Upcoming Economic Calendar

Looks like I came back to a rather full economic calendar for next week.

Tuesday 20th – Housing Starts & Building Permits
Tuesday 20th – PPI & Core PPI
Wednesday 21st – GDP & Chain Deflator
Thursday 22nd – Personal Income, Spending, and Savings
Friday 23rd – New Home Sales

Last week was rather busy as well, I’m sure you’ve all read up on the Fed rate increase and the changes in statement wording. Also as important was the 0.2% jump in the Core CPI.

I’ll be posting up a new edition of Price Reduced! tomorrow and Lowball! on Tuesday.


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6 Responses to Upcoming Economic Calendar

  1. Grim:

    I going to bet that the numbers won’t cast a grim (pardon the pun) picture.

    I think that there is still some innate optimism, because people can rationalize the slowdown with typical seasonality. As a result, weakness in the market may still be perceived as an opportunity, instead of what it really is – VENUS FLY TRAP.


  2. Metroplexual says:

    The following link brings you to an article about the rise in foreclosures in NNJ and how the loss of jobs is attributed

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