Major Price Reductions at “Crisco”

From Baristanet:

Crisco Price Chop!

First, they changed the name. Now they’ve changed the price. The homes at Christopher Court were advertised this week for $1.395 million, down from the original “priced from $1,625,990 to $1,825,990”.


New Price For New Urbanism

Crisco’s slashing prices yet again. On October 7th, we told you about a price drop to $1.395 million. Yesterday, in an advertisement in the New York Times’ real estate section, the price was down another $100 grand to $1,295,000. Will prizes be next?

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45 Responses to Major Price Reductions at “Crisco”

  1. BamBam says:

    This hallmark homes development has reduced prices of its townhouses the Canterbury model from 520K to 450K and the Kensington model from 440k to 400K.
    The sad part is I know people who bought homes in summer of 05 and they are already underwater or -10% equity assuming they paid 20% down…

  2. Richie says:

    I wouldn’t pay a dime to live in those ugly houses.

  3. DebtVulture says:


    Would it change your mind if you thought of the Christopher project as townhomes instead of houses? Or are they just so out of character for the area that you don’t care how they are marketed and what they cost?

  4. Richie says:

    It’s more of the fact that the houses and lot sizes are out of proportion compared to the neighboring properties. I have nothing against large homes, but atleast make sure they have a decent amount of landscaping around them. They went with the absolutely minimum requirements on setbacks, which makes that once “open” corner look like a city-scape.


  5. DebtVulture says:

    I’ll have to drive by this project since it has generated so much outrage.

  6. Sal says:

    Some of those homes (if not all) are so close together that if you and your adjacent neighbor lean out the 2nd floor windows, you could almost touch outstretched hands. This for a mere 1.2+ million … Better hope that neighbor isn’t a teen who likes his music LOUD…

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