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At A Glance: Edison, NJ

Listings As of 4/25 Total Active Listings: 111 Up To $500,000: 64 $500,001 – $1,000,000: 39 $1,000,001 And Up: 8 Listing Activity Since 4/1 32 Added 4 Back on Market 21 Price Reductions 9 Under Contract 12 Sold 5 Expired … Continue reading

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Existing Home Sales And Consumer Confidence

From Bloomberg: Sales of Previously Owned U.S. Homes Rise 0.3% to 6.92 Mln Rate Sales of previously owned homes in the U.S. unexpectedly rose last month at the same time the number of houses on the market increased, signaling that … Continue reading

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Homeowner Speaks Out Against Highlands

From the Express Times: Highlands Act takes property’s value The Highlands Act is effectively confiscating the value of my property, and I strenuously object. The sanctity of private property is a cherished American principle. It is at the heart of … Continue reading

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“Age-restricted housing is the use du jour”

From the Express Times: Board has concerns about condo plan The planning board will hear tonight from a Monmouth County developer who wants to build 150 age-restricted condominiums near the intersection of town’s two busiest highways. B.A.S. Development’s plan would … Continue reading

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Secaucus Housing

From the Jersey Journal: Secaucus balks at more affordable housing Hundreds or even thousands of housing units priced for low- and moderate-income families should be built in Secaucus, according to an affordable housing advocacy group. The Fair Share Housing Center … Continue reading

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NJ Economy Off-Track

From the Asbury Park Press: N.J.’s economy seen off track New Jersey’s economy, once envied for its highly skilled work force and its cutting-edge research, has veered off course, business leaders said Monday. … To reverse the trend, chamber officials … Continue reading

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Highlands Backfiring Or Working As Planned?

From the Daily Record: Highlands law letting builders in front door The nearly two-year-old law designed to protect the water supply from North Jersey’s Highlands seems to have had an unintended consequence — spurring development in half the environmentally sensitive … Continue reading

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At A Glance: Washington Boro, Warren County, NJ

Listings As of 4/24 Total Active Listings: 59 Up To $500,000: 59 $500,001 – $1,000,000: 0 $1,000,001 And Up: 0 Listing Activity Since 4/1 17 Added 5 Back on Market 14 Price Reductions 12 Under Contract 7 Sold 0 Expired … Continue reading

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We’re back!

I’m sure everyone was wondering why there were no updates in the past 24 hours. Blogger was having some issues, and they seem to have been resolved at this point. Keep your fingers crossed. Caveat Emptor! Grim

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Weekend Open Discussion

Judging from the site traffic this afternoon, it seems many of you have started your weekend early. It’s only appropriate that I start this discussion early as well. Have a great weekend! Observations about your local areas, comments on news … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Published

From the Daily Record: Blogger’s identity was never a secret BY JAMES BEDNAR Most of the participants at the NNJBubble Web site know my “nom de plume,” which is Grim. I am also known as James Bednar, author and host … Continue reading

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Lowball! 4/14 – 4/21

Lowball! takes a look at home sales over the past week from a very different perspective. For those new to Lowball!, a lowball offer is when a buyer offers a significantly lower bid than asking in hopes that the seller … Continue reading

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Corzine to sign Fort Monmouth development plan

From the Hub: Corzine will sign fort reuse bill in area Gov. Jon S. Corzine is scheduled to come to the area Wednesday to sign the bill creating a state-sanctioned authority to direct the future of Eatontown’s Fort Monmouth facilities. … Continue reading

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Will high priced housing be the demise of the Northeast?

From CNN: Housing prices put Americans on the move The movement of Americans from north to south is trending as strong as ever, according to the latest report on net domestic migration released today from the Census Bureau. And, it … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To Warren Boroson and the Daily Record Readers

It seems I’ve struck a chord with Mr. Warren Boroson.. It’s important to defend against liars The 11th Commandment, so far as I am concerned, is: Thou shalt not suffer thyself to be Swift Boated. If you permit yourself to … Continue reading

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