Crystal Springs Comp Killer

9 Little Tarn Court, Hardyston/Hamburg NJ
Purchase Price: $850,000
Purchased: 3/3/2006
Current Asking Price: $698,800 (Short Sale)
18% under 2006 purchase price

MLS# 2270030
Listed: 4/24/2006
Original List Price: $935,000
Reduced: $885,000
Days on Market: 338

MLS# 2390640
Listed: 3/27/2007
Original List Price: $885,000
Days on Market: 279

MLS# 2486815
Listed: 2/7/2008
Original List Price: $729,900
Reduced: $698,800
Days on Market: 49

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6 Responses to Crystal Springs Comp Killer

  1. Mikeinwaiting says:

    That’s in my neck of the woods.You can get a lot nicer home for the money if you don’t have to live in Crystal Springs.As there is little if any crime up here you don’t need to be in any community.I can tell you the high end market up here is dead.To far from NYC to support homes at this price range.A little stiff in price for a vacation or retirement place too.

  2. bairen says:

    I wonder if the premium for NNJ houses compared to NC will be reduced to only 10 to 20% above comparable house in NC? Of course NC is falling to so it might stay the same ratio, just a lot lower price.

  3. Mikeinwaiting says:

    Bairen as NJ homes go lower less money for NJ buyers to go NC so they will lower to.

  4. grim says:


    I’ve got another 4 short sales in Crystal Springs, all the same guy.

    Investment gone awry

  5. Mikeinwaiting says:

    He’s in the soup for sure. By the way the red townhouse you posted a few months ago still siting. MLS 244044

  6. Hard Place says:

    Actually I was thinking Crystal Springs would be a nice little place to pick up a weekend/golf home when the real RE downturn hits. That’s if the weeds haven’t overrun the golf courses…

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