“When you sell on your own, you need to be as creative as possible”

From the NY Daily News:

Advertising a house special

In a city obsessed with real estate, wearing your floor plan on your chest is a sure attention-grabber.

So Linda Longo dons a sandwich board and parades around Park Slope most recent Sundays.

The Brooklynite is trying to sell her co-op in nearby Prospect Heights – without hiring a broker.

“We want to save the money,” she said.

Hence the sandwich board, which features color photos of her place and a map, in addition to the floor plan.

In pedestrian-friendly Park Slope, couples smile when they see her coming. Tots lean out of strollers to watch her walk by. Cranky old ladies demand, “What’s that?”

“It is quite odd,” acknowledged Longo, a 43-year-old who grew up in Milwaukee and works for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Manhattan.

The back of the sandwich board promotes the time and place of the open house, which will continue most Sunday afternoons at 225 Park Place, Apartment 1-D, until their place is sold. Inch-high black letters on orange paper note the $745,000 asking price for the 1,200 square-foot, two-bedroom apartment, as well as its $682 monthly maintenance.

Linda started the sandwich board ad campaign late last month. Her mom came up with the idea during a visit.

Longo had been putting open house ads on lamposts on Park Slope streets, but when she’d return at day’s end to take them down, many were already gone.

If she wore a giant ad on a sandwich board, nobody could throw it away. And if people were interested, she could hand them flyers.

“When you sell on your own, you need to be as creative as possible,” she explained to a couple waiting outside her building. They were the first of nine couples who came to the open house on a recent Sunday.

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