Union deal a done deal?

From Newsday:

Corzine, unions close to tentative contract deal

The Corzine administration was close to striking a tentative contract deal with the largest state workers union Tuesday night that would raise the retirement age to 60 for new workers, force state employees to contribute to their health care for the first time and increase the amount workers must pay toward their own pensions.

Some local union leaders immediately balked at the terms, which were agreed to by national Communication Workers of America representatives but must be ratified by state union members.

“All parties came to the table, and this represents a true compromise the people of New Jersey can be proud of,” said a Corzine administration official who would not allow his name to be used because the deal was not final. “It will yield significant savings for the taxpayers and protect workers’ benefits.”

Two local CWA leaders _ Rae Roeder and Carla Katz _ who represent more than 21,000 workers said they would advise their members to vote ‘no’ on the deal.

“We’ll be urging our members to vote ‘no’ because this contract is a bad deal,” said Katz, president of CWA Local 1034. “Our members are willing to continue to fight against two-tier pensions and regressive health benefits cutbacks. We will not agree to a contract being settled on the backs of current or future workers.”

The deal, which was still being finalized late Tuesday night, comes as Gov. Jon S. Corzine prepares to give his annual budget address Thursday and some four months before the contract with 43,000 CWA employees expires.

If the deal is agreed to and approved, union workers would see salaries rise by 13 percent over four years. However, those workers would be required to contribute 1.5 percent of their annual salary to cover health care costs, and an extra half percent of their wages to their pensions, bringing their total pension contribution to 5.5 percent.

The deal would impose for the first time a cap on the total salary on which an employee can earn pension credits. That would eliminate situations where workers can amass huge retirement benefits by working multiple jobs or by working a lot of overtime.

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15 Responses to Union deal a done deal?

  1. Al says:

    OF coursw they will vote NO…

    The only way to deal with unions is to declare state bankrupt, and let all those workers try to make it in private companies world.

  2. NJDevils says:

    I hope they vote no. Last summer when the state shut down, I noticed no difference in my life. A non-essential employee strike could save the state a lot of money in salaries. This time just make sure to keep the casinos open since they actually generate revenue.

  3. BigBill says:

    Why are you asking unions to give back health care and pensions benifits ,but the lawmakers will not give back pay to play or double dipping …..lets see how happy parents are when teachers go out on strike !

  4. OhPuhleeeeez says:

    Teachers will strike because they have to pony up for their own benefits and retire ONLY seven years younger than the rest of us?

    I’d like to think that it’ll take a bit more than that to precipate what will amount to little more than a PR catastrophe.

  5. Jim says:

    Bad news, Bush has raised retirement on the common workers to 66, from 62.

    Teachers have it rough in NJ, we are going to sink.but maybe that is not such a bad thing.

    Unions will bury NJ.


  6. RentinginNJ says:

    lets see how happy parents are when teachers go out on strike !

    Teachers & cops have been very successful at perpetuating this image of themselves as underpaid and overworked blue collar working folks struggling to make ends meet.

    I’ll bet that if you ask the average guy on the street in NJ, they would grossly underestimate what cops and teachers make.

    I think, however, as taxes increasingly spiral out of control, more people are starting to come around and realize just how good public workers have it. I think striking teachers will find that the public is less sympathetic that they might believe.

  7. “We will not agree to a contract being settled on the backs of current or future workers.”

    But they’re perfectly willing to settle their more-than-generous package on the backs of current AND future taxpayers…

  8. BigBill says:

    hen will the state PAY-BACK the pension money they stole from the union….then and only then will I give concessions ….got that Jon

  9. commanderbobnj says:

    Yeah,I think “we got it” BigBill—Teachers will go out and STRIKE !—{BIG ‘fighting words”from BIG BILL !!!} because they can’t quite get what they want—-Are they are TOO DUMB to see that the State of NJ is in terrible financial condition ??. All public employees must understand that this is not business as usual….cuts have to be made, productivity increased and wage demands must be decreased..

    I have to give corzine some positive and deserved credit in putting together this state budget proposal———-Let’s see what the Unions do now AND if jon corzine will ‘turn tail’ and fold like a cheap camera…….LOL!!

    Bob Reiss

  10. Commercial Real Estate Consultant says:

    lets see how happy parents are when teachers go out on strike !

    Oh, Lets get real… most teachers became that because they couldnt be lawyers, accountants or doctors. No harm in not being the smartest kid in class, but a middle school art teacher making $80,000 per year (Im sorry 10 months), in 2005 is a bit ridiculous. This type of job should not pay more than $50,000 a year, and thats if your friggin Picaso! Reasons why…No stress, job security, great benefits, and last but not least you barely work!!!! That job is a joke!!! Wake up New Jersey!!!!

  11. Commercial Real Estate Consultant says:

    because they can’t quite get what they want—-Are they are TOO DUMB to see that the State of NJ is in terrible financial condition ??.

    Basically, yea. most teachers do not have a clue! But they can teach sixth grade science…woooo.

  12. Commercial Real Estate Consultant says:

    Corzine is a wimp. I would have told them no pay raises over the next three years. Watch how many people cross the line when the tax collector comes knockin on the door. We need a hard nosed bull to lead this state and topple the out of control unions.

  13. Commercial Real Estate Consultant says:

    Hey Big Bill, What do you teach?…let me guess… economics? Maybe a special-ed class in state finance?

  14. Commercial Real Estate Consultant says:

    One more thing…Big William, as for the double dipping..I’d fix them as well….by showing them the door to the private world. Dont defend your position by pointing at those crooks! Real bad choice pal.

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