Not NY, but we’ll take it personally too

From the Star Ledger:

Hey Ted Cruz: We’ve got your New York values, right here

Ted Cruz rarely comes to New York, other than those occasional visits to Goldman Sachs, where this man of virtue drops his hat on the ground and juggles lemons for campaign donations.

But his attack on Donald Trump’s “New York values” strikes us as fatuous on so many levels, starting with the fact that such a construct is impossible to define.

It’s a lazy way to characterize a melting pot that defies stereotypes: Life in TriBeCa is not like life in Sheepshead Bay. The culture of Rego Park is not the culture of Harlem. The accents of Riverdale are unlike the accents of Astoria. The rhythms of Citi Island bare no resemblance to the rhythms of Flatbush. The politics of New Dorp are nothing like the politics of Battery Park City.

Perhaps Cruz simply values homogeneity, though it’s doubtful he likes any word that begins with those four letters.

But we get it: Attacking diversity, especially the kind that exists in a city where they speak 800 languages, appeals to the feeble-minded denizens of flyover states. Their political heroes do not celebrate New York as the birthplace of immigration, industrialization, and multiculturalism, because it is easier to slander its progressivism.

And New York represents what Cruz fears: an exhilarating laboratory of life, where the rest of the country can learn something about tolerance and the marriage of disparate elements.

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29 Responses to Not NY, but we’ll take it personally too

  1. grim says:

    Continuing with the theme, from the Post:

    NYC property values surpass $1 trillion

    For the first time ever, the total assessed value of Big Apple properties has topped $1 trillion — spurred on by Brooklyn’s surging real-estate market.

    The tentative assessment roll released Friday by the Finance Department shows that assessed property values jumped 10.6 percent to $1.072 trillion for the 2017 fiscal year, on top of a 9.1 percent bump last year.

    “I would say it has to be the most valuable [city in the US],” said veteran property-tax attorney Eric Weiss.

    The change has been even more dramatic in Brooklyn, with properties climbing 16 percent, compared with a rise of 7.4 percent last year.

    While the citywide numbers didn’t surprise Weiss, he saw the Brooklyn figures as noteworthy: “That reflects the fact that Brooklyn has become a very hot market,” said Weiss.

  2. chicagofinance says:

    FRIST… cheated

  3. Chuchundra says:

    Last night Donald Trump said,”Swarthy foreigners are sneaking across the border and trying to take over America, but enough about Ted Cruz”

  4. joyce says:

    “…to the feeble-minded denizens of flyover states.”

    Pot Kettle

    Glass houses / stones


  5. Fabius Maximus says:

    Grim, check your mail.

  6. Fabius Maximus says:


    Yet another post Zapped by Grims filters. I think we need a GTG to discuss kids sports.

  7. Fabius Maximus says:

    I had “The Chat” with my kid about Hockey. There are three teams in this area and she was given the choice of two. She sided with her mother.

  8. leftwing says:

    Fabs, tried to post something hockey related the other day.

    Got eaten. Didn’t even show up under review.

    Will try to re-type.

  9. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Mclellan says: Uptrend from middle of this week until the end of February, then back down again. Bear bottom in October when long term investors will have their entry point.

    Me: Maybe a good year to dollar cost average into T, VZ, XEL, ED, NEE, etc.?

  10. leftwing says:

    Fab, totally second Stu’s comments on hockey. Will add that right now the most important items are skating, skating, skating, and more skating.

    Hockey is unlike other sports, where a good athlete can with some training use his existing skills to excel at a new sport. Before one can develop and excel at hockey an entirely new skill must be learned – skating. You can have the best hands and the best shot in the world, if you are a bad skater it doesn’t matter.

    To develop skating skills kids need a ton of ice time blended with some instruction. Once she is ready get a good instructor for even just a few lessons to build the correct base and technique (proper stride, etc) and to point out and avoid bad habits. Always, spend as much time as you can find anywhere just letting her skate. My sons are extraordinary skaters. They would skate on any ice they could find anytime, anywhere. We brought skates to ski slopes. To grandma and grandpa’s house. When they were young I would take them for development to a local rink and play ‘football’ on the ice with them. One boy was the receiver, one was the defender, I was quarterback. They would go long and I would hit them with a pass using a hockey glove. It is impossible to explain the skating skills developed by two kids racing, bumping, turning, heads up, and pivoting down the ice time after time. (They never knew it was a ‘skating lesson’, to them it was just pure fun). That specific activity will also get you tossed off most rinks :) Point is, good hockey players develop their skating skills outside of structure with a ton of time on the ice. NJ’s climate unfortunately does not cooperate (although any year we could we built a backyard rink). You have to create your own opportunities for skating time here.

    Regarding skating instructors understand you are looking for very specific instruction, not labels. The rink’s hockey director, head c0ach, etc may not be the best *skating* instructor, especially for a beginner. One of the best hockey c0aches in the state I know well is on the lower end of pure skating instruction, and he would admit so. Lessons won’t be cheap and lay the basis for her development, so purchase wisely. I could give you some pretty bad anecdotal stories here.

    Lastly, on labels and teams, AAA in this State outside of a few specific circumstances is a farce and specifically for girls does not really matter until she is older. Keep her in boys hockey – it’s now non-checking until age 13 – she will have better competition, teammates, and spend less time in the car. I’m from a traditional hockey area and scratch my head how kids here can possibly develop by spending 2.5 hours a week on the ice and 6+ hours in the car. You want a high level hockey player, get 10 hours on ice and 2 hrs in the car.

    Good luck. Great sport.

  11. Raymond Reddington formerly Phoenix says: says:

    This can greatly reduce the time your kid spends in the car vs ice time…

  12. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    Anybody following the controversy over the Netflix series Making a Muderer ? The controversy is over whether it is a documentary, bad journalism, infotainment, etc.

    I didn’t know anything about it until late last night. If I can’t fall asleep late I turn on “Coast to Coast AM” on the radio, which grew out of Art Bell’s old program featuring consipiracy theories, Area 51 crap, etc. It usually puts me right to sleep. Anyway, I guess the program was new and had compelling guys weighing in on both pro and con from the slant of the Netflix series, and though I dozed and re-awoke several times, it was all first-rate radio. Here’s the link:

    So today I am watching the series on Netflix, while I stop to look up information on the other side. Here’s a compelling video that takes away from the series being pure documentary:

  13. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    And here’s just a real fun side story involving the last prosecutor getting his law license suspended in a s-exting scandal:

  14. leftwing says:

    12. Phoenix, LOL, I remember that. He has a kid that skates out of a local rink. Haven’t seen any choppers in that parking lot yet.

  15. leftwing says:

    Although a local hedgie or two have built private *facilities* on their land worthy of any prep school.

  16. Leave No Billionaire Behind (the good one) says:

    When you’re sick, you should have access to health care. When you go to the hospital, you should not come out in bankruptcy.

  17. Leave No Billionaire Behind (the good one) says:

    It’s embarrassing that 20% of kids in America are living in poverty, the highest childhood poverty rate of any major developed country.

  18. Leave No Billionaire Behind (the good one) says:


    Rubio explains why he purchased a fire arm recently. Explains that it is the last defense between his family & ISIS

  19. Libturd at home says:

    It’s official. It’s time to abandon Cankles. Watch how quickly the ultra-libs flip flop. Anon has already made the turn.


  20. Ben says:

    When you’re sick, you should have access to health care. When you go to the hospital, you should not come out in bankruptcy.

    This idea that people leave the hospital in bankruptcy is a fairy tale. Hospital sends patients an inflated bill, patients don’t pay. End of story.

    For insured people, hospital sends patients an inflated bill. Insurance pays 10%.

    We could really fix this whole argument of “rising healthcare costs” by outlawing accepting partial payment as full. The next step would be to force physicians to publish their prices.

  21. Essex says:

    20. This is her destiny. Keeping the seat warm for the next guy.

  22. Raymond Reddington says:

    Ben, fairy tale??
    Hospitals slap liens on houses , so do physicians.
    Look in the foreclosure details.
    Unless you have Cadillac health insurance aka Medicare.

    Or you are renting…

  23. 3b says:

    Did you guys scare away pumps??

  24. The Great Pumpkin says:

    I am not only here and present, but I have some firm wage inflation in my pocket to show you. My wage inflations are very large and sturdy and will prop up and satisfy all of your markets!!!! Grandma always said she like my wage inflations the best!!!!!

  25. The Original NJ ExPat says:

    ^^^OK, I wrote that, but I thought it was funny

  26. Libturd at home says:

    Glad someone found it funny. :P

  27. Comrade Nom Deplume, back at sea level says:

    [23] Raymond

    So does the government. And they have a five or six year clawback period for asset divestitures. Fraudulent transfer presumption for bankruptcy is much less

  28. Annabell says:

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