Change coming to NJ Real Estate! (and the weekend open discussion)

From the New Jersey Association of Realtors: (This might just be the first time I’m citing the NJAR without insulting them).

Continuing Education for Real Estate Licensees Receives Final Legislative Approval (no link)

On January 7, 2010, the New Jersey Senate approved A-3099/S-2068, which provides for mandatory continuing education (CE) for real estate brokers, broker-salespersons and salespersons. The final passage of this bill in the Legislature represents two years of work by NJAR® and the NJAR® CE Task Force.

Governor Jon Corzine must sign A-3099/S-2068 before it can become law.

But much, much more importantly:

Legislation Permitting Rebates Approved by State Senate (no link)

At its January 7, 2010 meeting, the New Jersey Senate approved A-373, which permits rebates to be provided to consumers in real estate transactions. After several years of working with the sponsors of this bill, NJAR® secured amendments stating that only brokers can offer rebates to those purchasing property, rather than allowing all real estate licensees to offer rebates to buyers and sellers, as the original version of the bill would have allowed. In addition, the amendments provide greater consumer protections, including mandating that rebates can only be in the form of a credit or check and requiring that rebates be documented in a contract at the beginning of a brokerage relationship in a written or electronic form or in a buyer agency agreement.

Under current state law, New Jersey real estate licensees are not permitted to offer rebates. Before becoming law, this bill must be signed by Governor Jon Corzine.

For some more background on the latter change, from the Star Ledger (older piece):

Law under consideration would let brokers pay real estate clients

Soon your realtor could be paying you.

It’s illegal right now, but pending legislation would allow realtors and real estate brokers to pay home-buyers a portion of their commissions at the close of a deal.

New Jersey is one of 11 states that don’t allow the incentive, said Sen. Nicholas P. Scutari (D-Union), one of the bill’s sponsors. It would be up to the individual real estate agent to decide whether to pay the client.

“We’re trying to help the real estate market and to allow real estate agents and brokers to make deals happen,” Scutari said.

And on the first (fire away, this one really is meaningless. Damn, I insulted the NJAR. Guess I really can’t quote them without insult). From the Star Ledger:

N.J. Senate votes to require continuing education for real estate agents

“A major contributing factor to that (housing) crisis has been some bad advice home buyers received,” said Senate Majority Leader Steve Sweeney ( D-Gloucester), in a statement, adding that there is a need for real estate agents to become more knowledgeable.

The bill, S-2068, would demand that real estate agents complete an additional 16 hours of classes every two years — or face $200 in fines.

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  1. "Bones" Deplume says:


  2. "Bones" Deplume says:

    Any doubt as to where Comrade Burger wants to take this country?

    “The service sector can’t grow if the other sectors can’t grow,” says Anna Burger, secretary-treasurer of Service Employees International Union, SEIU, which counts 2.2 million members and is the fastest growing union in the U.S.

    The SEIU, whose ranks also include government workers, would also like to see fiscal relief for cities and states, including the replacement of public jobs that were lost and the creation of new ones, in such areas as child and home care.

    “We can create more public jobs at a faster rate,” says Burger. “Unless we invest in jobs, the process will be slow.”

    Personally, I’d prefer the green jobs initiatives. At least let’s throw money at someone actually making something worthwhile.

  3. grim says:

    “We can create more public jobs at a faster rate”

    Baby Jesus cries

  4. plume (3)-

    It’s all going horribly, horribly wrong.

    I think if this rebate law passes, I will challenge my buyers to a Gilbert Arenas-type showdown when they ask. To the “winner” goes the spoils.

  5. "Bones" Deplume says:

    Grim says:

    “(This might just be the first time I’m citing the NJAR without insulting them).”

    I think you just did.

  6. grim (4)-

    At least it sounds better than, say, “there have got to be better ways to shake down whitey faster”.

  7. Fiddy Cents on the Dollar says:

    Re: 16 hours Edumacation for Realtors —

    I see an opportunity here….let’s put together a curricula vitae for them.

    An 8-hour course in How to Read the Simple Charts & Graphs on Case-Shiller’s website.

    An 8-hour course in How to Prepare Low-ball Offer Sheets on Several Properties for the Same Buyer.

  8. 8 Fiddy
    There’s no way they’d survive 2 8 hour classes.
    I’d like to see a 2 hour class on “How Not to Insult The Buyer”.

  9. CBS 2 is going to do a story on Ridgwood’s economy and “The Great Recession”.

  10. Oops that’s Ridgewood. I hate laptop keyboards.

  11. NJGator says:

    Lost – Must be some mistake. There’s too much WS money for there to be a recession in Ridgewood.

  12. Frank the Real Estate Thug says:

    “CBS 2 is going to do a story on Ridgwood’s economy and “The Great Recession”.”

    Lost, what recession?

  13. 12 Gator

    I’ll write CBS news and tell them they’re mistaken.
    BTW, do you guys eat Cajun food? The greatest Cajun place in the NY area just re-opened in Queens.

  14. Veto That - aka 'The Operation' says:

    I’m hoping CBS comes to my town. I want them to tell me why prices wont go any lower than 2004 levels and then have them talk me through what kind of nuclear calamity is going to take prices back to 2003.

  15. 13 Frank
    I’m so not going to debate whether or not we’re in a recession.

  16. Veto That - aka 'The Operation' says:

    Check out this house. Ive never seen so much advertising in my life. so i did some research real quick. As it turns out the real estate agent is the owner. Thats red flag #1.
    Then when you see they bought in the middle of 2005, for $755K, you just know they are fishing for a sucker with a seigning net in an effort to make themselves whole.
    On the positive side, its a nice house and its a good town which has some of the lowest prop taxes in the state.
    A West this is a good one for you.

  17. Veto That - aka 'The Operation' says:

    Lost, You can take it easy on Frank this time. He truly thinks there is not a recession and you really dont want to get ‘Frank The Real Estate Thug’ mad.

    Besides that was me just playing around with name changes for fun.

  18. Veto That - aka 'The Operation' says:

    Im thinking of submitting an offer for this house.

    The offer will be worded as such:

    Dear seller, Your asking price is roughly $100K higher than what the most gullible person in the market is willing to pay. Please accept this offer of $100K for the land as i am willing tear down and rebuild from scratch for no charge to you.

  19. sas says:

    we have a BBF tonight?

    whats the word on the street??


  20. Veto That - aka 'The Operation' says:

    Check this one. They bought for 350K in mid 2004 and are trying to unload it at $500K now. Are they really dillusional? or am i the one taking drugs? It doesnt seem like a bad house at all until you learn that there are gangs in the schools.

  21. (safeashouses) says:

    #21 Veto,

    Gangs in the schools easily makes a house worth another 150k. Your kids will get an education ivy league schools can’t teach.

  22. Veto That - aka 'The Operation' says:

    we’re alone. its ok.
    You can shoot straight with me.

    Are you mi6 or what?

  23. Veto That - aka 'The Operation' says:

    Willem Buiter warns of massive dollar collapse

    Americans must prepare themselves for a massive collapse in the dollar as investors around the world dump their US assets, a former Bank of England policymaker has warned.

  24. Veto That - aka 'The Operation' says:

    safe, you are right. i did the math and its not such a bad deal. it works out to ten dollars per stabbing.

  25. Pat says:

    Veto, the peeps in those houses don’t send their kids to Hamilton HS.

    They work it until they get into Notre Dame HS.

    I’m surprised that house doesn’t have those glass coffee tables with the big white ball things underneath.

  26. Pat says:

    Veto, the peeps in those houses don’t send their kids to Hamilton HS.

    They work it until they get into Notre Dame HS.

    I’m surprised that house doesn’t have those glass coffee tables with the big white ball things underneath.

  27. PGC says:

    Remember Frank Pallone’s townhall meeting in August? Yeah, I was part of that unruly mob. You aint seen nothing yet.

    Well Al, you can get yourself some Grass roots Grass stains on your knees.
    Have a safe trip.

  28. PGC says:

    Northern Ireland has come up with the best political scandal I have seen in a long time. This is even more bizaree than Mark Sanford.

    First minister.
    Wife is also an MP
    A 19 year old
    Kickback in cash.
    Propety Developer favors
    Religious Right
    Anti-Gay platform
    Church funds in question.
    Suicide attempt.

  29. kettle1 says:

    A little behind the curve here, but threw my real name into the Jersey Shore nickname generator…. The Impact

    I put Kettle1 in and got Tan-gent

    I wish i could live the dream that is “Jersey Shore”

  30. gary says:

    continuing education (CE) for real estate brokers, broker-salespersons and salespersons

    Is that like an oxymoron or something?

    BTW, I have absolutely no access to the njrereport at this new gig I started last week, so I have to wait until nights and weekends to partake in the madness. Anyway, this blog is as sick and twisted as ever and I f*cking love it. Some of the quotes I’ve been reading in the last week have been f*cking great! Oh, and realtors, this site is from me to you with love:

  31. PGC says:

    “Part of the unspoken ethic here is to not get our host into trouble. ”

    I think that ship sailed when ShoreGuy went all George Carlin on the Internet filters.

  32. PGC says:


    Has the RE market in Nutley/Clifton really been reduced to this?

  33. Pat says:

    What’s sick and twisted is that JB started this blog as something sane, and intelligent with sense of really safe environmental controls.

    But I didn’t trust it.

    As soon as it lapsed into depravity, it became THE HONEST source.

  34. kettle1 says:


    …The dark seedy underbelly of the RE news world

  35. Barbara aka B-Cat says:

    Dear postmenopausal realawhores (you know you read here), kindly waddle back to your scrap booking and QVC, your services are no longer needed, we can turn keys and walk through doorways all by ourselves, thanks. *That one’s for YOU Gary!*

  36. waiting says:

    I was laid off this week. I developed software at a hedge fund for the past six years. Any websites to look for jobs? Thanks.

  37. Barbara aka B-Cat says:

    lord have mercy, the amount of foreclosures in Livingston….

  38. sas says:

    ” or am i the one taking drugs?”

    no, your just drinking from your local NJ municipality water supply filled with fluoride, atrazine, pr@zak, statin drugs, and Methyl tert-butyl ether. thats all…. so drink up…

    so, if you wonder why we have a bunch of deadbeat braindeads.. well, now you know.

    throw in the solitary confinement public schools, you have a control sheep population.

    Obaammmaaa obaammaa !!!!


  39. kettle1 says:

    SAS 40

    hence the wonder of “under sink” and “whole house” reverse osmosis water purification systems.

  40. Essex says:

    40. Oh SAS….surely you must have some happy thoughts….

  41. sas says:

    “You can shoot straight with me.
    Are you mi6 or what?”

    I’ll give you a little something to chew on.
    Once had a gig way back behind the curtain, gave me a solid line to M6, gave me a dotted line to Oleg Lyalin.


  42. Mikeinwaiting "Bicep" says:

    I have a well no shit in my water, I hope!

  43. Mikeinwaiting "Bicep" says:

    Ket will be at work 7-5 no internet will be there 515. see if you can scare up Wag & Crossroads on the blog.Will send my cell via email if you can’t make it.
    Krogh’s Sparta 5-530 tomorrow all welcome.

  44. Mikeinwaiting "Bicep" says:

    SAS take a ride come hang out.

  45. meter says:

    @37 waiting

  46. Veto That - aka 'The Operation' says:
  47. blindjust says:

    37 –
    Also and Also, as meter suggested, I had rather good luck with dice.

    If you’re willing to relocate, many IB’s are opening up shop down south (NC) – Cary in particular.

    Update it once per week so it continues to hit the recruiters “recent” filter.

  48. blindjust says:

    Check out as well. I’ve been passively searching for the past month and found the full time market is sparse but the consulting market is relatively robust so I’d consider taking a 3-6 mo contract. I was corp 2 corp for 7 yrs and chose that route due to the tax benefits (over w-2).

  49. grim says:


    From the FDIC:

    Washington Federal Savings and Loan Association, Seattle, Washington, Assumes All the Deposits of Horizon Bank, Bellingham, Washington

    Horizon Bank, Bellingham, Washington, was closed today by the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions, which appointed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) as receiver. To protect the depositors, the FDIC entered into a purchase and assumption agreement with Washington Federal Savings and Loan Association, Seattle, Washington, to assume all of the deposits of Horizon Bank.

    The FDIC estimates that the cost to the Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) will be $539.1 million. Washington Federal Savings and Loan Association’s acquisition of all the deposits was the “least costly” resolution for the FDIC’s DIF compared to all alternatives. Horizon Bank is the first FDIC-insured institution to fail in the nation this year, and the first in Washington. The last FDIC-insured institution closed in the state was Venture Bank, Lacey, on September 11, 2009.

  50. grim says:

    Green shoots? Where is our workforce going?

    From Bloomberg:

    Shrinking U.S. Labor Force Keeps Unemployment Rate From Rising

    An exodus of discouraged workers from the job market kept the U.S. unemployment rate from climbing above 10 percent in December, economists said.

    Had the labor force not decreased by 661,000 last month, the jobless rate would have been 10.4 percent, according to economists including David Rosenberg at Gluskin Sheff & Associates in Toronto and Harm Bandholz at UniCredit Research in New York.

    “The actual unemployment rate is higher than shown by the official numbers,” Bandholz said yesterday after a Labor Department report released in Washington showed the economy unexpectedly lost 85,000 jobs in December while the jobless rate was unchanged.

    About 1.7 million Americans opted out of the workforce from July through December, representing a 1.1 percent drop that marks the biggest six-month decrease since 1961, the Labor Department report showed. The share of the population in the labor force last month fell to the lowest level in 24 years.

  51. grim says:


    The so-called underemployment rate — which includes part- time workers who’d prefer a full-time position and people who want work but have given up looking — rose to 17.3 percent in December from 17.2 percent.

    The number of discouraged workers, those not looking for work because they believe none is available, climbed to 929,000 last month, the most since records began in 1994.

  52. Nomad says:

    Try going to the five o’clock club job search networking group which meets across from Penn Station. Supposed to be a good one.

    Other networking groups: one in Princeton area, one meets at a church in Short Hills and the last in Monmouth County. Don’t have names or contact info but as you begin the process, you will hear about them.

    Go to the ExecuNet website, and there is a networking listing somewhere in it – the Northern NJ event usually has 30+ people and its a great way to learn about all the networking stuff in the area.

    Best way to get a job: identify all of the companies you want to work for and send the CEO (or highest ranking person you can find that can hire you) a letter (no resume). This takes a lot of effort and heavy lifting but is far more effective than job boards or networking.

  53. One day closer to oblivion.

  54. House Whine says:

    37-Make sure you get out of the house. Do something with your skills in your community. Don’t just network with other unemployed people. Make sure you keep healthy by getting into some kind of exercise routine. Not only will you sleep better but you will also feel your mood improve. Believe me, I speak from experience. And please do not be shy about letting friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances know of your situation. You never know where your next job will come from.

  55. 37- Buy as many guns as you are comfortable handling, and stockpile ammunition for each. Concentrate on building adequate stores of food and water, and develop a plan for establishing a hard perimeter. Talk through several scenarios with your family: neighborhood rioting, bank holidays, agents of the gubmint coming through your town to confisc@te valuables. Create a meeting place for all in your family should you be separated.

    The wheels are coming off, and I believe 2010 will be the year society begins to seriously break down.

  56. Think I’m nuts? We know the US Army is being trained in homeland population control. We also know the prez is pushing for a massive civilian patrol.

    These are not the actions of a gubmint that is interested in enhancing your personal freedoms.

  57. gary says:

    About 1.7 million Americans opted out of the workforce from July through December, representing a 1.1 percent drop that marks the biggest six-month decrease since 1961, the Labor Department report showed. The share of the population in the labor force last month fell to the lowest level in 24 years.

    And just think, when you do land a job, it will be for significantly less money than you expected. Welcome to the new economic model. Also, if you happen to be “lucky” enough to qualify for a home loan to fulfill your “dream”, expect to be swindled out of $100,000 for a down payment on that entry level POS that began to decrease in value the moment you signed the contract. All just so you can say you live in Upper West Haughtville. And the beautiful part is that you get to be: a) labeled as a sucker who got hoodwinked; b) fund some fat f*cks retirement fund and c) pay some realtor thousands just to unlock the front door.

  58. yikes says:

    Schumpeter says:
    January 8, 2010 at 1:23 pm

    Al (146)-

    Why rubber bullets? Get hollow points, shoot anything that moves, and let God sort ‘em out later.

    Rubber bullets won’t slow down somebody high on meth.

    which is why rappers say, “hollow points for the snitches.”

  59. grim says:

    “opted out”? What a nice way of saying gave up looking because there are no jobs.

  60. Pat says:

    no, that’s disgruntled or dis something.


    I know ’cause that’s me. Dissomething. But I don’t count because I’ve invisible to statistics.

  61. Pat says:

    discouraged just doesn’t do.

  62. yikes says:

    a bit upset that i missed the Bushmaster AR15 discussion yesterday.

    that is a powerful weapon.

  63. sas says:

    “I believe 2010 will be the year society begins to seriously break down.”

    too early, we are just finishing up the demoralizing period, and then move into the crisis period.

    crisis period takes a few years. so we have time to get things in order.

    but in 10 years from now… look out.
    you won’t recognize anything.


  64. ruggles says:

    Won’t be long now til Walmart greeter becomes a dream job.

  65. ruggles says:


  66. sas says:

    funny.. i remember during the cold war, so much propaganda was pumped out from both sides. but, i knew the whole time it was tomfoolery. The whole cold war was tomfoolery.

    but, times have changed…..there are real threats to sovereignty these days.

    interesting thing, the propaganda machines never died, it just grew.


  67. Pat says:


    It got worse as I read this thread last night while watching Up in the Air.

  68. sas says:

    ” propaganda machines”

    propaganda is more than just trying to keep you misinformed from making an informed purchase. more than marketing.

    a major hidden part of propaganda is break up families & replace it with loyalty to the state.

    I love you George Bush & Omama…
    what did my kids report card say?? who cares.. yes we can Omama!!

    now pass me my Leptin suppressing high fructose corn syrup, 10 pounds of sodium soft drinks.


  69. Myr Hyde says:


    AR’s are OK, they are great in the fact that replacement parts should be easy to find given their ubiquity in the US, but as i have said before, i am a fan of the M-14, also known as the M1A (Not the M16)

  70. Kettle1 says:

    Anyone else besides mike and I in for groghs tonight????

  71. Pat says:

    I want to be the Walmart greeter who asks for your receipt on the way out after watching you pay at the register.

    When somebody refuses to show it, I want to say, “Cool, an individual! It’s illegal for me to be intimidating you into handing me your personal property anyway, Compadre. Go in peace.”

  72. Mr Hyde says:

    SAS, Code Red

    This crubling of society will take far longer then most expect

  73. morpheus says:

    will contact you after my trial. Real bitch of a case.
    we can compare notes.

  74. relo says:

    37: Check out – good luck.

  75. scribe, The Princess of Paramus says:

    blindjust, #48

    Would you be willing to tell us which IB’s are opening up down South?

    Why Cary NC?

  76. relo says:

    This should work out well.

  77. relo says:

    Read the 2010 outlook from a major private banking institution which concluded something like: Make sure your generational wealth and foundation $$ is insulated against what will likely be the most difficult and tumultous times in US history. That’s the advice HNW individuals are getting. Don’t see that on the 6 o’clock news.

  78. morpheus says:

    saw that show I believe you all were talking about “Apocalypse Man”. Disturbing.

    If we see TEOTWAWKI, I hope to be the local brewer. Who would want to kill the man that helps you get drunk?

    This program is definitely focused on today’s fears. The same fears that we have been discussing for the past two years. MSM has finally caught up to us.

  79. crossroads says:

    71 ket

    I’m trying. I should be able to get there. getting ready for a B-day party at the house.

  80. (safeashouses) says:

    #39 Barbara

    And yet the cheapest 3 bedroom houses are still 3 times median income for Livingston.

  81. kettle1 says:


    look at the 99/200 russian currency crisis.

    i wouldnt be surprised to see some parts of the US end up in that type situation. for different reasons, but i believe there is a fair chance of that social situation poping up in places, while others look more like argentina

  82. Laurie says:

    Did you all see the NY Times today??Grim is a celebrity!! Just read about you in the NY time mention us, the little people. South Orange under contract in less than a week?? Did someone misplace the 0’s in the taxes??

  83. Laurie says:

    At least in Livingston you can send your kids to public school

  84. Fiddy Cents on the Dollar says:

    All Righty Boys —

    As my New Year’s Gift to all you male citizens of NJRE Report, I give you a picorial essay entitled Derek Jeter’s Girlfriends……

    What a life this kid lives !!

  85. chicagofinance says:

    From comment blog below article……

    01/09/2010 8:56 AM
    Time to go back to China and your blow-up plastic girlfriend.

  86. sas says:

    “Livingston you can send your kids to public school”

    you mean that govt brain washing solitary confinement camp, where main purpose is to standardize you into a industrial society?

    My grandkids came home once with homework. I told them to tear it up and throw it down the disposal. Not going to allow govt to take away family time.


  87. sas says:

    “Derek Jeter’s Girlfriends”


    wish I knew how to throw & hit a ball.


  88. sas says:

    a little secret about public schools…

    the more standardized it can make their students… the higher rating it gets.

    talk about a scam..!!

    ha, ha, and you pay for it thinking you are the kitty cats meow.


  89. Essex says:

    SAS now you know that not everyone can be Jimmy Page.

  90. Essex says:

    You got everything you need right here in Jersey folks. We just gotta hope.

  91. sas says:

    “Derek Jeter’s Girlfriends”

    i remember about a 2-3 years ago, I ran into Jeter at the VIP section at a place called mystique off the west side highway on Clarkson St. He is a major horn dog.

    I was there with some japanese buisman men at the time.

    I don’t know who was the bigger horn dog Jeter or the japanese buisman men?

    oh well, either way, I got some free drinks and cab ride.


  92. sas says:


    business men


  93. Schumpeter says:

    sas (91)-

    As long as you fight the power and keep your kids aware that they’re being subjected to brainwashing, you can keep them on a decent track.

    I’ve got my daughter snapping back at teachers now. The more she learns, her grades go down.

    Big f-ing deal. Don’t need straight A’s to handle a gat.

  94. Mocha says:

    ” Not going to allow govt to take away family time”


    My niece and nephews came home during winter break with homework assignments due when they got back. So off they went on vacation and the kids spent hours in the hotel room doing homework.

    Couldn’t believe it. Btw they are between the ages of 7 and 12.

    Makes me sick. I wonder how much vacation time those teeches at the school forgo…

  95. sas says:

    well, i’m off to pay my dentist’s car payments.
    I got an appt this afternoon off Ridgewood Rd & kinderkamack.

    I always say no to x-rays.


  96. (safeashouses) says:

    #88 nw

    I like how Otteau says home prices only went up 6% from 2003 to 2009. Too bad prices went up 50% or more from 2003 to 2006 or 07.

    And I thought we were in a housing bubble in 2003. Great, so 6 years later prices are only 6% higher then they were when I thought we were bubbly.

  97. 96 Clot
    If your daughter goes too far, you’ll be called in and the school is going to want an evaluation on her. Teaching kids individuality is vital. But if you don’t teach her how to be an individual and still function within the system, you’re going to open up a big can of ugly. You know I say this out of concern for you and your family, and because of my personal and professional experience.

  98. (safeashouses) says:

    littlesafe comes home from kindergarten trying to recite the pledge of allegiance. That gets me cranked up how they are brain washing our kids with this stuff. Seems a bit like 1934 Germany to me.

  99. 101 Safe
    Depending on the school, the pledge and the national anthem are done every day during morning announcements. While I don’t agree with these things being done every single day, it is interesting when the kids don’t know the words and make them up as they go along. Then you have to keep yourself from laughing.

  100. Stu says:

    The lady who does this lives in Montclair:

  101. (safeashouses) says:

    #103 Stu,

    You guys have to get out of that town.

  102. safeashouses says:


    The school even wants me to fill out a weekly sheet on what books we read at home with him each day. I refuse to fill out the sheet. I’ve been reading to him for at least 20 to 30 minutes a day since he was 2 days old.

  103. stan says:

    nice press grim.

    How do they break up your comments? do they ask you a lot in the interview and pick and choose what they want to print, or is it just a quick question or two?

    bit of a fluff piece.

    hudson county peak to trough is 2.6%? that is not right. I have no statictsics to back that up right now, but things are awful in Jersey City and Hoboken.

    Prices are down 20% at least, and they are continuing. I have many friends and colleagues underwater in the 100’s of thousands

  104. 105 Safe

    Those sheets aren’t meant for you and families like you. Teachers love to know that parents read with their kids every day. These sheets are meant for families who never read with their kids. Its a reminder of how important reading is for young children.

  105. Sean says:

    How is this for inflation?

    Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela devalued its currency by half yesterday, the first such action since March 2005, as President Hugo Chavez seeks to pull the economy from recession amid falling oil revenue.

    Chavez said the bolivar will be devalued to 4.3 per dollar from 2.15 per dollar for most imports. A second, subsidized peg of 2.60 bolivars per dollar will be used for importing food, medicine and machinery intended to boost the economy’s competitiveness.

  106. safeashouses says:

    #107 lost

    So are you saying those sheets aren’t fed into a super database for the powers that be to monitor our reading habits? :P

    Or is that what they use our library card records and monitor what books we buy online and at stores with credit cards for? (only slightly kidding on this part. i thought under Shrub the gov got the powers to do just that wihtout a warrant)

  107. gary says:

    Mr. Otteau cited one recent report indicating that New Jersey was one of a half dozen “breakout” states in which prices had already begun to creep up in the second half of 2009.

    They keep trying. They really keep trying. Hope does not pay for the BMW payments. Hope does not pay for that flat screen you had to charge with 17% interest. Hope does not pay for the six burner stainless range that looks pretty but is useless because you eat out 5 nights a week and lack the ability to boil water on the remaining 2 nights. Hope doesn’t pay for the lawn service on the house with the 5 year option ARM that’s about to expire. Hope doesn’t pay for Graydon’s singing lessons even though the kid has a f*cking tin ear.

    The ARM loans are about to explode, the job market is dim for the forseeable future, the bogus tax credit is about to expire and this @sshole is talking about a breakout. Remember when it was contained to subprime? Remember when it was different here? Remember when you had to buy now or be priced out forever? Wake me up when the breakout happens.

  108. Diego is not a very good measuring stick for boxing skill

  109. 109 Safe
    I can’t speak for other school systems, but it wouldn’t surprise me if all these sheets were fed into a super computer in the NYC school system. Teachers would then be fired for not having enough parents read to their kids every day. Or for not collecting enough of the sheets. I’d like to say I was kidding but nothing would surprise me these days.

    I do often wonder what data is being collected every time I use a credit card at the liquor store. :)

  110. Fiddy Cents on the Dollar says:

    gary :110

    That was one of your finest pieces. Really.

    I think your work should be collected and marketed as part of that new Realtor’s 16 hours of coursework.

    Entitled “The Voice of the Customer”.

  111. kettle1 says:


    a business opportunity:

    Offer public school deprogramming, that includes lessons on how to “Pass” as a sheep.

  112. kettle1 says:

    crossroads 81

    you can email me at 1elttek at g mail if you want to find us tonight

  113. Shore Guy says:

    As Dylan might have said:

    Now listen you agents
    Who don’t have a clue
    The house-buying public
    Is finished with you
    You better shape up
    Or you’ll soon get a shoe
    Slamming right into your keister.

    Its time you learned something
    Beyond what NAR says to you
    For the times they are a changin’

  114. willwork4beer says:

    Grim – congrats on the article.

    Hunterdon down by 20% sounds about right to me. Just my opinion, but I don’t think there will be any recovery out this way anytime soon. I’m seeing nicer and nicer places hitting my (low) price range these days. The trend seems to be decidedly downward.

  115. willwork4beer says:

    A little help from the board, please:

    Taking Mrs. Beer to San Francisco tomorrow. Second time for us and we did most of the standard touristy places (wharf, GG bridge, alcatraz, japanese gardens,etc) the last time. I trust the opinions of most of the folks on this board. Any suggestions for places off the beaten path? Interesting, non-touristy stuff, please.

  116. SS and Kettle
    Just looked on the Subaru site. 2.9% financing on the Outback until Feb. 1.

  117. grim says:

    The gourmet market at the embarcadero is a nice spot to kill an hour or two and have lunch

  118. Essex says:

    Yeah I would advise against making your child as relentlessly aggressive and outspoken as you are. They are still kids. So they really have no business with that mindset. Let them enjoy childhood. My two cents.

  119. Shore Guy says:

    RE. SFO:

    The Marin Headlands, across from the bridge and then up tha hill is nice. The Marine Mammal Center is interesting. For something offbeat, go into “Deos Your Mother Know,” an out of the ordinary shop in The Castro.

  120. cobbler says:

    lost [112]
    I do often wonder what data is being collected every time I use a credit card at the liquor store. :)

    Dunno, after I put 4.5K worth of liquor on the card a couple of years ago for someone’s wedding, I got a [not asked for] credit line increase…

  121. Schumpeter says:

    lost (100)-

    Nah. They don’t care enough about her to call me in. And if they do, it will be the best day of my life.

    BTW, they are beginning to realize that I’m somebody they want no part of. Daughter plays lacrosse, coach loves her & she already knows if the college $$$ don’t come through for that, it’s either community college or straight to the job hunt.

  122. cobbler says:

    essex [121]
    I’ve been interviewing a guy a week ago (for a low level production supervisory job). About 30 minutes into a conversation, I asked how he would prepare for the possible emergencies, me assuming he’d tell how he handled that on his old job. Instead, the guy started talking about stocking food and water in his garage…

  123. safeashouses says:

    #125 cobbler

    I would have hired him on the spot.

  124. Schumpeter says:

    Stu (103)-

    The Khmer Rouge used to use the tops of human skulls as noodle bowls.

  125. ruggles says:

    sanfran: Union Street near the Octagon house.

  126. Schumpeter says:

    beer (117)-

    More and more lis pendens notices in Tewksbury, Hook Mountain, Stanton Ridge area & Flemington stuff with NYC views.

    Hunterdon is in a death spiral.

  127. willwork4beer says:

    Grim and Shore:

    Many thanks for the great suggestions.

    Anyone else?


  128. ruggles says:

    schump — guinea hollow? 1.150k sold to 889k ask today

  129. ruggles says:

    1.050, i mean, i think

  130. willwork4beer says:

    Ruggles – thanks.

    Pol Clot – I believe it. There’s the stench of desperation in the air around here.

  131. Schumpeter says:

    sx (121)-

    If you don’t learn to be relentless, aggressive and outspoken as a kid, you probably never will.

    Trust me, my kids are not burdened by doing this. Since I’ve started pushing it, they’ve actually begun to wake up and be much more aware of their surroundings.

    Gonna have to be sharp when the real ultra-violence gets going.

  132. Barbara aka B-Cat says:


  133. Barbara aka B-Cat says:

    all this paranoia is based largely on the notion of better times of yore. Its very seductive.

  134. Barbara aka B-Cat says:

    however I do agree about the homework over family time stuff, and this Obama crap about expanding the school year makes me nuts. You get my kid for 6 hours a day, 180 days. That’s plenty.

  135. Schumpeter says:

    ruggles (131)-

    Maybe worth 600K, and that’s pushing it.

    Doesn’t help that the listing agents are a pair of anencephalitic mannequins who between them share an IQ of about 67.

  136. Schumpeter says:

    Barb (136)-

    You’re well-advised not to explain my motives to me. You also couldn’t be more wrong.

  137. New in NJ says:

    willwork –

    I saw a photo today and immediately thought of you.

    What is really at the end of the rainbow:

  138. Barbara aka B-Cat says:

    139. Shumpt
    its a msg board, I’ll explain whatever the hell I want to anyone. And although you’re Top Dawg on the NJRERE – I was addressing an overall world view that dominates here, expressed by several regular posters.

  139. ruggles says:

    133 – beer, thats only if she likes shopping and big houses.

  140. Barbara aka B-Cat says:

    seriously, if you are going to vomit out rants day in and day out, expect to be addressed and challeneged, or do we only kiss ass on the NJRERE?

  141. ruggles says:

    I enjoy kissing ass. Gets the taste of New Jersey out of my mouth.

  142. 124 Clot
    They don’t care enough about her to call you in? I think that’s a blessing and a really shitty staff all in one.
    There is some lacrosse money out there, just not much.

  143. Punch My Ticket says:

    ww4b [118],

    If you don’t have to be in the city and like wine as well as beer, rent a limo for the day, have them drive you to Sonoma [not Napa], and hit every vineyard. You need the limo because you will be in no shape to drive after two or three flights.

  144. ww4b
    There was a Chinese place I went to in Chinatown. It looked like a little hole in the wall. I wish to god I could remember the name of it. If I can find out, I’ll post.
    Also, I personally liked walking around Haight Ashbury a lot. But that’s me.

  145. willwork4beer says:

    140 Newbie

    Thanks. That pic is classic. Reminds me of an old song:

    Red hot women and ice cold beer. And enough of both to last a year. What’s paradise like this time of year? Red hot women and ice cold beer…

  146. willwork4beer says:

    Punch – thank you.

    Lost – would love it if you can remember/ find out. I love great little holes in the wall like that. Re: the Haight: I’ve heard that its become very touristy but the truly funky bohemian stuff has moved to the lower (or was it upper?) Haight. Confirmation?

  147. 149 ww4b
    I’m trying to get a hold of someone to get the name of the place. If I can, I will post. Probably the best Chinese food I’ve ever had. And I don’t really like Chinese food- probably because there’s so much bad Chinese food near me.
    It’s been a really long time since I’ve been there so I don’t know about anything moving around the area. I’ll try to get some info on that too. When are you going?

  148. grim says:

    If you do go to Ferry Market (finally remembered the name), check out Slanted Door if you want to splurge for lunch.

  149. willwork4beer says:


    Thanks. We leave tomorrow morning. Will be there for several days and I will have my Blackberry with me so I will be able to read and post.

  150. grim says:

    Lost – would love it if you can remember/ find out. I love great little holes in the wall like that.

    Blowfish – Sushi To Die For in the Mission. Usually a young, hip crowd.

  151. Essex says:

    I love my upbringing but my ‘success’ was never a lock. I was a troubled kid.

  152. Essex says:

    And I really enjoyed my childhood. But it was always stuff like long cycle rides and parties which made me happy. school was not a priority.

  153. Essex says:

    Yet my folks pushed me and I made it through graduate school. My luck changed at about age 20….man I never looked back.

  154. safeashouses says:

    #130 willwork4beer

    If you like trains or have little ones with you the cable car museum is good for an hour or so.

  155. House Whine says:

    156- That’s nice! Have you ever thanked your parents for their efforts?

  156. willwork4beer says:

    151 & 153 Grim

    The Ferry market sounds great and we will probably do the Slanted Door as well as we are hitting town around lunch Pacific time. We were told we can drop off luggage but will not be able to check in until three. As for the sushi, I would love it but Mrs. Beer will not eat it.

  157. Wag says:

    Ket (71) – You’ve got mail. Hoping to get down to Krogh’s by five thirty.

  158. willwork4beer says:

    157 Safe

    Thanks. That one sounds like a winner. We plan to use the cable cars a lot. I learned my lesson the last time when I rented a car. Nowhere to park the stupid thing that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

    Great suggestions everybody! Please keep them coming!

  159. barb (143)-

    It’s a free country. You have every right to proceed & to continue to embarrass yourself.

  160. lost (145)-

    The money is enough to get her through. Fortunately, the grades are good enough to get some merit help on top of the sports $$$.

  161. Mocha says:

    “I enjoy kissing ass. Gets the taste of New Jersey out of my mouth.”

    Makes you wonder what NJ tastes like.

  162. Sean says:

    Beer – For something fun that could use a half day with lunch and a few stops. Rent bicycles at the wharf near the sea lions and ride on the bay side trail to the Golden Gate Bridge and over. Then take the road to Sausalito (have lunch here) after lunch ride and down the road to Tiburon. Stop at Sam’s Anchor cafe for a drinks before talking the ferry back.

    Plenty of sights so see and allot if fun if the weather cooperates, distance from the bicycle rental to Sausalito is about 9 miles total. Tiburon taks on another 5 or so.

    Here is a map.

  163. willwork4beer says:

    165 Sean

    Thanks, that’s a great suggestion.

    The weather is supposed to be very nice tomorrow but 50% chance of rain Monday and Tuesday. After that, I don’t know. So if the weather cooperates, like you said, it could be a go.

    Did you hear that almost all of the sea lions took off for points north? Supposedly they’re after easier pickings on the sardines or something like that.

  164. Sean says:

    Beer – Muir woods (think Ewok forest from Star wars Return of the Jedi).

    Really cool place to hike, not to big so you won’t get lost ponly 600 acres 11 miles north of the bridge.

    The Giant Redwoods are worth the trip, and you can hike up the Hill to Mill valley and see the City and the Ocean over the tops of the trees.

  165. Sean says:

    beer – did not know that the sea lions are a big draw to pier 39 and the overpriced restaurants there.

  166. bj is def on his own little island when it comes to skill at 155

  167. frank says:

    “In Hudson County, by contrast, median purchase prices fell just 2.6 percent, peak to trough. The pace of sales pace slowed sharply over the three-year period, even as thousands of new, high-end condominiums came on the market. But Hudson’s proximity to Manhattan jobs bolstered values, as it has for the 30 years, since waterfront area redevelopment began west of the river.”

    Where’s the recession??

  168. frank says:

    Market continues to be on fire.

    Sold for $750,000 45 North Hillside Avenue, LIVINGSTON, NJ
    40-year-old brick and wood ranch; dining room, eat-in kitchen, family room, fireplace, office, finished basement, c/a, deck, 2-car garage, 0.55-acre lot; taxes $16,074; listed at $799,999.

  169. grim says:

    “In Hudson County, by contrast, median purchase prices fell just 2.6 percent, peak to trough…

    This is actually incorrect, not sure where it came from.

    According to the NJAR

    2008 Q3 to 2009 Q3 – Down 9.7%
    2007 Q3 to 2008 Q3 – Down 6.9%
    2006 Q3 to 2007 Q3 – Down 0.3%

    Median Price
    2006 Q3 – $366,000
    2009 Q3 – $306,000

    Down 16.4% peak to current.

    Still a little to early to call a “trough”.

  170. frank says:

    Where’s the recession??

    “The bank bonus season, that annual rite of big money and bigger egos, begins in earnest this week, and it looks as if it will be one of the largest and most controversial blowouts the industry has ever seen.”

  171. frank says:

    Congrats on the NYT article. Great work.

  172. willwork4beer says:

    167 Sean

    Thanks, two more great suggestions.

    168 Sean

    I heard this past week that there are only about a dozen sea lions still hanging out there.

  173. safeashouses says:

    #171 Frank

    Livingston did a tax reassessment for 2009. The town assessed that house in 09 at 817k, so the place is worth 8% less then the township thinks it is.

  174. Nomad says:


    Sounds like you don’t buy into some of the doom and gloom on this board. Also sounds like your bright and have some strong opinions to share so let me ask you the following:

    The housing mess continues with the gov’t working out some 30k+ mtgs for homeowners only to have many of them fall behind again with their new mtgs that they should be able to pay for.

    Foreclosure will continue to be an issue and the housing problem must be effectively addressed as part of any economic recovery.

    Cities all over this country are having a difficult time with their budgets and the expectation is for it only to get worse.

    State budgets are also suffering and their pension obligations in many cases will force an economic collapse (some chatter about CA defaulting this summer).

    Our industrial mfg base is dead and like it or not, theses jobs and companies that make them have a tremendous spillover / ripple effect on our economy.

    Unemployment continues to grow and even if / when we see an economic recovery, the big companies that laid off huge amounts of their work forces will not rehire nearly as many as the laid off. The technology that could create new jobs takes years to develop and then, it may get stolen after a few short years by countries that can copy but not produce much which means that our country may benefit from technological advancement but the wealth / job creation from this may not last long as the IP is stolen by other countries and then they import it back to the US and all the mfg that it takes to produce once again goes offshore.

    Taking all of the above, please tell me how the economy will recover in the next 3,5 or 10 years. I would be very interested in your thoughts because quite frankly, all of the doom and gloom chatter at one point I would have dismissed as extremist but today, not so much.

  175. Jim says:

    Code Red,
    You are not nuts. Keep a good supply of handguns and ammo on hand. Keep your passport up to date. Have a place you can go to when the sh!t hits the fan, hopefully in another country.

  176. Cindy says:

    130 – WillWork4Beer


    I never travel anywhere anymore but I remember in the old days, I loved to go to Sausalito nearby. There are other suggestions on that link.

    I asked a friend who goes to SF and she said: The Ferry Building, Fillmore Street and Union Street, Ghirardelli Square by the Embarcadero.

  177. scribe, The Princess of Paramus says:

    from that NY Times article:

    said Mr. Bednar, whose online self-description is “Grim.”

    They didn’t get where the Grim comes from.

    Maybe you should come up with a new handle like:

    Grim, the Polish Playboy of Paramus

  178. Cindy says:


    SF has the oldest Chinatown in North America. Because it is the Chinese New Year next week, there may be some interesting activities….

  179. Pat says:

    The Tax Court ruling should make it easier for many other professionals to deduct the expense of a Master in Business Administration degree.

  180. waiting says:

    Thanks, meter, blindjust, Nomad, House Whine, and Code Red.

  181. willwork4beer says:

    180 & 182 Cindy

    Thanks for the suggestions. Are the recommendations your friend made primarily shopping destinations? Mrs. Beer does not shop recreationally. (Thank God).

  182. yikes says:


    predicted it on here a few days ago. wearing my jets shirt and boozing heavily.

    that felt good.

  183. PGC says:

    Lived in SF for a while. Almost any food place is good in Chinatown. I’ve eaten Dim Sum al reaound the owrld ad its second only to Hong Kong for me.

    Giradelli Sq for the chololate factory. Gorden Birsch brewery under the Bay bridge. Harveys on Folsum used to be Hamburger Marys. Bloody Marys and burgers, a match made in heaven. Salsalito and Half Moon bay are good day trips.

    Filmore for music, Presidio for Golf.

  184. waiting says:

    Relo@75, Thanks too.

  185. willwork4beer says:

    87 PGC

    Wow. Thanks for all the great suggestions.

    I’m already hungry for the Dim Sum…

  186. Cindy says:

    185 – WillWork – Probably. I’m such a loser. When I get a chance to travel, I head for the Pacific Northwest to see the daughters and grandkids. I lived up there for 21 years. I don’t know much about my own darn state.

  187. gary says:

    If you purchased a house today for $550,000 and put 20% down, your total payments for a 30 yr. fixed @ 6% and 10K in property taxes would be $1,294,688.03.

    Just saying…

  188. gary says:

    Dear njrereport bloggers,


  189. sas says:

    nice to see the Jets won the ball game.

    and I have no cavities. yee!


  190. willwork4beer says:

    191 Cindy

    Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself. I’m from the part of Jersey where the question “what exit?” makes no sense. I’m out in the woods and I don’t make it out to the big attractions even though they’re within driving distance. Between NYC and Philly, there are so many amazing places to go and things to see. In most cases, if I’ve been there at all, it was on a school field trip and never again.

    Besides, I’m thinking Sausalito might figure into my plans. It got the most recommendations. Including yours.

  191. chicagofinance says:

    PGC: But come clean..SF is a rathole, yes? Beer, I would rent a car and just tour Napa for the entire time. Anything you can do in SF can be done better and cheaper in NYC unless it is smoking weed or dropping acid.

    FWIW: Slanted Door is good.

  192. sas says:

    anyone besides me see in hidden message here and what really is going on?

    “JPMorgan’s Paton Sees `Huge’ Increase in Food Stamp Use: Video”

  193. Al "The Thermostat" Gore says:

    31. Gary, good to see you are back to life with piss and vinegar.

    51. Where is the workforce going? Obama’s civilian security force. “Just as well funded. Just as powerful as the military.”

  194. Al "The Thermostat" Gore says:


    Range report.

    No 45 caliber.
    No shotgun ammo
    No 38
    12 boxes of .223.
    No lanes available for practice.

    Sign of the times?

  195. willwork4beer says:

    196 ChiFi

    Thanks for the suggestion. We are considering a trip out to Napa while we’re out there.

    The Slanted Door is definitely on my list.

  196. PGC says:

    #195 ChiFi

    You may say that, I could not possibly comment.

    There is side of SF that tourists will never see as the city does such a great management job.

  197. PGC says:

    #178 Nomad

    Its bad, but its not TEOTWAWKI

    From grims article, the one thing you can take away from Otteau is

    “If you bought in the last five years and need to sell your house today, then the short-term cycle is relevant. But only about 1 out of 10 homeowners are in that situation.”

    The gvmt may work out a few mortgages, the courts may wipe out one or two predatory loans, but it is a small piece of the overall picture. The majority of housing stock is not in foreclosure or underwater.

    The biggest issue from the mortgage mess is that any mortgage that defaults is leveraged 35 to 40:1 into the financial system. That is a big hole on a balance sheet.

    Watch wheat this year, that is a commodity that the US can use to throw around its weight. Domestic manufacturing may have been decimated, but a few tax breaks and some trade protectionism and it can come roaring back. We have started this with the tire tariffs.

  198. Shore Guy says:

    I missed the article that references Grim. Would someone repost teh link or e-mail it?

    Also from the Times (I have not been online enough to know if this was already posted):

    Contrarian Investor Sees Economic Crash in China
    by David Barboza
    Friday, January 8, 2010
    provided by

    James S. Chanos built one of the largest fortunes on Wall Street by foreseeing the collapse of Enron and other highflying companies whose stories were too good to be true.

    Now Mr. Chanos, a wealthy hedge fund investor, is working to bust the myth of the biggest conglomerate of all: China Inc.

    As most of the world bets on China to help lift the global economy out of recession, Mr. Chanos is warning that China’s hyperstimulated economy is headed for a crash, rather than the sustained boom that most economists predict. Its surging real estate sector, buoyed by a flood of speculative capital, looks like “Dubai times 1,000 — or worse,” he frets. He even suspects that Beijing is cooking its books, faking, among other things, its eye-popping growth rates of more than 8 percent.

    “Bubbles are best identified by credit excesses, not valuation excesses,” he said in a recent appearance on CNBC. “And there’s no bigger credit excess than in China.” He is planning a speech later this month at the University of Oxford to drive home his point.

    As America’s pre-eminent short-seller — he bets big money that companies’ strategies will fail — Mr. Chanos’s narrative runs counter to the prevailing wisdom on China. Most economists and governments expect Chinese growth momentum to continue this year, buoyed by what remains of a $586 billion government stimulus program that began last year, meant to lift exports and consumption among Chinese consumers.

    Still, betting against China will not be easy. Because foreigners are restricted from investing in stocks listed inside China, Mr. Chanos has said he is searching for other ways to make his bets, including focusing on construction- and infrastructure-related companies that sell cement, coal, steel and iron ore.


  199. Mocha says:

    Just saw the special “After Armegeddon”.

    Should I go with the .223 rimfire or the 5.56?

  200. sas says:

    i like to shoot .280 rifle.


  201. yikes says:

    that M14 looks powerful, as someone said earlier in this thread

  202. galgon says:

    WW4B Re: SFO

    Brenda’s French Soul Food has excellent breakfast. The beignets were amazing. I never thought crawfish for breakfast would be a good idea until I had their crawfish beignets. We went on a weekend and there was a line out the door. Not sure how it would be on a weekday.

  203. Jpasteurized says:

    Shore see (88) above.

    Frank, that house was on market (171) for 5 months — “on fire”?

  204. pledge to the flag? says:

    Who pledges allegiance to a piece of cloth? To the constitution? Sure. But a flag? Presidents do not pledge to support and defend the flag, they pledge to support and defend the thing that matters, the constitution.

  205. Safeashouses says:

    #196 sas

    the move to a cashless society let’s big banks make $ off the transactions. Also the food stamp debit cards may encourage people to focus more on the big box stores. The banks find another revenue stream, the big chains keep growing, mom & pop retail shops can’t compete.

  206. Shore Guy says:

    Thanks for the Times link info.

  207. Shore Guy says:

    The rush of folks to the west, was that just the RE version of lemmings running to the sea?

  208. Terc says:

    Yikes [207]

    The M14, to me, looks like a M1 Garand w/ a detachable magazine. Different caliber though. Every American should own at least one battle rifle and the M14 would be an excellent choice.

  209. blindjust says:

    Scribe (76)
    Deutsche Bank is Cary …
    RBC Centura
    Bank of America (Charlotte)

    Many of the IB’s moved from NYC to NJ (Jersey City) due to tax incentives. I’ve moved so many times over the past 9 years, I don’t unpack.

    The research triangle is popular because of the nearby universities and the salaries are about 20% lower than the NE.

    I’ve been offered a relo pkg to move down there and was quite tempted. However, with the 3rd child on the way, my preference is to be close to family.

    Cary is rather expensive for a decent plot but 15 mi outside and you can get a decent house for 400K.

  210. RoadTripBoy says:


    RE: To do’s in SanFran.

    If you like panoramic views, I recommend a little trip up to twin peaks. Need to drive or take a bus. It’s quite windy up there but you get a magnificent view of the entire city and bay.

  211. blindjust says:

    Oh and CARY is known as the “Containment Area for Relocated Yankees”.

  212. Barbara aka B-Cat says:

    That’s a lot, I have two short and glib responses.

    1. We are all overpaid

    2. America is a bubble

    but that’s not going to satisfy your post’s inquiries so I’ll give it a try.

    To be clear, I’m generally in line with the basic themes of this blog, that:

    a. real estate market is toast – breaking out of a colossal bubble, the bottom will be twice as low, partial recovery will take twice as long, 15-20 years.

    b. we haven’t hit bottom and the govt is prolonging the inevitable thereby increasing the pain.

    c. Banks have a stranglehold on governments, they are nefarious.

    With regards to the global economy,as I have said before, this train left the station in 91. The third world is getting a little richer, at the expense of the industrialized economies. When you are rock bottom, things can only get better. This is in contrast to – the bigger they are…Our angst is deeper, we have more to lose. Like I said, we’ve been overpaid.

    Here’s where I differ:
    Armageddon has been in effect, go get a late pass. Its not as if this country hasn’t seen civil unrest and economic collapse before, yet my ancestors who came up working poor in NJ, were not directly effected by it in their day to day. Riots? Been there. Labor camps? Done that. Food shortages? yep. Pandemics? yep. Assassination, civil war, check, check. Yet we managed to avoid eating babies and such, govt suffered but did not collapse.
    Unfortunately, any civil unrest will probably be drawn down lines of race and culture instead of the populist uprising that this country desperately needs, although we may get that populist rebellion in the form of strategic default. I find the possibility encouraging.

    I see an eventual positive outcome to a lot of this economic upheaval. If global corps/franchises go out of business, there will be a return to local economies (this time benefiting from new technologies) which will give third world countries a fighting chance at a better existence while returning us to a more sustainable pace economically and environmentally. Corporate culture takes a back seat to the human spirit. Call me an optimist.

    I support some prudent planning, both physically, financially and psychologically, but the daily conspiratorial hyperbole on this board adds up to nothing more than narcissistic self stroking. Most of the time it doesn’t bother me because I know people are stressed and facing very hard times, got to blow off steam, but within the last year I think this board has lost perspective.

    I’m done making a fool of myself, back to the guns, gold and fine wine.

  213. blindjust says:

    218 – Are you suggesting that employers pay employees in excess of the value they place on their services?

  214. Al "The Thermostat" Gore says:

    Barbara, you see the coming collapse as an opportunity to redistribute wealth and usher in a global government. While I would agree that Americans are over paid I seek a return to individual liberty and state sovereignty. Individual liberty and self reliance are the formula for prosperity government handouts are not. I owe no allegiance to the people of the world only a document created 200 years ago.

    The rights in that document are not given by man or government. They are given by God. I pity the fool that treads much further.

  215. Barbara aka B-Cat says:

    220. AL
    you first sentence is so innane, its pure fantasy. Your fantasy.

  216. Barbara aka B-Cat says:


  217. Safeashouses says:

    This blog is getting nuttier.

    People thought I was nuts saying we were in a housing bubble in 2003 and after it popped we would have a lower standard of living (people would keep cars for 5 to 8 years, kids would have to go to community college or live at home and commute to the local 4 year school, tv would get worse, peole would only be able to afford a fancy vacation every 3 to 5 years.)

    I guess the people I talked to don’t know most of the posters here.

  218. Barbara aka B-Cat says:

    219. its a global economy, so we are told, so wages must also be compared globally. We make more and pay far less % wise for food and housing compared to third world workers. I don’t have a problem with it, but we all know its not sustainable, the free market says so. We will have to settle for livin small, its going to find its level.

  219. willwork4beer says:

    Galgon & RTB

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Thanks go out to everyone for their help and input. I knew I could count on you folks.

  220. Mikeinwaiting "Bicep" says:

    Mini GTG last night Kettle , Wag & myself , had a nice time at Krogh’s. The Jets won while we discussed the end of the world as we know it, good times!
    Where are the pain killers ? Note to self to old to drink more than 2.

  221. PGC says:

    #221 Al

    I’m trying to work out if you are a Tea Party consumer or distributor. I suspect the latter. Either way why don’t you move to Texas and join the secession movement. I think that would be a win win for everyone.

    Don’t forget the true fight is to keep those government hands off Medicare.

  222. meter says:

    What militia are you in, Al G?

    All Christian right wing nut jobs need to realize that the separation of Church and State is a very part of that document you all keep wetting your pants over.

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