NJ “not bad” for retirement, if you don’t have to pay property taxes

From the Star Ledger:

New Jersey isn’t ‘tax friendly’ for retirees, study shows

It’s no secret that New Jersey is not the friendliest place for retirees. It’s not the weather, the highways or even the politics. It’s the taxes.

A Kiplinger study released last week ranks New Jersey 41st when it comes to tax-friendliness for retirees. It could have been worse. Rhode Island tops the list as the least-amenable state, followed by Vermont, Connecticut, Minnesota and Montana.

“New Jersey is not that bad,” said Sandra Block, senior editor at Kiplinger’s, a financial publication.

“There are actually some aspects that are tax friendly,” she said. “New Jersey does exempt a lot of retiree income. It’s pretty generous in this respect. But property taxes are a real problem.“

According to the Tax Foundation, New Jersey has the second-highest state and local tax rate in the country, with more than 12 percent of income going to pay one tax or another. Income taxes alone for the wealthiest in New Jersey are 8.97 percent.

Property taxes vary by municipality, but with the median price of a home at $348,300, the median tax is $6,759, according to the Tax Foundation. Seven of the top 10 counties nationwide with the highest median real estate taxes are in New Jersey.

The math is simple for someone looking to get the most from their retirement funds. The median sale price of a home in the Miami-Dade area of Florida is $320,000, according to Zillow, a real estate firm, and the taxes are $4,200. That’s a $2,500 yearly savings on property taxes.

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  1. Retire, my ass. Everyone will work until they drop dead.

  2. Ben says:

    I take a few weeks off and whole site is taken over by Chinks!

    Lol, 29 posts of spam and 1 JJ comment embedded into it.

  3. Dan in debt says:

    Thread got hijacked by somebody. Was actually pretty busy the last week or two.

  4. yome says:

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  5. grim says:

    Take THAT spammers.

  6. joyce says:

    “But We Should Trust The Cops!”

    Uh huh.

    Law enforcement officials in the area were suspicious of the man and regularly sent undercover officers to do surveillance on his store. During one trip, an officer is caught in plain view of store cameras pulling out a small bit of crack cocaine and putting it on the counter when no one was looking.

    “He comes in, places the crack on the counter. Crack, which under federal sentencing guidelines, would get him 4 years in jail. Under New York State law would get him 2 to 7 years in jail,” attorney Kevin Luibrand said while narrating the video for an audience that was in stunned by what they saw.

    The community is outraged over the incident. The Schenectady chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference has taken the lead on the matter, expressing their shock and concern over the incident.

    Schenectady County Sheriff Dominic Dagostino reportedly told WNYT-TV that procedures weren’t followed and that the rogue cop who planted the evidence is now on the run. Andrews is in the middle of filing a wrongful arrest lawsuit against the police department.

    Why hasn’t the cop in question been indicted? Possession and delivery (which he certainly did!) of crack cocaine is a crime. There is photographic evidence of this crime.

    Where is the prosecution?

    Next we have this:

    The National Security Agency paid millions of dollars to cover the costs of major internet companies involved in the Prism surveillance program after a court ruled that some of the agency’s activities were unconstitutional, according to top-secret material passed to the Guardian.

    The technology companies, which the NSA says includes Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Facebook, incurred the costs to meet new certification demands in the wake of the ruling from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (Fisa) court.

    The October 2011 judgment, which was declassified on Wednesday by the Obama administration, found that the NSA’s inability to separate purely domestic communications from foreign traffic violated the fourth amendment.

    Two problems here:

    •The FISA Court found the NSA violation the 4th Amendment. This is in direct contravention to what the NSA backers and officials from the NSA itself have both told the public and told Congress under oath. This makes them both liars and guilty of perjury. Where are the indictments?

    •The cited businesses have claimed they had no involvement in this program and that any interception that took place happened outside of their purview. This report says they were paid, which means they were lying about that too.

    Then there’s this admission:

    Late on Friday (of course) the NSA finally put out an official statement admitting to an average of one intentional abuser per year over the past ten years. The AP is reporting that at least one of the abuses involved an NSA employee spying on a former spouse. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal suggests that spying on love interests happens somewhat more often:

    The practice isn’t frequent — one official estimated a handful of cases in the last decade — but it’s common enough to garner its own spycraft label: LOVEINT.

    A handful is still materially more than once. And this is only what they’ve admitted to. Since we know factually that the agency and its spokespeople have lied, including lying under oath, do you believe this is all the violations? Neither do I.

    And finally, for good measure:

    (Reuters) – The U.S. National Security Agency has bugged the United Nations’ New York headquarters, Germany’s Der Spiegel weekly said on Sunday in a report on U.S. spying that could further strain relations between Washington and its allies.

    The NSA is supposed to be prohibited from operating inside the United States.

    The last time I checked New York was inside the United States, and by the way, the UN building is considered to be US Soil — unlike a foreign embassy.

    Why should I believe any so-called “law enforcement” agency or any of its adjuncts when the record shows rampant and outrageous lies being promulgated by them, including attempts to frame people for serious felonies and yet you can’t seem to find any material evidence of prosecution of those who have been suspected of or even proved to have engaged in such conduct.

    Come talk to me about “respecting” law enforcement when this has changed and the perpetrators of these acts have faced prosecution for their crimes.

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  11. Carlito says:

    Is there a house search tool (like Zillow) that has a “RE Taxes” search field?

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  14. Brian says:

    Joyce are you being harassed by a public official or something?

    We get it. There are corrupt people in public service.

    You could probably find corrupt people in all walks of life and in any organization. Why obsess about every incident from all over the nation every day?

    7.joyce says:
    August 26, 2013 at 10:04 am
    “But We Should Trust The Cops!”

  15. JJ says:

    Now we have the spics taken over website, I kinda miss the chinks now, guess the Indians will soon be here.

    This really is the NJ real estate report.

  16. Brian says:

    “We now sell more products made in America to the rest of the world than ever before.”
    Barack Obama on Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 in a speech on homeownership


  17. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    New Jersey 41st when it comes to tax-friendliness for retirees

    In a broader study New Jersey ranks 53rd in the nation when it comes to tax-friendliness for carbon-based life forms.

  18. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    JJ taught me to read and write the 10 most popular Asian languages one weekend over beers. So, grim, I think several of today’s comments should be in mod.

  19. Anonymous says:

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  20. JJ says:

    Honestly, I am convinced the Chinks, Japs and Indians have no language. When they see white folks they just jibber jabber some nonsense so we walk away and they dont have to listen to us.

    The Original NJ ExPat says:
    August 26, 2013 at 11:05 am

    JJ taught me to read and write the 10 most popular Asian languages one weekend over beers. So, grim, I think several of today’s comments should be in mod.

  21. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    [42] “We now sell more products made in America to the rest of the world than ever before.”
    Barack Obama on Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 in a speech on homeownership

    He’s talking about Treasury bonds.

  22. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Does anyone remember the Union Market? It was a big flea market on Springfield Ave, just off the Vauxhall Rd exit on I78. It was a great place to buy cheap stuff, especially Christmas gifts when your pockets were light. A college gf who lived in Newark brought me there the first time and I used to go there all the time up through the early 90’s. They had everything there. I went there to buy some luggage before going on a 3 week vacation with two of my buddies to Europe in the late ’80s. I wanted one piece of soft luggage that would hold everything and there was this Chinese owned Luggage shop there where all the soft luggage hung like decorations over your head and they would pull them down with long poles for you to look at. This little Chinese girl pulled one down for me and I was checking out the compartments when I suddenly let out a huge SBD invisible cut cheese cloud. The little China girl a few seconds later started waving her hand in front of her nose like she was chasing an insect while she quietly exclaimed, “ooh. Ooh. Ooh! Someone let off stink-bomb.” Sophomoric, yes, but it still makes me laugh nearly 30 years later.

  23. ccb223 says:

    this will probably get lost w/all the spam but wanted to post.

    Since (unfortunately in my view) for the last few weeks this has looked more like a political blog than a real estate blog I thought I should share:


  24. Brian says:

    My Dad is a vet and doesn’t pay property taxes. He still moved out and retired in FL. NJ gives you plenty of reasons other than property taxes to leave.

    NJ “not bad” for retirement, if you don’t have to pay property taxes

  25. JJ says:

    Lita Smith-Mines

    Real Estate Pity Party

    If I wasn’t messing with multiple breaches of confidentiality, I might throw a party for some of the broken-hearted people tossed to the sidelines during the tumult of our recent real estate market.

    First to arrive would be those who showed up too late for the lowest interest rates. They forget about how the banks weren’t lending much in the winter and appraisals were all over the place. All they remember is that for the next 30 years, their monthly mortgage payment will be significantly higher than if they had closed in May. So where’s the bar?

    Hello, sellers who refused to RSVP! And why should you, since each time you said you were available, offers flooded in? It was understandable to think buyers would start a bidding war for your house, and someone would wave wads of cash at you. Thanks for dropping in anyway; I’m sure it was lonely watching your more flexible neighbors loading up their moving vans.

    Oh, look who’s here to party with the forlorn — the buyers who expected everyone to embrace them the moment they stepped in the driveway! So sorry you were kicked to the curb when you demanded that sellers of competitively priced homes replace roofs, burners, pool liners, and windows. Didn’t you see the buyers standing right behind you saying they liked the houses just as they were? (Actually, some are at my bar, griping about the rates they are paying for the pleasure of living in those houses you tried to pilfer.)

    Next over the threshold are the exceedingly over-dressed sellers. You look as lovely as your home, I’m sure, but potential purchasers don’t care that you paid top dollar for your designer duds a decade ago. There may be resources to keep your garments from getting soaked, but it’s not today’s buyers, looking to pay comfortable prices. Please grab some chips and greet the others — I hear the doorbell!

    Welcome, disillusioned buyers. You really shouldn’t be here, should you? You saved your money and had 20 percent to put down. Yet you were trampled by the buyers with wallets full of cash snatching up investment properties. While you’re drowning your sorrows, seek consolation from the homeowners shuffling in now. They’ve been trying to rent their house, but can’t get enough to cover their monthly mortgage. They’ll dejectedly tell you all about the cash investors snatching up the neighborhood’s inventory, and offering fixed-up homes at lower rentals.

    Last to the party are buyers thwarted by lenders who just aren’t lending now. Sure, their applications may be approved eventually, but where’s the incentive to make timely decisions while interest rates are rising? How nice that you’ve brought along your home sellers! I recognize them as the ones looking quite puzzled. They know that they’re in contract, but can’t seek new places until the pending mortgages get approved. They start to complain about baffling delays, only to become distracted by another conversation. Did someone say rates are going up?

  26. Richard says:

    Re the pity party. Its been quite a remarkable year so far, the sudden RE rush was quite a surprise to me, I wonder what is going to happen next. Wouldn’t surprise me either way but my money is on supply coming out and buyers going in to hiding again. It feels like a bunch of houses are newly listed but I guess we’ll need to wait for September. Interesting times.

  27. Bystander says:


    Hogwash. There are many, many homes for sale. Homes sitting for months. FCs everday. If you fall in love then it is snatched then perhaps you feel you missed something. Fact is there that there are far more homes than buyers in CT at least. Article paints a picture with a broad brush to fit recovery narrative. Never mind that new homes got slammed, down by 17% in July.

  28. grim says:

    I figure we still have about 3-4 more months of waiting before we can really start to examine what impact the increase in rates has (or hasn’t) had on the market. The problem is, that’ll be heading into the traditionally slow winter season, so we’re going to expect the month over month numbers to fall, like they do every year.

    The only way we’re going to see anything is by trending the year over year numbers on a monthly basis. Problem is, they are still up big over last year.

    Really might be closer to 6 months before we’ll have enough data to plot out any kind of trend.

    So much for fast markets.

  29. grim says:

    From CNBC:

    Home prices across the US defy gravity despite rising rates

    Home prices are going up, up, up, but it’s not a bubble just yet.

    The surge in home prices over the past year may have some homebuyers wondering if the market has gotten ahead of itself. Rising interest rates aside, however, housing prices in most parts of the country appear to have plenty of room to move higher if the wider economic recovery remains intact.

    The latest data on price gains Thursday showed home prices advanced 7.7 percent in the year through June, a rise that has fed on itself as fence-sitting homebuyers move to buy before prices rise further.

    West coast housing markets have seen the biggest gains. The Federal Housing Finance Agency report showed prices in June were 17 percent higher than a year earlier in the Pacific area, which includes California and Washington.

    House prices jumped 11 percent in the Mountain region, which included Nevada and Arizona. The Middle Atlantic region—New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania—had the smallest increase, at 2.5 percent.

    A recent rise in mortgage rates is also spurring buyers to lock in rates before they climb further.

    “When you start to see interest rates rise, people are going to want to jump in,” said Beth Ann Bovino, deputy chief economist at Standard & Poor’s. “All those people on the fence come back into the market. But that’s a good thing.”

  30. grim says:

    LPS First Look for June is out:

    U.S. Home Prices Up 1.2 Percent for the Month; Up 8.4 Percent Year-Over-Year

    NJ makes the list at #3 – for largest statewide month to month price increases at 0.8%

    NJ statewide is up a whopping 2.8% year over year, no bubbles here. We’re currently 21% off peak.

  31. ccb223 says:


    Regarding 31, how much of that do you think has to do with Sandy helping to keep prices low given all the devastation it caused?

  32. ccb223 says:

    And resulting uncertainty around flooding maps, etc.

  33. grim says:

    Could be – It would explain some of the odd behavior in pricing if you look at NJ from an MSA perspective. From the NAR earlier this month:

    New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, NY-NJ-PA – Up 4.5% YOY
    New York-Wayne-White Plains, NY-NJ – Up 5% YOY
    NY: Edison, NJ – Up 0.8% YOY
    NY: Nassau-Suffolk, NY – Up 5.5% YOY
    NY: Newark-Union, NJ-PA – Up 3.2% YOY
    Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington, PA-NJ-DE-MD – Up 3.4% YOY
    Atlantic City, NJ – Up 3.6% YOY

    Which one of these things doesn’t belong?

    Keep in mind that the Edison, NJ MSA isn’t really talking about Edison at all, I’d say this MSA is largely defined by the fact that it includes Monmouth and Ocean counties in their entirety. (yeah yeah, Somerset is in that mix too)

  34. grim says:

    Big layoffs coming for Direct Edge in JC?

  35. Jersey City is dead man walking. The boom is over. Buh, bye, Direct Edge.

    Now we can get back to selling 40s and slinging crack.

  36. grim says:

    36 – Speaking of slinging crack – are you going to make an appearance at the GTG on Thursday?

  37. Fast Eddie says:

    Bebo for mayor.

    That just entered the top 10 all-time lines on this blog.

  38. JJ says:

    DE is a small place. Most amazing fact is back in days of high vol a few years ago on certain days DE did a bigger vol then NYSE and NASDAQ on some days. NYSE has almost 3,000 employees. Back then DE had 40. It is fully automated just like BATS. Basically a large box processing stuff and a few people looking at box. No floor, no listings, kinda like ebay or stubhub where seller and buyers do all the work.

    grim says:
    August 26, 2013 at 1:58 pm

    Big layoffs coming for Direct Edge in JC?

  39. grim says:

    From the University of Virginia Cavalier Daily:

    University to dis-enroll spouses from U.Va. healthcare plan

    Spouses of University employees who have access to health care plans through their own employers will no longer be eligible to receive insurance from the University as part of a family plan, the University announced in a press release Wednesday.

    Starting January 1, all spouses will be automatically dis-enrolled from University healthcare plans unless employees fill out an affidavit that outlines the spouse’s eligibility to stay enrolled. Only those without access to health care plans through their employers that meet the minimum standards of the Affordable Care Act will be allowed to stay with the University plans.

    Children of employees will be allowed to stay on the University health plan, and the University will offer a new level of insurance plan with lower premiums than the family plan for University employees and their children.

    The change comes as the costs of University-provided plans are expected to increase $7.3 million next year with the implementation of the part of the Affordable Care Act that requires all individuals to enroll in health insurance plans or pay a penalty tax, said Susan Carkeek, vice president and chief human resources officer.

    In 2012 the University spent $127 million on health insurance plans, and the implementation of the affordable care act would have increased employee premiums by 12 or 13 percent if no changes were made, according to the press release.

    Though health care costs have risen each year, the University expects to keep the increase to 6.8 percent annually.

  40. Juice Box says:

    re: # 41 – SAVE THE ROBOTS!

  41. grim says:

    Used to be the porn spammers that were the problem, then it went to the knock off luxury spammers, and now the asian spammers.

    Given the rapid fire spamming, they’ve clearly hacked the HFT exchanges.

  42. JJ says:

    Darab Lawyer
    CENTURY 21 American Homes
    Call: (516) 242-0036

    This guy has a crazy name.

  43. 1987 Condo says:

    #44…looks like the “knockoff luxury” spammers got mad for you dissing them….

  44. Brian says:


    122.Scrapple n’Ricin says:
    August 25, 2013 at 8:19 pm
    Arm the children. It is their last hope.

  45. grim says:

    Hundreds of thousands of blacklisted messages, server utilization pegged almost all day. Worst part of it, thousands of different IP addresses, almost every message has a unique IP. Spammers must be using botnets or tons of anonymous proxies to submit comments.

    Lots of it just looks like nonsense, many of the domain names and links embedded don’t even resolve.

  46. ccb223 says:

    JJ – regarding #40…am I reading this right? So non-primary residences are going to be phased out of FEMA subsidy? Rates to increase 25% per year until they risk full-risk rates???

    That does not bode well for my plan to buy a beach house on the bay in NJ…

    Am I missing something? Is this final?

  47. anon (the good one) says:

    am leaving for a short vacation. sadly, won’t be abke to make the GTG. I know the owner of the place though, so tell them to put one round on my tab.
    if anybody needs to get in touch, I’ll be sipping martinis by the bar at the breakers in palm beach.

  48. Comrade Nom Deplume, no longer at the beach says:

    Well, if George Zimmerman needs money, he should consider lawyering up. After all, Richard Jewell got money.


  49. Comrade Nom Deplume, no longer at the beach says:

    [50] anon,

    ” I’ll be sipping martinis by the bar at the breakers in palm beach.”

    A bit out of your element, n’est pas?

  50. Comrade Nom Deplume, no longer at the beach says:

    [24] ccb223,

    True enough and it goes to point out that which I say to those of you unconvinced by the unerring truthiness of my pearls of wisdom: I’m not trying to convince you that I’m right; I’m trying to convince everyone else that you’re wrong.

  51. Comrade Nom Deplume, no longer at the beach says:

    Grim, these bots are awful. I’d rather be locked in a room with anon, Fabius, and Michael than endure this.

  52. JJ says:

    ccb223 says:
    August 26, 2013 at 3:32 pm
    Effective 1-1-2013 the phase in starts on vacation home, effective 10-1-2013 full risk rate on newly purchased homes.

    So if you buy flood before 10-1-2013 you get the full discount rate in year one then the four years worth of hikes. Not bad.

    The biggest surprise for most folks is: If you did not have flood insurance when BW took place in July 2012 and got a FEMA payout after Sandy and were forced to buy Flood you will also get the rate hikes starting in October 2012. It is insult to injury the folks who got paid out in Sandy dont get rate hikes and folks with no claims get hikes. Also folks who took SBA loans are in for a shock as flood is mandatory and rates going up will increase monthly payments.

    That being said, you can always just say your vacation home is a primary residence. I was not allowed to do that as I have two flood policies so I have to pick one. If you dont rent it out too much and have utilities in your name you should be good.

    Also your vacation home is still eligible for Preferred Policy Eligibilty. Newly mapped flood zone areas get low rates for a set amount of years. My area was mapped in back in 2009 and still qualifies for $420 a year policy.

    Also if you are not ICC you are grandfathered and dont have to raise it to BFE requirments.

    Finally you only need to buy enough flood to satisfy mortgage requirements and you dont need to buy contents.

    When I get to full rate on my primary I am screwed as I will have to drop flood. Right now at full rate they allow start/stop policies. Meaning I could start it every July 15 and end it every November 15 and only pay for four months. The highest risk months. I bet they stop that too one day. We will all be doing it. I head in New Orleans a lot of folks do. But you have to pay off the mortgage first.

    Either way buying after 10-1-2013 means you will get a flood quote on and exact property before putting a bid in. Right now someone who closes on a vacation home is not told about the rate hikes unless they ask.

    I pay $1,050 on the beach condo in flood insurance. It is in the maint so I dont need a second policy and since building has it and not me does not matter it is a rental/vacation place. However, condo policies does not cover contents, and contents include kitchen cabinets, appliances etc. Fine cause my lowest floor of duplex is five feet from sidewalk. Not so good for ground floor units. Folks forget it is not so much the amount of water you have it is how long you have it. Five feet up water at best would be in unit just for high tide.

    Most vacation homes are bought for cash, large downpayments or with private mortgage insurance or with a HELOC on a primary in a non flood zone.

    JJ – regarding #40…am I reading this right? So non-primary residences are going to be phased out of FEMA subsidy? Rates to increase 25% per year until they risk full-risk rates???

    That does not bode well for my plan to buy a beach house on the bay in NJ…

    Am I missing something? Is this final?

  53. Anon E. Moose says:

    Nom [51];

    After all, Richard Jewell got money.

    A lot of good it did him — “Jewell died August 29, 2007, from natural causes at the age of 44. He was suffering from severe heart disease, kidney disease, and diabetes.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Jewell

    Zimmerman has already been martyred on the liberal altar. There must be a foreign country that can take him in.

  54. JJ says:

    “People like to live on the shore. It’s like the American Dream,” said Dave Bollinger, an outreach coordinator for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which runs the program. “But (they) also have to accept the responsibility to pay for it.”

    By federal law, owners must purchase flood insurance if their property has a federally backed mortgage and is in a flood hazard area. The federal government is the sole source of flood insurance, and more than 73,000 properties in Maryland have policies, according to Bollinger.

    Under the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act, officials will draw new flood-plain maps to identify locations with severe and repetitive flooding and set rates accordingly. The new maps will be based on historical and current data, so they won’t take into account the anticipated future impact of rising sea levels, Bollinger added.

    Nationally, annual premiums for flood insurance that cover a coastal structure and its contents now range from $130 to $8,000, according to the NFIP website, depending on the age of the building, its design, location and flood zone.

    As the new rates are determined, they will be phased in over four years, with a maximum rise of 25 percent each year to cushion the impact.

    The first 25 percent rate hike went into effect Jan. 1 but applied only to nonprimary residences, such as vacation and rental homes, that had subsidized insurance rates. This October, rates will increase for businesses with subsidized premiums and for single-family homes that have repeatedly flooded.

  55. grim (38)-

    Unfortunately, I can’t make the GTG. My Kevlar vest hasn’t arrived yet.

  56. Richard says:

    Is it easy to remove the website link from people’s names? Its pretty unnecessary and would probably mean spammers wont be interested in posting. (though presumably they’ll keep trying – maybe you need to reject posts from people who set that field)

  57. anon (the good one) says:

    distinguished membership in the proletariat does not preclude my enjoyment of the finer things in life. need not be worried, will bring with me some Gramsci for good measure.

    Comrade Nom Deplume, no longer at the beach says:
    August 26, 2013 at 3:58 pm
    [50] anon,

    ” I’ll be sipping martinis by the bar at the breakers in palm beach.”

    A bit out of your element, n’est pas?

  58. Comrade Nom Deplume, knee jerk savant says:

    [60] anon,

    Doubt anyone at the bar will know who that is.

  59. Comrade Nom Deplume, knee jerk savant says:
  60. Juice Box says:

    Grim block all subnets except USA?

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  62. Soylent Green is people.

  63. Fiddy Cents on the Dollar says:

    grim —

    I see that LPS has developed their own Housing Price Index……have they taken over for the SP Case-Shiller HPI ???

    I used to like the C-S graph that Redfin would put out, but I don’t see that they update it anymore. I’m a graph kind of guy. I like to see charts rather than raw numbers.

  64. Fabius Maximus says:


    The polish are having a tough time in the Irish Austerity.
    A disturbing story. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-23838773
    Reminds me of that Detroit story were they found a body half frozen in ice in an abandoned warehouse.

  65. Brian says:

    Should be the next gtg.

    You can shoot the 50 cal Barrett Grim.


  66. Fabius Maximus says:

    Spent a week camping in Montalk. Who knew Long Island was such a great destination? Beach every day and lots of good fishing with the kids.
    Wasn’t that impressed with the Hamptons in general. Lots of over priced restaurants you couldn’t get into. No parking and DBag drivers. We did find some gems.

  67. Brian says:

    Fuk that. Montauk sucks. Jersey shore rules.

    Stronger than the storm bitch.

    Fabius Maximus says:
    August 26, 2013 at 9:02 pm
    Spent a week camping in Montalk. Who knew Long Island was such a great destination? Beach every day and lots of good fishing with the kids.
    Wasn’t that impressed with the Hamptons in general. Lots of over priced restaurants you couldn’t get into. No parking and DBag drivers. We did find some gems.

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