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How does this nonsense even make the news?

From the Bergen Record: Thinking about a staycation? Avoid these 2 NJ cities and travel to these instead We all need a getaway every once in a while, but you don’t always need to travel far to have a good … Continue reading

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You’ve got to be crazy to live in NJ

No, just tripping. From the Record: NJ looks to make magic mushrooms legal for recreational use and to treat mental health It took at least five years of public debate, lobbying and bill amendments for New Jersey to make marijuana … Continue reading

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$75k or $525k?

Ohhhhh, Millennials… From the Messenger: Millennials Say Over $500K Would Buy Them Happiness: Report Each generation has a different idea of the cost of happiness. For millennials, more than $500,000 annually would be the key. In a survey conducted by The Harris Poll, 2,034 … Continue reading

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You pay extra for the ghosts in NJ

From WBGO: Selling a house in New Jersey? If it’s haunted, you better say so Haunted houses — they’re real — in real estate, that is. New York and New Jersey are two of only four states in the country, … Continue reading

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Buyer must feed the …

From Once a New Jersey church, this $650K Zillow Gone Wild home for sale comes with a graveyard When browsing homes for sale, you stumble upon a swimming pool or a newly built deck. But, have you ever seen … Continue reading

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Couldn’t help myself

From CoreLogic: CoreLogic Unveils an Insightful Look Back at Barbie Dreamhouse Prices from 1962 to 2023

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Shocker, Americans Misinformed

From the Hill: Survey finds Americans wildly misinformed on housing market  A new survey finds Americans are woefully misinformed about the nation’s mercurial housing market, even as millions of them prepare to buy homes.   Twenty-eight million Americans plan to purchase a … Continue reading

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Hey New Jersey – Trump didn’t do anything to your home values

From Patch: Don’t Blame Trump Tax Cuts For Essex County Home Values: Opinion  Is President Donald Trump responsible for home values in Essex County? Point the finger somewhere else, some local residents say. Recently, ProPublica and Fortune released a list … Continue reading

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Retire in Bayonne … or Clifton

What the f*ck? Looking to retire in New Jersey? This Hudson County city is the place to go, rankings say Bayonne is the “it” place in New Jersey — for seniors. The Peninsula City has been ranked the No. 1 … Continue reading

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Lowball! Creepy Stalker Edition

From the Star Ledger: The Westfield ‘Watcher’ house finally sells — at a $400K loss Five years after purchasing their Westfield home and receiving threatening letters from a mysterious “Watcher,” Derek and Maria Broaddus have finally sold it — but … Continue reading

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Hope you’ve got a good house number

From HousingWire: Why Some Home Prices Simply Don’t Make Sense Psychologists often point out that people are torn between two minds, the rational and the instinctual. This makes the job of an economist a difficult one — market behavior would … Continue reading

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Monopoly for Millennials is making them mad

Given the weather and hellacious afternoon commute in store for us, I thought I’d post something entertaining. From Fortune: Millennials Tell Hasbro Just How Insulting ‘Monopoly for Millennials’ Really Is Hasbro has released a new game, “Monopoly for Millennials,” and … Continue reading

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If you thought the Russians were sneaky…

From NJ101.5: If you’re looking to buy a house in New Jersey be forewarned – the people selling the house may have you under secret surveillance. As the price of video security systems like nanny cams continues to drop and … Continue reading

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The puff piece returns … oh how I missed you

Warning, make sure you’ve got your boots on, the bullshit is deep in here. From the Record: High demand will spark bidding wars for houses in North Jersey this summer Prospective home buyers can expect to go to war this … Continue reading

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Don’t need NY to tell us we’re cool … but it sure don’t hurt

From the NY Times: Wait, New Jersey Was Once Not Cool? New Jersey chic used to have a name: Bruce Springsteen. And that was pretty much it, at least according to the Garden State’s haughty neighbors across the Hudson River, … Continue reading

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