Did Trump win it?

From the Star Ledger:

Atlantic City home owned by Trump holdout sold at auction

An Atlantic City-area real estate figure has bought at auction a property that earned its owner near-folk hero status for resisting decades of overtures from developers including Donald Trump.

Joshua Olshin of AuctionAdvisors says Vera Coking’s modest three-story boardinghouse sold Thursday afternoon for $530,000 plus 10 percent commission. Olshin says that bidding was active and that the winner wishes to remain anonymous.

Coking is 86 and has moved to California to be near family. She rebuffed repeated offers from Trump and an attempted state takeover of her property.

Trump said earlier this week he had once offered Coking millions of dollars and housing for life if she would sell.

Thursday’s bidding started at $199,000, priced to sell in Atlantic City’s now-depressed real estate market.

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  1. Theo says:

    Frist, on a friday…

  2. grim says:

    From the Philly Inquirer:

    Infamous A.C. house sells for $500K

    The white boardinghouse in the shadow of the Trump Plaza belonging to Vera Coking, who famously refused to sell to Donald Trump, will finally be sold Thursday – at auction.

    With the 91-year-old Coking now living in a nursing facility in California, and Trump Plaza headed for an expected Sept. 16 shutdown, the auction is an anticlimactic resolution of a feud that long helped to define Atlantic City.

    Coking’s refusal to sell – either to Trump, Penthouse Casino owner Bob Guccione, or the Casino Reinvestment Development Association – made her to some a triumphant symbol of the little person standing up to the casinos, but to others, an example of a local obstructionist damaging the resort.

    Some questioned the wisdom of her choice not to cash in like other famous Trump Plaza holdouts, such as the Doonesbury-enshrined Sabatini’s, ultimately sold for $2.1 million. She insisted that she simply wanted to continue to live on Columbia Place, a block from the ocean.

    As recently as several years ago, Trump offered her about $2 million for the house. Last year, when a sale of Trump Plaza seemed imminent, she was offered the then-asking price of $995,000 by those buyers, said Oren Klein of Auction Advisors. Neither sale materialized.

    Klein said recent news of possible casino closings and attempts to reposition the resort as an entertainment destination not as reliant upon casinos have helped the auction business in town. He said 48 plots near Revel were bought this summer at auction by an anonymous bidder for $6.5 million.

  3. Who cares? AC is on its way to being a ghost town/pauper colony.

  4. anon (the good one) says:

    War in Gaza
    3,754 Israeli strikes on Gaza targets
    2,848 Rockets launched at Israel
    1,410 Palestinian deaths
    64 Israeli deaths

  5. Comrade Nom Deplume, a.k.a. Captain Justice says:

    “Take the money, Tombs”


  6. Comrade Nom Deplume, a.k.a. Captain Justice says:

    Now this gets a fat old “Whoooooops”


    And its further evidence of the Newspeak standard foisted on us by the media and our friends anon/cobbler/Fabian, etc. If a Democrat says something untrue, he/she “misspoke”. If a republican says something untrue, he/she “lied.” Got it?

  7. Anon E. Moose says:

    Re: [4];

    How does the Times keep such an accurate count of Palestinian deaths? A footnote discloses “Palestinian death tallies are provided by the Palestinian Health Ministry and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.”

    OK. So who runs the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza? Hamas does. As for the U.N., it gets its data mainly from two Palestinian agitprop NGOs, one of which, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, offers the remarkably precise statistic that, as of July 27, exactly 82% of deaths in Gaza have been civilians. Curiously, during the 2008-09 Gaza war, the center also reported an 82% civilian casualty rate.


  8. Anon E. Moose says:

    Con’t [7];

    Baaa… Baaa…

  9. chicagofinance says:

    Really horrendous propaganda…….has the value of Russian television reporting on the shootdown of MH17……

    Fabius Maximus says:
    August 1, 2014 at 12:12 am
    I saw the posts in here on Gaza, in the past few days and some people here are way off mark.
    Here are a two articles people should read. Ignore the sources and focus on what they are communicating. Remember there is two sides to every argument and until you understand, where the other side is coming from you will never get a full understanding of the whole issue. I’m not picking sides her I’m just complaining that in Fox News terms, reporting on this conflict is far from “Fair and Balanced”


    My view on Gaza is “Israel, you broke it, you bought it! now you have to fix it”

    And before people her start launching off on me ( Yes I am looking at you Chi), I have a different perspective on this than most. I grew up in a warzone I spent years passing through security check points. My trip to high school involved my school bag searched and a pat down twice a day as I had to change bus in the center of town.

  10. Juice Box says:

    On the conflict and the various talking points.

    Shimon Peres shed some light that some people may not know. When the Israeli disengagement began last decade including the withdrawal of all settlements in Gaza and the destruction of 22 temples, Peres’s government turned over the Gaza strip to the Palestinian authority. The Palestinian authority at the time was all then murdered and SHAM elections were held.

    From the CNN interview. This is a key talking point here…

    “BLITZER: Hamas was elected.

    PERES: Hamas was not elected to govern in Gaza, no, sir. The agreement of peace was signed, Palestinian Authority was signed between the people (ph) and us. Israel on one side and – I signed on the Israeli side and Abu Mazen on the Palestinian side.

    Now actually Gaza was already under the rule of the Palestinian Authority, then Hamas jumped up on the Palestinian Authority. They threw out, from the roof, they killed hundred leaders of THE Palestinian Authority and they took it back the polls (ph). Now legitimacy is a major problem in politics. Without legitimacy, there’s no politics. The only legitimate owner or sovereign today in Gaza is the Palestinian Authority”.


  11. chicagofinance says:

    Also FlabMax……I was talking about fracking with representatives of NJNG….bottom line, they have no axe to grind because they work in a regulated cost-plus model……they say that there has been a significant evolution in the technology and implementation of the work in the last couple of years. As a result, most of our arguing from 12-24 months ago is stale…….further….much of the blame for the environmental damage is the result of the drilling companies, the states that sold out for money, but also O-man for stonewalling while all this was happening instead of standing up and governing…….

  12. Toxic Crayons says:

    Every Rocket fired from Gaza has a civilian target. That, by itself is a violation of international law.

  13. Libturd in the City says:

    I remember when that house was in the way of Trump’s plans. There is another one down there somewhere too. A parking garage is literally built around this hold out’s home. I’ll see if I can find it. The pictures are pretty hilarious.

  14. Toxic Crayons says:

    Al Jazeera reporter Nicole Johnston stands on a dark Gaza street when the night is suddenly lit by the launch of three rockets at Israel from only a few meters away


  15. Comrade Nom Deplume, a.k.a. Captain Justice says:

    Nerd Alert:

    I found this language from a 4th Circuit opinion interesting:

    ” . . . the right to marry is an expansive liberty interest that may stretch to accommodate changing societal norms . . .”

    So we have a new category of “expansive” liberties that may expand (or, presumably, contract) to “accommodate” “changing” social norms.

    Now, one can argue that this isn’t new, that it has actually been an unstated policy in jurisprudence for a long time. But is anyone else bothered by the concept that we can apparently “stretch” liberties to fit what the majority says they should be? How far do we take that?

    It likely isn’t unprecedented but it is the first time in my reading that judges have said that the scope of a fundamental right is tied to a societal thermometer.

  16. Toxic Crayons says:

    Hamas – Human Shield Confession


  17. Comrade Nom Deplume, a.k.a. Captain Justice says:

    [9] chifi

    If you haven’t noticed, Fabian’s argumentative approach here is “my partisan flacks outnumber your partisan flacks so I win.”

    Concede the illusory “win”, concede nothing of value, and continue to ignore. You have better things to do.

  18. Fast Eddie says:


    That house wasn’t perfect. It was at the end of a double yellow that narrows and goes into a neighborhood. It wasn’t a busy road but still, it was a main artery. You could hear traffic from the yard from another main road, although a few houses in from main road. It was borderline on the “quiet” scale. It needed at the very least, $100,000 in work. Multiple parties passed on it as an exclusive so it was close but still not worth 20% down plus a small fortune to fix. The only enticement was the footprint of the house and the property. Otherwise, it really was a money pit.

  19. Gluteus, anon and Michael: trifecta of stupid

  20. Ottoman says:

    Toxic Crayons says:
    August 1, 2014 at 9:39 am
    Every Rocket fired from Gaza has a civilian target. That, by itself is a violation of international law.

    Because of course, the million plus Palestinians locked in the Gaza prison/ ghetto where their every move is controlled by the Israelis who stole their land with the aid of Europe in the 1940s aren’t civilians. or human…right? Also, Israel’s continued colonization of the West Bank, also fine, since they’re whiter than the Arabs.

  21. All Hype says:

    Mrs. Hype asked me the other day about the end game for the Gaza conflict. My response was Israel pushing the Palestinians into the sea. Looks like I was not far off…


  22. Libturd in the City says:

    The Stupidfecta?

  23. Libturd in the City says:

    Elect a terrorist, you win a prize. Tanks a lot.

  24. All Hype says:

    Jobs report: +209k. However. look at the hiring numbers for the 25-54 bracket, -143k. Really poor jobs report. Young adults are getting their buttts kicked for jobs by pensioners. Granted, the quality of the jobs is probably low but Graydon and Ellory really need to get on the ball and get out of their parents’basement and get some positive income.


  25. Juice Box says:

    re # 24 – Tard – I am a numbers guy. And when things don’t add up I check the stats. If you read my post #10 the guy who sat on the other side of the table says other wise about the HAMAS election talking point. A majority of these people in GAZA are actually hostages, and when the SHAM elections were held at gunpoint 8 years ago the majority of the current population were children.

    Current population demographics of Gaza.

    0–14 years: 33.7% (male 472,476/female 448,078)

    15–24 years: 21.7% (male 303,578/female 289,119)

    25–54 years: 36.4% (male 511,443/female 483,276)

    55–64 years: 3.8% (male 59,762/female 59,372)

    65 years and over: 3.8% (male 43,629/female 60,315) (2014 est.)

    128,000 births a year in GAZA. Population was only 650,000 in the year 1990 and now it is 1,600,000.

    There is a reason why they aren’t allowed to leave and go to the West Bank.

  26. Libturd in the City says:

    Oh the silly progressives. Ignorantly believing that the US should ally itself with Hamas when 911 occurred barely a decade ago. When the Native American’s sell off their casin0s, band together and begin shooting off missiles at innocent civilians until the Europeans return their land, then and only then will the progressives get it. I am not hopeful.

  27. Comrade Nom Deplume, a.k.a. Captain Justice says:

    [22] all hype

    I envision the ultimate false flag operation in which the Mossad, posing as Islamic extremists, is able to buy, steal, or make a very small tactical nuke. This nuke is “accidentally” detonated in Gaza. Lots of Palestinians killed, Gaza becomes a bigger wasteland than it already is, and the Islamists get the blame.

    Aside from the whole fallout thing and the fact that the whole thing could boomerang badly, and I mean badly, on Israel, it’s a helluva plan.

  28. Libturd in the City says:

    Why are we choosing Hamas to defend and ignoring what’s going on in Africa?

  29. Comrade Nom Deplume, a.k.a. Captain Justice says:

    [27] libturd

    Oh, there will be shooting. Maybe not Indians trying to kick out the white man, but there will be shooting.

  30. Juice Box says:

    re # 29 – Aside from the fact you are saying someone here is on the side of the terrorists, I don’t believe they have enough internet access in Africa yet to wage Twitter or Social Media campaigns.

  31. Juice Box says:

    re # 26 – Did anyone read about the leaked Kerry plan earlier this year of relocation to Australia and Gaza would be connected to the West Bank by bridges or tunnels?

  32. All Hype says:

    Lib (29):

    Please do not think for one moment that I am defending Hamas. They have spent the last 5+ years kicking Israel in the b@lls with their low grade terrorist campaign. They should have known once they kicked Israel one too many times with the long range rockets that they would get this type of response. Hamas has been playing the victim card for too long and they will not win any sympathy points due to their launching of rockets from UN schools (which is a whole other issue) and hospitals as wel as using child slave labor digging the terrorist tunnels.

  33. Ragnar says:

    Sounds like Gaza has the demographics of Camden. No work, no education, lots of kids, get your food and apartment from the government, which in turn gets its funding from other suckers. The different angle for Gaza is that their religion also leads them to become a murder-suicide cult.

    If they are so poor, how exactly did all of those expensive rockets show up?

  34. Anon E. Moose says:

    Lib [27];

    I remember the video of our putative “friends” dancing in the streets of Nabilus, extantic women jubilantly throwing candy to children, on 11 Sept 2001. That is until Arafat shut it down and threatened the lives of the news crew that shot the footage.


  35. Comrade Nom Deplume, a.k.a. Captain Justice says:

    Getting back to NJ (sort of) for a moment.

    In the past, I’ve said that Philadelphia is really an extension of South Jersey. Every now and then, something reminds me of that.


  36. I love the attempts to mask anti-Semitism in the veil of humanitarian concern.

  37. Comrade Nom Deplume, a.k.a. Captain Justice says:

    Leaving you for the day, and perhaps the weekend, with this interesting little factoid:

    ” . . . Now, Americans say it’s more important for their representative in Congress to stop bad laws than to pass new ones. On that, there is no partisan divide: 54% of Republicans and 51% of Democrats say blocking bad laws should be their priority.

    The nationwide poll of 1,000 adults, taken by landline and cellphone March 3-6, has a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points.

    Democratic pollster Mark Mellman, who conducted the poll in conjunction with Republican pollster Whit Ayres, cautions that seeing the political divide as a good thing is still a minority view, but he acknowledges it seems to be a growing one. “There’s a feeling on the part of many people that in this environment where they don’t see a lot of good that’s happening, their goal is to have their member stop bad things from happening, and they see polarization as a way to do that,” he says.. . . “

  38. Juice Box says:

    For the nerds. Carbon nanospheres to the rescue. No more dendrites.

    This has HUGE implications on rechargeable lithium batteries.


  39. Fast Eddie says:

    All Hype [25],

    Quite interesting regarding the 25 to 54 age group in negative territory. As we’ve known all along, it’s sh1t jobs. Minus 143,000 says the chasm in the middle is getting larger.

  40. Toxic Crayons says:

    More propaganda for ya…

    Palestinians Celebrating 9/11 Attack

  41. painhrtz - whatever says:

    freaking test!

  42. painhrtz - whatever says:

    for some reason I’m in filter He double hockey sticks today!

  43. Juice Box says:

    re #41 – shit heads on both sides no doubt. Who celebrates the death of children?


  44. vmhvfphk says:

    Did Trump win it? | New Jersey Real Estate Report
    vmhvfphk http://www.g6opfp161iase19t92ckr2ap692605t6s.org/

  45. grim says:

    Yoga pants are clearly struggling to maintain the dimensional rigidity necessary to satisfy the average American derriere.

  46. Ragnar says:

    For the trifecta I can suggest the title:
    “useful idiots”
    “fellow travelers”
    “statist bootlickers”
    “the red guard”
    “the envious levelers”

  47. JJ says:

    Hey any realtors still posting here.

    I have a question, when you guys sell an existing condo what do you usually give the buyer. What does bank usually want?

    I got the offering plan, the last published financials, and a note from managing agent unit was not in arrears.

    Our financials from CPA come out around Nov 1st each year. And it is prior year end. So it is already ten months old when you get it.

    Someone is buying a unit and we send the last financials which is the 12-31-2012 financials.

    Is that crazy or normal?

  48. Libturd in the City says:

    Rags…I prefer to call the parrots “Serial Repeaters.”

  49. Fast Eddie says:

    Michael? Michael?

    “Wages in the high wage category are actually coming down a bit on a real basis – meaning they are falling relative to inflation – while wages in the very low, low category are increasing.”


  50. Ben says:

    Israel’s strategy has always been to systematically eliminate any infrastructure Palestinians have. You do that, they have no economy. They even build their wall’s right through the center of the Palestinian farms. They decide they are on high alert for a few days and prevent them from watering their crops. The whole harvest goes to hell.

  51. anon (the good one) says:

    @DeanJohnson67: @pourmecoffee Obama’s unpreparedness for Sharknado is worse than #Benghazi

  52. anon (the good one) says:

    @pourmecoffee: Are you against everything and for nothing? Ask your guidance counselor if a career in the House GOP is right for you.

  53. Libturd in the City says:

    Anon, do you wear flowers in your beard?

  54. 1987 Condo says:

    what is it..70 years of ineffectual leadership in Palestine? Then again, they may truly be happy with the progress, we can not measure by our standards…

  55. anon (the good one) says:

    @MotherJones: RT @AP: BREAKING: Medical examiner says chokehold by police officer caused death of NYC man; ruled homicide.

  56. Juice Box says:

    # 58 Not really…

    Bolcer says his death was caused by “the compression of his chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police.” She says asthma and heart disease were contributing factors.

  57. joyce says:

    I read she said that, but also compression of neck

  58. ccb223 says:

    Ottoman – that’s a ridiculous post. I am surprised the right fringe here hasn’t jumped on you yet (maybe these guys in particular don’t like jews – which would be surprising because Republicans are typically reflexive Israel supporters). So I guess I’ll have to be the one jumping on you.

    “Israelis stole their land with the aid of Europe in the 40s” – much like the British stole the U.S. from the native americans, or we stole Texas from Mexico, yada yada. At some point there is a sort of “statute of limitations” after which the party who got their butt kicked/overtaken has to get over it and deal. It’s been 3 quarters of a century…move on and make the best of what you have…get on a path towards being an accepted sovereign state.

    Million plus locked in the Gaza prison – I wonder what they did to get locked up? Probably not much right?

    Continued colonization – give you that one, not good. But look at what’s happened since 2005 agreement? Instead of rebuilding their city and focusing on their economy Hamas uses any resources they get their hands on (e.g., concrete, etc.) to build tunnels and buy weapons. Their hatred of Israel is so all consuming and blinding that it results in a vicious cycle that reinforces their status as a failed state…instead of focusing their efforts towards having a functioning city/economy they prefer to spend their time indoctrinating their youth with fundamentalist hate and prepping them to be suicide bombers.

    Hamas’s edict is to destroy Israel – it’s basically in their by-laws. How do you negotiate/deal with that? At some point if somebody starts firing rockets at you non-stop and creeping out of tunnels to kill and pillage…you would expect some blowback wouldn’t you? And yea, sh*t is going to get ugly when you launch rockets from hospitals/schools/mosques and use children as human shields…but don’t the Palestine people deserve some blame for “electing” their leadership who led them down this path? What is Israel supposed to do exactly? Grin and bear it. When an elephant is being attacked by ants every once in a while he is going to stomp on a few ant colonies.

    I do blame the Israeli leadership in large part for not getting a deal done with the Palestinian leadership before they joined Hamas (see article below, very interesting, especially Kerry’s involvement/efforts) but putting that aside, their reaction to what Hamas started and has not stopped should not be surprising and is totally proportional.


  59. Anon E. Moose says:

    Re: [55];

    Amazing. So predictable that Nom shot it down [38] before it was even repeated.

  60. chicagofinance says:

    Does anyone know if Home Depot carries this, or maybe a good appliance place in NJ?

  61. Godzilla knows futility says:

    Whether pro or anti-israel it does not matters. The issue is that the planet has 7.5 +/- billion people. Roughly 1.5 billion of them (islam) have an issue with tolerance, that will eventually affect the other 6 billion.

    We are getting really close to this point here – http://youtu.be/_seKyGYlTHY

    When the nuke warhead start dropping I plan to see it live here – http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/HDEV/

  62. chi (63)-

    I prefer the good, old-fashioned wood chipper.


  63. Phoenix says:

    Fun day,
    Went to the local Chinese takeout place, been going there for years.
    I don’t live near there anymore, but I am in the area twice a month so I frequent the place when I go.
    In the last 3 months, they forgot my utensils and egg rolls twice each.
    Other day, go there, leave as I am busy, no egg roll.
    I call them, they say sorry.
    I go back today, tell lady egg roll story. Oh, yes, I remember, I will give you extra egg roll. I say no, how about free drink. She begins to berate me and tell me the drink is too expensive. I ask, how much is one egg roll, she says 1.45, so I asked her to take 1.45 off my bill as I cannot eat 2 egg rolls. She refused. I told her I’m never going back.
    How cheap can one establishment be? They knew me by name I went there so often.
    Done with my rant…..

  64. t25 workout says:

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  65. Grim says:

    66 – sucker, I bet you paid and took the food this time too.

    You should have walked out.

  66. Michael says:

    I said this already. The minimum wage debate is the first sign of wage inflation. Wage inflation will start at the bottom and work its way up.

    Fast Eddie says:
    August 1, 2014 at 2:00 pm
    Michael? Michael?

    “Wages in the high wage category are actually coming down a bit on a real basis – meaning they are falling relative to inflation – while wages in the very low, low category are increasing.”


  67. anon (the good one) says:

    TIL that Alice Walton, heir to the Wal-Mart fortune and one of the richest people in the world, has had a history of reckless collisions. Her latest DWI arrest was expunged after the Texas trooper who arrested her was mysteriously suspended, and the statute of limitations was allowed to expire. (mic.com)
    submitted 14 hours ago by ablebodiedmango

    “Since then, the Walmart empire has grown considerably and with it Alice Walton’s superhuman power. Today, according to Forbes, she’s worth $33.5 billion. To escape her latest legal quagmire, Walton went with a disappearing act.

    ut while Walton’s DWI charge is gone, gone, gone; trouble has begun to foment in the Walmart empire. The big-box retailer’s employees are asking themselves why they are barely scraping by on near minimum wages while company executives and major stockholders like Walton live lavishly. In staging a series of strikes and protests at Walmarts nationwide, they have begun to discover a power greater than the sum of all their parts, a superhuman power of their own. As more and more employees join the show of solidarity that is calling itself Our Walmart and demand a living wage, Alice Walton and her cohorts might just find their own powers vamped”

  68. phoenix says:

    Walked out. This place is in Pain’s neighborhood.
    I guess the margins in that business are tight…..

  69. Ben says:

    Fun day,
    Went to the local Chinese takeout place, been going there for years.
    I don’t live near there anymore, but I am in the area twice a month so I frequent the place when I go.
    In the last 3 months, they forgot my utensils and egg rolls twice each.
    Other day, go there, leave as I am busy, no egg roll.
    I call them, they say sorry.
    I go back today, tell lady egg roll story. Oh, yes, I remember, I will give you extra egg roll. I say no, how about free drink. She begins to berate me and tell me the drink is too expensive. I ask, how much is one egg roll, she says 1.45, so I asked her to take 1.45 off my bill as I cannot eat 2 egg rolls. She refused. I told her I’m never going back.
    How cheap can one establishment be? They knew me by name I went there so often.
    Done with my rant…..

    Any Chinese place that habitually “forgets” egg rolls is not worth it. My experience with the Chinese women behind the counter is that they don’t forget anything.

  70. Phoenix says:

    Great video for those who like this kind of stuff and have the ability to watch it…

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