Weekend Trash: Oprah buying the Frick Mansion?

From Newsroom New Jersey:

Oprah Winfrey says she’s not home shopping in New Jersey

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” may be gaining a new neighbor.

Oprah Winfrey has been spotted looking at homes in the northern New Jersey area.

For her part, Winfrey denied any interest in moving to New Jersey.

This morning, according to the New York Daily News, Winfrey took to Twitter to stop the gossip:

“No truth to me looking for a house in Jersey. No idea who started that rumor. Been in Chicago all week working,” she tweeted.

According to published reports, Winfrey quietly slipped into town Wednesday for a house-hunting expedition along the banks of the Hudson River, sources said.

Among the homes on her list: a $68 million mansion on the sprawling grounds of the old Frick estate in Alpine, N.J., the sources said.

Prominentproperties.com lists the home as a Colonial, with twelve bedrooms, 15 full and three half-baths, 42 rooms, and a basketball court and locker in the basement. Quaint.

Oprah’s three-car entourage pulled into the ritzy enclave before noon Wednesday, a source said.

The billionaire then toured the 30,300-square-foot, English-manor-style mansion, which is part of the “Estates at Alpine.”

From the NY Post:

Oprah eyes $68M NJ mansion

Oprah Winfrey is eyeing a house in the New York area, The Post has learned.

The TV titan — whose new network is slated to launch in Los Angeles next year — quietly slipped into town yesterday for a house-hunting ex pedition along the banks of the Hud son, sources said.

Among the homes on her must-see list: a $68 million manse on the sprawling grounds of the old Frick estate in Alpine, NJ, the sources said.

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68 Responses to Weekend Trash: Oprah buying the Frick Mansion?

  1. grim says:

    From the Cape May County Herald:

    Second Homes Most Likely Foreclosure in County

    One solution to avoid foreclosure is a short sale of your home, according to Brian Reed of Weichert Realtors-Coastal, of Wildwood.

    He said he currently has eight short sales under contract and has helped negotiate a number of short sales for buyers and sellers to avoid the foreclosure process.

    Reed said typically he deals with owners of second homes here whose primary home is located in the Tri-State area. He said the homeowners either bought at the height of the real estate market and had planned to flip their shore property or their situation changed such as a job loss. In some cases the value of a property has dipped 40 percent and the owner can no longer sell it, said Reed.

    A number of his customers have received a notice of default on their mortgage. Reed said he monitors websites that list defaults and he sees the numbers rising.

    Reed said he is seeing foreclosures from Cape May to Ocean City, primarily in beach towns. Some of the foreclosures are due to divorce, he said, where the couple splitting up stops making payments on the vacation home they can’t seem to sell.

    “Anyone who has bought in the last four to five years, pretty much do not have equity in their home,” said Reed.

    Some homeowners purchased 10 years ago and were living beyond their means because they knew they could get a home equity loan and pay off their credit cards. Reed said at this point, they cannot do that and are still living beyond their means but don’t have the equity in their home for a loan.

    Some purchased properties with only a 5 percent down or received “stated income loans,” which were based more on a credit score and the industry in which the borrower was employed rather than the borrower’s actual income, he said.

    A number of property owners made a purchase believing the value of the home would go up 2 to 3 percent a month, netting them a healthy profit in a year or two, he said. In some cases, a person may own three or four properties and have never paid their mortgage while taking in summer rental income from the property for the past two years, said Reed.

    Other property owners counted on rentals that did not materialize to make their mortgage payments.

  2. Confused In NJ says:

    Seems like a Short Sale is more viable, if the originating Bank actually holds the loan.

  3. Essex says:

    Oprah should move here — that way Christie can give her a tax break —

  4. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    Watching Arsenal v. Tottenham. I must be channeling Lamar today. Explains why I feel like drinking whiskey at 8 in the morning.

  5. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    May get around to bottling Grim’s Reaper this weekend if the specific gravity gets down enough. Also, daughter’s first cheer competition is in Toms River on Sunday, so I may deviate over to Brewer’s Apprentice to get some more supplies.

    Need more pithy names. I propose giving a six-pack at a future GTG to the person who names each NJRER-inspired homebrew.

  6. grim says:

    Seems like a Short Sale is more viable, if the originating Bank actually holds the loan.

    Viable? Foreclosure is the more viable solution.

    Mostly because none of these ever end up being single lien short sales. The damn-near 100% financing usually means two liens, and usually two different lenders. Single lien short sale? Sounds like a dream to me.

    The seconds aren’t quick to walk away. I’ve got one now who won’t refuses to, despite the fact that they’ll get nothing in foreclosure, and the upset of the first lien is way over market value.

    Don’t ask me about the 3 lien short, we’re 4 months into that one.

  7. Fast Eddie says:

    Interesting, that realtor from that link yesterday explains the outright fraud that is the housing market. A realtor. As if we didn’t know the last 10 years wasn’t a classic example why the RICO law exists. :o The banks figured out how to create a toll booth every time you walk in the front door of that anchor you call a house. If you bought from 2003 to 2008, you have no equity. We’re in about the 5th inning by my estimate.

    I’ll say it again to make it easier for the penquins that just stumbled upon this site: you see a house you like, in a town on your list. You offer 80% of the list price, best and final offer. And since you’re a compassionate person, give the sellers a week to accept. If not, move on to the next victim. What are they gonna do, get insulted? Oh well! You’re the one qualified with at least a 20% down payment and they’re near insolvency. Any questions?

  8. Fast Eddie says:

    Here you go, perfect example. Here’s a house in Fair Lawn; a nice town but a regular burger and fries standard fare home that needs some updating. Fantasy price: $470,000. The actual sale price should be around $375,000, probably closer to $350,000. Offer $362,500 and call it a day. Remember to tell the realtor to tell the sellers that they’re losing money everyday they hesitate, so you you suggest a quick closing.


  9. Fast Eddie says:

    Here’s one, high end, asking 2.5 mil. You gotta feel for these folks, they probably paid around 3 million for this house and this one will go for around 1.8. Ouch!


  10. House Whine says:

    9- I am sorry but I just can’t get past the orange carpeting, the plaid sofa and the multi-colored carpet.

  11. Fast Eddie says:

    Geezus, how do you break it to the seller that they’re about 250K over-priced. It’s like a surgeon walking out of the operating room telling family members they did everything they could.


  12. Fast Eddie says:

    House [11],

    I was being compassionate. :) Ok, $350,000 may be the final price.

  13. This is hardly a surprise but, this morning (as previously announced), the lame duck Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously voted to move forward with censoring the internet via the COICA bill — despite a bunch of law professors explaining to them how this law is a clear violation of the First Amendment. What’s really amazing is that many of the same Senators have been speaking out against internet censorship in other countries, yet they happily vote to approve it here because it’s seen as a way to make many of their largest campaign contributors happy. There’s very little chance that the bill will actually get passed by the end of the term but, in the meantime, we figured it might be useful to highlight the 19 Senators who voted to censor the internet this morning:

    Patrick J. Leahy — Vermont
    Herb Kohl — Wisconsin
    Jeff Sessions — Alabama
    Dianne Feinstein — California
    Orrin G. Hatch — Utah
    Russ Feingold — Wisconsin
    Chuck Grassley — Iowa
    Arlen Specter — Pennsylvania
    Jon Kyl — Arizona
    Chuck Schumer — New York
    Lindsey Graham — South Carolina
    Dick Durbin — Illinois
    John Cornyn — Texas
    Benjamin L. Cardin — Maryland
    Tom Coburn — Oklahoma
    Sheldon Whitehouse — Rhode Island
    Amy Klobuchar — Minnesota
    Al Franken — Minnesota
    Chris Coons — Delaware

    This should be a list of shame. You would think that our own elected officials would understand the First Amendment but, apparently, they have no problem turning the US into one of the small list of authoritarian countries that censors internet content it does not like (in this case, content some of its largest campaign contributors do not like). We already have laws in place to deal with infringing content, so don’t buy the excuse that this law is about stopping infringement. This law takes down entire websites based on the government’s say-so. First Amendment protections make clear that if you are going to stop any specific speech, it has to be extremely specific speech. This law has no such restrictions. It’s really quite unfortunate that these 19 US Senators are the first American politicians to publicly vote in favor of censoring speech in America.

  14. plume (5)-

    Spurs are getting their asses whipped.

  15. Bonus for me today: meeting with a buyer who has a big cash DP, good credit and time.

  16. Libtard says:

    Essex (from last night).

    Is it any less rude to ask those who are getting f’ed to maintain your unbelievably rich retirement? The neighborly thing to do would be to share the pain. Not to cut off the remaining leg from the amputee.

  17. Fast Eddie says:

    Geezus, my first reaction is to rag on these sellers to no end but how the he11 do people get into these situations? What a leg iron! Can you imagine someone making an offer anywhere near this price? omg!


  18. Fast Eddie says:

    Libtard [18],

    But, it’s for the children.

  19. Essex says:

    Cheap Stu. Would probably try to reneg on any deal that didn’t suit him provided he could save a couple of dollars.

  20. Mike says:

    Who’s Oprah Winfrey?

  21. Confused In NJ says:

    ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s president may pardon a Christian woman facing a death sentence for blasphemy against Islam, officials said Saturday, as the mother of four tearfully denied the charge in interviews.

    The case of Asia Bibi has drawn appeals from Pope Benedict XVI and human rights groups to free her. She was sentenced to death earlier this month.

    Bibi appeared in a televised interview at her prison Saturday, protesting her innocence to reporters and maintaining the case stemmed from a personal dispute.

    “It was just the outcome of a rivalry. I would never even think of blasphemy,” she said weeping. “I have small children. For God’s sake, please set me free.”

    The verdict has drawn attention to Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, which critics say are used to persecute Christian and other minorities and fan extremism. They are also often exploited to settle personal scores.

    Shahbaz Bhatti, Pakistan’s minister for minority affairs, said Saturday that President Asif Ali Zardari has asked for a report on the case and has the power to pardon Bibi.

    “The president has taken notice of this case … he is concerned on this issue,” Bhatti said, adding that Zardari has the power to pardon her even ahead of the court appeal.

    Gov. Salman Taseer of Punjab province, where Bibi is held, told reporters in a televised conference he believes Zardari will soon pardon her.

    “I am going to take this petition to president and president will forgive her,” he said.

  22. Libtard says:

    I finally agree with you Essex :P

  23. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    [15] lamar

    Saw that (off now). No dog in that fight, so I don’t much care.

  24. Comrade Nom Deplume says:


    My New Age lifestyle sister told me about this History Channel miniseries she was watching. She thought the guy featured on it was pretty imaginative.


    Apparently this guy is a prepper and the show is about his prep activities. He is also a tinkerer and creates quite a few of his Nompound items himself.

    I can just imagine sis being intruiged by this. Despite her peace and love outlook, she is the one with a Nompound.

  25. Schrodinger's Cat says:


    Long Walk

    in honor of BC bobs “Long Walk Home”

  26. Schrodinger's Cat says:


    We should meet for a brew and a chitchat

  27. Schrodinger's Cat says:

    19 fast eddie

    850K? LMAO!!!!

  28. Schrodinger's Cat says:

    Eddie 19

    The listing agent looks kinda cute.

  29. Schrodinger's Cat says:

    off to build a beAR

  30. Barbara says:

    high end, low end…..houses in NJ are truly shiteous. That is all.

  31. Confused In NJ says:

    SEATTLE – Every year, American schools pay more than $8.6 billion in bonuses to teachers with master’s degrees, even though the idea that a higher degree makes a teacher more effective has been mostly debunked.

    For more than a decade, researchers have shown master’s degree bonuses have little impact on student achievement. But state lawmakers and other officials have been reluctant to tackle this popular way for teachers to earn more money.

    That could soon change, as local school districts around the country grapple with shrinking budgets.

    Just this week, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan said the economy has given the nation an opportunity to make dramatic changes in the productivity of its education system.

  32. yo'me says:

    There was an article here about a teacher buying a master’s degree on those online studies and getting yearly bonus backed by a piece of paper.Why not go to chinatown and get one.

  33. Barbara says:



    Over 18k in taxes. Who gives about the 2.5 acres? Not I.

  34. plume (25)-

    Too bad you turned it off. Spurs won, 3-2.

  35. chicagofinance says:

    Comrade Nom Deplume says:
    November 20, 2010 at 7:53 am
    Need more pithy names. I propose giving a six-pack at a future GTG to the person who names each NJRER-inspired homebrew.

    (1) Brigadoon Beer
    (2) Barney’s Bl-wjob
    (3) Exit 135
    (4) Sell Jean
    (5) Change Trains at Newark
    (6) Sham Transaction
    (7) Trenton Takes

  36. Libtard on the throne says:

    Nom Pound heavy
    Laffer & Luger lager
    On-the-dole Dunkel
    Stay@Home hooch
    Late Expat Report Red
    Boston Superior but brewed in NJ Ale
    Brigadoon Bitter (top choice)
    Presidente Negra

  37. Dan says:

    I’ll try some but might be out of context:

    Hoboken Fire Red
    Camden Bike Trail Ale
    JJ Onion Lite
    Bergabe Bitter
    It’s A Great Time to Weiss
    Deep Underwater Lager
    Short Sale Ale

  38. Abbott District Dopplebock
    Hoboken Hefeweiss
    Gary’s Cabbage Ass Lager
    Carla Katz’ Secret Binder (nothing to do with beer; I just like saying it)
    Bitter Renter

  39. Watching Ole Miss vs. LSU. I think there are at least eight convicted felons on the field.

  40. Essex says:

    Is it me or whenever I show up does the post count plummet?

  41. D says:

    What was that realtor’s name that was on the phone in the commercial. You know… the one emasculating the husband, so he’d buy the house his wife wanted… THAT would be a good name for the NJREBeer!

  42. chicagofinance says:

    I think it is a toss up between JJ Onion Lite for style and Bitter Renter for pure wittiness…….Bitter Renter…damn that is sublime for this board……..I guess maybe Renter Bitter is proper form……..maybe settle on Bitter Renter Bitter….

  43. Outofstater says:

    #35 The exterior of that house looks like a nursing home.

  44. 30 year realtor says:

    Die Before I Buy Moose Ale

  45. willwork4beer says:

    I love Grim’s Reaper. Great name. Beyond that, I really like Bitter Renter and Short Sale Ale. ChiFi, I hear you on form but I think it still works as “Bitter Renter”.

    A few more:

    Jingle Mail Pale Ale
    Too Big To Fail Ale
    Fantasy Price Weiss
    Tick… Tick… Tick… Lambic
    POS Split Wit

  46. Sterling Grey Matters says:

    Comp Killer Pilsener
    EIFS IPA (originally POS IPA but someone’s got that)
    ReGrout Stout
    Court Order Porter or Out of Order Porter
    Lockbox Bock (Lock Bocks)
    Housesitter Bitter
    Stated Income Weiss
    Stainless Still (whiskey/moonshine)
    Bathtub Gin

    Brother Grim’s Fairy Ales – “Buy now and you’ll live happily ever after” or “You won’t believe how much you’ll pay for this”

  47. yo'me says:

    unexpectedly brew
    POS stout
    depression bullies ale
    pensions paid stout
    public shake and bake pilsner

    and the number one on the list

    we’re all f*kced brewster

  48. yo'me says:

    Looking for reasons to be thankful

  49. safe as houses says:

    Produce the note pilsner
    Lawsuit lager
    Bailout Bitters

  50. Confused In NJ says:

    Click on the BPU alternate energy suppliers and you could save 10-15% on your current electric or gas bills;


    Some of the suppliers like Constellation (Electric) & Systrum (Gas) work through the Utility like JCP&L or PSE&G or Elizabethtown so you still have one bill from the Utility.

    NJ has finally gotten some alternate suppliers 10 years after deregulation in 2000.

  51. NJCoast says:

    Soylent pale ale.

  52. Fast Eddie says:

    Adler Pale Ale

  53. Fast Eddie says:

    Graydon’s Haughty Pilsner

  54. Mr Wantanapolous says:


    Barney’s Boffin Ale, Keister Meister Barney or Barney’s Silver Bullet
    Lord Blankenweiser
    Plum Pudding Timay
    Gold Mettalic Pale Ale
    Hacker Short Pilsner
    Long Walk Irish Stout

    If you produce mini’s or a non-alcholic;

    50.5 Bitter

  55. Mr Wantanapolous says:

    That’s non-alcoholic

  56. safe as houses says:

    #58 Mr Wantanapolous,

    No TARPed on Tap?

  57. deadbeat says:

    Posting under a different handle:

    Attorneys or Realtors on the board,

    Are any of you familiar with the language a seller should be looking for in a short sale to preculde a deficiency judgement? Is there a correlation between credit reporting (i.e. settled less than agreed, etc.) and retention of the right to persue? I realize this is a legal question and have retained counsel. Just looking for a second opinion and, of course, would be willing to pay the freight.

  58. Essex says:

    51. Good Health?

  59. Pat says:

    Bitter Renter

  60. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    Okay, the contenders are:

    Bitter Renter
    Short Sale Ale
    Court Order Porter
    Jingle Mail Pale Ale
    Too Big to Fail Ale

    I guess a lot depends on context; If I brew a pale ale, then there are three names in contention. And while I really like Bitter Renter, the next brew is probably gonna be a pale ale, so the final three are:

    Short Sale Pale Ale,
    Jingle Mail Pale Ale (the one preferred by the deplume women), and
    Too Big to Fail Pale Ale.

    Voting closes tomorrow night.

  61. Mr Wantanapolous says:
  62. Linda53 says:

    RE #10..Notice that in the pics of the Franklin Lakes fugly Mcmansion that several of the shots show snow outside (for example the kitchen photo)…. so not only is this house over priced and unbelievably tacky but it has been on the market a long, long time. Nice neighborhood tho.

  63. First Time Long Time says:

    How about Doomsday IPA?

  64. Really cool piece of information, thanks!

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