Hurry up and get that tattoo

From the Home News Tribune:


As angry taxpayers, they could make for a strange scene at a protest march — customers of Big Brad’s South River Tattoos marching in Trenton alongside well-tanned country-club members and their limo drivers.

Beginning Sunday, the 7 percent New Jersey sales tax will be extended to a wide array of services, including tattoos, tanning salons, nail salons, limousines, storage units, and memberships in country clubs, health clubs and shopping clubs.

“Everyone’s appalled, shocked, when I tell them,” said Brad Aschenbrand, who has been giving tattoos on Main Street in South River for 15 years.

“A guy comes in here for a $100 tattoo, and I’ve got to charge him $7 more. I have a hard time (getting) that first hundred from him,” he said.

Big Brad’s job gives him ample time to talk with his customers, and what he’s been hearing is people are fed up with high taxes in New Jersey. “The hum on the street is people want to leave,” said Aschenbrand.

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  1. James Bednar says:

    From the Courier News:

    New NJ taxes kick in Sunday

    Michael Briehler wanted to make a point when telling his health club customers they’ll have to pay more as of Sunday, thanks to a new state sales tax that affects things ranging from tattoos to shopping clubs.

    So Briehler sent them a photo of children selling lemonade on a front lawn, with the dejected tykes warning customers they would have to pay sales tax on their drinks.

    Front-yard lemonade hawked by children remains out of reach of the New Jersey taxman, but Briehler wanted to make a point to patrons of his Ewing club.

  2. mikey says:

    New Jersey is no longer a State..It’s NIGHTMARE Country !

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