Tax Relief? No, not quite…

(This article was written by guest blogger Richie)

Just over a month ago we witnessed the most expensive campagins for the title of “Governor of New Jersey”. Both candidates (Jon Corzine and Doug Forrester) promised us New Jersey residents that we would see some type of property tax relief if they were elected. 30-in-three, 40-in-four, either way you slice it, I don’t think we’ll be relieved of anything.

In fact, Corzine today already backed out against his promise not to raise the gas tax.

Story on WWW.NJ.COM:
Corzine ends his vow to leave gas tax alone

Corzine acknowledged his position has shifted along with prices at the pump. “I vowed not to do it at $3 a gallon, that’s for sure,” he said. “When it was down at the levels we’re in right now, I said I hadn’t taken it off the table.”

In July, Corzine initially said the state “must find alternatives” to increasing the gas tax. Two days later, under pressure from labor leaders who support it, he said it had to be on the table but should be a last resort.

His Republican rival, Douglas Forrester, hammered away at him on the issue as gas prices soared in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Then, during a radio debate on NJ 101.5 in October, Corzine said flatly: “There will be no gas tax hike in a Corzine administration, particularly after we’ve seen a $1.50 rise in the price of gasoline. I’m proposing we have a tax holiday.”

Gee Corzine, you’re not even in office yet, and you’re already backing down from the claims you made to get in office.

In his speech to business executives yesterday, Corzine also offered his first assessment of the overall budget situation he will inherit when he takes office next month. He concluded, “We’ve got some serious, serious financial challenges ahead.”

I’d suggest first slashing some internal budgets before you hit up tax payers. There’s probably tons of government sponsored projects that could be slashed to save money. Did we really need a $260,000 expense to find a new slogan for New Jersey? New Jersey doesn’t need a new slogan, we need tax relief.

Our new slogan should be: “NJ: Where is our tax holiday?”

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6 Responses to Tax Relief? No, not quite…

  1. skep-tic says:

    high taxes are going to cause a lot of empty nesters to put their houses on the market.

  2. RentinginNJ says:

    I agree. My parents are nearing retirement and thinking about moving due to their $8k property tax bill and the $500/month it cost to heat the house. It doesn’t make sense to pay that much for heat for 2 people or pay $8k for a school system that you aren’t going to use. My sister already left for Pennsylvania for a lower cost of living and I am also looking elsewhere for the same reason. They can sell their house for a fortune in NNJ, find a smaller place somewhere cheaper and pocket a nice profit.

    By the way, since they own outright (house paid off 10 years ago), they aren’t going to play games over a few thousand. If their house takes a $50k haircut, so what? Its still worth more than they ever imagined and its still in their best economic interest to leave.

  3. Metroplexual says:

    I think this high tax situation is our own fault. Whitman raided the pension and highway trust fund for tax cuts (she also posted bonds) That we all supposedly wanted.

    The Dems for last few years did no better. The state did this because nobody wants to raise any taxes (other than property) because it will weaken them as a candidate. I say good for Corzine! Finally someone has a backbone!

    The property tax is regressive but it is the cost of home rule and our exclusionary ways in this state. (It keeps the riff raff out.) Home rule creates a plethora of redundancies in local government. Towns with no schools are still required to have superintendents etc. 566 municipalities, well do the math.

    My parents pay over 14K down by the shore. They keep talking about moving but this is where most of their kids are.

    We have met the enemy and he is us!

  4. Anonymous says:

    An asshole. And he says he supports the little guys. You can’t hurt the little guy anymore than taxing gas.

  5. BayuFA says:

    If you want to save 20 to 30 cents a gallon at the pump check this site out. I mean really check it out. This is backed by the goverment and some very big company’s.

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