Good start for employment in 2012, but quite a distance to go

From the Star Ledger:

New Jersey job figures show slow but steady growth, economists say

During the first two months of 2012 alone, New Jersey created more than half the number of jobs it did during all of last year, according to new data released yesterday from the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

In January and February, employers in the state added a net total of 17,500 non-farm jobs. Last year’s tally came to 33,400 new jobs in the private sector.

The two-month total accounts for the state revising down January’s reported jobs gains to 8,800, as preliminary estimates of 13,300 proved too high. Preliminary estimates peg February’s net job growth at 8,700, all due to private sector gains. That marks the sixth straight month of job growth, to a seasonally adjusted amount of just over 3.89 million jobs, the department said.

“New Jersey employment is now moving up at a well-sustained rate. With over 74,000 new private sector jobs added since 2010…the number of private sector jobs in the state has reached a three-year high,” Charles Steindel, chief economist for the state’s Department of Treasury, said in a statement.

Economists who study the Garden State said the gains are a positive sign that New Jersey, along with the rest of the country, will keep up a steady crawl out of the great recessession.

“The state economy will continue this tortoise-like improvement,” said Joel Naroff of Naroff Economic Advisors, giving his outlook for 2012.

But despite the last month’s boost in payrolls, New Jersey’s jobless rate remained unchanged at 9 percent. That eclipses the national rate for February of 8.3 percent.

While layoffs in the pharmaceuticals sector and casino and gaming industry have added to New Jersey’s joblessness rate, a number of other factors also will keep the unemployment rate higher than the national average. For one, cutbacks in the public sector continue to partially offset employment gains in the private workforce, Naroff said. For example, government payrolls last month dropped by 1,000 while private sector employers added 9,700 workers, the Labor Department reported yesterday.

Secondly, the unemployment rate reflects New Jersey residents’ ability to find jobs not just in state, but also elsewhere such as neighboring Pennsylvania and New York.

Thirdly, the unemployment rate is a reflection of the number of people actively looking for work, economists note. Paradoxically, the rate can go down if large numbers of people simply give up on finding a job.

Chances are, the rate will continue to lag behind the national average this year. Naroff said a very good outcome would be if New Jersey’s unemployment rate sank to 8.5 percent by year-end.

In terms of numbers of private sector jobs the state may add this year, gains could exceed 50,000, said James Hughes, dean of Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University.

“However, the other big picture we still have is a deep employment-deficit hole to climb out of,” he said. Between December 2007, when the recession officially began, and February 2010, when New Jersey and the U.S. hit the bottom in terms of job losses, the state lost 248,200 private sector jobs. Since then, it has added back 74,500.

“We still have to add 173,700 private-sector jobs to get back to where we were before the recession started,” Hughes said.

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  1. Mike says:

    Good Morning New Jersey

  2. grim says:

    …a number of other factors also will keep the unemployment rate higher than the national average. For one, cutbacks in the public sector continue to partially offset employment gains in the private workforce, Naroff said. For example, government payrolls last month dropped by 1,000 while private sector employers added 9,700 workers, the Labor Department reported yesterday.

    Not sure why anyone would point to this as a negative or drawback, eliminating unnecessary public sector workers is a *HUGE BENEFIT* for the state, as it reduces the upward pressure on property taxes (or, dare I say, provides for one of the only ways to reduce them).

    The fact that we are growing private sector jobs, and reducing unemployment overall, while simultaneously cutting public sector workers, is probably the best story of the recovery. Yeah yeah, I admit, probably slower than anyone would wish for.

    Trying to bloat the public payrolls to try to dig us out of the job deficit is a recipe for disaster (or communism, you pick).

  3. grim says:

    From CNBC:

    Bank of America Getting Into the Landlord Business

    Bank of America, the nation’s second-largest lender, is launching a pilot program this week that will offer a limited number of customers behind on their mortgages to transition from owner to renter.

    The bank, which was saddled with thousands of delinquent loans when it took over mortgage giant Countrywide, says that beginning this week “in targeted hard-hit markets,” it will offer a limited number of mortgage customers who are facing foreclosure an opportunity to remain in their homes, and transition to tenant status. The program is called “Mortgage to Lease.”

    “This pilot will help determine whether conversion from homeownership to rental is something our customers, the community and investors will support,” said Ron Sturzenegger, Legacy Asset Servicing executive at Bank of America in a statement. “This program may have the potential to further round out the broad set of solutions we offer our customers in need of assistance.”

    Borrowers will not be able to apply for the program, rather it is through “invitation” only, and the pilot will be less than 1,000 customers. It will be tested in Arizona, Nevada, and New York.

    “Pilot participants will transfer title to their properties to the bank and have their outstanding mortgage debt forgiven. In exchange, they may lease their home for up to three years at or below the current market rental rate,” according to a statement. The rent will be less than the mortgage payment and the (former) homeowner will have no financial obligations to the property, like taxes and insurance.

  4. grim says:

    From the Huffington Post:

    Bank Of America: Home Prices All Done Falling, Thank You Very Much

    Bank of America probably hopes its economists have this one right.

    In a new research report on Thursday, Bank of America-Merrill Lynch mortgage strategists and economists boosted their forecast for U.S. home prices this year. They now see prices squeezing out a 0.5 percent gain. That doesn’t sound like much, but it is up quite a lot from the bank’s older forecast of a 3.5 percent fall in prices this year.

    “More information has come our way since the initial forecast, including favorable developments on the policy front, better economic data and a decline in the supply of homes on the market,” wrote Chris Flanagan, Michelle Meyer and Ryan Asato. “We have therefore updated our home price model and believe that prices are bottoming now.”

    Readers with functioning memories will immediately recall that economists have been getting housing calls wrong early and often — before, during and after the housing bubble and crash. At one point, remember, it was gospel that house prices would never fall. And we have seen calls of housing bottoms again and again since prices began to fall back in 2006.

    The Bank of America economists are a little more optimistic, though they still don’t see prices rebounding any time soon. After basically flattening this year, prices will rise just 0.3 percent in 2013, according to their forecast. And it looks like price gains this year will steal from prices in future years: They’ve cut their 2013 price-gain forecast to 0.3 percent from 1.3 percent and slashed their 2014 forecast to a gain of just 2.8 percent from 8.1 percent previously.

  5. grim says:

    From Bloomberg:

    U.S. Home Prices Have Smallest Decline in More Than 2 Years

    U.S. home prices fell 0.8 percent in January from a year earlier, the smallest decline in more than two years, as the U.S. property market begins to stabilize.

    The region that includes Massachusetts and Connecticut led the decline, falling 3.5 percent, the Federal Housing Finance Agency said today in a report from Washington. In the area that encompasses North Dakota and Minnesota, prices jumped 5.2 percent, the only region to show an increase over January 2011.

    “The market for single-family homes picked up in the second half of 2011, after being stuck near the bottom for nearly three years,” Patrick Newport and Michelle Valverde, economists for IHS Global Insight in Lexington, Massachusetts, said in a note to clients yesterday. “This pickup is real, but the road to recovery will be a long one.”

    The FHFA’s U.S. House Price Index was 19.2 percent below its April 2007 peak and roughly the same as the February 2004 level. The year-over-year decline in January was the smallest since November 2009, when prices fell 0.6 percent.

  6. Hardy har. The ultra-violence hasn’t even gotten going yet. We’ve got another 20-25% of price drops to go.

    Extinction event, dead ahead.

    No one will be spared.

  7. Captain Sunshine says:

    Sunny days dead ahead. I hear birds chirping and the sound of children laughing. A wonderful and peaceful future is in store for all of us on this earth.

  8. grim says:

    6 – As long as part of that, we overthrow the state and local goverments, I’m good.

    From Bloomberg, hat tip Anuj:

    Contest for Funniest New Jersey Joke Has a Winner

    Did you hear the latest joke about New Jersey? A group of investigative journalists this week released a report calling it the least corruptible state in the country. How did that happen?

    Easy. We bribed them.

    All kidding aside, this is a state where in 2009 three mayors, two assemblymen and five rabbis were among 44 charged in a single money-laundering and bribery sting by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. One of those mayors, Peter Cammarano, was from Hoboken, where I live. He was sentenced to 24 months in prison. Five years before his arrest, another former Hoboken mayor, Anthony Russo, pleaded guilty to corruption charges. His son now sits on the city council.

    In New Jersey, we expect corruption. It’s built into the system. We have 566 municipalities, the most per capita of any state. Local governments tax the citizenry dry, while preserving the opportunities for graft that flow from operating redundant public services. The state legislature likes it this way and always has. Whadayagonnado?

    So it was quite a story this week when the Center for Public Integrity, a Washington-based nonprofit, ranked New Jersey as the state with the lowest corruption risk in the U.S. (Local corruption didn’t count, it said. Only “corruption risk” in state government did.) There’s a simple explanation for how the group reached its conclusion, too: Its methodology was awful.

  9. Brian says:

    Wow. Tenth straight week of mutual fund inflows. Kewl.

  10. I will gladly pay anyone who kneecaps Captain Sunshine.

  11. Young Buck says:

    “Secondly, the unemployment rate reflects New Jersey residents’ ability to find jobs not just in state, but also elsewhere such as neighboring Pennsylvania and New York.”

    If this is a contributing factor to the high unemployment rate, shouldn’t that be “inability?”

  12. Captain Sunshine says:

    Wait a minute, my super sappy sense is tingling….

    I sense an angry liquor store manager in Jersey City in need of a hug!

    Up up and away!

  13. grim says:

    10 – One might question their motivation based on the dozen or so “BUY GOLD NOW” pop up ads on that site… Just sayin’.

  14. freedy says: Bank of America comes to the rescue . Will Rent your foreclosed home to you.

    Now they are doing this because they really really want you to like them .

  15. grim says:

    15 – Dirty little secret, once the program gets underway, they are expecting third parties and investors to be holding title to the properties. They are looking to legitimize the model in order to push REO and unperformings off their balance sheets. BOA has no intention of taking ownership themselves. In true Goldman style, they’ll simply be the toll-takers, taking profit but bearing no risk. No doubts that they’ll claim their pilots were overwhelming successes, in order to good public and political support. Look for Congress to push forward a set of legislation providing a financial backstop for these investors (either loan guarantees or even outright loans with little in the way of teeth (or chance of repayment)). The can gets kicked further and we’ll have succeeded in building a Rube-Goldberg-like subsidy system for failed homeowners and yet-another backdoor-bailout for banks.

  16. grim (16)-

    Anyone who gets into one of these “leases” should burn down the house at the end of the lease term.

  17. NJ Toast says:

    Grim – #16,

    So what is the event that stops the kicking of the can down the road, rocks the housing market to the core, and rips the scab off this wound? Would a strong uptick in interest rates do it or is the can kicking something that can be sustained for many years to come?

    At some point, we won’t be able to hold down interest rates and my back of the napkin says fall of ’13 is when it all starts.

  18. Brian says:

    I saw a Weichert for sale sign this morning. It caught my eye because next to it there was a sign that said “Buy this house for no money down”.

    Must be another sign of tightening lending standards and banks that are unwilling to loan.

  19. 30 year realtor says:

    There are tens of thousands of abandoned homes in Northern New Jersey. Many of these homes will eventually be purchased and turned into rentals.

    Part of the “recovery” currently going on in real estate is based upon growing housing starts, for rentals. Many of the growing number of transactions are investors buying homes to rent. Now banks are planning to rent houses back to borrowers in default.

    Does anyone see a bubble heading this way?

  20. 30 year realtor says:

    #19 Brian – if you get close enough there may be small letters that say VA mortgage to qualified buyer. Another possibility is creative seller financing of some sort. Likely it is just another thinly veiled scheme to sell an overpriced POS.

  21. 3B says:

    #16 grim: Not usre I follow this, where in this analysis does BOA make money.

  22. Painhrtz - I ain't dead yet says:

    Western and suburban counties enjoy the cars on the lawn and the suddenly high propesity for violence in you high schools. Urban suburbs welcome to the ghetto. I say turn them all into state sponsored grow houses and dare the DEA to shut us down.

  23. Dan in debt says:

    OK, so instead of BOA not collecting mortgages, they will not be collecting rents in the future.

    So the BOA plan is…….

    Phase 1: Convert all deadbeat mortgage holders into renters via foreclosure.
    Phase 2: ?????????
    Phase 3: Profits!!!!!!!!!

  24. 3B says:

    Jill (:61 from yesterday), No still looking, that house with the well preserved 1960’s kitchen originally came one for 399K (too high of course and it needed work)Two weeks later they dropped the price to 349k. I was back and forth, about putting a bid in, and long story short, it will close at 300K! Kicking myself for not bidding on it.

  25. gary says:

    30 year realtor [20],

    What is the price range that these investors are targeting to purchase? And who are they targeting as potential tenants? High end? Blue collar type?

  26. Brian says:

    What? No way. Weichert would never be decietful would they? ;)

    21.30 year realtor says:
    March 23, 2012 at 8:35 am
    #19 Brian – if you get close enough there may be small letters that say VA mortgage to qualified buyer. Another possibility is creative seller financing of some sort. Likely it is just another thinly veiled scheme to sell an overpriced POS.

  27. 3B says:

    My landlord called yesterday just to check in and see what I was doing. For the longest time he was not sure whether he would rent it again (after we leave) or sell it. In fact he did not even seem to care .

    Now he is pretty sure he wants to sell it. We danced around a time frame for when he wants to do this. He said for now status quo, (we can stay) “if the situation changes he will call me”. Reading between the lines here I think the next call will be to ask me to leave. It is a major shift for this guy.

  28. 3B says:

    #22 grim: Never mind I think I figure it out; It IMO does not look like it will really work. If they are not paying a mtg, who says they will pay a rent.

  29. chicagofinance says:

    Some video footage from clot’s store….

    Captain Sunshine says:
    March 23, 2012 at 7:34 am
    Wait a minute, my super sappy sense is tingling….
    I sense an angry liquor store manager in Jersey City in need of a hug!
    Up up and away!

  30. seif says:

    is it easier for a management company to evict a non-paying tenant than it is for a bank to evict a delinquent owner?

  31. gary says:

    seif [31],

    That’s a great question!

  32. Captain Sunshine says:

    Do not be distracted by my tight trousers and rippling muscles mr. meaty man. I will save you from your sadness. If you are a good boy, I will even let you touch my tight housing bottom!

  33. seif says:

    thank you! it will be interesting to see how this whole “rent to the owner” pans out but the bank will be hiring a management company to collect the rent, upkeep the place AND kick out tenants who don’t pay their rent.

  34. Nicholas says:

    Okay, Mr. Sunshine just lost my support.

    On another note, last month I received no less than 10 refinance offers indicating that I was eligible for a loan, no income verification, no appraisal, skip two mortgage payments, no money down. It appears that NINJA loans are still acceptable as long as they are marketed to veterans through the VA Loans.

    I have written my representatives about these constant notices indicating that whatever law that is allowing this isn’t a benefit to veterans but rather a predatory act. I haven’t gotten a response.

    All I can say is FU elected representatives for letting this continue. I’m ashamed to be a veteran and would like my name removed from this list that these guys are pulling from.

  35. Confused in NJ says:

    No Pink Slime at ShopRite;

    ShopRite has contracted with its fresh ground beef suppliers to buy only 100% pure ground beef with nothing added. Our 100% pure ground beef — with nothing added –is prepared fresh in our stores several times a day so that you can be sure you are getting the best tasting and safest ground beef available.

  36. Jill says:

    So does Shop-rite grind in store or buy case meat?

  37. Painhrtz - I ain't dead yet says:

    Jill it depends on the shop rite some have butchers (the super shoprites) others not sure where they get it from

  38. Mike says:

    Captain 33 those tight trousers you are wearing are exposing your camel toe

  39. Juice Box says:

    Save the Robots

    NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Federal regulators are investigating whether some high frequency trading firms have taken advantage of close relationships with electronic exchanges to gain an advantage for themselves over other traders, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday. The paper said that the SEC’s enforcement arm is running the probe which is looking at firms like BATS Global Markets Inc. It’s looking at communications between trading firms and the exchanges to see if firms colluded to limit competition or manipulate markets, the report said. The paper cited people familiar with the matter. According to the report the probe is in its early stages and there is no suggestion of wrongdoing either by traders or the exchanges

  40. A.West says:

    Bernanke the lickspittle apologist for central planning:

  41. NWNJHighlander says:

    Again, these numbers are obvious forgeries.
    According to the official statistics in the original article, in the year 2011, NJ created 33,400 new jobs in the private sector.
    33,400 private sectors jobs in one year, more than the entire sum total from 2000 to 2010 total, according to official statistics.

    Yeah right.

    On that note, got an interview for a private industry job next week, heh.

  42. Juice Box says:

    re: #41 – A. West – when he threatened Ken Lewis for attempting to back out of the Merrill deal and then lied about it to Congress he stepped over the line. Fed officials actually circulated an email quoting Bernanke saying that “management is gone” if BofA backed out of the deal. Our esteemed Congress seems determined to make rapacious central look good however, they will go after a baseball player for fibbing but not the guy running the central planning for lying to them.

  43. seif (31)-

    BAC isn’t going to own these houses. They will be offloaded to investors, with BAC in a phony role as “owner”.

  44. seif (34)-

    I can’t wait to see how all these geniuses calculate “at rents reflective of the local market”. Remember, these are the same Einsteins who couldn’t wait to pay Tangelo top dollar and still mark his fetid sewage at par on their books.

  45. Even if BAC offloads the deed-in-lieu crap to investors, they have added (to my calculation) at least two more frauds to the massive set of frauds they’re trying to keep going.

    At some point or another, the whole house of cards will collapse, as all the different fraudulent agendas collide with each other.

  46. confused (36)-

    Soylent Green is people.

  47. gary says:

    Meat [45],

    These are the same m’fers that hire “temp” workers like inmates while expecting “premium” rates for rentals.

  48. 3B says:

    #45 There: Who is to say the people will actually pay the rent once the deal is offered them? Why not stay and wait;one can used to not paying a mtg or rent every month. Just saying.

  49. gary says:

    Somebody said here the other day that 30% of corporate business is dead wood. Geezus, isn’t that the truth. 9 to 5, cigarette breaks, out for lunch, hob nobbing at cubicles… what a f*cking scam.

  50. Juice Box says:

    Save the Robots

  51. All Hype says:

    3B (49):

    I agree with your thoughts. You just extended the people in the house for another year or so with no cost to them. Good luck trying to get those deadbeat homeowners/renters out of the house.

  52. Juice Box says:

    Save the Robots

    HFT Flash Crash of Apple?

    AAPL ?

    Days Range 542.80 – 601.80

  53. Juice Box says:

    Bad news for housing there won’t be any first time buyers.

    The amount Americans owe on student loans is far higher than earlier estimates and could lead some consumers to postpone buying homes, potentially slowing the housing recovery, U.S. officials said Wednesday.

    Total student debt outstanding appears to have surpassed $1 trillion late last year, said officials at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a federal agency created in the wake of the financial crisis. That would be roughly 16% higher than an estimate earlier this year by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

  54. 3B says:

    #54 Juice: I have been talking about this (to myself of course) for quite sometime now.

  55. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    “I’m shocked to discover gambling going on here”

  56. NWNJHighlander says:

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, California added 263,000 new jobs from December 2010 to December 2011. Regional and State Employment and Unemployment (Monthly) News Release, January 24, 2012

    According to the State Controller of California, John Chiang, the State of California has lost $492,045,000 (half a billion dollars) in personal income tax revenues in fiscal year 2012, compared to the same period in fiscal year 2011.

    New York and New Jersey have similar disparities.
    Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics.

    These numbers are being forged to push political agendas.

  57. Juice Box says:

    3B – there have been calls in Congress to make student loan debt dischargeable in bankruptcy, but that won’t save the first time home buyers either.

    It riddles me how they expect someone with over 100k in Student Loan debt to start a family and buy a house.

  58. Anon E. Moose says:

    Brian [9];

    Wow. Tenth straight week of mutual fund inflows. Kewl.

    Have you considered that it might have something, anything, to do with April 15th approaching and the requriement that 2011 IRA contributions be made before filing? People have to kick in if they want to deduct it for 2011, and they have to do it before they file. And if they want their refund, no reason to wait for the full deadline.

  59. 3B says:

    #61It riddles me how they expect someone with over 100k in Student Loan debt to start a family and buy a house.


  60. Captain Sunshine says:

    Thank you for noticing Mr. Mike. That’s no potato I can assure you! I hope it makes you happy! You are a very happy man. Keep up the good work!

  61. gary says:

    Juice [61],

    It riddles me how they expect someone with over 100k in Student Loan debt to start a family and buy a house.

    It’s different here, though. We’re prestigious and within earshot of Manhattan. Besides, they’re not making anymore land. I heard that some realtor researched it.

  62. 3B says:

    #65 gary: And yet some people are now howling about high taxes, in one of these “prestigious areas”. Just saying,

  63. gary says:


    The high taxes are to keep the riff raff out. And, it’s for the children. Besides having the smartest AND best-looking children in those prestigious areas, every child also gets a pony.

  64. 3B says:

    #67gary: I know!!! And yet they are complaining!!!

  65. 3b (49)-

    Why would anyone ever deed-in-lieu to BAC in a judicial FK state when they can get at least three years (if not, more) rent free and still hold title?

  66. Methinks Captain Sunshine and Borat Obama are one and the same.

  67. Oh…don’t forget to tell BAC to… produce the note, mf’er!

  68. Comrade Nom Deplume says:

    Metlife looking to get out from under the BHC Act and the Fed.

    Clearly, access to the discount window not worth the cost.

  69. freedy says:

    Someone please answer . Why would anyone turn over the deed and then rent ?

  70. Mike says:

    54,61,63,65 As Gary would say “sell to who?” Does Trulia have a ratio when these debt ridden college graduates should jump in and by a home?

  71. 3B says:

    #69 There: And yet these are some of the smart people who have their finger on the pulse etc.

  72. NJ Toast says:

    The entities that buy the BoA mortgages – will they try to reduce their costs of owning them after the purchase – for example, forced placed insurance policies cost a fortune, can such policies be canceled by the entities buying these mortgages and replaced with a much lower cost policy that is typically used by the owner of rental property.

    Trying to understand if the forced placed insurance industry would get crushed by the BoA program given that if their test works (even partially), they and other banks will open the floodgates as best they can to offload mortgages.

    If the above is true, time to short the big players in forced placed insurance perhaps.

  73. Brian says:

    Speaking of fingers, Can you see which finger I’m holding up from where you are?

    75.3B says:
    March 23, 2012 at 1:49 pm
    #69 There: And yet these are some of the smart people who have their finger on the pulse etc.

  74. Libtard in Union says:

    “Why would anyone ever deed-in-lieu to BAC in a judicial FK state when they can get at least three years (if not, more) rent free and still hold title?”

    Because these are the same people who shop for a TV at the local Rent-To-Own center.

  75. 3B says:

    #77 Childish.

  76. nwnj says:

    Let’s face it, the big banks are all zombies. The convert to rental option is another attempt to rid themselves of the worthless paper.

  77. Anon E. Moose says:

    The drumbeat to give deadbeats ‘their’ homes free and clear continues apace:

    Fannie, Freddie Consider Mortgage Write-Downs

  78. Painhrtz - I ain't dead yet says:

    Moose remeber that dim bulb back in 08 screaming Obama was going to pay her mortgage. Scary she may not have been wrong. The payor though is us responsible idiots who didn’t get the memo.

    I have to find someones pony to shoot

  79. Pink Slip Panic says:

    Brian – somebody kicked their power cable out of the wall and are screaming that their computer is broken. Head up to the 12th floor and get under their desk and fix it before you get pink slipped.

  80. NJ Toast says:

    Anon – 81 –

    If they get principal reductions, does the loan convert to full recourse so the homeowner has real skin in the game?

  81. Brian says:

    Pink slip? No no no. Nowadays it is all computerized. When the fire me, some goon at heaquarters will push a button and I receive a message not to come to work.

    Boy you must be really old if they gave you a pink slip when you were fired.

    Anyway, I don’t have anymore time to blog. I have to go because some twirp keeps blogging on the internet from his cheap rental in jersey that there are massive outflows from mutual funds so now the computers are catching fire from processing all of the redemptinpons.

    Pink Slip Panic says:
    March 23, 2012 at 2:49 pm
    Brian – somebody kicked their power cable out of the wall and are screaming that their computer is broken. Head up to the 12th floor and get under their desk and fix it before you get pink slipped.

  82. freedy says:

    Seems that housing stocks are getting pounded today? Green shoots . What happened

    Oh, houses are selling like they said they are/would.

    Hurry to your realtor . Rent/Buy but please rush

  83. freedy says:

    As Barry continues to buy votes take a look at this on

  84. AG says:

    Its all going to sh_t. That I can assure you. These days will be remembered as the good times. I foresee a future with North Jersey guidos and dirt bags walking the turnpike covered in radioactive debri. Those circa 76 sh_t boxes wont be worth much when they are covered in 6 inches of gamma ray ridden fallout.

    Granite countertops anyone?

  85. anon (81)-

    Funny; no complaint from you on handing banks billions in free money and backing their bad gambling debts in perpetuity.

    “The drumbeat to give deadbeats ‘their’ homes free and clear continues apace.”

  86. I can report to all that BC is alive and well. He came into the store today, and we had a nice chat about the impending fall of Western civilization.

    He also tried to sell me some salted gold bars. :)

  87. NWNJHighlander says:

    Juice Box #90

    These people just nailed Corzine tot he wall:

    The internecine Dem warfare on the committee spilled out to the public this week, in anticipation of this memo being released.

    I’m sure Maxine Waters will be removed from committee chair now if Dems win House due to her ethics trial.

  88. Juice Box says:

    re: #93 – Seems they only prosecute baseball players for lying to Congress however. Edit O’Brien is expected to take the fifth when she is in front of Congress next week. Seems that no immunity has been offered for her cooperation. I wonder if O man and Holder have anything to do with that?

  89. 3b says:

    #92 There:Did BC say why he does not come and play with us here any more?

  90. 3b (96)-

    He’s busy trying to hire a professional hit man to take out Corslime.

  91. Good help is hard to find. :)

  92. dan in debt says:

    Meanwhile, Corzine is filling up the plane tank on the way to the Caymans or France……

  93. 30 year realtor says:

    Gary #26 – Suburban homes under $200,000 for single family. Inner city 2 to 4 fams homes that will return 18% or more cash on cash after cosmetic rehabs. Suburban/urban lower end (Garfield,Wanaque, Lodi, Bloomfield) kind of communities in sections undesirable to owner occupants where a 10%+ cash on cash return is possible after some rehab.

  94. vb says:

    There is a big crack in the basement of one of the houses we are looking at. Place is in Somerset county. Should i be calling a contractor to inspect the crack? If so would you guys recommend someone?

  95. Captain Sunshine says:

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