Retire in Bayonne … or Clifton

What the f*ck?

Looking to retire in New Jersey? This Hudson County city is the place to go, rankings say

Bayonne is the “it” place in New Jersey — for seniors.

The Peninsula City has been ranked the No. 1 city in the state to retire, according to rankings by

Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis, not surprisingly, was not surprised. The lifelong city resident pointed out “services provided by our Office On Aging, the Bayonne Economic Opportunity Foundation (BEOF), senior centers, senior apartment buildings … and non-profit organizations.”

“Bayonne is a walkable community that also offers bus service and light rail. In the very near future, we will also be able to offer ferry service to Manhattan. All of these factors make Bayonne an attractive, convenient place for active seniors.”

Bayonne, sandwiched between the Hudson River and Newark Bay, was ranked the 31st-best city in the entire country to retire, behind the likes of Yonkers, New York (13th), Waukesha, Wisconsin (26th) and Boca Raton, Florida (28th). Two Massachusetts cities, New Bedford and Quincy, are Nos. 1 and 2, respectively. New York City is No. 4.

Sorry Jersey City, but Clifton, in Passaic County, was the only other New Jersey City to make the list, at No. 99.

The website examined all cities with more than 10,000 people and ranked them in eight different categories, such as percentage retirees in the 65-and-older city population, overall poverty rate, percentage of the college-educated residents, median monthly housing costs and violent crime per 100,000 population.

Some residents ridiculed the results, while other pointed out items they say are drawbacks to living in Bayonne.

“Is this a joke,” Joy Ciarla said on a Facebook post that asked for Bayonne residents’ reaction to the rankings.

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52 Responses to Retire in Bayonne … or Clifton

  1. 1987 Condo says:

    I guess Lib needs to change his retirement plans….

  2. dentss dunnigan says:

    And pay high taxes ……LOL

  3. ExEssex says:

    I can’t wait to return to the gulag known as NJ and live in retirement splendor.
    Oh Happy Day!

  4. D-FENS says:

    Bayonne is exactly where my Grandpa retired. He passed away in the early 90’s. I’m not sure he could do it today.

  5. No One says:

    I will definitely plan to retire outside of NYC’s nuclear blast radius and NYC/NJ’s tax radius. Sorry Bayonne.

  6. No One says:

    I’m curious, what are the advantages/disadvantages of retiring in Costa Rica vs Belize or Panama? I know some people building homes in the middle of nowhere in Belize seeking Americans in search of a “natural” life. Or alternatively, one could live in Belize’s city:
    In contrast, Panama has the best air connectivity in the region with a very busy international airport, and probably among the most cosmopolitan city in the region. I have heard of some residential developments outside the city focused on attracting US retirees.

  7. Juice Box says:

    This is getting good now. Schiff and Igor Pasternak the Ukranian arms dealer and Schiff was in the Ukraine in August? Now apparently Schiff’s staff wrote the Whistleblower complaint?

  8. Fast Eddie says:


    I need to create an account to read the NY Times article you linked. I can read articles on Yahoo for nothing since Yahoo and the Times are basically one in the same.

  9. Walking bye says:

    What a sad retirement one would have in Bayonne. I rarely go, but it looks old industrial and depressing, even with the sunsets near the bridge. Food is ehh ok, glass of wine and beer ran me $35. On the flip side a Florida retirement is achievable. My semi retired co worker leaves Thursday nights on Aligent to Clearwater twice a month out of Stewart. purchased a boat with all the money he saves on re taxes. It would probably cost more to get into the city for dinner and back from Bayonne vs flying out to Florida or Panama and back for the weekend.

  10. Libturd, seen crazy things done with ping pong balls. says:

    Costa Rica vs. Belize vs. Panama

    Belize is poorer for sure and not really comparable. Panama has the canal and wealth that comes with it’s toll which lowers overall taxes. Though there is political risk from it as well. Costa Rica is identical to Panama in nearly every way but more environmentally conscious. San Jose’s airport is pretty modern if that’s your concern but not nearly as busy as Panama City. Gas is cheaper in Panama.

    Culturally, Costa Rica is more soc1alist. All public services are way better. Schools, libraries, etc. Panama has terrible schools. Less care about the environment. Lower duties on imports.

    Both countries want expats and continue to recruit them with various incentives. Easy to be a snowbird as a non-citizen in CR as they only require you to be there one day a year. I think Panama’s requirement is significantly higher.

    Costa Rica has the volcano and more mountain living and it’s a little cooler (sub tropical). Panama has big city living and beach living. Much less developed mountain living and climate is tropical.

    You really can’t go wrong with each of them.

  11. chicagofinance says:

    Fast Eddie says:
    September 30, 2019 at 10:49 am

    I need to create an account to read the NY Times article you linked. I can read articles on Yahoo for nothing since Yahoo and the Times are basically one in the same.

    Another Canadian
    Vancouver BC3h ago
    Times Pick
    Caution and education are absolutely critical as the impeachment inquiry moves forward.

    Over the past few days I have been browsing the online newspapers from a number of random small cities in the centre of your country, in states such as Iowa, Wisconsin, Montana, NM, AZ. My objective has been to see what the coverage is, and it has been interesting to see how little coverage there is of this whole impeachment / Trump mess, and when it can be found it is deep down in the newspapers’ home pages.

    If public opinion is going to be swayed, it will take a massive information campaign at the local level. The NYT, WaPo and LA Times are not reflecting what is of local interest in these communities.

  12. No One says:

    Thanks Lib,
    Looks like Panama has a few places with expat/retirement communities, one big one on the Pacific side an hour drive from Panama City, and one in the mountains (Boqueta) over 300 miles from Panama city. Seems like if you have money to spend, Panama City has the best doctors, shops, and restaurants, with Panama more market-oriented, and Costa Rica more state-run as you say.

    I’ve had short visits to both countries – either vacation (CR) or business (Panama). I don’t think I’d ever live most of the year in either location unless the US got dramatically worse than now. Of course each location comes far ahead of Bayonne as a retirement destination.

  13. Libturd, seen crazy things done with ping pong balls. says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Both are absolutely beautiful and offer a completely different style of life than living here. What people do to pass time goes back to what we used to do about 70 years ago. About Belize. I think English is their national language offering the one advantage if you are too lazy to learn Spanish.

  14. GdBlsU45 says:

    Fake news in hyperdrive. Fake whistleblower, fake accusations,
    fake threats, fake polls, fake backstory. Fake everything.

  15. GdBlsU45 says:

    Huge perception gap at the local level. The democrat voters who I know think the dnc represents working people. Wrong.

  16. chicagofinance says:

    Best line: “You have to go straightaway if you smoke a fattie,”

    Does Getting Stoned Help You Get Toned? Gym Rats Embrace Marijuana

    Fitness junkies are making weed a part of their workout routines; ‘feel the blood flow through each specific muscle’

    By Rob Copeland

    Sept. 29, 2019 1:13 pm ET

    Pauline Nordin is a trainer, model and licensed nutritionist. Earlier this year, she replaced the frozen peas in her freezer with 2,000 cookies.

    The shortbread treats are laden with cannabis—the equivalent of about 1,500 joints. Ms. Nordin, 37 years old, says she can’t recover from her punishing workouts without them. She eats two each night before turning in.

    “My lifestyle is a Ferrari and my body is a well-tuned machine,” she says. “I would never do something destructive.”

    As marijuana moves into the mainstream, more athletes and fitness junkies are making weed a part of their workout routines. The burning question: Are they onto something—or just on something?

    Many workout fiends insist that a few drags add an extra hit to their workouts. They say it helps them ignore pain, stem off boredom and concentrate on small muscle groups that require repetitive movements.

    Eleven states have legalized marijuana for adults, while twice as many allow it to treat certain medical conditions. Canada last year legalized it countrywide.

    In May, a nonprofit representing more than 100 former professional athletes, including boxer Mike Tyson and cyclist Floyd Landis, petitioned the world antidoping authority to remove marijuana from its list of banned substances. Some ultramarathoners say it helps them through long races. The aroma of weed is common these days at San Francisco boot-camp fitness classes, Denver climbing walls and jiu jitsu tournaments.

    “I’ll have a toke before the gym,” says Peter Kloczko, 29, of London, Ontario, “and it’s like, damn, I’m on point today.”

    Los Angeleno Artemus Dolgin, 35, at times smokes as many as 14 joints a day, many on the stoop of his gym or at home while bench pressing. Mr. Dolgin, who describes his profession as “hustler,” says it pumps up his biceps, and his self-confidence.

    “You definitely feel the blood flow through each specific muscle,” he says. “The epitome of muscle building is the mind-muscle connection, which doesn’t come right away. Weed really enhances that.”

    Keith Humphreys, a professor of behavioral sciences at Stanford University who specializes in addiction, says: “There’s no evidence of that whatsoever. Sort of by definition, we are not good at observing our behavior when we are under the influence of a drug.”

    Harvard University researchers have found that smoking marijuana raises the resting heart rate and carries other health risks.

    The World Anti-Doping Agency, based in Montreal, includes marijuana on its list of banned substances for athletes competing in the Olympics and other international competitions. “Cannabis can cause muscle relaxation and reduce pain during post-workout recovery. It can also decrease anxiety and tension, resulting in better sport performance under pressure,” the agency says on its website.

    The other reason WADA is harsh on weed: It might contribute to injury. The drug, it says, “can increase focus and risk-taking behaviors, allowing athletes to forget bad falls or previous trauma in sport, and push themselves past those fears in competition.”

    Sam Moses of Daytona Beach, Fla., can relate. He says he was regularly using dietary supplements and even steroids when his deceased sister appeared to him in a dream. “She said, ‘Don’t worry about it, it’s just weed. It’s natural. You know your limits,’ ” says Mr. Moses, 26.

    Mr. Moses, an emergency-medicine student and dedicated powerlifter, took that as a green light to switch to grass. One problem: He began getting confused about balancing weight evenly across a barbell. He recently was squatting 315 pounds of weight when he heard a crack and felt a whoosh of pain at his waist. “And that’s about when I went: F—- it, I’m getting more stoned,” he says.

    Former athletes looking to reverse the ban argue that many stoners have it wrong: Weed doesn’t provide a sporting edge. While marijuana and other cannibanoids support wellness “by aiding in pain relief and rest,” the athletes wrote in a petition, “there is no evidence that they enhance sport performance.”

    A series of Brazilian jiu jitsu tournaments, dubbed “High Rollerz BJJ,” aren’t waiting around for a reversal. The organization requires opponents to smoke a joint together before the start of each match. The tournament prize is a brick of pot. The audience is encouraged to light up, too.

    Electrician Paul Roney discovered yet another risk to mixing weed and weights. A few weeks ago, the 45-year-old consumed a bit more than usual and then ran into a buddy at the gym. He wound up forgetting to exercise altogether.

    “You have to go straightaway if you smoke a fattie,” he advises. “Wait an hour and you’re just going to be asleep on the floor.”

    One thing he likes, though, is that it gives him the munchies when it’s time to load up on healthy fare such as egg whites, boiled chicken and oat bran. “You can eat all of your diet food,” he says.

    Ms. Nordin, the nutritionist who emptied her freezer for the habit, estimates that 5% of her daily calorie intake is cannabis cookies, sold under the brand Dr. Norm’s.

    The siblings who run the company say they named it after their late father, a dermatologist. They say they have no idea what he thought about the benefits of marijuana. He did believe, however, that laughter was the best medicine.

  17. Libturd, seen crazy things done with ping pong balls. says:

    “GdBlsU45” <– Fake poster.

  18. chicagofinance says:

    Finally SNL made an attempt at political balance and they really knocked the cover off the ball….. this is good….

  19. I like this post, enjoyed this one thanks for putting up. “Money is a poor man’s credit card.” by Herbert Marshall McLuhan.

  20. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Who knew I bought an investment property in a retirement town..lmao.

  21. The Great Pumpkin says:

    Nearly one-third of American households, 29%, live in “lower class” households, the Pew Research Center finds in a 2018 report. The median income of that group was $25,624 in 2016.
    Pew defines the lower class as adults whose annual household income is less than two-thirds the national median. That’s after incomes have been adjusted for household size, since smaller households require less money to support the same lifestyle as larger ones.
    The share of U.S. adults considered lower class varies depending on where you live, Pew notes: “The metropolitan areas with the largest shares of lower-income adults are located primarily in the Southwest.” The metro with the highest share is Laredo, Texas, where almost half of households (49%) are considered lower class.
    More than half of American households, 52%, are considered middle class, Pew reports, while 19% are upper class. The median income of middle class households was $78,442 in 2016. For upper income households, it was $187,872.

  22. chicagofinance says:

    Check out how a SJW operative has already adulterated this innocent little human interest story….

  23. Blue Ribbon Teacher says:

    Twitter is the worst

  24. Juice Box says:

    If Pelosi really thought they had something on Trump Congress would not be on vacation for the next two weeks.

  25. Bystander says:


    Bill Maher is at his best when slicing PC-ness, religion and health. This is also right on:

  26. ExEssex says:

    GOP can basically suuuuck my turgid cock.

  27. ExEssex says:

    GOP is best at one thing and only one thing:

  28. Libturd, seen crazy things done with ping pong balls. says:

    The Institute for Supply Management reported that its index of manufacturing industry tumbled deeper into contraction last month, slipping to its weakest since June 2009.

    Fake news for sure.

  29. leftwing says:

    Chi, thanks for that maher, good laugh

  30. ExEssex says:

    If the summer change to winter

  31. leftwing says:


    Just realized I missed my license renewal date (yesterday). Have to freaking travel to DMV tomorrow for that sh1tshow. Flight out and car rental on thursday morning. Unbelievable.

  32. abeiz says:

    could be worse: you could be flying to London on business and find out that your passport is expired after swiping it through the check in terminal at EWR. the hours that followed were also a sh1tshow, but I had a new passport 11AM next day.

  33. leftwing says:

    Yeah, big news on Schwab. Balls on move, they only have 6% of revenue from trading. Crushes TDAmeritrade, IAB, when they need to match.

    Also announced sony cuts playstation game service fees from $18 to 9….

    So just today brokerage fees had a 100% reduction and gaming fees a 50% cut. And neither has anything to do with Amazon. Damn.

  34. Mike S says:

    The other fun travel thing… reading your visa expiration in US rather than INTL (i.e. via ended 05-03-2020 is actually march 5th, not May 3rd) – luckily avoided this one, but an express online evisa… but wow that was a scary one after the trip was already booked…

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  36. Grim says:

    Schwab is still in business? What do they do?

    People pay commissions to trade stock still? Who are they? Scrooge McDuck?

  37. Yo! says: “ The governor, speaking at an event in Glassboro to tout his economic agenda, said the state’s Economic Development Authority will team up with NJ Transit to develop and redevelopment land around its major train stations across the state. ‘This is real,’ Murphy said.”

    Scariest words since Prieto in 2014: “New Jersey has a revenue problem, not a spending problem.”

    EDA-NJT is a political corruption dream team.

  38. Sharpie James says:

    Screw u suckers,

    I already own 80% of the “redevelopment” turf, my 86 girlfriends own the other 20%

    Here is my hero

  39. grim says:

    EDA-NJT is a political corruption dream team.

    Governor needs to start considering his legacy. Not ours. His.

  40. 1987 condo says:

    Schwab, don’t know what they do but they have $3 trillion assets under management.

  41. Thanks – Enjoyed this blog post, can you make it so I receive an alert email every time you make a new update?

  42. leftwing says:

    “Schwab, don’t know what they do but they have $3 trillion assets under management.”

    ^^^This. Commissions are only 6% of their revenue.

  43. leftwing says:

    Hey, a few weeks back you guys were talking about a new stand up release show.

    Can’t find it. Anyone remember it.

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  45. Chi in the Loop in chi says:

    Dave Chappelle or Bill Burr. Both on Netflix streaming

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