[S]upplies remain so ample that potential buyers generally can take their time.

Time for another get together. Mark your calendars, cancel your trips, and tell the inlaws to buzz off.

This Saturday, August 2nd at 5pm
Shannon Rose – http://www.theshannonrose.com/
98 Kingsland Road, Clifton NJ

From the WSJ:

Amid Housing Slump, Glut Eases Slightly
Rising Foreclosures, Tighter Credit Still Pushing Down Prices; Economists Don’t Expect Big Boost From Congressional Package
July 29, 2008; Page D1

The number of homes on the market is finally falling in much of the U.S., but tight credit and a flood of foreclosures are still pushing home prices down.

Making things worse, a sputtering economy is destroying jobs. That means even more foreclosures and fewer potential home buyers.

Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Corp. Economy.com, says he doesn’t expect a major rebound in home sales and prices before the spring of 2010. “The recovery will vary considerably across the country, with California recovering quickly and Florida much more slowly,” Mr. Zandi says.

“We have the added weight of a recessionary economy” on what was already the weakest housing market since the 1930s, says Jeffrey Otteau, president of Otteau Valuation Group, an East Brunswick, N.J., appraisal firm. He says the market won’t recover fully until employment starts growing again and credit becomes more readily available.

The Wall Street Journal’s quarterly survey of housing data in 28 major metropolitan areas showed that the supply of homes listed for sale declined from a year earlier in 19 of them. (See table on the back page.) If that trend continues, it will signal an eventual rebound. For now, though, supplies remain so ample that potential buyers generally can take their time.

Perhaps the biggest factor pushing down home prices is the growing glut of foreclosed homes that banks and mortgage investors must sell. In May, such homes accounted for nearly 22% of all sales nationwide, Barclays Capital estimates in a report released last week. In California, Arizona and Nevada, the share was around 40%.

There are about 721,000 foreclosed homes on the market nationwide, up from 112,000 two years ago, Barclays Capital estimates. Analysts at Barclays expect the total to rise 60% before peaking in late 2009.

Many potential buyers are on the sidelines because they no longer qualify for a mortgage under today’s tougher standards. “They’re having to clean their credit up” and save for a down payment, says John Wood, who owns Re/Max Partners, which operates in the Raleigh, N.C., area. “That is certainly hurting our market.”

Those who can get a loan are finding it more expensive. Rates for 30-year fixed loans that conform with the standards of Fannie and Freddie last week averaged 6.69%, up from 6.55% a month before and about even with the year-earlier level, according to surveys by HSH Associates, a financial publisher. For “jumbo” mortgages, those too large to be purchased by Fannie or Freddie, rates last week averaged 7.70%, up from 7.65% a month earlier and 7.02% a year before, HSH says.

As always, the market varies considerably from city to city and even block to block. The most attractive neighborhoods with short commutes and excellent schools are holding up well.

Manhattan, a market that until recently seemed immune to the housing slump, is suffering from the loss of Wall Street jobs and expected cuts in bonuses. A modest price fall in 2009 is “a distinct possibility” for Manhattan, says Jonathan Miller, chief executive officer of Miller Samuel, an appraisal firm based in New York. Jeffrey Jackson, chief economist at the appraisal firm Mitchell, Maxwell & Jackson, says prices already have fallen on mediocre Manhattan apartments — such as those that have little natural light or need repairs — and are likely to fall further. “Demand is very weak right now,” he says.

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97 Responses to [S]upplies remain so ample that potential buyers generally can take their time.

  1. grim says:

    From NJBIZ:

    Roche: Move from Nutley Puts N.J. Jobs in Question

    Roche last week declined to say how many total jobs would be lost at its Nutley campus as a result of its plan to move its U.S. headquarters to San Francisco. Roche did say it will close down its Nutley manufacturing facilities, which now employs 374 people, and also consolidate support functions. Roche, however, said it will grow its research and development operations here.

  2. grim says:

    From the Daily Record:

    Suit: N.J. has no right to borrow $3.9B for schools without a vote

    Conservative activist Steve Lonegan filed suit Monday seeking to void legislation enacted this month to borrow $3.9 billion for school construction without voter approval.

    Citing a clause in the state constitution that some claim has been ignored and watered down by state lawmakers over the years, the lawsuit, filed in Hackensack, argues that Gov. Jon S. Corzine and the Legislature’s attempt to restart school construction with borrowing can’t proceed without voter approval.

    It “is void and inoperable unless or until it is submitted to and approved by the voters of New Jersey as required,” the lawsuit says.

  3. grim says:

    From Globe and Mail:

    U.S. home prices slide lower

    So many investors are looking for a sign U.S. home prices are no longer falling that it might not take much to spark a rise in the beleaguered housing sector. The problem is that there is little reason to be optimistic.

    The S&P/Case-Shiller 20 largest cities index is due out today and it is expected to show home prices have plunged 16 per cent on a year-over-year basis during May, compared with a 15.3-per-cent drop during April, according to a survey of economists by Bloomberg.

  4. RPatrick says:

    2 Grim

    That’s really cool.

  5. grim says:

    I’ll post a new thread when the S&P Case Shiller numbers are released later this morning.

  6. lostinny says:

    Syb Previous thread
    Loop is a bar not a hotel. Exactly what kind of gtg would we have at a hotel?

  7. grim says:

    For Bi, just because..

    Merrill Has $5.7 Billion of Writedowns, Sells Shares

    Merrill Lynch & Co. took steps to shore up its endangered credit rating by selling $8.5 billion of stock and liquidating $30.6 billion of money-losing assets at a fifth of their original value.

  8. lostinny says:

    Did you make any decisions about the gtg?

  9. reinvestor X says:

    I wanted to be first this morning. There’s some “insider trading” that going on here and that’s not fair.

  10. Tom says:

    “[S]upplies remain so ample that potential buyers generally can take their time.”

    What? Sounds like someone hasn’t been reading their NAR propaganda.

    Bad realtor, now get in your crate.

    You’re supposed to say “Supplies are so high, you’d be a fool not to take advantage of the great opportunities available before prices skyrocket again.”

  11. grim says:

    Did you make any decisions about the gtg?

    Ok, that is odd, my post from yesterday is gone.

  12. tbw says:

    Yeah, I deleted it…just because…

  13. grim says:

    Don’t know how a Realtor wouldn’t know the talking points, god knows they are drilled into your head like something out of Clockwork Orange.

  14. lostinny says:

    I went out last night so I guess I missed it.

  15. grim says:

    Time for another get together. Mark your calendars, cancel your trips, and tell the inlaws to buzz off.

    This Saturday, August 2nd at 5pm
    Shannon Rose – http://www.theshannonrose.com/
    98 Kingsland Road, Clifton NJ

  16. tbw says:

    I love all the NAR commercials that show happy families buying a house. It is actually a stressful thing. When I bought, it was very hard giving up all that money, and then your mind starts thinking things like “what if I lose my job…” etc.

    Right after we closed, it was 7pm and we still didnt eat dinner…so by the time we got back to the house it was close to 9pm. What did we do? Well, we had to clean clean and do some more cleaning. Happy times!

  17. tbw says:

    Shannon Rose is a nice place. Kind of reminds me of Stout in NYC.

  18. njpatient says:

    “Manhattan, a market that until recently seemed immune to the housing slump, is suffering from the loss of Wall Street jobs and expected cuts in bonuses.”

    Pretorius, please explain why this is wrong.

  19. lostinny says:

    Yay that will be fun!

  20. grim says:

    From the IHT:

    Subprime mess sends number fraud lawsuits higher

    The number of securities fraud class-action suits continued to rise this year after a 10-year low in 2006, fueled by subprime-mortgage losses and increased stock market volatility, a study said.

    Investors sued 110 companies for alleged stock fraud in the first half of this year, up from 107 in the previous six months, according to a study released Tuesday by the Stanford Law School Securities Class Action Clearinghouse and Cornerstone Research. About half of the suits included claims related to subprime and other credit losses, the authors of the study said.

    “The class-action securities-fraud litigation market is now clearly dominated by credit-crunch litigation,” Stanford Law School professor Joseph Grundfest, head of the university’s research group, said in a telephone interview.

  21. grim says:

    From the Boston Globe:

    No funds to lend to 40,000 students

    The Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority yesterday said it will not be able to provide student loans this fall for the first time in its 26-year history, leaving more than 40,000 families without an important source of tuition funds just weeks before college classes begin.

    The nonprofit lending authority, which last school year provided $510 million in loans, said it has been unable to secure funding to provide private student loans due to the ongoing turmoil in the nation’s credit markets. The agency had already disclosed in April that it would no longer offer federally backed student loans.

  22. Tom says:

    Anyone up and willing to get me an mls history? Is it possible to get it from just an address? From the looks of it it’s still bank owned and has been unkept for a while.

    If so, please email me info @ my website.com or use the contact form on my site.


  23. grim says:

    Brazilification? Millburn is what, about 3 miles from Irvington? Short Hills, 5mi?

    From the Star Ledger:

    Irvington’s bleakest blocks

    The new brick-face house in northeast Irvington was a symbol of future promise: urban redevelopment in a poor and broken neighborhood that looked more Third Worldish than American.

    But future promise cannot always outpace current reality.

    In other parts of Irvington there are new parks. There is a new bus terminal downtown. Storefronts are mostly filled along Springfield Avenue. There is proud, working-class homeownership in many tidy neighborhoods.

    But in this part of Irvington, north of Springfield Avenue and east of Grove Street, the vacant houses outnumber the lived-in. At night, the vacant-eyed addicts wandering the streets outnumber the living. Drug dealers and prostitutes sell curbside, as if no laws forbid them. Most of the city’s 14 homicides this year come from this area.

    Guard dogs, left to protect abandoned homes, bark from behind boarded windows and doors. Buildings without dogs get picked clean and become crack houses or gang dens.

    The new brick-face house had guard dogs. Four in all, from a company called Rottweiler Kingdom Security, roaming the floors at night. But the scavengers, most likely local drug addicts, stripped metal pipes from the basement to sell as scrap. One was the gas pipe.

    Natural gas filled the house ungoverned. When workers entered in the morning, the house exploded. A worker was killed and four others were injured. The house was leveled, and the blast seriously damaged another half-dozen houses.

    That was last October. Only one has been fixed. From the explosion rubble near the corner of 22nd Street and 20th Avenue, you can now see 13 vacant houses.

  24. Cindy says:

    (19) lostinny “Yay that will be fun!”

    Maaannn… concerts – gtg’s – you folks are having fun over there. Yesterday was pretty frustrating for me. My rose-colored glasses are officially fogged over. I hope we get some concert reports today – maybe I can spend the day living vicariously through others!

    Arnold already cut 4million from my district’s budget for next year – now he is going after the cities and counties. He has no idea how he is going to meet the $15.8B budget shorfall. The budget is already 28 days late.

  25. lostinny says:

    24 Cindy
    All my fun my change today when I hear the governor’s state budget report.

  26. bi says:

    My concern is if you can get another job in hollywood after this article:


  27. tbw says:

    #23: good point, just because you live in Haughtyville doesnt mean you are not going to experience any spill over from towns like Crackton.

  28. Tom says:

    “My concern is if you can get another job in hollywood after this article:”

    If I was him I’d be more concerned that most of the headlines read something along the lines of “Angelina Jolie’s Dad Bashes Obama”.

  29. Cindy says:

    (25) lostinny – “All my fun may change…

    Well, at least you can go have a drink with some like-minded folk…That always helps.

    I wish they would bail out a few states instead of bailing out banks.

  30. HEHEHE says:

    Wow. 22 cents on the dollar. Any chance all the Merrill execs will be giving back 78 cents of their bonus money from the past 5-6 years?

  31. lostinny says:

    28 Cindy
    I’m with you. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough money to matter.

  32. bi says:

    According to McAuliffe, Clinton is going to speak in Tuesday night instead of Wednesday night. It means she is out of the game.


  33. Cindy says:

    (29) HEHEHE – Right on. Great question.

  34. njpatient says:

    “Merrill Has $5.7 Billion of Writedowns”

    That CAN’T be true!! bi (and S&P) said there would be no more writedowns!!!

  35. Tom says:

    Moderation screwing up my timing and ruining my jokes :(

  36. BC Bob says:


    A bunch of liars. Why didn’t they announce this during earnings, July 17? Are things unraveling this fast? Stan’s millions are not written down while shareholders are massively diluted.

    By the way, that 2 # keeps on surfacing.

    “…Today I can say that we will not need additional funds. These problems are behind us. We will not return to the market.” (March 8, 2008 — Thain in an interview with France’s Le Figaro newspaper)”

    “In 2007, we lost 8.6 billion dollars after tax, but we raised 12.8 billion dollars in new capital. We raised significantly more capital than we lost. And we did that on purpose so that we could say to the marketplace that we raised more than enough capital. We replaced all the capital we lost. We have plenty of capital going forward, and we don’t need to come back into the equity market. The goal is to maintain our current ratings. No more capital raising; I’m sure we have enough capital.” (April 4, 2008 — Thain in an interview with Japan’s Nihon Keizai Shimbun)


  37. Zack says:

    Not only Merrill is selling super senior CDO’s 22 cents on the dollar, but also the only way to sell it is through seller financing.
    The devil is in the details.

  38. Young Buck says:

    Anyone have any recommendations on a good book? I’m ordering Nudge on amazon and need to get it over $25 for free shipping. Thanks.

  39. John says:

    Actually, Obama is good for housing. He wants to rachet up the cap gains to personal income levels and raise overall tax rates. Rich folks with mainly dividend and cap gains income at a low rate don’t need the home mtg write off that much. But once he starts sticking his hand in your wallet for up to 70% of your profit you better believe folks will be less likely to buy stock and more likely to take out mtgs. In turn instead of getting 15% he will get zero.

  40. bi says:

    38#, bob, the worst is behind us (again!). merrill up 1% pre-open

  41. grim says:

    The devil is in the details.

    Let me guess, those same CDOs are the collateral for the seller-financed loan?

  42. #40 – Have you read Low Life by Luc Sante? It’s non-fiction.

  43. kettle1 says:

    To All:

    The kettle family would like to say thank you to everyone for all of the responses and suggestions for a pediatrician! Thanks everyone, this is a great community, what the internet was meant to be ( along with some pron on the side ;) )

  44. John says:

    (Reuters) – Deutsche Bank analyst Mike Mayo said on Tuesday that Citigroup Inc (C) may post about $8 billion in write-downs from its exposure to collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), a day after Merrill Lynch & Co (MER) agreed to sell its CDOs for just 22 cents on the dollar.

    The analyst also forecast a third-quarter loss for Citigroup, and shares of the largest U.S. bank slipped to $17.20 in trading before the bell, from Monday’s close of $17.43 on the New York Stock Exchange.

    Citigroup has $22.5 billion of net CDO exposure, and based on Merrill’s expected write-downs it could have another $7 billion of write-downs, analyst Mayo said. The bank is also likely to incur a $1 billion loss on its remaining $2 billion exposure to monoline bond insurers, he added.

  45. BC Bob says:

    “38#, bob, the worst is behind us (again!). merrill up 1% pre-open”


    I know someone who has a sore behind.

  46. PGC says:

    #40 Young Buck

    If you cycle to the library to order or pick up the book, that would qualify as free shipping.

  47. frank says:

    “Irvington’s bleakest blocks”

    This is exactly my point, drugs and abandoned home are rampant in Irvington, meanwhile 4 blocks away in Maplewood homes are still selling for 700K+.
    Where’s the recession? Where’s the gloom and doom?

  48. Cindy says:

    BC – How was the concert? – details…
    (I’m living vicariously through others today…)

  49. Fiddy Cents on the Dollar says:

    Buck :40

    NJ Book Club recommendations….

    Fiction category – Anything by Tom Robbins or Christopher Moore.

    Non-Fiction category – Empire of Debt. Or that new tell all book by ex-Eagles guitar man Don Felder.

  50. BC Bob says:


    I didn’t go last night. I am going on Thurs and Sat.

    Dying to hear Trapped.

  51. grim says:

    If anyone wants to borrow Empire of Debt, I’ll bring it to the GTG on Saturday.

  52. BC Bob says:

    “چرا ایران با امریکا صلح نمی کن”

    I am buying more in August.

  53. grim says:


    That wasn’t spam?

  54. BC Bob says:

    “If anyone wants to borrow Empire of Debt”


    Want to put someone to sleep?

  55. njpatient says:

    28 Tom

    “If I was him I’d be more concerned that most of the headlines read something along the lines of “Angelina Jolie’s Dad Bashes Obama”.”

    More like “Angelina Jolie’s Estranged Dad
    Bashes Obama”

    bi – why would you cite to a newspaper published by the Moonies?

  56. njpatient says:

    grim – moderation at 56

  57. BC Bob says:

    “That wasn’t spam?”


    It looked like a question regarding gold.

  58. njpatient says:

    “Any chance all the Merrill execs will be giving back 78 cents of their bonus money from the past 5-6 years?”


    This has been another edition of Easy Answers To Easy Questions.

  59. Tom says:

    “bi Says:
    liberal media got punished by free market”

    Don’t know about TW but GE bought a decent sized subprime lender in 2003 I believe and wound up originating a good bit of subprime loans after that as well. Since they’re a big global company they were able to bring the joys of subprime lending to people all over the world. They were trying to sell off the company they bought but couldn’t find any takers but did manage to sell off some of the mortgages. Reports I saw indicated they were trying to sell different sections of GE Money to the countries they were operating in and had a hard time finding buyers. Not sure how much they sold. Rumor has it they’re trying to sell off all of GE Consumer Finance. They also handle store credit cards and with the downturn in consumer spending that’s got to hurt. One of their big accounts is Home Depot and with new homeowners no longer rushing to get their 12 month no interest no payment deals that can’t be good for them either. Especially if those homeowners are now facing foreclosure. Gotta imagine sales of their stainless steel appliances have dropped off too.

  60. grim says:


    I’ve read textbooks that were more enjoyable.

  61. Cindy says:

    (52) “I didn’t go last night”…Oh….

    Well have fun Thurs. and Sat. and for heavens sake, forget about all of this for a few hours – …You lucky dog.

  62. njpatient says:

    37 bi
    How’s that newspaper you love that’s published by the Moonies doing financially?

  63. grim says:

    It looked like a question regarding gold.

    Tried to run it through an arabic-english translator and the only thing that came out of it was “seafood”.

  64. tbw says:

    maybe when some Home Depot stores start closing, I can get a good deal on paneling to finish my basement with

  65. njpatient says:

    41 John

    Don’t worry about it. Raising taxes will increase the value of deductions on all these losses.

  66. Tom says:


    And 2 of GE finance’s unit’s are under investigation.

    They’re also working on a big reorg that will include consolidating their different finance units into one group. Expect to see a bunch of layoffs in those units.

  67. njpatient says:

    49 frankenstoned

    “meanwhile 4 blocks away in Maplewood homes are still selling for 700K+.
    Where’s the recession? Where’s the gloom and doom?”

    Hey – my buddy bought his house in Maplewood for $1M in 2004. Are you telling me he’s had massive negative ROI these past four years?!

    It’s worse than I thought!!

  68. BC Bob says:

    “38#, bob, the worst is behind us (again!). merrill up 1% pre-open”


    Just those with insider info that pummelled the stock down over 30%, in just 4 trading days, covering their shorts. Sell the rumor, buy the news.

  69. Cindy says:

    Okay, so I crossed Bonner’s “Empire of Debt” off of my list. I still have 4 others –

    Any still recommended? Others?

    Demise of the Dollar – Addison Wiggin
    Financial Shock – Mark Zandi
    All Your Worth – Elizabeth Warren
    The Road to Serfdom

  70. kettle1 says:


    as per your question about a NJRereport calendar. I have setup a public google calendar. the link in my name above will take you to it. It is also embedded in my blog. If you like the idea, then let me know and i can put you on the access list for editing it. you can embed one in your webpage if you want.

    calendar link

  71. njpatient says:

    “liberal media got punished by free market”

    How about “America’s fourth largest defense contractor punished by free market”?

    How about “America’s largest manufacturer of home applicances punished by free market”?

    How about “Corporation chaired by large donor to Republ+can Party punished by free market”?

    Sorry – doesn’t fit your narrative?

  72. grim says:

    Maybe we’ve been wrong about the fundamental drivers behind the Short Hills real estate market?

    What if it’s not the midtown direct train, or the good schools, but the proximity to crack and hookers?

    “Honey, I’m heading out to the Whole Foods to pick up some Soy Milk, be back in an hour!”

  73. njpatient says:

    “Honey, I’m heading out to the Whole Foods to pick up some Soy Milk, be back in an hour!”

    That’s nice, dear. Don’t forget the fresh crabs!

  74. grim says:

    Patiently anticipating John’s input…

  75. chicagofinance says:


    In Larry King’s interview with Jon Stewart, Larry brought up the
    >subject of the elections and asked him if America was ready for a
    >woman or a black president.
    >Jon looked at him quizzically and said “This is such a non-question.
    >Did anyone ask us in 2000 if Americans were ready for a moron?”

  76. NJl$rd says:

    Ok I own you a better explanation Sybarite101X & other gangs:

    Why Americans is getting poorer? Your post painted a perception that problem is from developing countries and globalization. This is simply not the case – sorry economic 101 I’ll argue with you in anther thread if you want. If you could remember correctly, we as the capitalists pushed for the free-trade in the first place. And as a result, majority of us lives a luscious lifestyle never seem in human history before. OK a lot of us lives a lifestyle beyond our means that’s another problem. I’m concerned of the sustainability of ways of living in general in this country – how can we justify living better than 99% rest people of this earth anyway.

    In the end, my conclusion is simple: There is no point pointing finger to others for our own problems.

    This is the typical ENTITLEMENT psychology process for our own problems. You can joke about it, snuff it whatever. But it does not solve the problem. The true is not always cool and sexy, is it?

    This ENTITLEMENT is one of the many root-causes of the current ill in this country. Where are the virtues of thrift and hard-working that once were cornerstone of this great country? Those are the things need to be promoted to save the empire.

    #283 (yesterday) Sybarite101 X Says:
    July 28th, 2008 at 10:43 pm
    Where did you get anything remotely related to entitlement from my post?
    NJl$ord Says:
    July 28th, 2008 at 10:04 pm
    I’ll stop worry about other people. I’ll worry about what kind of value I could bring on the table. I have no expectation from God that I’m his most favorite so that I’m ENTITLED to whatever I desire. In the end of the day, I’m the problem of my problems.

  77. BC Bob says:

    Where’s Doyle? Out in The Street?

  78. kettle1 says:

    NJ patient,

    some entomologist found that certain species of human “crabs” are becoming extinct due to the ever popular “brazilian” hair cut. Was on reddit a month or so ago

  79. grim says:

    Starting a new thread for the S&P Case Shiller numbers

  80. njpatient says:

    76 chi

  81. njpatient says:

    “Starting a new thread for the S&P Case Shiller numbers”


  82. John says:

    I have a Wild by Nature up the block by me. Stupid is as Stupid does. The whole front row is reserved for Hybrid parking only and half the spots are empty, meanwhile 10mpg SUVS are with house wive’s with kids in baby carriages are circling the lot burning gas and then the mother has to drag a few kids and a baby carriage across the lot avoiding the other SUVs circling for spots. But the good news is the impident steve jobs look alikes in their black turtle necks looking to buy a $7 dollar organic sandwich does not have to walk across the lot. Hybrid parking is stupid in a store that wants to sell stuff, imagine if BJs said no large cars allowed, that would leave only the people who spend the least to shop their.

    I shop at real supermarkets where men can be men and leave the fruit cake tree hugging prious driving green freaks to themselves at whole foods and wild by nature. Although I do get my panties up in a bunch for Trader Joe’s but that is must my metrosexual side showing.

  83. Stu says:

    bi: (37)”liberal media got punished by free market:”

    And just look at that conservative media go.


    Shutup ya moron.

    Perhaps the “internets” has something to do with the decline of newsprint and not partisan politics.

  84. njrebear says:

    No funds to lend to 40,000 students

    I hope this is the tuition bubble bursting.

  85. Doyle says:

    BC Bob Says:
    July 29th, 2008 at 9:12 am
    Where’s Doyle? Out in The Street?

    He’s hungover… the suite with the never-ending supply of beer was probably not a good idea. I went to the show with my friend, his brother-in-law works in operations at the Meadowlands, he gave my buddy Bruce’s hand written set list at about 1130p last night. We were telling everyone what he was going to play next for the last half hour of the show. It was pretty cool to see it posted this morning. Great night.


  86. bi says:

    Re: GE
    people used to favor GE over S&P index because of its diversification and good management. but the sad news is that the current management allows one of its division (especially msnbc) become political propaganda machine.

    Re: Faux News, NYpost, WSJ: murdock purposely created these outlets to offset overall liberal leaning media. it is very smart move if you look at it purely from business point of view.

  87. Stu says:


    My 89 is in moderation ;)

  88. BC Bob says:

    Doyle [88],

    Great stuff.

  89. Cindy says:

    (88) Doyle –
    Thank you Thank you…so 19 on were encores?
    (I noticed a bit of a break in their lists.)
    You got the extra Twist and Shout?

  90. Doyle says:


    BC, if possible, I recommend trying to park at an easy exit point. We got there early’ish (545p) so we could park in the Section 13 area. When the show was over we pulled right out and hopped on 3 West no problem. If you get there too late they funnel you all the way in towards the stadium and it will take you an hour to get out. It happened to a few friends on Sunday night.

    You’re a veteran, I’m sure you know this…

  91. Doyle says:


    Yes, he bangs them out back to back, pretty cool. And yes, Twist & Shout. I haven’t seen so much awkward grown man white dancing since the last time I went to a Bruce concert.

    You really can’t top it.

  92. BC Bob says:

    Doyle [93],

    Yeah, I always park close to Patterson Plank Joe.

    How about Born to Run with Max’s son on the drums?

  93. Doyle says:


    I knew you would have your own spot, being a Southern BC guy and all. My spot was always 16D, but it seems they’re building the practice bubble on it.

    It was great, they put him up on the big screen and it looked just like a young Max. Very cool.

  94. Cindy says:

    (94) Thanks, Doyle –
    You made my day. He is one dynamic personality. I can only imagine the kind of show he puts on.
    I’m nearly 60 and still play in a “garage band” – we perform maybe twice a year so it is all about “practices.” All day parties really…literally in a garage. Our set lists have to have chords and starter words because we are all ancient. We have been together for almost 40 years and play the same old rock and roll. (The guys are old SAEs and I was a little sister.) We played here in CA through the 60’s – 70’s then I moved to Oregon in 76 but once I moved back we fell together again like nothing had ever happened. I sing – poorly!

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