Foreclosures at 7 year low (except in NJ)

From CNBC:

Fewer US homes entered foreclosure track in third quarter

The number of U.S. homes set on the path to foreclosure slid to a seven-year low in the third quarter, reflecting a gradually improving housing market and fewer homeowners falling behind on mortgage payments.

Lenders initiated foreclosure action on 174,366 homes in the July-September period, the lowest level since the second quarter of 2006, foreclosure listing firm RealtyTrac said Thursday.

Foreclosure starts declined 13 percent from the previous quarter and were down 39 percent from the third quarter last year, the firm said.

“It’s looking really good that there are not more coming into the pipeline,” said Daren Blomquist, a vice president at RealtyTrac. “Barring any other economic shock to the system, we expect that to bode well going forward.”

Foreclosure starts fell on an annual basis in the third quarter in 38 states, including Colorado, Arizona, California, and Illinois. They increased from a year earlier in 11 states, including Maryland, Oregon, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

While fewer homes are entering the foreclosure process, lenders stepped up home repossessions, which led to a quarterly increase in homes lost to foreclosure.

Completed foreclosures rose 7 percent in the third quarter versus the April-June period, the firm said. Completed foreclosures were down 24 percent from the third quarter last year, however.

All told, 119,485 homes were taken back by lenders in the July-September quarter. That puts the nation on pace to end this year with roughly 507,497 completed foreclosures, or down about 24 percent from 2012’s total.

Foreclosures peaked in 2010 at 1.05 million and have been declining ever since.

The number of homes taken back by banks in the third quarter climbed from the previous quarter in 26 states, including New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Virginia, RealtyTrac said.

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  1. Street Justice says:

    Bikers: Off-camera acts led to NYC driver run-in

    Gloria Allred, a lawyer for Edwin Mieses Jr., the biker who was crushed, claims Lien bumped another motorcycle while changing lanes on the highway two to three miles before his SUV knocked into biker Christopher Cruz.

    “We have evidence that he hit that (first) bike and didn’t stop,” Allred said by phone, adding that authorities had been made aware of it.

  2. Street Justice says:

    NEW YORK (MYFOXNY) – Louis Castaldo, who rides a Suzuki DRZ Supermoto, is a condo building manager and married father with a 10 year old girl. He rides with the Turn It Up bike club. He says he was there as the terrible events unfolded on the West Side Highway and insists rider Christopher Cruz slowed down his bike to stop the Range Rover after it knocked someone off their bike.

    Castaldo says what we don’t see in the video is what prompted the bikers to stop: he says the whole episode would have ended right there with just a simple sign of respect, such as an apology from the SUV driver.

    He says the riders tried to calm the situation down and were ready to ride off when the range rover suddenly knocked Edwin Mieses off his bike, then allegedly ran over him and the motorcycle. He says they did not want the SUV to hurt more people.

    Castaldo says he and his group turned off before the beating incident took place and that the pack of hundreds of riders came from all over, and many did not know each other. He condemns the violence and says it does not reflect the vast majority. He also takes issue with the portrayal of bikers resulting from this.

    I reached out to the attorney for the range rover driver, Alexian Lien, to see what he had to say about all this. He told me he declined to comment because an active investigation is underway.

  3. grim says:

    I thought yesterday the riders said it was because there was a water bottle thrown from the sunroof of the SUV? Wasn’t that the explanation given by the rider whose video made the rounds first?

    So which is it now? If Kevin was watching the SUV close enough to see the bottle thrown, he clearly must have seen the prior accident, why didn’t he state that?

    Hope they’ve got video, because nobody is going to believe one of those punks on the stand.

  4. Street Justice says:

    Gloria Allred is alleging Mieses had his back to the SUV, was on his bike, and was getting ready to move out when he was run over.

  5. grim says:

    And didn’t Cruz provide a 3rd story to the court (actually the first), which was that Lien was driving erratically through the group and refused to slow/yield?

  6. grim says:

    Oh wait no, that was the guy who gave the interview wearing the motorcycle shirt two or three days afterward. Sorry it’s tough to keep all these stories straight.

    Cruz said he just changed lanes and was looking around for his friends when he accidentally came off the throttle and slowed down (but said nothing about the prior accident).

    4 riders, 4 stories. (and still everyone completely innocent and not at all responsible for what unfolded that day). Oh yeah, and this doesn’t include the NYPD cops that were caught in a lie either. At this point, nobody on two wheels has any chance at credible testimony.

    Hope they have video.

  7. Street Justice says:

    At this point in the game, if you were one of the bikers, and nobody but you knows you were there that day, why on earth would you come forward now and risk being under the media microscope?

  8. Execute all bikers.

  9. JJ the Welfare Queen says:

    I have had bikers behind me you pull to right and let them pass. Even more so with a fancy 100K SUV when you are the size of Micheal J Fox with a tiny wife and baby in the car.

    Lien is a chinese Bernie goetz.

  10. Street Justice says:

    Foreclosure activity rising in NJ, falling in U.S

    Although foreclosure activity is picking up in New Jersey compared with a year ago, it still takes more than 2 1/2 years for lenders to evict Garden State homeowners who can’t pay their mortgages, RealtyTrac said Wednesday.

    The California company, which tracks the foreclosure market nationwide, said that foreclosure activity in New Jersey rose 55 percent from September of a year ago to September 2013. Foreclosure activity in the state was all but frozen for more than a year after questions arose about “robo-signing” – in which mortgage industry representatives signed legal documents without checking them. It has resumed in the wake of several legal settlements and court rulings.

    In Bergen County, foreclosure activity in the third quarter was up 46 percent year over year; in Passaic, it increased 54 percent. In Bergen, one in every 410 households faced a foreclosure filing during the quarter – ranging from a bank’s initial notice that it was starting foreclosure proceedings all the way through to a sale at sheriff’s auction. In Passaic, one in every 222 households received such a filing.

    New Jersey’s foreclosure process is still the second-slowest in the nation, after New York. Other states have already gotten past the worst of the foreclosure crisis, and foreclosure filings dropped nationwide about 27 percent in September compared with a year earlier.

    In the third quarter, Florida and Nevada continued to have the highest foreclosure rates.

  11. grim says:

    30yr – Any updates on the accelerated foreclosures process actually getting anywhere? I’m starting to see some quick turns on properties in urban areas – not sure if this is the new process starting to work, or just uncontested deals flowing through the normal process (at a to-be-expected speed). Haven’t yet found anything tangible that points to that fact (documents in public record), but the lag time is so bad on some of these, it’d probably be 3 months before anything shows up online.

  12. grim says:

    Wells Fargo took back 7 houses in Essex Co. last week, probably not a good week for them.

  13. grim says:

    By the way, those percentages are misleading, the actual numbers of properties going REO is still absolutely tiny. Those percentage increases would need to be in the triple digits for multiple months to actually amount to something appreciable.

  14. grim says:

    For example, in Essex County – Only 18 properties made it to the steps last week.

    11 Newark
    2 Orange
    1 South Orange
    1 West Orange
    1 Bloomfield
    1 Montclair

    Of the 18:

    REO – 15
    Settled – 2
    Purchased by 3rd Party – 1

  15. 30 year realtor says:

    Grim, I have heard nothing on the accelerated foreclosure process. Yesterday I was speaking with a client (non-practicing attorney) who purchases defaulted mortgages. He said the process is slowing down since the big banks have corrected their foreclosure filings and the system is becoming clogged.

    Sheriff Sales are increasing but it is not an ever increasing snowball rolling downhill. Still a little sporadic.

    Yesterday I was contacted by a mortgage rep from one of the largest banks in the country. I sell REO for them and he is the mortgage rep assigned to me to pre-approve potential purchaser’s of their REO. The message from the top is, if you can’t create mortgage business for us, we can find agents to sell our REO who will create mortgage business for us. They are more concerned about new loan leads than professional servicing of their REO inventory. Glad to see they have their priorities straight.

  16. grim says:

    Mergers of school districts? Ain’t that rich.

  17. Happy Renter says:

    [9] “Lien is a chinese Bernie goetz.”

    Goetz was considered a hero.

    “I have had bikers behind me you pull to right and let them pass.”

    You’re showing your nancy, boy.

  18. Happy Renter says:

    [1] [3] [5] [6] [7]

    Yeah, sure. Every day it’s a new story and a new excuse from the motor monkeys. “Wasn’t me.” They’re all innocent — just like every thug on Rikers Island.

    Effing thugs think they own the road. Snap a few spines and they’ll learn to share.

  19. joyce says:

    Would you consider it a default by modifying any current program resulting in smaller benefits to whomever the recipients may be? (which has happened multiple times to various programs, one of them being Social Security) It explicitly states on their website, on the annual statements, etc that there is no contract nothing binding and the politicians can change your benefits any time they vote to do so.

    The “validity of the public debt shall not be questioned” is referring solely to debt (treasury) payments. Everything else is not debt, but merely political promises.

    16.Ccb223 says:
    October 10, 2013 at 10:54 am
    Correct, the constitution explicitly forbids defaulting on our debt…which is what was being threatened and will now be avoided as they raise the debt ceiling, which has been done hundreds of time…for this very purpose. Not a novel concept.

  20. joyce says:

    Way to completely gloss over Ragner’s points about the govt. bailing out (and continues to do so today) the financial industry and focus on cell phones and school lunches. Pathetic

    17.JJ the Welfare Queen says:
    October 10, 2013 at 12:04 pm
    My biggest complaint if most poor folks dont even know the govt programs exist or have too much pride to take it. A small percentage of ethnic off the boat scammers who are criminals, illegal or work off the books exploit it.

    Many charities get govt funding or donations and lack controls. Some are just plain stupid. I was shocked how easy it is to get free cell phones, free school lunches, help with heating bills, car payments, free furniture if you know how to play game.

    The poor italian widow in her 80s has too much pride for this. But the street rapper and off the books bartender/ho bangs this stuff all the time.

    These places dont care.

    Ragnar says:
    October 10, 2013 at 10:13 am

    Don’t forget, welfare JJ, 10
    Reality made your I-bank industry, government guaranteed casinos fail, then the government made up some money and saved your career too. I’d like to see the Fed and the FDIC abolished and then let us find out which organizations are genuinely banks, and which organizations are just overpaid government teat-sucklers gaming the system.

    Govt spending is increasingly going beyond taking “rich folk” money and simply borrowing from the future.
    Jack Lew this morning was talking about how the treasury never actually pays back t-bond principle out of cash flows, they always just roll it over into new debt. Just like the Panera cashier with 5 homes to flip on borrowed money. At least that cashier deludedly thought she was borrowing to finance economic activity rather than blowing it on consumption.

    I’ll go along with the government giving college tuition and school vouchers if they also take schools out of government control. I’ll go along with the government handing out emergency disaster checks if they will stop funding the everyday living expenses of a government-dependent underclass as if everyday life was an emergency the government needs to solve for people.

  21. 1987 Condo says:

    If you are unlicensed (suspended or otherwise), not registered, and/or uninsured, do you still retain rights on the road? Should you?

  22. Fast Eddie says:

    The ask price on this is 750 f.ucking thousand dollars for a house built in 1950. There’s ONE f.ucking picture and I can tell by the vegetation growth in front and wrought iron columns that Henry and Mabel did NOTHING from the time they bought this house for 30 something thousand in the same year planet earth began to cool. And 15K plus taxes on top? F.uck you, plain and simple. It’s a f.ucking epic comedy. I have no other words to describe it.

  23. Painhrtz - Disobey! says:

    14 Street if the liberals are so offended by the lack of integration in the urban schools why not send their kids. I’m sure when 13 year old Ellery comes home pregnant from T-bone the gangbanger they will welcome the bi-racial child with open arms as the blessing it is.

    the rest of us escape the urban hell holes to freely associate with like minded people who value education and hard work over being on the government dole in a state of perpetual victimhood. Sorry that the majority of folks who value achievement are whites, asians and blacks who have through their own hard work opened up a better life for themselves and their families.

    It is not apartheid in a real sense but it is the aparthied the Democrats have created with their new deal and great society programs. Also not to be absolved of blame but lest we forget the republicans the fantastic war on drugs they started and escalated.

    I heard this morning that Deblasio is leading the NYC mayoral race, I look forward to the decline of NYC and especially Manhattan into the city of my youth. Bring back the 25 cent peep shows!

  24. 1987 Condo says:

    #24…leading by like 50 points!

  25. grim says:

    Apartheid and racism? Give me a break, it doesn’t matter what color you are anymore.

    As long as you have money.

  26. grim says:

    Little Jatinder whose dad is a leading Cardiologist, or Cory Jr whose dad is a big politician and million dollar social media magnate would be more than welcome for a play date with Graydon and Ellery.

    That poor little white kid whose parents named him Adolf Hilter and live in a trailer? Yeah, probably not so welcome.

  27. chicagofinance says:

    Too many residents have lived in the NYC less than 20 years. While Lhota is eminently unlikeable and DeBlasio is ostensibly the man of the hour, most voters have no idea what they are about to sign-up for……….however, from a money standpoint, I don’t think it will make much of a difference. It will make NYC less livable. As a result, suburban real estate has one tailwind for the next 10-15 years.

    Painhrtz – Disobey! says:
    October 11, 2013 at 10:21 am
    I heard this morning that Deblasio is leading the NYC mayoral race, I look forward to the decline of NYC and especially Manhattan into the city of my youth. Bring back the 25 cent peep shows!

  28. Richard says:

    Anyone got any solid recommendations for mortgages? I’m talking to Wells, Quicken and my bank, are there any others (presumably more local) worth looking at? They all look the same so not sure if its worth it.

  29. Happy Renter says:

    [26] Which is why affirmative action based on wealth/income would be OK by me, but why I find race-based affirmative action to be repugnant.

    Of course, the black elites who benefit from the current bogus system of race bennies, and the libtards who like to see their environs sprinkled with the “diversity” of wealthy liberals of all skin tones, are the biggest proponents of it. Poor black kids don’t benefit, and poor white kids are put at an even greater disadvantage.

    Glad that my kids are Latino color people who can look forward to special treatment.

  30. Sima says:

    Richard – Do NOT, do not use PHH Mortgage Services.
    They are inept, like the 3 Stooges personified, and will make errors galore (always at your expense).

  31. grim says:

    Regarding diversity, from back in August:

    Montclair always irked me as being held up as the prototypical shining star of diversity.

    Household Income in the Upper Mountain Area – $198,000
    Household Income in the Estates Area – $226,000
    Household Income on Mission Street – $28,500

    % of white population in Upper Montclair (Valley Area) – 95.1%
    % of white population on Mission Street – 5.5%

    Plenty of neighborhoods where the poverty rate is in excess of 30%, even some areas where the childhood poverty rate pushes above 40%. Does this make any sense to you? A 40% childhood poverty rate literally right down Bloomfield ave from a neighborhood that has a *MEDIAN* income of $226,000? I’d love to see what the income quintiles for estates, I bet you the top 5th of the households in the neighborhood are upwards of $350,000 a year income. And a 40% childhood poverty rate down the street.

    Nothing to see here….

    How many kids are enrolled in Montclair Kimberly these days? Is it now over 1000?

  32. grim says:

    Based on those statistics, and the amount of money invested, I’d say Montclair’s drive towards diversity has been an abject failure.

    Clifton on the other hand, has done much better.

  33. Happy Renter says:

    It’s like people from Short Hills and Millburn bragging about how they live in such a diverse county, Essex.

  34. grim says:

    Also from August:

    While neighboring Clifton is equally as diverse as Montclair, it certainly seems significantly less stratified – As defined by the mean difference between the whitest neighborhoods and least white neighborhoods

    In Clifton – The whitest neighborhood is only 70%, compared to Montclair and Maplewood’s 90+% white neighborhoods. Clifton’s least white neighborhood is only 45% white, giving a difference of 25% across neighborhoods, compared to nearly 90% in Montclair and Maplewood.

    You sure these places are really shining stars of diversity? The level of racial and economic stratification is astounding.

    Or is it because they contain extremely wealthy neighborhoods, and that somehow makes them more legitimate from a “diversity” perspective?

  35. Street Justice says:

    Obviously the word Apartheid was used for sensationalism…

    They tried pouring money into the inner city schools and that hasn’t improved test scores. Are they arguing that we need to put caucasian and Asian kids in inner city schools to improve scores? In my mind, the study just further reinforces the point that you can’t throw money at the problem. It is far more complex.

    I don’t know much about the Montclair school system but in the article they cite their school system as a success story.

    26.grim says:
    October 11, 2013 at 10:33 am
    Apartheid and racism? Give me a break, it doesn’t matter what color you are anymore.

    As long as you have money.

  36. Street Justice says:

    A vote for Deblasio is a vote for NJ real estate.

  37. grim says:

    If Montclair was a success, there wouldn’t be over a thousand kids enrolled in Montclair Kimberly.

  38. grim says:

    Who, by the way, are more than 80% white (oops! did I let out the little secret). If we want to add the asian and hispanic populations to the white category, probably closer to 90%.

  39. Painhrtz - Disobey! says:

    Grim the fact of it is, poor knows no color and rich only sees green. We didn’t see ourselves as black, white or spanish in Garfield we were just f*cking poor. when I tell people where I grew up they usually respond I thought it was all blacks and hispanics. where the demographics may have been different in the early eighties and nineties. the income ratio was still the same. Hell you kids in Clifton were the rich kids.

  40. Street Justice says:

    CNN reported that those guys are starting to go out on rides with a pocket full of old duracells…ready to whip them at the windows of cars that fcuk with them.

    While they are full of people who have little or no regard for traffic laws, they were never out to hurt anybody. Lien drew first blood.

    19.Happy Renter says:
    October 11, 2013 at 10:02 am
    [1] [3] [5] [6] [7]

    Yeah, sure. Every day it’s a new story and a new excuse from the motor monkeys. “Wasn’t me.” They’re all innocent — just like every thug on Rikers Island.

    Effing thugs think they own the road. Snap a few spines and they’ll learn to share.

  41. Fast Eddie says:

    The liberals need to take the lead, demonstrate the deeper levels of their compassion and donate a bigger chunk of their money to the less fortunate souls. We all know it’s not the home environment that’s causing some to fail, it’s the lack of money. :-/

  42. chicagofinance says:

    I can tell you from up close that this advantage is felt forever and is the gift that keeps on giving. At bottom there is a true dearth of talent in the competitive forums, but that said I can’t tell you how badly my heart dropped when I got to college…..and then at my first job, and then seeing who was promoted….and then when I arrived at business school….and then…and then……

    Happy Renter says:
    October 11, 2013 at 10:54 am
    Glad that my kids are Latino color people who can look forward to special treatment.

  43. grim says:

    Montclair schools are so good, that parents will pay close to half a million dollars to send their two kids to MKA from 6th thru graduation??? 1000 kids enrolled at an average tuition of $32k annually? MKA makes COLLEGE look cheap. If they start at Pre-K, those two kids will spend near one million dollars at MKA.

  44. Happy Renter says:

    “those guys are starting to go out on rides with a pocket full of old duracells…ready to whip them at the windows of cars that fcuk with them”

    Good. Let’s see how the old duracells match up vs. 3000+ lbs of vehicle.

    “While they are full of people who have little or no regard for traffic laws, they were never out to hurt anybody.”

    Right — because utter disregard for traffic laws and basic driving safety never results in anyone getting hurt. And the roads that are paid for by honest citizens like Lien, who are just trying to go about their business and exercise their right to drive on the public roads, really are just the personal playground for the thug bikers, right?

    “Lien drew first blood”

    Yeah — after a biker intentionally caused an accident with him, and after a crowd of motor monkeys surrounded his vehicle, slashed his tires, and started attacking it with his wife and child inside. The pack of motor monkeys attacked first, and were shocked when someone actually stood up to them.

  45. grim says:

    From the NY Post:

    NYPD detective was ‘active participant’ in beating of SUV driver targeted by bikers: prosecutor

    The NYPD undercover who hid behind his badge after a motorcycle mob beating was exposed in court Wednesday as a suspected bully, a liar — and a coward.

    Suspended Detective Wojciech Braszczok cut a ghostly figure as he bolted from a Manhattan courthouse through a rear door, his face covered by a hoodie and a dark-colored cloth after posting $150,000 bond.

    Biker Braszczok, 32, never lifted a finger to aid the battered victim as he instead terrorized the man’s helpless wife and 2-year-old daughter, prosecutors charged.

    The off-duty Braszczok went rogue as an “active participant” in the “brutal and brazen attack on the driver and his family,” said Assistant District Attorney Samantha Turino.

    The top counts of assault and gang assault carry a sentence of up to 25 years. The prosecutor said video clips clearly show Braszczok shattering a window and kicking a door on an SUV targeted by the bikers.

  46. grim says:

    Braszczok was clearly only trying to arrest Lien, and is not responsible for anything else that happened that day.

  47. All Hype says:

    “he says the whole episode would have ended right there with just a simple sign of respect, such as an apology from the SUV driver.”

    For the thug culture it’s all about respect. I blame the SUV driver for not understanding the needs of this growing and important segment of the population.

  48. Street Justice says:

    Renter, don’t pick a fight and you probably won’t ever have anything to worry about.

  49. Street Justice says:

    CCW’s for everyone!

  50. grim says:

    Pick a fight = drive on the road? Why, exactly, was Lien expected to genuflect?

  51. best web idea in a long time yes I am a fan of drunk history but this puts it in real time. Love it so much I’m adding it to my signature

  52. NJGator says:

    Achievement gap widens in Montclair schools

    The achievement gap in Montclair’s public schools is growing.

    Board of Education members were told Monday night that economically disadvantaged blacks students are falling behind their white classmates at the elementary school level by as many as 60 percentage points in language arts and nearly 50 points in mathematics according to the most recent series of state-mandated standardized testing.

    The seven-member panel also learned that that there is a widening achievement gap between the Montclair School District’s general student population and its special needs pupils.

    “We have a lot of work to do,” Board of Education President Robin Kulwin told The Montclair Times following the nearly two-hour long presentation.

    “We need to serve all our students, every single cohort, and that’s what we want to do,” Kulwin said.

    – See more at:

  53. Happy Renter says:

    [49] “Renter, don’t pick a fight and you probably won’t ever have anything to worry about.”

    In all probability, none of us will ever have to deal with this issue based on the statistics. But at least more people are now aware of the thug tactics.

    I don’t play around on the road, I’m just trying to get from point A to point B. I don’t drive like a maniac or try to cause trouble with any other drivers.

    But I’m also not about to pull off to the side of the road because a pack of motorcycles wants to commandeer the highway to play games. And especially after seeing what happened to Lien, I’m definitely not getting “brake checked” by any gang of bikers.

  54. Bystander says:


    Same comedy in CT. Old man listed his non-updated 3 BD, 1.5 bath for 540k when place directly behind him sold for 560k in April. It was 4 BD, 2.5 bath, 500 sq feet more space and completely updated. I offered him 460k (way generous) and he turned it down. Apparently sellers and agents just ignore next door comps. Lunasy. Another seller wants 60k more than 2008 price even 2 BD and asbestos shingle exterior. Just unreal. Places are not moving but sellers extreme confidence that morons are around the corner with cash in hand. Perhaps there are…fools

  55. Street Justice says:

    Lien has set the standard here. The next time you are driving your SUV and happen upon a bunch of bikers, or a crowd of jaywalkers, scary trick or treaters or a rogue funeral procession, if you are mad because they have made you late, just run their a$$es over and claim you were scared and it is self defense. All yield to the SUV. Whatever is on the road and weighs more wins and now has the right of way.

  56. Street Justice says:

    No, no, no that can’t be….the Rutgers study proves Montclair is a success story….it’s right there….

    53.NJGator says:
    October 11, 2013 at 11:51 am
    Achievement gap widens in Montclair schools

  57. NJGator says:

    Street 56 – Why not? Hasn’t the standard been set in Florida? Be the pursuer, cause the confrontation, shoot to kill and walk away free.

  58. Happy Renter says:

    [56] News flash: as a motorcycle rider, you’re not a pedestrian and you’re supposed to follow the same rules of the road as everyone else. Don’t eff with other drivers and you’ll be fine. Pretty simple.

    As for jaywalkers, well, no, unless it’s a mob of people attacking my vehicle a la LA Riots. In that case, well, you can work out the physics.

    As for trick-or-treaters, it’s cute that you compare the motor monkey thugs to little children. They are all just so innocent, aren’t they?

  59. Street Justice says:

    People who have trouble understanding the new rules regarding the road will be enrolled an a state sponsored “Offensive Driving” course.

  60. JJ the Welfare Queen says:

    HR I am putting myself in Liens shoes. Back when I had my BMW during financial crisis oddly just having it made some people upset. So if I was in the city and I had my wife and youngest daughter in my car alone of course I would pull over, say I am sorry. Even more so if I was Liens size. He is five foot three inch.

    25 years ago in my massive dented 1969 Plymouth where I routinely took it to city as it was crappiest car of friends and largest I sometimes had six drunk guys in it at once all around six foot two inch. That would have been a fight.

    But lien is a shrimp, does not know how to fight and is a bad driver. Also I am a much better driver than Lien the bikers would have never got me.

    When my BMW got totaled after Sandy I almost bought a used Black Landrover, was mint, some CEO had it as an extra car in Roslyn,. Was a 2008 but only had 24k miles and was mint, I could have bought it for 29k, cash direct from owner. Aside from maintenance, I was worried it was a rude and obnoxious car that would attract the wrong kind of attention. In my case my town was devestated in Sandy, folks are out of home and I have a huge black landrover that looks brand new in front of house. I would expect my tires to be slashed.

    If Lien had a plain 1999 Ford Taurus and stopped the first time none of this would have happened.

    Back around one of the the last big recessions I went to a Jet game on a nice day in October 1994, I normally dont drive but last minute guy I was going with his car was busted. So I took my old Mercedes 450sl to the game. It looked good as fresh paint but had like 110K miles and ws 19 years old, on way out I had top down out of lot and trying to push to exist folks three beer at it, one guy was saying F you ahole who the F takes a Mercedes convertible to a jets game, man I was almost surrounded. Funny a few years earlier I drove my dented plymouth and everyone was cool. Some cars to blue collar folks and bikers gets their blood boiling
    Happy Renter says:
    October 11, 2013 at 9:57 am

    [9] “Lien is a chinese Bernie goetz.”

    Goetz was considered a hero.

    “I have had bikers behind me you pull to right and let them pass.”

    You’re showing your nancy, boy.

  61. Happy Renter says:

    [58] “Hasn’t the standard been set in Florida? Be the pursuer, cause the confrontation, shoot to kill and walk away free.”

    Here’s the translation of the standard set in Florida.

    “Be the pursuer” = Exercise your right to free speech and your right to walk in public (including following behind someone you think is up to no good while you’re on the phone calling it in to police)

    “cause the confrontation” = get attacked for exercising the foregoing rights (and for being a “cracker”)

    “shoot to kill and walk away free” = (no translation required)

    Gotta love the 1st and 2nd Amendments.

  62. Street Justice says:

    62 – Responsible CCW holders have CCW’s because they want to AVOID trouble. Not seek it out. Zimmerman went looking for trouble and found it. The courts may have found what he did “legal” but it was irresponsible.

  63. pain (24)-

    I hear Robin Byrd is planning a comeback.

    “I heard this morning that Deblasio is leading the NYC mayoral race, I look forward to the decline of NYC and especially Manhattan into the city of my youth. Bring back the 25 cent peep shows!”

  64. Waiting In Rent says:

    #29 Richard,
    I can recommend NJ Lenders. Gave good rate and negotiate on the origination fee’s. I was able to be approved and closed in 29 days with them.

  65. grim (33)-

    I have no doubt that when we enter the next stage of Third World hell- with broken glass-encrusted security walls and private militias- Montklairians will be the first adopters.

  66. Richard says:

    Lol Sima, will avoid PHH :)

  67. All Hype says:

    Clot (66):

    You gotta be a little more specific. It will be all residents of the PRM who live North of Walnut Street. Everyone east of Walnut Street will be the zombies who will try to climb over the walls and knock over the razor wire fences. : )

  68. 1987 Condo says:

    Back when dating my wife, in Brooklyn, circa 1983-85, there was a rash of “road-rage” incidents which made it clear that avoidance and “removal” from the situation was clearly the best course of action, for personal safety, financial safety and just plain complication in life!

  69. All Hype says:

    Oops, I meant south of Walnut Street!

  70. hype, even if I were a zombie I wouldn’t eat Montklairian brains.

  71. All Hype says:

    Spine Snapper (71):
    Montclair zombies get infected with the liberal douchbag virus. Other zombies cannot stand their smug ways of telling other zombies how to live, giving victim’s brains to lazy zombies to ensure equality and watching MSNBC.

  72. Libturd in Union says:

    All Hype. My multi is North of Walnut, by about 12 houses. Phew! And what a difference those 12 houses make.

  73. Fast Eddie says:

    All Hype [72],


  74. Libturd in Union says:

    Don’t make fun of the ultra-liberal Montklair zombies. They can’t fund the Southies properly because they are too busy paying my insane rents. :P

  75. Street Justice says:

    Wojciech Braszczok better watchout. OWS protesters will be looking for him now that his cover is blown. If they ever catch up with him, they might poop on his sidewalk.

  76. JJ the Welfare Queen says:

    At Pastels or Turquis as well as Vegas Diner where I stopped in for Gravy Fries on way home I always double parked on sidewalk side and gave the bouncer five bucks to watch the car, always left top down and windows down.

    Need a quick starksky and hutch style get away back then. I always found top down on sidewalk the cops or crooks dont dare touch your car.

    1987 Condo says:
    October 11, 2013 at 12:54 pm

    Back when dating my wife, in Brooklyn, circa 1983-85, there was a rash of “road-rage” incidents which made it clear that avoidance and “removal” from the situation was clearly the best course of action, for personal safety, financial safety and just plain complication in life!

  77. Dissident HEHEHE says:

    Clot this one’s for you baby:

    Whistleblower Suit Confirms that the New York Fed is in the Goldman Protection Racket


  78. grim says:

    NYPD using “intelligence agents” to infiltrate OWS? Who the f*ck do they think they are, the CIA?

  79. Dissident HEHEHE says:

    Grim the NYPD is way beyond the any federal agency when it comes to surveillance. It is a joke. I have a friend who manages commercial real estate. They get notices any time any of those hippie types have something planned.

  80. he (78)-

    None of this will stop until a few people at the Fed and a few banksters are found floating in the East River with one to the head.

  81. Brian says:

    They’re probably better at preventing terrorism than the feds.

    79.grim says:
    October 11, 2013 at 2:37 pm
    NYPD using “intelligence agents” to infiltrate OWS? Who the f*ck do they think they are, the CIA?

  82. The Original NJ ExPat says:


    Last year they started providing free breakfasts at all Boston Public schools. This year they extended it to lunch – free for all students. Seems to be working, no paperwork, no hassles, no arrests for fraud. Saves my wife and I quite a few bucks too.

  83. Michael says:

    53- Wow, your post brings strong evidence that it is not the schools that are failing but the parents of these children. They are in the same classrooms as the other students but falling behind. Seems to be all the evidence that you need to tie the role of parents and success in school. Instead of sending all this money to abbott districts, maybe we should just create a law forcing people that have babies to be actual parents. By not parenting, they strain society in more ways than one. It should be illegal to have a kid and not take care of them. Selfish pricks.

  84. joyce says:


    And while we’re at it let’s pass some laws requiring people to not be stupid, that should work just as well

    Let’s never entertain the idea of repealing any previous laws and programs

  85. expat (83)-

    What constitutes “lunch” in a Boston school, some dry stout and overcooked potatoes?

  86. grim says:

    84 – Racist nazi

  87. grim says:

    86 – No mushy peas?

  88. Hughesrep says:


    That’s breakfast.

  89. Painhrtz - Disobey! says:


  90. chicagofinance says:

    I didn’t really Peddie was short for Pedophile…..

    A teacher and coach at an elite New Jersey boarding school leaped to his death from the George Washington Bridge – on the same day investigators showed up at his campus to investigate allegations of sex between a student and teacher.

    Popular teacher Donovan Dickson, 24 – whose Facebook page features several photos of him posing with students at the co-ed Peddie School in Hightstown – jumped from the New York side of the GWB last Friday around 11:30 am, authorities said.

    That same day, police were sent to the $50,000-a-year Peddie School to investigate possible criminal charges against a teacher, officials said.

    “Detectives were sent to the Peddie school last Friday to assist Hightstown in investigating allegations of inappropriate sexual contact between a teacher and a student,” a spokeswoman for the Mercer County prosecutor’s office told The Times of Trenton, which first reported Dickson’s leap and the school probe.

    Authorities would not say if the two incidents are related.

    Dickson, a New Hampshire native, had been teaching math at Peddie since 2011 and also coached the boys’ cross country, track and wrestling teams.

    A Port Authority spokesman said Dickson was spotted on the bridge, near the Manhattan side pillar, by a police lieutenant last Friday morning.

    “He apparently jumped from the south walkway and did not land in the water,” spokesman Joe Pentangelo said.

    Dickson’s body was identified by his brother.

    Piddie Headmaster Peter Quinn sent a letter to parents and students Tuesday about the “troubling events” and said he had met with students about the incident on Monday. He said it was a “sacred trust ” for faculty to ensure student safety at the high school, but did not give any details on the alleged student-teacher sex assault.

    ”The broad outlines of those events are known; the details I cannot discuss,” Quinn wrote in his letter, according to the Trenton Times.

    Dickson was “loved and admired by his students and colleagues at the Peddie School,” an online obituary for the teacher noted. “He injected happiness and spirit into every occasion.”

  91. Painhrtz - Disobey! says:

    I’d say he injected happiness until he got caught.

    Thanks folks I’ll be here all week try the fish.

  92. The real victims are people who spend 50K a year to send their kids to shitholes like that.

  93. My kids can get m0lested at the local blue ribbon reeducation camp for the price of my annual property taxes.

  94. chicagofinance says:

    I love the smell of Napalm in the morning……it smells like victory…..

    NEW YORK — A former employee has sued the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, saying she was wrongfully terminated because she refused to change the results of her investigation into the banking firm Goldman Sachs.

    Carmen Segarra filed her federal lawsuit against the New York Fed on Thursday in Manhattan.

    Segarra’s lawsuit says the New York Fed interfered with her examination of Goldman Sach’s legal and compliance divisions and directed her to change her findings. She says she refused and was fired three days later, in May 2012.

    The firing caused her career in banking to be “irreparably damaged,” says her lawsuit, which seeks her reinstatement to her position as senior bank examiner, back pay, compensation for lost benefits, compensatory damages, attorney’s fees and other expenses.

    Segarra’s finding led to the New York Fed’s Legal and Compliance risk team to approve downgrading Goldman’s annual rating pertaining to policies and procedures, the lawsuit said.

    It’s not clear if the approval led to an actual rate change, but the lawsuit said two Fed officials, named as defendants in the lawsuit, were concerned that a downgrade would hurt the Wall Street bank financially.

    A spokesman for the New York Fed declined to comment on the specifics of the lawsuit but said its personnel decisions “are based exclusively on individual job performance and are subject to thorough review.”

    “We categorically reject any suggestions to the contrary,” spokesman Jack Gutt said.

    Goldman Sachs said it had no knowledge of internal Fed discussions “nor the matters raised by Ms. Segarra.”

    “Goldman Sachs has a comprehensive approach to addressing conflicts through firmwide and divisional policies and infrastructure,” Goldman Sachs spokesman Michael DuVally said.

  95. Street Justice says:

    It is alleged that Lien incited the “riot” in this case. If these allegations are true, he should not be allowed to claim self defense.

    Happy Renter says:
    October 11, 2013 at 12:07 pm

    As for jaywalkers, well, no, unless it’s a mob of people attacking my vehicle a la LA Riots. In that case, well, you can work out the physics.

  96. Hughesrep says:

    Too bad. Too young for my dead pool.

  97. the 49ers came conquered by saving money fresh packers in their divisional playoffs 3514The actual 2,000mile holiday or business trip in smallso as returning to bewn Kentucky the us had last successful when joe weekend Jennings on evening hours. The jr. Working out rear in order to arizona ( az ) Wildcats going in the wearing afield split work I gameplay. If people wants a cause and ideal they can think of is this fact one, They may will want to look more complicated. While well as they ought to

  98. Found in various dimensions and also spot bids,He recognized that this individual surely could endure their own muscles hang ups because he was not necessarily using up the remainder of lifestyles toned walking on,Clarisonic Mia,Better you accomplish this,Make sure ponder over it? it normally won’t worn-Out but still throughout super fast full momentum.Demand and supply is subdued account,Jnkjbg bracelets,12 possibly stated it doesn’t extensive improvement in the best popular soil electric power

  99. Comrade Nom Deplume, modern day Hannibal says:

    [41] street

    9mm beats a D cell.

  100. Comrade Nom Deplume, modern day Hannibal says:

    [41] street

    9mm beats a D cell.

  101. Comrade Nom Deplume, modern day Hannibal says:

    [41] street

    9mm beats a D cell.

  102. Comrade Nom Deplume, modern day Hannibal says:

    Weird. Used an iPad and it locked up. Then did that.

  103. Does a 9 mm beat a D cell?

  104. Comrade Nom Deplume, modern day Hannibal says:

    [104] spine,

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

  105. chicagofinance says:

    Nom…..that appears to be some kind of hip-hop song…..

  106. Street Justice says:

    Word up.

  107. (Paulo) Costa, 81, Most typically associated with Hudson, Passed on wednesday, September. 23rd at Kindred transition suitable and rehabilitate medical residence flanked by jane’s nurturing as well as associates. Your woman was indeed the treasured better half while using recent Orlindo L. Bernice arrived at downtown colleges, Was really a masteral connected stansted graduating college, Fashion linked 1940 together with were living in about luton for more than 80 several ages. Your sweetheart was

  108. Work required take great pride in with his noexcuses strength as being a get noticed linebacker for Buckeyes. Never! shredded soft tissue and / or possibly dented heel bone discouraged them. Don’t my two bear surgical practices he had by graduation. That sort of been lately particularly discount, Drinking people to be able to buzz a new passer,ray lewis jersey, Whom you are able to turn general to come up with a couple of mayhem. Food and moreover is applicable to the size of randall cobb jersey

  109. AG says:

    Every day I wake up I am more convinced that liberalism is a mental illness. Decision making based on emotion rather than data. A child like mentality. Irrational fears.

    When the SHTF I am going to brass knuckle the first liberal sh_t bag I see.

  110. Despicable Me says:

    AG is not just tough. He’s Internet Tough.

  111. anon (the good one) says:

    @SenSanders: I find it incredible that every Republican voted against a motion to even let the Senate consider legislation to prevent a default.

  112. anon (the good one) says:

    @BarackObama: “Manufacturing crises to extract massive concessions isn’t how our democracy works, and we have to stop it.” —President Obama #EnoughAlready

  113. Hughesrep says:


    I’ll meet you. Pack a lunch.

  114. anon (the good one) says:

    same will be here soon enough

    @WSJ: A new report found that 35% of Russia’s wealth is in the hands of just 110 people.

  115. somebody please brass knuckle anon.

  116. I really hope these Rethugibans drive us all off a cliff. Even though they don’t truly understand it, total default would be the best thing we can do for the country.

    It’s a worldwide race to the bottom, and the last country to get there is the big loser.

  117. somebody brass knuckle Bernie Sanders, too

  118. cobbler says:

    Cancel all the orders except for the Travelers’ vodka.

  119. chicagofinance says:

    The End Is Nigh (Montklair Cardiovascular Edition): “I don’t like that stuff either,” she emailed. “It’s one of my challenges too.” However, concerned about “censorship,” she admitted it was too much of a challenge for her to ban such music from her studio.

    I belong to a small studio-style gym in West Hollywood designed with exquisite attention to feel-good sensitivity. The studio describes itself as “affirmatively productive, positive and helpful” on its website. “Our clients are given all the tools necessary for personal transformation. Spread love!”

    This outlook extends even to the bathroom, where a note taped to the paper-towel dispenser reads: “A hand towel is available for your use on the door, if you prefer not to use paper towels.”

    Despite this studied atmosphere and a lineup of quality instructors, I am shopping for a different gym. That’s because with the exception of yoga classes, it’s nearly impossible to find a class where the playlists are not filled with profanities and vulgarities.

    These are anything but affirmative, positive or helpful. In fact, they hurt my chakras something awful. I’m surprised the little Buddha statue at the door doesn’t have his fingers in his ears along with his eyes closed.

    One day, the playlist in a combination dance and Pilates class was so larded with obscene lyrics that I rolled up my mat and rushed out halfway through, unable to endure another minute. I did not even follow the studio etiquette of wiping down my mat with organic, environmentally sensitive cleanser provided at the exit.

    With trepidation, I looked up a link to one of the songs and sent the lyrics to the studio owner, asking about the conflict between her otherwise positive environment and music that celebrates violence, contains numbing repetitions of the F-word and refers to women with a word our society is now too enlightened to use even when referring to female dogs.

    “I don’t like that stuff either,” she emailed. “It’s one of my challenges too.” However, concerned about “censorship,” she admitted it was too much of a challenge for her to ban such music from her studio.

    Regretfully, I stopped attending my very favorite dance class because that instructor, who is enthusiastic and attentive to her students, also favors songs written by people whom I can only assume were raised by characters from the ultraviolent videogame Grand Theft Auto. I asked her why, with thousands of songs to choose from, she chooses these. She explained that she looks for rhythmic balance, variety and what’s popular.

    While she doesn’t condone or use much of the language in these songs, she also rates a fear of censorship over the sensitivities of a particular student. But it’s hard to imagine any of the women in the class complaining about a lack of references to women as hos or bitches.

    People today have become obsessed with physical sensitivities: We don’t use paper towels; we don’t smoke in public; we ask dinner guests about their dietary restrictions. We even eschew sending our kids to school with peanut-butter sandwiches because of the harmful physical impact it might have on others.

    But meanwhile we have lost our sensitivity to the things that pollute us spiritually, including entertainment that is often profoundly dark, violent and misogynistic.

    Until I find a gym that demonstrates equal sensitivity to my inner core as much as my abdominal one, I am working out at home to DVDs and YouTube videos. My old gym owner ought to be proud: After all, I’m reducing my carbon footprint by not driving back and forth to the gym.

    Taking deep, cleansing breaths during exercise, as I was taught to do at the gym, is also easier in my living room because I no longer have to anticipate hearing Robin Thicke or Rihanna singing inane, nihilistic songs that may have great beats, but coarsen the soul. Besides, in the world to come I hear there’s no pressure to look good in Spandex.

  120. The Original NJ ExPat, cusp of doom says:

    Catch it on Broadway if you can, that’s my recommendation.

    Caught the closing performance of Bryan Cranston as LBJ in Cambridge today. 3 hours with one intermission and it flew by, the performances were amazing. Cranston nailed his lead part, you couldn’t remember Malcolm in the Middle or Breaking Bad after his first 5 words. The guy playing MLK was great and Michael McKean (Spinal Tap, Lenny from Lenny & Squiggy) did a nice job as J. Edgar Hoover. I like that they didn’t pull any punches in the language of the day(tons of n-word and f-bombs).

  121. cobbler says:

    The spambots are improving… soon we’ll see quality literature generated. I love this line: fight back flatulence and storms

  122. Comrade Nom Deplume, that's Hannibal to you. says:

    [110] AG

    “When the SHTF I am going to brass knuckle the first liberal sh_t bag I see.”

    Why not really solve the problem? If we are truly in TEOTWAWKI, there’s no shortage of rope. Or trees.

  123. anon (the good one) says:

    @RBReich: Right-wing Republicans believe the rich are motivated by getting more, and the poor are motivated by getting less.

  124. Libturd at home says:

    @anon: Baa, Baa.

  125. chicagofinance says:

    The End Is Nigh (NJ Senatorial Edition):

    A top aide to the New Jersey Republican running against Cory Booker for a Senate seat was fired for an explicit email rant in which he questioned the popular Newark mayor’s sexuality.

    Rick Shaftan, a senior deputy to Steve Lonegan, was terminated from the campaign over the weekend, a campaign spokesman confirmed.

    Shaftan had found himself in hot water Friday after giving a bizarre, profanity-laced interview with Talking Points Memo in which he suggested that Booker was gay because the racy tweets he exchanged with a stripper earlier this year weren’t sufficiently raunchy.

    ‘If (Booker) said, ‘Hey, you got really hot breasts, man, I’d love to suck on them.’ Then like, yeah, cool. But like, he didn’t say that,” Shaftan was quoted as saying.

  126. Saison 2008, Il pvient mme le meilleur intercepteur l’ensemble des tous joueurs ayant volu aux Texans, Mais ze fait aussi remarquer a hines ward jersey() par child, jeu promote durante puissance et tackles nombreux. Defes chiffres qui vont lui theonner invested in faire enfr effet, Durante 2009, Alors cual l. A. 20: Cody Latimer, WR, IndianaNo. 19: Jonathan white, Lbs, IllinoisNo. 18: Adolphus california, Pour, Arkansas StateNo. Peutetre aussi, Cual d. Red color m col’ordre domait rie et qu e sa

  127. Comrade Nom Deplume, that's Hannibal to you. says:

    french spambots? Oh non!

  128. Hughesrep says:


    Rope, trees, anything else?

  129. Comrade Nom Deplume, riding the CLUTCH! says:

    Helluva day to be a Boston sports fan. I’m gonna need a defibrillator here.

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