“In our opinion, the full impact is yet to come.”

From Bloomberg:

Subprime-Mortgage Defaults Rose Last Month, Data Show

Late payments and defaults among subprime mortgages packaged into bonds rose last month, according to data for loans underlying benchmark ABX derivative indexes.

After August payments, 19.1 percent of loan balances in 20 deals from the second half of 2005 were at least 60 days late, in foreclosure, subject to borrower bankruptcy or backed by seized property, up from 17.5 percent a month earlier, according to a report yesterday from Wachovia Corp.

Prepayment speeds for the loans slowed, suggesting it’s more difficult for borrowers to sell their homes or refinance, according to another report by New York-based analysts at UBS AG. Record levels of delinquencies and defaults on subprime mortgages are worsening as home prices decline and interest rates on loans adjust higher for the first time. As lenders tighten standards, borrowers are finding it harder to refinance into new mortgages with lower payments.

The “reports showed the first inkling of the impact of shutdown of subprime market,” the UBS analysts led by Thomas Zimmerman wrote late yesterday. “In our opinion, the full impact is yet to come.”

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