Mortgage performance continues to improve

From the NYT:

Delinquency Rates on the Decline

As the economy improves, the number of borrowers who are seriously behind on their mortgage payments continues to decline. The enhanced outlook is such that even those in delinquency are feeling more optimistic about their circumstances and homeownership in general.

The share of borrowers delinquent by 60 days or more is down in all 50 states compared with a year ago, according to an analysis of 52 million mortgages by TransUnion, a credit information service.

The national delinquency rate, 4.09 percent, is down from 5.33 percent at this time last year, according to TransUnion. That is still well above the 1.5 to 2 percent delinquency rate that was the norm in the 1990s, before the housing bubble. But it marks the seventh consecutive quarter of improvement, said Tim Martin, TransUnion’s group vice president for domestic housing.

Although an expected rise in interest rates may hamper some delinquent borrowers’ ability to resolve their financial problems, delinquencies will most likely continue to fall in coming months as the problematic older loans work their way out of the system, he said.

Foreclosures are also down significantly nationwide. According to CoreLogic, a residential property information provider, completed foreclosures in September, at 51,000, numbered 39 percent fewer than in September 2012. The foreclosure inventory, which includes all homes in some stage of foreclosure, was down 33 percent, to 902,000 from 1.4 million homes.

Access to refinancing continues to be a significant problem for delinquent borrowers, according to the latest Fannie Mae National Housing Survey, a monthly snapshot of 1,000 consumers. Almost 30 percent of the delinquent borrowers surveyed said they had tried unsuccessfully to refinance in the last three years. (These were borrowers who were 60 days or more behind, but not in foreclosure.) Among those who said they had chosen not to refinance, the main obstacles were an inability to qualify or to obtain affordable terms.

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68 Responses to Mortgage performance continues to improve

  1. grim says:

    In CoreLogic’s monthly report a few days back they had indicated that the 2013 mortgage vintage was tracking to be the best performing in 10 years.

  2. grim says:

    Did I ever tell you folks about the time I was in Dallas – we went to Dealey Plaza at about 11pm to check it out – we weren’t there a whole 10 minutes before some old homeless guy jumps out of nowhere (literally, he jumped out from behind a bush on the grassy knoll where he was laying in wait). He proceeds to deliver the best historical tour I’ve ever received (we really weren’t given much of a choice). It was delivered in such a rapid-fire, exhilarating pace (it could have been the crack, or maybe just the fear of being mugged) – that I was riveted the whole time. Every fact was prefaced by the ETA to the shot, in hours, minutes, and seconds, in countdown fashion – every conspiracy theory was woven in – and we were literally jogging around the plaza (on his pre-defined route) as he delivered it.

    The rest of my party was worried he was going to kill us, I gave him $20, he did a better job than the guides at the Smithsonian. He could have made the whole damn thing up for all I know, but he gave a fantastic performance. Highly recommended.

  3. grim says:

    November Contracts for North Jersey currently on pace to beat 2012.

    Impact of higher mortgage rates? Not so much.

  4. Fast Eddie says:


    Do you have the November YOY inventory numbers for Bergen/Passaic?

  5. grim says:

    Eddie – Here is the house you should have bought:

    Indian Rd in Wayne – In Pines Lake (great neighborhood, regarded as #1 in Wayne) – couple of blocks away from prestigious Franklin Lakes. Pictures do not do it justice, nice house, very similar to the one in Washington Twp that we both liked, but in better shape. Good sized rooms, no closets being called bedrooms.

    4br/2.5 ba -.87 acre – big enough to have a nice yard, small enough that it it’s a headache. Newer in-ground pool, some recent updates (although it could use a touch up). Not all up against your neighbors:

    Closed $547k, taxes aren’t terrible at $13k, but it’s a big house.

  6. Fast Eddie says:


    Wayne would totally, totally be an option if said child wasn’t at said school. If it wasn’t for that, I probably wouldn’t be target practice for some on this blog by now! ;) A lot could change, strategies could change, who knows. I’m going to get paint, will be back in a few.

  7. joyce says:

    Fast Eddie,
    Are you talking public or private and level of school? I’m not saying you should rip your kid out of whatever school they’re in, but that is a self-inflicted wound limiting the areas you wish to search in.

  8. joyce says:

    I don’t think I’m the only one, but why don’t you just stay in your current house? From what you said, it’s meticulously maintained, has some upgraded features, and is in a location that works for your commute and your child’s school. You’re fine where you are.

  9. grim says:

    I can’t run stats mid-month through GSMLS – So NJMLS – Bergen – SFH only

    Inventory on 11/21/2012 – 3217
    Inventory on 11/21/2013 – 2640

  10. pete says:

    Grim #2,

    Funny, almost exact same hing happened to me when I was there except it was in the middle of the day. We were astounded at how quickly and thoroughly he answered all the questions we threw at him. of course he was probably just making everything up, but it was quite the show.

  11. 1987 Condo says:

    #5…holy smokes, that is a nice house for that price!

  12. chicagofinance says:

    The End Is Nigh (clot Gangnam Style):

    A wedding party in Yemen turned into a bloodbath Friday when a guest wildly dancing to “Gangnam Style” with an AK-47 accidentally sprayed fire into the crowd, killing three guests.

    A video of the grisly incident, apparently taken on a cellphone, went viral Friday. It shows several men dancing to the song by South Korean sensation Psy. When the song reaches its chorus, the sound of rapid machine-gun fire is heard amid screams.
    One man is shown sprawled on the floor, his arms extended at his side and blood covering the ground. It ends in a chaotic scene with at least two other people laying wounded or dying on the floor and several guests running from the dance area.
    Yemen has been plagued for decades by a tradition of firing weapons in the air during wedding celebrations. Grooms often pose for photos on their wedding day with ornamental rifles.

    But in recent years, the Sana’a government has tried to crack down because guests were using heavier artillery, including assault rifles, rocket or grenades launchers and anti-aircraft mortars.

    In 2009 a villager in Ga’afaria killed two women, 15 and 20, and wounded four others, including the bride, with an AK-47 in an unexplained rampage.

  13. nwnj says:

    Is there anything that a scumbag like you won’t try to politicize? Show some respect you mouth breather.

    102.anon (the good one) says:
    November 22, 2013 at 5:26 pm
    it was you extreme right-wingers. it was also you who did MLK. it was you conservative right-wingers who murdered RFK

    anon (the good one) says:
    November 22, 2013 at 9:14 am
    @TheOliverStone: 50 years ago JFK was cut down. Many of you born after still don’t realize how deeply this country was set back.

    Fast Eddie says:
    November 22, 2013 at 9:20 am
    anon (the good one),

    Glad to see you agree that we need to return to more conservative values and ideas.

  14. anon (the good one) says:

    Bills Blocked by Republican Filibusters

    Friday, November 22, 2013
    Here is a list of bills that would have passed the Senate if it weren’t for Republcians requiring a 60-vote threshold.

    113th Congress:

    Manchin-Toomey Background Checks

    Vote: 54-46

    Keep Student Loans Affordable Act of 2013

    Vote: 51-49

    Would keep the interest rate of subsidized federal student loans at 3.4% for another year

    Student Loan Affordability Act

    Vote: 51-46

    Would keep the interest rate of subsidized federal student loans at 3.4% for two years.

    Sequestration replacement

    Vote: 51-49

    Would postpone the sequester until Jan 2, 2014

    Required millionaires to pay at least a 30% tax rate

    112th Congress

    Bring Jobs Home Act

    Vote: 56-42

    Would grant businesses a tax credit for eliminating a business outside the US and relocating it in the US

    Would deny businesses a tax deduction for outsourcing expenses related to outsourcing a business

    Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act

    Vote: 53-44

    Gives small businesses a tax credit if their 2012 payrolls were higher than their 2011 payrolls

    Paycheck Fairness Act

    Vote: 52-47

    Requires employers to prove differences in pay are not gender-related

    Would allow employees to discuss salaries without retaliation, and allows government to collect data on women workers to better evaluate the wage gap


    Vote: 51-44; reconsidered 53-45

    Requires corporations, super PACs, labor unions, and other groups to disclose donors who give in excess of $10,000 for political contributions

    Paying a Fair Share Act of 2012

    Vote: 51-45

    Requires millionaires to pay a 30% minimum tax rate

    Expresses the Sense of the Senate that tax reform should repeal unfair loopholes and expenditures and make sure the wealthiest taxpayers pay a fair share of taxes

    Repeal Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act

    Vote: 51-47

    Extends tax credits for energy efficient residences, electric vehicles, and other alternative forms of energy including wind facilities

    Teachers and First Responders Back to Work Act of 2011

    Vote: 50-50

    Allocates grants to states to help them rehire teachers and others working in educational support

    110th Congress

    DREAM Act of 2010

    Vote: 55-43

    Emergency Senior Citizens Relief Act

    Vote: 53-45

    Provide senior citizens with a tax credit in lieu of a Social Security COLA

    Paycheck Fairness Act (again)

    Vote: 58-41

    Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act

    Vote: 53-45

    Giving employers tax breaks for bringing overseas jobs back to America

    DISCLOSE Act (again)

  15. Street Justice says:

    Seems pretty good to me. I wish some of my representatives were the ones who filibustered.

    There are too many laws on the books already. I wish they would dedicate some of their time to repealing laws.

  16. Fast Eddie says:


    It’s a private school. The area grim is talking about is just too far for said child. So, I guess, for now, I’m limited. :) Yes, we just put a new roof on the house, brand new C/A this summer, some nice white interior doors, crown molding and I’m taking a break from painting the trim as I type this response. One way or another I’ll make one more move but a lot of folks said the same thing you did; just stay where I am.

  17. Street Justice says:

    50 years ago today, avid shooter and National Rifle Association Lifetime member John Fitzgerald Kennedy was murdered by a left-wing communist radical named Lee Harvey Oswald.

    Kennedy was known as an avid shooter of both shotguns and rifles, and was one of the early advocates of the M16/AR15 platform. Rumors have floated around for decades that Kennedy had two AR-15s in his personal collection, and that he kept one on his boat.

    “By calling attention to ‘a well regulated militia,’ ‘the security of the nation,’ and the right of each citizen ‘to keep and bear arms,’ our founding fathers recognized the essentially civilian nature of our economy… The Second Amendment still remains an important declaration of our basic civilian-military relationships in which every citizen must be ready to participate in the defense of his country. For that reason I believe the Second Amendment will always be important.” –Senator John F. Kennedy, April 1960

    102.anon (the good one) says:
    November 22, 2013 at 5:26 pm
    it was you extreme right-wingers. it was also you who did MLK. it was you conservative right-wingers who murdered RFK

  18. Fast Eddie says:

    Take a look at this link below – Saddle River, nice house, regardless of a main road, it’s set back and… it’s Saddle River! Let’s assume a closing price of $799,000 w. property taxes = $5300. If we put 20% down, that’s a $640,000 mortgage @ 4.5% + property taxes = $3690 per month

    Now, let’s take a hypothetical; someone sells their skanky, piece of sh1t for $635,000 w. 10,600 in property taxes. If we take the same rate w. 20% down, it calculates to $3460 per month.

    That’s a difference of only $230 per month and also the difference between being in the number one unicorn town as opposed to being in a plain jane town. But, because of the uber property taxes AND the fact that you probably have to delouse the joint AND spend another 50K to get it livable, the prices are still out of whack. Totally! And that’s my point. The property taxes are f.ucking theft and these insane sellers are on drugs. If property taxes double in less than a decade, then the affordability rate drops EXPONENTIALLY. It’s not linear.

    It’s not so much the price of the house as it is the taxes which seem to allude the conversation more times than not.

  19. Better to be worrying how to squeeze off a consistent head shot than buying some taxtrap shitbox.

  20. zieba says:

    I pull an Eddie every time I drive. It drives my fiance nuts to hear my rants on clueless drivers out on the roads. “Do you think those people can hear you? Do you think they care? I’m the only one that has to hear this shit!”, she exclaims.

    Gary, you’re going to have a stroke at this rate and not be around for your kids. Even worse if you go all sponge bath on your family. Please bro, I feel like I have a vested interest in this since I got JJ in my pool to go first (deadly and fast-acting strain of venereal disease).

    That said, if you’re not going to heed my advice, you need to do it right. Leave wifey at home, bring a go-pro, a liter of scotch, and hit those open houses. Upload. Repeat.

  21. Fast Eddie says:


    If I become sponge worthy at the expense of my family, I’ll instruct some of the “other” family members to put me out of my misery. :) The bottom line? You can’t have high price and high taxes, one has to give and both sellers and buyers have no control over the taxes. So, it’s gotta be you, Mr. price. How’s that real estate tag line go? Price, condition, location? You can have 2 out of 3. But throw in the sadistic property taxes and now price must be removed from the equation. Sorry seller, you’re f.ucked. When the monthly property taxes almost equal the monthly mortgage, that’s a problem. And it’s not my f.ucking problem nor should it be yours or any potential buyer. You want flat salaries and two incomes racing to keep up? Sorry, no deal. And, to be quite honest, since inflation is a horizontal line for the past decade ON TOP OF taxes doubling, logic says that if you bought 10 years ago, you should have zero appreciation.

  22. Comrade Nom Deplume, a.k.a Captain Justice says:

    3 points bitchezzzz.

  23. Fast Eddie says:

    Sold for 350K in late 2006, assessed at 390K today. Asking price? Why, 527K, of course. Get f.ucking bent.

  24. Comrade Nom Deplume, a.k.a Captain Justice says:

    Proximity to History Dept:

    I live on a street named for a Revolutionary War general. I finally got around to googling it. Seems he was a brigadier general under Greene. When Cornwallis threatened Washington’s flank in the Battle of Brandywine and overran Sullivan and Stirling, Greene dispatched him to fight a rearguard action to allow Washington’s army to retreat. It would appear from maps that he was encamped or marched through where I live and fought the rearguard battle right up the street from my house.

    And as I write this, I’m drinking a local wine from Stargazer Vineyard, named for nearby Stargazer Rock, made famous by a couple of surveyors named Mason and Dixon who used the rock as a benchmark for surveying the MD-PA boundary.

    I love fcuking history.

  25. Juice Box says:

    Chi – What gives with the Freehold mall? Seems they have some early Holiday road rage going on in the parking lot there today. Got my kids pics taken with Santa, no line at all in-case anyone here does that. Go tomorrow there will be no discernible line.

  26. chicagofinance says:

    Why go to the mall Santa when you can give your pre-Type II diabetic child a virtual Santa on the iPad they use to irradiate their cranium as they sleep…….

    BTW….we just went here for beers and bratz with the brats from 2-5PM…..still good…nothing like seeing a lactating hipster mother chugging a pitcher….

    Juice Box says:
    November 23, 2013 at 8:05 pm
    Chi – What gives with the Freehold mall? Seems they have some early Holiday road rage going on in the parking lot there today. Got my kids pics taken with Santa, no line at all in-case anyone here does that. Go tomorrow there will be no discernible line.

  27. Fabius Maximus says:

    I think I’ll head up tomorrow and try and reclaim the palisades.

  28. Fabius Maximus says:


    I would maintain that a “House Mullet” has to be the Brick front and the Vinyl back and sides.

  29. Comrade Nom Deplume, a.k.a Captain Justice says:

    [29] Fabius

    Should work out as well as the last time.

    I see the Gooners are still atop the table. Not very happy about that but still basking in the glow of the Sox so I guess I’m not too bitter.

  30. Fabius Maximus says:

    #5 grim

    No, here is the house in Wayne he should buy, Short Sale to boot. Now Eddie, you can’t say you are not getting an inside track on this one. This is your New Jersey dream.

  31. chicagofinance says:

    Millennials in the Workplace Training Video

  32. Fast Eddie says:


    Love the Training Video!

  33. grim says:

    Great job guys! Good Work!

  34. grim says:

    Sold for 350K in late 2006, assessed at 390K today. Asking price? Why, 527K, of course. Get f.ucking bent.

    The 2006 transfer was not arms length, it went from father to daughter, this price should not be used for comp purposes. Would have probably sold with a 6 or 7 handle in 2006, given a sufficiently idiotic buyer.

    And before you look at it as being distressed, the last mortgage on file was for $50k back in 2011.

    Not saying it isn’t overpriced today, but the assessed value needs to be corrected with the equalization ratio and then evaluated against other recent sales to determine if it’s in-line or not. It is currently priced lower than the 4% trend line from the sale in 2000 (and during that time looks like new siding and roof).

  35. Fast Eddie says:

    Not saying it isn’t overpriced today…

    Exactly! The daughter is asking for 527K for that rat hole without even wanting to show a picture of the inside? She can f.uck off. I pity the meek soul who signs on the dotted line for this one. Talk about a score!

  36. Fast Eddie says:

    And add insult to injury, she had a 50K principal, at best. If that’s the game, my price just went up another $10,000. If you gotta have chips to play a hand, then so be it. It was always about fundamentals but obviously it’s not the rules of the game any longer. If that’s the case, then f.uck you, pay me. For you buyers looking for an entry, get ready to be greased.

  37. grim says:

    21 pictures on NJMLS – but nothing at all impressive.

  38. grim says:

    Average sale price for Woodcliff Lake over the past 6 months is just about $800,000, with the majority of homes sold being right around that median. There are more homes sold above the $1m mark than under $500k, and most everything under $600k is pretty rough, more updated than not starts around $700k, give or take.

    That house will sell under $500k, putting it in-line with the other sub $500k sales in town.

    Want a nice place in Woodcliff Lake? Bring a check for $800k.

  39. Fast Eddie says:

    Want a nice place in [insert town]? Bring a check for [insert price].

    It doesn’t matter what town you insert and at what price, it’s all the same. Unless we’re talking about the inner city, a piece of sh1t has it’s price level depending on the prestige-o-meter for a particular town. Nutley? Clifton? Alpine? Whatever!

    We’re still not in a normal market and we’re still not dealing with fundamentals. It’s a shell game and anyone not prepared to sign and sit for a decade or longer is a prop for a swindle. The seller makes a score and the town engages in quarterly theft. When the price point reaches the water level, then we’ll approach normalcy.

    Forget all the charts, the X factor can’t be measured because the rules of the game changed. You could smell it; it doesn’t take wizardry. Anyone with some street sense could spot it. But again, if this is the new rules of the game, I’ll play it accordingly. One gallon of paint equals an additional $1000; one staged piece of furniture equals another $1000 and so on. I get it.

  40. Phoenix says:

    Got just the ticket for you. Latrunculin A . In theory, the blue pill. For the time being if you continue to visit the rat traps and have PTSD, you will have to have your Latrunculin injected into your brain directly with a very large needle and a stealth guidance system. Your other alternative is to bend over like I did, pay granny and her sisters a lottery ticket winning amount, then get into an MMA style fight with snarling contractors. I’m in now, wallet a bit lighter, 3.5 mortgage to sooth the pain very slightly and I believe no chance of financial gain for the rest of my life on this property. Wife much happier now (you can either be happy or right–but not both). Also I think, and grim, maybe I am right or wrong, but all over Morris County it seems I am hearing more and more eastern european (russian, polish, etc) forgive me if I forgot some little country there—- voices everywhere in all of the parks over the summer. My guess is they have the cash to snap up properties our natives think are too expensive. My guess Eddie, and this is a guess, is that the foreign influence also affects this area directly as these buyers may not be affected by the same market forces that seem to irritate you so much.

  41. Phoenix says:


  42. Fast Eddie says:


    D.arn you, I read the article up until the point about the pickup truck with pipes and the passenger getting killed and ugh! I was ranting without a hitch until I read that much of the article! No pills or exercises needed… just a different seat to view the field. :)

  43. Phoenix says:

    The scary part will be when you get a popup on your screen telling you your car keys are on the counter before you even realize you forgot where you put them…….
    This day is approaching. Make no mistake.

  44. grim says:

    It doesn’t matter what town you insert and at what price, it’s all the same. Unless we’re talking about the inner city, a piece of sh1t has it’s price level depending on the prestige-o-meter for a particular town. Nutley? Clifton? Alpine? Whatever!

    It does matter, which is why you are driving yourself nuts. The listings you post are in the most expensive towns in the ENTIRE COUNTRY. You will never find value relative to the surroundings in these places, because people will pay a substantial premium for the address alone.

    Woodcliff Lake? Saddle River? These are towns with household incomes in the top tiers in the state and the nation (both of these towns are in the top 15 highest incomes in NJ).

  45. Fabius Maximus says:

    #39 grim

    The extra value will be the Blue plaque they put on the front of it.

  46. Fast Eddie says:

    I disagree. Look at the homes in the “Montclair Section” of Clifton. Why call it the “Montclair Section?” It’s f.ucking Clifton! A cousin paid over 600K for a house, is currently at 17K and change in taxes and is sending his kid to a private school because of the prison-like atmosphere in Clifton high.

    17K and change and the kid can’t attend the school? On top of a 600K plus house? If that’s value relative to surrounding, I’ll pass. It’s Clifton, not Haughtyville. Multiply that by a few hundred other towns.

    And Substantial premiums? I already explained it above.

  47. Fabius Maximus says:

    Talking about Superbowl. Anybody here affected by the Pulaski shutting for two years just after the Superbowl?

    I think I might work a European schedule and work 4AM-12PM

  48. grim says:

    Someone spending $500k in Clifton is more of an idiot than someone spending a million in Saddle River.

    With little middle class left, Clifton is on the wrong side of the split between rich and poor.

  49. Fast Eddie says:

    grim [50],

    I agree with you there!

  50. Fast Eddie says:


    Giants – 31
    Cowboys – 13

    Romo gets pounded and hounded all day!

  51. anon (the good one) says:

    War is a very profitable business/industry. Peace=no profit

    @MarquardtA: Netanyahu: Deal endangers #Israel, “not obligated by this agreement…we will not allow Iran to obtain military nuclear capability.”

  52. Grim says:

    Fracking = Peace

  53. gluteus (49)-

    Pulaski shutdown going toward NYC puts me in the totally fuct category.

  54. Libturd at home says:

    “If that’s value relative to surrounding, I’ll pass. It’s Clifton, not Haughtyville.”
    But it’s the Montclair section! I know people who paid nearly a $100,000 extra to get to add the ‘Upper’ to Montclair. They share the same everything as the lower Montclair’s except for the zip code. Saw the same thing with a few people who have a Glen Ridge address, but live in Bloomfield. Those Bloomfield homes share the same street as the Glen Ridge homes across the street and granted, they look just as nice. But your kids have to go to a very tough high school. Nearly the same price, but very different benefits.

  55. Libturd at home says:

    The liberals are so proud of this agreement with Iran. From my perspective, they’ve won. The sanctions were put in place long before the nuclear program was started. Now the sanctions are removed. Of course, in reality it all is nothing more than a photo op for these so-called national leaders. I would bet that in under a month, Iran pulls out and continues their Uranium enrichment program. I’m sure Massod have people inside the program already, so Israel needs none of these peace talks. They will bomb the sh1t outta that place if Iran even comes close to being able to enrich U. Remember, their puppet leader to this day claims the Holocaust never happened.

  56. Comrade Nom Deplume, a.k.a Captain Justice says:

    [57] libtard,

    Peace in our time! I really want to hear the Messiah say that.

  57. Grim says:

    Are those centrifuges I hear spinning?

  58. Leave these guys in the Middle East to turn themselves into a parking lot. I’m feeling confident they’re up to the job.

  59. My bet is that within 10 years, the Saudis have a pipeline running across Iran and into Turkey.

    I also bet the Saudis will have Israeli (!) cooperation in making this happen.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  60. Sleepy. That’s Iraq, not Iran.

  61. Comrade Nom Deplume, Guardian of the Realm says:

    [52] Eddie

    Fast Eddie says:
    November 24, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    Giants – 31
    Cowboys – 13

    Romo gets pounded and hounded all day!

    Gary, not to get all Michael on you, but don’t you get tired of being wrong?

  62. Comrade Nom Deplume, Guardian of the Realm says:

    What a fcuking sports weekend: Toon, UMass and Pats win. Jets and Giants lose. Only way it could be better is if the Gooners had gone down in flames.

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