NAHB Prospective Home Buyer Survey

From the Originator Times:

News Stories Not the Driving Force Behind Home Buying

The nation’s prospective home buyers may derive some of their information on the housing market from the news media, but at the end of the day the things that matter far more when they are deciding whether to make a purchase include the price of the new home, mortgage interest rates and their housing needs, according to a new nationwide survey commissioned by NAHB.

When asked to rate the importance of several factors that might affect their decision to buy or not to buy a home, survey respondents put the home’s price at the top of the list, with 80% citing its significance.

That was followed by: the potential for the new home to appreciate in value, 71%; the prospect of selling their current home at a fair price, 70%; the level of mortgage interest rates, 69%; and personal life changes, such as a new job or an addition to the family, 60%. On a list of eight items, news stories on real estate market conditions ranked second from the bottom, with 28% saying that it was an important factor behind their decision to buy.

When further asked about the influence of the news media on their decisions of when to buy a home, only 19% of the respondents said it played an important role; 23% indicated that it had some importance on their decision; and 7% said it played a minor role. A full 48% said it had no influence whatsoever.

Sixty-one percent of the survey participants said that the media is “sometimes trustworthy” as a source of information on the housing market and 5% said that it is “always trustworthy.” Twenty percent and 8%, respectively, said it is “seldom trustworthy” and “never trustworthy.”

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