“New Jersey continues as the overall property tax champ”

From the WSJ:

New Jersey Moves Up The Property Tax Charts

New Jersey, infamous for having some of the highest property taxes in the U.S., is only getting more so. The state has inched its way up on a list of places with steep taxes as a slice of home value.

That move, reported in new census data, reflects that property taxes overall remain steepest in the Northeast and a few other pockets of the U.S.

Gerald Prante, an economist at The Tax Foundation in Washington who has written about the data based on the 2008 American Community Survey, says New Jersey is second from the top on the list of states with high median real estate taxes divided by median home value – up from fifth on that list in 2007. (Texas remains at the top).

The change seems largely due to New Jersey home values dropping, according to Prante.

As if that isn’t distinction enough, New Jersey continues as the overall property tax champ: It again tops the list of states with highest property tax by dollar amount. Right behind it are Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York and Rhode Island.

On the other end of the spectrum are Tennessee, New Mexico, Kentucky and Oklahoma, which have some of the lowest taxes.

In New Jersey, median real estate taxes paid in 2008 were $6,320; in Connecticut, $4,603; in New Hampshire, $4,501; and New York, $3,622, according to the data.

Strikingly lower are the numbers in states at the bottom of the list: In Louisiana, for example, which ranked 50th, median taxes were $188. In Tennessee, the figure was $924; in New Mexico, $843; in Kentucky, $823; and Oklahoma, $762.

In the Northeast, high property tax states also have high per capita income. In fact, the highest property tax bills are usually found where incomes are highest, according to Prante.

That is borne out by new data on counties where taxes are high. New York’s Westchester County topped the list, with a median of $8,890, followed by Nassau, also in New York, with $8,628, and Hunterdon, in New Jersey, with $8,492.

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  1. still_looking says:

    you can’t *sniffle* leave us.

    what gives?


  2. still_looking says:

    you can’t *sniffle* leave us.

    what gives?


  3. C’mon, Grim. Don’t wuss out on us. :)

  4. We’re the only ones who can share that special kind of misery with you.

  5. still_looking says:

    CAVpoll, (stole this from someone :)

    Just finished watching “Weekend at Bernie’s” — priceless, just priceless.


  6. morpheus says:

    grim leaving us for a “job” out of state:

    Has anyone considered the possibility that the NJ NAR is arranging to “wack” Grim out of state? Grim, better bring SAS with you!!

    you can’t leave us obi wan! How will I ever function at work without reading this blog and using it as a “mental sorbet”.

  7. morpheus says:

    is the term for a hit, “Whack” or “wack”?

  8. crossroads says:

    run Forrest run!!

  9. grim says:

    what gives?

    Compelling opportunity down in TN.

  10. lostinny says:

    8 Morphues
    Most of the people doing the whacking can’t spell all that well anyway so I don’t think it matters. But officially it’s “whack”.

  11. lostinny says:

    8 And I’m sorry I misspelled your name in my reply. :)

  12. lostinny says:

    10 Grim
    Beware of Memphis. Crime is apparently out of control. Friend of mine moved to Miss. to try to get away from it but its spreading. They’re talking about moving outside of Knoxville now.

  13. grim says:


  14. ruggles says:

    “is the term for a hit, “Whack” or “wack”?”

    I’ll go ask my new neighbor:


  15. lostinny says:

    14 Grim

  16. grim says:

    Tewksbury Harvest Fest today! Then again, the Exxxpo is in Edison again. Tough choices.

  17. George Soros says:

    I don’t know what will happen to the property tax in Louisiana if people in NJ start to move there. People in NJ must love a higher tax. NJ property tax is determined by people in NJ.

  18. ruggles says:

    Tewksbury Harvest Fest? I’ll save you the 20 bucks– come over and winterize my garden. You can pet the dogs and ride the tractor too.

  19. Outofstater says:

    Grim – Tennessee has some beautiful places, even along the interstate. There is a spot along I-75 that is nothing but ridge after ridge disappearing into the blue mist. Here are some pics of one of the state parks:
    If it seems like the job for you, go for it – you can always return to NJ if you want to.

  20. scribe says:


    Tennessee is Bible Belt.

    A friend of mine moved from Phoenix to TN for a job in software in the mid-90’s.

    In her county, you couldn’t buy condoms.

    On the way from the airport, we saw at least a dozen small Baptist churches. They have all these small congregations where church is an all-day event on Sunday, broken up by lunch served by the ladies.

    My friend also had interesting neighbors up the hill. One was the authentic witch’s coven, and the other, the ridge runners, who brewed moonshine and grew pot. There was a point where the paved road ended, and it became dirt road, and that was the province of the ridge runners.

    Oh, and when they moved into their house, they discovered that everyone up and down the road was related somehow.

  21. House Hunter says:

    Grim I uaed to live in Nashville, I loved it, but I missed the beach. Best of luck

  22. Outofstater says:

    #21 The Bible Belt isn’t all bad. The Baptists are usually the first ones to show up at a disaster with hot food and cold drinks. They are well organized and they did a great job during the aftermath of Katrina. They don’t wait for anyone to give them permission – they just show up and get to work.

  23. grim says:

    From the Record:

    Cuts at Hackensack hospital

    Hackensack University Medical Center is eliminating up to 125 positions and is negotiating the sale of its home health care business, which generates $19 million in annual revenues, hospital officials confirmed Friday.

    The restructuring at the state’s busiest hospital, which is taking place this month and next, was a result of “significant losses on our investments and in our pension plan,” acting President Robert C. Garrett said.

    The downsizing, which is expected to save $15 million annually, affects all departments. It will not affect patient care, Garrett said.

  24. Cindy says:


    Bongo Java World Coffee Headquarters is in Nashville. That must be it.

  25. sl (6)-

    It is no less than a metaphor for the human condition.

  26. grim (10)-

    Not in Memphis is it? Memphis is not a place I associate with opportunity. And I should know.

    “Compelling opportunity down in TN.”

  27. grim (14)-

    Much better. Nashville is a great town.

  28. I can have my Uncle Cletus show Grim some nice places to bicycle outside of Nashville.

    But first, you have to try his moonshine.

  29. BC Bob says:


    How about a GTG in Knoxville, on college game day. I hear the sit downs are rated # 1 in the country. Also, they love the NJ accents. I guess they get tired of the goobers.

    Maybe Bruce Pearl’s latest recruit has a sister?

  30. gary says:

    100 points for anyone who can suggest how one begins the transition from the corporate world into a smaller, less stressful, regular 9 to 5 environment.

  31. Outofstater says:

    #30 My local liquor store sells moonshine in mason jars.

  32. still_looking says:

    ….Tennessee… *snorts* Hah! You’ll miss us!

    Drove to Antioch TN to see Dave Matthews Band…. Ain’t nothing could get me to go back there, let alone live there.

    If living in NJ makes ya wanna “whack” other people, living in TN will make you wanna “whack” yourself….and not in a good way. Feh.


  33. willwork4beer says:

    Say it aint so, Grim!

    Somewhere in the distance, I can hear Roy Clark and Buck Owens…

    “Where, oh where, are you tonight?
    Why did you leave me here all alone?
    I searched the world over,
    And thought I found true love.
    You met another and
    Phht! you were gone.”

  34. still_looking says:

    Play a country music CD backwards and you get your job, truck, girlfriend and dog back.

    I can hear the hounds howling already.


  35. Sean says:

    Knoxville looks as expensive as Jersey, property bubble anyone?


  36. willwork4beer says:

    We’re number 1!

    In a bad way. Again.

    From the NYT:

    New Jersey: Entry Point for Smuggled Drugs

    By CARA BUCKLEY Published: September 27, 2009

    The state has the distinction of having street heroin that is among the purest in the nation, with purity levels reaching as high as 72 percent.

  37. Sean says:

    re:#32 Gary.

    “100 points for anyone who can suggest how one begins the transition from the corporate world into a smaller, less stressful, regular 9 to 5 environment.”

    Smaller companies tend to run more like families, they simply are more “intimate” than big companies. You will need to be comfortable in that kind of environment, and you will need to get used to seeing the same small group of people day in and day out warts and all.
    Also when you work for a large company you have a very specific role in a big corporation and if you happen to go away on holidays or are sick for a week, the work still gets done somehow. Whereas in a smaller company, you play a much more pivotal role, but when you are out the work does not get done.

    There’s usually a limit to how far up the ladder employees can travel in a smaller firm, and at smaller companies
    you need to also watch out for nepotism and cronyism because you will have to accept it.

    One thing to remember smaller companies will pay attention to different things than large firms. You might be able to get away with being late all week in a big firm, however smaller companies people pay more attention to the little things, like what time you show up, how you smell (don’t load up on the Aqua Velva), and even what you eat for lunch.

    You will need to be very aware of these things, it is much easier to be labeled a weirdo in a small company, and labels will stick with you longer.

  38. ruggles says:

    “Nashville is a great town” – Although I would totally agree that its a great place to live and I really like it, the truth is Nashville is exactly like a small version of New Jersey. I spend more than 200 days there over 4 years (so not an expert). –unchecked sprawl in every direction, a lot of it (residential and commercial) looks like Green Brook Route 22 and South Plainfield/ Edison Stelton Road. But they seem to build the houses closer together down there (more like Bergen) – I think cuz everyone wants a 15 minute or less commute or maybe they’re afraid to live in the countryside. I remember seeing a lot of big newer construction 3 story brick homes around the belle meade area about 20-30 feet apart from each other.

    There are a few very interesting places — Hillsboro Village (which is basically like a smaller downtown Red Bank), Vanderbuilt West End, Green Hills shopping strip and Belle Meade(like a poor Short Hills). Downtown is tiny but does have a restaurant row (mostly Hooters, Hard Rock type places). I remember liking Witts Barbeque but don’t know if its considered good down there. Even the people–because its pretty corporate–are mostly like everyone else in the country–forget the references to Cleetus. Obviously getting around is much easier as its so much smaller so you can get to the countryside but the city and close suburbs are not so much different than here.

  39. freedy says:


    smart move getting out of NJ.

    less stress, NJ area is finished.

    its over

  40. gary says:


    I’m aware of the ups and downs of a small environment. I’ve been there before. I’ve simply had it with the corporate world. I’m done. I don’t care about the money or status or position. I want to go to work, do my work and go home. That’s it. I want 9 to 5 in a casual atmosphere doing anything. Anything.

  41. Sean says:

    grim – “bad news” unemployment there is now 10.8%

    “good news” Tennessee has nearly 2,000 licensed gun dealers and manufacturers and you can get a handgun carry permit from the state reasonably easily.


  42. still_looking says:

    off to pequest for their wildlife day…

    back later!


  43. Sean says:

    Gary – try government work.

  44. freedy says:

    well i see they are taking hackensack hospital under, like being in a foreign zone when you go .

  45. gary says:


    I’d love to, can you get me a job?

  46. Sean says:

    Gary – hang in there bud, get my email from Grim and send me your resume. No promises, I can’t hook up anyone since we aren’t hiring but you never know what will happen in a week or two.

  47. gary says:

    Thank you, Sean!

  48. lisoosh says:

    scribe says:
    September 26, 2009 at 8:59 am

    “Oh, and when they moved into their house, they discovered that everyone up and down the road was related somehow.”

    A poster child for Rent before you Buy!

  49. lisoosh says:

    “So wrote Andrew Carnegie, Pittsburgh’s most storied son, in 1889 about the Industrial Revolution he helped spur and the tremendous wealth it created for his city and the world.”

    Someone needs to the the WSJ that Carnegie was a Scot. Hmph.

  50. Sean says:

    Kids in Hawaii must be loving this.

    Hawaii goes to 4-day school week
    Teachers vote to take 7.9% pay cut.

    This is not a one-off thing.Check out the graphic at bottom of page for a US Map of what is happening in k-12 education in other states.


  51. House Whine says:

    Small v. large companies: I really get the show “the Office” now after having worked for numerous small companies. My friends who work for the large corporations don’t “get the show” like I do. Actually, I find to show almost too hard to watch as for me it really hits home. Small places are great, as long as their idiosyncracies mesh with yours and vice versa. Also, I now feel more vulnerable in a small company- they lose one major client and you may be toast.

  52. d2b says:

    Also can’t watch The Office. Very funny but hits too close to home. I thought I was the only one.

  53. Essex says:

    53. Lot’s of corporate people also work on 4 day schedules. But many take home full pay. FYI. It is great!!!

  54. veto that says:

    If you leave, don’t leave now.
    Please don’t take my heart away.
    Promise me, just one more night.
    Then we’ll go our separate ways.


    Of course i personally prefer the Good Charlotte cover version but the original is about 1,000x more g@y, and thus creates the intended weird uncomfortable silence that i was hoping for.

  55. veto that says:

    TNREReport.com is available at godaddy…

    And I think they have a trailor bubble at .4x median welfare income.
    its bound tobust any month now Especially if their pawn shops keep folding their whole credit system will implode overnight.

  56. Fantastic site. Is there a donation button somewhere? Want to be sure you keep blogging.

  57. BC Bob says:


    What’s your line of business?

  58. kettle1 says:


    As someone like clot who has some hidtprical ties to TN, nashville is a nice area and does have some similarities to NJ but stay far far away from memphis.

    Here’s a thought. If you leave, keep the site up but designate a few “moderators” here in NJ to keep posts up…..

  59. kettle1 says:


    how do you fool/bypass a lie detector test?

  60. veto that says:

    “Knoxville looks as expensive as Jersey, property bubble anyone?”

    Sean, i assume this was sarcastic. 3/2s going for $120K. Its crazy to think of moving to a place like that, buy house for cash, get mellow job making 1/2 the pay and still save more than you could ever save in nj.

  61. Fiddy Cents on the Dollar says:


    Do you have a skill you can turn into a home-based business ??

    Take advantage of some of those write-offs. Make your wife the CEO and get some of the Women-Owned Business perks. Set up an LLC and use the salary/bonus angles to minimize your taxes. Lease a fleet of BMW’s for your whole family.

  62. scribe says:

    willwork, #39

    Newsday has been running a lot of stories about the heroin epidemic among teenagers out on LI, too.

    That Times story is part of a package – look at the related stories.

    It’s the affluent kids, too. Newsday quoted a nurse as saying that the average at her facility was 10 bags a day, but some are doing much more – I think it was something staggering like 20 to 40 bags. Something that would make you wonder – how could anyone do that much? But I guess they build up a tolerance.

  63. Frank says:

    Just got a flyer from Corzine, his biggest accomplishment so far:
    “NJ has the largest number of solar panels per square mile in the nation”
    Good work Jon. Keep raising our taxes.

  64. sean says:

    Bc will talk next weekend at the tailgate.

  65. Frank says:

    ‘New Jersey Moves Up The Property Tax Charts”

    Got a problem with NJ taxes?? Move out, take grim’s lead and move to TN, I beg you.

  66. Frank says:

    How stupid can these people be?? Use the low appraisal to renegotiate the price. Bid them back. Don’t be stupid.

    New York Appraisals Get Shortchanged

    IMAGINE the agony of a buyer when the bank’s appraiser rules that the apartment the buyer has agreed to pay $750,000 for is worth only $650,000.

    The buyer has three options: move on, because the low appraisal means the mortgage the bank will give is too small to buy the apartment; scramble to come up with a larger down payment to make up for the smaller loan; or use the appraisal to try to renegotiate the price.


  67. Frank says:

    Good bye subprime mortgages.

    “On Oct. 1, new rules adopted by the Federal Reserve will go into effect, requiring greater diligence on the part of mortgage lenders and brokers who make so-called high cost loans for borrowers with weak credit. The interest rates on these loans are at least 1.5 percentage points higher than the average prime mortgage rate.”


  68. Qwerty says:

    New Jersey & You, Perfect Together


  69. afe says:

    Need advice: When we signed our new lease for June, our landlord had stated in the lease that she would be getting rid of some vegetation that was overgrown in the backyard. It took her 3 months to commission someone to start this job (mid- Aug). The folks she hired have done a half-A** job of it, leaving lots of debris, left the dirt uneven (unraked), and have left cinder blocks and wooden planks of the fence they had to remove in the yard. This has left the yard unusable all of this time, esp since I have a kid. In the meantime, weeds and the original vegetation (bamboo) has started to take over that part of the yard. I have been after her since the beginning of the month to get her people to complete this work. Her only response is I have left messages for them, they don’t return my calls, and their inbox is full. We are responsible for maintenance of the yard, so we do pay someone for mowing and weeding. But we did not think we should ask them to complete this unfinished job. What are our options? I am ready to hire someone to complete it and send her a bill? BTW, she resides out of state. Thanks.

  70. sas says:


    i hope you like country music.

    a great supply chain runs through there too. not that it matters.


  71. ABQ says:


    Always enjoyed the website, vicariously reliving the NJ property bubble/bust of the 1980s and early 1990s. Many good links to good content.

    As someone who, in 1990, did something similar to what you are considering, I wish you well. We are still in NM and still loving it. The attitude adjustment is the hardest part…when life is so effortlessly pleasant, you consciously have to deprogram yourself out of the coping mechanisms you have used in a more crowded, more aggressive place. And take time to immerse yourself in the local community in some meaningful way, if nothing more than to scrub off any lingering stereotypes.

    “Your ball-club might be minor league, but at least it’s triple-A.”

  72. Mitchell says:


    Best of luck to you. TN is very nice you will have a lot of new things to discover.

    I suspect in a few months you too will be saying you didn’t realize how bad NJ had gotten until you didn’t live there any more.

    Try not to laugh when you get the car insurance quote and find out that’s yearly not monthly.

  73. Shore Guy says:

    “100 points for anyone who can suggest how one begins the transition from the corporate world into a smaller, less stressful, regular 9 to 5 environment.”

    Wine, and lots of it. It tends to fix everything.

  74. Shore Guy says:


    In TN, one need not worry if one hears hounds, it is banjos tht are the warning sign.

  75. Shore Guy says:


    I ended up geting some nosebleed seats to the Friday and Saturday shows. I will have one kid with me one day and another the next. Maybe we can meet up before the show.

  76. Shore Guy says:


    Are you going to transfer/get a TN RE license?

  77. Pat says:

    I’m glad JB’s thinking about moving. The place is going to h3ll. Nobody’s even kicking those turkeys for that chick.

  78. Outofstater says:

    #74 You’re right. There is an inherent stress that comes along with living in NJ and you don’t notice it until it’s not there anymore.

  79. Sean says:

    I’ve been bating Mitchell for a year now and he only shows up when Grim says he is trading in his Giants Jersey for a Titans Jersey and a six string.

  80. Jim D. says:


    Sorry to hear you are leaving NJ, I (WE) appreciate all the help you gave my daughter. Who now plans on returning to NJ in about 10 months with her husband and a new grand child for us. She will be very saddened that you will not be able to help her find a home.( baby is still a secret to the outside world, LOL)

    The project that you helped me obtain is doing very well, and I thank you again for helping us.

    Good Luck in Nashville! You will forever be known as the guy who saw the real estate crash coming…and did something about it. But you will always be a Jersey Guy!

    Jim D.

  81. JBJB says:

    I have a cousin who moved to Knoxville about 15 years ago. He started up a small landscape architecture buisness that has grown substantially and really prospered as that area has really developed. He built a 3000 sg.ft log cabin on 25 acres, now has 4 boys, horses, the whole nine yards. He is a huge outdoors nut – hunting , fishing and the like. So he could never live in the NE. It all depends on your lifestyle. Not everyone thinks smog, traffic, big hair, and greasy pizza is the end all be all.

  82. relo says:

    #72 – On my first extended stay (of years) out of NJ, early on I went to a supermarket. When the clerk asked if I wanted the order bagged my instant reaction was; what, do I look like I can’t do it myself? Over time, losing that undercurrent of stress, aggressiveness or whatever you want to call it, adds years to your life IMO.
    Yet, not sure if it’s just the familiarlity or Stockholm Syndrome, I missed it at times.

  83. Bystander says:


    Only spent three days in Nashville but loved it. Girls were sweet, food was good and the rockabilly was awesome. It has been on my radar for several years. I met a Brooklyn native awhile back at a wedding who lived in TN for sometime but had to move back to NYC area because wife wanted to be closer to family. He had acres of land, ATVs etc. He wanted back there very bad. Go live the dream! Many NJ folks are afraid of ‘rednecks’ and can’t possibly adapt to life outside NYC. Get past that bs and you will realize the sham that the Northeast has become. I may join you someday at a Nahsville gathering.

  84. Stu says:


    As a parting gift to the rest of us, can you take bi with you?

  85. grim says:

    Damn, I feel like I’ve been booted out the door.

    Still considering, haven’t decided yet.

  86. Cindy says:

    88 Grim

    I was thinking the same thing just now after reading the posts from yesterday. Damn – You only said you were considering a move – with a New Jersey Bye, bye? – question mark.

    I just wanted to guess who offered you a job you would consider – I came up with the Bongo Java World.

  87. Outofstater says:

    #88 Grim – No one is booting you out – we’re just letting you know that there is life outside of the NYC area and it can be superior. I guess we’ve gone into overkill mode because when anyone mentions any other place, especially in the south, well, you get the whole redneck, inbred, nascar, chain restaurants and awful pizza thing in return.

  88. morpheus says:


    I guess what we are all trying to say in our own ways: we will miss you.

    I guess we need to have a GTG. I guess I will have to show up.

    I have suggestions where we should have one but everyone here knows what a deviant I am.

  89. stater (92)-

    I was in Turnersville (S Jersey) yesterday, and it looks just like Alabama.

    And the people there are just as scary.

  90. morph (93)-

    You thinking of having Grim’s send-off at The Vault?

  91. Grim’s chest hair thingy could earn him a heck of a whipping.

  92. leftwing says:


    I have a similar experience as Ruggles – spent a couple days a week in Nashville over several years.

    I think it is great. While there are aspects of sprawl, it is alot cleaner, newer, better maintained and overall polite and courteous.

    There is a very active cultural, social, and corporate scene. Much of it comes from the healthcare money that originated with HCA decades ago and has spun into dozens of similar entities and from the national political connections – Lamar Alexander, Tom Frist, Al Gore, etc. I personally know people there who have managed national presidential campaigns and sit on the Board of major Washington institutions. You won’t have to ‘cleetus’ unless you want to.

    Like any area I suppose one’s view of it comes from where you live and with whom you associate. I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t pay attention to the hillbilly references here, the social spectrum in Nashville is quite broad and accepting of transplants. Vanderbilt helps, too.

    One drawback is the ‘downtown’. Not like anything here in the Northeast – too new, small, and manufactured around country music. That was one disappointment. No Sol Mar Portuguese or fourth generation Italian there.

    Real estate, you can figure that one out. I would disagree with Ruggles on one point though. Belle Meade is what Short Hills once was and probably wishes it could be again – old, well maintained mansions and carriage houses set on large lots with a small low density population 15 minutes from your workplace for a reasonable price. I’ve been in a few homes on Belle Meade Rd. and nearly cried when I saw what these people had for half the price of some stapled together Chatham spec home on a 75×150 lot.

    I do have other social observation/experiences centering on religion. E-mail me if you want background on that one.

    Anyway, good luck with your decision.

    Ruggs, are you involved with the healthcare industry?

  93. freedy says:


    most people from NJ have not idea what
    life is like elsewhere. reason: most of
    them have live their life within a
    15 mile circle from where they were born.

    just don’t know any better

  94. Outofstater says:

    #98 That’s true for a lot of people, no matter where they are born. NJ does seem to be different though – I’ve never encountered the “I couldn’t live anywhere but here” in any other place I’ve lived. The funny thing was, when I did live other places and told people where I was from, they didn’t look at me with envy because I grew up near the greatest city in the world, they looked at me with pity because of the refineries, the congestion, the pollution and the rude people and let me know they were glad I escaped. It’s all a matter of perspective.

  95. freedy (98)-

    Doesn’t that describe almost everybody on the planet?

  96. freedy says:

    only NJ has more degenerates to deal with.

  97. Outofstater says:

    NJ can be a wonderful place to live, the problem is that it takes a heck of a lot more money than most people have.

  98. freedy says:

    the problem in NJ ,, and getting worse
    is if you and the wife or partner does
    not have the 250k a year ,, you live
    a not ,,,well you get the picture
    12k a year taxes on a POS cape

  99. PGC says:

    All the Chicken Littles have moved over to Duckies.

    Whatever your choie is, its yours and yours alone.

  100. Cindy says:

    Grim – Some off-the-wall thoughts…

    Your hobby is biking – correct? You might want to consider job moves that offer free time activities you are interested in.

    You may be enticed by a beautiful woman – her family may live there. Is this a place you can settle for years to come?

    When you retire, does the area you are considering offer part-time work and hobbies that interest you?

    I am thinking beyond a “job” – This would be a life change.

  101. lostinny says:

    96 Clot
    Grim’s chest hair thingy could earn him a heck of a whipping.

    I’m thinking waxing.

  102. Cindy says:

    Almost forgot @ 105 – Where would Spooky be happy?

  103. Cindy says:

    Lost – How you feeling/doing?

  104. lostinny says:

    108 Cindy
    Last doctor I saw did not give good advice. I’m worse for it now. Seeing another this Thursday. Hopefully, he’ll have some good insight. And of course, the lovely SL has been a great ear about all this.

  105. Cindy says:


    “U.S. Job Seekers Exceed Openings by Record Ratio”

    Job seekers now out number openings six to one, the worst ratio since the government began tracking open positions in 2000.

    14.5 million people officially unemployed.

    As a side question:

    Off to the right – bottom page of this article is a picture of Suzy Menkes featured in a article on Milan’s Fashion Week….With that hair, am I supposed to take anything she says about fashion seriously?

  106. Ramblin' Boy says:

    You caint reduce people by banjos and good bacon. Ya’ll

  107. NJGator says:

    88 Grim – Please don’t go! If you do, we’ll miss you terribly, but if you ever sing Rocky Top, you are dead to me. Some things are just unforgivable in the SEC :)

  108. Shore Guy says:

    If Grim goes, he will need to buy something on a hill, with lots of land, sprin-fed ponds and creeks, land suitable for small-scale farming and a couple of bunk houses. After all, TN is a great place for a Nompound and, before long,someone in this crew will know where he is living. Come the meltdown, “Westward, ho!”

  109. Cindy says:


    Did anyone catch this from yesterday?

    WSJ – “Of Blight and Men”
    “A property rights victory in New Jersey, of all places”

  110. Sean says:

    Cindy re: Kelo case what is worse they never built the Fort Trumbull redevelopment project where Suzette Kelo’s and her neighbors’ homes once stood, it continues to be an unused lot and most likely will never be built now.


  111. Cindy says:


    Sean, Did you catch this one?

    “Early Retirement Strains Social Security”

    I thought they slapped that money they took out of your paychecks each week into a lock box!

    Less jobs, less payroll deductions, more folks w/o work filing for early retirement….and the beat goes on.

  112. ruggles says:

    97 – finance. worked a lot with our technology back office down there.

  113. BC Bob says:

    Cindy [119],

    No big deal. More important fish to fry; GS received 100 cents on the dollar,[AIG]. Mission Accomplished.

  114. scribe says:


    Did you get my email, to be forwarded to Gator?

  115. Cindy says:

    121 – BC Bob

    It’s just that….. we’ve had this conversation before…..jobs, jobs, jobs.

    If it isn’t one thing, it’s ten others….

  116. Firestormik says:

    You might find it funny, but in Russian words “indian” and “turkey” sound pretty close
    Pat says:
    September 26, 2009 at 7:55 pm
    I’m glad JB’s thinking about moving. The place is going to h3ll. Nobody’s even kicking those turkeys for that chick.

  117. Shore Guy says:

    Re taxes. I saw that when one compares tax paid to assessed value, the top ten counties are in NY, and not even near the city, way up near Buffalo.

  118. SG says:

    Zoellick Says U.S. Dollar’s Primacy Not a Certainty

    In remarks set for delivery tomorrow, Zoellick said the “next upheaval” in the international economic order is under way as emerging nations gain greater influence.

    “The United States would be mistaken to take for granted the dollar’s place as the world’s predominant reserve currency,” according to excerpts released by the World Bank.

  119. Firestormik says:

    Obama Claims He’s Visited 57 States

  120. BC Bob says:

    11 more.

  121. chicagofinance says:

    I can FEEL clot’s resentment and envy through the INTERWEB at grim’s triumphant kiss off to the Dirty Jersey.

  122. Cindy says:

    129 – “11 more”

    Did anyone catch the “11” at Google today? – Googlle -It’s their birthday.

  123. Shore Guy says:

    There is nothing to say about this except, do not open it at work on Monday:


  124. Shore Guy says:


    You have mal. So do you NJC.

  125. Shore Guy says:

    mail, even

  126. BC Bob says:


    11 more, nothing to do with google.


    I’m hiding on the backstreets.

  127. still_looking says:

    Shore, :)

    AbsolutelyNOT.SFW! Lords of Acid song.



  128. still_looking says:

    For those who like to “sing-a-long”

    Lords of Acid Rubber Doll Lyrics:

    You want s.e.x with a rubber doll?
    Baby, I don’t agree with that at all!
    S.e.x Bomb Annie, that’s her name
    With her you like to play your dirty little games
    Her mouth wide open, always ready for more
    Doesn’t close her legs, that inflatable w.hor.e!
    It’s a love bazaar with a rubber b1tch
    Don’t make me compete with that plastic witch!
    Death to the Doll! (x2)


  129. Cindy says:

    136- BC
    “11 more, nothing to do with google.”


    Are we talking Bruce concerts?

  130. lostinny says:

    SL 137 & 138
    There is a person called Rubberdoll. She’s pretty popular in the fet!sh world:


  131. BC Bob says:

    Cindy [139],

    No, getting hotter.

  132. Cindy says:

    So it’s not some of those concert dates in October and November adding up to 11?

    I love these guessing games. I am still trying to guess who, positioned in Nashville, TN, offered Grim a job. Dell?
    He didn’t bite at the Bongo Java World.

    Are you at a concert now?

  133. still_looking says:

    lost, 140

    oy vey. I still crack up laughing when I hear rubber doll.

    Lords of Acid has a bunch of way-out-there songs! Another one is “spank my booty”


  134. Cindy says:

    NJC – Shore – BC Bob

    All @ a Bruce concert as we speak.

    BC was 11 blocks away…..
    Oh, I’m done guessing….

  135. yo'me says:

    Social Security’s Finances Are Not Stressed by Housing Bubble Recession

    Contrary to what the Associated Press wants the American public to believe, Social Security’s finances are not “stressed” by the downturn. It is true that it is now paying out more money in benefits than it takes in from taxes, but this means zero, nada, nothing in terms of the finances of the program.

    Under the law that governs Social Security’s operations, it can pay full benefits as long as it maintains a minimum balance in its trust fund. At present, it has more than $2 trillion in the trust fund, far more than the minimum balance. In fact, because SS collects interest on the bonds in the trust fund it actually is projected to continue to run surpluses even through the crisis.

    The article notes that the fund is projected face a shortfall after 2037. While there will probably have to be some adjustments made to the program at some point, this has been true in prior decades as well. It is striking how much attention the media devote to comparatively minor problem.

    –Dean Baker

  136. we says:

    Please start a ‘blog’ on how much you miss NJ once you move to Nashville. And I am not begin sarcastic. Many people move away only to realize why so many people live in NJ/NYC area even with the high cost of living.

  137. Sean says:

    yo’me – that’s two trillion is US Treasuries, stored in a file cabinet down in Virgina.

    Social Security is now a net seller of Treasuries $10 billion in 2010 and $9 billion in 2011, and the Baby Boomers are just starting to retire.In May of this year four months ago, the CBO said this wouldn’t happen until 2016.

    This isn’t going to end pretty.

  138. BC Bob says:


    “11 more”

    Not at a Bruce concert. Nor does it mean another $11 Trillion.

    Hint, was watching Yankees/Red Sox today.

  139. BC Bob says:

    “Please start a ‘blog’ on how much you miss NJ once you move to Nashville. And I am not begin sarcastic. Many people move away only to realize why so many people live in NJ/NYC area even with the high cost of living.”

    I’ll take a stab;

    Corzine, $50 billion in unfunded pensions, on deck after Ca., highest prop taxes in the country, worst state in the US to do business, auto ins, #1 target for terrorists, the swampland Nets, corruption, nepotism, pay for play, unions, etc..

    Then again, you may have a point; Lodi/Satin Dolls, The Boss…. Uh, I am at a loss.

  140. chicagofinance says:

    Bost: do you honestly think there could be a Nashville RE Report blog? ’nuff said

  141. Cindy says:


    So it was down to one game but the Yankees clinched the title tonight. So 11….pennant then series?

  142. Cindy says:


    “Eleven. In order for the Yankees’ season to be painted as a success that’s how many postseason games they must win.”

    BC – From the mouth of the NY Post

  143. Pat says:

    cf…honestly. TNREREPORT

    Those southern schmucks would probably spend year after year going on and on about guns and booze and politics.

    And there’d be some soccer loser poster.

    And a lot of raccoon recipes.

  144. SG (126)-

    Then the rest of the planet had better damn well be ready to recognize us as the world’s predominant arsenal.

    “The United States would be mistaken to take for granted the dollar’s place as the world’s predominant reserve currency,” according to excerpts released by the World Bank.

  145. sl (138)-

    Catchy. I can dance to it.

    I give it a 93.

  146. sean (147)-

    A circle jerk for the ages.

  147. pat (153)-

    Calling me a soccer loser will just open a vacuum-sealed can of wrong here. Please don’t test my failing self-control. :)

  148. pat (153)-

    Raccoon can be very tasty. You just need to simmer it long enough to break down the gristly, collagenic connective tissues around the hindquarters.

  149. I’m thinking of a little stewed raccoon with some spaetzle, chard, red wine and minced truffle…

  150. Maybe I’ll braise off some raccoon while my wife fasts tomorrow.

  151. If Grim moves to Nashville, he can get McRaccoon and a large fries whenever he wants.

  152. I can’t live without Grim.

    There, I’ve said it.

  153. still_looking says:


    can you just picture the TN version of Reinvestor or TN John, or TN f(uck)rank, or what TN trolls would be like?

    Better stock up on a f*cking boatload of scotch, grim.

    Better yet….don’t go. :)


  154. Shore Guy says:


    I passed on your request that Grim send me your e-mail address. If Stu, Gator, or BC have yours, they can send you mine.

  155. Shore Guy says:

    If raccoon tasts anything like possum, I will skip it. Does anyone recall the article out of Detroit a few months back about the guy trapping and cooking raccoons within the city limits?

  156. still_looking says:

    Just for Clot!



    Hoover Windtunnel Cyclonic Bagless Upright Vacuum

    * + $5 shipping

    1 Hoover U57809RM Windtunnel Cyclonic Bagless Upright Vacuum


  157. grimey says:

    You only live once grim, Go for it and enjoy yourself as things aren’t going to get any better here. Once life passes you by you can’t go back and relive it.

    Go for it and best of luck.

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