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Let the finger pointing begin!

From Bloomberg: Government Is `Here to Help’ Subprime Borrowers By Caroline Baum Congress is making noises about doing something to help homeowners who can’t meet their mortgage payments hold on to their slice of the American Dream. … As a … Continue reading

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NJ – January economic activity indexes

The Philly Fed released the economic activity indexes for New Jersey yesterday. That data can be found here: NEW JERSEY LEADING ECONOMIC INDEX The leading index for New Jersey, constructed by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, was 2.4 in … Continue reading

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Is it different in Manhattan?

From the NY Observer: Foreclosure Doomsday? Not in Manhattan By Tom Acitelli If you’ve been reading the real-estate pages in the newspapers lately, you could be forgiven for drawing the conclusion that a national wave of foreclosures looms as the … Continue reading

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Liar liar

From CNN/Money: ‘Liar loans’: Mortgage woes beyond subprime By Chris Isidore Subprime mortgages have been generating a lot of attention, and worry, among investors, economists and regulators, but those loans may be only part of the threat posed to the … Continue reading

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High cost of borrowing (cont)

Three more pieces from the APP series examining lending in NJ: Subprime loans not “easy money” BY JASON METHOD Mortgage lenders have flexibility in competing BY JASON METHOD Federal data indicate minorities at risk for higher interest BY JASON METHOD

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NAHB Builder Confidence falls in March

From the National Association of Homebuilders: Builder Confidence Slips In March Builder confidence in the market for new single-family homes receded in March, largely on concerns about deepening problems in the subprime mortgage arena, according to the National Association of … Continue reading

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Examining the high cost of borrowing

The Asbury Park Press (APP) is running a three-part series looking into the refi boom. The first part of the series can be found here: Home Roulette: Gambling with your house BY JASON METHOD Some interesting findings: New Jersey homeowners, … Continue reading

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Vultures swoop in

From the Asbury Park Press: Investors swoop in when owners default BY JASON METHOD (Snipped, will be updated in a few)

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“[A] taxpayer subsidy? No way.”

From the Washington Post: Help for Homeowners, Not a Bailout for Mortgage Pushers By Steven Pearlstein It was predictable that once the outlines of the coming mortgage crisis came into view, housing activists would propose some sort of federal bailout. … Continue reading

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Is the correction over?

From the Asbury Park Press: Real estate market shows early signs of a recovery BY DAVID P. WILLIS (snipped, will be updated in a few)

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It’s going to be a doozy

From the New York Post: HOLD ON TIGHT – THE JUNK-LOAN FALLOUT’S JUST BEGINNING CONFUSED about what the subprime mortgage meltdown means for the economy and your money? Well first, let’s call a spade a spade. These risky mortgages aren’t … Continue reading

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Homeownership for everyone?

From the NY Times: Rising Trouble With Mortgages Clouds Dream of Owning Home Perhaps the American dream of homeownership is not for everyone. That may sound at odds with a bedrock notion of society promoted by presidents for decades. But … Continue reading

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CT foreclosures surge

From the NY Times: A Surge in Foreclosure Filings AFTER 20 years as a lawyer, David Volman has handled enough divorces to know that many marriages collapse under financial strain. So when his practice, in Shelton, began receiving an unusually … Continue reading

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NJ pension liability vastly underestimated

From the NY Times: Big Deficit Seen in New Jersey Pension Fund A prominent member of the council that oversees investments by New Jersey’s pension funds said yesterday that the state has been vastly underestimating how much money it should … Continue reading

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“The economy is in a holding pattern”

From the Courier Post: Regional manufacturing index near zero Manufacturing in the region is lukewarm this month as companies wait for inventories of unsold goods to melt away, according to a key survey released Thursday. The index for general activity … Continue reading

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