At A Glance: Ridgewood, NJ

Ridgewood, NJ – Bergen County
Ridgewood from City-Data

GSMLS Listings As of 3/22
Total Active Listings: 65
Up To $500,000: 5
$500,001 – $1,000,000: 39
$1,000,001 And Up: 21

Listing Activity Since 3/1
32 Added
0 Back on Market
9 Price Reductions
10 Under Contract
5 Sold
4 Expired
4 Withdrawn
0 Temporarily Withdrawn

February Sales Activity
Total Sold: 8
Up To $500,000: 2
$500,001 – $1,000,000: 5
$1,000,001 And Up: 1
Sales Prices were 1.98% below Original List Prices

Notice of Default (Pre-Foreclosure)
3 properties received a Notice of Default in March
Foreclosure Information from Realtytrac

Please note that Ridgewood is covered by two MLS systems, GSMLS and NJMLS. Some listings are listed on both systems, others are exclusive to system. I consider NJMLS to be the primary MLS system for Bergen county. Thus, these statistics may not portray the current Ridgewood market with total accuracy. This data should be considered a guide and not gospel.

Caveat Emptor!

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10 Responses to At A Glance: Ridgewood, NJ

  1. Rich In NorthNJ says:

    Thanks Grim!!!

  2. NJGal says:

    It’s me, wishing for this for Maplewood. No, of course I’m not buying there, it’s just still a phenomenon to me. I am seeing a huge amount of homes for sale in Maplewood over 700K. I wonder – are there still bidding wars for these places with their garbage taxes and schools? Bidding wars for places under 500K make more sense to me, so I am just curious what’s going on there that all of these people are trying to sell for these crazy amounts.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You should see the NOD listings for all of Bergen Co! It’s up month over month! The wave of foreclosures is about to hit once all those ARMs reset. I’m going to post the NOD results later tonight on my blog.

    “D”igital Breakfast

  4. grim says:

    I’ve spent many hours the last few days looking at foreclosure data.

    In short.. It’s ugly, real ugly.

    Everyone has been thinking that it’s going to be ARM resets that lead the market down. I have a feeling it’s going to be foreclosures due to mortgage equity withdrawls that does it.

    There are more than a handful of people that tapped out every penny and are currently being foreclosed on. I’m talking people that purchased in the mid-90s for somewhere around 200k, and are currently defaulting on 700k and higher mortgages. Just when you thought you saw the worst, you look at the next record and shake your head. These people could have owned their homes scott-free, no mortage. Instead, they leveraged themselves to the max by tapping every single penny.

    Looking at the foreclosure data lately has not made me an optimist. It’s ugly.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What are NOD listings?

  6. Rich In NorthNJ says:

    Notice Of Default (NOD)
    To initiate a non-judicial foreclosure proceeding involving a public sale of the real property securing the deed of trust. The trustee under the deed of trust records a Notice of Default and Election to Sell (“NOD”) the real property collateral in the public records.

  7. Anonymous says:

    So far, I’ve found 2 NOD’s in Ridgewood. The loans (over $500K) were all originated last year in 2005. The addresses places them in nice areas.

    “D”igital Breakfast

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hey guys! I just posted some current foreclosure statistics for NJ. Go check it out at

    “D”igital Breakfast

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