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“So maybe we’ve got another few years to party.”

From the Philly Inquirer: Head-spinning data shift for investors, policymakers Freeze, thaw. Freeze, thaw. This daily back-and-forth is becoming quite a headache. And the weather’s not so great, either. It’s hard to recall a time when the economic outlook shifted … Continue reading

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Easiest way out of a pile of debt?

From the Asbury Park Press: Gov: Budget road gets rougher Gov. Corzine made his strongest pitch yet Thursday for using a state asset, such as toll roads or the state lottery, to generate a cash infusion, saying New Jersey needs … Continue reading

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Mortgage fraud on the rise

From the Nashua Telegraph: Depressed markets encourage fraud The current real estate market conditions provide an excellent backdrop for mortgage fraud. Here are some of the typical factors that open the door to fraud: • Buyers trying to get into … Continue reading

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Just who deserves to live in New Jersey?

From the Asbury Park Press: High-density housing a sensible alternative to suburban sprawl In her Feb. 14 commentary, Judith Stanley Coleman of the Monmouth County Conservation Foundation unfairly dismisses the ideas of developer Ralph Zucker, who proposed some limited residential … Continue reading

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Red Bank residents concerned over revaluation

From the Red Bank Hub: Red Bank’s tax base more than doubles The total value of taxable property in the borough has increased from around $968 million to more than $2.2 billion after completion of the recent borough-wide reassessment. Neil … Continue reading

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The end of easy (subprime) money?

From the Boston Globe: Fears of increased mortgage defaults put spotlight on subprime lenders If it looks like a bubble, smells like a bubble, and tastes like a bubble, it must be a bubble. Or is it? The smart money … Continue reading

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Should we sell the Freedom Tower?

From the Home News Tribune: N.Y., N.J. govs would sell tower at Ground Zero The governors of New York and New Jersey said Tuesday they support continued construction of the 1,776-foot Freedom Tower but also would favor selling the multibillion-dollar … Continue reading

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Monmouth tax commissioner paid $1,600/hr

From the Asbury Park Press: Low-show jobs: Here’s exhibit A Monmouth County Tax Board Commissioner Annie Grant logged a total of 12 hours in tax board meetings last year for the political patronage job that pays her $20,250 a year. … Continue reading

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Union deal a done deal?

From Newsday: Corzine, unions close to tentative contract deal The Corzine administration was close to striking a tentative contract deal with the largest state workers union Tuesday night that would raise the retirement age to 60 for new workers, force … Continue reading

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Land records going paperless

From the Times: Paperless land records Mercer County launched the first phase of its electronic filing system yesterday that will allow businesses to submit land records, such as mortgages and deeds, over the Internet instead of mailing the documents to … Continue reading

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Economic echoes

From the NYT via the Rutland Herald: Economy echoes trend of the ’90s It is five years into an economic expansion and most Americans are still waiting for their share. Inflation is swallowing pay raises. Businesses are hiring, but forecasters … Continue reading

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Why can’t government just cut spending?

From the Asbury Park Press: Property tax reform plan When will the New Jersey Legislature learn the simple lesson that every family and wage-earner in this state already knows — that you can’t spend money you don’t have. I’ve yet … Continue reading

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Clash over COAH continues

From the Gloucester County Times: State appeals housing decision The state is appealing a court decision that lays out how municipalities must plan for affordable housing, claiming the ruling that struck down a housing formula followed by more than 200 … Continue reading

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Who should pay for mass transit?

From the Home News Tribune: Concern looms over NJ Transit’s future financing With another fare increase under consideration, outgoing NJ Transit director George Warrington once again is renewing a call for discussion of how to finance the commuter agency. But … Continue reading

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Sellers dropping prices to move homes

From the Asbury Park Press: Sellers’ market in sight? Homeowners who had been using the rising equity in their homes as the foundation for building wealth couldn’t be too happy with the new quarterly report on home prices in the … Continue reading

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