Merge Rumson and Seabright?

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A tale of two towns

Though he is not Charles Dickens, borough resident Andrew Mencinsky has authored a proposal to merge his hometown and its neighbor across the river.

To Mencinsky, the result could bring the best of times to both towns and help alleviate taxing conditions that have created the worst of times in New Jersey.

In Sea Bright, Mencinsky pitched his idea to officials, including Mayor Jo-Ann Kalaka-Adams, during the Borough Council’s Oct. 17 meeting.

The leaders of both municipalities need to “put ego, [and] party politics aside and examine what could be a model for the rest of the state to follow,” Mencinsky read from his letter.

“Rumson has never considered merging with another town,” Ekdahl said. “At this point, this is probably not something we would consider.”

Citing suggestions from Gov. Jon S. Corzine that municipalities share services or merge their boundaries, Mencinsky stated his case before officials in the two towns.

“New Jersey has over 500 municipalities which are taxing its residents out of the state,” Mencinsky wrote in his letter, which he has copied to Corzine.

“Let Rumson absorb Sea Bright and let the savings begin,” he wrote.

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