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Please note that the comments format has changed. There will no longer be a link to the comments at the bottom of each message. Instead, please use the link located near the top of each post, labeled “[#] Comments”.

For those having trouble finding the link, I’ve highlighted it for you in the image below.

These comments work almost exactly like they did at the old site. If you haven’t tried it yet, please do so and post a test comment to familiarize yourself with the new comments.

This notification will remain at the top of this web page for the next day. Please scroll down to view new topics.

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44 Responses to Important Notice

  1. James Bednar says:

    Please feel free to use this topic to experiment or try out a test comment.


  2. Rich In NNJ says:

    Hmmm, a test comment?


    Cool! It works!!

  3. zack says:

    This is a much better format

  4. UnRealtor says:



  5. UnRealtor says:

    May I humbly suggest enabling a “preview” function, if available.

  6. rhymingrealtor says:

    Thank you, thank you,


  7. Pat says:

    Hi, J.B.

    Miss you all.

  8. RoadTripBoy says:

    I think this format works best and the numbers will be useful for identifying the 87.6 anonymous posters.

    Great work, Grim.

  9. thatbigwindow says:


  10. James Bednar says:


  11. NJGal says:

    Great to have the normal comments back. I was suffering withdrawal…

  12. patient homebuyer says:


  13. Mr. Oliver says:

    Testes, testes.

  14. cathy says:

    I hope this brings back all the comments that I read on a daily basis!!

  15. James Bednar says:

    I’m sure it will. The response so far has been encouraging.


  16. Julie says:

    I prefer comments over forum. Question: Why are there two identical categories named “New Jersey Real Estate”?

  17. James Bednar says:

    A mistake. One of them should have had “bubble” at the end.


  18. Tester says:

    Hi JB,

    There are not box outline for the “name”, “Mail”, “Webste” and “Comment” fileds. It looks confused.

  19. njresident286 says:

    just dropping by for a test, and to procrastinate at work

  20. whatever says:

    I thought you guys hated the old comments since it was open to trolling. now you’re going back to that?

  21. James Bednar says:

    The new software allows for much tighter control over user comments.

    While the floodgates are currently open, like allowing you to use an obviously false email address, you can all be sure that we’re going to lock down in the future. That means things like waiting for me to approve a comment if you use a false email address or haven’t yet registered.


  22. FH NJ says:

    I vote the “old” way.

  23. jmf says:

    test from germany

  24. UnRealtor says:

    In memory of Bob:


  25. James Bednar says:

    Howdy Germany..


  26. thatbigwindow says:

    I miss Bob :(

  27. James Bednar says:

    FYI.. You don’t need to enter anything into the website name if you don’t have one.

  28. anonymous says:

    I still don’t see the purpose of forcing users to take a name. Have we seen the last of Booyah Bob???

  29. anonymous says:

    how’s that for a workaround?!?!?!??? I guess you can pull those ‘anonymous’ comments if you like, but I might have something non-stupid to say at some point down the road.

  30. Jamey says:

    Any chance you can make the comments page open in a separate window? All the cook kids are doing it.

  31. UnRealtor says:

    Any chance you can make the comments page open in a separate window? All the cook kids are doing it.

    Just right-click on the “Comments” link, and select “Open in New Window.”

  32. danwade says:

    Thanks very much!!! This is a whole lot better!

  33. jamey says:

    st right-click on the “Comments” link, and select “Open in New Window.”

    And if I’m on a Mac?

  34. Michelle says:

    I haven’t been around too much – where did Bob go??? Did he announce his departure or just stop posting?

  35. Bruce says:

    Why put a line between the posting area and the article in discussion? It makes it look like the posting area belongs to the part above, not below.

  36. MSD says:

    Everybody is asking about Boooya Bob …. I guess he is busy searching for houses after the prices dropped so much !!

    Bob – We miss you !!

    Booooya !!

  37. jack says:

    thank goodness you dont need a login to publish comments…!

  38. Rich In NNJ says:



  39. al says:

    Put the comments on the bottom of each article like old style.
    Read the article then at end post a comment. Not scroll back up to click on comments. It need sto flow.

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