Dela.. Where?

From the Delaware News Journal

Delaware: the relocation state

If you’ve noticed more people moving into your neighborhood than moving out, you’re not alone.

With an influx of retirees, people moving for jobs and those seeking a lower cost of living, Delaware finished high in national moving company Mayflower Transit’s 2006 ranking of its customers’ most popular relocation destinations.

The state tied with D.C. for the second-highest percentage of inbound moves, at 63 percent, trailing only South Carolina at 64 percent. The ranking compares the percentage of moves to the state against moves from the state.

“We’re seeing a lot of people moving out of Pennsylvania and New Jersey and into Delaware,” said Bob Reeves, executive vice president for Sinclair Moving & Storage, a Mayflower agent, based in West Berlin, N.J.

The state’s new residents are coming from a number of distinct groups, said Edward Ratledge, the center’s director. They include retirees moving to Sussex County attracted by Delaware’s relatively low property taxes, and working-age people from New Jersey and Pennsylvania willing to trade a longer drive to work for lower housing prices in places like Middletown and Smyrna.

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  1. otis wildflower says:

    I made the move for work earlier this year. So far so good, things are much cheaper than they were in the NYC area, and I’m renting a 3br/2ba w/all mod cons for about $1200/mo.

    The folks down here are pretty crappy drivers though, very unfriendly on the road, moreso than in NYC even! Granted, I-95 is such a colossal civil-engineering clusterfuck down here it’s starting to piss me off too…

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