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Looks pretty gloomy out there

From the Observer: NJ Politics Digest: Another Grim Take on the State’s Economic Outlook Yikes, the economic outlook in New Jersey is pretty grim—and it’s not going to get any better. While that might be the gut feeling of many … Continue reading

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Good times on Long Island

From CBS NY: Long Island Housing Market Making A Serious Comeback Bidding wars, competition among buyers and low inventory are driving up demand for homes. And right now in our region the biggest rush for houses is on Long Island. … Continue reading

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So long and thanks for all the fish

From CNBC: Tax bill will slash by half the number of homeowners using the mortgage deduction The number of homeowners who will benefit from the mortgage tax break is expected to plummet this year by more than half, according to … Continue reading

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…and still little new housing

From CNBC: Home prices just took the biggest jump in four years Homebuyers, hold onto your wallets. The gains in home prices are getting bigger as the supply of homes for sale gets leaner. The median price of a home … Continue reading

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Out with retail, in with industrial

From Real Estate Weekly: Developers struggling to meet demand for New Jersey industrial space New Jersey can’t keep up with demand for industrial space, according to Duke Realty leasing vice president Ben Rosen. “There are no buildings available under 300,000 … Continue reading

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They sound pretty smart to me

From the Times of Trenton: ‘Brazen criminals’ are taking advantage of the housing crisis Brazenness is the hallmark of con artists and nowhere is that more evident than with shameless real estate scammers who rip off unsuspecting renters and property … Continue reading

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Your parents had it easy

From CNBC:

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Don’t need NY to tell us we’re cool … but it sure don’t hurt

From the NY Times: Wait, New Jersey Was Once Not Cool? New Jersey chic used to have a name: Bruce Springsteen. And that was pretty much it, at least according to the Garden State’s haughty neighbors across the Hudson River, … Continue reading

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No surprises here, big money stays in Manhattan

From Bloomberg: New York City’s Top Earners Still Choose Manhattan Over Brooklyn Brooklyn may claim the popularity contest, but Manhattan’s still home to the city’s highest earners. That’s the upshot from a Bloomberg analysis of household earnings by zip code, … Continue reading

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NJ wages up 4%

From the Star Ledger: N.J. workers are earning more $$$ but it’s not all good news New Jersey workers now have a few more bucks in their pocket. The average hourly earnings of New Jersey employees in the private sector … Continue reading

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Large scale development possible in Jersey?

From Sayreville will build ‘largest mixed-use project in New Jersey history’ Development is moving forward on a 418-acre, $2.5 billion mixed-used development in Sayreville. Riverton, a mixed-use project that will be located by the Raritan River and total 5 … Continue reading

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Another day, another new tax

From the Star Ledger: N.J. bill would allow for voter-approved arts tax A New Jersey lawmaker is pushing for a new tax designed to fund local arts initiatives. Assemblyman Raj Mukherji, D-Jersey City, introduced a bill in the New Jersey … Continue reading

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Foreclosures spike in NYC?

From The Real Deal: New York City foreclosures are back to financial crisis levels The number of foreclosures in the city continued to climb this year, with Staten Island and Brooklyn seeing the largest upticks in scheduled auctions. In the … Continue reading

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Come to the dark side

From CNBC: Jersey City becomes alternative to New York, but without the ‘sticker shock’ in prices Real estate prices in New York City have cooled but remain astronomically high, so Jennifer Tobias, a senior designer at the Studio Sofield design … Continue reading

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You don’t get a house just for showing up…

From USA Today: Home buying market so brutal, some home buyers make offer sight unseen This spring home-buying season should be a coming-out party for Millennials, many of whom are finally ready to make a purchase after hunkering down for … Continue reading

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