Economic Calendar

We’ve got a rather full economic calendar next week.

Monday 11/28
New Home Starts

Tuesday 11/29
Durable Orders
Consumer Confidence
New Home Sales

Wednesday 11/30
Preliminary Q3 GDP & Chain Deflator
Chicago PMI
Fed Beige Book

Thursday 12/1
Auto and Truck Sales
Initial Claims
Income, Spending, and Savings Rates (I’m especially keeping an eye on this one)
Construction Spending
ISM Index

Friday 12/2
Nonfarm Payrolls
Unemployment Rate
Hourly Earnings


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54 Responses to Economic Calendar

  1. Richard says:

    i think the the housing market will limp along until the spring, then we’ll see how many legs this market still has. if inventory swells then prices will have to adjust to bring in more buyers. i expect an initial healthy surge of sales then things will dry up in late spring.

  2. njcoast says:

    What a great site. Thanks for all your tips. The Monmouth county tax records site is great. Keep up the good work Grim!

  3. Your week sounds busy already – thanks for keeping tabs on things.

  4. grim says:

    Keep an eye out for Price Reduced! tomorrow morning!


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