Leaving whatever politics out of it, yes NYC right now is unsafe, dirty and has a big homelessness problem .

  18. Fast Eddie says:

    Grim, either way, product price is going to reflect reality regardless of energy source. I’m sure your retail prices now are substantially higher than two years ago?

  19. Chicago says:

    I can’t walk down the street with a bottle of scotch taking slugs off of it, but these people can toke up? Explain?

    Also, my slugs of scotch don’t skunk out the entire street. My son was running indoor track at the Armory in Washington Heights last January. They vented out hot air in the venue out to the streets. The streets reeked. The entire corner of the track smelled like weed. Kids are competing with that garbage. Stop making excuses. It is terrible across the board. It normalizes antisocial behavior, and absolutely degrades the atmosphere of the city.

    Old realtor says:
    November 8, 2022 at 7:21 am
    Weed should have stayed illegal? You are really a much bigger as#hole than I ever imagined!

  20. 3b says:

    And I’m the middle of it all we have the narcissist Trump who just has to be the center of attention saying he will be making a major announcement very, very, very, very shortly on November 15. The Repub establishment needs to make it clear they don’t want him, although perhaps it’s too late.

  21. Fast Eddie says:


    Do you really want to walk with your kids or grandkids down 44th street on the way to a play and get hit with wafts of pot smoke? That’s part of the problem… we become Gotham City and protests to defund Batman along with cashless bail makes it exponentially worse.

  22. Libturd says:

    Heck, you can smell pot when you are driving most of the time now. This is what scares the crap outta me about it. Though it did need to be decriminalized.

    When I smoke good pot, I see trails. In college, I was known as being The Blessed for being able to get so high from smoking weed. If I smoke it once every five years now, it’s a lot. I’m pretty content with my life. I don’t need to alter it to get by.

  23. Fast Eddie says:

    I can’t walk down the street with a bottle of scotch taking slugs off of it…

    I was going to mention that, too.

  24. SmallGovConservative says:

    I see the nervous Dem stooges are out early today, trying to convince themselves that they’re doing the right thing by voting for the imbeciles that comprise the modern Dem party. While the disastrous results of Dem governance are completely obvious to those of us that live in the real world, whether that be the decline of NYC that some of us see every week, or the Biden-induced inflation that’s ravaging household budgets, it doesn’t stop dyed-in-the-wool duds like Old (and Lib unfortunately) from trying to gaslight by stating that the real problems are rural crime and abortion access. Embarrassing!

  25. Libturd says:

    Believe what you want to believe and vote for whomever you choose to. No one is really changing anyone’s mind here.

    For me, the MAGA crowd scares me a lot more than the occasional subway pusher in NYC for the subway pusher has an excuse. They are mentally ill. Can’t say the same for the MAGA disciples.

  26. joyce says:

    Anyone who goes beyond the headlines will know that outside of isolated incidents bail reform has not reduced the percentage of people who show up for their court date or increased the chance that those awaiting trial commit additional crimes (people who post bail can commit crimes, too)… BUT the increased lack of enforcement and prosecution of certain crimes (e.g. petty theft) has increased crime rates. Two different concepts.

  27. joyce says:

    By the way, it’s illegal to walk down the street smoking weed and it’s legal (in a brown bag) to walk down the street slugging scotch.

  28. 3b says:

    Fast: I agree I find the pot smoking a problem, and it does create a negative vibe in the city, on top of all the other negatives there now. I just don’t think it makes sense to criminalize it. Cigarette smokers are shunned and have been pretty much banished, now it’s pot smoking.

  29. SmallGovConservative says:

    Libturd says:
    November 8, 2022 at 9:23 am
    “the MAGA crowd scares me a lot more than the occasional subway pusher…”

    Please see a psychiatrist! This is perhaps the most un-hinged statement I’ve ever seen on this blog; and proof that TDS is real — and dangerous.

  30. grim says:

    Grim, either way, product price is going to reflect reality regardless of energy source. I’m sure your retail prices now are substantially higher than two years ago?

    Not higher, but we don’t have much choice to keep prices down going forward. New products are being introduced at higher price points, but that’s more reflective of product age, not necessarily input costs.

    We did install a somewhat large heat and water reclamation system (1500g) which significantly reduced our water and energy usage.

  31. BRT says:

    Chi, in AC, at the pier, the little kids rides, it’s a plume of weed smoke. We opted for Ocean City boardwalk for the kids even though we were staying in AC.

  32. Ex says:

    The pot smell masks the smell of piss & garbage in NYC.

  33. Hold my beer says:

    Saw a fight at my local Kroeger Sunday night . It was awesome. 4 sausage sallies were screaming at each other in one of the aisles and then they started slapping and pushing. Lots of stuff got knocked off shelves and displays and the guys with them tried to break it up. Dinner and a show.

  34. No One says:

    Pot smells much worse than it did about 40 years ago. Now it smells like a combination of skunk and poop now. I also remember smelling some from a libertarian pothead I used to know 30 years ago that didn’t smell that disgusting.
    Whatever the drug or drink, people should conserve and cultivate their brains, not dim them.

  35. Very Stable Genius says:

    “Democracy is like the McRib. It’s here now, and it will be around for a little bit longer, so enjoy it while you can.”

    Bill Maher

  36. Fast Eddie says:

    O’Biden campaigning in Maryland for the democrat candidate who has a 30 point lead and forgets the guys name. It’s sad enough no one wants O’Biden next to them in tight races, even worse that he can’t remember the guys name.

  37. 3b says:

    Democracy has been in trouble for a long time in this country. Both sides are to blame.

  38. Libturd says:

    “Please see a psychiatrist! This is perhaps the most un-hinged statement I’ve ever seen on this blog; and proof that TDS is real — and dangerous.”

    I suppose MAGAs have no sense of humor either.

  39. Fast Eddie says:


    Sausage sallies… lol!

  40. Hold my beer says:


    It was great. When the guys joined in trying to break it up I split. 8 low class people in Texas involved in a fight, I bet at least 1 is carrying.

  41. Juice Box says:

    FYI No other state allows smoking in public but New York. As of April last year New Yorkers are now allowed to smoke marijuana in public settings where it’s legal to smoke a cigarette. Parks and beaches and 100 ft from a school and in bars and restaurants are the only place it’s banned but that still won’t stop them, the pot heads have one in the name of wokeism.

  42. Juice Box says:

    That was for Joyce BTW it’s legal to walk down the street and smoke in New York.

    Open drug use..


  43. Ex says:

    10:40 carrying an STD.

    All this pot talk makes me realize what a bunch of f-cking NERDS live on this blog.

    I’d rather eat glass than hang out with you drunks.

  44. Bystander says:

    Honestly I see both sides. It should have been decriminalized, legal dispensaries should be few and not on every street corner. Edibles should not have gone as far as allowed. Unfortunately government saw the money grab and this is the result. Cops are not going to be bothered citing weed as paperwork is not worth it. Smokers got socially shunned as tide turned against them. People are fearful to confront weed smokers and think they are crazy druggies. Problem with weed is people take a quit hit. They don’t stand around smoking a joint for mins. Harder to find them. The rise of legal also gave us the highest THC strains, which is why skunk smell. They should implement skunk-o-meter rating and state can crack down. I am sure the strain makers could do something. Unfortunately strong skunk smell is street cred for weed crowd

  45. Bystander says:


    Small is the dullest poster here. Same schtick, same insults..boring. We can disagree politically but lack of humor and lack of humanity go against this blog’s directive. I would argue that Blumpy has more humor, intended of course.

  46. crushednjmillenial says:

    Legal marijuana . . .

    I appreciate the tax contribution of this industry and that the cartels no longer profit from it.

    However, it should only be legal to smoke marijuana in private. MJ is more-analogous to alcohol than cigarettes or caffeine. It is an intoxicating substance, so neither mj or alcohol should be legal to consume on sidewalks or in parks – only at home or inside a business.

  47. crushednjmillenial says:

    If Dems wanted to “preserve democracy”, then every blue state should have legislated huge funding for vote counting on election night and crystal clear communication to media regarding which precincts have reported. Similarly, pay OT or staff two shifts so that the counting does not stop until it is all counted. Or, at the least, there should be a pre-designated time for stoppiing (“at 4 AM, counting stops until it re-starts at 10AM, so counters can go home to sleep for a bit”).

    I believe that many people find it shady that some distrcits take a long time to count the votes and report what is going on. Especially because so much of the vote IS counted pretty quickly, so the slow-moving outliers look shady.

    The reason I put sneer quotes around “preserve democracy” is because the D’s disinformation board and colloboration to censor social media is more corrosive to democracy than a few thousand MAGA people taking over a government building for a few hours.

  48. Juice Box says:

    NYC is an experiment now. Fifth Avenue is an open air drug bazaar near 28th st, the dealers setup small folding tables to showcase their wares like rolled joints and packages if coke. NYC repealed the anti-loitering laws too so nothing will be done about it, they scatter as soon as any police actually stop by but the PD is told it’s not a priority. The DA no longer shuts down massage parlors and no longer prosecutes nearly anyone for “sex work” either.

    Has it shut down the illegal marijuana trade, and gotten those tax windfalls? Not by a long shot.

  49. crushednjmillenial says:

    11:20 . . .

    I know people do, but anyone buying black market marijuana right now is a tremendous, 100% wrong IDIOT. Illicit drugs are often laced with fentanyl. The alternative is buying a product produced by a corporation with insurance.

  50. Very Stable Genius says:

    “Both sides are to blame.”

    Democrats are not insurrectionists.

  51. crushednjmillenial says:

    11:24 . . .

    Today, we find out if the voters believe it when the media calls the Capitol Riot an “insurrection.” Or, do the voters believe that the media is simply distorting what happened into something it wasn’t.

  52. 3b says:

    Very: I will clarify both sides are to blame for the decline of democracy that led to the situation we find ourselves in today in this country.

  53. Juice Box says:

    Just to be clear about how far left NY has gone if you have 5 lbs of Marijuana stored in your home in NY it’s ok too, and you know you grew it yourself lol….You could roll 2500 joints with it and thousands of bowls and you are not considered to be a drug dealer as per NY Law…..

  54. Libturd says:

    A lot more people will be voting absentee than normal. I expect the same foul play calls from the morons who are not aware that the absentee ballots are mainly counted after the in-person ballots.

    Regardless of the outcome tonight, if the Dems do well, it will be attributed to the SCOTUS. If MAGA does well, it will be attributed to the economy. Whether or not this is the actual case, won’t matter.

  55. Juice Box says:

    Crushed – laced or not they still don’t believe Marijuana it’s a gateway drug to heroin, fentanyl and cocaine and crystal meth etc.

    A couple can now grow six plants at home in NY. Why even bother going to a legal dispensary or a corner drug dealer on 28th st, unless perhaps you want the fentanyl in your joint?

  56. crushednjmillenial says:

    “Don’t expect election results on election night.” Disgusting.

    Obviously, post-marked ballots that are valid might not be received for a few days. Nonetheless, every ballot cast at a polling location, any mail received on election day should be counted and reported. In the report, it should be stated that mail-in ballots are still expected for a few days, but each day’s mail will be counted and reported each afternoon.

  57. joyce says:

    Thanks, Juice. I was wrong about New York. Didn’t know they passed that law.

  58. OC1 says:

    “If Dems wanted to “preserve democracy”, then every blue state should have legislated huge funding for vote counting on election night and crystal clear communication to media regarding which precincts have reported. ”

    Crushed- The process already is very transparent. No matter how the counting is done the election conspiracy nutjobs will just find another alleged discrepancy to focus on- that’s the way the conspiracy nutjob mind works.

    Any debunking of their conspiracy theories doesn’t change their minds- to them it’s just more evidence that the conspiracy is even deeper and bigger than they thought.

  59. Juice Box says:

    Joyce – if you haven’t been in Manhattan in a while you would not know. It’s bad as 3B says people getting high on the street 24 hours a day, in nearly every neighborhood. Overdose deaths are through the roof too.

    Back in the day I lived near Washington Square Park it was always a problem there, but it was managed at least. Now it is just crazy, the dealers setup shop in the prime spots at 6AM. There has been a crew of armed robbers going around robbing the dealers at gun point of all their cash at the end of the day too. I have heard the city has been setting up barricades nightly to keep everyone out because of the huge amount of crack smokers, injection-drug users and people using the neighborhood stoops and streets as a toilet. The cops cannot arrest someone unless they actually are pre-high and have the needle filled with heroin and the crack pipe full. No more arresting people for shooting up and smoking after the fact, residue in a pipe or needle is no longer enough.

  60. No One says:

    From 2000 to 2003 I walked through or beside Washington Square Park most afternoons/evenings as I was getting my MBA at NYU. The walk to & from the Stern school on 4th St to the Path station on 9 St was right through it, where there used to be a Gray’s Papaya nearby. Back then maybe there were a few shady characters selling but I was never worried about my safety, as the ratio of normal people to them was very high. Some of my classes used to finish around 8 or 9pm if I recall.

  61. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Imagine crying about people smoking weed. Let it go or move to Russia.

    You guys love to control people while yelling about freedom and individual rights. Doesn’t make much sense…why would it.

  62. Juice Box says:

    No One – My wife is a stern school grad too around the same time she finished in 2004… :)

  63. 3b says:

    Juice: It really is bad now, and my brother who works in the Times Square area and lives on the upper west side tells me he has not seen it like this since the 80s. Even my Brother a huge NYC fan who never liked the suburbs is fed up, and it’s one of the reasons he WFH s more, just to avoid going to Times Square. A couple of months ago he is walking down the stairs to the subway, and a homeless guy was taking a dump at 10 in the morning. If he is late now, he takes a cab, and won’t go near the subway. He says it’s out of control and the pot too. He says some days like a massive cloud in the air. So yeah to all the people here that don’t go to NYC often it’s bad, real bad.

  64. Very Stable Genius says:

    “You guys love to control people while yelling about freedom and individual rights. ”

    Yep. Same as curtailing women’s reproductive rights, etc, etc.

  65. Juice Box says:

    Pumps – We have an enormous addiction problem in this country. Every day in New Jersey 65 people die of a drug overdose. The use of marijuana has a correlation with the use of other harder drugs. People should educate themselves and their families and discuss this reality.

    They government is trying to make it safer by testing it and selling it via license. We shall see if the body count goes down or up. Only time will give us that answer.

  66. Juice Box says:

    3b – re: “massive cloud in the air.” Right to smoke at home sure, but on a public street? It’s not just the smell, they now smoke it everywhere including the subways, secondhand marijuana smoke can cause a psychoactive effect on non smokers. You inhale that cloud of smoke and you will get a high.

    We shall see if the legislature reverses on this one. You want to smoke fine do it at home and leave the rest of us alone. That goes for the cigarette smokers too.

  67. The Great Pumpkin says:


    You crack me up with your fear mongering of NYC. The picture you paint is hysterical. Run, the sky is falling!

  68. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Yes, and drinking isn’t the problem… weed is a joke. I would put my money on alcohol being the drug that leads to all other drugs….

    Juice Box says:
    November 8, 2022 at 12:43 pm
    Pumps – We have an enormous addiction problem in this country. Every day in New Jersey 65 people die of a drug overdose. The use of marijuana has a correlation with the use of other harder drugs. People should educate themselves and their families and discuss this reality.

  69. No One says:

    I think that drugs should be legal.
    I also think that drug users and drunks should be criticized like other self-destructive behaviors and generally shunned.
    I remember some kids in my 5th grade started huffing gasoline.
    Losers. But definitely not nerds, Ex.

  70. Juice Box says:

    Pumps – yes Alcohol is an an even bigger problem…and that is why it’s so heavily regulated. I don’t however get drunk from another person drinking right next to me, but for weed smokers it’s ok? Like I said do it at home and leave the rest of us alone, they should not be out in public smoking as it can have a direct effect on other people.

  71. The Great Pumpkin says:


    Agreed, but good luck enforcing it. I am sick of paying for the “War on drugs.” I don’t know what the answer is, but regulating drugs seems to not be the answer based on the results.

  72. BRT says:

    What I find hilarious is they banned flavored vapes while simultaneously making all things weed legal.

  73. Libturd says:

    If you think the city in the 80s was bad (and it was). You should have seen it in the 70s. Those were the years when if you car broke down on the highway, by the time you came back from the gas station with a tow truck, you were lucky if it still had the wheels on it. The subways were covered inside and out with graffiti and rarely did the AC work. Most of the city was a grimy pit. In the 80s, it improved dramatically as cable TV and competition in the long distance phone business funded an awful lot of improvements and some beautiful new buildings. This was also the time period that investing in the stock market grew to include more of the middle class. The early 90s through 99 was all tech bubble and the city improved further. From the start of the decade until now, the city became more about residential real estate than commercial and the pandemic provided the death knell. The last few times I went to the city from 2018-2019, it was filled with foreign tourists from the Oculus to the 100s. Every new building was residential and the enclaves that used to house immigrants of different backgrounds were only recognizable by a few remaining restaurants. Even Little Italy is nearly overrun by the Chinese now. The lower thirties where the Korean shops used to be are nearly all gone. There’s hardly a Russian on the West Side and I don’t think they pack meat anymore in the meat packing district.

    The West Village through NYU was always home to a lot of homeless. That area even maintained its grit right through the turn of the century. The real estate down there did not gain value enough value to move out the commercial renters until about 2015. Even our Varick office turned into tech and most of the surrounding office buildings converted to lofts.

  74. Juice Box says:

    Can the FBI please arrest Trump during his announcement press conference next week? He needs to go away already, we don’t want him with his 24 x 7 bullshit artist Drama in the news cycle for the next two years.

  75. grim says:

    Wow on the FTX blow up

  76. grim says:

    Trump is going to run as an independent against DeSantis and the Dems are going to win as a result.

  77. Ex says:

    Amgen exploding today. No idea why.

  78. Old realtor says:

    So much marijuana fear and misinformation. Smoking of all types should be limited to private property, it is a simple solution.

    Unless you are locked in a sealed plastic bag with a person endlessly smoking marijuana, you aren’t getting high from 2nd hand smoke. Gateway to opioid addiction? And when I smoke a joint my brain is like an egg cracked into a hot frying pan. Get a grip!

  79. Juice Box says:

    Binace CEO has been tweeting allot like Banks run on fractional reserves, Crypto exchanges should not be allowed to do that, aka Ponzi. There is still a chance Binance will pull out and let FTX collapse anyway. FTX has 8 billion in Eth apparently but might have to crash it further to come up with enough real money to bail out FTX and buy it. These companies are all offshore but if our government gets in the way the whole house of cards that crypto is built on might finally collapse.

  80. Libturd says:

    Quite the market swing today.

  81. Ex says:

    Totally. Tells me more about the noooobs here than I care to know.

  82. Libturd says:

    “the whole house of cards that crypto is built on might finally collapse.”

    I always predicted crypto would take down the market. I’m okay if I am partially right.

  83. Juice Box says:

    Old Realtor the stuff is spiked with fentanyl, there is a correlation here. Don’t tell me you cannot get a contact high in a subway tunnel or at a concert. I have experienced it plenty of times, it illegal to smoke it around other people in most places for that very reason.

  84. Libturd says:


    I love you, but I never got a contact high in my life and I’ve hung in some pretty pot-smoke filled rooms. Then again, if someone had it, I probably joined the party. :P

  85. No One says:

    It’s increasingly obvious that bitcrap are Ponzi assets mostly useful for gambling and scamming and manipulating, without any economic use in the real world beyond some money laundering/transfer activities. That was pretty much my default hypothesis from the start, and I haven’t seen any evidence to refute it. Seems to be popular with the IT crowd, I wonder if the IT sector layoffs will end up pulling liquidity out of the gambler pool.

  86. Juice Box says:

    Twitter says that FTX stopped processing redemptions to cash etc aka Liquidity crisis. There will be no bailout for a non bank based in the Bahamas this time.

  87. Old realtor says:

    You cannot trust street drugs or pills that you didn’t get at a pharmacy these days. That said, fentanyl in weed just hasn’t been happening on a widespread basis. There is no more real heroin or cocaine. Anything being sold under those names is something else and likely contains fentanyl.

    As for black market weed, biggest risks are ornamental fertilizer and mold. You don’t want to be smoking those things.

    Please don’t try to tell me state sanctioned dispensary weed is any safer. NY suspended some rules on testing legal weed until there is sufficient supply, including mold. Dispensaries are opening soon. Need to have enough weed so we don’t leave any tax dollars behind. Screw the public.

  88. Juice Box says:

    Lib – Ridiculous! Are you also saying secondhand exposure to cigarette smoke has no effect on children or other people? There are no studies? No science at all to this? Then why the ban on smoking in bars and restaurants?

    My real problem is these people refuse to be courteous or considerate to others with their smoke, never mind breaking the law. I don’t want your smoke in my lungs period, go do it in your home and keep it away from me in public.. Pretty simple no?

  89. Fast Eddie says:

    Got to agree on 2nd hand pot smoke, that never affected me at all. Like Lib said, I was probably the one smoking it among the throngs. I also will say it’s not a gateway drug.

  90. Fast Eddie says:

    Arizona officials in Maricopa County on Tuesday said that roughly 20% of their polling sites were experiencing “issues” with tabulation machines just hours after Election Day polls opened.

    How convenient.

  91. Juice Box says:

    Old realtor – Up until this year every joint smoked was sold and rolled by a drug dealer with no scientific quality control. Most have no idea what was in it yet they did it anyway. There is a correlation between smoking cannabis and harder drugs. As I have stated the body count in the morgue is the only thing that will change the laws. We shall see if it goes up or down. The alcohol deaths have spiked too due to the covid lockdown, we shall see if it goes down now, but the body count is the only real metric we have, only time will tell.

  92. Bystander says:

    I agree with you juice. No one should have smoke all around them. It is a courtesy. And, the effects of second hand pot smoke has been well documented:


  93. joyce says:

    Secondhand smoke can cause problems but there was some hysteria. It has to be a confined space for a good amount of time. Similar to living in an area with a lot of pollution vs driving through it once or twice with the windows down.

    We shouldn’t legislate against discourteous behavior, not in an alleged free country. I agree with No One; societal ‘shunning’ and other non-violent forms of discouraging unpopular behavior should be how it’s addressed.

    Ps. Never smoked cigarettes or weed and have no plans to start anytime soon.

  94. Libturd says:


    Secondhand smoke is terrible for you. I know. I spend a lot of times in smoky casinos. I was just arguing about the contact high. And I agree, if you choose to smoke it, it should be performed somewhere that it doesn’t bother anyone else.

    It’s like when someone lights up a cigarette while you are eating. It ruins the entire meal. But if you want to turn your home into a giant bong. Go for it man.

    And pot is no more a gateway drug than booze is. Though I’ve seen many people become dependent on it (wake and bake crowd) and none of them are motivated to improve their lots in life. It’s funny too, because they all talk about how entrepreneurial they have become and one day will strike it rich, which is very unlikely when you get out of bed at 1pm everyday.

    To the casual pot smoker? Who cares. It’s no worse than drinking and might be less dangerous in the long run. Especially those who eat edibles or vape it.

  95. Juice Box says:

    Lib – re: “arguing about the contact high. ”

    It’s been studied, with real life people, with real life scientific tests, they are getting THC in their systems from second hand smoke. A contact high is real and does happen.

    “Secondhand marijuana smoke also contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC),THC can be passed to infants and children through secondhand smoke, and people exposed to secondhand marijuana smoke can experience psychoactive effects, such as feeling high.”


  96. joyce says:

    Forgive me, I can’t find the link to the full study in the site in your post? I’d like to read it. Everything I’ve read says you need to be in a somewhat confined space for about 3 hours to show any kind of impairment. But those were not infants or children under the age of 2.

  97. leftwing says:

    “What a great morning to watch the lunar eclipse.”

    Agree. It was a ‘blood red’ eclipse…do with that what you will today lol.

    “…you can’t walk the streets of Manhattan without the aroma of pot smoke everywhere.”

    Been like that for a while…I noticed it at least six years ago or so, went in to meet a buddy, walked around downtown, lunch, WS, Trinity church. Smell all over…small group of utility workers in a corner of Trinity graveyard were getting high there at lunch, and really not being that discrete at all.

  98. leftwing says:

    Did everyone get out and vote? Make sure you do because, you know….


  99. leftwing says:

    “That’s kind of where I am coming from. And as a person who financed two abortions, thank god they were available to me.”

    Yeah, I know, so unfortunate one cannot obtain an abortion in NJ any longer because of Team Red…/s

  100. Fabius Maximus says:

    Vote like your wife depends on it.

  101. leftwing says:

    “Vote like your wife depends on it.”


    “Today, we find out if the voters believe it when the media calls the Capitol Riot an “insurrection.” Or, do the voters believe that the media is simply distorting what happened into something it wasn’t.”

    Thank God. At least the idiotic Left will then consign it to garbage heap of history like the “Big Lie” once they discover it has no impact except among themselves.


    Someone mentioned suburban women and abortion getting out the vote. CNBC today had some exit interviews, including a Bucks County woman, who fingered crime as far and away the largest issue. She was able to detail the number of property crimes and vehicle thefts off the top of her head. Sounded very similar to my Blue Ribbon NJ town. So much for the Bloomberg article link….Dems arguing crime is even worse in the burbs may be leading with their chin.

    “Edibles should not have gone as far as allowed.”

    Surprised at this statement…if THC is to be legal and all the issues with public smoking/use are of concern, edibles would seem to be the perfect solution. Also preserves the lungs/cardio of the user.

  102. Fabius Maximus says:

    Steven Portnoy

    Which ONE of these issues mattered most to your vote?

    Abortion 36%
    Inflation 28%
    Crime 11%
    Gun policy 10%
    Immigration 8%

  103. trick says:

    Our voting center was packed, never waited in line even during presidential elections. Workers said it was the same all day.
    My plan is to vote so neither party has a majority, nothing getting done is better then either side having full control.

  104. BRT says:

    my districts machines were broken. They had us put it in a drop box to be counted later. Not a fan.

  105. leftwing says:

    Not feeling great about senate…

  106. leftwing says:

    DeSantis acceptance speech he looks and sounds really good. Also is that smoke show in the gold dress next to him his wife? He’ll get my vote for the white house lol

  107. Ex says:

    Ur sooooo ghey.

  108. Ex says:

    Half of voters say inflation factored significantly in their vote, as groceries, gasoline, housing, food and other costs have shot up in the past year and given Republicans a vehicle for criticizing President Joe Biden. The economy was an overarching concern with voters, about 8 in 10 of whom said it was in bad shape as high inflation has raised fears of a recession. Not all voters say Biden’s policies caused higher prices, even if many saw it as a defining issue for the election.

    Slightly fewer voters — 44% — say the future of democracy was their primary consideration. On the campaign trail, Biden has warned that Republicans are posing a threat to democracy. Many GOP leaders continue to cast doubt on the U.S. electoral system, falsely claiming that the 2020 presidential election, which Donald Trump lost, was rigged.

    You’re little orange fattie f-ck imbecile is going to jail. That I know.

  109. leftwing says:

    Hey big guy… you personally testing edibles versus bud to find a winner?

    Don’t be sore, House was always fine. Be happy holding the senate

  110. Bystander says:

    “Edibles should not have gone as far as allowed.”

    Surprised at this statement


    Only due to issues with children and irresponsible f*cks leaving them around the house. They use alot of bright colors and cartoons on packages as well. It is a problem

  111. leftwing says:


    I’ll vote for the guy with the smokeshow.

    You know, I give WJC grief but could have liked him… problem was can’t respect a guy with a chick like Hillary…

  112. Ex says:

    Several hours before polls opened on Tuesday for Election Day in Florida, former President Donald J. Trump warned the state’s governor, Ron DeSantis, against mounting a challenge to Mr. Trump’s own anticipated presidential candidacy in the 2024 election cycle.

    “If he runs, he runs,” Mr. Trump said of Mr. DeSantis to a handful of reporters traveling with him on his private plane — recently refurbished and put back into use — after a rally Monday night in Dayton, Ohio.

    But Mr. Trump added, in remarks published on Tuesday by The Wall Street Journal, “If he did run, I will tell you things about him that won’t be very flattering. I know more about him than anybody other than perhaps his wife, who is really running his campaign.”

  113. leftwing says:

    Gotcha ByS… agree there

  114. leftwing says:

    Eh, who cares. You think that really matters in the end

  115. Ex says:

    Edibles are delicious. You fools are ridiculous.
    Gateway to heroin. You imbeciles are living in 1959.

  116. Ex says:

    tHaT jOinT dIdnT gEt mE hIgH

    …wHeRe’s tHe hErOin

  117. BRT says:

    Only due to issues with children and irresponsible f*cks leaving them around the house. They use alot of bright colors and cartoons on packages as well. It is a problem

    If a braindead parent wants to leave them around the house, there’s not much you can do. But these things are very popular and the kids get them the same way they got cigarettes and alcohol. From twenty somethings. This state banned flavored vapes because they were encouraging kids to use nicotine, but gummies are ok? I mean, it’s almost worse because gummies can be targeted to 5th graders.

  118. Hughesrep says:


    Cut the red wire!

  119. Ex says:

    Tik tik tik

    aNy qUeSTions…?!??!


  120. Fast Eddie says:

    5 Senate seats and 64 House seats are still not decided. If equally divided government is what people want, then they got it. Things we learned: New Yorkers love crime and filth, DeSantis is your next president, the freedom to bludgeon your baby matters more than the ability to feed your baby and the FED just fired the engines back up big time. We can do all the rah rah we want for our side but the bottom line is we’re all going to pay… and I don’t mean just in a monetary sense. I’m going to get ready for work now, someone’s gotta earn to pay for the trucklers.

  121. Bystander says:

    Your lesson is don’t back a treasonous orange a%%hole and allow him to put worst candidates possible. Your side got slaughtered bc Rs are a cult and so narrow-sighted that can’t see that, as a whole, the country hates the f-in guy. Every show gets canceled after stay around too long and the entertainment fades. Trump just got canceled..bigly. But, continue to laugh at his immature antics like this. It is pathetic. Can’t wait for his big announcement on 15th.

    The poor performance of Trump’s candidates comes just as he was reportedly attempting to ward DeSantis away from making a run for president in 2024. Trump unveiled the “Ron DeSanctimonious” nickname for the potential challenger last week to poor reactions.

  122. 3b says:

    Bystander: Trump also said he has a lot of unflattering informed about De Sanctus, “very unflattering “ he further stated after De Santis s wife he probably know more unflattering information about him than anyone else. It’s the same tired old ridiculous crap with Trump. He is afraid De Santis will steal his thunder, and so resorts to this ridiculous type of behavior.

  123. BananaJoe says:

    For sure the most appalling result was fetterman. Accommodating to criminals, open borders and anti energy production. I’ve been saying that his stroke actually HELPED. He hid from his positions in his basement with his stuttering John routine, the playbook was already written.

    NY Gov. doesn’t surprise but It’sa disappointment. You have a massive and wealthy state that is embracing decline but I think with so many voting with their feet the place has decide a lost cause. I haven’t been there in years and no plan to return.

  124. 3b says:

    Fast: Did I miss something with the Fed?

  125. BananaJoe says:

    And nj is and apparently forever will be an Irrelevant backwater of politics. Not only re electing menendez last time but now his kid? Our politics resemble the third world more each day.

  126. Bystander says:

    Dr. Oz was crap who could not find PA on a map. There you go Banana.

  127. BananaJoe says:

    He want a good candidate, and I’m not entertaining the fetish out i works mention whose candidates underperformed, but that’s a cop out. He was a better candidate than fetterman. Fetterman is left of AOC. He’s also a trust fund “kid” and a total phony. It was cut when he was mayor of a beat up mill town.

  128. Old realtor says:

    When looking at Georgia election results it is clear what a poor choice of candidate Hershel Walker was. Republican governor wins big and Walker is lucky to make a runoff. Republicans could have easily taken this seat if they had just chosen a qualified candidate. Clearest indication that the Republican love affair with Trump is on the rocks.

  129. Bystander says:

    .and yet he was not..nor does it appears that any crazy, election deniers were ‘good’ candidates. Of course, you were told this for years but still rolled the dice with the tanned crazy moron..

  130. Old realtor says:

    Oz a good candidate? If you are a Trump lover. Another clear indication that the Republican love affair with Trump has soured.

  131. BananaJoe says:

    Like I said not entertaining that. You can go to Politico.

    But Philly is the center of gravity on Pa. It’s another lost cause. When you have to make up the 500k+ advantage from Philly you have an uphill climb.

  132. 3b says:

    Bystanders/Old You guys can’t really think Fetterman is better. They are both bad, but Fetterman is certainly not better.

  133. BananaJoe says:

    It was supposed to say wasn’t a great candidate. Would have made a solid candidate for the dems. A pro choice elitist.

  134. Old realtor says:

    How do you explain Oz losing to Fetterman without resorting to blaming minorities or voting conspiracy theories? It would appear that women and blue collar voters embraced Fetterman’s message. The big guy in a sweatshirt beat the elitist, TV personality.

    On a personal level, truly enjoyed seeing that antisemitic piece of sh*t defeated for governor of PA.

  135. BananaJoe says:

    Haven’ta clue what you’re asking but there is a strong blue collar legacy in pa. Many them vote against their own economic interests but they are legacy types who will take their party affiliation to the grave. I’m baffled by the result.

  136. crushednjmillenial says:

    Shocking stunner in the midterms last night.

    Trump is the donkey of 2022 politics. Pushed candidates that lost races which could have been won by a generic centrist R. Wow, the R machine couldn’t moderate his influence enough and this was probably a 10% worst-case probability that came to be against the R’s last night. Even if the R’s miraculously end up winning both GA and NV and thus have 51 seats in the Senate, the country repudiated Trump last night.

    I still don’t feel like it was either Jan. 6 or Dobbs/abortion specifically – rather, it was more an overall repudiation of Trump. This was in spite of the fact that, realistically, political pundits across the political spectrum were bearish on the D’s political playbook (hitting just abortion and Jan. 6 messaging and staying quiet re inflation, for example).

    The only silver lining for the R’s is that the R’s actually had a good race with respect to the House and Senate in 2020, so adding seats this year required pulling seats that were usually more-secularly leaning more towards D’s. I.e., it’s not the R’s were dropping seats that had 50-50 partisan split.

    Meanwhile, Biden skates by as inflation, crime, the border, the leftists running schools remain unchecked. Wow!

  137. Juice Box says:

    Big layoffs at META, 11,000

  138. No One says:

    Good news for Republicans is that Trump no longer looks as powerful as he once did. His buddies underperformed or required boatloads of money to win. Trump showed up at the last minute to run his big mouth, undoubtedly so he could claim credit for what seemed like a big “red wave” and all it did is remind Dems to vote against him. Also, the anti-abortion folks dragged down Republicans nationally. Trump and anti-abortionists helped bring out Democrat voters, proving that combination loses against even weak Dems.
    Looks like the Repubs win the House anyway, but by a small enough margin to prevent delusions of grandeur. Meaning that they can also block dumb legislation, leaving the best case scenario for when both parties are so flawed: legislative gridlock. It will now be more difficult for either party to do as much harm.

  139. Bystander says:

    A good candidate, 3b? No but it speaks more to how bad Oz was than Fetterman. The election deniers were garbage and the garbage got collected and disposed. Again, I can’t wait to tune in on the 15th. The sane people have tried to guide the cult members here but Ds were laughed at..Biden was laughed at but you are now clearly faced your conspiracy laden, angry and untruthful mistaken path. Its your choice now..Ds are fine. You have lost alot of time.

  140. leftwing says:

    Couple points….

    There is no R love affair with DJT. At least not to the extent portrayed here.

    Ds did an excellent job influencing some R primaries…they helped push the less viable candidate in the primary…again, the Rs get end run tactically by Ds, this time within the boundaries of their own party, jfc.

    NY gubernatorial never in doubt. I’m amazed it was that close. NY has not gone R for governor in, what, at least a generation. Pipe dream.

    Fetterman…I just don’t know what to say…frightening, actually. Some exit polling data showed abortion a top issue there…timing of Dodd as I mentioned before was incredibly unfortunate. Aside from that, abortion is an R messaging issue. Rs need to figure out how to handle this Achilles heel in the all but a handful of States where this issue actually benefits them. Politics like real estate is local. You don’t form a national message on something that loses locally.

    Bigger issue for Rs, and the primary reason they had poor candidates that lost races that were winnable, is that they have little bench for the current environment. This ‘grass roots’ environment we find ourselves is real, and the Rs up and coming just aren’t there yet. That’s how you get an Oz or Walker. Evolve or die. It’s on them.

    Interesting commentary on some losses, from Fox no less, is that too many Rs who lost took a page from the D handbook in that they didn’t offer anything concrete and just ran around shouting ‘Biden, Biden, Biden!’ (to the Dems shouts of T, T, T). And that the populace is just tired of chaos. The Orange Idiot has to go, somehow, some way.

    Otherwise I’ll wait for the guys who get paid to pull apart the data to figure it out and comment.

  141. Ex says:

    Highlight: Sending Lauren Boebert packing.

  142. leftwing says:

    Ex, I’ll see you and raise you a Stacy Abrams.

    Can we assign both to the dustbin of history now?

  143. 3b says:

    Bystander: Not my choice now, Republicans not my party nor are the Democrats. If Trump runs for President, I will simply stay home, like the last 2 elections. It’s nit like the Dems are going to have someone I could vote for.

  144. Ex says:

    Hahaha – yeah I think both will need other careers.
    Add Beto O’ to that list.

  145. Bystander says:


    Bobblehead was the poster child for every problem with R party – a dumb, gun worshipping loudmouth Trumpie who was disrepectful, self-grandizing and offered nothing in terms of leadership. Oh, who will MTG partner with now that her insane bestie is gone?

  146. Ex says:

    Second highlight: AZ governors race! Booooyah

  147. Very Stable Genius says:

    Trump endorsed some 300 candidates, held 30 rallies and raised millions of dollars for his ‘army’ of candidates. It was supposed to be the amuse-bouche for a Presidential run, intended to set him up for a sweeping 2024 success.

    But overnight, many of Trump’s chosen candidates crashed and burned.

    Five of his chosen candidates – Bo Hines (North Carolina’s 13th District), Sandy Smith (North Carolina’s 1st District), Mehmet Oz (Pennsylvania State Senate) and Tim Michels (Wisconsin Gubernatorial Race) and Lee Zeldin (New York Gubernatorial race) – all lost.

  148. Ex says:

    Looks like a 3rd party candidate derails the Georgia
    Football hero….vs Warnock.

  149. BananaJoe says:

    That’s for copying that from daily mail. We couldn’t find it on our own. Now predictably becoming a tds circle jerk. Saw that coming.

  150. Bystander says:


    Did you see Cecily Strong’s parody of Kari Lake? It is absolutely spot on. I don’t watch show anymore bc pretty unfunny but Cecily was brilliant here


  151. crushednjmillenial says:

    Just spitting out diconnected thoughts but . . . I’d say last night was the first clear repudiation of Trump. His electoral history looks something like this:

    2016: catches lightning in a bottle to win the Presidency; R’s have 241 House Seats; 52 Senate seats

    2018: in midterms, D’s perform very well but not a total blowout: R’s have 199 House seats; R’s have 52 senate seats

    2020: the momentum from 2018 is reversed – Trump loses presidency narrowly, R’s have 211 House seats (slightly short of 218 for a majority and notably gaining seats even though the R president lost); R’s lost Senate in the Georgia runoffs.

    2021: R’s perform strong in these elections (VA, NJ and some other random races)

    2022 primaries: Trump’s candidates are winning many R primaries

    2022: looks like R’s will only take a very, very narrow majority in the House; looks like D’s will keep control of the Senate. This is abberrant because of certain political polling (Presidential approval rating, polling re “direction of the country”, the generic ballot, etc.) and inflation is slapping everyone in the face at every grocery trip.

    So, the repudiation of Trump in 2018 was reversed by 2020 (where he loses narrowly AMIDST A BACKDROP of covid still being a big issue and before the vaccines were announced). After 2020 and until last night, it still looked like Trump was a huge political force that the R’s needed to accomodate.

  152. leftwing says:

    Again, as every ‘pundit’ with a Twitter account pulls apart results, one litmus test of credibility I would offer is their approach to Zeldin….anyone using Zeldin’s loss as an example of R issues is missing the mark wide.

    One person won the Powerball last night, one person won $2m. Saying the Rs ‘lost’ NY is like being the $2m winner and saying you ‘lost’ Powerball.

    Rs flipped two Hudson Valley seats and, what, four on LI? That’s a huge win.

    Zeldin never had a chance…statewide Ds outnumber Rs 2:1. Miracle the race was even considered competitive.

  153. Very Stable Genius says:

    “Definitely not a Republican wave, that’s for darn sure.”

    – @LindseyGrahamSC

  154. crushednjmillenial says:

    Wow, imagine if the inflation wasn’t running so high, the feeling of crime in places like Manhattan wasn’t the way it is, D’s don’t push trans stuff in schools, and if Biden just did his Venezuelan border policy a year ago? Add in maybe Biden being 15% more lucid . . . the D’s maybe run through 2022 with 230 or 235 House seats? 53 Senate seats (holding all incumbent D seats and by flipping PA, WI, and NC?)?

  155. The Great Pumpkin says:

    One of the best lines on the subject from Half Baked….”Marijuana is not a drug. I used to suck di.k for coke. Now that’s an addiction. You ever suck di.k for marijuana?” -late Bob Sagat

    If weed makes you so stupid, how do you explain Snoop dogg. Remembers all those lyrics and built an empire while high 24/7. Yea, a complete pot head has made a killing as an artist and entrepreneur. Has made more money than 99% of the population. So let’s throw out that stereotype that pot makes you stupid and lazy….that’s bs. The individual is stupid and lazy…not because pot made them that way.

    Ex says:
    November 8, 2022 at 9:42 pm
    Edibles are delicious. You fools are ridiculous.
    Gateway to heroin. You imbeciles are living in 1959.

    Ex says:
    November 8, 2022 at 9:44 pm
    tHaT jOinT dIdnT gEt mE hIgH

    …wHeRe’s tHe hErOin

  156. leftwing says:

    “2022 primaries: Trump’s candidates are winning many R primaries”

    I would challenge this statement…one needs to distill down the definition of a “Trump” candidate…he is an opportunist that jumps on any moving train. For most he was a late entrant to a candidate that has been laying their own tracks for a while…

    In other real world news Zuck tires of seeing his net worth plummet, laying of 11,000, and adding 10% in 24 hours to his wealth and my position. There’s a booyah I can support!

  157. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Would I want my kid smoking even as an adult? No. Do I think potheads are bad people because they smoke or eat it? Nah. Some people need it, and that’s on them. Who are we to judge?

  158. leftwing says:

    “Definitely not a Republican wave, that’s for darn sure.”

    And out come the long knives…good.

    Does McCarthy become Speaker (presumptive), or does the lack of storm surge get him displaced (Scalise? Stefanik?)

    Does make me smile that Cheney is not even around to be considered…oh how she wanted that gavel….

  159. crushednjmillenial says:

    If the house margin is a few seats, then it might have been the NY highest state court that gave the R’s a majority in the house. The NY high court threw out the D map as being too gerrymandered and appointed a special master.

    The special master map is the one dictating NY’s congressional districts. I fully support the map, as it mostly kept the districts that NY had, except it made them more compact, more logical, and less gerrymandered-looking. The map has distrcits which are very sensible. Nonetheless, it is probably a 1-3 seat loss for the D’s, in a neutral political environment.

    Zeldin and the crime issue might have helped the R’s out-perform a “neutral” environment a bit. The R’s flipped one seat on LI (the 3rd). The R’s have a chance at 3 additional seats that were previously held by D’s: the 4th (South Nassau LI); the 17th (rockland, then Westchester and dutchess/putnam up to Poughkeepsie); the 19th (northern edges of NYC metro to south of Albany).

    So, it might be that the NY Court gave the R’s, say, 2 extra seats. Some trendlines are pointing toward the R’s only having 220 seats (2 more than a 218-seat majority).

  160. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Let’s keep it simple. They will raise till something breaks. Then they will pivot hard. Not rocket science based on the past.

    “Some Investors Bet Fed Could Lift Rates to Two-Decade High
    Wall Street is making a game plan for a fed-funds rate that some think could hit 6%, the highest since 2000”


  161. Grim says:

    See ya later MySpace… err, Meta.

  162. crushednjmillenial says:

    Newsome and Murphy might need to slow down their presidential ambitions efforts because old man didn’t lose congress in a thunderous manner. We might see less reporters writing planted stories like “for the good of the nation, Joe Biden should not run in 2024.”

  163. leftwing says:

    crushed, excellent analysis and points. And one that the Rs need to take to heart…

    Strategy > Tactics.

    Similar to the expansion of ’emergency’ mail in voting in certain jurisdictions in 2020…hard enough to win at blackjack. Never will with a stacked deck.

    Where are our guys marking the cards?

  164. Juice Box says:

    Pumps – Do I think potheads are bad people

    No it’s the dealers and their turf wars, the needless deaths from gunfire over territory. Those are the bad people this legalization and regulation effort in NJ is really trying to stop. You can have 6 ounces on you in NJ and not be arrested now, the cops will focus on the larger network of drug dealers and criminals with firearms instead of wasting time with low level offenders.

  165. crushednjmillenial says:

    2022 and, to a lesser extent, 2020 might be signalling a rise in a structural change to the electorate . . . namely, there is more early voting and mail-in voting. I’m NOT, not talking conspiracy stuff.

    The early voting and mail-in voting might be reducing friction for D’s to vote. One can imagine that many R’s vote the way I do – I waited in line behind like 4 people to vote in-person yesterday. After I was done, there were 2 people waiting in line to vote. So, the whole process took like 5-10 minutes when you factor in parking, walking to the poll, signing in, and voting. Meanwhile, one can imagine many D’s are waiting on those long lines they show on the news.

    If voting in-person meant waiting in a 1 hour line for me, I might do early voting or mail-in.

    Seems like there might be some electoral implications for this emerging trend of more early voting and mail-in voting, structurally.

  166. Libturd says:

    Best result ever. MAGA done and split in DC which is the best for insuring extreme agendas don’t pass.

    Now on to the recession!

  167. leftwing says:

    crushed, agree and that’s my point…the rollout of mail-in balloting definitely benefits Ds and likely handed them PA in 2020….again NO conspiracy theory here, just analysis, IIRC a PA high court judge let that proceed despite not being done in a manner proscribed by the State Constitution…

    Why was that specific judge sitting there? Versus another that would have ruled differently?

    Strategy > Tactics.

    Rs are starting to get it although I don’t think they understand the magnitude of the opportunity….

  168. Fast Eddie says:


    It costs almost $2000 to fill up an 18-wheeler with diesel. You think diesel is going to come down in price now that the republicans don’t appear to have even a slim majority? At this point, they may not even get the House. That means no push for domestic oil which means we’ll be clawing and scratching for it anywhere but here. Now add regulation which the democrats love. Oh, and don’t forget the goods inside that tractor trailer that’s being hauled from point A to point B. The resources and processing just to have a final product is the result of supply side obstacles and energy (diesel) required to make it. It’s one mountain after another. Result? Persistent and consistent high inflation which will make the FED pound the table in frustration after each rate hike. I can see J Po now, baffled as he tries to explain the reason why inflation is not coming down.

    The muppets don’t understand complexities beyond caveman emojis and soc1al media soundbites. F.uck, not only can’t the kid in Dunkin Donuts count change, (S)he can’t even hand it back to a me correctly! Forget the fundamentals of education, forget accountability, responsibility and obligation, firget proper coaching and guidance, forget patience, sacrifice and contribution, it’s me vs. you (generically speaking) from now to the foreseeable future.

    As for Trump, he’s dead and he was never my first pick in the 1st place but I agreed with most of his policies. That’s done. He might as well not even announce he’s running. Next scene. Oh, and one more thing we learned last night; pollsters and house tour guides have a lot in common.

  169. leftwing says:

    “Best result ever. MAGA done and split in DC which is the best for insuring extreme agendas don’t pass.”

    Just to tickle your neurons….Better or worse for Ds politically if Rs win only House vs. House and Senate?

    There is a realistic argument to be made that with the House and Senate there would be more pressure on the Rs to come up with ideas of their own and, with McConnell having a seat in the room, a moderating influence on the House Rs…

    Without an R Senate and just an R House there is no legislative pathway for the Rs and McConnell has less influence…therefore, the R House’s only pathway for relevance and their worst unmoderated tendencies will be entirely oversight (ie, investigations of Pelosi, Bidens, etc).

  170. Ex says:

    sPoT oN eDDiE hahahahagsgagasasaaaaaas

  171. joyce says:


    Where are our guys marking the cards?

    Another Freudian slip? ;-)

  172. Fast Eddie says:

    crushednjmillenial 8:24:

    Yes, too all that.

  173. SmallGovConservative says:

    leftwing says:
    November 9, 2022 at 8:32 am
    “Bigger issue for Rs, and the primary reason they had poor candidates…”

    You could certainly be right, but I think there are broader trends that transcend candidates. As an R, this is essentially Colonel Trautman saying “it’s over, Johnny!”. That is to say, this country has essentially gone almost full-euro, with a focus on social issues and an expectation that govts will exist largely to provide the endless array of social services that women (primarily) demand. And of course with that, a reduced focus on traditional R priorities like military strength, global leadership, law and order, pro-biz/light regulation, etc…

    Looking on the bright side, however…If the R’s do take the House, we’ll get the ‘Hunter Show’, which will be hilarious. And at some point maybe we’ll get a press conference with SlowJoe and Futterman — that’ll be another doozy.

    And a final take-away…While I always thought the migration from north to south would dilute the red states, and it still may, for now at least it appears that the migration is heavily R’s abandoning the broken, sclerotic north and coalescing in Fla, Tex, etc…Will be interesting to watch this one.

  174. Fast Eddie says:

    Small Gov 9:53:

    Spot on.

    Chewy toys and oxy for all.

  175. Ex says:

    Sending Biden on his way will be a good thing.
    If Hunter is served, so be it. Kamala can also f-ck off.

    There are “services” like social security…? At risk under the GOP .

  176. leftwing says:

    Haha, not at all Joyce. Retain my strident Independent/classic liberal positions, but since there are only two parties to vote for last night any issue by issue analysis of alignment of my beliefs between those two yield R…just can’t come close to the freak show of the modern D party despite agreeing with a handful of their positions.

    That huge opportunity for Rs I speak of? Moving my direction and toward the ‘grass roots’…In a two party choice they’ll mostly get my actual Independent vote, but not 3b’s, for example, who states he will sit elections out.

    Rs need to focus what they need to do to move their Party to capture actual votes, not simply ‘support’, from people like 3b, and also Blacks, Hispanics, and grass roots. If they can come close to doing that they will bury the Ds. For a generation…

    You, like me, may be old enough to remember the Dems held the House for forty straight years until 1995……

  177. No One says:

    The big problem with Republicans is that now they want to be BigGovConservatives.
    I really hate the new wave of Republican think tanks. Oren Cass is the worst, explicitly saying he wants to end the libertarian/small government streak in the Republican party and openly embraces the “caretaker of the welfare state idea” that Republicans used to mock 40 years ago. “We are developing the conservative economic agenda to supplant blind faith in free markets with a focus on workers, their families and communities, and the national interest.” Now it’s – let’s use the welfare state to our political advantage and to promote our social ends.” Well if the American population doesn’t want individual liberty, they surely won’t have it. At least the Dems are excited about maintaining their abortion liberty, the only freedom in which they seem interested any more. DeSantis claimed that “freedom is on the ballot” but in what sense specifically does he want to enhance freedom. Intellectually I do think he cares more about liberty than for example Trump, who cannot even think that abstractly, or beyond his own vanity. I hope the WSJ can maintain their editorial stance in the decades ahead, because that’s become the last voice I can think of for the liberty-leaning wing of the Republican party.

  178. Fast Eddie says:

    Meta is joining a spate of technology companies that have announced job cuts in recent weeks or said they planned to pause hiring. Corporate software maker Salesforce Inc. on Tuesday said it cut hundreds of workers from sales teams, while Apple Inc., Amazon.com Inc. and Alphabet Inc. have all slowed or paused hiring. Snap Inc., parent of rival app Snapchat, is also scaling back, saying in August that it would eliminate 20% of its workforce.

    Let it ride, Nicky! At least democracy is saved! Now, go enjoy your ravioli in a can.

  179. crushednjmillenial says:

    I heard a stat on the radio while I was driving yesterday . . . they said $17B got spent on this election. About $14B in 2020, $7B in 2018.

    Crazy money flying around for each election. What happens in 2024 – $35B? More?

  180. Very Stable Genius says:

    “Donald Trump is ‘livid’ and ‘screaming at everybody’ this morning after a lackluster performance by Republicans in the midterms, with many Republicans saying it’s ‘time to move on’ from the controversial former president and instead throw all of the party’s weight behind triumphant Ron DeSantis for a 2024 White House run. “

  181. Ex says:

    It’s just lobbyist / corporate money.
    You, the customer, are paying for that .

  182. Ex says:

    Donald Trump is human excrement.

  183. leftwing says:

    “I hope the WSJ can maintain their editorial stance in the decades ahead, because that’s become the last voice I can think of for the liberty-leaning wing of the Republican party.”

    Their Thanksgiving editorial has hung on my refrigerator since I was in my 20s. It’s the only time in the last five years at least I’ve purchased a physical newspaper…

  184. Fabius Maximus says:


    “he rollout of mail-in balloting definitely benefits Ds and likely handed them PA in 2020”

    So now let me hear your criticism of what Desantis did in Florida. How about his executive order providing emergency expansion of early voting due to the hurricane, but it only covered the R leaning areas.

    Its funny watching people trying to put daylight between themselves and DFG.

    Fetterman can recover from his stroke, Oz can’t recover from being an Ahole.

    Also Pataki as NY Governor is less than a generation away.

    Yesterday went as expected. The Dems got out the vote and the GOP tried to suppress it.

  185. Bystander says:

    Just watched JD Vance victory speech. That is how you move away from Trump. You don’t acknowledge him. You are gracious and compliment opponent. You navigate away from the bullsh*t R propaganda points about election conspiracies, rampant D sponsored crime, immigration blaming and blasting Biden for inflation issues. You pivot to real issues that JD mentioned opioid addiction and helping single mother raise children, like his mother did.

  186. Bystander says:

    Go away Zeldin. Not conceding. Go drown in your tears with the losers in mar-a-largo.

  187. leftwing says:

    Fabs, I see your (lack of) reading comprehension is right up to par on this topic as well…not sure what DFG is, but the point of my post was that Rs need to play more aggressively as Ds have smoked them strategically and tactically. So, yes, to the extent the PA (D) governor runs to a judge to implement last minute voting changes bypassing the Legislature in 2020 great for DeSantis for doing something similar in 2022 if that’s what happened…

    “Just watched JD Vance victory speech. That is how you move away from Trump.”

    Vance was in my mind as I typed most candidates portrayed by MSM as DJT candidates in fact were not…Vance has been laying tracks for this run for years, before DJT was elected, and Trump only came in very late to support, and Vance treated him as the outside band-wagoner he was at the time he endorsed him….

    Also, Fabs, Pataki was 1994…28 years since an R won the governorship in NY, a State now 2:1 Democrat….

  188. joyce says:

    San Diego, Miami, Puerto Rico and Honolulu? Why all this travel by school officials in Newark? | Editorial

  189. crushednjmillenial says:

    Georgia going to a runoff . . .

    Last time, in 2020, $800M was spent on the two runoff Senate races.

    If the R’s win the Nevada seat, how much gets spent in Georgia? $2B?

  190. BRT says:

    the best part is, they forced me to go to a “training workshop” 10 years ago. I had to fill out a mountain of paperwork just to get reimbursed for lunch and miles. These newark people are probably given a credit card.

  191. The Great Pumpkin says:

    What a waste of money politics is….it’s a joke.

    crushednjmillenial says:
    November 9, 2022 at 1:34 pm
    Georgia going to a runoff . . .

    Last time, in 2020, $800M was spent on the two runoff Senate races.

    If the R’s win the Nevada seat, how much gets spent in Georgia? $2B?

  192. Chicago says:

    Well. At least ARKK didn’t hit its lowest level since mid-2107.

  193. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Now every hardworking teacher in newark is going to have to defend themselves from verbal attacks due to the questionable moves by the few. Some things never change…

  194. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I’m watering at the mouth for what kind of sick deals are going to be had with high growth stocks and ETH (crypto). Generational opportunities are coming and I can’t f/ing wait! Hoping DNA falls under $2. It sucks when the sky is falling for the majority, but for the few, they will absolutely kill it buying up the cheapies. I hope to be in this minority. Going to absolutely kill it over the next 10-15 years. Buy low, sell high mofo’s!!

    Chicago says:
    November 9, 2022 at 1:41 pm
    Well. At least ARKK didn’t hit its lowest level since mid-2107.

  195. leftwing says:

    “At least ARKK didn’t hit its lowest level since mid-2107.”

    Haha, now there’s a Freudian slip….she does have a long term perspective, it will be 2107 before she escapes these lows….

  196. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Disruptive tech will not die. I would never ever bet against innovation at the bottom of a cycle. You know the cycles. Bash all you want, but don’t miss the next ride. Train will be loading up, don’t forget to get on while the tickets are cheap.

    leftwing says:
    November 9, 2022 at 1:48 pm
    “At least ARKK didn’t hit its lowest level since mid-2107.”

    Haha, now there’s a Freudian slip….she does have a long term perspective, it will be 2107 before she escapes these lows….

  197. Fabius Maximus says:

    Left, Pataki served for 12 years. So kids born at the end of his tenure are still waiting to get their driving permit. Not exactly a generational gap.

    Vance was very much Team Trump. So you move away from him by just not mentioning him by name? You want a great speech, try this one. https://twitter.com/atrupar/status/1590201453922033665?t=VeUPAqCQTTpyLC23gpOJ2A&s=19

    We even had Karl Rove running to the PA Courts on Monday. so Rs have their tactical playbook all worked out.

  198. leftwing says:

    Fabs, not going too deep debating politics with you well, because, you just don’t make sense but anyway…not moving away from Vance been a big supporter of his since I received his Hillbilly Elegy book from a sibling as a gift back somewhere around 2016…I have watched him since then, he is not a ‘Trumper’…recall during one of his speeches, he might have been asked about the endorsement or it may have been day of, and he deftly deflected. Smart enough to not fuck with the approaching bear, and willing to let it graze.

    Anyone can endorse anyone. Trump does it outside of that small core of candidates that actually are ‘his’ when a candidate in a competitive race looks good…that way Trump can ‘claim’ part of the candidate’s win…that’s what happened with Vance. Hell, IIRC Trump actually endorsed the pol running against Cheney even although she was one of the most vocally opposed Trump’s own nomination at the RNC going into 2020. No different than all those Cowboys fans a couple decades back…bandwagon effect.

    If/when candidates embrace policies meaningful to the base Trump brought in – like Vance, DeSantis – then there is zero need for Trump. Thankfully.

  199. leftwing says:

    And re: NY if you want me to give you that I misspoke on ‘generation’ no problem…fact is that anyone who knows anything about the political makeup of that State will tell you that you are smoking shit that would send both Lib and Ex on the trip of their lives if you believed that Zeldin had any chance in hell to win.

    Quite frankly, the Rs may be in the place they are if they believed it, ie. they got too aggressive and spread too thin by not watching their rear flank where the win was actually possible if not expected.

  200. leftwing says:

    chi, I really need to tear apart ST trading/hedging around my newly found not insignificant SPX position…not used to seeing these dollar swings, was looking at some 378 or 377 puts for expiry today when I was up, life got in the way, fucking account just flipped red…really agitated.

  201. BRT says:


    lol, no where else right?

  202. Boomer Remover says:

    In light of the FTX fiasco, I went on the Alameda Reserach website to check out the “Our Team” page. Literally kids in tee shirts steering, sorry trading, $2B in capital. All these things in hindsight are clearly peak bubble behaviors.

    I just went back on the Alameda page a few hours later, but the page has been made private, login with credentials only. Everyone is just winging it.

  203. leftwing says:

    SloJo in 2024!!!


  204. BRT says:

    Queen knife catcher Cathie bought 330,000 shares of COIN today. Ooofff.

  205. BRT says:

    scratch that, it was yesterday. Even worse.

  206. grim says:

    Literally kids in tee shirts steering, sorry trading, $2B in capital. All these things in hindsight are clearly peak bubble behaviors.

    I just went back on the Alameda page a few hours later, but the page has been made private, login with credentials only. Everyone is just winging it.

    Sounds more like they had $2b of client capital in an obscure cryptocurrency associated with their sister company.

    Less “winging”, more “fraud”

  207. Ex says:

    I do sincerely hope that Joe, as a lame duck, does not think this election cycle is a validation of his tenure. If he chooses to run there is almost no doubt that he will lose. I agree that he represents all that is wrong with Washington. The very old that get into the government sector and NEVER leave. He needs to retire now.

  208. Juice Box says:

    Binance just walked away from the FTX takeover.

    Fraud folks!!! Arrest Tom Brady!!!

    “As a result of corporate due diligence, as well as the latest news reports regarding mishandled customer funds and alleged US agency investigations, we have decided that we will not pursue the potential acquisition of http://FTX.com.”


  209. Juice Box says:

    Going to look back on Crypto in a few years and laugh. The guy who stole all that silk road drug dealing website a decade ago, billions in Bitcoin well he never spent much of it, they found all of his cold wallet in a popcorn can hidden in a linen closet on a Raspberry Pi computer lol…..

    “Last November, federal agents executing a search warrant on a then-defendant’s Gainesville, Georgia, house seized a little more than 50,491 bitcoin that was stashed in an underground floor safe and on a “single-board computer” that was submerged under blankets in a popcorn tin stored in a bathroom closet, the Justice Department said on Monday.”


  210. Boomer Remover says:

    ^ This is big.

  211. Juice Box says:

    Crypto․com (Matt Damon pumped Ponzi) supposedly has a liquidly issue now, suspends withdrawals and deposits on Solana blockchain. These blockchains will tumble one after the other as their investors run for the exits.

  212. chicagofinance says:

    You get squared away before tomorrow’s CPI…… true binary event methinks…. we kind of front ran the number today….. trading off on the unknown, not any insight….

    leftwing says:
    November 9, 2022 at 2:58 pm
    chi, I really need to tear apart ST trading/hedging around my newly found not insignificant SPX position…not used to seeing these dollar swings, was looking at some 378 or 377 puts for expiry today when I was up, life got in the way, fucking account just flipped red…really agitated.

  213. chicagofinance says:

    come clean…… you were sporting a woodie with the thought he would take it…..

    leftwing says:
    November 9, 2022 at 2:55 pm
    And re: NY if you want me to give you that I misspoke on ‘generation’ no problem…fact is that anyone who knows anything about the political makeup of that State will tell you that you are smoking shit that would send both Lib and Ex on the trip of their lives if you believed that Zeldin had any chance in hell to win.

  214. Boomer Remover says:

    No…no, not Jason Bourne!

  215. OC1 says:

    “If he (Biden) chooses to run there is almost no doubt that he will lose.”

    I said before and I’ll say it again- do not underestimate old Joe!

  216. Fabius Maximus says:

    “NY if you want me to give you that I misspoke on ‘generation’ no problem…”

    No a simple “you got a point” will suffice. The bigger point here is that NJ and NY show that you can have a GOP governor in a Blue state. MA and MD as well just flipped back blue. You cant gerrymander a state. So all votes count. That should show you why the Electoral College should go. You say you want a third choice. There it is. Get rid of the EC and you can have your Bloomberg, Perot, whoever run and have a clear shot at the brass ring.
    Will that happen, probably not. Politicians like the statue quo and the GOP hate it as they would never win. They need that disparity between a vote in Wyoming being far more valuable than a vote in CA.

  217. The Great Pumpkin says:

    If you think crypto/blockchain is dead, you are lost in the woods.

    Just remember when paul krugman said the internet would be useless by 2005. Anyone bashing crypto/blockchain right now is making the same mistake. This technology is not going away and it’s only getting started. We are in the early stages. Soon, the winners will rise (my bet is ETH) from the ashes and taking over the entire market just like FAANG did. It’s no different. Even had the same exact bust in the beginning cycle….almost the exact same thing.

  218. The Great Pumpkin says:

    While you guys cry about Cathie, I’m trying to nail the new sectors that will drive the economy of tomorrow. ETH is my bet to lead blockchain driven market. DNA is my bet to lead the synthetic bio sector which is only getting started, but will run the economy of tomorrow.

  219. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Synthetic bio manufacturing is going to be huge! Only a matter of time before it is brought to scale. Inevitable.

  220. chicagofinance says:

    If you don’t appreciate the way this country conducts elections, you are free to leave. Hopefully your internet connection gets severed at the border.

    Nothing like getting critiqued by an absolute hypocrite.

    Fabius Maximus says:
    November 9, 2022 at 6:39 pm
    So all votes count. That should show you why the Electoral College should go. You say you want a third choice. There it is.

  221. Ex says:

    R’s coming up with their own ideas
    Re: left’s AM post. Yeah. Agreed. I think divided gubmint is armed with checks & balances. Now just imagine if they worked together.
    You know, for the Country.

  222. BRT says:

    Take in howuch fraud existed at FTX if the rumors are true. Doesn’t matter. Zelensky makes them look like amateurs.

  223. Juice Box says:

    ??Whu Whu What happened? Republicans are still favored to take control of the house? Nancy out as speaker? This means Biden is now hog-tied for the remainder of this term, and will be pushed out by the party due to the Biden prime time family ties that bind reality TV show production that is about to happen in the house. Will they use the same Hollywood production company from the Jan 6th insurrection show?

    I think I can hear the laughter of a power-hungry, quietly ruthless, guilty white progressive Govenor from New Jersey with a burning ambition to get to the top. Phil Murphy is looking into a new set of choppers as we speak.

  224. Grim says:

    Probably better that government does nothing for the next two years, give the economy some time to recover

  225. Grim says:

    You know it’s bad when legal and compliance scatter like rats:


  226. BRT says:

    We aren’t crying. I’m laughing all the way to the bank. The only crying I’m going to do is for that fat check I’m going to have to write Uncle Sam in a few months.

  227. Juice Box says:

    BINANCE CEO has been tweeting that FTX engaged in some kind of rehypothecation. Remember their customers are offshore, non US based entities who bought and sold these crypto futures as well as the various blockchain coins. Could be some bad people in that group too. I would not be surprised if these employees fled to a jurisdiction that will protect them, both from criminals and well the long arm of the law.

  228. Fabius Maximus says:


    Tough day with the Entitled Fcuks?

    When you look into it Biden had a great night. No Shellac in sight!

    House seats lost during first midterm:
    Trump: 41
    Obama: 68
    Clinton: 54
    Reagan: 26
    Carter: 15
    Nixon: 12
    Johnson: 47

    Biden: A dead heat.

    So if the GOP take the House with a slim majority, (I still think Dems hold) the wingnuts like MTG and co that are still there will make whoever ends up speaker miserable.

    Jan 6 committee will produce a report before the handover and the Dems will campaign on the contents and the fact that the Hunter Sideshow will go nowhere.

  229. Ex says:

    Newsom vs DeSantis

    Twenty Twenty Four

    Battle Royal

  230. Ex says:

    Freakin Boebert pulls within 50 votes in CO race.

  231. Fast Eddie says:

    I do sincerely hope that Joe, as a lame duck, does not think this election cycle is a validation of his tenure.

    Too late. The muppets have spoken. Woman’s reproductive rights (cough) and saving s0cialism… um… democracy were/are the only things that matter. Even if the republicans wind up with a one seat majority in the House, this is a mandate for the dems… a repudiation of a once ageless America. In fact, I think they should change the name of our country from America… it sounds so rac1st and white. Perhaps The Neutral States of They. I’m all in now baby, done believing in duty and obligations. I’m closer to retirement than not so to the younger generation, fuck you, pay me. I want my money… and I want more services to make my life easier.

  232. Ex says:

    8:55 you ain’t that old beeaatch.

  233. Fast Eddie says:

    9:19 – Um, yeah I am.

  234. leftwing says:

    chi, why even try…discussing politics with Fabs is like trying to discuss well I was going to say investments but really anything with the village idiot….vertigo and migraine inducing.

    “fuck you, pay me”

    Gary, welcome to the club.

    DJT’s brilliance, if you want to call it that, or simple luck, was co-opting the grass roots from the Dem Party using the Dem’s own actions against them. He noted for those broad swathes of flyover America – what you like to call traditional or real America – that the Left despised them, despised what they stood for, despised the country they believed in yet came around every two and four years and played nice for a few weeks.

    2016 was a big fuck you to them.

    After the horror show of liberal policies following the housing collapse I coined a term here – search it – legal predation. Basically throw your values out the window, throw your morals out the window, throw your religion out the window and walk narrow self interest right up to the line of legality. Trust me, anything a liberal can do we/you can do better…it’s just that traditionally we chose not to play on that field. No more. Fuck you. pay me.

  235. BRT says:

    I love how people hoping CPI comes in around 7.9 as a positive sign. Based on things I purchase, I seriously doubt it, unless they lie.

  236. Chicago says:

    Left: big red stumbled out of the chute. Fell off the rankings for now. QPac and Harvard strong. Also, they play Frozen Apple against #5 UConn, so they best unfuck themselves ASAP.

  237. No One says:

    Of course Cathie has been bullish on crypto. Wonder how much she will lose on that.

  238. BRT says:

    Her average cost on Grayscale BTC trust is $24, it’s at $8. If TSLA goes under $108, it’s 100% losers on her ETF.

  239. Ex says:

    9:44 nobody, except maga fanboys calls Trump “brilliant” .
    At least he’s finished screwing over the Country and he can concentrate
    his toxic brand of idiocy on your Party instead.

  240. Fast Eddie says:

    I did the max range on this data – from 1955 to present. Take a look and you interpret it:


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