Economic shutdown for Morris Co.?

From the Daily Record:

Freeholders blast N.J. water plan

Morris County freeholders Wednesday blasted proposed state clean water and sewer rules that call for upgrading protection for nearly all area rivers and streams to the highest protection levels.

The freeholders said the new set of proposed rules would cause development to slow or cease, especially the redevelopment in towns such as Dover. This would result in the creation of less housing and fewer businesses, freeholders said. They said the rules are more state interference based on a political agenda.

The proposed rules would result in an “economic shutdown” in Morris County and northwestern New Jersey, Freeholder Gene Feyl charged. “This is outrageous,” he said.

The enforcement of the new rules raises the possibility that “Morris County could see a decline,” said Freeholder John Inglesino. Property values could fall, property taxes could rise and the ability of homeowners to get full value from their properties could decline, he said.

Inglesino said that if the proposed water protection rules are enforced, the ability to develop housing would cease in the county.

The issue is not that the board is against clean water, he said, but that “if you challenge these rules, you are labeled as being against clean water.”

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5 Responses to Economic shutdown for Morris Co.?

  1. Aaron says:

    Anyone that thinks NJ needs more people in it raise their hands!

  2. James Bednar says:

    What happens to those employed in the construction trades and local housing-related industries (retail, finance, etc)?


  3. Aaron says:

    Good riddance!
    When will NJ be full, when residents are shoulder to shoulder and 3 deep?

  4. metroplexual says:


    People are already leaving. I livwe in the rural NW and as fart as the NJDEP is concerned it should stop developing yesterday

  5. metroplexual says:

    sorry for the typos!

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