High-end short sales!

MLS# 2781150
78 May Dr, Chatham
Original List: $2,795,000
Asking: $2,290,000
DOM: 300ish
Purchased in 2007 for $2,955,000

MLS# 2790238
765 Ewing Ave, Franklin Lakes
Original List: $4,250,000
Asking: $2,199,000
DOM: Forever

(No Pic)
MLS# 2776442
9 Peach Tree Place, Upper Saddle River
Original List: $1,999,900
Asking: $1,999,900
DOM: 211

MLS# 2793951
660 Larger Cross Rd, Bedminster
Original List: $2,950,000
Asking $1,950,000
DOM: 550

MLS# 2678048
835 West Shore Drive, Kinnelon
Original List: $2,999,000
Asking $1,600,000
DOM: 478
Sold in 2001 for $2,000,000

MLS# 2731755
854 Seneca Rd, Franklin Lakes
Original List: $1,598,000
Asking $1,399,000
DOM: 257

MLS# 2776599
6 Independence Ct, Madison
Original List: $1,495,000
Asking $1,362,000
DOM: 83

MLS# 2763873
11 Yale Ct, Livingston
Original List: $1,895,000
Asking $1,500,000
DOM: 300

MLS# 2762739
2 Penny Ln, Boonton
Original List: $1,299,999
Asking $1,299,999
DOM: 129

MLS# 2794692
129 W Greenbrook Rd, North Caldwell
Original List: $1,190,000
Asking $1,190,000
DOM: 10

MLS# 2775946
28 Whispering Way, Warren
Original List: $2,195,000
Asking $1,189,000
DOM: 600ish
Purchased in 2007 for $2,000,000

MLS# 2783514
27 Old Boonton Rd, Denville
Original List: $1,145,000
Asking $1,145,000
DOM: 70
Sold for $1,425,000 in 2005

MLS# 2794196
366 Old Short Hills Rd, Millburn
Original List: $1,110,000
Asking $1,110,000
DOM: 12

(no pic)
MLS# 2500306
285 Woodland St, Tenafly
Original List: $1,695,000
Asking $1,005,000
DOM: 871
Purchased in 2006 for $1,470,000

MLS# 272919
1015 Closter Dock Rd, Alpine
Original List: $1,495,000
Asking $999,000
DOM: 272

MLS# 2790343
930 Andover Terrace, Ridgewood
Original List: $1,375,000
Asking $895,000
DOM: 180

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189 Responses to High-end short sales!

  1. freedy says:

    first ,

  2. Final Doom says:

    It’s different here…sea of cabbage…close to NYC…Midtown direct…train town.

    No one will be spared.

  3. Nomad says:

    Some of these homes have pricing strategies taken out of a Macy’s play book. Mark up the price so you can mark them down for a perceived sale. Markdown prices on these homes appear to be not much of a “deal”.

  4. Cindy says:


    Jim the Realtor @ CR _ He pretty much says everyone is going to expect a similar deal in this area.

    $1.11 sold for $750,000 in North Pacific Beach – San Diego, CA. Comp.Killer.
    He says in the video, “Sellers, get used to feeling like you’re giving it away or we’ll be waiting around a long time.” Something like that….

  5. Cindy says:

    Excuse me – to clarify @ 4 – $1.11 million owed – REO – sold for $750,000.
    New comp for the area so the clip is titled “comp killer.”

  6. grim says:

    Didn’t we make up the term “comp killer”?

  7. Final Doom says:

    Race to the bottom enters bell lap:

    “It was a brief 24 hours ago that we suggested putting on a Nikkei-S&P convergence arb with the provision that “this is the cheapest and easiest way to hedge what is becoming increasingly inevitable: that the BoJ will have no choice but to follow our own Fed down the rabbit hole of money printing.” A few minutes ago the Dow Jones released the following: “The Bank of Japan will consider taking additional easing steps to cope with a rising yen and falling share prices, the Sankei Shimbun reported in its morning edition.” The BOJ will hold an emergency meeting policy meeting at 5 am GMT at which point the specifics of the easing measures will be announced.”


  8. Final Doom says:

    grim (6)-

    Slap that mf’er with a cease-and desist. Your blog is the source of all hip real estate jargon that’s come out in the past four years.

  9. yo'me says:

    If printing money creates inflation,after printing 200% of GDP,Japan sure still trying.

  10. yo'me says:

    US 10 year treasuries 2.67

    Japan 10 yr bond 0.94

    Who is holding this bonds at maturity for free just the risk.US still has some meat

  11. me@work says:

    Comp Killer,
    POS cape,
    Cabbage stinking,
    Bleed ’em dry,
    etc etc etc



  12. me@work says:

    and lest I forget-
    “running through hell in gasoline-soaked boxers….”


  13. me@work says:

    and “LOD”
    the infamous “league of dorks!”
    (thanks, Doom)


  14. grim says:

    Jobless claims blow.


    Nine month high.

  15. All "H-Train" Hype says:

    Initial jobless claims rise to 500k.

    Rally on!

  16. All "H-Train" Hype says:

    Hey, at least the last combat “brigade” left Iraq yesterday. Of course there are about 20 combat battalions there. I guy I used to work with came home from Iraq, spent 2 weeks stateside and was shipped right back. He was not expecting it, he was blind-sided by his orders.

  17. Painhrtz says:

    Hype and as I told him you better keep your motherfcking head down and not do anything stupid

  18. NJGator says:

    When is this next GTG of which people have spoke?

    Last night our boss cracked out the scotch to commemorate the splitting up of our department (and what is basically a demotion for him). I could barely drink a single shot. I must work on my hard liquor drinking skills. I suspect I will need them quite a bit in the near-term future.

  19. Mike says:

    Gotta move those commas around in those high end prices

  20. Simply Ravishing HEHEHE says:

    Jobless claims “surpisingly” rose.

  21. Simply Ravishing HEHEHE says:

    “surprisingly” even

  22. Cindy says:


    HEHEHE – 20,21

    I looked and looked but could not find “unexpectedly”.

  23. Comrade Nom Deplume aux maison says:

    [18] gator

    “I must work on my hard liquor drinking skills. I suspect I will need them quite a bit in the near-term future.”

    Helps if you can develop a taste for lower end booze. I haven’t yet, but am working on it.

    As for copyrighted terms, remember that “nompound” is mine. I had another, but I forgot what it was.

  24. x-underwriter says:

    SEC charges New Jersey with securities fraud


    NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. regulators said on Wednesday they charged New Jersey with securities fraud for not disclosing to municipal bond investors that it was underfunding its pensions.

  25. me@work says:


    Forgot about Nompound…
    (sorry :(


  26. me@work says:

    In the voice of Homer Simpson….

    “Mmmmmm scotch!”


  27. Orion says:

    When house #1 in Chatam sells for $750K, only then will I believe we have reached bottom.

  28. Comrade Nom Deplume aux maison says:

    Gator, you have mail

  29. jamil says:

    AP headline today:
    “Stocks drop as jobless claims rise unexpectedly”

    Anybody spot the keyword ? Bad news in the Era of Messiah is ….(fill in the blanks)

  30. Comrade Nom Deplume aux maison says:

    I’m betting my former firm finds a way to blame this on me if they get admonished for this.


    You always blame things on the guy that isn’t there anymore. A former Citi attorney used to joke that he would just blame me for things when I left my former firm.

  31. grim says:

    Philly Fed goes negative in August…


  32. Al "Fat Thumbery" Gore says:

    Lol on the jobless claims.

    Better invest in a rototiller and some fertilizer. We are going back to the 1850’s.

    By the way does cotton grow well in NJ?

  33. Al "Fat Thumbery" Gore says:

    Someone want to remind JP Morgan to naked short the bullion down?

    Gold bitchez!

  34. grim says:

    Philly Fed looks at economic and business growth in the greater Philly region, mist of Pa, central and southern nj, and Delaware.

  35. yo'me says:

    78 May Dr, Chatham

    10/18/2007 Sold $2,955,000 216% $553 Public Record
    09/19/2005 Sold $935,000 120% $175 Public Record
    12/16/1993 Sold $425,000 — $79 Public Record
    Propety tax 2006 to 2008 around $12,000
    2010 taxes $41,000

  36. Smathers says:

    Haven’t pawed through all the comments I’ve missed, but found out that the feds guarantee 89% of home loans these days, about double what it used to be. In other words, just like it has been since the Repubs lowered interest rates to help the market, the government is still controlling the housing market. We have a long way to go before we are pricing correctly. I’d just love to have heard the meeting between Greenspan, Trick “Dick” Cheney, and Dubya where they explained what they were doing.

    AG “We’ve had a terrorist attack and the economy is in dire straits. We need to create a bubble in the housing market.”
    GWB “Right, we gotta finish off what Al Qaeda started.”
    DC “Um, no George, that’s not what we meant.” (chuckling under his breath)
    AG “We’re going to create an ownership society. Everybody’s going to own a home. The government is going to help people and it will boost the economy.”
    GWB “Oh right, like welfare.”
    DC “Something like that, yeah.” (belly laugh, taps his boy on the shoulder and leaves to watch snuff films in the White House theater)

  37. Smathers says:

    Jobless claims -> Dow is down again. Repeat after me, there is no better investment than the stock market, it always goes up in the long run. The baby boomers and the Arabs have a lot of disposable cash and they have to put it somewhere. Computers have revolutionized the way we work, leading to the new economy. Everyone will be rich and will buy lots of gadgets and use lots of health care, plus they will go on lots of trips. Investing wisely will assure your retirement. Why I know people who make more money in the market than they do from their jobs. Wouldn’t it be great if the government privatized social security so that we could invest our savings in the market?

    Rest assured, it’s safe as houses.

  38. jurisprude says:

    Nom [30],

    You’re in securities? I always thought you’re in real estate law for some reason.

    My guess for your former firm: Sills, McCarter, or Lowenstein?

  39. SG says:

    Another word invented here,


  40. Final Doom says:

    gator (18)-

    You should combine that with lots of work with small arms.

    “I must work on my hard liquor drinking skills.”

  41. Final Doom says:

    al (32)-

    Can’t grow cotton in NJ.

  42. Double Down says:

    Smathers, don’t be such a partisan hack drone. Did you have a problem with the internet bubble in the late 1990s? Or how about the program last week throwing $3 billion to keep the unemployed “in their homes”?

  43. 250k says:

    #6 grim
    >>Didn’t we make up the term “comp killer”?

    Heck, I thought you and Doom invented the whole Interweb.

  44. Final Doom says:

    Islam is a degenerate death cult.

    “…Moreover, religious buildings are symbols of supremacy to many Muslims; hence the reason mosques are ubiquitous to the Muslim world whereas churches are all but — and in some Muslim nations totally — banned. It is precisely because of this ingrained view towards the significance of religious buildings that Al Azhar Muslims are convinced that no sane Muslim would adamantly pursue the construction of a 9/11 mosque, which must instead be “a new conspiracy against Islam and Muslims.”

    Incidentally, how does one interpret President Barrack Hussein Obama’s recent support for the 9/11 mosque? He certainly spent enough time growing up in the Muslim world to have a better understanding of the Muslim mindset — including its take on religious buildings as symbols of supremacy — than the average American. Far from approving it, then, he of all presidents should appreciate the triumphalist overtones a mega-mosque so near to Ground Zero conveys to Islamists.”


  45. me@work says:

    Man! Look up from studying and realize it’s “Look OUT Below” Day!



  46. Final Doom says:

    sl (45)-

    Probably just a trap being set for another massive short squeeze.

    We will rally until we crash.

  47. Final Doom says:

    If you believe in the addiction paradigm of US finance, the junkie mainlines until he hits the toxic point of no return.

  48. Final Doom says:

    That being said, I can’t resist piling on here.

    With really tight stops.

  49. chicagofinance says:

    13.me@work says:

    August 19, 2010 at 7:57 am
    and “LOD”
    the infamous “league of dorks!”
    (thanks, Doom)


  50. chicagofinance says:

    also “condoshack”

  51. chicagofinance says:

    jj: you fcuking blew me off….

  52. Mr Wantanapolous says:

    Chi [51],

    Simply shocking.

  53. Final Doom says:

    Stu (54)-

    Will never happen. The culture of victimhoood is ingrained in all American institutions now.

  54. Final Doom says:

    BC (52)-

    His mom’s been nagging him to clean out the garage all summer.

  55. Mr Wantanapolous says:

    “His mom’s been nagging him to clean out the garage all summer.”


    Possibly wrapped around a tree, on the LIE, with Billy Joel?

  56. Smathers says:

    42. Just trying to balance out the dittoheads who want the Republicans back at all costs. Both parties suck. Neither seems to understand the basic principles of economics. Or perhaps they just think it expedient to ignore them.

  57. Final Doom says:


    “This chart shows that an entity (or more likely several entities) is consistently selling gold into the PM Fix in such large quantities that the selling suppresses the gold price to the extent that the cumulative intraday change is negative while the gold price has been increasing. The entity doing such selling must have access to a large amount of physical gold and must not be interested in selling for profit. The only possible culprit is a central bank or several central banks. As the central banks do not trade directly, there must be bullion banks who are acting on their behalf.

    The London Gold Fix is conducted by the representatives of five bullion banks: HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Scotia Mocatta, Societe Generale, and Barclays. The “fix” is no longer conducted in an actual meeting but by conference call. The bullion banks’ representatives communicate with their trading floors and with each other during the conference call to find the clearing price at which all buying interest and all selling interest is balanced. When this price is determined the price is said to be “fixed”. This is exclusively a physical gold market activity. It is balancing the number of bars of gold for sale with the number of bars demanded for purchase at a particular price.”


  58. Final Doom says:

    BC (57)-

    I just flashed on a mental image of jj snorkeling in Billy’s lap…an Ipecac substitute if there ever was one.

  59. chicagofinance says:

    53.Libtard says:
    Stu: you have some really bizarro pics of grim in there……
    August 19, 2010 at 12:12 pm
    Of course he did.
    Here is JJ:

  60. Smathers says:

    42. Just trying to balance out the dittoheads who want the Republicans back at all costs. Both parties suck. Neither seems to understand the basic principles of economics. Or perhaps they just think it expedient to ignore them.

    54. I’d ditch the pledge of allegiance. It’s just breeding hypocrisy. Our government, including the military and the schools hate this country. They’re the last ones who should be allowed to raise a flag.

  61. Libtard says:

    ChiFi (64):

    I’m gonna wait until you figure out how to post the link before I attempt to explain it.

  62. Final Doom says:

    Brilliant new piece by Krieger:

    “To assume that the dollar will not be devalued in a major way versus real everyday assets such as commodities (especially real money that is no government’s liability such as gold) is in my opinion counter to all common sense and is logic that a ten year old can understand but escapes the quants on Wall Street. I guess the only real difference between my view and someone like Rosenberg’s is the timing of it all. I have made it very clear that I think this will all be a relatively near-term event (the entire monetary and financial system will be dead within two years and something new where gold plays a major role is created). I think the food, oil and precious metal price surge that is coming has already started and will accelerate since those in political power will print and print and do everything possible to avoid deflationary collapse. This is not to say that I think they can avoid deflationary collapse, what it means is that in a fiat money system deflationary collapse can mean hyperinflation. The entire inflation/deflation debate is in my view asinine. If the debate is between 4% inflation and deflation then I agree, deflation it is. The larger point is that deflation and hyperinflation are not mutually exclusive they are two sides of the same coin.

    So let’s say I am correct and the dollar is being devalued already in a major way as we speak versus the real everyday goods people are forced to buy and that this will accelerate rapidly from here. With a 2.57% yield on a 10 year treasury if the basket of goods purchased in a given year starts to accelerate beyond 3% there is a huge problem for the owner of treasuries. You will need to rely on continued appreciation in principal just to keep up. Of course this can happen but the higher the bonds go the tougher the math becomes. Furthermore, why not just buy gold? One asset is being manipulated higher by the Fed through its purchases (treasuries) and one is feared by central banks the world over that are constantly attempting to arrest its rise (gold). As more and more people and investors grow distrustful of their own governments, more and more people will want to bet on its ultimate default one way or the other. This means of the buying of gold not treasuries.”


  63. Final Doom says:

    Classic Krieger!

    “This all brings me to the 0% BLT economy. This is actually a phrase a friend said to me the other day and I thought it summed it up perfectly. He said pretty soon a BLT sandwich will cost $12 but at least interest rates will be 0%. Maybe Geithner will provide 0% financing on trips to McDonalds with loans that can then be securitized by Wall Street and sold to some pension fund manager that uses leverage to enhance its yield all with a government guarantee! In a similar vein, I would like to point out the charts for October Cattle and October Lean Hogs. They are soaring. Is anyone talking about this?”

  64. Final Doom says:


    “This all brings me to the 0% BLT economy. This is actually a phrase a friend said to me the other day and I thought it summed it up perfectly. He said pretty soon a BLT sandwich will cost $12 but at least interest rates will be 0%.”

  65. chicagofinance says:

    nom: Is the annual gift tax exclusion falling back to $11,000 from $13,000 as of Jan. 1? News to me…but I can’t confirm it anywhere……..

  66. EWellie says:

    With the exception of the one in Chatham, most of these houses are ugly as sin.

  67. New in NJ says:

    These might have been inadvertent, but we just can’t forget “pant up demand” and “crushed valor”.

  68. NJGator says:

    Doom 40 – Duly noted. My goal is to be a well rounded individual.

  69. Mr Wantanapolous says:

    Don’t forget Case-Chiller.

  70. Libtard says:

    It might not be a new term coined here, but one of the funniest moments for me was when Biluva posted.

  71. Al "Fat Thumbery" Gore says:

    Those against the government tit suckers rejoice!

    “California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said 150,000 government workers must begin taking time off without pay starting Aug. 20 following a court ruling lifting an injunction temporarily blocking the furloughs.”

    So goes California……..

  72. Comrade Nom Deplume aux maison says:

    [38] prude

    Neither area actually. Not directly anyway.

    As for former firm, I will neither confirm nor deny your guesses.

    BTW, since you asked some weeks ago, I got all I wanted in my severance negotiations, which means I did not ask for enough. I even made some throw away concessions that they never took me up on.

  73. Comrade Nom Deplume aux maison says:

    [40] doom,

    If you are interested, Cabela’s is having a 4 hour special on Saturday—$99 for surplus Russian army rifles, 7.65 so they take the big rounds. These aren’t AK’s, and they appear to be old, semi auto long rifles. Hardly good for modern warfare, but at that price, you can afford to arm your own militia. Will be interested to see if they sell out.

    They are selling a lot of black guns too. Quite a few assault styles in .22, which is curious. Good for cover fire, I guess. Never priced them so I cannot say if they are cheap or not. Not legal in NJ; only useful if you plan to leave them on that side of the river.

  74. Libtard says:

    ten year = 2.56

  75. Final Doom says:

    plume (79)-

    Nothing is illegal…if you don’t get caught. Thanks for the heads-up on the 7.65 compatibles. Those suckers pack a punch. For $99, how can you go wrong?

  76. Barbara says:

    I think you guys get credit for “realawhore” (my personal fav)

  77. Final Doom says:

    Plume, is Cabela’s offering the bayonet with the rifle?

  78. NJGator says:

    Doom/Nom – In my e-commerce training last week I found out that Cabela’s uses the e-commerce platform that we are moving to. Gave me the warm fuzzies thinking of all you fine folks.

  79. Al "Fat Thumbery" Gore says:

    I priced out a M1A. 1600 new. Thats a little too rich for me. If anyone comes across one used for under 1k let me know.

  80. Mr Hyde says:

    Nom 78

    Re black 22’s…. Dont discount psychology. Relatively few people have the familiarity with weapons to recognize the difference between a .308 assault rifle and a .22 look-a-like. Granted if forced to use it you may find your self quickly out gunned, but most people would be more intimidated by a black .22 then an M1 garand or m14 with a wooden stock, both of which are much more of a threat.

  81. Mr Hyde says:


    a few black .22’s mixed in with some real heavy rifles such as an m1a could act as a substantial psychological force multiplier. With the caveat being that you better have some basic tactics worked out for how to use them if forced to. A heavy .308 like the m1a will see a car door or wall of a house as concealment as it can readily penetrate the majority of both. a black .22 would see both obstacles a cover and not readily penetrate either.
    Also consider that the .22 wont penetrate most body armor while the .308 is very capable of penetrating a large majority of body armor (depends on a lot of factors)

    Then again such scenarios are very 3rd world and not a likely occurrence.

  82. DL says:

    @11: Pant up demand…

  83. Painhrtz says:

    hyde psychologically the black .22 would scare the beejesus out of most. Only good for close range head shots. More than capable of wounding and putting most folks out of service. Getting shot is still getting shot. .22 just does not have any knockdown power.

    Nom 7.65 for 99bucks almost makes me wish I was a Pennsyltucky resident

  84. Mr Hyde says:


    Only good for close range head shots

    Even that is questionable. Unless you have the barrel against the persons head a .22 can easily bounce off of the human skull. (Note, a few famous mafia hitmen loved .22 pistol for jobs. a point blank shot placed at the back of the head where the spine meets the skull will cause the bullet to bounce around inside the skull)

    There was a news paper article a year or so ago about a car jacking gone wrong. The carjacker used a .22 and tried to shoot the person for refusing to get out of the car. The .22 penetrated the glass of the window and hit the person in the arm. The bullet DID NOT penetrate the skin!!!!

    Its still good for making people take cover. people are ducking for cover regardless of the caliber being fired at them!

  85. Comrade Nom Deplume aux maison says:

    [82] doom

    Bayonets??? I have no idea, but I don’t think so. I got the circular and the rifles are Mosin-Nagant 7.62x54R, said to be in excellent condition. It looks like a WWII sniper rifle. Again, hardly practical, but cheap, and they are selling the ammo for $10 per box of 20 rounds.

    BTW, they will sell to you. It is illegal for you to buy, not for them to sell. I took no chances and did my buying as a PA resident.

    [85] hyde

    I have a similar defense plan, relying on .22s for covering fire and larger calibers for takedown/sniper fire. Handguns for close-in, of course. As for psy effect, I don’t doubt you, but the idea of laying out $500 apiece for a .22 cal Umarex Colt M-4 OPS is a bit steep.

    But they have quite a few badass guns in black and mossy oak. Can’t run afoul of the NJ “looks” restrictions with mossy oak.

  86. Juice Box says:

    re# 89 – Cousin of mine was shot right between the eyebrows with a .22 on a robbery gone bad back in the day in the Bronx. Only had a scratch where the bullet struck him. An inch down and to the left or right and he would be a dead man the bullet would have penetrated the eye and bounced around a bit inside.

    He did also take one through the arm, when he put his hands up in defense. That round went cleanly through his leather jacket and his forearm.

    One lucky SOB.

  87. Comrade Nom Deplume aux maison says:

    86] hyde

    Cabelas also has a black DPMS Oracle .308, with 2 19 round mags and hard case, for $1,000. For $700, you can get the same gun in 5.56×45 with 2 30 round mags instead. Remington has a couple of totally badass guns, one .308 and one .45o, but you are looking at upwards of $1,300. Too rich for my blood.

  88. Comrade Nom Deplume aux maison says:

    [91] juice

    Back in H.S., I narrowly missed a robbery at the market where I worked. The gunmen then tried to carjack a classmate’s car, but he was very large, very italian, and told them to fcuk off. They shot him in the arm with a .22. Just broke the skin and that was it.

    Rumor had it that his father was a made man. Gunmen were local punks. When it became common knowledge who Louie was, one gunman turned himself in, and the other beat feet to Florida where he did the same.

  89. Mr Hyde says:

    Pain 88

    in the “text book” sense, most armed conflicts, whether military or guerrilla/civilian take place at less then 50 meters and tend to converge as the conflict progresses. Data shows that, as you pointed out, a .22 simply isnt going to knock people out of the conflict fast enough to have a decisive effect, and can leave a person combat effective even after taking a round.

    Then again its not to say that a .22 cant be lethal.

  90. Mr Hyde says:

    Nom 92

    While the .308 is generally more powerful then the 5.56, the 5.56 actually tends to be more incapacitating due to its increased probability of bouncing around in the targets body upon impact, instead of following a linear trajectory. The increased power of the .308 causes it to generally follow a linear path and not bounce as much. The other side of the argument is that .308 has better penetrating power and is more effective when body armor is involved…

  91. chicagofinance says:


    69.chicagofinance says:
    August 19, 2010 at 12:50 pm
    nom: Is the annual gift tax exclusion falling back to $11,000 from $13,000 as of Jan. 1? News to me…but I can’t confirm it anywhere……..

  92. Juice Box says:

    re: #93 – worked in a local convenience store when I was 15 off the books for cash. Some deranged idiot came in an put down a 22 on the counter and demanded cigarettes from me. Guy was lucky I was in a forgiving mood as I did not shoot his ass with every round in the gun after I grabbed it off the counter.

  93. Comrade Nom Deplume aux maison says:

    Has anyone made a hard call for a GTG? If not, I am willing to do so, but only if there is an expression of interest.

    I am thinking Friday evening, 6:30 to whenever
    Cranford or Westfield, close to the train.

    Any interest? I was thinking Cranford Hotel, but any suggestions welcome.

  94. grim says:

    This Friday is no good, SL requested to push it.

  95. Final Doom says:

    hyde (96)-

    Accept no substitutes. First shot should be the kill shot. Here’s my idea of the holy trinity:


  96. me@work says:

    Sunday blender drinks at 11:00 am at mr&mrs. SL abode. Outside, weather permitting. I might even convince mr sl to smoke some ribs/chicken on the bbq for us. I gotta confirm w/him as I’m still “me@work” currently.

    You will be asked to leave your firearms at home, however. Also my newest batch of homegrown pickles are just dandy. I may be able to convince a friend to bring some heirloom tomatoes for NJ tomatoes and mozzarella cheese and basil…


  97. Painhrtz says:

    hyde while I don’t dispute the fact that 22 does not have any power. I have taken down deer using one with a well placed shot. all guns are deadly, it is the effective range that is the problem. All things being told I would probably use my bow for close range. Joe 6-pack Looter would probaly think twice when he sees his buddy cut down by a broadhead at 40 yards and did not hear where it came from.

  98. me@work says:

    If everyone plays nice, I might even share a Padron 1964 anniv series superior with you – maybe even scotch.


  99. me@work says:

    Pain, 102



  100. me@work says:

    (channeling Doom..)

    Die, market, die!!!!

    sl (as Doom)

  101. chicagofinance says:

    JJ: where the fcuk are you? Is there an arb in here?

    Accordingly, depository institution holding companies that had more than $15 billion in total consolidated assets on December 31, 2009, will no longer be able to include trust preferred securities as tier 1 regulatory capital, and would be obliged to replace their outstanding pre-May 19, 2010, trust preferred securities with qualifying tier 1 regulatory capital during the phase-out period. Depository institution holding companies with less than $15 billion in total assets could continue to count their pre-May 19, 2010, trust preferred securities as tier 1 regulatory capital, but could not issue new capital-qualifying trust preferred securities.

    Originally published July 12, 2010

    Keywords: Trust preferred securities, Tier 1 capital, Wall Street Reform, Consumer Protection Act, Dodd-Frank Act

    Trust preferred securities have long played a controversial role as a component of tier 1 regulatory capital for depository institutions and their holding companies.1

    During the financial regulatory reform debate in the United States Congress, there was discussion of the appropriateness of trust preferred securities as a limited component of tier 1 capital in the aftermath of the credit crisis.2 Trust preferred securities are a popular form of regulatory capital, having steadily grown in both number of issuers and in outstanding amount since first permitted as qualifying tier 1 capital. As of December 31, 2008, there were approximately 1400 bank holding companies (BHCs) that had issued over $148 billion of trust preferred securities (compared with 110 BHCs with $31 billion of trust preferred securities in 1999).3

    The so-called “Collins Amendment” was proposed in the United States Senate to eliminate trust preferred securities as tier 1 regulatory capital for depository institution holding companies and nonbank financial companies that are supervised by the Federal Reserve Board. However, this provision was subsequently modified in the Conference Committee on the reform legislation to apply only to depository institution holding companies that (i) have more than $15 billion of total consolidated assets as of December 31, 2009 or (ii) were not mutual holding companies on May 19, 2010.4 This provision is currently included as Section 171 of the Dodd-Frank Act, which is printed in the June 29, 2010, Conference Report on H.R. 4173 (Conference Report).5

    Affected depository institution holding companies have a three-year phase-out period, beginning January 1, 2013, to replace the related trust preferred securities (see Section 171(b)(4)(B) of the Dodd-Frank Act) with qualifying tier 1 regulatory capital. Similarly, most US bank holding company subsidiaries of foreign banking organizations that have issued trust preferred securities would have a five-year transition period.

    Notably, for trust preferred securities that were issued on or after May 19, 2010, there is no phase-out period and the disqualification would become effective on May 19, 2010.6

    Accordingly, depository institution holding companies that had more than $15 billion in total consolidated assets on December 31, 2009, will no longer be able to include trust preferred securities as tier 1 regulatory capital, and would be obliged to replace their outstanding pre-May 19, 2010, trust preferred securities with qualifying tier 1 regulatory capital during the phase-out period. Depository institution holding companies with less than $15 billion in total assets could continue to count their pre-May 19, 2010, trust preferred securities as tier 1 regulatory capital, but could not issue new capital-qualifying trust preferred securities.

    Notably, qualifying “small bank holding companies,” as defined by existing Federal Reserve Board supervisory policy statements (in general, bank holding companies with consolidated assets of less than $500 million),7 would be exempt from Section 171 of the Dodd-Frank Act and could continue to issue capital-qualifying trust preferred securities.

    Of course, governing instruments for existing trust preferred securities will dictate which related trust preferred securities can be called and when.

    Affected sponsors of trust preferred securities should carefully review the governing instruments for the requirements of a call and, in cases where the no-call period may not yet have fully run, carefully review the definition of “Capital Treatment Event” (or similar term) used for trust preferred securities. This is because there are different definitions used in the capital markets and the differences may be material to which specific issue of trust preferred securities is callable for adverse changes in regulatory capital treatment and when.

  102. Mr Hyde says:

    Pain 102

    Agreed on all counts, hence my previous statement

    Then again its not to say that a .22 cant be lethal.

    I was just debating it from a general defense point of view. Although i would argue the ethics of deer hunting with a .22 given the low probability of a clean kill shot (no slight intended).

  103. Juice Box says:

    re #108 – Didn’t take too long for the Gen Yers to drop the work-life balance malarkey and move onto the Hustle and Flow. Perhaps this recession will spawn some decent Rock n Roll too if we are lucky.

  104. Mr Hyde says:

    Note: I learned everything i know about fire arms by watching John Wayne flicks.

  105. john says:

    Grim, et al.:

    A short sale is a sale at less than is OWED on the house, not less than what someone previously paid for the house. Unless you have seen the mortgages on these houses, there is absolutely no way to know if this is a short sale or not and is really unfair to the howeowners.

  106. sas3 says:

    John, #111… Wouldn’t the MLS listing have information on whether something is a short sale or not (would be relevant because the buyers will need to know what hurdles they face for approval of their offer)? I’ll go out on a limb and say that Grim wouldn’t make such a newbie mistake, so no harm done…

  107. Mikeinwaiting says:

    ? Cabela’s sale I can buy said 99$ gun with an NJ drivers lic. but illegal?

  108. john says:

    i dont see anything on any of the listings that indicate any of them are short sales, so it does seem like a mistake. i think it goes part and parcel with everyone’s eager attempt on here to see people lose money or prices crash. on some of grim’s listings, he’s calling it a short sale simply b/c they have reduced the price from their original list price. a few that i checked (and i can check them all if need be) actually previously sold for less than the people are currently asking–that makes it a short sale? huh?

  109. grim says:


    Actually, I do know. These are all listed as short sales requiring lender approval in the MLS.

    You do realize this is something that is required to be disclosed to buyers, right?

    Trust me, I’m a Realtor (no, really).

  110. grim says:

    114 – check the agent remarks

  111. john says:

    i mean the one in franklin lakes was purchased 15 yrs ago for $541K—they are now asking $1.4M–what about those facts makes it a short sale?

  112. homeboken says:

    John- tread carefully, if you have been reading this blog for more than 5 minutes you know that our host doesn’t resort to underhanded tactics.

    The truth might sting, but it is still the truth.

  113. sas3 says:

    John #117…
    “…purchased 15 yrs ago for $541K—they are now asking $1.4M–what about those facts makes it a short sale?”

    Major refinancing with equity extraction in between is one simple explanation…


  114. Confused in NJ says:

    Aug. 19 (Bloomberg) — The U.S. Congressional Budget Office predicted the budget deficit for fiscal year 2011 will be $1.066 trillion, revised up from an estimate of $996 billion in March.

    The nonpartisan agency’s semi-annual budget report is likely to add fuel to the November midterm election debate over reducing the deficit at a time when the nation’s economic recovery may call for more stimulus. Today’s report estimated that the deficit will be 7 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product in 2011.

    CBO Director Doug Elmendorf said the agency’s projections haven’t changed significantly since its March forecast, reflecting an economy that continues to struggle to recover from recession and the prolonged impact of bailouts and other spending designed to spur growth.

    “Unfortunately, this is a case where no news is not good news,” Elmendorf said. “The country faces serious budget problems and serious economic problems.”

    The CBO projected that the cumulative deficit for the next decade will be $6.27 trillion, compared with its March estimate of $5.99 trillion.

    The CBO’s deficit forecasts don’t include changes in tax revenue or government spending not yet approved by Congress. When Congress returns from an August recess for a pre-election session, lawmakers will focus on fiscal policy, including a partisan debate over extending tax cuts enacted in 2001 and 2003 under President George W. Bush.

    Income Tax Rates

    Those cuts include lower rates on income, capital gains and dividends, a $1,000 child credit and relief from the so-called marriage penalty.

    President Barack Obama argues that the nation can’t afford to extend the tax cuts for individuals making more than $200,000 or households with annual incomes over $250,000. The cost of extending the cuts for the most prosperous Americans would be about $700 billion over a decade, said Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

    The CBO said today the deficit for the current fiscal year ending Sept. 30 will be $1.34 trillion. That is 9.1 percent of GDP, or the second largest shortfall in the past 65 years, exceeded only by last year’s 9.9 percent.

    The agency blamed this year’s shortfall primarily on weak tax revenue and policies enacted in response to the economic decline. Last year’s economic stimulus package accounts for $392 billion of the 2010 deficit, the budget office said

  115. MSM says: says:

    121: Yes, narrowing the gap!

    The CBO said today the deficit for the current fiscal year ending Sept. 30 will be $1.34 trillion. That is 9.1 percent of GDP, or the second largest shortfall in the past 65 years, exceeded only by last year’s 9.9 percent.

  116. Mr Wantanapolous says:

    “he’s calling it a short sale simply b/c they have reduced the price from their original list price”


    Who’s on first?

    Check your shorts and off balance sheet comp killers.

  117. Mikeinwaiting says:

    SL 101 Not to be forward , but can I come? You can vet me with Hyde , Grim, Doom and/or Stu. Promise to bring something yummy. Grim please give SL my email. Will not be packing. How about some Israeli Couscous with chicken a chili ,lime, cilantro dressing?
    Some like it hot & it will be.

  118. grim says:

    The owners of Seneca in Frankin Lakes have a $1.5m mortgage they took out in 2006.

    119 gets a cupie doll.

  119. relo says:

    117: John,

    Please call me. I have some lovely properties in FL I want to move. With the change in time zone it is still 2005 there.

  120. grim says:

    Sorry for exposing the dirty underbelly of the real estate world to you.

    I’m like the Anthony Bourdain of RE. Nobody in the biz likes me.

  121. Fabius Maximus says:

    “I’m like the Anthony Bourdain of RE. Nobody in the biz likes me.”

    I thought that title was reserved by Clot?

  122. Mikeinwaiting says:

    Fabius beat me to it , my thoughts exactly.

  123. schabadoo says:

    Islam is a degenerate death cult.

    Couldn’t get any bites, huh?

    Maybe throw in the sacredness of Burlington Coat Factory next time…

  124. Final Doom says:

    hyde (111)-

    I learned everything I know about firearms by discharging an amazing amount of firearms.

  125. Final Doom says:

    mike (114)-

    Illegal, but exciting.

  126. Final Doom says:

    chi (121)-

    Kenyon is a monster. Why he isn’t the head of the FA is beyond me.

    Kenny Huang = Chinese sovereign $$$

    Huang is going to be the winning bidder. The money behind him is bigger than City’s.

  127. grim says:

    I thought Clot was Blake from Glengarry

  128. grim says:

    Blake: FVck you. That’s my name. You know why, mister? You drove a Hyundai to get here. I drove an eighty-thousand dollar BMW. THAT’S my name. And your name is you’re wanting. You can’t play in the man’s game, you can’t close them – go home and tell your wife your troubles. Because only one thing counts in this life: Get them to sign on the line which is dotted. You hear me you fucking faggots? A-B-C. A-Always, B-Be, C-Closing. Always be closing. ALWAYS BE CLOSING. A-I-D-A. Attention, Interest, Decision, Action. Attention – Do I have you attention? Interest – Are you interested? I know you are, because it’s fVck or walk. You close or you hit the bricks. Decision – Have you made your decision, for Christ? And Action. A-I-D-A. Get out there – you got the prospects coming in. You think they came in to get out of the rain? A guy don’t walk on the lot lest he wants to buy. They’re sitting out there waiting to give you their money. Are you gonna take it? Are you man enough to take it? What’s the problem, pal?

  129. yo'me says:

    The owners of Seneca in Frankin Lakes have a $1.5m mortgage they took out in 2006.

    That is a lot of cash in the ATM machine.They bought the place for $541K. Nice french manicure for the trophy wife.

  130. stan says:

    I saw the John post, and I was hoping it was jj/john/crushed valor.

    It turned out to be just an idiot.

  131. gary says:

    “Sellers, get used to feeling like you’re giving it away or we’ll be waiting around a long time.” Something like that….

    I heard it’s contained to subprime.

  132. still_looking says:

    Hi Mike,

    Not too forward. So long as I can have an outdoor GTG, it should be okay. It’s short notice, I know but pretty much certifiable folks from here (and significants/spouses/kids) are welcome.

    Even REinvestor101. But everyone has to play nice.

    If it looks like it’s too short notice – I wouldn’t mind a mini GTG (for folks who can) and then a “real” at-home GTG after my exam in Sept. That one would be easier to prepare for as I’d have more time (and others would have better notice.)

    Plus, I’d have time to get gussied up for my (smoochy smooch) REinvestor-poo.

    Grim’s got email/phones/contact #s and I’d probably enlist him (sorry, grim!) as the go-to guy to help arrange to some degree… (jb, you’re not gonna kill me yet, are you?)


  133. still_looking says:

    It’d be a blast to get everyone together for a real GTG instead of the micromini-GTGs that I haven’t been able to make. Besides, somehow or other I think Doom needs a drink.

    I know for sure grim needs one.

    I doubly know that mr/mrs. still_looking are in dire need of a drink.


  134. still_looking says:

    If I didn’t have to fu.cking study, I’d be knee deep in scotch right now…

    (you just wouldn’t believe why…even if I told you.)


  135. Final Doom says:

    grim (136)-

    The coffee is for closers.

  136. Final Doom says:

    sl (142)-

    Soccer out of town this weekend, unfortunately. :(

  137. Final Doom says:

    Hindenburg Omen update:

    “Today we got our first Hindenburg Omen confirmation. The number of new highs was 136, and new lows was at 69 (per the traditional WSJ source). Granted this particular criteria set was a little weak as the 69 is precisely on the borderline for confirmation (the 2.2%), and the new highs number was not more than double the new lows (although it was close). Less gating were the McClellan oscillator which was negative at -83.6, and the 10 week MVA, which rose, which were the two remaining conditions. The first omen was spotted on August 12 – a week later the H.O has been confirmed. The more confirmations, the scarier it gets from a technical perspective, not to mention the conversion into a self-fulfilling prophecy (like every other technical indicator).”


  138. sas3 says:

    SL, exams for some specialization or it is a continuing education requirement?

  139. Mikeinwaiting says:

    Sl 140 great thank you, checked weather looks like rain (Alice!). We shall see as day approaches. Will keep abreast as to your plans. Grim send me Sl’s email, ok SL?
    Doom check email.
    SL knee deep now (lucky me), what is your poison of choice?

  140. Mikeinwaiting says:

    Doom 145 don’t need no Hindenburg all going to h*ll in a hand basket.

  141. still_looking says:

    Doom, 144

    Not to worry… always the next go-round. Maybe late Sept. After exam.

    I’ll be (thinking about) saving you some scotch :)


  142. still_looking says:

    s3, 146

    Recert for boards. Every ten yrs.


  143. still_looking says:

    Mike, 147

    Fu.ck the rain… we got a tent type thingy on the patio… 12-14 can fit. (If you’re drunk and you fall down? You get tossed on the grass :)


  144. Mikeinwaiting says:

    Sl 151 that should be fun, now come on what do you drink. Hate to come empty handed.

  145. still_looking says:

    Poison of choice… red wine, or scotch, or chocolate martinis, or watermelon martini! or wicked home made sangria – depends on the mood or circumstance. I’m a lightweight so I tend to nurse a drink for a while….


  146. Mr Hyde says:

    fun reading for the day

    The United States’ economic decline precariously resembles Argentina’s economic collapse, which started in 1998 and landed Argentina in a depression by the end of 2000. What began in Argentina as a recession mushroomed into a full-fledged depression due to bad economic and monetary policy. The Obama administration and its congressional Democrat lackeys are on the precipice of following Argentina’s disastrous economic and monetary policy decisions.


  147. Mr Hyde says:

    If you dont like that source, a very similar piece by

    Barack Obama is committing the same mistakes made by policymakers during the Great Depression, according to a new study endorsed by Nobel laureate James Buchanan.


  148. Mikeinwaiting says:

    153 Ok Sl will think of something.
    Ket check email.

  149. Mikeinwaiting says:

    Ket 155 : “We have learned some things from comparable experiences of the 1930s’ Great Depression, perhaps enough to reduce the severity of the current contraction. But we have made no progress toward putting limits on political leaders, who act out their natural proclivities without any basic understanding of what makes capitalism work.”

    Oh boy are we in trouble.

  150. Mr Hyde says:

    Although to be fair i dont really blame obama, he just happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. This depression has been baking for almost 30 years and both major parties are equally criminal/incompetent depending on how you look at it.. Of course O certainly hasnt helped matters.

  151. Mr Hyde says:

    Mike 157

    I think they do understand, at least some of them. The problem is that following such principles would be the same as torching the social engineering paradigm of the last 30 years. The same social paradigm that provides the government with some much control over peoples everyday lives.

  152. Mr Hyde says:

    Hey doom

    Check this out!


    It’ll go great with the $99 7.62 rifle you plan on picking up from cabella’s

  153. Mikeinwaiting says:

    ket 158,9 agreed , but this guy is not the man for the job. That being said was there/is there anyone who had a chance of being elected who had the b*lls to do the job right. They will not give up control, end of story.

  154. Libtard says:


    Appreciate the invite. Unfortunately, we have a BBQ of our own going at 1pm on Sunday down in Marlboro. Have fun and don’t fear the strangers. I’ve been to most of the GTGs and noone is harmful, except perhaps Grim’s dog. Get us the date earlier for the Sept. gig and we’ll be sure to clear the calendar for it.

  155. Mr Hyde says:

    was there/is there anyone who had a chance of being elected who had the b*lls to do the job right

    No. The american people got what they asked for. Hope & Change! We wont see anything significant change until enough people are cold, hungary, and pissed to decisively act with first the ballot box and then the ammo box, accepting no compromises.

    Its going to be a long walk home – BC Bob

  156. Mikeinwaiting says:

    Ket 163 could not agree more.

  157. Fabius Maximus says:

    Clot the progressive left at its

  158. Fabius Maximus says:

    Clot the progressive left at its best, Admit it, the St Pauli beer could be the dealbreaker to make you a convert.


  159. Fabius Maximus says:


    I think you are still two towns over, so I could make it over if the centerists are invited.
    Although I have a house full of sick kids at the moment. One took a trip to Valley ER last night. She fell at camp yesterday and hit her head. She had nose bleeds at 6PM and at 1AM was started throwing up badly. So at 2AM we took a trip to rule out concussion. Today she still can’t hold down food and her siblings are now throwing it out the other end.

    It could be a long weekend

  160. willwork4beer says:

    I think I kinda like John. Good to have an opposing viewpoint on the blog. I hope he keeps posting, just under a different handle as the original John is legendary.
    Notes from the hinterland:

    Mrs. Beer got a long overdue raise in pay today. She’s very proudq of herself and I’m proud of her too.

    Asking prices are down here in Hunterdon, but there’s still a lot of denial. Can’t get tomorrow’s price today. I’m just hoping otomorrow’s price comes sooner rather than later.
    Mrs. Beer’s BFF has a neighbor who has been trying to sell since February. Started off at 410K and has been cutting asking by 10k every month or two. Latest scuttlebutt is their Realtor ™ told them they would have to remodel their kitchen to get their (reduced by 40K) asking price. (Shout out to House Hunter- this is 08534).

    Went to see Mom and Pop Beer this past weekend out in Central PA. Mom told me not to buy a house – prices are declining and peoples are losing money. Wait and you’ll get a much better deal. When I told her that I’ve been telling her that for a long time now she looked at me like I had three heads.

    I just got my Droid X so if I screw up this post I’m blaming it on the new phone.

    Enjoying a nice Flying Fish Farmhouse Summer Ale right now. Has anyone tried New Jersey Brewing Company? So far, I’ve only seen the stout. Little too warm for me to be drinking stouts, but I’ll give it a try in a month or two. I saw that a lot of Oktoberfests are out today. Get them while they last!

  161. Smathers says:

    Look, all I can say is that you guys are right: the country is ruined, she’s an old pr0nstar who has done it up the Hersey Highway too much. The problem is that Georgie Orgie and the Big O! are terrified of facing those facts so they prop it up to help the boys on Wall Street and to avoid repercussions come Election Day. They’re truly adept at those kind of lies by now.

    As far as personal gain goes, you’re ratted. The smart money is on keeping the charade going as long as possible… The only question is timing and there’s no way we can predict it. The peeps that get lucky will be the ones we think knew it all along. But it’s just going to be luck, mark my words. It could be 6 months, it could be 18 years. I give it longer if the Republicans are in power since they’re Straussians, but make no mistake both parties should be banned from further political action the way the Nazis are in Germany.

  162. gary says:

    GTG, please! I’ll be there! Just name a place and time.

  163. Final Doom says:

    gluteus (167)-

    Absolute miracle they went up to the Bundesliga. Relegation will be swift and brutal.

    Gotta love the skull & bones, though.

  164. House Hunter says:

    Libtard 53, that is the best laugh I’ve had in a long time!!!

  165. Qwerty says:

    Coffee is for closers. Warning, much cursing…


    Alec Baldwin’s brother, the one in foreclosure, was on “The Apprentice” and went through the “ABC” routine on the whiteboard with his team. I don’t think they understood the reference.

  166. Al "Fat Thumbery" Gore says:

    Death of the ‘McMansion’: Era of Huge Homes Is Over

    “They’ve been called McMansions, Starter Castles, Garage Mahals and Faux Chateaus but here’s the latest thing you can call them — History. In the past few years, there have been an increasing number of references made to the “McMansion glut” and the “McMansion backlash,” as more towns pass ordinances against garishly large homes, which are generally over 3,000 square feet and built very close together. Well, count 2010 as the year the last nail was hammered into the McCoffin: In its latest report on home-buying trends, real-estate site Trulia declares: “The McMansion Era Is Over.”
    Just 9 percent of the people surveyed by Trulia said their ideal home size was over 3,200 square feet. Meanwhile, more than one-third said their ideal size was under 2,000 feet.”


  167. Mr Hyde says:


    would love to join you but have other engagements. Definitly in for a sep GTG

  168. Final Doom says:

    Stu, the fantasists at baristanet have decided I’m a racist, hard-right Republican. Cehck the Mayor Fraud thread; they’re going at me like I’m George Wallace.

    Are you the only person in the whole damn town with more than a sawed-off brain stem?

  169. Final Doom says:

    qwerty (173)-

    Narcissists generally can’t get references to anything other than themselves.

    “Alec Baldwin’s brother, the one in foreclosure, was on “The Apprentice” and went through the “ABC” routine on the whiteboard with his team. I don’t think they understood the reference.”

  170. Comrade Nom Deplume aux maison says:


    Can’t do Sunday. Too much going on at the Deplumes, all of it revolving around Daughter No. 1. Hopefully in Sept.

  171. cobbler says:

    Mosin-Nagant 7.62 at Cabelas’ actually comes with bayonet. From the text on their website I gather the Ukrainian peasants in 1941 picked up and buried the rifles dropped by the retreating Red Army soldiers – and now their enterprising grandchildren dug the guns up, cleaned and lubricated them, and sold to Cabelas. I wouldn’t recommend this weapon for anything other than decorating your house.

  172. Comrade Nom Deplume aux maison says:

    WW4B or Morpheus,

    Just checked the garage and I have over 7 cases of empties, ready to be filled. Of course, that means a fcukload of bottle cleaning to do.

    I am willing to sponsor a Homebrewing GTG this fall at Maison Deplume.
    I bring the supplies, you bring the expertise. What say you?

  173. Shelly says:

    That house on May drive has a tiny backyard. They will be lucky to get $1.5 Million for that. Did I mention it is/was owned by a Town and Country realtor?

  174. cobbler says:


    Generally, people have the government they deserve. If no politician can tell the voters truth about them and be elected, we end up with those who tell lies and get elected. If since 1990 per capita consumption in the U.S. increased by 75% without actually making more of anything other than financial products and housing, this consumption level has to be rolled 20 years back plus some – as we’ve sold our factories for scrap metal already. To our surprise, most of the ideas are not marketable.

    It scares the sh.it out of me when I figure out that after November election the self -righteous frauds like Kevin Hassett will tell what to do with the economy:
    Manufacturing has been declining as a share of U.S. gross domestic product for some time, from about 28 percent in 1950 to about 11 percent in 2009. Any economist can tell you that this decline is not necessarily a cause for concern.

    Over the past few decades, our economy has transformed dramatically, and the importance of innovation has increased sharply. A 2006 study by the Federal Reserve found that investment in intangible capital is more important today, in the aggregate, than investment in tangible capital. We have become an ideas economy.

    That’s not a problem. It’s economic evolution, a natural and positive force. (this is from his recent Bloomberg article http://noir.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601039&sid=awCdt7JV1kro .

  175. Comrade Nom Deplume aux maison says:

    [179] cobbler

    Gets better than that. According to Cabela’s, Remington had a contract to produce these for the Russian army. The IMPERIAL Russian Army. These are gawdamm WW ONE era rifles.

  176. stan says:

    My problem with John wasn’t an opposing viewpoint, it was that he tried to call Grim out on something and was flat out wrong. He is an idiot.

  177. Pat says:

    Your clouded, alcohol-misted truths force my nature.
    It’s Crush Valor.

    Obsessive while humored, the accent misses the target
    Like a .22 on a rain gray parkway.
    It’s Crush Valor.

    Comp killer. Funny how things shine.
    It’s Crush Valor.

    Tonight at the lap lane, some guy with Tennessee in his jaw asked me,
    Where are you from?
    So I tell him, I’m from where it’s at.
    Like Crush Valor.

    He smiles and says his best friend was from there.
    But now he moved to Delaware.

  178. Pat says:

    BTW thanks to the chic who moved on the Federal pay thing. Sometimes you just gotta say something like a dead comedian or nobody listens.

    Examination is key here, and not looking only at the thinktank numbers.

    Inventory applies if you are trying to find the next issue.

  179. schabadoo says:

    Stu, the fantasists at baristanet have decided I’m a racist, hard-right Republican.

    Yeah, where would they get that crazy idea?

    Maybe try some of your ‘vote with a bullet’ material on them?

  180. sas says:

    anymore I’m starting to think its the damn 1969 Cordobazo out there…


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