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Oakland studies a new look for downtown

Mayor John Szabo hopes the journey to a better downtown, where people leave their condos to stroll into boutiques and sip coffee at outdoor cafes, officially starts today.

That’s when the Planning Board will vote on adding the Central Business District Study and Plan to the borough’s Master Plan.

The downtown plan proposes turning 50 acres around Ramapo Valley Road between Oak Street to Franklin Avenue into a pedestrian-friendly shopping area, with consistent architecture and 154 condominiums that would satisfy affordable housing requirements and thus save rural or sensitive areas from development.

The plan also calls for buildings with shops at street level and condos above, decorative streetlights and a road extension that redirects traffic on Oakland Avenue through Terhune Street to Ramapo Valley Road.

“People are looking for that hometown feel,” said Szabo, the planning director for the township of Wayne. “They want to shop close to home. They don’t want to go to Macy’s or Wal-Mart.”

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8 Responses to Oakland Downtown

  1. Seminore says:

    It is the political season in Oakland. Instead of providing justification for their 10% annual property tax increases they have rolled out this plan to counter a deteriorating downtown. The real issue is that local business suffers because of our high property taxes, stingy municipal services and lack of infrastructure. We are among the highest taxed in New Jersey-and that is saying something!

  2. jokeland says:

    As a 40 year resident of Jokeland I am still wating for sewers.
    Hey if you want Tax reform stop both BOEs from reaching into your pocket. I am a product of Oakland schools and I remember when Superintendent Heflick had a bad 70’s fro and taught science. Don’t forget to pay your taxes today Due Nov 1st. Mayor/planning director Szabo is going to create a “hometown feel” where like Wayne. Great, looks like another strip mall, if memory serves me does Wayne have a “hometown feel” downtown area??? I think not! Great Job Mayor John wasting Tax $$$$.

  3. Raise Taxes says:

    Lets raise the taxes so we can make the town look better.

    Lets raise the taxes so our schools will be better.

    Lets raise the taxes so the republicans can brag how they killed our town.

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