Cliffside Park Comp Killer

Purchase Price: $900,000
Purchased: 1/27/2006
Current Asking Price: $760,000 (Pre Foreclosure/Short Sale)
16% under 2006 purchase price

Highridge Ave, Cliffside Park NJ

MLS# 2638819
Listed: 10/2/2006
Original List Price: $999,000
Days on Market: 22

MLS#: 2646367
Relisted: 12/13/2006
Original List Price: $999,000
Reduced to: $969,000
Days on Market: 214

MLS#: 2740898
Relisted: 10/8/2007
Original List Price: $925,000
Reduced to: $760,000
Days on Market: 166

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26 Responses to Cliffside Park Comp Killer

  1. bairen says:

    Is this Donald’s house?

  2. Clotpoll says:

    Looks suspiciously like Ducky’s place.

  3. Clotpoll says:

    Or, does every place in this town look like Duck’s?

  4. bairen says:

    #3 Clot, that’s what I said but I used Ducky’s name so my comments are in moderation.

  5. lostinny says:

    I don’t think that’s Duck’s place. I seem to remember some type of balcony or patio that looked like it didn’t belong there. I also think I remember his house being more narrow.

  6. BC Bob says:

    900K in 2006? Market timer of the century.

  7. lisoosh says:

    Not Ducks. His house had a weird 2 story entry on the left side. And a cliff. Maybe every newish house in Cliffside has the same brick and big window.

    It messes up his comp though. He was asking $869 I believe.

  8. bairen says:

    That house looks very phallic. stairs right in the middle and a garage on each side.

  9. Sybarite says:



    You have a twisted mind.

  10. RentinginNJ says:

    My not be Duck’s house, but the Duck residence just saw it’s value take another hit.

  11. Steve says:

    However, we do know that this house is NOT IN BRIGADOON.

    Just wanted to get that out of the way, in case Reechard shows up.

  12. Essex says:

    Someone tell me how they design a place with garages on each side of the entrance…Perfect for the couple who is not on speaking terms and wishes to not see each other when they arrive at night or leave in the morning????

  13. Ira the doomer says:

    Thats not Ducky’s. No water damage and has a slightly better layout.

  14. Alex says:

    I visited several houses in Indian Forest section of East Brunswick in the past three months. The sellers are still dreaming to sell their houses with 2005 -2006’s peak price even though several comaprable houses sold below or close to $500,000.

    Two houses currently on the market in this section all want to reap the profits:

    1. 9 pawnee rd(MLS#:813565, tax $10,585, built 1978) is asking $569,900. Owner bought the house $395,000 in 07/27/2001. The owner did no upgrade work.

    2. 11 Pawnee rd(MLS#:811865, tax $10,764, built 1978) lowers to $565,000 from original asking price of $598,000.The owner bought the house $322,000 in 12/01/2001. The owner did some upgrade work, at least the kitchen is upgraded and roof is new.

    Comparable Sold houses in the same neighborhood:

    1. 21 Deer Run Ct(MLS#: 809504, tax $12,115, built 1984) is a foreclosure house with last asking price of $475,000. It was out of market this month and I guess it was sold below $475,000.

    2. 17 Huron Ct(MLS#:8076626, tax $10,650, 1982 built) sold $500,000 on 01/28/08.

    3. 7 Lenape Ln( tax:$ 100,360, built 1978) sold $485,000 on 05/22/07

  15. Alex says:

    7 lenape’s tax is $10,360.

    My agent just told me a stupid buyer bought a house in this section at 54 Buffalo Run (MLS#:811087, asking price $569,900, tax $10,569, built in 1978) with $545,000 last month. Buyer, do your homework! You paid at least $45,000 more for this house with original kitchen original windows! You are encouraging the other sellers to sell high! Wake Up!

  16. reinvestor101 says:

    It may be a shock to you, but sometimes people buy houses for reasons other than creating a comparable. Good reasons for buying a house include wanting to have a good investment, tax breaks and shelter for one’s loved ones. The last thing on someone’s mind is to establish a low comp for some money grubbing cheapskate buyer. You need to wake up and stop trying to time a bottom. You won’t be sucessful at that.

    Alex Says:
    March 22nd, 2008 at 8:41 pm
    7 lenape’s tax is $10,360.

    My agent just told me a stupid buyer bought a house in this section at 54 Buffalo Run (MLS#:811087, asking price $569,900, tax $10,569, built in 1978) with $545,000 last month. Buyer, do your homework! You paid at least $45,000 more for this house with original kitchen original windows! You are encouraging the other sellers to sell high! Wake Up!

  17. Laurie says:

    Alot of these houses in Cliffside Park cater to an Asian/Korean population and they probably built for a two family/ relatives situation. The teardowns in that area were horrendous with the building going from lot line to lot line to mske the house as big as possible. Everything in the yard is hardscape,,,driveways and the such, all the yard is removed to make a bigger house. I cannot tell you how common this style house is in that area.

  18. Shadow banker says:

    A good investment would be wait till the price drop in 08 to 09. By then the “money grubbing” home owner will be in default.

  19. Trolling says:

    Wow, thats crazy. A decline in Bergen Co…Didn’t see that coming. Last I heard, it was impossible for a decline in price.
    Thanks Ducky for the link..

  20. Alex says:

    REinvestor 101:

    Go to reinvest your bullshit comment and buy yourself a air cleaner to wash your dirty mouth.

  21. Alex says:

    REinvestor 101:

    Let me teach you some real investment 101:
    1. Buy low sell high. How? Find low by researching. Same to the seller:sell high.
    2. Do your homework!
    3. Money is money! Forget your emotional attachment!
    4. Don’t represent seller and buyer at the same deal! Reinvestor 101: if you can’t choose a position, stop your bullshit!!!
    5. Mortgage appraisor use the same technique for comaparable search. You have to do the same.
    6.Low comparison? Reinveaotr 101: Before you open your dirty mouth and try to yell at aother people, dig into the data and find something to tell me which comparable houses sold above $500,000 last year.

  22. tortoise says:

    no money down mortgages/ no doc are history, if not this house exactly, many just like it will be no more than $600,000 by 2011. With buyer putting $60,000 to $180,000 cash money down to qualify for a mortgage.
    Amazes me how many “professionals” in the RE business are clueless as to who Bear Stearns was to their business. Dumb and/or lazy Realtors. The developers and realtors are like fish flopping on the sand, the tide has gone out…it’s over.

  23. 3b says:

    #22 tortoise: $600k, 2011?. I think more like 400 to 450K (Cliffside Park is not a good town), and we will see those prices by the end of this year, not 2011.

  24. BubbleYum says:

    What is Cliffside Park like (I’m not originally from BC, so my knowledge of the are is limited to a few towns). I read a book that recently described it as “blue-collar,” but that doesn’t seem quite accurate to me. On the other hand, I saw a story on one of the killers on “Snapped” that claimed she came from the “gritty, blue-collar town of Paramus,” which suggested to me that many of the people from outside this area are just a tad out of touch . . .

  25. 3b says:

    #24 Old blue collar town, demographice turing to working poor, bad schools.

  26. tortoise says:

    #23 3b you may be right, this year is probably a push, I bought a house on the “East Hill” of Englewood on 1/2 acre in 1996 for $345,000…the seller originally had it listed for $550,000 which resulted in 2 years of his reluctantly reducing price and then sale to me for 345. It is what it is, buyers are usually the boss. I currently own zero real estate. I am a renter for now, and I smile at people who spout the positives of over paying for homes.
    My gorgeous wife, who briefly questioned my reasoning for punting the house, looks at me like I am worth a lot more than I am. ahhh courage of convictions.

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