Deeper into the hole we go

From the Daily Record:

State revenues continue to fall short

State revenues continue to fall below projections, putting New Jersey in potentially tighter budget squeeze.

A new analysis by the nonpartisan Office of Legislative Services predicts that taxes and other revenue for the budget year that ends June 30 will be $402 million less than Gov. Chris Christie’s administration had expected.

The falling revenue won’t necessarily require immediate budget cuts, but it would largely eliminate the state’s current surplus of $500 million.

However, the OLS also estimates that revenue for the fiscal year that begins on July 1 will be $365 million less than the Christie administration projects.

Of the major state revenues, income taxes are experiencing the largest drop-offs, according to the OLS.

If those revenue projections prove true, then cuts beyond the already severe reductions proposed by Christie for the next fiscal year would be required to balance the state budget. The state Constitution requires the budget to be balanced every year.

From the Star Ledger:

Unexpected N.J. budget shortfall will likely force cutbacks

New Jersey’s budget picture is getting even uglier, with a projected $765 million shortfall during the next 13 months, according to figures to be released today.

An internal memo obtained by The Star-Ledger shows the bulk of the problem — $402 million, driven by a steep drop-off in income tax collections — must be dealt with before the current fiscal year ends June 30.

The state is also projected to bring in $365 million less than Gov. Chris Christie forecast in his already austere $29.3 billion budget proposal for next year, according to the memo by the nonpartisan Office of Legislative Services.

Sen. Paul Sarlo, chairman of the Senate budget committee, said the new figures were a “major setback.”

“I don’t believe anybody was expecting this,” said Sarlo (D-Bergen). “This is a significant, significant setback to the budget process.”

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333 Responses to Deeper into the hole we go

  1. grim says:

    From CNBC:

    Existing Homes Sales are Up-But Realtors are Still Down

    Today’s existing home sales report should have had analysts, experts, economists, and Realtors dancing in the streets.

    Sales were higher than expected, prices respectably up, but then there was that sticky inventory number that seemed to befuddle the Realtors’ chief economist Lawrence Yun:

    “The latest inventory increase is somewhat puzzling, because I had anticipated it steadily declining,” he said in an interview following the monthly presser.

    And then all the analysts reports came flooding in, which included the following adjectives:

    * “Troubling”
    * “Concerning”
    * “Not healthy”
    * “Not meaningful”

    I think this, from Credit-Suisse’s Dan Oppenheim, really sums it up:

    “Total months’ supply increased to 8.4 from 8.1 in March, driven by an 11.5% increase in absolute inventories. This reflects a larger increase than the typical 6% rise in inventories from March-April, as we think people listed more homes for sale in anticipation of tax credit demand and foreclosures continued to come on to the market. However, we think inventories are likely even higher, as the NAR does not fully capture total foreclosure levels.”

    The concern of course, nationally, is that all the positive numbers we’re looking at today, that is sales and prices, are all heavily influenced by the already-expired tax credit. The only number not under that spell is inventory, and that’s the one that went the wrong direction.

    “I can tell you exactly why the data shows an inventory increase,” real estate broker Frank Borges Llosa writes to me. “Sure there were some more buyers before the tax credit, but the interesting story was the flood of SELLERS trying to take advantage of the buyers trying to buy before the expiration. One of my agents that normally does one home a week, had five right before the tax deadline.”

    But we also saw sales in the West, much of which is California, fall despite the tax credit.

    “The figure that puzzles are sales in the West, where sales soared just before the first tax credit expired, but have hardly responded to the second tax credit,” writes Patrick Newport at IHS Global Insight.

  2. freedy says:

    i don’t believe anybody was expecting this.

    do they have accountants in trenton?

  3. serenity now says:

    Perhaps we can borrow $402 million from Kentucky!

  4. Cindy says:

    Pat – 110 Yesterday’s thread

    Six CA districts have come together to apply for the second round of funds. They represent an enrollment of 1 million. My district was included in the application because we are considered to be innovators and are already applying many of the required reforms.

    The application deadline is June 1st but we will not know anything until September.

  5. Final Doom says:

    serenity (3)-

    Better we borrow several million containers of K-Y.

  6. Final Doom says:

    Hillary and Erasherhead, touring China looking for some more kids to laugh at them.

  7. NJGator says:

    Watching CNBC with Stu and resisting the urge to giggle each time they say investors are fleeing to the safe haven of US treasuries and equities. How f’ed up is that? If we are the ‘safe haven’ with all our festering crap then it really must be game over.

  8. Final Doom says:

    Erasherhead: Euro situation not a threat to us.

    Summers: Euro situation a threat to us.

    Gonna be a long, hot Summer.

  9. Final Doom says:

    gator (8)-

    It’s the equivalent of floating at the top of the cesspool.

    All over now. Embrace the oblivion.

  10. Al Gore says:

    US nation debt passes the 13 trillion mark today. At least we accomished something. Expext to explode once the states get bailed out.

    It could be worse. You could have woken up in Seoul knowing 10 thousand artillery pieces are aimed at you a 4 foot vs of asian kagan.

  11. Al Gore says:

    Blackberry sry typos

  12. crossroads says:


    “Hillary and Erasherhead, touring China looking for some more kids to laugh at them.”

    I always thought Geithner looked like Beavis or Butthead

  13. Final Doom says:

    “David Stevens the boss at FHA made some comments today that caught my eye. The full story here. Some highlights:

    On the status of the US mortgage market:

    “This is a market purely on life support, sustained by the federal government.”

    FHA is now doing more business than both Fannie and Freddie. The reason is FHA is still offering 3.5% down payment mortgages. Mr. Stevens thoughts on this:

    “Having FHA do this much volume is a sign of a very sick system.”

    On the status of FHA’s “book”:

    “FHA has been taking steps to shore up its program after being left with “terrible portfolios” from 2007 and 2008.”

    The FHA, Fan and Fred now account for 90% of U.S. home lending. Stevens is right, the system is sick. An obvious way to decrease the percentage of the federal involvement in the mortgage market is for the Feds to stop lending money on terms the private sector would not. An easy way to achieve this is to reduce the geographic lending limits for all the D.C. lenders to where they were in 2007-08, that was about $417k. That number was goosed up to over $700k for a number of areas in 2009.

    The temporary limits will expire at the end of this year. After the shellacking that the “ins” are likely to take on the issue of “big government” this coming November it is likely that the temporary limits will be allowed to expire. At a minimum, significantly lower levels may be set.

    The good news is that the vast majority of states, towns and cities in the country will not be impacted. Their limits are already less than $417,000. The bad news is that the major metro areas will be hard hit. The following cities could see a drop in federal lending by as much as $300,000.

    Metro areas:
    San Francisco

    “They” are going to have to do something. It is not sustainable for the federal government to be 90% of the market. The head of the FHA has said so. Cutting the limits is an easy way to do it. Possibly a RE play is to barbell the country. Go long Chicago and Dallas and short both coasts. If that is too complicated, just go short.


    There are some areas where federal lending limits are “silly” high. To me it looks like a subsidy for rich people. When the limits are considered I would be surprised if there were not some adjustments. Key West, Nantucket and damn near every ski resort town in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming are over $700k, more than 3xs the national average. Possibly some additional short “fodder”.”

  14. freedy says:

    Texas Ranger bailout in the cards? led by,

  15. Final Doom says:

    freedy (15)-

    Kim Jong Il?

  16. Mr Hyde says:

    Anyone notice the FX markets last night?


    look at that HOT EUR/JPY action. I wonder what that means for the US markets..,

  17. still_looking says:

    So far, futures are down 238



  18. Mr Hyde says:


    someone better wake bergabe up so he can buy some EUR, and quick.

  19. Mr Hyde says:

    So last weeks EUR bailout was good for about 2 days…. Wonder what they try this week

  20. Shore Guy says:


    I hear they are going to do a bake sale.

  21. Final Doom says:

    hyde (17)-

    It means risk assets are going to be taken to the woodshed today.

  22. grim says:

    Top kill – They are going to stuff thousands of euros worth of Carrefore and Tesco gift cards Down European throats.

  23. Mr Wantanapolous says:

    “Deeper into the hole we go”

    Nothing new here. Floors are lowered, ceilings are raised.

  24. Mr Hyde says:

    What about some European bike paths?

  25. Mr Wantanapolous says:

    Europeans out en masse, saving NNJ real estate?

  26. Mr Wantanapolous says:

    “look at that HOT EUR/JPY action. I wonder what that means for the US markets..”


    Sarcastic question?

  27. freedy says:

    ecb and fed to the rescue? are they in the office yet

  28. SG says:

    Assembly Approves Bill To Jump-Start N.J.’s Housing Market With 2010 Tax Credit

    TRENTON – Legislation aimed at jump-starting New Jersey’s housing market by creating a tax credit for home purchases during 2010 was approved Thursday by the Assembly.

    The bill (A-1678) would establish the New Jersey Homebuyer Tax Credit Program under the New Jersey gross income tax for home purchases during calendar year 2010.

    Refundable tax credits would be allowed for up to $15,000 or 5 percent of the home purchase price, whichever is less, for homebuyers of new and previously owned homes.

    The total credits available would be capped at $100 million, with $75 million allocated for purchases of newly constructed homes not previously occupied and $25 million allocated for purchases of previously occupied homes.

    The bill was approved 66-8-3 and now goes to the Senate for more consideration.

  29. SG says:

    Gov: Budget cuts crucial for N.J. to stay afloat

    MORRIS TWP. — New Jersey was on its way to becoming Greece, a country swimming in debt after years of financial mismanagement, Gov. Chris Christie on Monday told a audience of nearly 200 North and Central Jersey leaders from government and non-profit organizations.

  30. Final Doom says:

    freedy (28)-

    Only Bergabe knows how to operate the magic printer.

  31. Final Doom says:

    One of these days, the PPT crew in the islands is going to refuse to come in off the beach.

  32. SG says:

    NJ governor unveils affordable housing proposal

    New development would be tied to affordable housing obligations. For every two to 10 new units built, developers would be required to pay 1.5 percent of the fair market value of the development into a municipal trust fund. The trust fund can use the money to provide offsite affordable housing in the town or in another city willing to take it.

    For new developments with more than 10 units, developers must set aside 10 percent for development of affordable housing or pay a 2.5 percent fee into a municipal housing trust fund.

  33. Final Doom says:

    SG (30)-

    Great. Now I understand why I kept having the urge to throw plates and chug Ouzo.

    So relieved that I’m back to eating raw fish and cold rice for breakfast. It’s a much easier way to slip into oblivion.

    Accept the darkness. Don’t fight it.

    “New Jersey was on its way to becoming Greece, a country swimming in debt after years of financial mismanagement…”

  34. Shore Guy says:

    It looks like, for the rest of the year anyway,we are officially out of the market for any additional home that does not have lots of land and a good water supply. The taxes are lower, the downside lower, and the utility higher. Recretion will occur on ships, islands, and the like.

    I have some business coming up in the islands and will take a look at the local RE markets but, for now, I don’t see us jumping in to save any sellers’ hides.

  35. Mr Wantanapolous says:

    “Great. Now I understand why I kept having the urge to throw plates and chug Ouzo.”


    Join the party.

  36. Shore Guy says:

    Deeper. Deeeeeeper.

    Hey if we keep digging, we will come out on the other side, right? Thus, the deeper we go into debt, the closer we are to emerging from our debt.

    It is so friggen simple folks. Get with the program. We need the Chunnel to Wealth.

  37. Shore Guy says:

    From the BBC:

    Euro worries prompt global stock market falls
    25 May 10 11:56 GMT

    Global stock markets have fallen heavily on Tuesday over continued fears about eurozone debt problems.
    At midday in Europe the FTSE 100 in London was down by 2.52%, Germany’s Dax index was 2.46% lower, while in France the Cac 40 index had dropped 3.17%.

  38. Cindy says:

    Obviously, I just don’t get it. You have two choices. Cut back, stop spending, austerity or implode. People, states, entire countries choose: implode.

  39. freedy says:

    Timmy keeps reassuring us .

  40. Shore Guy says:

    Maybe Timmy, BO, and Ben are fans of the Salem Witch Trials, aand Giles Corey in particular. Instead of urging “more weight” they are urging “more debt.” Of course things did not work out so well dor ol’ Giles but that is another matter.

  41. Shore Guy says:

    Maybe Timmy, BO, and Ben are fans of the Salem Witch Trials, aand Giles Corey in particular. Instead of urging “more weight” they are urging “more debt.” Of course things did not work out so well dor ol’ Giles but that is another matter.

  42. jj says:

    My favorite two new listings of the decade today!!!!!!

    Ocean Avenue Amityville, 1.15 million. Ron DeFeos old house where he murdered six family members and the next owners the Lutzs were hunted big time. AKA Ammityville Horrow House.

    ALso in East Meadow a nice ranch owned by Joel Rifkin, he used to bring his victims back to house and slaughter them in the basement. That one is only $424,500.

    Realtor listed one home as having and “interesting history” and the other as “historical”. Ha Ha.

    BTW PPT in the house watching open, but not yet pulling trigger.

  43. Shore Guy says:

    “Obviously, I just don’t get it”


    Being a retional and conservative economic actor in today’s environment is akin to being the only sober person at a party where people have been dropping acid. In their state of mind, the ones tripping believe in their current version of reality; however, to the sober, it is clear that those under the influence are out of touch with reality. One cannot reason with someone who is under the influence of LSD and one cannot reason with those under the influence of debt.

  44. Final Doom says:

    One can, however, short the crap out of everything.

    “One cannot reason with someone who is under the influence of LSD and one cannot reason with those under the influence of debt.”

  45. Cindy says:

    46 Shore

    Dude,’s the pits. Get me outta here.

  46. grim says:

    Sell in May and go away?

  47. NJGator says:

    Barbara – Just got an email forwarded to me from seller’s agent (one I posted about on Friday). Seller’s imaginary deal fell through. There was a contingency that “couldn’t be worked out”. They’re hoping we would like to make an offer.

    Quelle suprise.

  48. RentinginNJ says:

    There are 2 big problems when it comes to budget discussions involving the public; 1) it’s hard to comprehend really big numbers and 2) some people don’t seem to grasp the idea that government has the same budgetary constraints as anyone else.

    If we scale down NJ’s budget situation to the household level (the numbers presented are scaled down, but all proportional), it would look something like this:

    The Smith family spends about $100k per year. However, Mr. & Mrs. Smith only make about $90k. Between credit cards, cars loans and the balance on their mortgage, they are about $110k in debt. At the same time, the Smith’s have not been saving enough for retirement or college for the kids. They regularly skip 401k contributions and they promised their kids a free ride to college. If we look at where they should be in terms of saving for these big future expenses and add it to their debt, they are about behind by $585k (unfunded liabilities).

    While their financial situation was not great in the past, it got a lot worse when Mr. Smith’s hours were cut due to the recession. In the beginning, unemployment (i.e. stimulus money) helped fill the gap, but that money is gone now. Now the family is only making $66k per year, about $33k less than the $100k it currently spends.

    Of course, catching up on retirement or college savings is out of the question, so they will fall further behind and may never be able to catch up. At the same time, they are approaching the limits on their credit cards, so their ability to continue borrowing is limited and their credit score is suffering.

    The Smith’s have come to the realization that they must cut spending. They call a family meeting to discuss budget cuts. They inform the kids (i.e. teacher’s union) that things must change. The kids can be demanding and have seen their allowance grown handsomely over the past few years. The Smiths usually gave-in on allowance demands in order to keep the peace. While they get good grades, mom & dad can simply no longer afford to pay the biggest allowances in the neighborhood while their own incomes are dropping. They also tell the kids that they are going to have to contribute toward college. Other parents in the neighborhood realized the promise of free college was unsustainable a long time ago.

    The kids are incredulous, “it’s not fair!” stomps Ellorie. “This isn’t out fault, but now you’re punishing us!” protests Greydon, “cut someplace else”, they say. “Kids, we’re sorry, but we can’t keep spending $100k when we are only making $66k; the numbers just don’t add up”, explains mom. But the petulant kids don’t really understand and frankly don’t care. They just want their allowances back. Greydon suggests Ms. Smith ask her boss for a raise (Democrats proposed millionaire tax). After all, “he is a millionaire and can afford to help us keep our allowances”. However, Ms. Smith’s boss already pays better than most bosses and they would only squeeze another $2k out of him. This isn’t enough income to fill the $33k gap and they risk chasing him away and losing the income that they do have.

  49. Final Doom says:

    Sell in May and go to hell.

  50. Simply Ravishing HEHEHE says:

    Re Korea,

    It’s all posturing before the big US/China meet and greet that’s coming up. N Korea is one of China’s biggest cards in their deck. They sank that ship right before the last meet and greet.

    With the Euro collapsing and dollar strengthening the US is in a much better negotiating position, however short lived, hence the UN pressure etc on N Korea. I’d highly doubt you see anything serious arise from any of this.

  51. Final Doom says:

    rent (51)-

    Love it. Too bad that in the federal gubmint version of this allegory, there is a wonderful Wizard who has a magic printer that makes everything okay in the end.

  52. Final Doom says:

    bond vigilantes = flying monkeys

  53. freedy says:

    One now wonders how our investment strategy
    is working at the pension fund.

  54. freedy says:

    Does anybody trust anything that comes out
    of Washington?

  55. Final Doom says:

    Gold & silver options expiration today.

    A few morning margin calls/forced liquidations could help Jamie avoid a very nasty afternoon.

    Expect this to happen.

  56. Mr Hyde says:

    Wantanopoulous 27

    yes, sarcastic question.

  57. Mr Hyde says:


    trading FX while listening to metallica is a great combo

  58. Barbara says:


    Hillare! Its all so tiresome.

  59. Final Doom says:

    Try trading FX while listening to Metallica and drinking whiskey.

    I can confirm that this will make you both smart and rich.

  60. Mr Hyde says:


    how about this for some trading ambiance

  61. Libtard says:

    Case Shiller out.

    Prior Actual
    10-city, not SA – M/M -0.6% -0.4 %
    10-city, Seas. Adj. – M/M 0.1% 0.2 %
    10-city, not SA – Yr/Yr 1.5% 3.1 %

  62. Libtard says:

    Market futures in the toilet. 10 year was at $3.11 when we awoke to Bloomberg this morning. Anyone want to take some guesses on the VIX today?

  63. Libtard says:

    “In the US, the Case-Shiller Home Price Index rose 2.3% in Q1 year-on-year compared on a revised 0.7% annualized increase prior quarter. This fell short of analyst expectations of a 2.5% reading.

    The National Home Price index fell 3.2% in the first quarter, and 13 of the 20 MSAs covered by the index, as well as both composites, were down. The report discussed future growth in housing with a somber tone: “It is especially disappointing that the improvement we saw in sales and starts in March did not find its way to home prices. Now that the tax incentive ended on April 30th, we don’t expect to see a boost in relative demand.”

  64. Final Doom says:

    What would Mr. Wantanopoulous do?

  65. Mr Hyde says:


    yahoo finance does better FX charts then google. regardless, if they dont build some serious support under ERUJPY then its looks like 111 could become the new ceiling. I will be surprised if we dont see some sort of support action this week. Hopefully another chance to load up.

  66. Mr Hyde says:


    RE Austerity.

    You have to wonder about the human race sometimes. Everyone from asia, to north america has gotten habituated to free handouts. Now when it becomes crystal clear that the money simply doesnt exist to pay for these handouts everyone begins demanding that the empty promises be fulfilled while even a competent high school kid could do the math and see that Austerity is the only reasonable course of action. You can squeeze a stone as hard as you like, but the only blood you are going to get is from your own palm.

    As a species we certainly have the capacity for logic and reason, be we apparently only use it on holidays and leap years.

  67. Cindy says:

    72 – Kettle

    There isn’t any money!

  68. Mr Hyde says:

    Cindy 74

    Its worse then that. There isnt any money but there is a metric ton of debt. SO not only do we have to give up the handouts, but we have to keep paying the bill while receiving nothing in return.

    We have been living on credit for close to 25 years and it will take decades to clean that up.

  69. Final Doom says:

    Cindy (73)-

    O is WS’ bitch. Might as well rename him Bojangles.

    In fact, I think I will.

  70. Yikes says:

    stock market cratering. badly.

    thanks, Europe!

  71. Final Doom says:

    Go to ZH right now. Hilarious!

  72. Mr Hyde says:


    When they intervene this time, i wonder if they get even 48 hours out of the pump. Its like a junky who’s veins have all begun to collapse, desperately trying to find a new vein to shoot up in.

  73. Simply Ravishing HEHEHE says:

    not liking the new Bloomberg website

  74. Mr Hyde says:


    I wonder how long before we see tractors in Manhattan again? When they start having to cut some of the fat for real, the agriculture industry is going to get hit HARD.

  75. sas says:

    “Nothing new here. Floors are lowered, ceilings are raised.”

    yup. like I told you blokes. They just change definitions and life goes on..

    Go back to eating Doritos & your episodes of “Lost”.


  76. relo says:

    75: Agreed. Aspiring to be just flat broke as opposed to buried by debt is the new American Dream.

  77. sas says:

    i think the somali pirates & black-beard himself would do a better job than those BP knuckleheads to plug up that hole in the Gulf.

    Where is Sarah Palin now?


  78. Shore Guy says:

    9,879! Do I hear 9,500?

  79. Shore Guy says:

    lets just have Frito Lay ship a few containers of cholesterol to the Gulf. If it can glog aterties, maybe….

  80. Shore Guy says:

    clog, even

  81. jamil says:

    Uh, now who’d had thought of this happening?

    “Paychecks from private business shrank to their smallest share of personal income in U.S. history during the first quarter of this year, a USA Today analysis of government data finds.”

    Time to hire new Gov parasites and bail out more union pensions!

  82. relo says:


    For your trading pleasure, Germany’s finest export:

  83. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    Wow, an NYT op-ed without propaganda or revisionist history, and mildly critical of the administration.

    How did that one slip through?

  84. make money says:

    Shore (85)

    “This game’s in the refrigerator! The door’s closed, the lights are out, the eggs are cooling, the butter’s getting hard and the Jell-O is jiggling …”

  85. Shore Guy says:


    Methinks the Dems are getting ready to throw BO off the ship and into the Gulf a/k/a the Second Black Sea.

  86. Confused in NJ says:

    Pentagon to Test a Huge Conventional Bomb
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Friday, March 31, 2006

    A huge mushroom cloud of dust is expected to rise over Nevada’s desert in June when the Pentagon plans to detonate a gigantic 700-ton explosive — the biggest open-air chemical blast ever at the Nevada Test Site — as part of the research into developing weapons that can destroy deeply buried military targets, officials said yesterday.

    The test, code-named “Divine Strake,” will occur on June 2 about 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas in a high desert valley bounded by mountains, according to Pentagon and Energy Department officials.

    “This is the largest single explosive we could imagine doing,” said James A. Tegnelia, director of the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency, which is conducting the test.

    The test is aimed at determining how well a massive conventional bomb would perform against fortified underground targets — such as military headquarters, biological or chemical weapons stockpiles, and long-range missiles — that the Pentagon says are proliferating among potential adversaries around the world.

    Add oil well to usage.

  87. Shore Guy says:

    This headline made me think, we would hardly ever see see such a thing about the price of gas, eectronics, clothing, or whatever. There, price drops are a good thing, and overpaying is seen as a sin:

    Home Prices Remain Under Pressure

  88. Simply Ravishing HEHEHE says:

    “Divine Strake” – Bush is still naming weapons

  89. A.West says:

    Renting (51)
    Very good. Please post that everywhere the teachers union hacks post that story about how how this one teacher makes less money than that one guy he graduated with and now he has to buy pencils for the kids, and those teacher union pay raises are all for the children.

  90. jamil says:

    90 comrade: This is second time already. They exposed CT Senate candidate thug Blumenthal as another Kerry/Biden type of liar (“I served in Vietnam”). Anyway, I assume NYT wanted to do that early, so GOP could not do it closer to the election, so it was damage control.

    It has been fun to read exerpts from NYT lately, especially Tom Friedman, the nutty private jet owner living in his megamansion wasting more enery than half of African countries, who has been fantasizing about China’s dictatorship (“if we could do China’s system for one day”).

  91. A.West says:

    Shore (94),
    That’s because nobody ever counted on retiring on the sale of a tank of gas and the contents of their clothes closet.

  92. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [92] shore

    Won’t happen. The true progressive-DSA types are screaming like stuck pigs, but they knew in advance that they would be tossed under the bus from time to time. A portion of this is actually faux outrage, to give cover for the administration.

    The centrists, DLC types, are trying to keep O from appearing too ideological (remember a few months back when he denied being an ideologue? There’s an old saying—Nothing indicts like denial). Thus far, O has hewed more to the progressives, but has veered right from time to time, usually on things of little real consequence (though the drilling expansion bit him in the ass).

  93. LordJohnWarfen says:
  94. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [94] shore

    Deflation is back, courtesy of the greeks, but it won’t last. The more I see this admin doing, the more I am convinced that dollar devaluation or protectionism is in our futures, and that will have pronounced inflationary implications.

    So stock up on true durable goods, and things for your nompounds, as we won’t see these prices again. Personally, I am taking advantage of dollar strength and euro weakness to stock the cellar.

  95. Simply Ravishing HEHEHE says:


    I don’t agree with 90% of what you say, but undoubtedly Tom Freidman is an @ss.

  96. Mr Hyde says:


    Even in deflation, with lower prices, the affordability of items is likely to be lower then it currently is.

    Now is a good time to stock the core essentials regardless of inflation or deflation

  97. Jamal Van Jones says:

    propaganda or revisionist history = anything which does not agree with my version/opinion of events.

  98. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [100] LordJohn

    No, this is pathetic:

    ” Howell High School faculty member Regina McAllen criticized 101.5. . . .

    In her letter (the full text of which can be found on the Jersey 101.5 website), McAllen also emphasized that “I have never stated not meant [sic] to indicate that Big Joe Henry has spoken out against public education nor been unsupportive of the arts.”

    Yuck. That needs a few more [sic]s.

    For their sakes, I hope Ms. McAllen isn’t on the English faculty!

  99. jj says:

    There is two severe cases of deflation I know about inNJ.

    First Rex Ryan is deflating and second so are PSL prices.

    Mr Hyde says:
    May 25, 2010 at 10:54 am

    Even in deflation, with lower prices, the affordability of items is likely to be lower then it currently is.

    Now is a good time to stock the core essentials regardless of inflation or deflation

  100. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [104] Jamal,

    Well, at least you are honest.

    I think there is a future for you in journalism. I trust you would never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

  101. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [103] hyde

    I consider the products of Sancerre, Bordeaux, and Speyside to be core essentials.

  102. Simply Ravishing HEHEHE says:


    You and your Freedom Wine

  103. relo says:

    The younger of my teenaged sons and I had the distinct pleasure of being in Camden for a show over the weekend. What a learning opportunity on several fronts. We mutually concluded that bike paths weren’t going to cut it.

  104. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [110] relo

    Heck, if we can get them to accept bike paths, and release their grip on the taxpayer’s teat, I’m all for it.

    Besides, they will be useful. The bike paths can be used as patrol roads for the triple-row, razor wire topped, perimeter fence that will eventually surround Camden.

    Then the only person going in or out will be Snake Plisken.

  105. Libtard says:

    Hey Jamil,

    I heard that the tea baggers are having a giant rally on June 2nd about 90 miles North of Las Vegas. It’s at some military installation. I’ve got some frequent flier mileage I would be willing to donate to get you to this once in a lifetime event.

    Now that would be a ‘Divine Strike.’

  106. LordJohnWarfen says:

    Wonder why Jonny is not learning. Our kids are in the very best of hands.

  107. PGC says:


    Wouldn’t like to see you without an OpEd you can rant about.

    So what President Obama and his party now face isn’t just, or even mainly, an opposition grounded in right-wing populism. For grass-roots anger is being channeled and exploited by corporate interests, which will be the big winners if the G.O.P. does well in November.

    If this sounds familiar, it should: it’s the same formula the right has been using for a generation. Use identity politics to whip up the base; then, when the election is over, give priority to the concerns of your corporate donors. Run as the candidate of “real Americans,” not those soft-on-terror East coast liberals; then, once you’ve won, declare that you have a mandate to privatize Social Security. It comes as no surprise to learn that American Crossroads, a new organization whose goal is to deploy large amounts of corporate cash on behalf of Republican candidates, is the brainchild of none other than Karl Rove.

  108. NJCoast says:

    Wow with the song selections on this site today I feel like I’m working at The Starland Ballroom. Party on, Garth.

  109. Shore Guy says:


    What was it Shakespeare said about housing prices? Something like, “The fault dear Brutus lies not in our home prices but in our indebtedness.”

  110. Shore Guy says:


    You are goung to pass on that ec0-friendly “green” house huh?

  111. Shore Guy says:

    going, even

  112. NJCoast says:


    Yea. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m still shaking my head.

  113. Mr Hyde says:


    Here you go

    A personal favorite, also note it is somewhat based on the Fibonacci sequence. Perfect for trading!

  114. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [109] HEHEHE

    I will reserve a place for you at the Nompound. I will be needing field hands.

    Then you may get a sup from time to time.

    BTW, anyone hear the ads on AM radio for nompound sales in upstate NY? Good opportunities, but not the right state.

  115. Jamal Van Jones says:

    Ahh, the irony – it is sadly lost.

  116. Anon E. Moose says:

    Nom [111];

    Besides, they will be useful. The bike paths can be used as patrol roads for the triple-row, razor wire topped, perimeter fence that will eventually surround Camden.

    Just make sure the barbed wire extends off the top of the fence to both sides. That way you can make a colorable argument whether the fence is to keep people in or out.

  117. Fiddy Cents on the Dollar says:

    NJC —

    I saw your response about the Interlaken House of Horrors on the other thread…..yikes!! That’s some scary stuff.

    Has that house been empty since it was built a few years ago?

  118. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [114] PGC

    Hey, back off the sidelines, I see.

    I saw that (Krugman, right?), and while it is factually correct as to time, place, people, etc., it has the usual Krugmanian spin on motive, suggestive of the belief that when liberals do this, their motives are pure, and conservatives, well. . .

    If TSHTF, it won’t much matter. Then, should he stray into nompound or TEA party country, he will just be fertilizer.

  119. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [122] jamal

    “Ah, the irony. It is sadly lost”

    No it isn’t. Go back and read it again.

  120. jamil says:

    114 PGC:
    “whose goal is to deploy large amounts of corporate cash on behalf of Republican candidates, is the brainchild of none other than Karl Rove.”

    You are so right. I was sent here by GM trying to stir up sedition and opposition to O’s tax and control every aspect of people’s live strategy. Karl Rove sends me talking points what to say.
    Naturally, I’m a member of Right-Wing Conspiracy (we meet on Thursdays) that rules the world, and the target of what (to paraphrase O advisor Jarret) O will speak truth to power.

  121. Comrade Nom Deplume says:


    Just learned about Bowne and Donnelly from a contact at Command. Implications for your company?

  122. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [127] jamil

    Think we can get PGC a guest pass to the next VRWC meeting? He can pass for conservative-looking.

    I’ll let you mull on that. Gotta get back to work.

  123. chicagofinance says:
  124. Jamal Van Jones says:

    Go back and read it again.

    Reading and comprehension are two different things. Apparently, for lawyers, they are mutually exclusive.

  125. Libtard says:

    Old news Nom, but I appreciate your concern. Initially it is a net positive as customers have only two places to go instead of three. In the long run, not so good as RRD will probably gobble us up as well. Our company issued an enormous amount of debt about two year ago and used the money to pay out a dividend to our patient shareholders (we are privately held). Obviously, the real purpose of this dividend payment was to make our debt to capital ratio so ugly that RRD wouldn’t want to buy us out. Depending on our success going forward, RRD might consider buying us even with our massive debt.

  126. still_looking says:

    For a view from the side of a physician who was able to “throw off the yoke.” Read This, somewhat lengthy but sadly true tome.

    *** note: I didn’t write this…I’ve been a physician for only 17 yrs.


  127. d2b says:

    Flyers in the cup finals. Too bad the Blackhawks are so hot.
    That first goal by Richards was pretty awesome.

  128. jamil says:

    129: “Think we can get PGC a guest pass to the next VRWC meeting? ”

    I’ll ask Karl and Dick. See you on Thursday.

  129. Simply Ravishing HEHEHE says:

    looks like we’ll finish positive for the day!!! I knew there’s always a happy ending for the USA

  130. Libtard says:


    I actually called for the Hawks to win the cup this year. They were 12-1 prior to the playoffs.

    It’s all about whether or not the Flyers can get control of Byfuglien, the greatest hockey story since Gordie Howe. Once the Hawks gave him the green light to play his rink rat style of hockey, he’s been nothing less than amazing. I can’t believe they swept the Sharks. The Flyers are playing well and it’s never easy to get to the finals. But their path was the easiest I have ever remembered in recent history.

    For a great article on Byfuglien from 2005 (before he reached his current level of stardom).;col1

  131. Morpheus says:


    now I am picturing nom sitting on the front porch of his plantation home looking like Col. Sanders.

    Sir, if you need an overseer for your “indentured” female fieldhands, I am happy to offer my services.

  132. dan says:

    What a surprise. Krugman writes an “More power for Obama, academics and opinion writers” article at the expense of people who work in private industry.

  133. Mr Hyde says:

    Nom, Morpheous

    Indeutred servitude is all the rage, look at TD banks recent Australian push i posted yesterday for the forever IO loan

  134. Mr Hyde says:


    Artwork for the nompound:

  135. Mr Hyde says:

    Dont F with coookie monster

  136. Final Doom says:

    Die, market, die!!!!!

  137. PGC says:


    Not really back in, just skimming the surface.

    Leaving ideology aside, the facts in the article are the most frighting. The corporations have found their way off the island. They are priming the pump (thank you John Roberts) for unprecedented political spending. Dick Armey has given them the perfect vehicle to deliver. It seems the only sensible voice left in the GOP is Michael Steele with his STFU message to the base. I don’t think the GOP will do well in November.

  138. PGC says:

    #127 Jamil

    “Karl Rove sends me talking points what to say”

    And I thought you had to put Sister Sarahs speeches through your Ovaltine decoder ring.

  139. Final Doom says:

    PGC (144)-

    Dems, Repugs…all the same. Most of Congress deserves to be lined up against a wall and executed in November.

  140. Mr Hyde says:


    You might find this interesting regarding states V federal rights (LA wants to build temporary dredge barriers, Feds say NO)

    [The State of Louisiana Attorney General] Caldwell advised Lt. Gen. Robert L. Van Antwerp, commanding general of the Corps, that under the U.S. constitution the federal government does not have the legal authority to deny a state the right to conduct such emergency operations to protect its citizens and territory.

  141. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [141] hyde


    On a serious note, this property, which is ideally situated, actually is advertised as a “private family compound.”

    Drawbacks are cost versus acreage, and the fact that acreage is completely timbered. Otherwise, it might actually be worth a look.

  142. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [147] hyde

    Yawn. That is a battle fought every day, especially with the Corps. Outside of DoD, they are probably the most litigated department in the USG.

  143. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [138] morpheus

    Colonel Sanders, indeed! I am younger and prettier. Think Robert Duvall’s character, Hup McCann, from “Secondhand Lions.”

    And yes, you’d be a fine choice as overseer. Kettle too, as he has a slave state background (kidding, PGC, don’t go all Rand Paul on me).

    On serious side, how’re things in your shop?

  144. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [131] jamal

    “Reading and comprehension are two different things. Apparently, for lawyers, they are mutually exclusive.”

    I didn’t know you were a lawyer. And what exactly aren’t you comprehending? Maybe I can help.

    (and are you getting this yet!)

  145. Mr Hyde says:


    Actually, one branch of my family traces back to one of the larger plantation families in the deep south.

  146. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [141] hyde

    I was thinking more along the lines of “Dogs playing poker” or a black velvet Elvis.

    I remember when some gas stations in Mass. weren’t open on Sundays, and “artists” would sell black velvet dreck at the stations. Once, I passed one and didn’t see an Elvis, so I yelled “Hey, don’t you have Elvis?”

    The guy reached behind the others and held up an Elvis. I yelled back “Just checking.”

  147. PGC says:

    #133 still

    I think the only sensible voice in that article and comments was Cecille.

    Not one word in that about the insurance companies. That’s skirting the line between double standards and hypocrisy

  148. Mr Hyde says:


    Re art; I liked the juxtaposition of Madmax Cookie Monster.

  149. Morpheus says:

    shop appears to be doing fine. Every time I have to go to court, both plaintiff’s bar and defense bar are bitching about their offices. Apparently, we are all in the same boat–cutbacks everywhere, insufficient staff,ect. One attorney who was laid off has found employment–However, there were only 4 listings in the entire state of NJ for his area of expertise.

    Thus, must learn to keep mouth shut. Grass is certainly not greener on the other side.

    On a side note, been doing a little reading on gun laws. very interesting reading.

    too tired to proofread.

  150. Final Doom says:

    “A few days ago we wondered if Tim Geithner was a pathological liar, an idiot or just confused. Today we may be one step closer to getting the answer. In an unprecedented gesture of magnanimity, also known as an expression of the US banking cartel’s control over the world, the Treasury Secretary will advise Europe to conduct the same sham exercise in fraud and lies, as America did when it conducted its own Stress test, which found that all US banks are perfectly solvent (as long as they all have direct access to the Fed printing press). Geithner’s thinking is that once Europe also “realizes” that each and every bank is “perfectly viable” despite all the evidence to the contrary, that investors will say “boy, we sure look like idiots being worried, when the very credible EU itself says everything is fine.” Of course, this is the opposite of what will happen. It does, however, bring questions to the legitimacy of our own stress test, which as everyone knows was a well-engineered goal seeked sham designed to do nothing but to also fool investors into a false sense of calm that the ponzi still has some life in it.”

  151. Juice Box says:

    Frank is right! Hoboken esta en el fuego!

    1028 Willow Ave sold 2.3 million.

  152. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [155] hyde

    Was that Mad Max? couldn’t tell.

    BTW, remember the discussion of a Canadian Nompound? This would require multiple investors, but at $100CDN per acre, it is absolutely doable, and would all but assure PR status in Canada.

  153. Awesome information and I’m glad I found you through Gogle, Your stuff is the best!

  154. jj says:

    Some Fed banks sought discount rate hike

    Isn’t a discount rate hike an oxymoron?

  155. jj says:

    Joel David Rifkin (born January 20, 1959) is an American serial killer who murdered 18 sometimes he would take his victims back to the house where he lived Now you too can own this East Meadow expanded ranch where serial killer Joel Rifkin used to live, for only $424,500.

    That works out to only $23,000 a victim, what a bargain.

    Now the amitville house I think is even creepier, cause the house itself makes you kill people, but it is a nice looking house.

    It has been reported that in the early morning hours of November 13, 1974, Butch left the second floor TV room and grabbed his .35 Marlin Rifle. While his parents and four younger brothers and sisters were sleeping he methodically shot and killed each one of them. He entered his parent’s bedroom first, instantly killing his father Ronald DeFeo with two shots to the lower back. His mother Louise was awakened by the gunfire but before she had a chance to react Butch proceeded to fire two bullets into her chest. Since the bodies of his four younger brothers and sisters were all found in their beds, it appeared that they were not awakened by the shots. His two younger brothers, John and Mark, were his next victims. Standing between their beds in the room the two young boys shared, he fired one shot at close range into each of their bodies. Finally, he entered the room of his sisters Dawn and Allison. Dawn was the closest in age to Butch, and Allison was in grade school with John and Mark. Butch did not hesitate when he fired two shots into their heads, killing them instantly. The police reported that all six victims were found on their stomachs with their heads resting on their arms

  156. still_looking says:

    PGC, 154

    (not me, but I could write this just the same…)

    About 50% of the patients I take care of do not pay, or barely pay (Medicaid). I don’t mind taking care of the poor who legitimately need help. I DO mind taking care of those who just USE the system. You may not have a large percentage of these folks in your practice, but I do.

    I commend you for being happy with your lot in life. But I chose my life, I have a family, and I don’t make an exorbitant salary. I have to work every month to pay my bills just like everyone else and I’m tired of being demonized because a few medical specialists make a lot of money.

    I hadn’t even gotten to the comments section as yet. But did you also notice that the topic of tort reform is not even broached by Oboma?

    I’m finally submitting to “the Doom” and embracing the oblivion.


  157. Sas3 says:

    still #166

    How much of a difference tort reform makes in the earnings? There would still be some need for malpractice insurance, right? What is the extra cost in the premiums [or what would the savings be]?

    The blogger also claims that while he knows physicians that are hurting, he is not one of them.

    Personally, I will believe sob-stories of physicians when I see at least one of them driving an old, beat up car. All board certified physicians I know are doing very very well (many of them are non-specialists).

    It sort of looks bad like when wall street guys were complaining of taxes on bonuses, or when Fox kept saying “a million is really not a lot of money”.

    Disclaimer. This is not a demonization of doctors, but addressing the tone that somehow doctors are starving.

  158. jamil says:

    PGC: “They are priming the pump (thank you John Roberts) for unprecedented political spending.”

    You are delusional. Last time O got more donations than anyone ever on this planet, most of it from large corporations, trial lawyers, unions, Wall Street and Big Oil (O is the largest recipient of BP cash in history).
    Corporate money has gone largely to dems for some time. He also got a lot of money from foreign sources (website did not check where the money come from). This is illegal, but guess DOJ will investigate it?

    Freedom of speech is a fundamental constitutional right, and letting leftist government official to “regulate” is (to paraphrase hyperbolic Shore) biggest threat to this country since 1860s.

    For leftists, it is perfectly fine that Saudis give $100M to Clinton family while Hillary is running for office, but they like to rant against “foreign funding”.

  159. Simply Ravishing HEHEHE says:

    big rally baby come one, must finish positive!!! MUST!!! BE AMERICAN!!!

  160. New in NJ says:

    Whoever posted the Canadian property can’t multiply. 369 acres for CAD$359,000 is not $100 per acre.

  161. jj says:

    So for fun I put in a low ball cash offer on house I never actually visited but saw on-line. Realtor tells me she has no problem putting in offer but she wants me to see house first and show proof of cash. I tell her I am a very busy man and don’t have time to look at house in person, then I say when Kelly Rippa or Derrick Jeter are house hunting realtors don’t ask them for proof of cash and I find it highly insultive that I have not yet met you and already you don’t trust me.

    That was most fun I had all day. I bid $495,000 under asking price. Me so bad.

  162. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [170] new

    You’re right. It said $100 on the website, and I didn’t check their math.

  163. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [161-63] hyde

    Geez, you get to be the site researcher!

    Interesting maps–I see that there is no lakefront frontage for the large parcel. That’s too bad because one would want a nearby water source that one could tap into. Also, I question whether there are any restrictions on the property that would prevent clearing and farming.

  164. jj says:

    Superbowl annoucement at 4:01!!!!! And you guys are talking about canadian land

  165. Sas3 says:

    Nom, never thought you would be rushing away from a “going socialist” country into the arms of a “gone socialist” country.

  166. Simply Ravishing HEHEHE says:

    We’re going to be positive. Imagine that. Good thing that the casino isn’t fixed.

  167. Simply Ravishing HEHEHE says:

    Come on Bergabe!!! BUY BUY BUY!!!

  168. relo says:

    174: Yeah, SB XL was a real boon for Detroit. Pass.

  169. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [175] sas3

    I believe in the pendulum shift, and while Canada is quasi-s0cialist, they tend to exemplify american values better than we do at times. Further, as the US declines, Canada will be there to cherry pick the best businesses and citizens, leaving the dregs in the US. Also, their tax structure isn’t nearly as s0cialist as our is, let alone what it is becoming. So I fully expect Canada to be well to the right of the US in just a few short years, and full of expatriate americans.

  170. Mr Hyde says:

    With all the EUR that bergabe has been buying lately he must be planning one heck of a european tour

  171. Mr Hyde says:


    Dont forget Canada has a resource based economy not a service based economy. they may fall as well, but their floor is higher then the floor under the US economy.

    Also note that the Canadian housing bubble is still in at peak conditions, so any RE prices are inflated.

  172. Sas3 says:

    Nom, and with if there is significant global warming, Canadian weather may improve.

    I doubt Canada will (at least in the next few decades) be right of US, at least not in social matters.

  173. Juice Box says:

    JJ you low balling in Glen Clove?

  174. Jason says:

    Operation: Keep DOW above 10,000, successful. Back to the Martini’s on the Beach. Whew!

  175. make money says:

    ladies and gentleman put your hands together and give it up for the PPT. This was an epic performance. Tomorrow they will focus back on the Euro.

  176. jj says:

    Cold Spring Harbor/Laurel Hollow/Garden City/RVC and Manahasset are where I am willing to low ball any four bedroom plus house on a nice lot and street. Looking for short sales, foreclosures, estate sales etc.

    I don’t like the Glenn Cove schools and the commute to the city is horrible plus you waste ten to fiften minutes just driving up to northern blvd for shopping.

    Juice Box says:
    May 25, 2010 at 4:04 pm
    JJ you low balling in Glen Clove?

  177. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    Meadowlands win Super Bowl

    In other news, New Yorkers/Jerseyans now more insufferable than usual.

  178. Mr Hyde says:


    I dont know how accurate this is but if it is accurate, you might get very busy int he near future:

    The Financial Regulation bill “would create the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection and empower it to “gather information and activities of persons operating in consumer financial markets,” including the names and addresses of account holders, ATM and other transaction records, and the amount of money kept in each customer’s account.

  179. jj says:

    Super Bowl XLVIII will be played at New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

  180. jj says:

    NJ rocks baby!!!!!! Now Jets/Giants can sell some more PSLs to pay back NFL for loan.

  181. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [181] hyde

    It is that resource-base that I am relying on. Also, they don’t have the human detrius problems that the lower 48 do.

    [182] sas3

    I don’t care if they let gays marry so long as taxes are lower relative to the US. Gun laws more restrictive though. That is a concern, but only if Canada imports the worst aspects of US life.

  182. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [188] hyde

    The issue is whether the banking regulators can share information with tax authorities. Right now, IRS can get records from a bank under the incredibly misnomered Right to Financial Privacy Act, so it makes little diff if the subpoena goes to the OCC rather than the bank.

  183. jj says:

    gays and guns?

  184. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [182] sas3

    And I did consider the weather and global warming, especially for future generations.

  185. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [194] JJ

    Oh god, only you could marry the idea of guns and gay sex.

  186. meter says:

    @181, 191:

    “Dont forget Canada has a resource based economy not a service based economy…”

    Yeah, currently. However, you’re ignoring the fact that the US has an abundance of arable land and a longer growing season than Canada.

    Also, it doesn’t take much to transition from a service-based economy to a resource-based economy. I have a strong suspicion that’s what future generations will be forced into anyway.

  187. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [190] jj

    How do PSL holders benefit from this news? It isn’t as if they get a seat to the Super Bowl that they can sell.

  188. meter says:

    I also expect Canada to shut its borders tightly once citizens start getting wind of the gun/Christian/far right-wing wackos poisoning their country.

  189. Jamal Van Jones says:

    (and are you getting this yet!)

    OMG! You made a funny!!!

  190. chicagofinance says:

    Yikes and Pat:

    I have a friend who is going to be down in Yardley with his family at about 11AM on Sunday. We are going over there to eat/spend 2-3 hours or so.

    Any suggestions for what to do? The group will be two married couples and 4 kids ranging from baby to 10 years.

  191. Al "Fat Thumbery" Gore says:


    Embrace the oblivion and take solace in the thought that all those worthless tit suckers will face the wrath of the IMF.

    The future belongs to those who own the gold.

  192. Al "Fat Thumbery" Gore says:

    Speaking of which. Im going with the following bullion miners.

    and a couple other little surprises.

  193. Anon E. Moose says:

    ChiFi [200];

    Not much fun for the parents, but the kids should like Sesame Place if they are at all acquainted with the franchise. It might even be warm enough for the kids to get use of the water rides.

    Parx Casino (nee, Philadelphia Park Racetrack) has slot machines, and if you can find it, a horse track as well.

    Other than that, there’s not much IN Yardley per se.

  194. Barbara says:

    130. Chifi
    I promise to never make fun of your favorite band, Wang Chung, again. Can’t we be friends?

  195. relo says:

    How long before they make these in 24k gold or come out with the “Nompound” series?

  196. chicagofinance says:

    Moose: would going up to Lambertville be a better idea? Grab food and walk on the waterfront?

    Anon E. Moose says:
    May 25, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    ChiFi [200];

    Not much fun for the parents, but the kids should like Sesame Place if they are at all acquainted with the franchise. It might even be warm enough for the kids to get use of the water rides.

    Parx Casino (nee, Philadelphia Park Racetrack) has slot machines, and if you can find it, a horse track as well.

    Other than that, there’s not much IN Yardley per se.

  197. relo says:

    Ha. This sums everything up quite nicely.

  198. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [205] relo

    Classic! I am LMAO here!

    Gotta do the dad thing. Hasta manana.

  199. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [198] meter

    “I also expect Canada to shut its borders tightly once citizens start getting wind of the gun/Christian/far right-wing wackos poisoning their country.”

    What makes you think Canada is a liberal shangri-la? Their demographics are very much like the US.

    Anyway, that’s why I advocated applying for PR status NOW!

  200. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [199] jamal

    “OMG! You made a funny!!!”

    Indeed, as do you. Whether you try or not!

  201. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    Okay, schooled the libs a bit, so now I can split for day care.

  202. meter says:

    I don’t personally want to live in a redistributionist society but I also want to be free from political ideologues and religious zealots.

    Any society that puts Sarah Palin up on a pedestal (for example) deserves whatever it gets.

  203. freedy says:

    Sesame Place: take a hand gun with you .

  204. Pat says:

    Sesame Place might be stressful if you need to squeeze it into two hours with 4 kids. It takes 20 minutes just to park and walk over to the ticket booth with 4 kids. I used to have the season passes for after daycare, but Grace knew she could only do three things in the park. That took 1.5 hours.

    I might take them to Pennsbury Manor if it’s going to be a nice day like today.

  205. Pat says:

    freedy, go back in the cave.

  206. Trenton Makes says:

    216 in mod? Not enough ***?

  207. Shore Guy says:

    I am not of the tinfoil-hat crowd but, it seems really odd how every time the market drop below 10,000, of late, a late rally pushes it just above.

  208. Pat says:

    why does that seem really odd?

  209. still_looking says:

    Sas3, 167

    I know plenty of docs who graduated with huge loans, earning a pittance (ie pediatricians, non-specialized internal medicine) after finishing residency.

    I drove a 1989 (yes beat up) Cutlass Ciera that my dad gave me when I started my first job. When I hit a deer, I didn’t even have collision on it — paid $900 to get it fixed and drove it til it died.

    I was paying off a modest $92,000 student loan tab while living in a three room 900 sq ft apt. for 6 yrs after residency to get the loan off my back.

    In my field we endure the whims of insurance companies and gov’t alike. We are mandated to see and treat EVERYONE who shows up.

    Outside gigs (docs in the box) cherry pick the insured and after wallet biopsying the ill, send the under/uninsured to our department to deal with.

    I recall earlier writing about my tabulation of insured to under/uninsured/charity care etc. It varies from 30% or so to a max of up around 40-50%.

    If you are a lawyer you aren’t obligated to represent everyone who shows up at your door. Restaurants don’t have to feed anyone. Stores, movie theaters, taxis aren’t mandated to entertain or transport anyone.

    On any given day I can treat a person who tells me “No job, no insurance, no nothing.” and is draped in enough gold, cell phones, bling and waltzes in with bags of takeout food – and is the first to complain about why I was seeing a chest pain patient before them.

    That’s my rant. Probably no different than the writer’s rant. Same as it ever was.


  210. Fabius Maximus says:

    #166 still

    O offered up Tort Reform in Febuary (much to the chargin of the Trial lawyers). It was put up to try and get some GOP to sign off the healthcare reform bill. They declined.

    For me Tort reform goes two ways while medidal malpractive could be looked at, letting big corporations off the hook for negligence for me is a No No. From vi0xx, Crestor, Asbestos and smoking. Ther is a p[lace for the litigation.

  211. Fabius Maximus says:

    #168 Jamil

    Again you seem to be drinking FactLite. The record BP contributions were from BP employees and not the company. Thats Joe and Jane Roughneck ponying up the cash.

    Politifact sums it up nicely.

    So by way of review: Obama got more during the campaign from BP employees than McCain did; but McCain got significantly more from the oil and gas industry as a whole. BP has spent a lot of money lobbying since Obama became president, but that money has gone to Democrats and Republicans alike — and most often to those on energy-related committees.

    “They (oil industry contributors) play both sides of the aisle,” said Bender. “The money goes to whoever is in power. They want to be at the table talking.”

  212. meter says:

    Doctors who complain about pesky government intervention would do well to consider that, if not for the monopoly rents they are able to charge courtesy of the AMA in the first place, they’d have a much more competitive marketplace to deal with.

    I would expect an Ayn Rand disciple to understand that.

  213. Fabius Maximus says:

    Meadowlands win Super Bowl

    Its sad, driving past and watching the old stadium start to come down.

  214. Jamal Van Jones says:

    Okay, schooled the libs a bit, so now I can split for day care.

    LMAO! That about sums you up perfectly. Mission Accomplished!

  215. Jamal Van Jones says:

    I would expect an Ayn Rand disciple to understand that.

    Randians want no govt intervention in anything except where they would benefit from it. Case in evidence, Rand Paul. Wants the government to cut everything except Medicare, coz, well, he is a doctor.

    If the govt cut medicare, then doctors will have to either lower their costs or compete with other doctors who will chase an increasingly shrinking pie of people who can afford the outrageously expensive health care.

  216. House Whine says:

    219-still looking- May I say, I think you deserve to rant away. You must be one tough cookie. I hope you at least enjoy some of your work, some of the time.

  217. Shore Guy says:


    I agree that docs can get run through the wringer, well, primary-care physicians, anyway. That said, your point about lawyers, etc, is somewhat off base inasmuch as so much of the medical infrastructure, including graduate medical education, is paid for by the government, and that is not the case for lawyers, etc.

  218. Al "Fat Thumbery" Gore says:

    None of it matters. The horsemen of the apocaplypse are on the move and its too late to stop them.

    Medicare? lmao. Youll be scraping old folks off the street. Medicaid? lmao let them rot in FEMA camps. Obama care? lmao it bailed out the insurance and Pharma companies. Pensions? lmao Corzine and Whitman Goldman Sached your funds. Social Security? fuggedhaboutit.

    The unemployed youth will have a nice tidy war to fight for 4 hots and a cot. Then they will realize that they are pawns in a game and be sent into a meat grinder.

    Its all a waiting game. Waiting for someone to kick this show off.

  219. Fabius Maximus says:

    #219 Still

    I would have thought you would be all for Doc in a box. The perfect example of free market in action.

    Its funny that your description of Doc in a box mirrors the school voucher system. Charter schools cherry picking the best, brighest ad most able to pay and throw the rest ack into the public pool.

    Part of the reason you see such a high percentage of uninsured and Medicare is that a lot of people with private health insurance will avoid the wallet stripping, a trip to the ER involves. I can get in an out of Doc in a box on a Sunday afternoon for basic triage for less than the copay I have to pony up the moment I walk through the doors of the ER

  220. still_looking says:

    House, 226 – thanks.

    I do enjoy my work. It’s the bureaucracy that bothers me. At least I’m sticking around for now. I know plenty of awesome diagnosticians and clinicians that are hanging it up (retiring) or changing their practices to reflect their reimbursement — cutting staff, cutting hours and scaling back — like any business under financial stress and for their own well-being.


  221. Shore Guy says:

    Where the heck does the Mexican government get off telling us not to go after illegals who break the law when the sneak across the border?

  222. still_looking says:

    FM, 229

    Uh, sure. And if they suspect you have appendicitis — they’ll xray you (plain abdominal xrays that expose you to radiation and do nothing,) do labs that we will ultimately have to repeat, and up-code your bill to reflect the “increased severity” of your illness.

    Then you come to us and we start over, order the proper test that you’d need (a CT) and after diagnosing you, get your appendix taken out.

    And you get to be billed twice. Sure. Everything is simple until it’s not.

    I would prefer the less ill go to “doc in the boxes” – It allows me the real time I need to take care of the critically ill patients and explain to their families what’s going on.

    The time factor is what everyone complains about. Everyone wants an hour with the doctor — unfortunately in that hour he or she is caring for the other 5 people that they are required by law to take care of for free.

    Which brings me to Shore…


  223. still_looking says:


    Through the course of my career, I have paid the money that the government “paid” my training hospital over more than ten-fold.

    And I’m only in my 10th post residency year. If I work another 20 yrs — well, you do the math… who got the bargain in that deal?

    Meanwhile — we see lawsuit after lawsuit that push most of us in the direction of “ordering everything” and “consult everyone” to cover ass. Yes. We do that. We do.

    Costly? In ways you can’t even imagine.

    Problem is that *now* that is what’s become expected. Got chest pain? Well, ekg (electrocardiogram) and cxr (chest xray) and blood work and intravenous line and additional testing are all de rigueur.

    If I even try to send someone out, they say, “aren’t you going to do [fill in the blank test??]” Of course, then there is “patient satisfaction issues as well…yet a whole other diatribe.

    Years ago you told a patient they were fine, they believed you.. now 15 mins on the internet and everyone is a doctor.

    I’m sure you have had your experiences with the pseudo-lawyer, wanna-be-one clients… I can’t believe you guys are immune to that.

    /rant off.


  224. still_looking says:

    meter, 222


    Thanks! I needed a good laugh!


  225. Shore Guy says:


    I do not disagree that the system engourages, well, all but requires, excess procedures. I also believe that people have an unrealistic expectation that EVERYTHING will ALWAYS work. The courts need to be able to toss out many suits early in the process.

    That said, the government money spent on medical infrastructure extends to hospital buildings, equipment, etc.

    True enough, the government provides court houses, for the legal community, but only a minute fraction of the law occurs in court.

  226. Shore Guy says:

    As for everyone being a Dr. This issue extends to cretive fields as well:

  227. Shore Guy says:

    It seems that everyone believes that they can do what everyone else does, better, and at a lower cost. God help us all.

  228. Al "Fat Thumbery" Gore says:



    For what its worth in the Middle East scenario. Cavalry scout snipers are working in Iran eliminating Iranian troops lobbing mortars over the border.

  229. Shore Guy says:


    Just for the record, we pay every cent of our insurance costs (as both employee and employer), to the tune of close to $20,000/year (for healthy people with no conditions), and we pay every non-covered expense at the time of service or within a day or two of being billed.

  230. Shore Guy says:

    “Cavalry scout snipers are working in Iran eliminating Iranian troops lobbing mortars over the border”

    It is important for snipers to get practice.

  231. still_looking says:

    Shore, 236

    Hell, I’ll go you one step further:

    There is an overarching lack of respect for just about any field, arts or science.

    People in general have no respect for anyone.

    We have become a frankly rude society altogether. Or maybe my cynicism is just showing.


  232. meter says:

    @234, sl –

    You’re welcome for the chuckle. A slap in the face of reality sometimes elicits strange reactions in people.

    I’m sure you hadn’t even considered what your free market, government-get-your-hands-out-of-my-pocket jedi master, Ms. Rand might have to say about your indirect ‘arrangement’ with the government. The arrangement by which you basically extort money from the public each and every day you show up to work – albeit, indirectly.

    Mises, the org I cited is pretty closely in line with Rand’s way of thinking in case that point needs to be made:

    Just thought I would point out your college freshman mistake of accepting everything you read without really considering its application in your own life.

  233. meter says:

    Oh, and in case it needs to be stated I’m happy there is an AMA and that minimal credentials need to be earned in order to practice medicine.

    The government isn’t all bad. However, like everything in life, too much of anything is a bad thing.

  234. meter says:

    That should have read “a minimum of credentials”…

  235. Yikes says:

    Clot, you MUST read this (and others, too). Remember, Rio gets the Olympics in a few years. how many kidnappings will there be? (when you read the full piece, you’ll be shocked by the weapons these guys have – some gun that shoots 500 rounds a minute)

    Unlike the export-based drug cartels of Colombia or Mexico, Rio’s gangs are wholesale importers—of cocaine from Bolivia, Peru, and Colombia, and of marijuana from Paraguay—as well as managers of their own retail distribution networks. At least a hundred thousand people work for the drug gangs of Rio in a hierarchical structure that mimics the corporate world. The state is almost completely absent in the favelas. The drug gangs impose their own system of justice, law and order, and taxation—all by force of arms. Rio is the top-ranked city in the world for “violent international deaths,” with just under five thousand murders last year, at least half of which were drug-gang related. Two decades after the collapse of Communism the region’s Marxist guerrillas have disappeared, only to be replaced by violent drug mafias.

    Read more:

  236. Shore Guy says:

    What experiences, good and bad, do folks here have with various flat-screen TV brands? I need a smallish one for a particular application, say 40 inches or so.

  237. Shore Guy says:


    Rudeness is the new courtesy. Also, it is okay to allow your cynicism to show, as long as it is clean and does not clash with your clothes.

  238. Al "Fat Thumbery" Gore says:

    LG50 42 in LCD 1k +taxes. I read consumer reports about them and it was rated a best bang for the buck. Had it delivered from some place in Florida. Bought it back when I watched tv. Now Im trying to convince my wife to cancel it.

  239. Al "Fat Thumbery" Gore says:


    At least your not a new grad medical student with 300k debt and no hope of ever paying it off.

  240. jamil says:

    The Left wants us to adopt “European way”. Unfortunately, they mean Spain, Greece or Sweden of the 1970s.

    “Not every recession-hit country in Europe is like wayward Greece, Portugal and Spain.
    Lithuania more than a year ago firmly faced up to the economic crisis and took stern measures. Government spending was slashed by 30%. Public-sector salaries were cut 20% to 30%. And pensions were knocked down an average of 5%. The prime minister himself took a pay cut of 45%. Yes, some taxes were raised, and the corporate rate was hiked from 15% to 20%. But then it was knocked back to 15% in January. And Lithuania’s flat tax–also 15%–was left alone. Amazingly, Lithuanian unions went along with the government’s policies. There were no street riots à la Greece.

    Lithuania is now showing positive growth again

    And, as were Lithuania and Latvia, Ireland was hit hard by the global recession. But unlike Greece, Spain and Portugal, it didn’t wait for a collapse before taking tough structural measures, including public-sector pay cuts. Ireland also had to fight back efforts by the tax-loving EU bureaucrats in Brussels to sharply boost its corporate tax rate of 12.5%.”

  241. still_looking says:

    meter, 243

    Did you do your own at-home trephination?

    Sure seems like it.


  242. safeashouses says:

    #246 Shore Guy,

    I have Samsung. Great picture and sound.

    Also LCD screens and crayons don’t mix. A lesson learned the hard way.

  243. Juice Box says:

    re: #241 – still_looking re: “People in general have no respect for anyone.We have become a frankly rude society altogether.”

    My opinion is it is more pronounced here in NYC Metro than other parts of the country.

    My experience is even the gang bangers in the south and parts of the midwest have more respect for their eldery neighbors and professionals like Doctors than the average middle class person here in NJ.

  244. Pat says:

    Shore, we just picked this one up for Grandma. I think it’s this size. Good deal, decent picture for a spare bedroom or smaller den. No complaints yet.

  245. Pat says:

    Sean, who doesn’t have respect for doctors? I already offered to rearrange sl’s face if she ever makes an ER mistake on my kid (in lieu of her payment of sewage insurance.) She graciously declined by explaining her inventory of weaponry.

    What is the problem?

  246. Jamal van Jones says:

    People in general have no respect for anyone.

    That’s so not right, we should have respect for every profession – except teachers and other government employees, those guys are lazy, good for nothing scum.

  247. njescapee says:

    JB (283) rudeness is an art-form in NY/NJ. Was up there in the Meadowlands / Hoboken vicinity this past weekend and can tell you that Jerseyans pay a heavy price for their affluence. Crowds everywhere you turn with no relief from in your face BS. I have to agree with Frank when he states “Where’s the Recession?” The restaurants in that area were all packed.

  248. d2b says:


    Doylestown has Kid’s Kastle which is very cool, but 30 minutes from Yardley.

    Try Lower Makefield Park which is near Oxford Valley Road. It’s free and has a playground and plenty of space. we always have a soccerball in the car for places like this. We went to a great birthday party here.

    There is also a place called Carousel Village near there. It has 5 or 6 kiddie rides including an antique carousel. It was ok.

  249. Final Doom says:

    yikes (245)-

    And people think these gorillas are gonna form the basis of the recovery of the world economy. A nation with a few million uneducated, Portuguese-speaking Tony Montanas.

  250. Final Doom says:

    sl (251)-

    I’m pretty sure he was born with a hole in his head.

  251. Final Doom says:

    Great. Spend a few grand to freeze your ass off in a giant debt-pile of a stadium, watching this century’s answer to a bear-baiting tournament gone mad.

    PETA should show up in force and spray paint all the celebs wearing fur.

  252. Juice Box says:

    doom check yourself guns and fur do mix.

  253. Shore Guy says:

    Any thoughts as to refresh rates or contrast ratios on those sets? What do you NOT like about them?

  254. Al "Fat Thumbery" Gore says:



    Your right. You think Docs dont get any respect?

    How about pedophile, government tit sucking morons otherwise known as your public education teachers.


    The imbicile DMV lard ass with his or her hand in the bag of Doritos.

    Hmmmm. If those professions are characterized like that I cant imagine what would happen to the banksters and politicians if and when the public gets a hand on them.

  255. chicagofinance says:

    d2b says:
    May 25, 2010 at 9:43 pm


  256. Yikes says:

    chicagofinance says:
    May 25, 2010 at 4:59 pm

    Yikes and Pat:

    I have a friend who is going to be down in Yardley with his family at about 11AM on Sunday. We are going over there to eat/spend 2-3 hours or so.

    Any suggestions for what to do? The group will be two married couples and 4 kids ranging from baby to 10 years.

    We’ve been to the Yardley Inn twice. Food was solid. Service was good, too. They have outdoor seating (apparently; we have only been in the winter, though). It’s on the water.

  257. Sas3 says:

    SL #241… Re, rude society. I think the semi-privacy of the blog world makes people say insane stuff like “all public education teachers are pedos”.

    I doubt that (most) people would ever say anything as ridiculous — unless they are being paid millions to rile up TV viewers.

    Of course, there is always some prejudice or other in people — race, religion, political affiliations, choice of sports teams, education, etc. And, there is always a chance that the SHTF very quickly. It may even take less than a decade from general uneasiness to total disaster like in ’30s. What can anyone do in such a situation, nompound or no nompound.

  258. Sas3 says:

    A bit related to RE… Do deer repellents work with really small plants (fresh from the store)?

    If not, is there a way to trick the deer to eat something else that we can place nearby?

  259. Shore Guy says:


    I have used some stuff that works well. out of the sprayer it is revolting. When it dries people can’t smell it but it does keep away the deer. remind me or get my e-mail from grim and i will send you the information.

  260. Shore Guy says:

    i second the yardly inn. i used to eat lunch there a couple times a week.

  261. Essex says:

    Speaking of Pedophiles.

    The Obama administration in a brief to the Supreme Court has backed the Vatican’s claim of immunity from lawsuits arising from cases of sexual abuse by priests in the United States.

    The Supreme Court is considering an appeal by the Vatican of an appellate court ruling that lifted its immunity in the case of an alleged pedophile priest from Oregon.

    In a filing on Friday, the solicitor general’s office argued that the Ninth Circuit court of appeals erred in allowing the lawsuit brought by a man who claims he was sexually abused in the 1960s by the Oregon priest.

    The unnamed plaintiff, who cited the Holy See and several other parties as defendants, argued the Vatican should be held responsible for transferring the priest to Oregon and letting him serve there despite previous accusations he had abused children in Chicago and in Ireland.

    The solicitor general’s office, which defends the position of President Barack Obama’s administration before the Supreme Court, said the Ninth Circuit improperly found the case to be an exception to the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, a 1976 federal law that sets limits on when other countries can face lawsuits in US courts.

    “Although the decision does not conflict with any decision of another court of appeals, the Court may wish to grant the petition, vacate the judgement of the court of appeals and remand to that court for further consideration”.

    The case, which was filed in 2002, does not directly address questions raised in a separate lawsuit in Kentucky alleging that US bishops are employees of the Holy See.

    But the Vatican plans to argue that Catholic dioceses are run as separate entities from the Holy See, and that the only authority that the pontiff has over bishops around the world is a religious one, according to Jeffrey Lena, the Vatican’s US attorney.

    In recent months, large-scale pedophilia scandals have rocked the Roman Catholic Church in a number of countries, including Austria, Ireland, Pope Benedict XVI’s native Germany and the United States.

    Senior clerics have been accused of protecting the priests involved by moving them to other parishes — where they sometimes offended again — instead of handing them over to civil authorities for prosecution.

    The pope, who has himself faced allegations implicating him in the scandal, has repeatedly said priests and religious workers guilty of child abuse should answer for their crimes in courts of law.

  262. Qwerty says:

    Due to economic conditions, a valedictorian accepted at BC instead chooses The College of NJ.

    CNN: “Students choosing price over prestige”

  263. Sas3 says:

    For AZ’s SB1070 supporters:

    A Chicago man who spent the weekend in jail and faced deportation on suspicion he is in the country illegally said what happened to him illustrates the need for America to change the way it deals with immigration.

    Eduardo Caraballo said his self-described nightmare began last week when he was arrested in connection with a stolen car case. He maintains his innocence and says the car case is still being investigated, but says the real problems began when his mother posted his bail Friday.

    That guy is an American Citizen (from Puerto Rico), speaks with a better American accent than many people I know, and had his papers with him. If the feds screwed it up so badly, all bets are off when AZ police handle such issues.

  264. trentonmakes says:

    Wouldn’t recommend Yardley Inn w/all those kiddies. And there’s tons of stuff. My last post wasn’t permitted. Maybe too many links? Google NJ State Museum, Barracks Museum, William Trent House,Grounds for Sculpture, and Howell Living History Farm. All about 10 minutes from Yardley tops. Kid-friendly restarants include Katmandu and It’s Nutts. And no Trenton is not dangerous or filled with animals. Google Berkeley Square and Cadwalader Heights if you want to see some beautiful old homes.

  265. Qwerty says:

    RE: “Eduardo Caraballo said his self-described nightmare began last week when he was arrested in connection with A STOLEN CAR CASE.”

    The heart bleeds for car thieves…

  266. I have heard more folks discussing that the law is Unconstitutional under the Supremacy Clause. The Supremacy Clause forbids state and local laws that contradict federal laws in matters exactly where the federal government has authority to act.
    Once again it only applies in situations exactly where the law contradicts the current law. Arizona’s law requires that State/Local authorities hand over suspect illegals to the proper federal authorities. Maybe you have forgetten (since we haven’t enforced these laws) but it’s still a crime to enter our country illegally.
    But as long as we are talking about Constitutionality let’s talk about the Commerce Clause in the Constitution (Article I, Section 8). This clause prohibits states and localities from passing laws that burden interstate or foreign commerce by, among other things, creating “discriminations favorable or adverse to commerce with specific foreign nations.”
    Boycotting Arizona is UNCONSTITUTIONAL so knock it off already. Also to the Arizona government, how about we step up and actually file suit against these cities?

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